Don't Panic - Dinner's in the Freezer: Great-Tasting Meals You Can Make Ahead

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Hectic lifestyles and over-full schedules make traditional cooking methods nearly obsolete in many families. The results are poor nutrition and budgets strained by the high cost of fast food or commercially prepared meals. Don't Panic-Dinner's in the Freezer offers a simple and economical alternative, featuring dozens of recipes designed to be prepared and frozen for future use. With over 23,000 copies sold in its original self-published edition, this book gives practical tips for planning, organizing, and shopping for meals, as well as unique ways to freeze and reheat prepared foods. Every recipe includes measurements for cooking alone or as a joint venture with one or two friends. Families, singles, retirees-everyone who needs to eat-will find fast and easy answers to the question, "What's for dinner?"

Customer Reviews:

  • A Great Time Saver!!
    This weekend I spent a few hours making 15 dinners from four recipes (I will try a few more recipes next weekend. The Very Best Meatloaf recipe is GREAT, and I will try the rest this week.

    What I love about this book are the meat entrees. Like others have mentioned, a lot of the recipes are simply meats and chicken in different sauces and marinades, but this works for this book because these meals are meant to be frozen - being frozen in a sauce means no freezer-burned meat!

    A big plus to this book is the first section before the recipes. The informational chapters are very helpful. In particular, "The Don't Panic Method of Cooking", "Cooking Day Suggestions", "Packaging and Freezing the Goods", and "How Long Will it Keep?"

    I LOVE the recipe size conversions that are given for all of the freezer recipes. The original recipes make either 4, 6, or 8 servings (depending on the recipe), and most of the conversions are for 3x, 6x, or 9x the recipe.

    Some recipes that I thought looked great include: Rocky Mountain Brisket & BBQ Sauce, Rio Rancho Taco Meat, Pork Chops a la Orange, Pinwheel Flank Steak, Dijon Pork Loin Roast, Oriental Sesame CHicken Strips, Lemon Glazed Chicken Breasts, Italian Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Pesto Butter, Buttermilk Herb Chicken, Lemon Bread, Orange Sour Cream Loaf (bread), crumb cake, and much more! (hey! no canned soups in any of these recipes!!)

    I held back a star only because I would have liked to have seen more freezable side recipes (most of the sides can only be prepared on the day of the meal, but honestly, I usually just cook an easy Lipton/Knorr pasta package and heat some frozen veggies to accompany dinner.

    I really think that you can't go wrong with this cook book, unless you have a special dietary need. If you are looking for low-fat recipes, be prepared to make recipe substitutions.

    ...more info
  • loved it!
    I love this freezer cookbook. It's not your typical freezer cookbook filled with casseroles & unappealing combinations. My friend flipped through it & was very impressed with the recipes too! I highly recommend this book & when you make the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins make a huge batch. Believe me you will eat them up!!:o)...more info
  • Good recipes
    I think this book is great. After reading all the reviews about freezer meals that is what made me purchase this one. Easy meals and good too. My family REALLY like the ones I have made so far. I don't think you can really save money doing this but it sure saves on time and the hassel of "Whats for dinner?". I now have a friend wanting to borrow my book and see what she thinks of it before she buys it. I highly recommend this book. ...more info
  • Just OK...
    Some nice ideas, but how come nobody can seem to come up with a book on tasty low refined carb/low fat freezer meals that have nutritional information on them? ...more info
  • Don't Panic - Dinners in the Freeer: Great- Tasting Meals You Can Make Ahead
    It is a fantastic cookbook. All the recipes taste great and are easy to make. They have wonderful ideas on how to cook, freeze and store food....more info
  • Tasty and a Timesaver!
    I have only made about 6 of the recipes in this book so far. Some are much easier/quicker than others but they have all been tasty. It would be 5 stars if it had pictures! A must have for any working mother or father....more info
  • My favorite recent cookbook
    Now that the franchises "Dinner's Ready" and "Dream Dinners" promise home cooked meals' security in the freezer, I set out to see if I couldn't do the same thing a little cheaper. Turns out, you can and this book is an excellent guide.

    I've made several recipes and they were all good (Honey Pecan Chicken, Creamed Split Pea soup and Chicken Pot Pies). I will definitely try more. I like the way the authors have given ingredient directions for making multiple meals. Most of the meals are easy to assemble and freeze. One negative: the Chicken Wellington recipe tasted good, but was fussy to assemble. I am a single senior, but if I had 3 small kids (or even one), I would not have had the patience or time to assemble this recipe.

    Overall, a good $9 investment. I'll use it often....more info
  • Great book for families or those who entertain often
    This book has some really great recipes that are not at all difficult to follow. The proportions are ideally for families of 4 or more, but I have found it relatively easy to reduce the recipes for just my husband and I plus a night of leftovers. I have also used it for dinners with friends, and have had very good results. I'm not so sure I'd ever belong to the type of co-op where the folks get together and cook up a month of meals and freeze them in huge quantities, but it is definitely full of wonderful recipes and I would recommend it to anyone who has basic cooking skills.

    Two to try: Beef Chimichangas and Chicken Cacciatore...more info
  • Great meals, Good Instructions!
    I bought this book along with another to stock up the freezer. The recipes are easy to follow with good descriptions. I typically need photos to make a recipe but the descriptions are enough for me. They make the whole process seem simple and the recipes we have made so far are very good- There is a broad spectrum of recipes from kid friendly to ready for company. A keeper for sure...more info
  • great timesaver!
    This is a great cookbook to get your family back to the dinner table together. My daughters-in-law and I are cooking together once a month and we haven't made anything in the book that we don't like yet. The cost per meal is fairly low and it is great having fresh, home-made food in a hurry. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start eating at home again....more info
  • Great cookbook for Freezer Meals!
    This cookbook has wonderful recipes that your whole family will love! They are easy to follow and taste great!
    If you are looking for a more detailed book about what OAMC is all about though I would do some research elsewhere. This book has great recipes but isn't detailed with grocery lists like other books are.
    They do have an awesome system of how to increase servings though and I highly recommend these recipes!...more info
  • Yumo!!!!!
    I have done Dream Dinners numerous times & have also frozen my own meals from time to time. I've tried numerous other cookbooks but none compared to the recipes this one had to offer. They were similar to the Dream Dinners meals in my opinion. I attempted to put some in the freezer this weekend & am happy to say I spent about 3 hours & was able to sock away 10 meals. So far we are very happy with the results. I will definitely be grabbing this cookbook again....more info
  • recipes are delicious
    I've cooked a few of the recipes from this book and they have turned out so much better than expected!! This is by far the best freezer cookbook I have ever used...not your average recipes that you will find in some freezer cookbooks. Great tips for freezing. Fantastic book for any busy mom. I first borrowed it from our local library, and I just purchased one for my own today.
    The chicken tortilla soup, and the barb-b-q chicken pizza were excellent!...more info
  • Great suggestions & Great recipes
    This is a very good book that gives helpful suggestions on how to prepare meals (or portions of meals) ahead of time and store them in your freezer in easy, space-saving ways. Good for people who have the ability to buy meats in bulk. It definitely takes some time out of your day to prepare all of the meals/meats ahead of time. But, then, it saves you a LOT of time the rest of the month as you are preparing dinner. You don't have to have a lot of freezer space to do some of this either. The meals/meats can be placed in freezer bags and layed flat on top of each other. Saves a lot of room! There are a lot of great recipes in this book. I have enjoyed using it very much. Sturdy and eye-appealing. Highly recommend....more info
  • No more stress! Grab a meal from your freezer!!
    I love this book! Great, easy to follow recipes and so perfect for meals on those nights you just don't feel like preparing a meal! Perfect for taking a meal to a sick friend, one who's had a baby, etc. I have to say that my husband isn't picky at all and he disliked a couple of the recipes, so try them out before you take one to a friend to see what you like! I love the way they let me know exactly how to prepare the meal prior to freezing it--that made it even more simple to do! THANKS!...more info
  • My First "Freezer" cookbook: LOVE IT!
    I have saved SO much money using this book. I used to spend about $400 on groceries a month. Now I spend $200! WOW! Thats big savings. This book teaches you how to look for and buy meats that are on overstock prices and make them into great meals. I save so much time and now I have a variety of things to choose from for dinner. And it only takes about 20 minutes to warm it up and it tast so fresh still! I love it because I'm just starting out and learning to really cook good home style meals. This takes out all the guess work! It's easy to follow and the meals are yummy! There is something for everyone in this book!...more info
  • So So
    I have to admmit I was a little disappointed in the book. Many of the side dish recipes aren't even recommended for freezing ahead, which defeats the purpose of the book. Also, there were no thawing guidelines. Everything from raw chicken in marinades to lasagnas, casseroles, etc, had directions that stated simply "Thaw completely". I worry particularly about cooking meat that is not completely thawed, and some sort of guideline for thawing would have been helpful. I also didn't think there was a great variety, particularly with chicken which is what we eat most. Many, though not all, of the chicken recipes were simply raw breasts thrown in several different types of sauces / marinades, which you can buy like that already marinated at the store. It was however simple, the instructions were clear, and I liked the measurements being multiplied out for you if you're making several meals. It is better than the one from 30 day gourmet, but not as good as the Frozen Assets one....more info
  • Great recipes and helpful instructions for freezing food
    I have always been a cooking enthusist and cook dinner almost everynight. The problem came when I recently went from being single to married with two kids. Cooking for four, all with different tastes, became a real challenge. My husband and I have a little more mature taste that the kids don't always like. This book is a life saver for me. It's great to be able to make a big batch of food that I know the kids will eat, and have it in the freezer for those nights I cook something they don't like. The only dislike to the book is that the recipes are pretty basic and not very health conscious. I do love the book because it's shown me how to freeze food so it will last longer. Overall, I'd recommend this book....more info
  • Great Book
    Love this book, the recipes are good. I cook for a month with a friend and for other families so we use alot of recipes. We have several other of this type of book and I'd say we use more recipes out of this book than any other. The only thing that I would like to see in this book is pictures. But I have to say that out of the four books we use only two have pictures: one of those (Freezer Friendly Meals)only has pictures for about half the recipes and the other (Super Suppers) is falling apart, the binding is really cheap....more info
  • Not for the health concious
    I read tons of reviews online before ordering this book to try and save on cooking time. I was very disappointed in the recipes. Many of the ingredients are unhealthy and not what I would prepare for my family. I guess each person's idea of healthy cooking is different but I would definitley look through this book in a store before deciding to order it.
    The basic idea is a good one : prep dishes in bulk in advance. At a certain stage in preparation you freeze the food in batches. Then, when needed, pull out one of the batches from the freezer and pop it in the oven to finish up the final stage of cooking.
    I liked the explanations of how to freeze different items and the most economical way to stock a pantry.
    However, the ingredients were often things I would not buy (condensed soup, etc) and many of the dishes were high in sodium and fat. I also did not like the waste assoicated with the freezing process (zip loc bags, wax paper, etc) so that is another thing that held be back from applying the ideas in this book. If these things do not bother you then it could definitely be the book to make getting dinner on the table a lot easier!...more info
  • A fun surprise
    A friend reveiwed a similar book Dream Dinners: Turn Dinnertime into Family Time with 100 Assemble-and-Freeze Meals and as I read those reviews here on amazon, I came across this book. It was a pleasant suprise. The freezing tips were great, although I had heard of some, it was nice to have some more. It if full of great recipes too - Our family is enjoying this book!...more info
  • Excellent Cookbook
    We have tried several recipes from this book. All have been excellent. Even the baby loved them! Assembly is fairly easy and very well explained. The book is very well laid out, ingredients are already multiplied out for how ever many servings you want to make. ...more info
  • Time saver for a busy medical student!
    I'm a pre-clinical medical student, and often don't have time to mess around with dinner when I get home, especially during exam times. Using this book, I've been able to eat really well on the one night's worth of cooking I did at the beginning of the semester! I tried the spinach lasagna and beef stroganoff recipes this time around, and have been really happy with both of them. I find that I want to alter the recipes a little bit, but I think that has more to do with my needs and tastes than any problem with the recipes themselves.

    The other nice thing is that this is one of the few cookbooks I have been able to adapt as far as portion size without any trouble at all. I am single and end up cooking for myself. With this cookbook, that's no problem. I froze the lasagnas into smaller pans (and then took them out, thank you for that technique!!) for a dinner and lunch leftovers helping, and portioned out the stroganoff into single-serving sizes as well. No wasted food and no headaches. Fantastic!

    I also made this whole batch of food (which included a fair amount besides these two recipes) from one shopping excursion of about $100. I haven't had to go grocery shopping to any substantial degree in a month, other than for salad greens, cat food, noodles, or that last minute ice cream craving. This is VERY nice for both my financial budget and my time budget!

    All in all, I credit this book for saving me some serious time, money, and stress. I'm going to end up taking what I learn in making these recipes up to freeze and applying them to my other favorite recipes, too, which just makes it doubly valuable as far as I'm concerned....more info
  • Great meals, Good Instructions!
    I bought this book along with another to stock up the freezer. The recipes are easy to follow with good descriptions. I typically need photos to make a recipe but the descriptions are enough for me. They make the whole process seem simple and the recipes we have made so far are very good- There is a broad spectrum of recipes from kid friendly to ready for company. A keeper for sure...more info
  • best cook book ever!!
    I tried 90% of the recipes in this book, all of them are easy and delicious, I had all the ingredients in my kitchen, I am a teacher and when I come home I am literally exhausted and the less thing I want to do is cooking, so my husband was eating at macdonalds a lot, I spent two days cooking and freezing and is the best thing I could have done for our health, he loves the chimichangas, I love the kaboobs, and the italian chicken, I made the rolls so now we have fresh bread at home every time we just have to open the freezer, I really recommend this book for the busy people, it will save your life. THANKS A LOT!!!...more info
  • Superb
    This is a great cookbook. The idea is not to cook once a month or even once a week but to cook one meal at three servings- one for tonight and two to freeze. It is amazing how quickly the dinners build up in your freezer.

    The recipes in this cookbook are easy to prepare, good to eat and the directions are clear and easy. There are directions for cooking, freezing, reheating. There is nothing in the way of unusual ingredients. You will most likely have all of the ingedients on hand or they are easy to find at the grocery store.

    Wonderful idea and great book. ...more info
  • Dinner is really in the Freezer as we speak.....
    This book gives options of making larger batches if you wish to do so. This makes a wonderful way to help out someone who is at home ill, just had a baby, etc.....
    It is also helpful on those nights when the kids have practice, the other one has a hockey game, everything is rush, rush, rush. You can relax because you can pull out any of these freezer meals and feed your family.
    I suggest trying the smaller batch first. If it's a favorite, then double, triple, etc.
    If you know you have a potluck coming up, make one of your favorites and mark the container "Save for Potluck". The day of the event, you can sit back and relax....more info
  • A must have for any freezer cooks or busy moms!
    This book has easy recipes! They taste wonderful and are cinch to prepare for cooking and/or the freezer! I love the cranberry chicken the best!

    Highly recommend!
    ...more info
  • Yummmmm
    The recipes in here are so useful and practical! I LOVE that it gives the measurements/quantities for increasing the number of servings - so no calculations on my part! LOVE THIS BOOK!...more info
  • Dinner next week
    Has a lot of good recipes in it. I prefer this much more than I do the Dream Dinners book. There is a great variety of recipes and some that I never would have though of. The recipes are made up so that you can have one for dinner tonight and make enough for two, three, or six more nights. Having the dinner in the freezer really helps when you have those kind of days. Would definately recommend this book over the Dream Dinners one....more info
  • Good recipes, poorly-bound book
    Wanted to rate this 3 1/2 stars.

    This book has a good selection of make ahead entrees, as well as some appetizers, sides, and desserts to go with them.

    I am surprised by several of the comments complaining that you have to cook some ingredients first--even in your typical TV dinner, some or all of the ingredients are cooked prior to freezing (just one example is pre-baking a pie crust).
    Also, you don't necessarily need to thaw completely before cooking, especially for things like cookie dough--you could just add on some cooking time (you will have to adjust for this, because the authors don't)--or you cook the entire item through, let cool, THEN freeze in individual or family-size portions for later. Part of the reason things turn out mushy when they're reheated is that they weren't sealed properly when frozen--a vacuum sealer can keep out the ice crystals. Also, regarding blandness of recipes, freezing decreases the taste of spices, so you do have to adjust for that when freezing, or add spices during or right after cooking.

    Cons: too many recipes using convenience foods (canned "cream-of" soups, for example), although you can substitute healthier versions for some of them. Also, the binding is the type that lies flat, but the copy I borrowed from the library is just this side of having the pages fall out. There's no excuse for cheap binding in a book, and especially a cookbook.

    A decent book to go with Super Suppers....more info
  • A bit disappointing
    Not quite what I had expected. A lot of these recipes are simply different marinades for meat, which I've done in the past simply by buying pre-made marinades at the store. Don't be fooled by the title, these aren't simply remove from the freezer and bake meals. They are prep meals for the freezer, with additional ingredients and time added to the serving day requirements. No pictures at all, which was a disappointment. I was also a little confused by the amount of fresh pasta recipes (not frozen). Why they were included in a freezer cookbook is beyond me. I was looking for something to prepare meals for others, just to pop in the oven or heat up, and this wasn't it. I'll keep looking......more info
  • Great Book especially for beginners on freezing multiple meals
    I love this book. I have tried several recipes already and my family likes them. The charts to increase the recipes x 3, x6, x9 are very useful. I would suggest trying the recipe once before making multiples to make sure you like it. I would agree with another review that there are not many vegetarian recipes and half of the book is meat recipes. I also like the tips on how to freeze items without freezer burn and maximizing freezer space. If you are looking for a book to start with making multiple meals and freezing, this is the one....more info
  • This book WILL simplify your life
    The day I bought this book I looked through and picked recipes I wanted to make, and then went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients I needed. The next day I went to work preparing 30 meals. This book has great recipes. I have tried over 10 of them now. The cranberry chicken had great reviews so I tried it too..and it is so good, as is the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (which also had rave reviews). My family also loved the continental beef, shredded salsa beef, chicken breasts stuffed with pesto butter and lemon glazed chicken, just to name a few.
    This book even gives you some information on shopping, supplies, and freezing tips.
    My only gripe about the book is that there is no pictures beyond the front cover. I like to see what my dish is supposed to look like finished. Others may also want to know that there are NO seafood recipes in this book. That didn't bother me as I do not like seafood, but it may bother those who like it.
    I recommend this book to anyone that is sick of trying to come up with ideas for dinner the day of. You can make as little or as many meals ahead as you like. The book also has charts to show you how to multiply the recipe x3, x6 , x9 etc. So no more trying to figure out the measurements yourself.
    The recipes in this book are from basic (making marinades, adding meats, freeze) to more complex (cooking, browning, freezing). So far I haven't found anything that to much of a pain to do.
    If your thinking of doing freezer meals this book is it. It's great for those who have never done this before. ...more info
  • Awesome cookbook!
    This cookbook is amazing! I usually get so excited when buying a cookbook and then end up disappointed when the food/recipes are mediocre. This cookbook has great recipes to freeze ahead of time-- not limited to casseroles like so many. We are a dual working household, so meal planning is a must. This cookbook makes it easy and you don't have to compromise on food quality or flavor. Not all the recipes are as easy as crockpot meals, but they do allow for a lot of time saving the night of since so much of the legwork is done in advance....more info
  • Dinner is really in the Freezer as we speak.....
    This book gives options of making larger batches if you wish to do so. This makes a wonderful way to help out someone who is at home ill, just had a baby, etc.....
    It is also helpful on those nights when the kids have practice, the other one has a hockey game, everything is rush, rush, rush. You can relax because you can pull out any of these freezer meals and feed your family.
    I suggest trying the smaller batch first. If it's a favorite, then double, triple, etc.
    If you know you have a potluck coming up, make one of your favorites and mark the container "Save for Potluck". The day of the event, you can sit back and relax....more info
  • 4 and a half stars overall; 5 stars for flavor!
    I cook in bulk and freeze on a regular basis, keep an inventory list on top of my freezer, decide what we are eating the next day and defrost in the fridge the night before. This particular book gives a nice organization to how to purchase in bulk for cooking. The dinners are very tasty and quite simple to prepare. Most freezer cookbooks have a lot of cream of mushroom soup type ingredients and the entrees are largely casseroles. Not this book! This book has a great variety of recipes with higher quality ingredients. The recipes from this book taste fresher than many have made from other freezer cookbooks. I prefer to do prep work (chopping veggies, shredding cheese, etc the night before) and then it's easy to follow these recipes and make several recipes in one day. I spent 4 hours on Sat. and froze 23 meals for my family of 4. Though the format is generally for a family of 4, I have smaller Pyrex casserole dishes with plastic lids and freeze each recipe in half - for 2, and then I can take out more when needed. It's easy to figure out how to make healthier choices in ingredients (fat free salad dressing or less cheese). Complaints? The binding broke on first use. A spiral bound book would be so much better. Also, it would be nice if nutritional information was included. Lastly, there could more side dishes to freeze (most are "make on the day you serve") since it is a freezer cookbook and most of the meals are entrees which would almost require a side dish or two....more info
  • wonderful cookbook!
    This cookbook lives up to its name! A must have for busy families.......more info
  • Great Freezable Recipes
    I purchased this book while expecting my first child to prepare meals for when he arrived and I would have little time for cooking. So far I have made a few recipes - some are easy and some are a bit labor intensive! Directions are very easy to follow and the freezing/thawing process is explained very well. ...more info
  • Great tasting & easy recipes
    I had the opportunity to make 4 of the recipes so far in this book and put them in the freezer. Out of the 4 I will definately be making 3 of them again! They were easy to assemble and cooked up great! ...more info
  • Easy & Helpful
    I am really glad I finally decided to buy this cookbook. I have an 8 month old and was trying to come up with a way to improve our dinners at night during the week. The recipes are easy (although, in retrospect, make sense to do...marinating, etc.) but overall it makes it really nice to have something you can do that is yummy without a lot of effort. We have made, and frozen, several of the items and it is working out great....more info
  • Good recipes but expected less cooking up front
    I bought this book because I wanted to mimic the recipes used by Dream Dinners and other make-ahead and freeze recipes. I expected to assemble raw ingredients for freezing and instructions on how to cook at a later time. This book is more about how to cook recipes in their entirety, and then freeze for later consumption....more info
  • Great for busy people
    This book has enabled me to make dinners ahead of time- and freeze them, and then just pull them out when I am ready to use them. I sometimes put the instructions right on the frozen zip lock bag (with perm marker) or just refer to the book for heating instructions. This book does just what it says it will. Great tips on how to freeze, maximize freezer space etc.
    It is a great feeling of relief to come home, pull something out of the freezer and not have to start from scratch. Saves a lot of money too, because you can buy all of the ingredients at once and make a bunch of the same thing in one session. (Instead of keeping fresh ingredients around that I used to end up throwing out) I usually do my prepon a day off from work....more info
  • Dynamite!
    I am new to the whole prepping dinner ahead philosphy but I am a believer with this cookbook!

    The recipes we have tried are great whether you make them right away or freeze them. My husband is super picky and it got his seal of approval.

    Our personal favorite is the Chicken Parisienne, we have made it over and over again. There is always at least one batch in the freezer so it can be thrown in the crockpot in the morning and we have a delicious meal without the fuss!...more info
  • Love this book!!
    I just got this cookbook for Xmas and I have already used it several times! The recipes are easy and do not include exotic ingredients. The book explains exactly how to freeze things for best quality. Highly recommend!!!...more info
  • Life Saver
    I have a deployed spouse and two young children. I love this book. I can cook whenever I get a chance and then freeze into small portions. I would recommend a cooking co-op with friends. Double or triple the batch and then do a meal swap. For instance if I had three friends and tripled the recipe then we swap and now I have three different meals from the one that I made. This also has a great section for appetizers if your hosting a party, a section for drinks you can make ahead such as frozen punches, teas etc. It is worth any price!!!!...more info
  • Great Book, Pity About the Binding
    This cookbook is great! The recipes use ingredients you probably have sitting in your pantry right this minute. The font is clear and easy to read. Every recipe I have made has turned out great. I especially love the detailed instructions for going about freezing the meals, then preparing the meal from the freezer.

    My only complaint is the cheap binding that the book has. The spine cracked the first time I opened it to use a recipe, lying partially flat on my counter. Now, two weeks later, pages are already falling out. I'm planning on taking it to my local copy center to see if they can spiral bind the entire book. Otherwise, I'll 3-hole punch it and use a binder.

    Perhaps for the next edition they should consider a spiral binding....more info
  • Great dinner ideas
    I loved the title of this book. I'm a school teacher, so I have a hard time fixing dinner after school. I made several of their ideas this summer, and it has really helped this fall. They had some great ideas, on all different kinds of foods, not just casseroles, but soups, appetizers, desserts. I think it's great!!...more info
  • Awesome Book!
    I have a very hard time finding quality recipe books with healthy recipes. Most are full of recipes and weird ingredients my family would never eat. These recipes are not only awesome, but the instructions are great, too. I purchased this after trying Dream Dinners for the first time, and it is exactly like the type of meals and preparation you would find in the store. I can't wait to get started cooking!...more info
  • Certainly better than many other freezer cookbooks!
    This book is excellent. There are many ideas for frozen meals that do not involve mushroom soup or casserole dishes, and the author lays out various methods for freezing food that result in maximum efficiency and ease of preparation when you finally decide to eat them! I have found the first chapter of this book very helpful no matter what recipe you decide to use, hers or others from other sources. A worthwhile purchase....more info


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