Police Academy 2: First Assignment
Police Academy 2: First Assignment

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A much inferior sequel to the first hit film, Police Academy 2 nevertheless manages to keep a free-spirited, juvenile tone. Steve Guttenberg (Cocoon, Three Men and a Baby) returns as the charming goof-off, now graduated from the academy. He and the usual batch of misfits are let loose on the streets as rookie cops, wreaking havoc everywhere they go as they do battle with terrorists threatening the city. Some choice moments from the likes of Michael Winslow, as the man whose voice can imitate any sound, barely compensate for this being a pale imitation of the original movie. --Robert Lane

Customer Reviews:

  • the first in many
    this is the first sequel of PA and it is pretty amazin how many have come since notto mentio the tv show. they must have done something right in the begining and this is it very funny movie...more info
  • Steve Guttenberg is HOT!
    Man, Steve Guttenberg! Whatever happened to him? He is the best actor I have ever seen. Three Men and a Baby and Short Circuit are some of the best movies ever. Police Academy 2 sucked, and so did the other ones, but that's okay. GUTTENBERG FOREVER!!!...more info
  • Well done Paul Maslansky
    Anyone who says this movie sucks, don't listen to them, this movie rocks....more info
  • This Movie Is Hilarious!
    I like the Police Academy movies and this is definitely one of the best movies in the series and Bubba Smith, David Graf, Steve Guttenberg and the rest of the cast are hilariously funny and I highly recommend this movie! ...more info
  • Astonishing!!!
    This movie is great!! It tells the story of a Police Captain (Howard Hessemen) who realizes that he needs some "Healthy Young Men." His brother tells him there are places he could go, bars of such. He asks "Does your wife know about this?" Then Hesseman's brother drops an entire can of fish food in his fishbowl of goldfish. Nice. This film is graced with brilliant acting performaces. Steve Guttenberg, Bobcat Goldwaitt, Bubba Smith, David Graff, Ted Kinsinskiksy, and that moron who makes stupid noises. It is a true classic. The only scene that really disturbed me was the one where the Police Commander runs around with no clothes on. Also, I didn't like how Bobcatt Goldwaitt was baised against ferris wheels!!!...more info
  • "O-eight hundred hours. Time to deploy for school."
    Still a funny film after all these years, though it would never get a PG rating nowadays! Steve Guttenberg and his fellow cadets from the original "Police Academy" must help Howard Hesseman ("WKRP In Cinncinnatti", "Head Of The Class") take back the streets in this funny follow-up to the original. Not all of the original cadets make it into the sequel, but it does introduce some new characters, such as Mahoney's sloppy partner "Schtulman" (I don't remember if he was in any of the subsequent films, but if he wasn't, he should've been). The film also introduces Bobcat Goldthwait, one of my all-time favorite comedians, as "Zed", the gang leader.

    The film *is* a bit dated at times (check out Guttenberg driving around the beach on an ATV with a sweater tied around his neck), but for the most part it's still an effective comedy. Crude, but very funny....more info
  • Steve Guttenberg is hot
    I'm in love with Steve Guttenberg, but this movie wasn't all that good. I gave it a 5 beacause of steve guttenberg....more info
  • bad quality dvd, but a good movie.
    I havent seen this movie in years. It was very nostalgic. THe only real extra is a thing where mahoney, proctor, and hooks talk about the movie, but it's only 10 minutes, if that. The video quality is pretty much the same as an old vhs. If you already have this on video, I wouldn't get this on dvd. ...more info
  • The first post-graduation assignment
    This film was theatrically released on March 29,1985 precisely 53 weeks after the release of the first film. Some cast members of the first film have not returned for the sequel,and some have appeared for the first time such as Lance Kinsey as Seargeant Proctor,who'd appear in the next 4 sequels and Art Metrano as Lieutenant Mauser. Mauser's academy is separate from Commandant Eric Lassard's(George Gaynes). Mauser is the watch commander for those who were cadets in the first films(they are now seargeants). Also with an academy of his own is Eric's brother Pete(Howard Hesseman). Pete needed to "get his hands on some healthy young men",as he tells Eric on the phone. So the Metropolitan Police Academy's Class of 1984 are referred to Pete's academy. Pete has a "healthy young woman" also,her being soft-spoken Laverne Hooks(Marion Ramsey). The '84 graduates screw up,aggravating Pete. They are sent to put and end to the raunchy behavior of a dangerous gang who is terrorizing the city. Here we meet two more newcomers,stand-up comedian Bobcat Goldthwait who plays the leader of the gang and Tim Kazurinsky,late of Saturday Night Live,as Mr. Swechiuk,a home furnishings store proprietor. Gun buff Eugene Tackleberry(the late David Graf),while on motorcycle duty,meets the girl of his dreams,and marries in the final scene,Kathleen Kirkland(Colleen Camp). While preparing for his first date out on the town with Kathleen,Eugene splashes gun oil on his face as an alternative to cologne! Also,he gives Kathleen a pair of earrings in the shape of miniature handcuffs. The gang terrorizes a supermarket,knocking down merchandise and opening packages. The gang wrecks havoc at a carnival also. The star character,Carey Mahoney(Steve Guttenberg) goes undercover as a gangster like the gang seen in this film,and brings them to justice with the help of his colleagues,including Laverne,who again angrily yells "DON'T MOVE DIRTBAG!" Then,there's the civil wedding ceremony of Eugene and Kathleen Kirkland Tackleberry with all of Eugene's colleagues present and Kathleen's brother and parents. Another funny scene is where Lt. Mauser is about to shampoo his hair. The shampoo is taken away and replaced with a strong glue,like Krazy Glue. Some of the removed hair ended up on his hands. So Proctor places a wig on Mauser's head. It looks totally different,the wig being straight auburn hair(Mauser's natural hair is black and permed). Also,not seen in theatres but on television,is the scene,following the wedding,where the gang members join the Metropolitan Police Academy. Zed,the gang leader became a new man upon joining and would return for the next two sequels....more info
  • good awmost great
    this is a good movie I like it it is really funny I recomend the whloe series they are all goood . qustions e mail me...more info
  • Marvellous!
    Ideal for people who liked the film Police Academy or for people who didn't like the film Police Academy but want to give the series a second chance....more info
  • If you don't stop that sir, you could go blind.
    That line made me laugh soo!!(...)hard, I laughed all night. This is one of the funniest movies ever. Steve Guttenberg and David Graf are hilairous. See this, if it's even the last movie you ever see....more info
  • The laugh treatment.
    when i was a kid we would call this movie the laugh treatment because it was sooooooo funny. You'll love it....more info
  • Now They're On The Streets!
    In Police Academy 2, Captain Lassard(Commandant Lassard's younger brother) is in charge of the worst police precinct in the city. Crime is at an all time high and the culprits are a street gang led by Zed, played by good ol' Bobcat Goldthwait. Captain Lassard is given our gang of academy screwballs to clean up the streets in 30 days or command of the precinct goes to Lt. Mauser. Mauser is pretty much the equivalent of Lt. Harris in the previous film. The usual pranks and gags are played on Mauser(body cavity search, replacing his shampoo with glue, etc.), and the academy graduates are as boneheaded as ever, but they still save the day(and Lassard's job) in the end. And lets not forget they have to break up a brawl that has broken out at the Blue Oyster Bar!! Some of the characters from the first film have dropped out of the sequel, but all the memorable ones are still there. Some new characters are introduced, some who would stick around for a long time. Proctor makes his debut as Mauser's sidekick. Zed of course, and his favorite victim, the shop owner Sweet Chuck. Also showing up is a character named Vinnie Schtulman, who is Mahoney's new partner. Obviously this guy was intended to become a permanent member of the series, but this was the only film he was in. Tackleberry's love interest, Kirkland and her wacky family are here too. This is also the debut of the whole kung fu gag that Jones is so popular for.
    This was the beginning of the PG-13 rating for the Police Academy films. It still has the same overall feel though. After all, the first film would pretty much be a PG-13 rated film without the podium scene and a few gratuitous topless shots. This wasn't my favorite installment, but it has it's moments....more info
  • a declining series, but one of the better ones
    A film by Jerry Paris

    "Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment" is the first of six sequels to 1984's "Police Academy". The screwball recruits have graduated from the Academy and are now ready for their first assignment as full fledged police officers. With the city in the midst of a crime wave, the rookie officers are assigned to the city's worst police precinct. The Captain in charge of the precinct just happens to be Pete Lassard (Howard Hesseman), the brother of the Commandant of the Police Academy, Eric Lassard (George Gaynes). Pete asks his brother for a dozen good men. Eric gives him six, all of which are the screwball recruits from the first movie. Pete Lassard is given thirty days to turn his precinct around or he'll be out of a job.

    In charge of the rookies is Lt Mauser (Art Metrano), an obvious replacement for the Harris (G.W. Bailey) character. Mauser sets himself up in opposition to both the rookies as well as Pete Lassard. Mauser is gunning for Lassard's job. Each of the rookies are given a partner to train with and learn the ropes. Strangely enough, each training partner seems to bungle their job as much as the rookies. Returning for this movie are Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg), Hightower (Bubba Smith), Tackleberry (David Graf), Hooks (Marion Ramsey), Fackler (Bruce Mahler), and Jones (Michael Winslow). This movie (and the series, really) is built around Mahoney and his confrontations with authority figures. He is the most likeable character, but a prankster. Of course Mauser takes a personal dislike to Mahoney from the start.

    At this point there is nothing truly wrong with the "Police Academy" series. The movies are funny, though they are less funny with each subsequent movie. They are the typical screwball comedy, but the comedy gets more and more family friendly with each movie (the first movie had an "R" rating, this one has "PG-13", the rest have "PG") and it loses whatever edge it once had.

    Nearly 20 years later (has it been so long?), is the movie still funny? Not as much as it was when I was twelve. "Police Academy 2" makes me smile at times, mostly because the situations are familiar and watching the movie is nostalgia now. The only thing about the movie that is really wrong is the character of Zed (Bobcat Goldthwait), a character that is simply annoying and not funny or interesting. Naturally he'll be back for two sequels.

    The series is all downhill from here. The highpoint was the first movie, though this one isn't so bad. Still, if you are feeling nostalgic for the series, start from the beginning and quit when you are tired of it all. Most viewers should be able to make it past this one, but the series becomes very bad in a hurry. "Police Academy 2" is one of the better movies in the series, though that may not be saying very much.

    -Joe Sherry...more info
  • I actully liked it
    When I bought the Police Academy box set, I bought it because I liked all the other ones, but all my friends said this one sucked. I believed them, and wasn't expecting too much when I popped it into my new dvd player. I watched it, and I actully love it. I don't know what my friends were talking about, this movie sucks. I loved it. Hint people!...more info
  • Art Metrano gets stuck with these cops.
    Directed by Jerry Paris.
    Original Cast Members returning for the second film are: Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, David Graf, Michael Winslow, Bruce Mahler, Marion Ramsey and George R. Robertson.
    They must help out Peter Van Norden and Colleen Camp who are also on the force. They must obey the orders of Howard Hesseman and Art Metrano.
    Around for comic relief is: Tim Kazurinsky, Bob Goldthwait, Jennifer Darling, Jackie Joseph, and Lucy Lee Flippin.
    Runs: 86 min.
    The next film in the series: Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986).
    ...more info


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