The Most Decadent Diet Ever!: The cookbook that reveals the secrets to cooking your favorites in a healthier way

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Devin Alexander, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Biggest Loser Cookbook, lets you have your cake and lose weight, too, with sinfully tempting — yet amazingly healthy — recipes for America’s all-time favorite foods.

Chef and former L.A. caterer Devin Alexander has maintained a fifty-five-pound weight loss for over sixteen years by transforming the dishes she and millions of other Americans love best into guilt-free (yet still outrageously mouth-watering) indulgences--Rigatoni with Meat Sauce, BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers, Eggplant Parmesan, Sinless Yet Sinful Sticky Buns, and even Dark Chocolate Layer Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

These simple-to-prepare recipes for the kind of delectable dishes people crave but feel they can’t eat when trying to be healthy and trim, actually can be the basis of a personal weight-loss plan. They can also be a way to add “off-limit” foods back into an already successful diet. Or they can simply be part of an exciting new way to eat healthfully — and with pleasure.

In The Most Decadent Diet Ever! Devin Alexander proves that even the most decadent dishes — Chipotle Chili with Blue Cheese Crumbles, "Fried" Jumbo Shrimp, Super-Stuffed Steak Soft Tacos, Fettu-Skinny Alfredo, Godiva Brownie Sundaes, and Chocolate Chip Pancakes — can lead to weight loss, good health, and carefree enjoyment.

Customer Reviews:

  • My favorite cookbook!
    Wow! I was skeptical when ordering this book, but it is amazing. No weird food substitutions, just real food that's prepared in such a way as to keep the flavor and get rid of unneccessary calories and fat. The first recipe I tried was the "Chocolate Not Only In Your Dreams Cake". Oh... my... gosh! It was SO delicious, and for only 3 weight watchers points! I topped it with fat free vanilla ice cream and a little hershey's syrup, and didn't feel AT ALL deprived while my family had brownie sundaes. In fact, I bet mine was better than theirs! I can't say enough about that recipe. I ordered Hungry Girl cookbook at the same time, and I'll probably return that. Too many weird chemical and tofu substitutions. If you buy this book, you won't be sorry....more info
  • Another amazing book by Devin Alexander!!!
    Devin Alexander never ceases to amaze us - one incredible cookbook after another packed with real-life recipes that really taste great. Devin, we can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!...more info
  • This book is the BEST
    I hate health food, let me say that again: I HATE health food. But every recipe I've tried in this book has been great. I can't believe it's good for me, too. I love to cook and know a lot about flavors and this book has them in every recipe.

    I also like the fact that the recipes don't call for far out ingrediants, most of the recipes you can make with items you have on hand. Plus, they are easy to make and quick.

    Right now I'm eating the roasted potatoes for lunch and they are devine. I've been overweight all of my life and can never stick to a 'diet' because I just enjoy the taste of food so much. I can't stand bland. But these recipes are bursting with flavor. I am such a carnivore and couldn't believe that I'd be craving vegetables.

    I've had this book for 3 weeks and I've already starting losing weight and everyone is noticing it and giving me compliments. I love it! And it's in large part due to this cookbook. I liked this book so much I went out and got the other ones she has.

    Do yourself a favor and buy this book. Your tastebuds and heart will thank you....more info
  • Love Love Love this Book!
    We've tried about 10 recipes from this book so far and love each and every one!! Not only are they good for your but the taste is outstanding. Even more important is my two young children love everything I've made so far, too. We had the Mac and Cheese with Polish Sausage tonight ... sooooo, easy! Other favorites include Chicken Enchilasagna (we make it with protein crumbles instead of chicken - it's faster) and the Colorful Coleslaw. We don't usually have sweets but I did make the brownie cups and got rave reviews; they froze well, too. Whether you are looking to lose weight, learn how to cook healthfully or just need to add a few yummy yet good-for-you recipes to your repetoire, you will not regret this cookbook! Thank you Devin!...more info
  • Devin did it again-A must buy!!
    Where do I begin? Devin has done it again! The "Most Decadent Diet Ever" is one of a kind. I have tons of diet/lowfat cookbooks at home and this book is the first one I've used where I have basically been stumped into thinking that the recipes are fatty. The recipes are loaded with taste and flavor which give off a fatty impression.
    And she doesn't use any processed or fake ingredients like some of the other cookbooks out use.
    I've made a bunch of recipes so far and every single one of them blew me away. The Chicken Picata is out of this world and tastes so much like the real full fat version, and all the desserts are killer!

  • Awesome!
    I almost didn't believe "Fast Food Fix" could be topped but I just got my copy of the new book today it has amazing recipes, gorgeous pictures, and so much sensible advice that I can't wait to get started. I don't have a serious weight problem, I'm just looking for ways to eat healthy without spending an inordinate amount of time in my kitchen. Everything sounds delicious and she looks absolutely stunning on the cover; an inspiration as she's a real person, not some skinny Minnie. It's such a treat to have someone like Devin put her talents to good use. She has a great sense of humor and comes across as someone you'd love to go shopping and have lunch with. She'd even be fun at the gym! I will amend the review once I get some recipes under my belt but if they're anything like those in "Fast Food Fix" then this book will be even more of a winner.

    ...more info
  • Don't need a diet book!
    This is a book for someone looking to follow a diet plan. Not for me. Also, she uses sugar substitutes, which I don't like and don't agree with me physically. So, I returned the book. I'm sure this book is great for someone trying to find a good diet with great recipes. It just wasn't for me....more info
  • No thank you
    This book is filled with fake foods and processed junk. There is nothing healthy about these recipes.

    One can be thin on the outside and unhealthy in the inside....more info
  • Devin is Decadent! :)
    After meeting Devin Alexander while I was starring on "The Biggest Loser" (and she was writing "The Biggest Loser Cookbook"), I became an avid follower of her philosphy on cooking. Devin's recipes are so delicious and decadent, that it is hard to believe that the dishes are good for you! After gaining weight post BL, Devin has helped me to lose weight again without sacrificing my love for vibrant food! The Chicken Enchiladas/Lasagna is my absolute favorite! Devin's recipes taste delicious, are incredibly easy to make, and they feel like I am a talented chef when I make them! Devin has a wide variety of dishes sure to please any palate. "The Most Decadent Diet Ever!" is not only easy to stick to, but it's not like a diet at all!!! This is my favorite book of Devin's thus far. A must own for any one who loves food!

    Rasha Spindel-Chapman...more info
  • Great Recipes - Easy to Follow!
    I've made several recipes from this book in the past few weeks and they've all been great. The recipes are easy to make - I've had most of the ingredients already here in my kitchen. I would definitely recommend this cookbook!...more info
  • True to title
    This book is excellent!!! My husband has actually eaten everything I have made without complaint. Highly unusual for one of my "diet" cookbooks. I recommend the honey pork,horseradish mashed potatoes, and the brownies. If you have trouble with portion control as I do, this book is very helpful....more info
  • best cookbook ever
    This book is totally amazing! I have made 3 recipes so far and were all really good. I also have her first book "fast food" and it is just as good. I would 100% recommend this book for any trying to loose weight or not it is just that good....more info
  • The Best Non-Diet Ever!
    I bought this book because my husband is a soldier and needs to maintain a certain weight. Using the recipes in this book along with his physical fitness plan has yielded terrific results, and the best part is that no one in the house feels like they are on a diet because the food tastes wonderful. I have seen results for myself as well, and couldn't be more pleased. ...more info
  • GREAT cookbook! So delicious, you don't notice it's healthier!
    Yummy, yummy recipes. I've tried about 4 recipes so far from the book and have been so pleasently surprised!
    You've GOT to try the mac-n-cheese w/turkey keilbasa...what a treat!
    Everything is from scratch, so if you're looking for quick meals, this is probably not the cookbook for you. But, if you're willing to spend a little time in the kitchen to prepare down-home, feel-good meals that are a bit healthier, this is the book for you!
    Thumbs up...WAY up! My picky boyfriend agrees too! He loves that we can eat breakfast sausage and hamburgers again!!!
    ...more info
  • Love this cookbook!
    I can't beleive how easy these recipes are. My favorite, so far, is the Oven-Roasted broccoli - and my family loves it so much, they ask for it! I have been following Devin on FitTV and look for her recipes on line. She is just amazing how she make fattening foods healthier. Its not just a diet, but a healthy new way to cook!!...more info
  • Excellent Recipes!
    Everything I have cooked from this cookbook has been great! My kids like the food too. I've been using the cookbook for a week and a half and I have lost 3 pounds!...more info
  • Great Cookbook!
    I never leave reviews for products but I am so happy with this cookbook I just feel like I have to share. I can totally relate to Devin when she talks about being obsessed with her weight and dreaming about eating bad food and just constantly worried about body size. All that said I have read many intros to many cookbooks and can relate, but the recipes never live up to my expectations. The recipes in this book are so easy and they are delicious and healthy. I have a husband who does not need to watch his weight he is very active and eats whatever he wants therefore he never really wants to eat "healthy" food. I have two picky children under five who don't like anything I cook no matter what. Guess what they all love recipes from this book. I feel like I can really quit obsessing over food by eating what I want but healthier versions. Thank you Devin for a realistic approach to cooking and weight loss and maintenance. ...more info
  • diet food for people who enjoy cooking!
    This is a great cook book for people who are dieting and really enjoy cooking! All of the recipes are 300 calories or less and the portion sizes are normal/reasonable.

    The recipes are fairly simple, but there is actual cooking involved--no microwaving. I enjoy cooking, but am not a gourmet and this cook book is perfect for my ability level.

    These recipes are also great for a family. My husband and daughter (age 4) enjoy the food and don't know that it's "light."

    Some of the items are a little hard to find--you need access to a natural foods grocery store with a large selection, like Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or a regular grocery store with a large selection of natural foods or specialty items. If you don't have that available in your area, this cookbook could be a little frustrating, as so many of those ingredients are used.

    Also, be prepared to make an investment in your pantry if you plan to do a lot of cooking from this cook book. I have a fairly well-stocked kitchen and found myself needing to add several spices, sauces, and types of flour, which were a little on the expensive side.

    On the whole, this is an outstanding cook book with great tasting food!...more info
  • The Most Decadent Diet Ever
    This cookbook is truly fantastic! Devin Alexander has managed to create healthy, flavorful recipes that are low in calories and fat. This is a great cookbook to have whether you are following a diet or not. I use this cookbook almost everyday and am following Weight Watchers flex points system. My young children have loved every recipe I have tried and my husband has always commented on them being full of flavor. Some of my favorites are Better Than Classic Stuffed Shells with Mostly Mom's Marinara Sauce, Honey Lime marinated London Broil, Potato Chip Crusted Chicken, Pan Fried Salmon with Mango Cucumber Salsa, Parmesan Garlic Mashed Potato Pancakes, Fried Zucchini, and of course, Chocolate Not Only In Your Dreams Cake! I have not tried one yet that I didn't love. I even e-mailed Devin Alexander to ask where I could purchase certain ingredients and she e-mailed me back personally. She was very helpful in directing me where to find ingredients and was so personable. A definite must for all cooks. Great as gifts for friends, too! I can't wait for her next cookbook! ...more info
  • Most Decadent Diet Ever
    I was disappointed in it. I thought it would have a diet plan instead of just recipes. I returned the book for a refund....more info
  • Decadent cookbook
    I had never heard of this book.... somehow came across the title through Amazon and was instantly intrigued. I am very happy I purchased this cookbook... it's an interesting read, recipes aren't difficult, neither are the ingredients. I think this book and I will become very fast friends.... and I hope to get back to healthier me without the usual dieting deprivation....more info
  • Sensible Diet Plan and Easy Recipes
    The Most Decadent Diet Ever: The Cookbook that Reveals the Secrets to Cooking your Favorites in a Healthier Way, presents a sensible diet plan and easy to prepare recipes.

    The diet plan includes proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates, so all food groups are included. The recipes are heavy on meat from my point of view, but will appeal to many, as they are based on American favorites.

    The book includes a sample 7 day meal plan. It also has tips and words of encouragement to help the reader. Deven Alexander shares what she stocks in her pantry and helpful tools to have in the kitchen.

    There are lots of breakfast recipes, which is nice for those seeking variety for this meal.

    I tried the open-ended buffalo chicken wrap and it was quite delicious. I also tried the spicy Szechuan steak salad and really enjoyed it.

    Entrees included honey-glazed spiced pork tenderloin, skinny scampi and chicken piccata.

    Alexander gets it: flavor can trump fat for making food taste good. To that end, she uses lots of flavorful--but not fattening--spices, oils and such.

    What I don't like is the use of "fat free half and half", which consists of nonfat milk, milk, corn syrup solids (sugar), artificial color, and sugar. There are healthier substitutes.

    Overall, if you like "All-American" type food, you will enjoy this cookbook of lower calorie--but still tasty--recipes. You will not feel deprived!

    Ny the author of the award winning book, Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify and Energize Your Life, Your Home and Your Planet.

    ...more info
  • So disappointed!
    I had such high hopes for this cookbook. I was looking for a way to reduce unnecessary calories but still retain excellent taste. After trying this cookbook, I'm convinced it can't be done. I've tried about 6 recipes so far. Three of them, I took one bite and threw the rest away. The other three I ate a serving of and will never make them again. I will try a couple more recipes before I just get rid of the book, but I'm not very hopeful of a satisfactory outcome.

    I think my expectations were unrealistic. I wanted reduced calorie/fat food that didn't taste "diet". This is definitely diet food in my opinion. It may be not bad for diet food, but I would certainly not classify it as really good food. ...more info
  • More than another cookbook
    In a world of 100,000 cookbooks, why pick this one? Because it picks up where you quit on dieting. Diets only work when you stay on them. With two out of three Americans overweight, it is obvious that most people are ignorant about food and how to eat, or just give up because dieting is the pits!
    What you want to do is eat the food you like. This book helps you prepare food in healthier ways and eat sensibly. We saw the author mention this book on the "Today Show," and bought it on faith. It has been a revelation. We are preparing old favorite foods in new ways that reduce the fat and calories while actually tasting better. How many "diet" cookbooks have a recipe for BBQ bacon cheeseburgers? Or fried shrimp? If you know how to cut out the unnecessary fat and calories, you can eat well and sensibly. This book has changed our food purchasing, preparation and eating habits for the better. We actually look forward to seeing how we can fix almost anything in a healthier and tastier way....more info
  • I Would MARRY This Cookbook
    I love, love, love (!!!) this cookbook. The recipes really do taste sinful, but they're not! The Chocolate Not Only In Your Dreams cake is hands down the best thing ever. A BIG (whole ramekin) serving of super rich, super chocolate-y cake with only 200 calories and 6 grams of fiber? You won't believe it 'til you make it. It will change your life. There are also freakin' awesome buffalo chicken strips. This is the perfect book for a girl who tries to stay healthy while cooking for her voracious boyfriend and the other dudes in her life (who think chili is a health food). ...more info
  • Easy, tasty, and healthy -- you can't lose!
    I wanted to cook at home to eat healthier, but I really have no experience in the kitchen. Maybe a couple dishes here and there. This book promised tasty and healthy recipes, but I was nervous my limited skills would not be enough to pull them off. Well, either I am a heretofore unknown culinary master with extra virgin olive oil in my blood, or Alexander has written a fantastic cookbook accessible to even the most all-thumbs kitchen n00bs. (Probably the latter.) Her clear, detailed instructions didn't assume I had grown up in a French restaurant, and her cheery writing style gave me the confidence of Julia Child.

    Not to mention, the dishes have been delicious. I've tried four so far and haven't hit a dud yet. This is a great gift for anyone - not just experts or dieters. As Alexander so deftly teaches by example, if you don't have to sacrifice your favorite foods, why not eat healthier?
    ...more info
  • The Most Decadent Diet Ever by Devin Alexander
    Devin Alexander's cookbooks are a life saver. My husband has lost 10 pounds so far and he loves the food. I give the books to friends as hostess gifts or other thank yous. We always receive rave reviews. They are even wonderful for people who have no idea how to cook. They have explicit directions. Fast Food Fix, Biggest Loser and The Most Decadent Diet Ever are like your children. All very different, but all have very special qualities....more info
  • Love This Book So Far!
    I bought this book for myself to help with my weightloss journey and my family (who are not watching their weight) have loved the recipes as much as I have. So far, my teenaged son's favorite is the "Better Than Classic Stuffed Shells," with "Almost Mom's Marinara Sauce," and I've made it twice in two weeks.
    I just purchased a meat grinding attachment for my stand mixer so I can try my hand at making my own Italian sausage and breakfast sausage, using Devin's recipes.
    This book is definitely a keeper, along with the Biggest Loser Cookbook.
    ...more info
  • Healthy eating at its best - WOW!
    When was the last time a cookbook actually motivated you to change? Typically I receive a book, look through it for fun, interesting recipes, try a few, and add the ones I like to my repertoire. I can honestly say that Devin Alexander's 'The Most Decadent Ever!' has done something that no other cookbooks have done - it has revolutionized the way I think about food to embrace a healthy diet.

    In the age of numerous fad diets, I've seen many friends try, sometimes with dramatic success, only to be met with disappointment down the road. I believe that this is because many of the diets that exist are really designed for short term gains. To me it has never seemed natural to eliminate particular food groups from a diet (except of course for medical reasons) and would make long-term maintenance a challenge. I've avoided the fads and lived in a world of moderation - which has served me pretty well. For the first time, however, this book has opened my eyes to an approach to preparing meals that makes sense. 'The Most Decadent Diet Ever!' embraces all food groups yet provides guidance on creating dishes, ranging from simple to sophisticated, that indulge the senses, are thoroughly satisfying, and incredibly healthy. After completing just one meal I felt energized, great about myself, and eager to learn and try more.

    My adventure began with planning "a day of decadence". Last Sunday, I decided to immerse myself in this cookbook (and put it to the ultimate test) by preparing the entire days' meals for my 3 year-old son and myself. My little sous chef and I prepared the following meals: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry breakfast sundae (p35; breakfast); supreme and slender French bread pizza (p111; lunch); lemon-thyme chicken kebabs, tart cherry couscous, zucchini boats with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, (p131, p171, p175 respectively; dinner). The dishes were simple to prepare and came out just like the pictures. And the taste was AMAZING! My son and I loved everything. It was actually hard for me to believe that healthy meals could have panache and be completely satisfying!

    Along the way, Devin's book has taught me alternative ingredients and cooking techniques to maintain a healthy diet. Simply put - this book is EXCEPTIONAL!

    I highly recommend that you plan your own "day of decadence" with Devin Alexander's book. One day of decadence may just lead YOU to a life of healthy eating.
    ...more info
  • Makes it easy to eat well
    I buy a lot of recipe books, but most I don't use much. This one is different. I'll be cooking with it all the time.

    A collection of 125 recipes, it is not meant to represent an entire diet. Instead, it's a cookbook of especially yummy dishes that just happen to be healthy, too. The recipes can be the foundation of a new way of eating, or serve as treats if you have already reached a healthy weight.

    Author Devin Alexander makes it easy. Each recipe is either 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 calories (within 10 calories), so it's easy to track your calories without a calculator. The dishes are, for the most part, healthy versions of your old favorite fattening ones. So, for example, instead of the typical 746-calorie, 38-grams-of-fat slice of chocolate cake, you can have a slice of Dark Chocolate Layer Cake with Buttercream Frosting for 294 calories and 6 grams of fat.

    Each recipe also includes how many grams it contains of carbohydrates, cholesterol, fat, saturated fat, fiber, protein and sodium. Most also have this data for the traditional recipe, so you can easily see what you're "missing."

    As someone who has managed a 55-pound weight loss for 16 years, Alexander knows her stuff. At the beginning of the book, she gives you options: Do you want to count calories or not? The author details a simple diet plan either way (based on your gender, age and activity level), shows you how to put together a weekly meal plan, and covers the importance of exercise.

    The book itself is beautifully produced, with glossy paper, lush color photos and color-coded text.

    Here's the chapter list:

    1. What you need to get started
    2. Breakfasts
    3. Burgers, sandwiches and wraps
    4. Salads
    5. Entrees
    6. Starchy sides
    7. Veggie sides
    8. Savory snacks
    9. Sweet snacks...more info
  • Great and Super Easy
    A lot of low-fat/healthy cookbooks I've "read" always contain tons of ingredients and require a lot more time than I have. The recipes are super easy and taste great. ...more info
  • Buy This Book!
    I was astonished that a "healthy" eating cookbook could offer so many choices that taste good and are easy to make. If you are serious about eating healthy but also enjoy unique and flavorful food, this is the book for you!...more info
  • Great healthy but more importantly TASTY recipes...
    I've been a fan of Devin Alexander's since I discovered her (late) on Discovery's "Healthy Decadence." However, trying the recipes from the show yielded a minority of "keeper" ones. This book is different. The majority are keepers and in fact, even more would be keepers, if I ate seafood. This is her best cookbook yet. HIGHLY recommend....more info
  • great recipes
    After having this book for a while I am finally getting around to writing my review. We have had several of the recipes and have loved them all!
    When we had the family over for Easter I made the chocolate cake. My husband does not like cake at all. He even said that at the table and followed it up by saying "but this is good!!"
    After my husband had his heart attack he said fettacinni alfredo a.k.a. heart attack on a plate is something he will never eat again. I made the fettaskinny adding grilled chicken. When he saw what was for dinner he almost walked away. I had to get the book and show him the nutrional content. He ate it and said " this tastes like something that should be very bad for me" : )
    It's nice to be able to cook food for the family that not only tastes good but is good for you....more info
  • The most decadent diet ever cookbook
    This is a very good cookbook but has limited receipes for the price. They are very good and the kids even like them
    ...more info
  • I love, love, love this book!
    Finally a healthy cookbook that has yummy recipes! Even my husband has been so impressed! We highly recommend the Chicken Picatta, Chocolate chocolate brownie cups, mostly moms marinara, and the honey glazed spiced pork tenderloin. I have always enjoyed cooking but these meals have made me feel like a chef! Very simple and very impressive dishes. I can't wait to try more! I have several healthy cookbooks (it's an obsession)but this is by far the best!...more info
  • Love cooking this way
    As a fan of Devin's fit tv cooking shows. I have downloaded every recipe and have been waiting for this cookbook to come out. I was so excited when I received it on Tuesday. I tried the stuffed shells that night and my husband or my kids could not tell the difference from the high fat kind. It was so exciting!! I can lower my husbands cholestrol without him knowing it. Love the book Devin!! My kids also like the double chocolate brownies....more info
  • Great cook book
    Fantastic cookbook, great ideas for dishes that had a lot of calories. Devin Alexander does a great job making the dishes taste great and less filling,hmmm, sounds like a beer commercial...Get this book. Look for her other cookbook about fast food dishes that she does the same thing for....more info
  • worth it just for the chocolate desserts
    I cook a lot and know how to make my own favorite recipes lower calorie and lower fat so I doubted this book would be worth my money and borrowed it from the library first. Having said that, I now can't go more than a few days without opening this cookbook. The chocolate fudge cake, brownies, and souffle-type chocolate cakes are staples at my house! I can't stand anything that tastes low fat and these recipes don't. I'm not even tempted to eat the high fat stuff when I have these options. My husband and two boys can't get enough of the chocolate cake. We make all of her chocolate dessert at least once a week each, and I'm still losing 2 lbs a week eating multiple servings a day. Have your cake and eat it too. :)...more info
  • Wonderful
    I received this book about 1 week ago and have already made 3 of the over 125 WONDERFUL recipes. Theses recipes don't call from 10 ingredients and there is a recipe to feed even the most picky eater(my husband) I have made the rigatoni with meat sauce (husband says it is good) and the chocolate chip pancakes are SO tasty. I am looking foward to diving into this cookbook even more. Devin has outdone herself on this one, this is one cookbook that will not be on a shelf collecting dust....more info