Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, North American Edition (Guide to Physical Exam & History Taking (Bates))

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The Tenth Edition of the pre-eminent textbook on physical examination and history taking contains foundational content to guide students' approaches to history taking, interviewing, and other core assessment concepts, as well as fully illustrated, step-by-step techniques that outline correct performance of physical examination. The comprehensive content is intended for high-level nursing education and practice markets, medical students, and related health professions such as physician assistants. Text includes free head-to-toe assessment and techniques of communication videos.

Customer Reviews:

  • simply, just a new edition
    book arrived in great condition....good packaging......
    great book for med students.........ok book for nursing students...........
    other than changes in order of chapters and maybe some new details and updates, old edition is as good as new one.
    ...more info
  • Excellent book
    The book was true to description- Never used. It still had the CDs in it. The price was excellent ($10.00 for a book that cost $100+) and delivery was fast....more info
  • Health Assessments
    Great resource for nursing classes. Large, heavy book, difficult to carry around but very informative. ...more info
  • Very thorough
    This book is a great thorough guide to physical exam. Good for medical students just learning physical exam and for a reference book....more info
  • Excellent Physical Examination textbook.
    I am a first year medical student and use this book in our physical diagnosis course. I found this book easy to read with good illustrations. Diagrams were useful in understanding the text. I found the heart sounds CD to be extremely useful in understanding the cardiac cycle and how it relates to heart murmurs. I haven't seen other physical diagnosis textbooks but I can say that this one is very user friendly....more info
  • Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, Ninth Edition with E-Book
    Good book and a geat resource. This particular work places the patient History and exam in a logical and systematic approach with illustrations and study helps - a keeper....more info
  • Good book...
    This is a great book to have for anyone that has to learn and write a history and physical or perform a physical exam on a patient. It is 'easy reading' and the pictures are quite helpful. It's a great book to learn with and as a reference for anyone that may need to brush up on their patient skills....more info
  • RRT, RN
    I found this an extremely "Patient Centered" text. The exam and how it is presented focuses on the "Patients Concerns", like modesty, warm room, time, and concern. The DVD gave a brief review. I wish more time had been on the Eye exam, maybe next time....more info
  • Decent
    I am a second year med student. This guide is okay. It is very basic, but has some great tables. There are better resources out there for physical examination skills though....more info
  • Required for school, but going into my personal library
    I am taking BSN courses and this text is required. The book includes a CD which I have not had the time to review.

    The text is very good. It has a great flow from system to system. There are many color photos to explain the various findings. The book is through and I especially love the red text in the borders that explains the criticial thinking of the assessment coupled with the finding.

    I own a Mosby's guide from my previous Nursing classes. I thought it was good until I purchased Bates. This is my new favorite examination text and one I will keep in my personal library for years to come....more info
  • Still looking for a good physical exam book
    This book was written for no one in mind. It reads as a single run-on sentence from page one to the end. You cannot learn physical exam from it (or from any other book -- you simply have to practice) and Bates is a rather mediocre reference if you need to find out how to examine this or that.

    Physical exam is a dying art and I'm yet to find a semi-decent modern text on the subject....more info

  • Excellent book for chiropractic students
    I used this book along with Mosby's Physical Examination book and easily passed my Physical Diagnosis class in chiropractic college. These two book also served as excellent references for Parts II, III and IV of the national chiropractic boards. I also found Dr. Leonardi's National Board of Chiropractic Part II Study Guide: Key Review Questions and Answers, to be an excellent source for the boards. I also found Leonardi's Part III Study Guide and Part IV study guides to be right on the mark. These books helped me with passing the boards. Bates Book is needed as a great building block for learning Physical Examination--Heart, head and Neck, Chest and lungs, abdomen etc....more info
  • Good, but maybe you'll want better.
    This is an excellent and thorough text on the physical exam. The only problem is that its based on "the way things have always been done" instead of emerging controlled trials evaluating H+P techniques objectively. You might consider purchasing one of the new evidence-based medicine physical exam texts that are beginning to pop up (Ask your docs about recommendations). Preview them first, because not all of them teach the actual techniques or present the differential diagnosis of findings as well as Bates. They do, however, actually include numbers (percentages, Likelihood ratios, etc) to tell you how sensitive and specific (read how useful) these methods really are. These numbers will be critical to you later in evidence-based practice (which is not what all physicians now practice) in order to determine the pre- and post-test (lab, X-ray, etc.) probabilities of your differential diagnoses.
    Buying an evidence-based text now would save you from having to buy both like I did....more info
  • Errors, errors, and more errors!
    This book at one time was good I am told, but the 8th edition (2002) is now outdated with many errors. The CD on heart sounds which is included is insulting to medical students. The book has terrible photographs which make the patients look jaundiced or cyanotic. I am sorry I bought it. There is no question that Swartz's book on physical diagnosis is the best. Swartz has a great free CD on the complete physical exam which is included with the book....more info
  • required for my class
    The text was required for class. The CD is very clear and simple information, for a beginning practitioner in physical assessment. The book has some interesting color slides for differential diagnosis. It is pricey, but the Amazon price was better than others....more info
  • comprehensive,thorough and excellent
    this is the best book for study at all levels of medical education with systematic examination tech. and a basic understanding of the underlying process preceeding ,giving the clinician a good review of the system in check and also important points for counselling which have to be touched upon before the encounter closes.....more info
  • Great Buy
    I am a Physician Assistant Student and i have to admit that every semester we are required to buy books and at the end of every semester i sell my books buy. This was the only one i did not sell back. Its great for a person who is beginning the medical field and is great for someone who just wants to brush up on technique. The CD located in the back of the books is really not that helpful because it skips critical parts of the physical exam however its good to see how to do certain things. Most of the books chapters are well organized except for the HEENT chapter bc its all over the place. However i LOVE my Bates and i still use it on clinical rotations....more info