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When a long-abandoned Utah silver mine is reopened 100 years after a mysterious massacre, a group of young and amorous miners must face off the enthusiastically vicious monsters lurking beneath their feet. (From the little that is shown of the titular creatures, we can see that they closely resemble a cross between a snapping turtle and a ticked-off length of Jimmy Dean link sausage.) A nicely atmospheric drive-in classic that takes a while to get going, The Boogens boasts some creepy locations, a few good scares, and characters that are an intellectual cut above the usual splatter fodder (although they still have the nasty habit of splitting up and going off alone when investigating a strange sound). Superior schlock. --Andrew Wright

Customer Reviews:

  • Unexpected Great Horror Movie!!!
    Honestly I had never heard of this movie, but picking it up in my local video store and reading the back it seemed quite interesting. When you've never heard of a film you take your chances but I was pleasantly suprised by how creepy and spooky "The Boogens" was.

    When four men open up and explore a mine that has been closed for over 70 years, they have no idea the evil that they've unleashed on a small town in the mountains. When people begin disappearing one by one a couple is forced to stop a monster nobody has seen in years before it's too late.

    This movie is perfect for fans of this genre. It has everything you'd expect from a good late 70's- early 80's horror flick. "The Boogens" is definately worth a look and worthy of anyones horror collection. Check it out I don't think you'll be disappointed....more info

  • If I could I would rate the movie with more than five stars.
    I was seven years old when I saw this movie and it had my absolutly terrified. I was so paranoid after watching this movie that I wouldn't even enter my own house, my mother had to physicly drag me back in. I was stuck in the fetile position for the rest of the week. This movie is for sure the greatest ever. The feeling is mutual for both my father and my brother....more info
  • Far more frightening than its Title!!!
    Dont judge a book by its cover....or a video. This horror film is a traditional horror tale much like those of the early 50s but with 80s Teeth! I dont like the Box it comes in tho. (The publisher needs a better photo for the box)But the tape itself is WELL worth it! It brings to mind the terrifying tales and Legends you heard as a child. I just wish there were a sequel to such a realistic premise!If youre a miner this movie will scare the crud out of you or make you VERY paranoid inside a mineshaft! If you like this movie you will also like the movie The Being, The Beast Within, My Bloody Valentine, Without Warning, CHUD,Blood Beach, Deep Rising, The Dark (either one), Prophesy (w the giant mutant bear) or The RelicALL the above movies I rateFOUR OR FIVE STARS!!!...more info

    Boogens is NO epic, filled with eye-candy and wild thrills that come at you a mile a minute. It is a taut, slow, pressure cooker of a film that uses the unknown and unseen to build suspense which frightens and entertains. It's not surprising that the Director, James Conway, also directed a slew of Star Trek Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and The Next Generation episodes.


    After 70 years, a Utah silver mine which had been closed after a tragic cave-in is being reopened. What exactly happened to cause that long-ago cave-in has remained the town's biggest mystery. Now, as the mine is being reopened, people are vanishing again.

    Now that the stage has been set, this is when it starts to get scary. Without spoiling the plot, let me just say that I have 5 children and each one of them, though most are adults now, literally gets up and runs when I mention this movie and the creatures that we gradually get to see at night. This is the kind of film that has you looking over your shoulder and watching to be sure nothing is crawling toward you in the dark. The best part about it is that explicit gore is almost completely absent, yet it is scary nevertheless.

    BOTTOM LINE: "TREMORS" & "THE CRAWLING EYE" are similar and recommended!

    This is scary in the same way an "Outer Limits" adventure might be. A great deal is implied and promised, but the delivery comes in a different form than we are accustomed to or expect.


    Simply put, I wish this were available on DVD. Most of the out-of-print videos available are old and/or worn, so getting to see this film on a decent video is problematic. ...more info
  • the boogens
    Went the dog went down the vent, and went guy went down the besemant and saw the big moster, he was verry..verry scare,is not the a little moster is big and verry ugly.. his craw was like rasor blade and the teeth like a shark, hungry for the next victim..don't watch it,alone.. it may come at mid-nite........more info
  • It's a Boogen! And that tissue ain't gonna help!
    It's a Boogen! And that tissue ain't gonna help!

    The Boogens (1981) To answer that question right off...they have nothing to do with nasal mucus deposits, but instead they are mean little dog sized subterranean critters crawling up out of a re-opened silver mine in this fairly obscure monster movie from the early 80's horror boom. The story has two veteran miners moving into a small Colorado town to reopen the long closed silver mine. Luckily for us, they have also hired two young guys to assist who just happen to be the right age and disposition to be the lead and sidekick of an 80's horror movie. Unluckily for them, reopening the mine also involves opening up tunnels long closed, including one right underneath the house the young guys are renting and sharing with their girlfriends. This brings out a mysterious old man who starts skulking around the mine and the house, and from underground, some nasty little critters who proceed to eat the cast one by one. I had never managed to see this particular horror flick, missing it in the theater and never finding it on any of my cable channels or on VHS for rent in any of the years since its original release. As it turns out, the movie is only okay. It starts off well, introducing four likable main characters and starting the setup of the main plot with the original mine's closing being shown through newspaper clippings over the credits. From there though things slow waaay down as the Boogens claim only one victim in the first 50 minutes, though they do provide a constant threat to one character's dog in several scenes. And speaking of the Boogens, that is another big problem with the movie. Despite getting their appellation into the title, the creatures are only name checked in the movie once by that mysterious old guy who mumbles it during an attack scene, making even the one vocalization easy to miss. And along with never explaining why these creatures are called Boogens, the movie pretty much drops the ball entirely on filling in any back story at all. We get hints along the way that these creatures caused the mine to close 70 years before, and we expect that the old guy is going to eventually open up and spill the answers to all the questions. About the time we realize that this man, though elderly, is too young to have been an adult involved in a mining disaster 70 years before, he does finally stop skulking, but he barely has time to say he is the son of the single survivor of the mine's collapse, yell "You've let them loose again!" and mumble "It's the Boogens!" before one pops up to shut him up permanently. So the questions of what the Boogens are, where they came from, and how they survived 70 years closed off in the mine are never answered. On the plus side, the cast is kind of fun, with recognizable faces Rebecca Balding (Silent Scream and TV's Soap) Fred McCarren (Xanadu), Anne-Marie Martin (Dori Doreau on TV's Sledge Hammer!) and veteran character actors John Crawford (all over 60's and 70's television, like Batman and Mission Impossible) and Jon Lormer (Creepshow). The Boogens themselves are mostly represented through low to the ground point of view shots for the first hour or so in classic pre CGI monster movie style until they are finally revealed in all their early 80's animatronics glory near the climax. Of course, special effects critters are expensive, so there is really only one, but he plays several Boogens in the last twenty minutes or so. It is an effectively designed and nasty looking octopus type thing, though the lack of movement hinders the chase scenes since the movement is restricted to waving tentacles and growling. Luckily those low down point of view shots can still fill in for the chases. All in all, this one almost succeeds, but the draggy middle and lack of exposition end up making it only for 80's horror completists in the end.

    ...more info
  • or 2 stars-crawling underground to surface baby dragons?
    from what i can remember in 80's college dorm "cable"-(i think it was on "showtime")-kinda almost lousy movie only action is at end. needs more action, monsta action and monster time or monster closeup time and explanation, its slightly better than "humongous"....more info
  • A good, old fashioned B monster movie.
    The Boogens, a simple and unpretentious monster movie, was a big breath of fresh air when it first appeared back in the slasher soaked early eighties. A group of likeable college students help two crusty old miners open up an abandoned mine. Too bad they don't know it was abandoned for good reason, the mines are infested with tentacled turtle like monsters that quickly escape and wreak havoc. I appreciate movies that at least try to build characters that can be cared about, as well as rely on our fear of them coming to harm to build real suspense as opposed to simply tossing buckets of grue around for a cheap thrill. The cast is quite good (young talent, Rebecca Balding where are you?! I was in LOVE, mixed with the usual sprinkling of seasoned character actors), as is the monster design. The Boogens is by no means a classic, but it remains an endearing enough success to be worth an occasional revisit by the monster movie enthusiast. Recommended....more info
  • The Boogens
    The Boogens, despite its name, is a well paced horror film which pays justice to the cult monster movies of the 1950's. The editing style gives the viewer a well balanced blend of suspense, shock and gore to make the film both eerie and frightening. I originally saw this movie on cable about 18 years ago and was equally entertained after watching the VHS copy I recently purchased. The "Boogens," themselves, are a bit cheesy looking and were designed after a sheep's brain with slashing tenticles for legs (I learned this from the make up effects person in charge of creating the creatures for this film). The directing coupled with the editing style are what save this movie by giving us only a glimpse of the the creatures, keeping us on the edge of our seat for the majority of the film. This is one of the few real monster movies that are a credit to the monster genre.

    I know 3 stars may not seem like much but only the best films are worthy of 4 and above....more info

  • I'm going to be the odd-man out...
    ... but I was severely underwhelmed by "The Boogens."

    This is a very pedestrian effort. Step-by-step, i was ahead of where the movie was going and invariably dissapointed when it got there. The monsters are unimpressive, the actors are nothing to cheer about, and the script is weak in all respects, except one: the lead characters are not as dumb as the average players in the most typical tales of this type. It's not a bad film, per se, but it's most remarkable feature is its total mediocrity.

    If you want a good monster movie of this vein, I recommend the classic "Island of Terror." If you want something a little more contemporary, go with "Tremors." The former is closer in tone and nature to "The Boogens" than the latter, but both will sate your need for creepy critters and thrills more effectively than "The Boogens."...more info

  • Scariest movie EVER...when I was a little girl.
    When I was little and my dad was in charge of my brother and me, he did what all dads do. He found something that would keep us glued to the couch and out of his hair for a couple of hours. I, therefore, grew up watching some of the scariest horror movies of the time (in the 1980s), and was exposed to material WAY too mature for a little 4-8 year old. Fortunately, there were no lasting psychological effects, just a healthy appreciation for cheesy b-movies (in the horror genre) from that time. Let's face it, if you didn't see these movies in all their glory, and you're not an overly stuffy movie critic who appreciates crap like the use of shadows to hide bad special effects, etc - you're probably not going to dig this movie. I think that's true with every type of media (music, movies, TV and even video games). So, if you've never seen this movie and someone tells you how much they loved it/how much it scared them when they were younger, try to understand where they're coming from! ...more info
  • Wonderful suspense movie, full of jumps and scares!
    This movie is an all time 1980's classic, not many movies hold you in suspense while witholding the actual monster. Great plot and wonderful direction. A cult classic for those who enjoy horror....more info
  • The Boogens = Jaws in the basement
    like many of you, i saw this movie when i was 8 years old and was permanently damaged by it: i could not longer venture into my basement, let alone my closet or even my bathroom ALONE. this movie is a terrifying: a slimy newt like thing with teeth and claws lives down in the tunnels below a town, coming out to devour its human prey. after seeing this movie, i would think about it for years...daydreaming during math class and late at night when nobody was home alone. i found it on the web and bought it. i can honestly say it was even scarier the second (and third) time around. 5 stars. bring a friend to the couch. also, there is a spooky old man in the movie who gets major props. nice jacket, dude....more info
  • This Movie Should be a DVD
    A really fine creature feature. The cast is good. The script has humor. The monster looks like E.T. with teeth. I seem to recall that the movie was marketed poorly. Too bad. It was really good junk....more info
  • the boogens
    Good scare for an old movie...more info
  • Oustanding cult classic
    Classic "don't look under the bed" horror! Try watching this movie alone with the lights out. A well made "edge of your seat" thriller. A definite must for any sci-fi buff's collection....more info
  • Decent little Horror film that Could have been Better !!!
    That Creepy old man who keeps following people around turns out to be the Old man in the Creepshow film story of "Father's day" as Bedilia's Dad also from the early eighties. I agree w/ the other reviewer here who called the movie cliched and slow in some parts but the thing that Most people were complaining about was the Look of the Boogens who were created by William Munns who made the Tar zombie from the "Return of the living dead" film and he also created the monster suit that battles the "swamp thing" at the end of that film. I think the boogens creature looks decent but I think that it looks too Rubbery in certain shots,Mr. Munns should have used an airbrush an less lighting to have made the creatures more effectively Creepy. All in all the Designs of the Monsters arent Bad, just the execution of the final products on film was flawed. I think the monster suit in the "swamp thing" was Scarier looking then these ceatures in this film !!! lol, Good luck William Munns :)...more info
  • Excellent!
    I remember watching this with my family when I was in 8th grade? Scared the hell outta me!! So, I have been trying to find this movie & no one seems to have it. I finally found it here & can't wait to watch it! This is an excellent horror/thriller from back in the day that actually WAS horror!!...more info
  • Please wake me when it's over........
    Ive waited for this movie since my sister told me she saw it back in 82 at the theatre. I never believed her that there was a movie called THE BOOGENS because it was never released until now....but after I watched it,I wished she never told me about the movie because it would have saved me an hour and a half when I could have watched a better movie like darkness LOL! Id give it a 0 star but it wont let me....more info


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