Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

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The elegant simplicity and exquisite flavor of Deborah Madison's food make her one of America's leading cooks. In Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, she offers more than great food: her book includes comprehensive information about ingredients and techniques, plus more than 800 recipes. The recipes range from dishes as familiar as Guacamole to those as distinctive as Green Lentils with Roasted Beets and Preserved Lemons, and Cashew Curry. The 124-page chapter titled "Vegetables: The Heart of the Matter" is a virtual book of culinary revelations; you could use it as a manual on buying and preparing vegetables. Madison provides equally inspired recipes and guidance for everything from grains and soy to dairy foods and desserts.

The tenth anniversary edition of this landmark cookbook, with more than 325,000 copies in print, includes a new introduction from Deborah Madison, America’s leading authority on vegetarian cooking.

What Julia Child is to French cooking, Deborah Madison is to vegetarian cooking—a demystifier and definitive guide to the subject. After her many years as a teacher and writer, she realized that there was no comprehensive primer for vegetarian cooking, no single book that taught vegetarians basic cooking techniques, how to combine ingredients, and how to present vegetarian dishes with style. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone teaches readers how to build flavor into vegetable dishes, how to develop vegetable stocks, and how to choose, care for, and cook the many vegetables available to cooks today. Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is in every way Deborah Madison’s magnum opus, featuring 1,400 recipes suitable for committed vegetarians, vegans (in most cases), and everyone else who loves good food. For nonvegetarians, the recipes can be served alongside meat, fish, or fowl and incorporated into a truly contemporary style of eating that emphasizes vegetables and fruits for health and well-being.

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is the most comprehensive vegetarian cookbook ever published. The recipes, which range from appetizers to desserts, are colorful and imaginative as well as familiar and comforting. Madison introduces readers to innovative main course salads; warm and cold soups; vegetable braises and cobblers; golden-crusted gratins; Italian favorites like pasta, polenta, pizza, and risotto; savory tarts and galettes; grilled sandwiches and quesadillas; and creative dishes using grains and heirloom beans. At the heart of the book is the A-to-Z vegetable chapter, which describes the unique personalities of readily available vegetables, the sauces and seasonings that best complement them, and the simplest ways to prepare them. “Becoming a Cook” teaches cooking basics, from holding a knife to planning a menu, and “Foundations of Flavor” discusses how to use sauces, herbs, spices, oils, and vinegars to add flavor and character to meatless dishes. In each chapter, the recipes range from those suitable for everyday dining to dishes for special occasions. And through it all, Madison presents a philosophy of cooking that is both practical and inspiring.

Despite its focus on meatless cooking, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is not just for vegetarians—it's for everyone interested in learning how to cook vegetables creatively, healthfully, and passionately. The recipes are remarkably straightforward, using easy-to-find ingredients in inspiring combinations. Some are simple, others more complex, but all are written with an eye toward the seasonality of produce. Madison's joyful and free-spirited approach to cooking will send you into the kitchen with confidence and enthusiasm. Whether you are a kitchen novice or an experienced cook, this wonderful cookbook has something for everyone.

Customer Reviews:

  • Superb Cookbook
    Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone came highly recommended from some vegetarian friends. Though I still eat meat occasionally, I have for various reasons made vegetarian cooking a larger part of my time in the kitchen. I had been looking at this book, as well as Mark Bittman's newest vegetarian cookbook, and ultimately decided on this one. As others have described it to me, what Bittman does today, Madison accomplished ten years ago with this book - and to better effect.

    So far, a month into this book, I've made probably a dozen dishes, and at least that many side dishes. Each has been superb. The directions are always perfectly clear. Purely as a reference to what you can do with various types of vegetables, this book is a must have. Many of the recipes are basic, and allow a lot of room to deviate to taste. Personally, I like it when a cookbook author is upfront as to which ingredients are integral to a dish, and which can be left out or substituted. It's refreshing, and it allows one to be creative in the kitchen.

    Although I'm not a vegetarian at the moment, this book nevertheless appealed to my desire to include more colorful foods in my daily diet. Whether a novice in the kitchen, or a seasoned pro, there is much to be had from this cookbook. From recipes, to descriptions of ingredients and techniques, Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is an undeniable classic, and a worthy addition to anyone's cookbook collection....more info
  • Great book.....Clarifying some of the negative reviews
    Since this is a classic you will find all kinds of great reviews. I have no loyalty to Deborah Madison. But I do think this is a wonderful book and some of the negatives are just strange or wrong. If you are considering this purchase, take it out of the library or look at it in a store. This is really worth having on the shelf and for many reasons.
    A One star reviewer says that on page 282...Potato Leek Gratin...ends up in a watery mess. The last word in the recipe says...DRAIN. Next..p636 ...Cranberry Nut Bread...uses two different kinds of sugar and doesn't say when to use each type. In defense the directions it breaks things up with the words PUT (that starts the Cranberry Sauce), and then CREAM which uses the next ingredient in line (butter) and then the next type of sugar etc.. I'm no Mr. Chef but this seems straight forward to me.

    The bit about Acorn Squash? Not accurate. Very few books that I have seen, have a direct reference to Acorn Squash...(Fanny Farmer, Joy of Cooking, Essential Vegetarian Cookbook etc.)This one does. With most you have to know it is also known as Winter Squash and find it that way. And this book does not just have info and bake at so and so. You can just bake it, there is a side note of good things "partners" that go with it, she gives ideas of what to use this for other than just as is, then another entry a bit more involved with some recipe for a flavored butter, and then, as Fanny Farmer says to put maple syrup and butter with it but then goes on to suggest 5 other kinds of flavors. Fanny Farmer though, says bake at 400 for 40 to 50 minutes, which really kills it. Out of all the cookbooks I have, Madison's book happened to be the most informative!!....and it brings you to a great place in the book that speaks of many other kinds of squash, what they are, and what to do with them....which I never knew about. All these other great well known cookbooks did not have any of this or all in the same place as she does. It is nice to be accurate if you are really going to dig in. Amazing. Really off in the critique there.

    Bland recipes? This book is written from the standpoint of a more sensitive palette. This is not snobbery. I love burgers and fries and beer and pizza and all of that. But I simply had to give it up to the occasional. At first most things didn't taste like anything. But in time...a good piece of celery is sweet. Our taste buds are overpowered by the usual stuff we have in this society. Even the so called healthy meals. What I have experienced is that when cooked right, vegetable dishes give hints of this and that flavor or texture and that is the power in them. Our usual is to be knocked over the head. So to get into this kind of book and just cook away can be misleading.
    Odd ingredients? Swiss Chard...Quinoa....?...None of what is in here is really that weird. You end up spending less. Animal protein is expensive. Sounds like "elitist artsy-f*rtsy gormand snob set" talk doesn't it? Nope. But some see it this way. I do eat meat. And fish. But not in the portions I was used to. Not necessary. The body needs a balance. In a big way. We create much of our disease from too much acid. This cookbook is a good reference to moving away from this kind of thing. There are cookbooks that are much more "way out" than this one. This seems to aim at many levels.

    I had to say something after reading some of the negatives. I just wasn't agreeing or seeing what was said. Many times I find the negative reviews are more helpful than the "can do no wrong types". In this case I think they lead people down the wrong path. See for yourself in person first. Perhaps you will agree.

    ...more info
  • Best vegetarian cookbook!
    I bought this one on a whim at Costco - every recipe is relatively easy to make and very easy to add your own twist. Its my favorite and most used!

    The author did an excellent job including tidbits on each section - for example, did you know that different types of flours and grains need special combinations to get the best flavor? She and other cooks have suggestions in the columns.

    Love the book.. all my friends keep asking for the ISBN - my Thanksgiving dinner ideas all came out of this cookbook. All my meat eating friends didn't even realize there was no meat in the side dishes.

    If you're vegan, you can cook most of the dishes. If you're raw - some still work, too. If you like meat, fish or poultry, you can add them in pretty easily....more info
  • Easy Vegetarian for Cooks and Non cooks alike
    Whether you try one of her quick and easy sandwiches, a salad, or one of her more elaborate dishes, the recipes are simple to follow, tasty and attractive on the plate. Bon Appetit!...more info
  • This Cookbook has Changed My Life
    I picked up Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone at Costco with the idea that it would give me more resources for making veggie side dishes. Until that moment I was utterly dedicated to Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything. Not so anymore.

    This cookbook is not about meat substitutes. It's about cooking truly vegetarian, combining whole grains and vegetables and legumes into amazing dishes. I love the recipes so much that I've gone from meat every night to meat once a week.

    I've been cooking primarily out of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone for about one and a half years now and still love it. I can flip it open, find a recipe easily and know it will be good. Not all the recipes are easy. Vegetarian cooking by nature requires a certain level of effort just for the chopping alone. But now I can whip out a bechamel sauce without being intimidated and I just plan time to chop. There are plenty of fabulous, fast recipes as well that can be used on work night. We've become huge fans of eggs and rice. One night we had creamed spinach on toast and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I can't imagine a more sublime vegetable than kale. I've started putting spinach in everything. I've even started writing my own vegetarian recipes.

    If you want to move beyond peas and carrots for your vegetables, GET THIS COOKBOOK. If you want to eat something more than garden burgers, GET THIS COOKBOOK. If you want to challenge yourself as a cook, GET THIS COOKBOOK. It's just amazing. ...more info
  • A New Classic
    This is my favorite cookbook, my standard, my go-to. When I say to my husband, "let me look that up in the cookbook", I'm referring to VCE, just the same way I *used* to mean Joy of Cooking. No longer. This has everything I need for easy, delicious vegetarian cooking. I've made a ton of the recipes in the last 3 years, and they're all great....more info
  • Hard to find ingredients
    This cookbook is great, some recipes are complex , while others are simple in a " why didn't I think of that?" kind of way. However, the biggie is that unless you live near a Whole Foods Market, Fresh Market, or Dean & Deluca, you may be hard pressed to find what you need. I am currently stationed in Germany and my shopping is limited to the commissary or local german grocery. This book is a great resource, I am using it to get more variety in serving veggies to my family as part of a healthy lifestyle....more info
  • not just for vegetarians!
    I have owned this cookbook for almost ten years (since it came out) and not only has it never slipped to the back of my cookbook shelf, but I am constantly finding new things to explore. (Recently I decided to work my way through all the salad dressing recipes and try them on the kinds of salads suggested for each, resulting in a few dozen new ideas for salads.) I almost think the title does the book a disservice, since it makes people think about what's _not_ here (meat), but the beautiful thing about the recipes here is that meat is just a non-issue -- a whole world of recipes, from stews to quick breads to desserts, that make the most of the virtues of fruits, grains, legumes, vegetables, etc. Some of my favorite recipes are romesco sauce, mushroom lasagne, walnut oil vinaigrette, chickpea and green lentil salad, spanish potatoes, lentil minestrone, pears poached in vanilla... I could go on and on!...more info
  • Fabulous!
    This wonderful cookbook is great for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Gives great ideas, has been a wonderful addition to my cookbook collection. It is well-used....more info
  • Makes you want to bang your head
    I do not understand how this book received an award. The recipes are so bland. No innovation here. Thankfully, I never bought it. Found much better titles in the store....more info
  • Great Cookbook
    This is an excellent cookbook. Deborah Madison knows a lot about cooking, and especially about vegetables. I would highly recommend her other cookbook about tofu as well. Very tasty dishes. The first dish I made was a curry tofu with tomatoes and asparagus. It was amazing. Not because I am a great cook, but because the combination of spices and order in which she instructs you to prepare the meal are fantastic. When she stated something to the effect that marinades suck, I knew that she knew what she was talking about. There is nothing more highly overrated in cooking than a marinade. The only marinades that I have ever found to semi work were ones with lemon juice, and simply due to the acidity of the juice...

    Anyway, a great cookbook that covers all the bases cooking with vegetables......more info
  • One of the best
    This is one of my favorite cookbooks. The recipes are uncomplicated and give due respect to the flavor, freshness, and seasonality of each vegetable. For vegetarians and meat-eaters alike, this book is a must have. ...more info
  • Classic standard for every kitchen
    Vegitarian Cooking for Everyone really is a classic cookbook that teaches the fundamentals as well as everything that you need to know about cooking everything from grains and vegetables to pastas and everything in between. It is right there with Julia Child's The Way to Cook and Marion Cunningham's The Fannie Farmer Cookbook in it's level of importance and likely everyday practical use in any kitchen.

    Nevertheless, as with The Way to Cook, this is much more than just a basics cookbook. It teaches an understanding about the foods that it address. To my mind, that is what makes a cookbook a great book and not just a compilation of recipes....more info
  • Delicous and nutritious!
    This book is always out...everything I've made has been delicious and it has so many different recipes for non-meat foods. As a non-veg, I generally substitute chicken stock for vegetable stock and use the tofu marinades for chicken or fish. This book is a great inspiration for diversifying our meals. I recommend it to everyone I know!...more info
  • A Great General Cooking Reference...
    Not just for vegetarians. This book has it all, and is written in such an easy to read way. I find myself reading it for fun! Where as I couldn't 'get into' the Joy of Cooking. This book rocks! Well worth the money, I use it at least twice a week....more info
  • Great advice for debunking the veggie myth
    Veggies need not be supporting players. Madison makes them stars, but not all their roles are in big productions. There are as many simple but totally fresh recipes as there are complex creations. I loved reading her culinary insights prior to even taking one whack at the cutting board. I'm not a vegetarian, but I have a much more veggie-filled diet since buying this book. It's easier and more interesting than you'd think....more info
  • Simple, fresh and elegant
    Madison has this great way of taking simple, fresh ingredients and turning them into an upscale meal quickly and effeciently. I adore this book and refer to it often....more info
  • Makes me hungry just thinking about it
    This is such an excellent cookbook! I received this as a gift and have put it to good use, preparing a number of dishes out of here each week. The collection of recipes in here is varied, but all that I've tried have been absolutely delicious.

    Each vegetable gets its own section, with a little introduction about it and then recipes that will let it shine. Many recipes (pancakes, for example) are followed up with suggestions for how to vary the original (banana-nut pancakes, whole grain pancakes, etc.).

    Everything I've tried from this book has been absolutely delicious, and it's great to know that every single recipe in this huge book can be made and eaten for vegetarians. Moreover, no meat-eater will be able to complain about the lack of meat, for the recipes are just too good!

    In some recipes, ingredients are thrown together in combinations that you'd never think of - for example, there is a soup made with quinoa, feta, and spinach. These sorts of combinations are a little off-putting at first, but as soon as you try them, you can't help but think, "Why didn't I put these ingredients together sooner?"

    I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The only thing I wish it included is a nutrition guide, but even without that, I am still loving it. If you are looking for one great vegetarian cookbook for your collection, this is the one to add. It includes everything you'll ever need....more info
  • Amazing cooking book
    I have recently turned to a vegan diet because I had high cholesterol [as an aside, it works: it reduced my cholesterol 30%]. So, I was looking for a good vegetarian cooking book. This is it. I have tried several recipes, and the result [mostly] has been outstanding. The amazing thing is, the recipes in this book just work. It's like science. You follow the recipe exactly -- even the timing is right on -- and the result is just great. With other cooking books I have always had to modify and improve the recipes. So, here is the only negative: when people praise the dishes, I have to say: it's not me, it's Madison!

    One caveat. It's not a dedicated vegan cooking book. I have not been able to find any good vegan pasta dishes in the book. I tried a few that turned out completely tasteless. Those recipes had "cheese optional," but my feeling is that the cheese was essential. So, a vegan will need to evaluate the recipes carefully to judge if cheese and butter is really optional or actually essential....more info
  • Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone"
    I' am a Vegetarian (also, part vegan) over 25 years. (I do not
    eat seafood, pork, lamb, beef, and chicken)
    This is not a Vegan Cookbook, dairy products are included
    in some recipes. I've tried several recipes. I' am totally
    amazed my dinner turned out perfect. Vegetarian Cookbook
    includes many delicious recipes for soups, casseroles, pastas,
    breads, desserts, vegetables, and breakfast as well. I haven't
    tried all of them. There are so many delightful recipes to chose

    "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" Its also for Non-Vegetarian.
    I believe, at some point in our lives we have the tendency
    to eat healthier. An excellent cookbook to have on hand.

    I highly recommend!

    ...more info
  • Essential vegetarian recipes with or without meat dishes
    It is now customary for my friends to ask, "Deborah Madison?" when they are sated by one of my vegetarian dishes. Go with the majority opinion here (not the negative reviews, which alternatively say "too simple or too complicated") which confirms what an indispensable book this can become for well-rounded cooks. OK, my critical comments in purposeful order:

    - The recipes should include estimated cooking times. Her breezy, enthusiastic writing style belies the elaborateness of some of the recipes. I cooked the spinach gratin with red pepper sauce. It was quite an undertaking; good thing I work from home.
    - As the book is titled "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone," she could help us out with some suggestions of meat accompaniments at least in an appendix; or in the case of the red pepper sauce, letting us know when the substitution of chicken stock (rather than water or vegetable stock) would really make the recipe sing.
    - Sometimes she's inconsistent in the consistencies of sauces and soups - ones that call for flour or soaking and the like...a little rejiggering is required.
    - The publisher has forgotten to include an extra dust cover; my current one is beaten up due to frequent use.
    - Deborah forgot to add her phone number. I am madly in love with her and want to ask her out on a date (I'll even volunteer to cook her a dinner using her recipes!) ...more info
  • Great Cookbook!
    I purchased this book years ago to help me cook for my vegan teenager. She is now an adult and on her own (still vegan) and I still consult with this cookbook a few times a month. It not only has great recipes for main courses, appetizers, and sides, but great breakfast and baking recipes. Whenever I need a fresh idea on how to prepare a vegetable dish I refer to Deborah's book, and I am not disappointed. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Wholeheartedly Recommended
    Unpretentious, humble, and homey recipes are featured alongside more elaborate dishes for entertaining. The contextual references throughout explain how to choose, store, and handle different vegetables. Informative and easy to understand explanations of basic kitchen techniques, cutting methods, pairing suggestions, and variations are interspersed throughout.

    Since purchasing this book unfamiliar vegetables have become new favorites, spices have been explored and understood, and most of all, I have had a lot of fun. I truly enjoy cooking and this cookbook has only made cooking even more enjoyable for me. This book has a little of everything for everyone indeed....more info
  • Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
    I am 56 years old and have been a vegetarian for 30+ years, and this is the first cookbook - and I've all the favorites - that I am reading from cover to cover. Yes, it has great recipes. But, more than that, it really teaches one how to cook: how things go together, what various ingredients really do, how to peel things well, how to hard-boil the perfect egg. I have enjoyed the conversational style, the good advice, and the wonderful recipes....more info
  • good but time consuming recipes
    I'm a member of a food coop (in Minnesota) and eat vegetarian 3-4 days a week. Having said that I can't really recommend this book. Too many recipes with too many ingredients with too many sauces/salsas that have to be made along with the main part of the recipe in order to make the food palatable, plus too few recipes for everyday use. Maybe if I had all day to cook and lived in California where I'd have easier access to the ingredients I could recommend this book.

    Although not a vegetarian cookbook, I'd recommend "Classic Indian Cooking" by Julie Sahni which contains many vegetarian recipes, some simple, some complex, some vegan and some with milk and butter along with meat recipes as well.

    ...more info
  • also one of the best restaurants
    I've been the the Green's restauant in San Francisco, which was excellent, decided to get the book, also recommended by a friend, and try some of the recipes. I certainly have not had enough time yet to test many of them, but what I have seen looks quite good, and if the restaurant is any indication, it should become one of my best references....more info
  • My Favorite
    This is my (and my non-vegetarian girlfriend's) favorite cookbook. There is plenty of variety, and is a demonstration how vegetarian cookbooks have evolved past the early days of either "sticks and berries" or really high fat to make up for loss of meat (one caveat - some of these recipes are not low fat, but they are not advertised as such either). Madison does an excellent job of writing cookable recipes that are neither too simple nor too complex. Good general cooking techinique tidbits are also embedded. I have spent hours with this book, and plan on spending hours more! Bravo, BUY THIS!...more info
  • Great Vegetarian cookbook!
    This vegetarian cookbook is a treasure trove of recipes! Deborah Madison emphasizes fresh ingredients and simple flavors. If you are looking for exotic recipes, lots of sauce or spices you need to look elsewhere. Deborah Madison's genius is in letting the flavors of the vegetables, grains and dairy products shine through in her recipes. I wish I had had this book when I first became vegetarian; I was put off by the often bizarre ingredients in other vegetarian cookbooks. This is book I most often pull out when non-vegetarian friends and family come over for dinner. ...more info
  • Getting your friends and family to eat vegetarian
    Get healthy and save the planet! I am buying many copies of this book for everyone, friends and family, trying to motivate them in the direction of eating vegetarian. It's not easy, everyone seems to be such commited carnavores. This is a comprehensive cookbook, a better wedding present than Betty Crocker or Julia Child! If you have read The China Study or Diet for a New America or The Food revolution, those are the "stick", this cookbook is the "carrot". Yum! Well organized. I also am using this book, along with several others in gift baskets for the charity galas we attend for silent auction items. I call it the Vegetarian Starter Kit....more info
  • Terrific
    I've been hunting for a good vegetarian cookbook for some time and Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is it! In addition to terrific recipes, this is also a how-to cookbook. As a former caterer and chef, I do know quite a bit about cooking and found that I still learned and I agreed with her on those things I already knew. Good techniques.

    I'm glad the book is hardcover, because I tend to be rough on cookbooks and this will hold up. One suggestion that I do in all my cookbooks is to comment on a recipe after I make it. After all, it's not easy to remember not only if we made something, but if we liked it.

    There are already a lot of **** and "delicious" written beside the recipes.

    I already cook with a nice variety of vegetables, but this year decided to try any and all vegetables. Madison is my first stop for suggestions on different and interesting ways to cook the veggies. Have been very satisfied with results.

    One caveat--she uses more salt than I like, so be careful.

    Author of the award winning book, Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify and Energize Your Life, Your Home and Your Planet

    ...more info
  • skip it
    I would say this book should be checked out at the library and thumbed through. I would not suggest purchasing it. Time consuming recipes, hard to follow, disorganized... It's not worth the high price, especially for someone that is cashing in on vegetarian cooking and she's not even a vegetarian. Buy a cookbook from a vegetarian author....more info
  • Fantastic
    This is a wonderful cookbook. It was in perfect condition and arrived quicker than expected. I am not a vegetarian but the recipes in this book are unique and just reading through it makes my mouth water. I have made a few things already and everything has turned out splendidly....more info
  • great reference!
    Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone

    This is a great reference book and I will use the recipes in it from time to time. I do find some of the recipes a bit labor intensive. However the information on the right herbs and wines to pair with vegetables is a big help! ...more info
  • A great cookbook
    I'm not a vegetarian but I bought this book because I love eating good fresh veggies and fruits. I love Madison's book because it not only provides great recipes (some with pics:-) but also teaches you about what you're cooking. For example, there are complete overviews of different types of rice's, how to pick broccoli, when artichokes are in season etc. It's perfect for beginning or experienced chefs....more info
  • Delicious recipes!
    I'm not a vegetarian, but I bought this cookbook for new ways to make veggie sides, and it's terrific! Every recipe I've tried so far has been a hit.

    ...more info
  • a plethora of plates for every palate
    Deborah Madison offers what she does best - techniques on ways to deal with many different ingredients. She creates a variety of dishes to suit anyone's needs. Whether you're looking for a specific recipe or just wondering how to deal with extra produce or an unfamiliar veggie, this is an invaluable resource. ...more info
  • Favorite Cookbook and now my daughter's, too
    This was the second time I purchased this cookbook. I use mine constantly and purchased this latest one for my college-aged daughter. All recipes that I've tried have turned out fantastic.

    ...more info
  • Great writing...poor recipes
    This book was a joy to read. Deborah Madison has a way of getting you very excited about the endless possibilities in vegetarian cooking. She incites the imagination and soothes your worries, reassuring you that the funny looking brown bumpy root thing is quite delicious and, indeed easy to cook. So you stock up your grocery cart, emboldened and inspired. Then you follow the recipe, trusting that 3 whole quarts of water won't wash out the potential taste explosion in rosemary, garlic, onions, and merely 2 cups of white beans - despite your instinct. But of course, your instinct was right, and the soup is a waterly, bland, concoction of ingredients with no zest. Disappointed, but determined, you try something else. Perhaps this was just a fluke, a tiny typo, in an otherwise praiseworthy masterpiece. But then, it happens again...and again. Countless time and energy devoted to enticing recipes, only to be disappointed with the lack of flavor, or vigor. Something was always missing. I had to add more salt here, more herb there, more garlic, perhaps I'll add some lemon...just to liven it up a bit. I don't regret buying this book, because I truly enjoyed the read. Nevertheless, I'll never seek it again for inspiration in cooking....more info
  • Great Cookbook
    Cooking for vegetarians proved challenging until I found Deborah Madison' "Vegetarian Cooking". Her recipes are fairly easy to follow & result in truly delicious food. Some might find the recipes lacking in spice, but, that does'nt mean it lacks in flavour. I loved the sections covering kitchen basics & how-to's, among others. This is a great book for anyone who enjoys cooking vegetarian food....more info
  • Essential kitchen fundamentals whether vegetarian or not.
    I fell in love with Deborah Madison's food when I lived in San Francisco. Greens remains one of my favorite restaurants in the U.S. and its relationship to the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center & Green Gulch Farm have inspired the world's finest chefs to try and imitate. Her whole foods approach has an economy about it, while maintaining a culinary elegance. This is a vegetarian cookbook to be sure, but the foundation it lays for serious cooks and prospective culinary professionals is invaluable. Her breakdown of tools and staple ingredients are where I point folks wanting to start their gastronomic endeavors off correctly with the fewest mistakes. How often have we bought something or loaded up on things, only to think later "I wish I would have done that differently." If you are interested in healthy or vegetarian cooking this is the 'must have' cook book....more info
  • A Cookbook for the Inquisitive - and the strong!
    Do buy this book if you have a lot of time to experiment, love to read, and have good upper-body strength. This is a HEAVY book! Right up there with Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian." Want to exercise, but have no weights? Problem solved with these books!
    That said, Deborah Madison's book merits your attention both for its basic instructional values and for its recipes, which are at once understandable and good-tasting - usually. It is fair to say that among her seemingly endless recipes, some are - please forgive - rather bland. But hey, you do know how to spice things up, don't you? For the timid, there's great "how to" guidance, so be not afraid.
    If all you want is a day-by-day recipe list, look elsewhere. But if you want to find a wealth of information about herbs, spices and food preparation, this is vegetarian cooking 101.
    I thought the book might wind up either on the coffee table or in what my wife calls "cookbook hell" in the kitchen. Nope. I use it every day, and never tire of Ms. Madison's gentle persuasion. Heck, vegetables never tasted so good!...more info
  • This is a wonderfully useful cookbook
    I recently purchased this cookbook and am overwhelmed at the variety and quality of the recipes. It quickly has become my default wedding/housewarming gift. I use a recipe from this book at least three times a week, and my family has raved about every recipe I have tried. The mushroom stock is easy and useful, and the frittatas are wonderful. For each recipe, Madison adds a slight twist which makes all the difference - paprika on stuffed peppers, mint in mushroom ragout, etc. I highly recommend this cookbook. It has improved the quality of my cooking significantly....more info
  • The Only Vegetarian Book You Ever Need To Buy
    A friend gave this book to me when I became a vegetarian and I have absolutely loved having it. It is an amazing reference to have around in case you have any questions concerning the expansive world of vegetarian cooking and eating. Every recipe that I have tried out of this book has been super delicious as well. I have given Madison's book to two friends of mine who were interested in becoming vegetarian and they have enjoyed it just as much as I have....more info
  • Pleasantly suprised!
    This cookbook was recommended for everyone (all eaters) by the instructor at a Gourmet Retreat I recently attended at [...] in Napa (which was fabulous, btw).

    I am a vegetarian and have found most veg cookbooks just too "out there" for my non-veg family and friends, and even myself. So I will say I was pleasantly surprised with this one! The instructor recommended it particularly for things like sauces, herb butters, and other little extras that can be made ahead, then frozen or stored, and used to add some quick pizazz to weekday meals.

    However I have already found several great rice dishes and other things the whole family has enjoyed, both as side dishes to meat-centered meals and as main dishes.

    I would consider it more of a very detailed "how to cook well" book as opposed to a veg cookbook. There is so much depth to this book I haven't even gotten through it yet.

    --Highly recommended, 4-stars only because I'm one of those people that likes more pictures in my cookbooks.

    ...more info
  • Love It, But Deborah...
    I admit I love the cookbook. The pancake recipe is probably the best I've ever tried, and there is so much more. Every recipe I've tried is delicious, and she offers many alternative preparations for each recipe.

    But, I heard the author speak at a bookstore, and she was very condescending to vegans. Maybe she ran into a few annoying ones in her time, but in my humble opinion, most are not. And she divulged that she's not even vegetarian, but is forced by her publishing company to produce veg cookbooks only. How disappointing!

    So I begrudgingly say, yes, it's a good cookbook....more info
  • For non-vegetarians too!
    I am not a total vegetarian. I do lots of exercise and have a high stress job and need a little more protien to feel good. However, during certain times, such as spring, I feel like eating only vegeatarian for a couple days at a time and this is a handy book to have on hand since my husband barely notices he's not eating meat! lol!...more info
  • Not for cooks who are short on time
    I think this book offers a wide variety of interesting vegetarian options. The recipes that I have prepared have turned out well. (I have made a corn and lima bean cobbler and pasta with beans and pesto.)

    However, this is not the book for anyone who works and feels the pressure of time mid-week. The recipes are really time consuming to make. (I am an experienced cook and I am familiar with the techniques referenced and I have the equipment.) For example, Ms. Madison does not allow for the use of canned beans but assumes that you will begin by soaking dried beans.

    I also think that the instructions are sometimes less than clear. For example, she will tell you that canned tomatoes can be preferable to fresh. But, her instructions tell you to use 2 fresh tomatoes and she does not tell you how that equates to a canned tomato quantity. ...more info
  • Daunting tome of vegetable lore
    My only complaint about this cookbook is that it is so large that scanning through it seems a daunting task. I especially like the section on vegetables A - Z. I have always had trouble knowing when to put things in the refrigerator, when to leave them out, etc. This book has pointers on that, as well as many great recipes. I'm still learning how to navigate the book, so skimming the book to look at recipes and pick one out is still somewhat difficult for me, but I expect to be going back to this book as frequently as I do The Professional Chef....more info
  • You must get this cookbook
    I am a carnivore that howls at the moon over fresh kill and I would still call this my favorite cookbook as all of the recipes are unfailingly delicious and healthy. This is no small claim considering the number of cookbooks I use....more info
  • great gift
    This was a great gift to my wonderful neice who is now vegetarian. She was thrilled to receive it....more info
  • Excellent vegetable resource
    This book has been part of my library for almost 10 years. The book was purchased long before my husband and I embarked on a vegetarian diet. Until I bought "The Professional Chef" from the Culinary Institute of America, this was my go to cookbook for vegetable recipes.

    There are many recipes in this book that are outstanding. I particularly enjoy the layout of the book. By grouping recipes of the same vegetable together it makes "surfing" for recipes easy when all you know is that you want to do something with artichokes.

    I also enjoy the notes in the margin of book where Ms. Madison suggests changes or subtractions to make the recipes vegan, or to reduce the fat or calories.

    Even with "The Professional Chef" in my library this book still gets a lot of use at my house.
    ...more info
  • I'm so not a vegetarian, and I Iove this cookbook
    I am an unrepentant carnivore, yet I find this to be a fantastic reference for vegetarian dishes of every kind, and for cooking in general. Its a huge amount of information - from stocking your kitchen tools, spices & savories, dishes for each course, and delicicous egg, grain, soy, cheese, pasta recipes along with in-depth info about specific vegetables and how to cook, dress, and pair them. I get more excited with each recipe I try in this book, and have found it a great companion to the South Beach Diet recipes. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Perfect gift for a vegetarian
    This book is probably one of the best and most-used gifts I've ever received.
    If you only buy one vegetarian-specific cookbook, this should be it. I've tried numerous recipes and have been very pleased by all of them.
    There's a lot of general information/instruction which helps to ease a beginner, such as myself, into the kitchen....more info
  • This book never ceases to amaze me
    I've had this book for over ten years, and it continues to be the one I go to more than any other among my enormous collection of cookbooks. I'm not a vegetarian, but this book is not just for vegetarians. It truly is for "everyone."

    I had to write this review because of tonight's success. I receive a box of fruits and vegetables every week from my organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), to which I have belonged for 8+ years. This week, there was a bunch of radishes with their greens. After a long day's work, I looked in my fridge and wondered what to have for dinner. I saw the radishes and thought maybe they would make a good dinner. I took out Madison's book and looked under radishes. There's only one recipe (in the addition I have) so I went for it. It calls for using the radishes and the greens.

    It's simple, fast, with ingredients I always have on hand (butter, shallots, thyme, salt, pepper). OMG! It was so delicious. I wish I'd had more radishes with greens. I could have eaten another batch.

    I'll go months sometimes without looking at this book. Every time I go back to it, I'm blown away by how good it is. Nothing has failed me. Deborah rocks!...more info
  • Great for recipes and reference
    This is a great cookbook - almost as good as a reference as it is for the recipes. Hundreds of reliable, delicious recipes for vegetarians, many of which can be easily adapted for carnivores. It's very clearly written and is chock full of useful information. I highly recommend this book for anyone who not only likes food, but also wants to know more about it....more info


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