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Roger Troy Wilson weighed 425 pounds and had a 5-foot waist. He had given up on losing weight and prayed that he would die and go to Heaven.

After fifteen years of experimenting with different foods and eating patterns, he discovered how to actually have fun losing weight easily---almost the complete opposite of most diets. He lost 230 pounds and 24 inches from his waist.

Today Wilson has maintained his weight loss for years. "You do not need to exercise or count carbs. You can do it without portioning and shakes and chemicals," says Wilson. In Let's Do Lunch, he reveals:

  • the dumbest thing we all do that keeps us from losing weight
  • which "non-fattening" foods are actually fattening
  • special ways to eliminate cravings
  • where to go and what to get when you want to eat something quick

Once you've read Let's Do Lunch, you'll never think of eating any other way.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best Diet Book Ever!
    Before purchasing this book, do yourself a favor and go to the letsdolunch.com message boards and talk with over 3,000 dieters who all say the same thing...this is the best diet book ever! It is written in such an easy-to-understand way, and you can actually finish reading it in one sitting!

    You eat all the calories and carbs you want to lose weight. And, you start by eating until you are full, whenever you are hungry, no matter how often that is and no matter how many calories you consume...even if you start by eating 10,000 calories a day. And you do this until all of the cravings that have derailed you in the past are gone.

    You see, your body can't tell the difference between starchy carbs, so when you eat the Unprocessed Let's Do Lunch starchy carbs it eliminates your cravings for the fattening starchy carbs.

    Likewise, your body can't tell the difference between sugars, so when you eat the sweetest fresh fruits and fruit smoothies it eliminates your cravings for all the foods made from refined sugar. And, if you never crave anything sweet you don't have to eat any fruits at all.

    Then, when all of your cravings have vanished, you still eat until full at mealtimes, but because Let's Do Lunch foods and recipes stabilize your blood sugar your body forces you to become less and less hungry with each passing day. Thus, you start to eat less and less, consume fewer and fewer calories and lose all the weight you want...and all of this without counting calories, without counting carbs, without counting fat grams, without converting fat grams to calories and without portion control. In other words, without doing anything that is distasteful or aggravating.

    Added to everything above, you get to eat until you are full in all the food groups, including all the lean red meat you want, as well as all the different veggies, salads, healthy fats, fat-free cheese, corn thins, popcorn (ICBINB or olive oil sprayed on top), other snacks, dressings, condiments and sauces.

    There is a whole chapter devoted to eating out, even when you are at fast food restaurants, and there is a grocery-store shopping list, a 14-Day Meal Plan, over 70 recipes in all the food groups that you can eat until full and lose weight, and a complete detailing of which foods to eat to eliminate every possible craving.

    And finally, all of the recipes are simple and delicious (don't be fooled by the ingredients, because each and every recipe IS delicious), and are designed to eliminate your cravings for America's favorite fattening foods. For example, Let's Do Lunch Burgers (made with lean ground sirloin, skinless ground white-meat turkey or chicken and drained and mashed pinto beans...the ONLY thing you taste is the sirloin) eliminate your cravings for regular burgers and taste as good as any burger you have ever eaten; Butter-bean mashed potatoes and potato cakes (made with blended butter beans, chicken broth, etc., and actually taste like regular mashed potatoes and potato cakes) eliminate your cravings for French fries; and Let's Do Lunch Pizza Soup (made with pizza toppings and pureed pinto beans that you absolutely CANNOT taste) eliminates your cravings for pizza. You get the idea, and for those people who are bean haters...you absolutely CANNOT taste the beans in almost all of the recipes! Bean haters LOVE Let's Do Lunch! (Your body will adjust to the beans, fruits, etc. and there is a product called Beano for the start.)

    Once you have experienced Let's Do Lunch, you will never eat any other way to lose weight and be healthier and happier with yourself!...more info
  • Let's Do Lunch
    Very informative, recommended by my doctor as a diet to follow. I will take parts of it for my daily routine!...more info
  • LDL Works
    I have been on every diet (several times). I have now been eating the Let's Do Lunch way for 8 weeks and have lost 15 pounds. I have found this to be the easiest way of losing weight that is out there. I'm never hungry, my blood pressure has already went down substantially, the food you eat is delicious and healthy and easy to prepare.....really, what do you have to lose (except the extra pounds) by buying the book and giving it a try.....And, the message boards at LDL give you the support and encouragement that you would get from dieting organizations such as Weight Watchers. I highly recommend this plan!...more info
  • Let's Do Lunch.......
    Overall, not a bad dieting book. Its a mix between Atkins (the no breads, rice, etc part) and a fruit veggie diet. I combined it with an Herbalife diet and so far I've lost 5 pounds over the first 6 days. There are a great deal of good ideas in this book with some really good recipes, but if you have issues with eating a lot of fruits, stay away, otherwise try it out. The only issue I really had was how the author said it wasn't a fruit diet, but it is in some ways. May want to rent from library if you are really unsure....more info
  • After years of trying everything, "Let's Do Lunch" worked.
    This book is amazing!! I'm a 46 year old, 5 foot tall, wife, estate planning attorney and mother of three. I started the system over two years ago when my weight reached 163 pounds. My current weight is 127 pounds. I went from a size 14 to a size 6. I've kept the weight off for two years by following Roger's advice.

    I had tried everything - Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss, Atkins, a nutrtionist, trainers, and read every book I could get my hands on. I lost weight with each of the above, but it was difficult to maintain the loss and a constant struggle to follow advice which required alot of time and effort.

    In all of the above diets I felt that I was somehow to blame for my inability to succeed. We are taught that we are emotional eaters or that we are somehow responsible for this problem, because we are lazy and have no willpower. We are not lazy, this isn't in our heads, and willpower is not the issue. We haven't been taught that there is a system to eating.

    I knew the answer had to be out there and I'm pretty persistent, but I was about ready to give up. Thank goodness I didn't, because, this little book held the answer for me. It took me about an hour to read and I had a physical reaction to the message, goosebumps rose up on my arms. I knew it would work and it did.

    This program is about the foods you can eat, without counting points or tracking your intake. I was able to eat out for lunch and dinner. The food I ate was tasty and I was always content. My cravings went away within the first week and they haven't returned.

    The author, Roger Troy Wilson was well over 440 pounds and lost all the weight he needed to lose. I believe he now weighs 175 pounds, and he looks like a movie star. Roger donates all of the money from the sales of this book to charity. I am so grateful that he wrote this book. I encourage you to buy it.

    The physical and emotional transition I've undergone since losing this weight is a dream come true.
    ...more info
  • You'll never lose weight that way....Yes, you will!
    My husband kept telling me: "You'll never lose weight that way...you can't keep eating popcorn every night and lose weight! But, I followed the philosophy of eating of author Roger Wilson in his book "Let's Do Lunch: You'll Never Have to Diet Again", and since Labor Day I have lost 14 lbs. The book was informative and supportive, and I intend to keep on keeping on....more info
    With Let's Do Lunch I eat until I am full, whenever I feel like it, and because I am eating in all the food groups I never get sick of the foods I am eating....more info
  • Lost 15 lbs in a month
    Thanks Roger,
    I replaced my lunch and dinner with your recipes, and nothing else, and yet I lost 15 lbs in a month and keeping it off. This was THE Easiest diet I've ever tried before. I wasn't overweight, so it was extremely difficult for me to lose weight with other methods, but finally your method worked.

    Person above me obviously didn't read the book to its entity. He must have gone to only couple of chapters, because it isn't about snacking, nor fruit diet.

    I highly recommend Roger's book.

    Bo...more info
    Eating healthy foods, but healthy foods we all love...and losing weight is just terrific! I have always wanted to eat healthy and lose weight, but before Let's Do Lunch it was never possible. Now I enjoy every meal, eating until full and even snacking on sweet fruits, popcorn (with olive oil sprayed on top) and dry roasted soy nuts (yummy). I also love putting olive oil or soybean oil in my recipes and also cooking with them. I will be eating this way for the rest of my life....more info
    This way of eating does away with the concept that you can't eat protein along with carbs and still lose weight. In fact, you can eat all the protein you want, including steaks, Let's Do Lunch Burgers, chicken, turkey, fish, etc...and at the same time you can also eat all you want of carbohydrates like fruits, beans, corn, peas, salads, etc....more info
    I eat all the sweetest fruits I want, including cherries, grapes, frozen grapes, watermelon, pineapple, bananas, fruit smoothies (like a fruit milkshake), etc...and I eat all the other non-fattening carbs I want, like recipes with all the different beans in them, corn, corn-on-the-cob, Orville's BUTTER Popcorn, peas, salads (with my favorite dressing and with blue cheese crumbles on top). I am never hungry and all of my cravings have been eliminated....more info
  • Full of goodness
    This program for life will get you off of all those fat creamy, icky things you crave and get you back to the basics we were meant to eat. The choice to live ALIVE or slowly kill yourself, I believe, lies within our own choices. I don't do everything he says in the book; that's me. If you follow most of the suggestions in this book you will, if nothing else, increase your energy and protect your colon. Which, usually leads to weight loss also. ...more info
  • This is the last diet you'll ever need.
    If you've positively "had it" with diets, this book is for you. An incredible story about a man who decided to change his life with a lot of help from above. This book will put you into a healthful, slimmer shape with energy to spare. Buy the book, try it for a month. You'll be eating more flavorful foods, feeling better & looking slimmer. A healthful, easy to do plan of eating. Worth every cent. Thanks for changing my life RT !...more info
    Roger Troy Wilson discovered how we can all lose weight by eating until full at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as how to eliminate all of our cravings...which sets Let's Do Lunch apart from all other diets. For example, you can eat all the sweetest fruits you want, no matter how many calories are involved, and lose weight...and when you do this, it eliminates your cravings for desserts, candy and other sweet snacks. Also, you can eat all you want of recipes with other non-fattening carbohydrates in them, like all the different beans, corn, corn-on-the-cob, popcorn, peas, salads, etc., and lose weight...and when you do this, it eliminates your cravings for the fattening carbs. Further, you can do all of this while still eating all you want of proteins like steaks, Let's Do Lunch Burgers, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. There are over 70 delicious, simple recipes in Let's Do Lunch that you can eat until full and lose weight...and these recipes are in all the food groups. Once you have read Let's Do Lunch, you'll lose the weight you want and you'll want to eat this way the rest of your life....more info
  • Hope you like fruit!
    I had some high hopes with this....especially when he kept saying this isn't a fruit diet.
    This is yet another diet that worked well for HIM....I don't care for fruit...so not a good diet for me. I also am not a snacker...so the frozen grapes weren't even that good to me....more info
  • It Works Great!
    Our family started the Let's Do Lunch book as a lifestyle change not a diet. We have followed the recipes in the book and have enjoyed eating this new way. It feels so good to get sugar out of our lives! My husband lost fourteen pounds in six weeks, my daughter lost about nine pounds and I lost twenty pounds. We did not start an exercise program or anything else other than eat this new way. It's very easy and rewarding. We are never hungry, there is always good food to eat. I would highly recommend you start eating this way as soon as possible. Best wishes. P.R.N....more info
  • another way of dieting ...
    this book is very interesting ... another approach to weight loss ... haven't had a chance to apply it, but very excited about trying it out ... thank you ......more info
  • Informative
    I found this book to be very informative and helpful for a lifestyle of healthy eating and losing weight in the process. I have incorporated it's suggestions into other info I have read from other books as an aid to losing weight and eating healthy and regaining a healthier body....more info
    I had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman. He has a great support group online. His profits go to charity. Just a great book that shares how he did it. I lost 40 pounds and have keeped it off for a year. Great guy. great book....more info
  • Just another diet
    This was a very quick read. And although this diet did wonders for Mister Wilson, it was nothing we, who stuggle with weight control, haven't heard or read about before. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This book is the answer to all my families problems. We all follow it and have had excellent results. This will be our way of life....more info
    REPEAT AFTER ME.......I WILL NEVER DIET AGAIN!!!!! I have been on every diet known to man and nothing ever stuck. Id lose for a short time and gain it right back. In six weeks both my husband and I have lost 13lbs and have never been hungry!!!! This is NOT a FRUIT DIET as some have claimed. My husband doesnt even LIKE FRUIT but he enjoys the smoothies every morning in fact he makes them himself!!!! You have to READ THIS BOOK not just glaze over it and expect to understand it. IN fact the author even recommends you read it 3 times in order for it to become second nature. Once you've tried this way of eating, even if you stray off the path once in a while (say Thanksgiving Dinner) you wont be able to wait to get back to eating from the acceptable choices again. I feel my health improving daily as the pounds continue to slip off my body without any exercise as well. I will exercise one day soon, one day when I dont have this additional 50lbs to drag around the track!!! Do yourself a FAVOR and give this a try, I promise you wont be dissapointed!! GOD BLESS...more info
  • It Works
    I am on my way of being that small lady again. This works and makes sense..
    He, takes you step by step. ...more info
    Diets fail for one of two reasons...you end up being hungry all the time, or you end up craving something. With Let's Do Lunch, you are never hungry because you eat until you are full whenever you ARE hungry, and Let's Do Lunch eliminates all of your cravings. For example, Let's Do Lunch is full of healthy carbohydrates that you can eat until full and lose weight, and you don't have to count carbs, calories, fat grams, points or anything else.

    Further, America's 3 favorite fattening foods are hamburgers, French fries and pizza. Let's Do Lunch has Let's Do Lunch Burgers that eliminate the cravings for the hamburgers, Potato Pancakes that eliminate the cravings for the French fries and Pizza Soup that eliminates the cravings for pizza.

    The Let's Do Lunch Burgers are better tasting than regular hamburgers and are made with lean ground sirloin, ground white meat turkey and mashed pinto beans. The mashed pinto beans make the Let's Do Lunch Burgers so moist that they melt in your mouth, and yet the only thing you taste is the sirloin...and you can eat the Let's Do Lunch Burgers until full and lose weight!

    The Pizza Soup is better tasting than pizza and is made with diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, lean ground sirloin, pureed pinto beans and other pizza toppings, and when the soup is hot you submerge a slice of mozzarella cheese on top, which melts right into the soup. Again, you can eat this Pizza Soup until full and lose weight.

    The Potato Pancakes are better tasting than French fries and are made with blended butter beans, adding chicken broth, corn, diced green pepper and diced onion (if you like), and these ingredients are made into patties and fried in olive oil. Once more, you can eat these Potato Pancakes until full and lose weight.

    Then, you can eat all the lean red meat you want, and Let's Do Lunch has crispbreads and corn thins, which are large, round, crisp and hold a burger. You can eat your salads with your favorite dressing on the side and with aged cheese crumbles on top. Some butter popcorns are non-fattening because there is no butter in the popcorn...there's soybean oil, but the author says that soybean oil is non-fattening. You can eat all the sweetest fresh fruits and fruit smoothies that you want and still lose weight, because the author discovered that fruit sugar does not turn to fat in the body. Therefore, you can literally eat all the cherries, grapes, frozen grapes, watermelon, pineapple, bananas and fruit smoothies that you want and still lose weight...and when you do this, it eliminates the cravings for the regular sugar foods.

    Further, the author says you can drink all the wine you want, because it is made from grapes, and there is even a vodka that you can drink, again because it is made from grapes (CIROC VODKA).

    There are over 70 recipes in the book that you can eat until full and lose weight, and they are in all the food groups.

    If you go to the letsdolunch website and click on "message boards", there are over 1200 people already registered there, and they all say the same thing, "I read the book, I didn't believe it because it sounds too good to be true, BUT IT WORKS!...more info
  • It's just another diet.
    In a word: this diet worked for the author. Any diet will work if you just follow the plan. I'm sorry, but I see nothing new with regards to losing weight in this book. I am happy for the author, but it's just another diet. After reading the other reviews, I am willing to give it another try. ...more info
  • A Fruity Diet With Incredible Results
    As someone who has lost over 180 pounds naturally through diet and exercise, I have grown to love and admire anyone else who has been able to do the same for themselves.

    That's why I was so anxious to read Roger Troy Wilson's story about losing an unbelievable 230 pounds in his new book called Let's Do Lunch. As a low-carb weight loss success story myself, I just HAD to know how he lost his weight and kept it off for many years now.

    Well, what I discovered was the most peculiar and unique "diet" plan I think I have ever seen in my life. It's definitely NOT low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie, or portion-controlled. None of those ever worked for him no matter how hard he tried to lose weight on them. I don't know where Wilson came up with this way of eating, but it helped him shed the pounds and keep it off. Anything that can help you do that is worth taking a look at.

    In Let's Do Lunch, Wilson not only shares his story about ballooning up to a "5-foot waist" (my waist got as big as 5'2"!), but also the many letters of thanks he has received from those who have enjoyed his special program. The enthusiasm these people have after losing weight is contagious and makes you want to know how the Let's Do Lunch plan works.

    As a very successful businessman, Wilson knew he had a problem with obesity but ignored it for many years. As many of us former 400+ pounders will attest, the rollercoaster ride of lose, gain, lose, gain was ruthless. Trying time after time to find that one way of eating that will sustain us for the rest of our lives was challenging and draining. Surely there had to be a better way to control your weight?!

    For Wilson, there was. And actually he can thank his son for getting him started on the greatest achievement of his life. When they say the old phrase "out of the mouth of babes," it was definitely true for Wilson.

    His son had put some grapes in the freezer to have as a refreshing and delicious treat later in the day. But when Wilson found the grapes in the freezer, he immediately thought they were ruined and started blaming everyone for it. He went to his wife first, but she said she didn't do it. So then he calls his son and I'm sure he responded something along the lines of, "Chill out, Dad, it's cool. You've never tasted grapes this good before!"

    And so Wilson tried one of these frozen fruits and was just amazed by how incredibly delicious they were. So he kept eating and eating them. He did the same thing the next night and the next night beginning a pattern that eventually led to the basis for the Let's Do Lunch program that helped him shed those pounds.

    While Wilson makes it clear this is not a fruit diet, fruits of all kinds are highly encouraged to eat in the quantities of your choice. Besides the fruit, most of the rest of the Let's Do Lunch plan is fairly close to livin' la vida low-carb -- eliminate sugar, starches, and unnecessary carbs and consume more protein for satiety. As for the high sugar content in all of that fruit he endorses, Wilson said he doesn't think that sugar is fattening although the sugar found in candy bars and sweets is fattening. Hmmmm.

    I chuckled when I read about how the "thin" version of Wilson is getting so much attention these days because I can personally relate to that experience. You life really does change after losing such a dramatic amount of weight. But I am envious of Roger Troy Wilson. He got his tummy tuck after losing weight and is so happy with it. This is a struggle for so many of us who have lost weight, but now have the hanging skin to look at every single day. Someday it will happen, someday. Wilson said it has made all the difference in the world how he sees himself when he looks in the mirror.

    In a nutshell, the Let's Do Lunch weight loss plan calls for four things: eat fruit, make lunch your priority meal of the day, eat less fattening foods that you enjoy, and have corn, beans, and peas instead of bread, pasta, potatoes or rice. That's it. Do those things and you are well on your way to losing weight the way Wilson did it.

    Of course, you will want to read Let's Do Lunch to get a better understanding of the who, what, where, why, when, how of this new way of eating. His "Helpful Tips" chapter answers all of those nagging questions you may be having about dieting in general and how Let's Do Lunch works to melt away the fat from your body. You'll have to turn to page 55 to see how often you should weigh yourself. It's not what you think.

    Wilson also helps you deal with the inevitable cravings you will experience, what to do when you feel the desire to cheat, how to order when you eat out at a fast-food or sit-down restaurant.

    But I know you are wondering about that little word known as exercise. Am I gonna have to sweat myself to death on this diet? In a word, nope! Wilson said exercise is not required on his program, but it will most certainly enhance the weight loss and health benefits you will enjoy if you do. Your body will also become more toned, energetic, and active. When you shed over 100 pounds off of your body, you cannot help but start moving faster and faster in every activity that you do. I am more active today than I have ever been in my entire life. And I'm sure Wilson is as well.

    There is a structured 14-day eating plan for people who need to be told how to eat. Follow it strictly if you need guidance about doing the Let's Do Lunch plan. Wilson even provides a handy grocery shopping list about what you can and cannot buy to eat on his program. And in case you were wondering, what would a book about weight loss be without throwing in a few favorite recipes at the back of the book?

    Wilson has made the Let's Do Lunch so user-friendly that you won't have any trouble reading it from cover to cover in one sitting. What an amazing story of weight loss triumph and success Wilson has to share. While my path to becoming skinny was very different from his, I have great respect and admiration for anyone who can get their obesity under control for good.

    Won't you be the next Roger Troy Wilson to change your life forever? If so, then Let's Do Lunch....more info
    No matter whether you're a huge eater or not you can eat as much delicious Let's Do Lunch food as you want and lose weight, because the fact is that you just aren't going to eat more food than you did before...and Let's Do Lunch foods do have fewer calories than most fattening foods.

    Further, if everyone could easily lose weight by eating lesser quantities of everything including desserts and sweets, then no one would be overweight.

    Let's Do Lunch just plain works...just go to the website and click on "bulletin boards" and talk with the hundreds of successful Let's Do Lunchers, the majority of whom only needed to lose a few pounds.

    Because you are eating only foods you love and are eating until full, and are eating in all the food groups, you never get sick of the foods you are eating. And, eating the sweetest fruits does eliminate your cravings for desserts, candy and other sweet snacks...and eating recipes with non-fattening carbohydrates in them, like all the different beans, corn, corn-on-the-cob, popcorn, peas, salads, etc., this eliminates your cravings for the fattening carbs. Added to this is the fact that you can also eat all the proteins you want, like steaks, Let's Do Lunch burgers, chicken, turkey, fish, etc....more info
  • Fruity
    I was major disappointed in my purchase of this book. As a matter of fact, I sent messages through both the Let's Do Lunch contact us link and the amazon link I purchased the book through to see about getting a refund (because the book was supposedly guaranteed) and both emails came back to me as being undeliverable. The plan laid out in this book worked for this man because he was huge eater and even though he lost weight through consuming a tremendous amount of fruit, the real reason he lost weight was because he was not consuming as many calories as he normally would - a pound of grapes has less calories than a box of Ding Dongs. This man maintains that you can eat as much fruit as you want and lose weight and that just simply isn't true. Fruit has calories too and if you take in more calories than you burn off, you are going to gain weight - not lose weight. Additionally, this books says you have to accept the fact that desserts are a thing of the past. I do not believe in any plan that limits or prohibits any food group - including sweets. I lost 80 pounds eating any and every type food I wanted - just in lesser quantities. I bought this book for a friend because her sister saw a news clip on it, but I never even gave it to her. ...more info
  • Let's Do Lunch
    This book is very good. Recipes provided sound delicious and the ones I have tried are really good. Excellent information for eating foods that are delicious and still being able to lose. Someone coming into my sister's workplace has been doing "Le't Do Lunch" and has lost quite a bit of weight. Would recommend this book to anyone interested in losing weight and still enjoy good food....more info
    LET'S DO LUNCH IS NOT A FRUIT DIET, and is almost the exact opposite of Atkins and South Beach. In fact, on page 36 of the book, it says, "After a while, you will be able to get by on just a little fruit each day."...and the author, on the "bulletin boards" of [...] says that if you don't have a sweet tooth of any kind and you never crave anything with regular sugar in it, then you don't need to eat fruit at all. And, as far as being "low carb"...IT IS IN FACT HIGH CARB!...eating until you are full recipes with all the different beans in them, corn, corn-on-the-cob, Orville Redenbacher's 94% fat-free BUTTER popcorn (which the author believes is non-fattening, because there is no butter in this popcorn), peas, salads (with your favorite dressing and with aged cheese crumbles on top), etc. There are over 70 recipes in the book that you can eat until full and lose weight, and these recipes are in all the food groups...so you never get sick of the foods you are eating. Further, Let's Do Lunch proves that you CAN lose weight by eating heavy carbohydrates along with heavy proteins (steaks, burgers, chicken, turkey, fish, etc.). Also, the diet is very healthy and got a rave review from Kirkus Reports, which does book reviews for the entire publishing industry....more info
  • THE Book Everyone With A Weight Problem Needs
    Let's Do Lunch is the most unusual way of eating to lose weight I've EVER heard about, AND at least one of the easiest for me to stick with!!! That's saying a lot for me, since we don't eat any breads (made from wheat, at least), & I've been pretty much a "bread-aholic" all my life. Maybe the biggest plus to me is that I've finally found a weight loss plan my husband was willing to try & he's doing great with it! He's lovin' the fact that I'm making him all sorts of foods with beans, beans, & more beans........something I've done very little of, since I don't care for them, myself. I'm getting to eat all the peas and meat I want, & lovin' that!! Another thing hubby is enjoying is that eating more fruit than we did in the past, has eliminated his need for any laxatives. If you or a loved one need to lose weight, you owe it to yourself to get Let's Do Lunch! This is coming from a lady who's struggled with her weight all her life. I just know that I can do this & be truimphant!!...more info
  • It really does work!
    I have been looking for a program that would work for me for many, many years now, and nothing seemed to click until I read "Let's Do Lunch". It is such a simple way to eat and so very healthy! I've only been doing it for a little over a week, and I've already lost 8 lbs! When I saw the recipes in the book, they looked so simple and delicious that I thought, "Wow..I could actually do this!" Try it and you'll see it will work for you too....more info
  • Let's Do Lunch - You'll Never Have to Diet Again
    I saw the author on a local talk show and immediately wanted to try this program. I ordered the book and read it very quickly. The book explains the program very well and makes it easy to follow. I've been on the program only a couple of weeks and have already seen a difference in how I feel and have lost almost 10 pounds. This book is fun to read and the author is very helpful, especially with his website. Try it, you'll be impressed and excited too....more info
  • This Diet WORKS!
    When I ordered this book, I had tried every diet known to man.
    I was skeptical, due to the fact that you eat until your full at every meal! After reading it, and putting the idea into practice, the first week I lost 7 lbs, and was NEVER hungry.
    Not only that, but I have had problems with indigestion for many years, and that vanished when eating this way. You have No sugar cravings even from the beginning. You also don't get the least bit hungry between meals. This is not just a fruit diet like some have said. You should read the whole book and try it out, and you can lose the weight easily! This is a very natural way to eat and very healthy for you too. You don't even know you are dieting and the weight falls off even with no exercise!...more info
  • I am going to live !!!!!!
    I know God used Roger Wilson to save my life! I have been an insulin dependent diabetic for 20 years and have never but never been able to get it under control! I take an insulin shot in the morning and one at dinner time I also have to test my blood sugar at bedtime. If it is high I have to take what my doctor calls a "instant insulin " shot. It is the type of insulin they give you in the emergency room. I have now been eating Roger's way now for 21 days and I have not had to take the "instant insulin " shot since the very first night! Last week I was able to start to deduct 5 units from my morning shot and 5 from my dinner time shot. I am happy to say I have also lost 5 lbs. Eating like this will enable me to live a long time now. I am 55 years old and plan to live a long and healthy life If I never lost another pound I would still eat this way and everybody should also! ...more info
  • It changed my life!
    Anyone who says this book doesn't work has either not read it properly, or they haven't tried it for themselves. Let's Do Lunch has totally and permanently changed my life. I do not consider myself to be on a "diet," but I went from a size 10 to a size 2 in less than a year by following Roger Wilson's plan, and I have maintained that unbelievably low weight for well over a year without ever being hungry! In the meantime, my family's health has improved dramatically as a result.

    Next to the Holy Bible, there are 2 books that have influenced me most in the past two years. One is "The Purpose Driven Life" by Pastor Rick Warren, and the other is "Let's Do Lunch" by Roger Troy Wilson. If you have given up hope on finding a plan that really works LONG TERM in a healthy way, give yourself one more try. BUY THIS BOOK!...more info
  • the easiest way to lose weight
    I've lost 93 lbs. following the guidance in the" LET'S DO LUNCH " book, without hunger,without any exercise, It was the easiest to follow with the best tasting food and I could eat all I wanted everyday.I've kept the weight off for over 2 years! This book is a blessing to all who read it.I recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight or to maintain the weight they are now at. Bruce H....more info
  • The Best of the Best
    I had tried so many diets that when I seen this advertised in our local newspaper I was kind of skittish about it but thought what the heck I might as well give it a try. In the first 3 to 4 months I lost 42 lbs. and then after 1 year I lost 87 lbs and then after 2 years I'm down 107 lbs. It is a great diet and I would reccomend it to anyone that is over weight. I also had diabetes which I don't have anymore because of the way I eat I don't even have to take insulin anymore. Thank God for Roger Troy Wilson and his Let's Do Lunch. Bren...more info
  • Lets Do Lunch
    This is a diet for all of the people who say diets don't work for me. On this diet you are not starved for foods that are restricted on many diets. People who say this doesn't work have not tried and stayed on this diet very long or else they don't understand it because it does work and works well. It is not an Atkins diet with fruit added, anyone who says it is hasn't read the book!!!!!!!!...more info
  • It should be called the fruit diet
    I was very disappointed with this book it claimed to diet using all food groups but it is just a spin off of the atkins diet with the acception of adding fruit. I'm glad the diet worked for the author but I feel he false advertises this diet....more info