The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness

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The success stories speak for themselves in this book from money maestro Dave Ramsey. Instead of promising the normal dose of quick fixes, Ramsey offers a bold, no-nonsense approach to money matters, providing not only the how-to but also a grounded and uplifting hope for getting out of debt and achieving total financial health.

Ramsey debunks the many myths of money (exposing the dangers of cash advance, rent-to-own, debt consolidation) and attacks the illusions and downright deceptions of the American dream, which encourages nothing but overspending and massive amounts of debt. "Don't even consider keeping up with the Joneses," Ramsey declares in his typically candid style. "They're broke!"

The Total Money Makeover isn't theory. It works every single time. It works because it is simple. It works because it gets to the heart of the money problems: you.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dave Ramsey Offers Financial Advice and Motivation
    When it comes to money and financial issues, Dave Ramsay has become one of America's most trusted and popular voices. He is a best-selling author, host of the wildly popular radio program, The Dave Ramsay Show, television host on the new Fox Business Network, and a recognized financial guru. Ramsay has become popular by combining humor and inspirational true stories with cold, hard number crunching. The fact that Ramsay is an outspoken Christian who is just as likely to quote a Bible verse as a money maxim makes his mainstream success all the more impressive.

    In The Total Money Makeover, Ramsay outlines how ordinary Americans can get rid of their debt and build wealth. Stating that personal finance is 20% head knowledge and 80% personal behavior, Ramsay believes that being debt-free and rich is not as difficult as most people believe and should be a goal of everyone.

    In the first few chapters of the book, Ramsay discusses different myths surrounding money and debt. In these chapters, Ramsay addresses such myths as, "You need a credit card to build credit," "Debt is a tool to create prosperity" and "Leasing cars is what sophisticated people do."

    After Ramsay is finished dealing with an assortment of such myths, he starts with the essence of his book: how people can become debt-free and build wealth. Ramsay emphatically believes the first two steps in this process for the individual or family is to stop using credit and creating a budget (and sticking to it). If one doesn't have the money to purchase the product or service outright, Ramsay thinks people should save up their pennies and dollars until they do. This step is essential to Ramsay's money makeover plan and the rest of the book is built around this and other behavior modifications.

    For the budget, Ramsay recommends using an envelope system. In this system the allotted cash is placed in labeled envelopes at the beginning in each month. When the envelope is empty no more money can be spent on the item until the next month. Ramsay admits the system is simple, but he also knows it will work. Using statistics and studies to back up his claim, Ramsay explains that psychologically it is much easier to overspend when using a credit card instead of cash.

    As for sticking to a written budget, Ramsay writes:

    "The dreaded B word enters the picture here. You must set up a budget, a written budget, every month. This is a book about a process that will enable you to win with your money, a process that others have completed successfully, and I assure you that virtually none of the thousands of winners I have seen did so without a written budget."

    After the credit cards are forsaken and a written budget is made, Ramsay outlines his proven plan to financial success which is the essence of the book:

    1) Save $1,000 Cash as a Starter Emergency Fund - Ramsay is a firm believer in the rainy day fund. When life happens, we need to be ready and, without using credit cards, this is the way to catch the little things life throws at us.

    2) Pay Off Debt - Ramsay recommends listing all debts (excluding the mortgage) on a paper from the least to the greatest. He then states one should make minimum payments on all of them except the smallest debt which should be attacked with reckless abandon until it is paid off. Then one should move to the next smallest debt and repeat the process. During this phase, Ramsay recommends trimming all of the excess from your budget until you are completely debt-free. He even suggests taking part-time second jobs or overtime for a period until a family is debt-free.

    3) Finish the Emergency Fund - When the big stuff happens, Ramsay states, you can't depend on credit cards. Instead, build up the emergency fund to cover three to six months of expenses.

    4) Invest for Retirement - After you're debt free and have an emergency fund ready to cover any unpleasant surprises, start saving for retirement. Ramsay recommends setting aside 15% of your income for retirement. He evaluates a lot of different options concerning this point and lists the pros and cons for each.

    5) Pay off the Home - A t this stage, Ramsay urges his readers to start making extra payments toward their house. If someone can pay off their home early they free up a huge portion of their income that can now be spent in a variety of ways.

    6) Build Wealth - When people reach this stage of building wealth, Ramsay states there are three ways to spend your money: a) have fun; 2) invest; and 3) give.

    Throughout the book there are worksheets and lists to help the reader organize assets, debts and income and to crunch numbers. For those incompetent at math, these sheets can really help.

    Interspersed throughout the book are inspirational true stories, mostly in the forms of letters to Dave, by those who have used his advice to get out of debt and build wealth. Most of these stories are truly incredible. Reading about families who have climbed out of more debt than me on less of an income actually did motivate me a bit. The stories also helped the book read better by putting stories about real people behind the numbers.

    This is not an advanced book on stocks and investing techniques for savvy investors; rather, it is an excellent book for ordinary people struggling with debt or looking for ways to maximize their money. I think it is especially useful for those who are willfully ignorant when it comes to personal finance or those who have never thought to examine where their paycheck goes each month. Ramsay does a good job keeping his advice straightforward and explaining complex financial issues in simple terms without speaking down to his audience. He also keeps the big picture in mind with personal finance, explaining it's not about having the most toys or having more than your neighbor but helping others....more info
  • stop being the red-faced kid demanding instant gratification
    I can't recommend this book highly enough. Our incompetent government is a mirror of how we, as a people, lack any self-control when it comes to spending money. We want what we want, NOW!! Dave uses principles from the Bible (yes, that quaint old thing of our grandparents gathering dust in the attic) to reveal the myths we believe about money. Normally, when people start talking about personal finances, my eyes immediately glaze over; BUT Dave keeps it stupid simple so that even my pea brain had no problem understanding the baby steps to financial freedom and peace. I also recommend checking it out from the library, like I did, to avoid even one more unnecessary expense....more info
  • The Total Money Makeover
    Dave Ramsey's book is fabulous, he gives solid common sense advice that will lead you to freedom from debt and eventual abundance. I have started to implement the principals in the book and although it takes hard work you can immediately see that his phrase "Live like no one else and you will live like no one else" is so true it is a difficult process, but with "gazelle intensity" passion and determination it can be done. I recommend this book to anyone who is feeling the bondage and yoke of debt....more info
  • Financial Fitness Program, Not a Scheme
    This book is not a "get rich quick" scheme. It is a "financial fitness" program meaning that it will take time. In fact, this book outlines a life style that will help you trim fat (dept) and eat healthy (sound financial advise). This book has much of the same adivse that your grandmother would give, except that it has steps called "baby steps" which help make advice become a reality.

    This book is a realistic approach to avoiding dept and building wealth. This book promotes setting a clear goal, sacrafice, giving, and staying on path. If you follow this path it will not be easy, but it will be worth it. This book is hardly boring and contains real-life success stories.

    Everyone should read this book because Dave Ramsey really believes in helping others. And instead of just giving all his money away, he gives advise so that you can manage and build your own wealth and in return, pass it on....more info
  • Best Book Ever
    This book and Dave's ideas were exactly what our family needed to get a head in life. 5 months into our Total Money Makeover and we have knocked out over $6,000 in debt and have a mini-emergency fund in place. I can't talk this book up enough!...more info
  • Don't throw the baby out with the bath water
    Although I don't personally share Dave's religious convictions, his financial advice is AWESOME!! I paid off over $25,000 in around 16 months and I'm completely debt free except for my house!!! Words just don't describe the feeling you get when that last debt is paid off. The key for me to getting out of debt was the $1,000 emergency fund. The first six months it felt as if the only thing I was doing was stoping my debt snowball and refunding my emergency fund back up to the $1,000 limit. On the other hand it was such a relief to actually have cash to pay for the emergencies that arose instead of the normal high-stressed panic/financial juggling these events used to bring. For those of you who aren't Christian it's easy to skip over the biblical parts and get to the meat of the subject, living a debt free life. I also enjoyed the personal stories in the book and found them motivating. Again, I just glossed over their religious testimonies as that part didn't really appeal to me. I can't recommend Dave's plan or this book highly enough, in fact, it's the only present I gave anyone for the last 14 months (baby showers, wedding gifts, birthdays, holidays, house warming). You can buy a case of 10 of these books for $100 on Dave's website everyone I know got at least one copy (and a few people got two depending on their birthday ). All my friends LOVED the books and none of them are evangelicals. This book works!! I HIGHLY recommend it and good luck with your TTM!!!...more info
  • A Financial Guide that applies to everyone
    "The Total Money Makeover" gives specific set plans on how to build wealth by getting out of debt first. The book teaches to set a budget and stick with it. By doing this, you can see how your money can work for you in a snowball effect. It is just a common sense plan to live on less than what you make. The book includes forms to help you do just that.

    While I was already doing a lot of the things mentioned in the book, it confirmed the path I was on was the right one. I found it to be very helpful. If followed, the practical guides and advice throughout this book can truly put you on the path to financial freedom.
    ...more info
  • Life/ Marriage Saver!
    We received this book as a "gift" from my MIL. "Swell, a self-help book from your mother," I said to my husband. Humph! It sat on the shelf for some time. Then I picked it up and read it in a few days and quickly stuck it under my husband's nose. Wow! That was that. Husband read it and we were on the plan. Signed up for Financial Peace University and we are on our way to debt-free(dom). We have since sent it to friends of ours, loaned our copy to two more friends and it might become our default wedding gift. My husband and I communicate more than ever. Our future is bright and hopeful now, not scary and burdensome....more info
  • Total Money Makeover:A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
    Excellent information for planning a secure financial future. This book was recommended by my husbands business partner. After reading it, we are purchasing one for each of our adult children. Thank you!...more info
  • get out of debt
    Dave Ramsey is awesome!! This book is simple to read and makes so much sense. I plan on being out of debt in the next 12 months. I would recommend this book to all ages and people of all incomes....more info
  • Why didn't I learn this 30 years ago?
    We fell on Dave Ramsey's broadcast on the Fox Business Network by accident and our household has never been the same since.

    I was raised with no monetary education. My parents believed their finances were just that - theirs. They never taught me how to manage money, balance a checkbook, or how to budget. My adult life has been spent living paycheck to paycheck with no clue or concept of how to bail myself out of debt nor understanding just how much debt I was in!

    Now, at the ripe young age of 52 (at the time of this writting) I have learned the principles that were sorely lacking in my financial life. But! It goes to prove it's never too late!

    This is not some guru money management system. This is just plain old fashioned common sense that someone should be teaching our youth! If you want some fancy pants telling you some special system he's got for making money and having all your dreams come true, this is NOT that kind of book.

    If you want some down to earth, practical, step-by-step advice on how to create a budget, what the chain of command is for paying what bills and why, how to negotiate with creditors, what the heck a retirement plan is and how to plan for retirement, why you need to get out of debt now, and much more, then this is the book you need!

    And in the end, all your dreams will come true because there really is a life after debt! I can see it coming!

    Thank you Dave Ramsey for finally putting it all in Plain English! I am now financially literate and I didn't have to get a financial planner to do it. I just met this "good ole boy" from Tennessee on the TV one night!

    Buy one for yourself, buy one for your kids, buy one for anyone that will read it! We are getting a whole set for the family members for Christmas!

    ...more info
  • Ignore Ramsey At Your Own Risk
    The information in this tome is by far the finest financial and lifestyle information one is likely to find in print. Forget all the CRAP get-rich-quick schemes...listen to Ramsey and build REAL wealth. Ramsey is the guy who should have been put in charge of the recent banking industry. He could have saved them without 750 billion in taxpayers dollars. He would have put them on a budget and actually made them account for their spending. In these troubled times you ignore the advice of Mr. Ramsey at your own risk. Very simply, get rid of credit cards, live a cash-only lifestyle, and quit trying to keep up with your POOR neighbors. In case you haven't noticed, many of those "affluent" neighbors have lost their homes. There is no time to waste. Read this book and LEARN something! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!...more info
  • Excellent.
    I recommend this book without reservation. It is not only immensely informational, but also solid in principle. Reading it inspired me to spend less money, save more, get out of debt and actually do something about my financial situation. For the first time, I was excited about saving and becoming financially healthier. This is an excellent book. I only wish I'd read it while I was still in school or college. ...more info
  • Need financial recovery? This is the gameplan!
    If you're in financial trouble and don't know what you need to do to get out of it, then BUY THIS BOOK!!! With a total household income of around $85K my wife and I, in about a year and a half, paid off $30k in debt and saved $20k using nothing but our income. The "baby steps" that Dave Ramsey lays out in this book give you a clear path to financial recovery from debt and shows you, in detail, how to stay out of debt and plan for your financial future. You learn about saving, investing, planning for your kids' college education and retirement investing. We're so enthusiastic about what this plan has done for us that we buy multiples of this book so we can give them away to people we meet who are in financial trouble. It has saved not only our financial future, but possibly our marriage. I can't be more adamant than this: if you don't have the money to buy this book, then SELL SOMETHING YOU OWN SO YOU CAN GET IT! You won't regret it....more info
  • Great advice
    This book is full of common sense that most people need to be reminded of in budgeting. It also has alot of eye opening information that sheds light on where we overspend and waste. However, you only need to buy either the makeover or the workbook as much of the info. is repeated. The woorkbook has more forms and walks you through better....more info
  • Full of information for those in debt
    Like most adults, I'm in debt. Not really swimming in it like the average American, but I have debt nonetheless. Although I haven't started his plan yet, I've read the entire book from cover to cover and found that his plan makes complete sense. He basically puts information that already existed into an organized outline (Baby steps). Before reading this book, I had no idea about the differences of a mutual fund and a savings account. I was financially illiterate, but not anymore.

    I've already begun making spreadsheets and a strict budget and next month I'll begin the emergency fund (baby step 1). Dave Ramsey explains how to invest and what not to invest in. He goes over a secure retirement plan and how you can have a solid savings account once you're "debt-free".

    I'll be buying Suze Orman's books as well just to have more insight about financial debt and investments. Overall, this is an excellent book to help you start paying off those debts if you've already tried everything else and failed, but like Ramsey states, you MUST follow his plan with no shortcuts or substitutes....more info
  • The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness
    The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial FitnessThis book will be very helpful for anyone who desires to take control of their finances....more info
  • Dave Ramsey is THE MAN

    Dave Ramsey's book taught me all the essentials of Life With Money.

    Now I understand what my Dad was trying to tell me all these years!

    I regard this book as totally essential for everyone.

    -- thanks,

    David Small
    ...more info
  • The Best Finance Book Ever
    Engaging to read and easy to follow, this book is a resource that has changed my life and those of my friends. Whether or not you have debt, this book is for everyone....more info
  • A book for today
    Dave Ramsey writes like he speaks...the average person has no trouble understanding what he has to say. The Total Money Makeover is a great book for anyone wanting to take control of their financial situation. It is especially insightful in these trying economic time. I have recommeded this book to my friends and family....more info
  • Excellent
    This is a must read for everyone who needs to learn how to get out of debt in a very practical way....more info
  • Mostly good advice
    This is a quick read, and with a lot of sound advice. Many people say that Dave Ramsey changed their lives, and after reading this book, I'm left figuring that those people simply hadn't considered not taking out consumer loans. Like Ramsey says, it's not like this book has anything in it that's not said elsewhere.

    Part of the reason the book is such a quick read, is that there isn't a whole lot of substance, and there are a bunch of sentimental testimonials (including from the author). You'll need a stomach for statements like, "God allowed a Jaguar back into my life," to get through this book without rolling your eyes.

    But all in all, with exceptions, he presents a good plan. I don't agree with the NEVER take out a student loan, but he does make a good point that many student loans are taken out with the purpose of maintaining certain lifestyles, instead of taking care of tuition, books, and minimal expenses. With a shift in expectations and attitudes, many student loans could be avoided.

    A real positive of this book, is that he lays out a hierarchy when it comes to financial goals. Many other books just lay out that you need to have v, w, x, y, and z, and spend time explaining just how important each one is. Ramsey prioritizes there....more info
  • Simply Outstanding!
    In a word - Outstanding. In less than a month we've changed our whole attitude regarding sending and debt. ...more info
  • Great help to start moving in the right direction...
    I appreciate Dave Ramsey's position on finances, and I appreciate this book. It has helped my wife and I come together on issues. Great tool!...more info
  • Total Money Makeover
    We purchased 4 of these books as gifts for our children ages 21-28. The book is an easy read. It has a common sense approach to becoming debt free....more info
  • Structure in a seemingly unstructured world
    First off let me say thanks to Mr. Ramsey for creating a creative informative and relavent book about finance. Secondly, for people out there searching for something to guide/lead/drag you to financial fitness this book is definitely it. We have had a structured environment for at least 18yrs of our lives ie elementary through highschool. We have a formula/format for success through school. And by using Mr. Ramsey's Total Money Makeover we now have a formula/format for success financially.

    There are probably alot of people out there that may say, "Hey I'm doing good right now. We got the house, the car, and the savings." Well I say that if you and your mate are still arguing about money then you need this book because at least it gives you and your spouse a vehicle for talking about how and where your money is spent. This is a great book to get yourself motivated to get your finances right. Don't think about it just get out there and do it!

    Go on his website and read some of the success stories and if that doesn't inspire you to get your self together than nothing will. YOU CAN DO IT! GOOD LUCK! GOD BLESS!...more info
  • A Top-Notch Book for People Serious About Money
    Where do I begin? So many people have written stellar reviews for this book; mine will be just my experience in reading and living the book.
    I used to be terrible with money. I would spend every paycheck, living and anticipating for the next one. I had many, many things, most of which are now sold. It's a nasty habit, spending money you don't really have. I got huge into credit card debt (not too huge, though). Even buying such frivolous things as a Starbucks beverage or music CD became the norm for me.
    Until I lost my job.

    After undergraduate school, I was out of a job for three months. During that time a friend loaned me this book, and it was a good thing because I had been wanting to read it for quite some time.
    Once I started applying Ramsey's methods after the 2nd chapter, I already noticed a change. After I was hired at my current job, I started to see each paycheck as a step in Ramsey's direction; each check was a part of the Baby Steps, and each step was towards wealth.
    I'm only three months into Ramsey's methods, but already I feel the change of habit. I no longer find interest in things I used to buy, and I only pay for things I can afford in cash.

    Like Ramsey said, it's not about head knowledge (though it could help), but a change in character.
    This book is recommended to anyone wanting to break free from constantly being in debt. As a person living out the beginning of his wealthy life, I will honestly say it's tough, but I know it's going to be worth it.
    It already is....more info
  • Finally the answer! - Simplistically!
    This is a great book on financial fitness for those struggling in the money area - but also emcompasses some great ideas for those of us who thought we were relatively fiscally fit and smart about money. Everyone will learn something - Great read - great book - apply the principals and we won't have the economic issues we have in the US today!...more info
    I would give this book 10 stars if I could. If you are looking for money/debt information, this is a VERY powerful book. It is simple, to the point, and very easy to follow. And if you watch Dave Ramsey on TV, he writes exactly as he speaks. I have raved about this book to everyone I come across and have gotten several others on board their own "Total Money Makeover."...more info
  • Book promotion within a book which reads like religious literature
    I just can't understand all of the glowing reviews. This is one the worst books on personal finance I've ever read. First of all Ramsey's writing style is very pedestrian and preachy. The book is peppered with people's stories about how their lives were changed after reading this book, these stories read like advertisements for the book. It's as if he knew that the book is mediocre, so to enhance its value he included praises for it. After reading 20+ success stories, the reader finally surrenders and starts to believe that it is indeed very substantial advice.

    Another unpleasant aspect of this book is Ramsey's constant reference to the Bible and God. One of the more ridiculous parts of the book is his story about his Jaguar, and how after recovering from his financial difficulty he managed to buy it again and this is all because God wanted it that way. This is an exact quote from Total Money Makeover:

    "I have a challenge for you. Are you ready to take on the guy or gal in your mirror? If you are, you are ready to win. I rediscovered God's and Grandma's simple way of handling money."

    If this rhetoric appeals to you then you'll be satisfied.

    This book has a cultish undertone, a little disturbing considering the great following of readers. There is absolutely nothing new in this book, all of it was stated many many many times before in several other books and online articles. I guess Ramsey figured out some marketing formula which works, however, that doesn't necessarily equal good material. ...more info
  • Somewhat Outdated Now
    I have listened to Dave's show off and on for a few years now and finally had a chance to read his book. Having listened to his show enough, I didn't get a lot out of this book as I already knew most of it. In fact, my big criticism is that it didn't have enough details in it, but seemed to rather be a lead to sell his more expensive Financial Peace University kit. Fortunately, Dave's website does have plenty of good advice if you know how to search for them. So this book plus his web site is all you need (and you can save $199 for the cost of his expensive kit).

    In general, I think Dave's advice is good especially when it comes to handling and getting rid of debt. However, I would certainly recommend seeking Investment advice from another source. For example, Dave's very myopic view of ETFs (from his website) shows how naive he is about one of the better investment products to come out in a long time.

    "Exchange Traded Funds: (ETFs) I do not own ETFs and do not recommend them as part of your investment plan. ETFs are baskets of single stocks that intend to operate like mutual funds; but they are not mutual funds."

    If you don't have a personal investment advisor, then try someone like Bob Brinker who has some very good market advice and recommendations for good Mutual Funds in his monthly newsletter. I think the recent downturn in the economy also highlights some of the holes in Dave's investment strategy which is probably a good reason that he needs to update his book. I think the advice that Dave gives in that one can easily expect long-term returns of 12% when investing in Mutual Funds as he suggests is a bit exaggerated. Even one of the world's great investors Warren Buffett doesn't claim he can achieve this.

    But really Dave's focus is not on what to do with money you have, but rather the money you don't have. Most of the folks calling his show are in a lot of trouble with debt and he does have good advice. And some people are just better off not having any credit cards at all, but there are many of us who do pay ours off every month where they are fine (and not need to rely on debit cards or cash for everything). Much of Dave's success is attributed to his target market -- Church goers. Their loyalty is what allowed someone like Karl Rove to come in and persuade certain political ideologies to his advantage. Dave is doing the same thing.

    ...more info
  • Straight forward HELP!!
    We finished the book about 3 weeks ago and have our thousand dollar emergency fund formed and starting on our budget. This book is an easy read that informs you about how to help change your behavior with money and how you spend it. I have many friends that have just bought the book and are starting their money makeover. For once I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel!! A must read if you are truly ready to get out of debt!...more info
  • Total Money Makeover
    I ordered Total Money Makeover hoping it would give me some ideas of what to do in our bad ecomony. I realized that I was late as I am already retired, and am debt free but I had wished I had had the book years ago when my sons were growing up. I think it is a great book for young families, or singles and if they follow his ideas they will be well on the way to a comfortable retirement. It is also a good lesson for the children as it teaches them financial responsibility from the start and I think that is really lacking in our society - not just with children! I strongly recommend this book....more info
  • The Total Money Makeover
    With the exception of the Bible, Total Money Makeover has made the biggest impact on my life. If you are tired of never having enough money and being in debt, this book is for you! Easy to read and easy to understand....more info
  • Desperately Needed Advice for Our Times
    Let's face it, if most people had been following Dave Ramsey's advice over the last ten years, their whole economic outlook would be rosier now. I have been a radio listener for years. I bought this book for my son (who is now 30) and he is debt free today because of it. When I read the book, it just helped me review and see if there were any tune-ups I needed for my finances. I already have been doing what he recommends and if you are listener, you probably are too. However, if you have any grown children or other relatives or friends who always seem to be broke, it is worth the price of the book to keep them from borrowing money from you. Well worth the investment if you need any financial help. I like the real life illustrations of what to do and what not to do. Great realistic advice for the average person who is drowning in debt. Power Path to Love...more info
  • If you're willing to suffer some pain, you WILL see the GAIN!
    I really must have turned not just a blind eye, but two of them, because I helped get my family into a real sticky-wicket to put it politely. We have six children, and a 100 year-old home, so just imagine how fast I can "draw" a credit card! I bought Dave's book after seeing a smallish ad on MSN main page on my computer. I thought, "Well, what's another couple of bucks gonna do?", so I bought it. Wow! This man is some kind of wizard/guru/gentleman and a scholar all rolled into one. His no-nonsense approach made me stop dead in my tracks and almost cringe in shame at how I never took the time to think before I said, "Charge it". My husband is no saint either, believe me. It is of course, a man's job to only admit to himself, in private, in the middle of the night, in the dark, that maybe he might possibly have done some tiny, itty bitty thing wrong, but that's not what this is about. Dave is for real. He is not going to let you believe for one moment that it is all going to go away in a flash. Pain is part of the process, and I am suffering it big time. My kids are the hardest part, as they are so spoiled by my giving in that they have no idea what "No" means. I'll get stronger with Dave's help. I cannot get his radio show where I live, but I catch it on my computer. Please, don't let yourself get dragged down any deeper. If I can start, even though I do take steps backward sometimes, I march ahead again, you can probably run right past me! DO IT!...more info
  • great book but....
    Great book but you can save money and just google about what the baby steps are and get all the basic principles. Saves you $ that way....more info
  • Made us re-evaluate
    Dave Ramsey's book The Total Money Makeover was a very easy read, all common sense, no mumbo jumbo and it made us re-evaluate our situation with every chapter. This book just made perfect sense to us, its all stuff most people should already know, but it was good to read it from anothers perspective... with every page turn we found our selves saying "We can do this". And we did just that, quickly built up our emergency fund, got all of our debt other than our mortgage paid off and almost have 8 months worth of living expenses saved. This book really made us look at our life and our situation much differently, we set a goal for being 100% debt free and have a plan now in place for a much more secure retirement. We are taking a drastic step, one that a year ago we wouldn't have of considered. We are selling our home and downsizing... taking the profit from our current home and applying it to a much smaller mortgage. A sacrafice toward better financial security that we are very excited to be doing. This book seriously has changed the way we think and spend money. I ordered for a friend and have been recommending it to everyone. I think it would make a great gift for someone graduating college with all that fresh new debt! Wish I would have of read this book about 25 years ago, life would be much different now....more info
  • Money Management Help
    I found this book by Dave Ramsey a easy read with many practical and easy applications. If we are to turn America's economy around, this is where America should begin the process....more info
  • Great tool for newlyweds
    Gave this book to newlyweds for a gift! They love it! Planning their future is easier with Dave's knowledge.

    Great Tool!...more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money or Time
    I think Ramsey has some good points about living within your means, however I don't think it takes a book 200+ pages to explain this. This book is nothing more than a few reasons why debt is bad along with people's experiences(fluff) following Dave's advice. If you can create a budget and know you should not spend more than you make, then take the $22.00 you would have spent on this book and pay down your bills. ...more info
  • What This Author Doesn't Tell You....
    The two stars I gave this book are for the sound advice that Dave Ramsey does give you to avoid borrowing, avoid using credit cards, and stay out of debt in the first place. But what if you are already buried in thousands of dollars of unsecured debt? Does he tell you you can actually fight it and avoid bankruptcy? No... that wouldn't get you to attend his seminars or buy his other books that say essentially the same thing.

    You might enjoy reading the following book about a couple who defaulted on all their credit card debt, represented themselves, defeated the bank's attorney, and avoided bankruptcy...

    DEFAULT !!! Escaping the Debt Trap and Avoiding Bankruptcy

    Ramsey's book just tells you how to remain a sheep straining under the weight of deliberately packaged and sold credit traps that were designed to keep you paying the banking companies usurous interest for the rest of your life. It never encourages anyone to fight back. You would think that your only two choices are decades of credit card payments and scrimping, or opting for bankruptcy and then starting over (and scrimping)....more info


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