Finally Thin!: How I Lost Over 200 Pounds and Kept them Off - and How You Can Too
Finally Thin!: How I Lost Over 200 Pounds and Kept them Off - and How You Can Too

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The ultimate companion to any diet—featuring ten steps that will give you the information and motivation to achieve your own success on any weight-loss plan.

Kim Bensen knows about weight loss. And weight gain. For decades, she tried every diet there was, but nothing seemed to work – for long anyway – and she yo-yoed her way to 350 pounds. But she never gave up and in 2001, despite years of heartbreak and discouragement, Kim tried again. This time was different and the results were phenomenal: 212 pounds lost forever, fourteen dress sizes, four ring sizes, one and a half shoe sizes, and 200 points of cholesterol gone for good! In the end, Kim not only changed her health and size, but also her career. The clamor of “How did you do it?” by desperately struggling individuals as well as the national media motivated her to sit down and pen into words what she had put into action.

In Finally Thin!, Kim Bensen recounts her own success story and then breaks down her success into a ten-step system, showing readers exactly how she accomplished her weight-loss goal. From choosing the right diet for your needs to setting realistic goals, finding support, eating out, recovering from a slipup, the keys to maintenance, and even 75 recipes, this book covers it all in an upbeat, inspirational, and approachable tone. A must-have for anyone trying to lose weight, Finally Thin! will help dieters break free of the yo-yo cycle and achieve their ultimate goal—once and for all.

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful ...Confessions of a Carb Queen is too
    Really nice book by Weight Watchers leader.... also check out Confessions of a Carb Queen memoir written by Susan Blech ...very personal, often searing, story of morbid obesity. In spirit of full disclosure I am co-author and sister ! ...more info
  • Best Weight Loss Book I've Read
    I think this is the most brutally honest account that I've read of what it is like to be obese and the journey toward finally being able to shed those pounds forever. Kim, (first name because after reading the book I feel I know her well), is up front and honest about her life. Although she makes no secret of the fact that she lost the weight through Weight Watchers she is very factual about many weight loss programs available. This book tells what it is like for a "real" person coping with obesity and shows her compassion for others struggling with the same issues. I highly recommend this book for anyone contemplating any kind of weight loss program....more info
  • Love Kim Benson's Finally Thin!
    I pre-ordered Kim's book because I had read several things written by Kim on her website. I ordered the book for several reasons: 1) I wanted her wisdom for reading, re-reading and chewing on when I needed a boost of motivation 2) I couldn't wait to read her whole story. I had seen her pictures and wanted the "behind the scenes" on her journey and 3) I wanted tips for hanging in there for the long haul. I got all of those things from Kim. There is no magic--it is hard work and diligence. She is a living testimony to God's goodness, faithfulness and strength for the long hard journey! She has great recipes in the book and so many stories of her "before" life and her life now. It is inspirational!...more info
  • Must Read
    This book is absolutely wonderful. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be inspired and motivated. It is a must read for anyone who has ever struggled with weight!...more info
  • Finally a weight loss guide that is realistic and honest
    I picked up this book after seeing the cover; at the time I was just in the store to browse. I wasn't even looking for a weight loss book. I thumbed through it and after reading Kim's honest account of her struggles and her success, then, seeing all the hints, recipes and tools for support and success, I saw that it wasn't just a how-to book written by a muscle bound trainer. I bought it because I knew the recipes would be helpful, and now that I have read it and dog-eared too many pages to count, I am so glad I have it. I have struggled with weight loss & food 'issues' for almost 20 years, and Finally Thin just might be the inspiration and guidance that gets me over this frustration hump where I have felt my past futile efforts overwhelm me. I am tired of picking up books written by [well intended] trainers who just don't get the emotional component. Even the title conveys what the book addresses...finally, after all the frustrations, hopes, exercise classes, therapy sessions, dreams, efforts, diets.....thin! Bad habits take more than one try to kick. Reading this I felt hope and a strong sense of support, and that emotional component is huge. ...more info
  • Very Inspirational
    I love reading books about 'real' people who have paid the price to obtain their goals. Way to go!!...more info
  • Finally thin
    Well written and very informative. I have read it completely and refer back to it from time to time. It was reasonably priced and delivered in good condition in a timely manner....more info
  • She did it...there's hope for me!
    I wanted to save money, so I called the library to check for this book..."Finally Thin" by Kim Bensen. Three copies were currently circulating, and there were 32 people on hold for a copy of the book.
    This confirmed to me there are so many women out there who are attracted to a book that tells them, "I did can too! Here's firsthand proof"! The cover of this book speaks compassion and hope, and those who would like to shed pounds but haven't gotten control yet, are looking for empathy (it's difficult); and a confirmation that a normal approach, and a healthy diet WILL work. This book is an excellent and true story....more info
  • Fabulous book on realistic weight loss and maintenance!
    Finally Thin is a fabulous book. Kim Bensen is brutally honest about how difficult it is to be morbidly obese and what it took for her to turn her life and relationship with food around. The book discusses the pros and cons of every diet out there. It also discusses what it takes to maintain a weight loss which is what most of us don't know how to do. It has wonderful, realistic recipes for busy families in the back too!...more info
  • Dissapointed
    I know I am probably going to get some flack for this review,but I want to keep it real.While I totally applaud the author for putting her journey down.And yes it is an inspiration what she did.I found the book,lacking something.I didn't find any new info in the book,that I already didn't know.I guess it was just not what I was looking for.I know there are no quick fixes for losing lots of weight.I have gained and lost many times in my life.I just didn't find the book,really helpful.To all the people who were inspired by this book,kudos to you.I am glad it inspired people.I just felt like besides organizing everyhing wonderfully,it was regurgitated information....more info
  • Very motivating!
    I purchased this book during my second week at Weight Watchers, and Kim's experiences are helping me keep motivated during what is going to be a long-term project. Her honesty about her struggles and her faith have inspired me! I'm almost at my first goal, a 5% body weight-loss goal, and I return to the book regularly to keep my focus on the short term goals that eventually lead to the long-term success that Kim has experienced. I so appreciate this book and Kim's story! I am positive it will impact my goals and others facing the same struggles. Thanks, Kim!...more info
  • delightfully honest
    For anyone who has been on a diet for most of thier life, this book takes a funny look at the emotional side of overeaters. And although the author used Weight Watchers for her weight loss goals, she gives the reader the tools to form any diet to thier lifestyle thus giving you a better chance at sticking to whatever diet you choose....more info
  • Finally Honest!
    Thank you Kim for telling us how it really is. I really appreciated your honesty and letting us all know that we can all have your courage and realize we deserve to be happy, healthy, and strong! You are a true inspiration to us all!...more info
  • Its Great!!!!!
    I got the book from the library and read it. It was so good I ordered one for myself to read again and have on hand. I loaned the book to a friend, who read it and wanted her own copy. Its a great book, reading goes fast. ...more info
  • Inspiration for all
    Once you pick up Finally Thin you won't be able to put it down. In the first section, Kim tells her personal story and experiences. The second section is about the 10 steps to weight loss. The last section is awesome, easy recipes. Kim shares so much of herself with the reader, she is an amazing inspiration!!...more info
  • Great Stuff!
    In her friend-to-friend style, Kim Benson gave me new information as well as old information (in a fresh, more meaningful way) to enhance my weight-loss program. It's not only a good read, but a classic to be kept handy in my kitchen....more info
  • What an Inspiration
    I first found out about Kim Bensen through a Weight Watchers success story over two years ago. I printed her story out then because she was an inspiration to me. When her book came out I was excited to get to read the whole story, and I have to say that she is an incredible person for putting her story out there to try and help others. It cannot be easy to put your weight struggles out there for all the world to read, but I feel that she did this so that we could see the triumph she is experiencing now and of course to let us know that it can be done.
    After reading Kim's book, I went to her website and read her blog. I posted a comment there to tell her how she had inspired me to lose weight and she replied by posting on my blog.
    I admire the fact that someone who is so busy with her own life and must have many demands right now on her time would take the time to let me know she was on my side through this.
    I would recommend that everyone read this book....more info
  • Finally Here
    Though it took forever to get, the book arrived in perfect condition and I would absolutely order from this person again!!...more info
  • Please Buy
    Do it for yourself; Buy this book. This has been the most inspirational book. I too have lost a significant amount of weight on Weight Watchers and have kept it off for more than 5 years. I felt like Kim was telling my story as I was reading this. I finally felt like someone else knows what it was like to be on this journey and what it felt like before this journey began. I now realize that someone else knows that after 5 years the struggle with weight never goes away and the journey will never end. I am not alone with my feelings! If you currently or ever have struggled with your weight buy this book! You won't regret it....more info
  • Great book
    Great book. Worth picking up just for the different diet program pros and cons - but then you get inspiration, tips, recipes, and hope....more info
  • Finally Thin
    This book is well worth the $. I lost 60 lbs on WW and have maintained for 2 years, but felt myself slipping into some old habits and had regained about 10 lbs., so I bought this upon the recommendation of my sister. Some of the motivational stuff wasn't new to me, but was good to hear again - esp. the way Kim says it. Also, my two grown daughters (in their early 20's), two sisters and my mom all bought the book and are equally enthusiastic! - Some of us are on maintenance, but most are wanting to lose weight; yet the book has something for each of us. Lastly, there are tons of good recipes in the back, which that alone made the book worth it for me....more info
  • Great read
    This book hits home and she is honest about the trials and things people wanting to lose weight go through. I enjoyed it and the only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because a couple chapters are dedicated to explaining diets and the way they work and I enjoyed more the chapters of her life and all the suggestions on how to make it. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it to those who want and need inspiration while making the weight loss journey....more info
  • An inspirational book
    This book is for anyone who feels alone in being overweight. Kim's honest stories will make you smile at the humor she uses to cope with her life's situations and cry along with her....more info
  • I love Kim!
    I love this book for so many reasons! It provides help and hope to those of us who have struggled with weight issues all our lives. Although she lost her weight with Weight Watchers, it's a book designed to help you no matter what diet you choose. She shares painful incidents of being obese that I could relate to, and just knowing where she came from and how far she has come is truly inspirational. I've gone onto her web site many times to see her video clips from tv appearances, too. I love it....more info
  • Uplifting
    If you are having a weight problem, this is the book for you. Reading the things Kim says about her own struggle hits home. I almost thought I wrote the story of my life. Getting through some of the diet details is a litte tough but very enlighening and makes me really want to do it this time...I want to do her proud....more info
  • Touched me very deeply
    I purchased the book because I have used kim Bensen's products before & loved them. This book really touched me deeply. Her story & my life had a lot of similarities. Her planning ideas really helped me kick my butt into gear. I have read the book 2x already & will keep re-reading it in the future. Love the recipes & the grocery list. Thanks Kim....more info
  • Don't Bother
    This book is nearly worthless. Let me sum it up for you: she went to Weight Watchers for the umpteenth time and for some unknown reason, it worked this time. There is one good section on calories and weight loss, but nothing that's not free and available on the internet. I think it is wonderful that she lost all that weight but there is absolutely nothing in this book to help anyone else do so....more info
  • wonderful book and inspirating author!
    Kim is a very motivation and inspiration person. Her book is wonderful and i would recommend it to anyone. She tells of her weight loss journey and how others can lose weight too. ...more info
  • disappointed
    I so looked forward to reading Kim's story but was disappointed. There were some pictures, recipes and ratings about diet but her story/journey was very limited. ...more info
  • Good read
    I enjoyed this book. Kim is completely honest about her experiences and gives great tips and tricks. I do wish she focused more on the nutritional value of foods instead of just the calories, but if you use the ideas part of the time then you could have a great diet. It is a great motivational book. If she can lose over 200 pounds, then I can get up and work out! ...more info
  • "It's YOUR turn now"
    I love this book! I've known Kim for a year or so and am inspired by her story. For those readers who do not live in Southern CT, let me assure you that both of the pictures on the cover of the book are real. There has been no "Photoshoping". Kim is as beautiful as she is on the cover, maybe even more so. (And she was as heavy as she is on the cover also).
    The book is divided into three sections. Section one describes Kim's battle with her weight and some embarassing incidents that she very bravely shares with her readers. The second section describes 10 steps that are needed to "diet" sucessfully. She does not promote any one diet, but instead reviews all the popular diets and encourages the reader to choose the one they are suited for. The third section is made up of 70 recipes Kim has used and recommends.
    I recommed this book and a visit to Kim's website:
    There you will find all sorts of tools to help make dieting easier, a "guilt free" shopping list and much more.

    ...more info
  • Great recipes and very good reading besides!
    Finally Thin!: How I Lost Over 200 Pounds and Kept them Off - and How You Can Too

    This book has great (easy) recipes and the author makes it very interesting. The first section especially is very well written, with a sense of humor in describing the distressful everyday problems of obesity.

    Even if you're not overweight this is a great book to use for fresh ideas in the kitchen....more info
  • Best practical advice
    Kim Bensen gives honest advice, real recipes, and a personal story that rips your heart out. This is the best diet book from a real person who accomplished an amazing feat. Well written, informative, and best of all,
    tells the truth....more info
  • Excellent, Inspiring, and Motivating...
    This book was just what I was looking for. The first third is the author's story about her weight, the second third were essentially her words of wisedom and what worked for her, the last third were recipes she likes. The first 2/3s of the book were just fantastic. If you are looking for that extra motivation to keep following your own plan of weight loss, or start a new this book! It's not that the information is new (which she says in her book), but the way that she relates it is what is so powerful. She has been there and done that, and continues to live it and do it every day. ...more info
  • A little disappointing
    I wanted to love this book; I wanted to be inspired by this book; I wanted to be changed by this book. Ms. Benson's story is certainly a great success story, but I found there to be less substance than I expected. It's her story told forthrightly and without any glossing over of the potentially embarrassing parts, and there were elements any of us who are overweight can identify with. Nonetheless, I found it somehow lacking. I expect in person, as she leads Weight Watcher meetings and does television and radio interviews, she is more engaging and the same information is disseminated in a few minutes versus over many pages. Again, a nice book and a nice lady, just not what I expected or wanted. ...more info
    I have just finished Finally Thin by Kim Bensen. This is the best book I've ever read on this subject. Her book makes you feel like she's right there with you, all the way of your journey. I highly recommend it to everybody that has a life struggle with weight. She gives really good advice on what she did in situations like yours.
    Gloria R. ...more info
  • Nice story, but that's it
    I'm excited for her success, but I don't think she addresses the core issues of weight control. All diets work - short term. Unfortunately emotions are the reason why 95% of people can't sustain weight loss. Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dr. Norton L. Williams found the only way to sustain weight loss is to change your at a time (also see Robert Mikkelsen's book The Story of Big Belly Bob). Funny how this research gets brushed under the carpet.

    Below is some additional info:

    Dr. Norton L. Williams, psychiatrist, said recently that modern man's anxiety and insecurity stemmed from a lack of "self-realization," and that inner security can only be found "in finding in oneself an individuality, uniqueness and distinctiveness. Our currently held beliefs, whether good or bad, true or false, were formed without effort, with no sense of strain, and without the exercise of "will power." Our habits, whether good or bad. were formed in the same way. It follows that we must employ the same process in forming new beliefs, or new habits, that is, in a relaxed condition. It has been amply demonstrated that attempting to use effort or will power to cure bad habits has an adverse rather than a beneficial effect.

    Emile Coue` The little French pharmacist who astonished the world around 1920 with the results he obtained with "the power of suggestion," insisted that effort was the one big reason most people failed to utilize their inner powers. "Your suggestions (ideal goals) must be made without effort if they are to be effective," he said. Another famous Coue` saying was his "Law of Reversed Effort": "When the will and the imagination are in conflict, the imagination invariably will win."

    ...more info


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