Glorious One-Pot Meals: A Revolutionary New Quick and Healthy Approach to Dutch-Oven Cooking

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A totally new patented way to cook quick and easy one-pot meals, while keeping ingredients intact and full of flavor.

Elizabeth Yarnell developed her revolutionary infusion-cooking method to avoid often mushy slow-cooker results and to make cooking and cleaning up after dinner a breeze. Now anyone with too many tasks and not enough time can use her technique to get dinner on the table in an hour or less, with no more than twenty minutes of hands-on prep work°™and just one pot to clean. All it takes is a Dutch oven and a few basic fresh or even frozen ingredients layered--never stirred. Glorious One-Pot Meals provides the most convenient method yet of serving highly nutritious, satisfying suppers every night of the week.

Customer Reviews:

  • Delicious, easy to prepare, nutritious meals
    I used to eat out most of the time, but due to pay cuts and the bad economy, I started doing my own cooking to save money. Despite my being a very inexperienced cook, these recipes always turn out really delicious. The ingredients are accessible--not a lot of esoteric, difficult-to-find items like other cookbooks I have tried. And the meals are quite nutritious, containing a balance of carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables. I can usually prepare the meal in 25 minutes or so, about the amount of time that it takes to preheat the oven to 450 F. The food comes out perfectly cooked, unlike the mushy and overcooked results of my slow cooker. It is really an amazing book, and I depend on it for most of my meals now. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Excellent Book!
    I love this book! The recipes are so simple and are delicious. You must use the 2 qt Dutch Oven, though. I used the wrong size (6 qt) and the recipe came out very bad - burned around the edges and very dry. Once I got the right size pan - I was very pleased with how the recipes turn out. A great way to sneak veggies into a meal! I use this book a lot....more info
  • Recipes a little bland for our taste..but healthy
    The best thing about this book for me was that it introduced me to Dutch oven cooking and I don't regret spending the money for my new Dutch oven. But, for our taste, the recipes that I prepared seemed a bit lacking in what we call the "yum factor." I do love the emphasis on a variety of vegetables and less meat, but so far the recipes leave me wanting more depth of flavor. I plan to experiment with the seasonings and other cookbooks for Dutch ovens. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    Glad I didn't buy book but took it out of library first. Tried three recipes, was disappointed with all. Since I bought a larger dutch oven (Le Creuset, 4.5), I adjusted for the size, and even bought an oven thermometer to ensure even heating... however, either the meat/fish became overcooked or the vegetables were. After overcooked shrimp and vegetables on the first dish, I cut my cooking time down considerably...second time vegetables were done but chicken was undercooked.. had to finish it off in the microwave. Third time, salmon came out only slightly overcooked, rice was fine but vegetables were overcooked. And with all three dishes the spices/flavors seemed to dissipate with the steaming effect of the cooking, leaving flavoring weak. Great idea but execution left much to be desired. Will look forward to other ways to use my new dutch oven in future....more info
  • It works and its easy
    I heard Elizabeth on Everyday Food's radio show twice and I was interested in her concept. I bought the book and tried it. The first thing was the Santa Fe Chicken. It was moist and tasty The last thing I tried was the frozen dinner in a flash. I'm slowly stocking my pantry and freezer so I'll have items on hand and I can have a tasty dinner in 45 minutes....more info
  • Good food, a lot of ingrediens
    This cookbook offers a great concept; cooking a full healthy meal using one pot. Of the recipes I tried, they were very tasty. The only downside is that a lot of the recipes require a lot of ingredients, which is not always budget friendly....more info
  • Fabulous
    If you don't like to cook you will once you start using this book. For years I've tried to find a way to enjoy cooking and I've finally found it. Can't recommend this book enough. Love it. ...more info
  • underwhelmed
    I really don't see what the fuss is over this book. We use our dutch oven all the time, so I was excited about the prospect of this book and the ease and speed of the recipes. I have only tried two recipes; the flavor is virtually nonexistent, and I think that the high temp that the recipes call for cooks the meal quickly but definitely sacrifices flavor and tenderness, esp of the meats. I would have to agree with the other reviewer, I am sad that I bought this book. Maybe I will have to try a few other recipes to see if it will redeem itself....more info
    We've made four meals this past week. We loved the Holiday Dinner and that will be a regular. The Rosemary Salmon was good, as was the Sante Fe Chicken. Easy clean up, a big plus. Just remember to season as you would when you are cooking your regular way, as Elizabeth tends to use very very little, mainly just salt and pepper. I am looking forward to trying more recipes....more info
  • Delicious recipes
    Excellent intro to flash cooking. Delicious recipes. Easy to follow directions. Great tips on how to create your own delicious one pot meals.Cook book lives up to all the hype....more info
  • Glorious Indeed!
    I have dozens and dozens of cookbooks, but when I received a beautiful 7 qt. Dutch oven as a gift I wanted a cookbook with recipes specific to it's use. I couldn't have made a better choice. This cookbook gives good instructions so you can adapt the recipes for quantity or dietary changes. I don't eat red meat or pork, but easily changed to use chicken or just vegie meals. There are lots of good recipes for all categories. It's great to be able to premake and pop in the oven and not have to be in the kitchen cooking when having guests to dinner. I highly recommend this cookbook....more info
  • Awesome cast iron cookbook!
    I only wanted to purchase a couple of new cookbooks after splurging for Le Creuset cookware, and after reading the reviews, I decided to give this one a try. I'm so glad I did! The recipes are easy but delicious - my husband raves about the food and he's a very picky eater. I've also found them easy to modify - cook for more than 2 people - change ingredients if we don't like something, etc. You really do end up with an entire meal out of one pot. I do plan ahead - pick up fresh ingredients (but you don't have to - author accounts for frozen) for a couple of days and layer everything in the pot - then I do something else while it makes itself in the oven!!! ...more info
  • WOW so easy and tasty!
    I met Elizabeth Yarnell at an event here in Phoenix and she talked me into trying her method. I just had a feeling it was the answer I've been looking for to how to cook simply with lots of taste and variety.

    I only skimmed the introduction to her book, as most of it she had included in her talk. I picked one recipe, followed the instructions, dug out the wild Alaskan salmon I've been saving in my freezer, and popped it in.

    Ok there was a bit more to it- I had to buy a dutch oven (try Kohl's- Ms Yarnell tip) and an internal thermometer. I also had to calibrate my oven, which is way off and has taken some tinkering.

    I didn't do much of anything, and the potatoes were perfect. Absolutely not overdone, and moist. The salmon came out great, and the medley of other ingredients combined with the salmon. The broccoli was moist- a wee bit burned but I blame myself. She said once I smelled the aroma, I had three minutes. I waited 5-6; hence the very slightly burned broccoli. Didn't bother me; the broccoli was yummy.

    I highly recommend this method.

    One note though- If you're like me, I like lots of pictures in my cookbooks. I was a little afraid to try something without a visual to go by, but I have to say it didn't alter the outcome. Plus, her method involves a lot of layering. I couldn't even see the salmon at the bottom of my dutch oven; it was filled with vegetables and potatoes....more info
  • I have ms also! The 2 quart pot is good because its not too heavy...remember that is important too
    One recipe so far...the scallops, but it was a joy to make, layering and packing it in a little pot. Yes, if you have the 2 quart pot and are making it for one or two people you are in luck. Healthy and enought for a lunch tomorrow. The flavors got in touch with each other and yummy all around. I can hardly wait to try the other recipes....more info
  • We Love This Cookbook!
    Glorious One Pot Meals is one of the few cookbooks I've bought that I actually USE. The basic premis is simple: layer up the ingredients, put it in the oven, and dinner is ready about 45 minutes later. We have tried several recipes and have had good success. My only "complaint" is that some of the recipies are just too darned much food for 2 people. (2 servings is the "standard" amount for these recipes.) I'm learning to gage this in advance and adjust accordingly (or to plan on leftovers). That's the beauty of this system: it is very flexible....more info
  • I really wanted to like this
    I really wanted to like this concept and this book. I have now tried 3 recipes (the African chicken stew, the pasta puttanesca, and the chicken satay - that is supposed to be "amazing").

    Perhaps for the cook who is moving beyond "hamburger helper" this might be a decent book but for an experienced cook, nothing about this technique works. Everything is soggy and overcooked. And yes - I bought the right sized pots, followed the instructions EXACTLY and recalibrated my oven to provide the perfect temperature and allowed my nose to guide me and it still turned out pretty darn mediocre and mostly in the trash. For the Chicken Satay - the chicken was tough and the snow peas were so overdone that they were limp, for the African Chicken Stew, the flavor was good, but the rice was soggy and the sweet potatoes were too, and the pasta puttanesca was the most disappointing - the shrimp and pasta were overdone and soggy and the broccoli was way too overcooked. This is a very disappointing cooking technique. I like my new La crueset pot however....more info
  • Excellent book!
    I love this book. It's really useful for day to day cooking! Very straight forward. A must have for all the dutch oven fan out there!...more info


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