The Juicing Bible
The Juicing Bible

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For years nutritionists and health practitioners have urged North Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables. Why? Because these foods are low in fat, and are important sources of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. Yet many of us -- even the most health conscious -- still don't consume the recommended 5 to 10 servings a day.
So what's the solution? For some people, the answer lies in vitamin and herbal supplements, both of which have enjoyed explosive sales growth over the past decade. But recent research suggests that whole, natural foods are still the best source of nutrients. And there's no easier or more effective way to add fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet than by juicing them.
Now, with The Juicing Bible, there's a new and comprehensive source of information for anyone who wants to explore the health benefits of juicing. Here you'll find a fully illustrated reference documenting the nutritive values and healing properties of over 100 fruits, vegetables and herbs. There's also a special section that addresses 60 common health conditions -- with prescriptive advice for using specific juices, as well as beneficial dietary and lifestyle changes. And, of course, there are the juicing recipes themselves -- over 350 of them, including flavourful juices (sample a crimson cleanser or beta blast), smoothies (try the pump it up or cool down), tonics, bitters, coffee substitutes and healing teas.
With helpful sidebars, health tips and preparation techn

  • For years nutritionists and health practitioners have urged North Americans to eat more fruits ...
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Customer Reviews:

  • Outdated and Bias
    A lot of the information suggests diets and foods that are not acceptable for everyone. They push macrobiotic and raw diets which are not the best. Many vegetables (such as tomatoes) need to be heated at a particular temperature enable to reach their full nutritional value. Also this book suggests many soy-based products, when in reality soy was created as an easy substitute to cow-dairy and is extremely processed. Many consumers are unaware of the fact that soy is very toxic to the body and is only nutritional when fermented (tempeh or miso). Someone who is allergic to cow-dairy should try goat-diary. Goat cells are smaller and easier for humans to digest, and has far more nutritional value and no allergens that cow diary is exposed to....more info
  • A General Overview of the Health Benefits of Juicing
    A good book on juicing. This books gives a very general overview of the health benefits derived from juicing raw fruits and vegtables, and has many tasty recipes....more info
  • index?
    Great Book . . . the books index and section indexes are incorrect....more info
  • Disappointing
    As much as for the condition in which it arrived as for content. The book had been crammed into its packaging in such a way that the cover was mutilated. The pulp recipes were exactly that - and there were so few that it wasn't worth the price of entry. Much better ones elsewhere. And, most of the juice combinations are common sense or available elsewhere. However, it is a good book for beginners....more info
  • Awesome!
    I am a nutritional consultant and recommend this book to all my clients. Juicing is a nutrient dense way to get important vitamins and minerals. The Juicing Bible provides not only a wide variety of wonderful recipes, but also includes information on juices for specific health problems. There is a section on smoothies and medicinal teas as well. An excellent book - the only juicing book you'll ever need. A perfect gift for a health conscious friend, or one who should be. Enjoy!...more info
  • Everything You Need to Know About Juicing
    I am an experienced juicer but this book has become my bible. Whether it is great tasting recipes or the medicinal qualities of over 100 herbs, vegetables and fruits this book has it all. The charts and tables are easy to follow and the recipes are better tasting than I could ever imagine. This is a book I am recommending to all of my friends....more info
  • juicing bible full of propaganda
    a feel good book for people who do not work for a living. waste of my money and time...more info
  • Not bad
    I guess I was expecting a book jam packed with great tasting recipes. However, this book goes into more detail on how to treat ailments. Some of the drinks are good, some taste like dirt (to me anyway). Interesting book, but not exactly what I was looking for....more info
  • Love this book
    I juice every day. I love this book. Not only for the recipes but also for the info on the different fruits, vegetables & herbs....more info
  • get your juicer off the shelf and use it
    i couldn't help myself when i opened the juicing bible--i should have been doing other things--but i spent over an hour perusing the pages. it contains a wealth of information on fruits, herbs, and vegetables and their healing properties. the layout is handy and it is easy to find things with the detailed indices. the recipes are simple, clearly written, and sound delicious. i am excited and inspired. in fact, i'm going to get my juicer off of the bottom shelf of the pantry and go for it!...more info
  • This was informative but . . .
    not what I was looking for. I was wanting a book about juicing recipes, this was secondary to the book content. I wound up giving this to a friend and co-worker is an avid health guru so I am sure it will see lots of use.

    If you are looking for some ideas on juicing go for Jay Kordich's "The Juiceman's Power of Juicing."...more info
  • Comprehensive
    "The Juicing Bible" seems to have been written for a very specific audience. If you have a well stocked cupboard filled with spices and a garden filled with herbs then this book might be what you are looking for. After looking through the entire book I found one recipe I could actually make without searching in a health store for uncommon ingredients. The recipe I tried was the "Apple Spice Cocktail." This used ingredients I had in my refrigerator and instead of the spices recommended I just used cinnamon. So in a way I created my own recipe based on a good idea.

    Some of the ingredients in this book include: lavender, powdered licorice, dandelions, powdered linden flower, borage leaves, acai berries, red raspberry leaves, stinging nettle, kelp, astragalus root, meadowsweet and apricot milk. While I've heard of these ingredients before I have no idea where to get them. The small sources section at the back of the book doesn't really give me any clues as to who carries which herbs. Most of the spices used in this book can however be found at your local grocery store.

    This book is divided into 8 main sections which include:

    Healthy Body Systems - A brief discussion of the endocrine system, immune system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system and respiratory system. There is a short discussion of hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle spasms, anxiety, depression, memory loss, asthma and allergies.

    Health Conditions - This is a comprehensive section organized alphabetically. It discusses things like cancer prevention, headaches, indigestion and water retention.
    Each illness is discussed and remedies are given. The remedies include healing foods and herbs. Healing drinks are listed at the end of each section.

    Healthy Foods - This section lists fruits and vegetables in alphabetical order. Each vegetable and fruit has a section with a description, use and buying and storing information. At the end of each section there is a list of juices you can make using the specific fruit or vegetable. For instance under cucumbers it is listed as a diuretic and is a good source of vitamin A.

    Fruit and Vegetable Juices - This is the section that includes the basic fruit and vegetable juice recipes. Here you will find simple fruit and vegetable combinations. Some include:

    Orange Star - Star fruits, oranges, cantaloupe and lemon
    Pear Fennel - Pears, fennel, apples and powdered licorice
    Summer Nectar - Nectarines, apricots, blueberries, peaches and plums
    Green Magic - celery, cabbages, spinach, pumpkin and powdered ginkgo

    Juices for Healthy Bodies - This section is divided up into:

    Heart-Healthy Tonics
    Aperitifs and Digestives
    Endocrine Elixirs
    Immunity Boosters
    Muscle Powers
    Nerve Nourishers
    Stress Busters
    Respiratory Juices
    Healing Teas

    Roughies and Smoothies - Here you will find recipes for applesauce, Papaya Marinade, Berry Smoothies and Tropical Cocktails.

    Specialty Drinks - There are some interesting recipes in this section, for example,

    Melon Cocktail
    Hot Spiced Apples
    Apple-Orange Punch
    Lavender Punch
    Indian Chai Tea
    Coffee Substitutes

    Frozen Treats - If you have an ice cream machine then you will love this section. Some of the interesting combinations include Strawberry-Beet Ice, Lemon Ice, Basil-Pear Sherbet, Fruit Pulp Frozen yogurt (a good way to use up fruit pulp after juicing) and Berry Pops.

    To complete the book there is a glossary and a helpful index. While this book is interesting it will take a greater deal of effort to find some of the ingredients. You can of course substitute many ingredients and still have good success with the recipes. I'd recommend this to the very adventurous juicer who loves herbs and spices and is willing to plant unique plants in his/her garden. I've been to many health food stores but I've never found some of the ingredients listed in this book. So many of the recipes require advanced planning. If you want a creative book on juicing that has ingredients that are easy to find I can recommend: Ultimate Juicing: Delicious Recipes for Over 125 of the Best Fruit & Vegetable Juice Combinations and The Juice Lady's Juicing for High Level Wellness and Vibrant Good Looks.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • What a difference.....
    Recently, while home recovering from surgery and an infection, I decided to really "live" what I've been getting paid for to help my clients do. I've been a nurse over 27 years and a nutritional/fitness consultant for the last 2 years. I knew the infection itself was wreaking havoc on my body and organs. But the antibiotics I had to take, were far worse in making me feel "sick", than the infection or the surgery. I needed and very much wanted to re-boot, clear my cache, in other words, "detox", so when the infection was gone, I could begin again with a clean slate.

    So I decided to detox by juicing. It would be the first time for me. Total juicing newby. Enter one Hamilton Beach 67650 Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor.

    At the same time, I found the Juicing Bible. I was quite impressed with the way this book is written. The authors give you information on so much more than "just juicing". The recipes are fabulous and the tips to the side of the page help to make things very easy to do and understand.

    My favorite "tool" within the book is the chapter, To Your Health, where she specifies many different conditions/illnesses/diseases and gives you nicely detailed descriptions/how to's for each one. But the icing on the cake is the listing of juices, smoothies, teas and other recipes recommended for that particular condition/illness/disease.

    I've made several different recipes so far and although I wasn't crazy about one of them, if you're a creative type, (or even a newby like me), you can modify the recipes by adding something similar, or by simply omitting the item. The combinations are endless.

    As a total novice in juicing I found the Juicing Bible to be well written, user friendly and an awesome resource....more info
  • Allot of drinks & tonics to help all sorts of problems.
    This Book has a table of contents (not in the very beginning of the book) of all sorts of different health problems and diseases. It tells you what you can do to help to fix that disorder and the different drinks, tonics, ext. you can make to help your situation. MY only comclaint is with the layout in that the table of contents should be at the beginning of the book, but once you find them the book is very easy and very fun to use. I red what people have said about the measuring, but I have no problems with it and the book offers allot of imfo. I can use both types of measuring if the people who are complaining can't figure it out I feel sorry for them > It is real easy and a real nice book. I bought one not only for me but for my friend....more info
  • You Like-a the Juice?
    The Juicing Bible has been a handy companion to my new juicer. Veggie recipies are tasty, and there are some interesting non- juicing recipies as well.

    My main gripe is this: No exact measurements are given. If a recipe calls for 3 carrots, in my opinion, it should give a weight measurement as well. Have you ever seen an organic carrot next to a supermarket carrot? Or better yet, the huge carrots that are used in juice bars? There's such a difference. I need a little more precision until I become a juicing expert myself....more info

  • True help to juicing...
    I am a first time juicer. I bought The Juicing Bible, the book has so much useful informtion. It is truly the juicer's bible, cause its food for the soul. It will help me bring my family to a more healthier lifestyle....more info
  • great book and resource manual as well...
    This book is the most through juicing book I have ever purchased. I also use it as a medicinal resource in my wellness practice. You can't go wrong, esp. with the low price. Great for general use or for healthcare professionals...enjoy...more info
  • Book seems very informative.
    I bought this book to go along with a juicing machine I gave as a Christmas gift. I compared several juicer books in the local bookstore before ordering from Amazon, and this one seemed to be about the only one that didn't also require the person to have a blender for the recipes. The recipes sounded tasty. In addition, the book told some of the healthful uses for various types of juice and gave an estimate of how many fruits or vegetables it would take to make a certain amount of juice. I thought that last bit of information would be particularly helpful to a beginning juicer. I only gave the book 4 stars because I didn't actually use it myself....more info
  • Holistic and healing approach is great if you are looking for that
    The book is a good informative source for those looking to use juicing to aid in healing and/or colon cleansing. It is a bit much for anyone who uses their juicer for just 2 or 3 types of juice or looking for creative ways to use the pulp. Recipes for the pulp were somewhat lacking....more info
  • Juicing Bible
    This book is great. The Juicing Bible contained all of the information I have been looking for. It contains more than just juicing recipes, but also breaks down what to stay away from as well as uses for herbs, fruits, and vegetables in relation to a specific ailment for example diabetes or female infertility. The recipes are so simple to follow that my children even make thier own smoothies, and they are both delicious and healthy recipes. If you are not in the mood for juicing or a smoothy, The Juicing Bible also has simple recipes for tea as well....more info
  • The Juicing Bible
    Very good book, it is the type of book I have been wanting on Juicing.
    ...more info
  • great variety and excellent health information
    I love the Juicing Bible because it gives you so many recipes to make different kind of juices so you are not bored with the same vegetables. It also tells you in the same page the vitamins and how it will help your body. When you are making your juices you know exactly how this beverage will benefit your health. Since I volunteer for seniors, while helping them I am able to make suggestions that will improve their health, if they are sick or looking to change their diets with natural foods. I love this book! Emma...more info
  • Great book!
    I orderd this to use with my new juicer and I found it very helpful and full of information. I've tried a few recipes and I've liked them all. I really like the index on herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Very insightful!...more info
  • Great juicing book!!!!
    Finally-a juicing book that gives you recipes for various health conditions as well as just great recipes period!! I just got a juicer and was looking for a good overall recipe book and was soooo happy when I found this one. It's so good that I've ordered copies for my daughter and daughter-in-law - they loved my copy!!!!! ...more info
  • Not bad, not so good, either.
    I read the reviews and thought I'd give this book a try and I have to say I'm somewhat disappointed. It's a very thorough book, but I don't need most of the information it gives. And the cross-sections are daunting. I really wanted a straight 'here's how to make yummy juices' book and this is not that kind of book. Too much information and too confusing for a novice juicer. Maybe when I'm more advanced I'll appreciate it, but for now I'm still looking for the perfect *simple* juicing book....more info
  • Everything and more
    I am new to juicing and I can't imaging any other juicing book as good as this one. When I brought this book I knew NOTHING about juicing I just knew it was something that I needed to do. This book is just what it is "A Juicing Bible." I am very happy I brought this book. So happy I brought my mom one....more info
  • This book has EVERYTHING!
    This is a great book. It is much more in-depth than your average juicing book. It's separated into quite a few sections, ranging from simple juices to recipes for using the leftover pulp.

    It starts off with a mini-encyclopedia listing herbs, fruits and veggies which can be used in your juicing. Offered is a quick summary of each item, how to use it in juicing, and health benefits of each (good for digestion, cooling, antispasmodic, etc.). Then, there's a section on common health illnesses which lists juices (and other juice-type items, all of which have recipes in the book) that may help the ailments, as well as dietary tips, foods and herbs that may help the disorder, and some lifestyle changes to try.

    The rest of the book has the following sections:
    1. Fruit Juices
    2. Vegetable Juices
    3. Cocktails -- these are juices with a little something extra, like yogurt, milks, spices, etc.
    4. Frozen treats -- most of these recipes utilize leftover pulp from juices
    5. Roughies -- these are actual food recipes, using the juicing pulp from other recipes
    6. Smoothies -- uses juices and frozen fruit
    7. Digestive Aids and Cleansers -- the title section speaks for itself
    8. Milk substitutes -- recipes for nut milks, apricot milk, fig milk, etc.
    9. Coffee substitutes
    10. Teas and Tonics -- these recipes are mostly for medicinal teas which are geared towards alleviating body ailments and/or aiding and encouraging natural bodily functions and processes.

    For those of you looking for a straight forward book that just offers simple, basic juicing recipes, this is not for you; all of the extras will definitely turn you off. But for those of you looking for something that goes beyond your standard carrot-apple combination, this is sure to please. This book really goes above and beyond your typical juicing guide, with options for those that want to add a little more to their juices and really utilize every part of produce used. ...more info


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