Essential Clinical Anatomy (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins))
Essential Clinical Anatomy (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins))

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Essential Clinical Anatomy, Third Edition presents the core anatomical concepts found in Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Fifth Edition in a concise, easy-to-read, and student-friendly format. This streamlined book is an excellent review for the larger text and an ideal primary text for health professions courses with brief coverage of anatomy. This edition features new full-color surface anatomy photographs and new diagnostic images. A new design makes the book visually appealing and easier to navigate. Accompanying the book is an Online Student Resource Center, which includes interactive clinical cases, USMLE-style review questions, and more.

Customer Reviews:

  • good book
    This book was in decent condition, not as well as i expected, but still good. It shipped fast and overall I am happy. ...more info
  • My required anatomy text
    This book was dry and boring. Nothing that I read stuck to me. The straight memorization of the BRS anatomy was much more useful than this book. However, this book does have some clinical examples that were used on my exams. It wasn't worth the money....more info
  • By far, not the best anatomy book
    This book seemed like a nice quick read, but I found it rather insufficient for my anatomy course. The big Moore is much more elaborate and better suited for medical student. I ended up buying the the big Moore instead, which was great for thorax, abdomen, and pelvis. I wouldn't recommend it for head and neck or limbs--Snell's Clinical Anatomy for Medical Students is much better for that. Having both Moore and Snell is a lot of books, but it was well worth it for me....more info
  • Excellent
    I strongly recommend this book over the big book by Moore. This book (Essentials) contains all the most important information you need to know about the systems. It is thorough and straight to the point....more info
  • Nurse Practitioners!
    This book has been recommended by two Family Nurse Practitioners....more info
  • Good Text and small enough to travel with
    This text provides basically the same info as the big Moore book but is much easier to carry around and read through....more info
  • One of the Better Anatomy Texts
    I still have yet to find the ultimate text for use with anatomy. The Moore volume is probably the best to use as your main text when taking either undergrad anatomy or gross. As with any anatomy text - you will always need supplemental resources - esp. if you are taking gross anatomy. The selection that I had always found useful in the past was the triple combo of Moore's text, Grant's dissector, and Netter's Atlas. With these three you have essentially everything you need for taking gross anatomy - the embryology texts that are usually used for gross anatomy vary, but often contain the same exact info - I feel that is a more individual choice.

    I find the Moore text to be very concise - drawings are clear and well labled - good discussion questions at the end of chapters - and the book is very well laid out, esp. in the always intense "head and neck". I highly recommend this volume....more info

  • Pictures are needed
    Dear Web-rider, This book has a incredible text and the clinical topics are too, but the pictures are dificult to associate with the practise classes and to read the text....more info
  • Great Book
    I used this book for Anatomy class at Stony Brook University this is one of few books that I've read and found great for preparing for exams. I would like to also recommend Netter's Altas of Human anatomy and Netter's human anatomy cards...more info
  • Essential is right!
    They got the title correct. This book is ESSENTIAL! This is the condensed version of Clinically Oriented Anatomy. The diagrams and pictures are taken straight from the bigger text, as well as almost ALL of the chapter material. It looks so much smaller because the font and pictures are a little smaller. They've taken out some fluff to help us keep our sanity. If you've never looked in either book, let me teach you of the beauty of the blue box. You will live by the blue box. These blue boxes contain clinical correlations. They bridge the gap between Gross Anatomy pieces-parts and clinical presentation. This is very very important if your Gross Anatomy class exams contain thinking questions and not simply "what is this structure?" Many of my exam questions have been straight from the blue box. The newest edition also contains a CD-ROM by Grant. It's a great interactive study tool. If you're getting the new Grant's Atlas, you'll probably get doubles of this CD-ROM. My advice is to get a cheaper slightly older version of Grant or Netter Atlas (things haven't changed too much in the past few years) the new Moore Essentials, Grant's Dissector (new or older), and Netter Flash Cards. Sounds like a lot of money, but you're saving on the atlas, the dissector, and the Essentials because it's definitely cheaper than the full "Clinically Oriented Anatomy." Good luck in Gross!...more info


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