Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness

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In this age of do-it-yourself health care (heck, if the doctor only sees you for 10 minutes each visit, what other options are there?), Change Your Brain, Change Your Life fits in perfectly. Filled with "brain prescriptions" (among them cognitive exercises and nutritional advice) that are geared toward readers who've experienced anxiety, depression, impulsiveness, excessive anger or worry, and obsessive behavior, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life milks the mind-body connection for all it's worth.

Written by a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who has also authored a book on attention deficit disorder, Change Your Brain contains dozens of brain scans of patients with various neurological problems, from caffeine, nicotine, and heroin addiction to manic-depression to epilepsy. These scans, often showing large gaps in neurological activity or areas of extreme overactivity, are downright frightening to look at, and Dr. Amen should know better than to resort to such scare tactics. But he should also be commended for advocating natural remedies, including deep breathing, guided imagery, meditation, self-hypnosis, and biofeedback for treating disorders that are so frequently dealt with by prescription only.

In this breakthrough bestseller, you'll see scientific evidence that your anxiety, depression, anger, obsessiveness, or impulsiveness could be related to how specific structures in your brain work. You're not stuck with the brain you're born with. Here are just a few of neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen's surprising--and effective--"brain prescriptions" that can help heal your brain and change your life:
To Quell Anxiety and Panic:
? Use simple breathing techniques to immediately calm inner turmoil
To Fight Depression:
? Learn how to kill ANTs (automatic negative thoughts)
To Curb Anger:
? Follow the Amen anti-anger diet and learn the nutrients that calm rage
To Conquer Impulsiveness and Learn to Focus:
? Develop total focus with the "One-Page Miracle"
To Stop Obsessive Worrying:
? Follow the "get unstuck" writing exercise and learn other problem-solving exercises

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointing
    I bought this book for my husband at his request, after having seen the author on television. He assumed the book would give specific instructions for improving his memory and other brain functions, but found it too full of generalizations. He threw out the book.
    Ruth Roufberg...more info
  • Very Interesting
    Dr. Amen demonstrates in this book how the way we think and act may be affected by physiological issues in the brain. We know this is true in severe cases as demonstrated by studies involving patients who have sustained severe brain trauma, like Phineas Gage and research done by Dr. Oliver Sacks. Dr. Amen is suggesting that more subtle issues, previously thought of as purely psychological, may also have origins in the physicality of the brain. He uses a scanning procedure called SPECT to take pictures of the brain activity to see normal and abnormal patterns that can help explain things like depression, ADD, OCD, temper and aggression, etc.

    The book includes "prescriptions" for helping normalize each part of the brain--not drugs per se, though those are included, but other things you can do, such as diet, exercise, and techniques.

    The impact of head trauma is also discussed in detail in this book and I think the results of this are amazing. Dr. Amen has many stories of patients who were told by doctors, after a minor head trauma, that they had recovered completely. However, their personality changed drastically after the incident "without explanation." Dr. Amen's SPECT studies showed the reason, though; sections of the brain that cannot function normally due to the damage.

    I think one of the great things about this book is it can help people with psychological problems understand that their conditions are not the result of weak wills, poor upbringing, bad character, or insubstantial phychological issues. They are the real result of physcial problems, just like any other disease. This realization may help people get beyond the stigma of mental problems and accept help they may not have gotten otherwise. This is an important thing to accept if you're going to get help and work through your issues to become the person you really are.

    Besides helping me understand myself better, what things like the MBTI and now Amen's book do for me is help me realize that all those awful, selfish, egotistical, annoying, frustrating people out there probably CAN'T HELP the way they are. They aren't neccessarily CHOOSING to be jerks or to make life miserable for other people, they just can't help it. And that helps me be more tolerant and, if I'm quick enough, helps me learn techniques for dealing with them more effectively....more info
  • Changed by Life!!
    This book changed my paradigm on life or "lense" through which I view it and everything to do with all aspects of life. Even if this is just to understand these conditions to help you with loved ones, if you have any of these conditions, or just want to become more informed & compassionate about mental health & brain physiology this is the right book for you. Instead of sending it to all my friends and family, I bought them their own copy as I refer back to it often & will have a permanent place on my bookshelf....more info
  • One of the best books I've ever read
    I bought the book, followed the recommendations within and within one month my life completely changed! Friends and family have commented on what a much happier and upbeat person I am now, plus I've eliminated my high fat and carb cravings and have lost 22 pounds!

    If you want to know why you do what you do, and why you feel the way you do - BUY THIS BOOK and read it and then read it again!

    I recommend this book to every single person I know! I even gave it as Christmas presents to my family! For four months now I have been following this book and I have read it at least three times in its entirety (sp?)....more info
  • love this one
    If you have wondered why you do what you do or why you think as you do, then this is a must read. Not only is this informative but it is helpful and also funny at times. Dr. Amen has a down to earth practical style we all can enjoy....more info
  • Learn "how to" handle life hecklers
    I have known and loved my husband for 44 yrs. This book defined solutions for behavioral concerns time has wrought. First, thank goodness, second other examples that didn't look for help where relationships were let go instead of solved. The vow we took was for better or worse, come for answers and solutions. Great insight of our human race we take for granted and solutions for remaining human. We are together with the diagnosis and solved our "differences" with 'change your brain change your life'. Examples of circumstance and real life examples are given as well in the book. A person fell off a ladder and one year later a family dispersed, not necessary- this book can save lives and all that goes with this life....more info
  • Change Your Brain Chainge Your Life
    Great book, a must read for everyone. Finally a book that is easy to read, understand, and also informative....more info
  • wonderful
    This book is so informative. It has given me empathy for people that otherwise I had disdain for. I've read it and reread it over and over. Thank God for people like Dr. Amen who wouldn't give up. I've shared this info with many others, and one retired school psychologist said, "I knew those kids were not bad kids, but I didn't know why."...more info
  • entertaining and filled with useful information.
    even though not all of the information in this book has been clinically proven, i feel the dr./author is headed in the right direction. i believe his work to be revolutionary in the study of psychology....more info
  • chenistry and the brain
    Clearly writtern for people who are concerned about mental health issues for themselves or those they love. Case studies and photographic evidence helps to explain some pshychological problems without any stigma or weakness of character BS. I do wish that the book was less drug cure oriented. I guess excercise and diet can only do so much....more info
  • Ordered book but no show
    I paid for this book and it never showed up at my house. I tried contacting Amazon and they did nothing. I am very disappointed. Bad Amazon vendor....more info
  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
    What a great treatise on how the various parts of the brain function. The book explains how deficiencies in various parts of the brain cause certain behaviors in people. I was amazed how cocaine, amphetamines, and alcohol were so destructive to brain cells. Years ago I was advised by a medical Doctor in the Dupont Co. that alcohol kills brain cells. He was so right! This book led me to another book, "The Brain That Heals Itself" which illustrates how stroke victims can regain the use of various limbs which have been adversely affected. I recommend this second book highly. N. Orlich...more info
  • great book
    Totally makes sense now. Find out how your brain works as it does and the positive steps you can take to change it....more info
  • Progressive information
    This is very interesting reading and user friendly. I am thrilled that something so complex can be explained in simple enough terms for the layman to understand....more info
  • Dr. Amen covers his subjects well.
    I bought the book after having seen his program on PBS and it was well worth the time and money I put into it. I will definitely purchase other gbook by Dr. Amen!...more info
  • I can't say enough!!!
    My husband had a brain scan at the Amen clinic in 2006 on the recommendation of his doctor. Wow is it bad. After recently seeing the video as part of my school classes at Goodwill, I have come to understand his behavior changes. We are that couple that got an "F". I have been telling him some of the things Dr. Amen talked about, but to no avail. I ordered the DVD and book for him to see and read. This is an answer to prayer in improving our relationship.God bless you Dr. Amen. I will be forever grateful to you....more info
  • Simple-minded
    Though interesting, I have to say that Dr. Amen is oversimplifying brain health. As someone who has been ill since the wireless boom, I'm curious why he never mentions exposure to artificial electromagnetic and microwave radiation as something harmful to brain health? - particularly the electromagnetic and microwave radiation emitted by cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi signals, and most importantly, the cell phone towers and antennas that support this technology and irradiate us day and night? I truly believe that if he'd investigate this further, he'd find that brain health is more than a matter of diet and excercise, as these exposures affect sleep cycles, mood, and memory, and irradiated individuals have little energy to expend on extracurricular activities. Please google the Bioinitiative Report. Also, Mobile Phone Emissions Increase Worm Fertility. He oversimplifies way too much in this book....more info
  • Changed my life
    Unbelivable series. I listened to all the CDs in my car and purchased the book for the pictures and backup. I learned so much about myself and my loved ones. Worth getting!...more info
  • Dr. Daniel Amen, a life changing experience for the good.
    Woww, what a great doctor, and what a great mind. For my family, reading his well researched and written books are changing lives in my family. I am seventy-three years old, am very healthy, and look forward to the rising of the sun each morning with great anticipation! Each day I ask, "what special things will happen in my life today that will make me even more greatful for my life?" Finding and hearing Dr. Amen on KCPT, Kansas City Public Television, is such an illuminating experience. So, Change Your Brain, and Change Your Life! It works for me.
    Thank you.
    Kansas City Darrell...more info
  • OK but not what expected
    Interesting book. Not quite what I expected though. Lots of case studies and descriptions of what medications he prescribed.
    I hoped for more on the natural side of how to improve your brain, eg: Diet,- but it dosen't touch on that too much except to mention that we need high protein/low-carb. If you have a specific ailment and are looking for info on how to treat it then this is a good book for you. Also, it does touch on how music and goal-setting can be good for brain health. I found this helpful. But the bulk of the book is case studies and what prescription meds he issued! I don't regret buying it even though I think it could heave been better: ie, - more in-depth info on the natural side of things like music, diet, smells, natural remedies... and less on prescription meds....more info
  • Fascinating
    The author uses brain scans and other tools from nuclear medicine to discuss common emotional issues such as anxiety, impulsiveness, anger, etc. The author's prescriptions have been cited by many experts but as far as I know, have not been linked to the various brain scans, which are compelling. This book is excellent. I believe it should be read in conjunction with Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self which explains what each emotion means, and provides questions to accept, understand and best resolve them. Read both books....more info
  • change your brain change your life by dr amen on audio cd
    This product was an eye-opening, informative, educational and uplifting find. I have started applying Dr. Amen's prescriptions to my life and in the lives of my children, so far we have had GREAT success. I would greatly recommend this product for everyone. Even if you are not suffering from any of problems on the cover, it could help you have more insight in your thoughts and how you relate to others....more info
  • Wish I'd Known 30 years Ago
    I'd seen Dr.Amen's special on PBS after which I purchased this book. I've always known that there was something about my personality that was in a sense "broken" and that I had some sort of learning disability, although that tern hadn't even beened coined when I was a child. Dr. Amen has a great ability to put what is a complicated subject into very easily understood laymen's terms and the personal stories of his patents were eye opening. The story of Jamie on page 139 so closely parrelled my family life, that I felt he had written about me. I was able to understand for the first time why I grew up the way I did, why my mother was the way she was and why to this day, I continue to struggle with certain aspects of my personality. I only wish that I'd known this information 30 years ago. However, I'm hopeful that this book will be the catalyst that I need to change MY brain in order to change my life. Keep up the good work, Dr. Amen! ...more info
  • Change your Brain
    This book really helped me to understand myself and my family. I bought an extra copy to send to my daughter who has suffered all her life with depression, anxiety, obsessive/compulsive disorder and panic attacks. Great suggestions for how to help yourself and your spouse....more info
  • Stimulating!
    I had seen a two hour program by the author of this book on our PBS channel and that is why I just HAD to get the book! Very interesting information, new to me.... I recommend this book highly!...more info
  • A nice change of pace...
    I have read quite a few self help books in my day and someone told me that this might be an interesting one. It proved just that way. It really digs in to the meat of what is going on in your brain and explains things in a non "fluffy" way for once. It has so many case studies and stories about the content. I really enjoyed this book and felt it was well written. ...more info
  • Recommended by my doctor!
    Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness This was recommended by my doctor! Not because I am suffering from any of these problems, but it simply has lots of good information, suggestions, observations about the relationship between our physical brain and our mental health. It would be excellent for someone with no background for this topic as it is easy to understand and enjoyable to read. A "condensed version" to use as a "reminder" reference would actually be more helpful for me. ...more info
  • A new approach with similar solutions
    The most interesting thing about this book is understanding different parts of the rain and how they function even though it is not the main thrust of the text. The author's text seems like a different approach with the same old solutions offered for depression, anxiety, rage, etc. It's a bit tedious and tiresome. ...more info
  • Amazing book.
    This is the most fantastic book I've read on this subject. It has helped me understand my own brain chemistry issues, as well as helping my family and friends understand what I have been experiencing. ...more info
  • Blah, Blah, Blah
    Blah, Blah, Blah. There was a lot of talking but not a lot of information. I bought this book thinking it would help my son... but there is NO way he would get past the first few pages.... get to the point!...more info
  • Change Your Brain Change Your Life
    I am a social worker and would recommend this book to many of my clients who want to know what they can do to improve their functioning. It has alot of cutting edge science in it, but is also very readable. I enjoyed it and will keep it as a reference....more info
  • A very informative book
    I was loaned this book and found it fascinating so bought two; one for me and one to loan to others. It helped me better understand my daughter who has bipolar disorder and people I work with who function totally different than I do.
    The title says it all!...more info
  • Readable Information about Your Brain
    Dr. Amen's book brings together in highly readable terms the biological and psychological factors so important to mental health. It offers patients a guilt-free perspective on what has gone awry....more info
  • well-organized
    Change Your Brain, Change Your Life contains much information. It is good to read the whole book, but then you must choose which parts apply to you. Each chapter has symptoms, medications and alternative aids. You decide. It has been very helpful....more info
  • Change your brain for the better
    This is a pretty good book that appeals to the broad audience of just about anyone who has suffered from at least mild mental distress, and that includes about everyone. I agree with the doctor's philosophy that most mental disturbances can be attributed to metabolic abnormalities in different regions of the brain, though there's nothing too earthshaking about this idea. Many of the cognitive therapy excercises seem to be derived from ideas that Aaron Beck and David Burns have had, though the doctor does a good job summarizing and presenting these ideas in a practical, easy to use manner. This book also is not anti-medication, in spite of presenting these non-medication methods for improving mental health. Overall, a good read for anyone suffering from any type of mild mental distress. Avery Z. Conner, author of "Fevers of the Mind". ...more info
  • So far, an interesting book
    After watching a PBS special featuring Dr. Amen, my husband and I wanted to read more about the subject and decided to purchase this book. So far, it is a very interesting read - we probably will not follow EVERY bit of advice (we do enjoy our wine). However, we will try a few of the recommended foods and techniques to stay sharp, focused and remember the "use it or lose it" philosophy when it comes to continual learning.
    You must challenge yourself to keep your brain at the top of its game, and reading a book about the subject is a fine start.

    ~ Lee ...more info
  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
    This is a very informative, enlightening book. My Granddaughter, who is ADD, and I are both learning many new things about her condition. It has helped us both in relating to each other. If you know someone with ADD or any type of brain malfunction, you MUST get this book for you and them. Well worth owning.

    Marion W....more info
  • Change Your Brain Change Your Life
    I am very impressed with Dr. Amen's book. I can see where it can help my family tremendously. Knowledge is power and this is one incredible and powerful book. He makes technical terms easy to understand and I've read it through and totally enjoyed this book.

    It gives one compassion for those with brain injuries, which may have happened in a fall, car accident, while we were children or other times in our lives, and most of us don't put the injury and a change in behavior together. The brain is quite delicate and to have it bounced around inside our skulls can damage it. It's amazing to realize a left temporal lobe injury can cause one to be angry much of the time and not be able to control oneself. I would definitely take a family member that has serious issues (ADD, ADHD, OCD, Depression, Anger Issues, etc.) to one of his clinics ( and get the spect brain imaging where you can really see where the problems are occurring and treat with proper medication, therapy and/or alternative methods. He's not all about pure drugging, but there is a place for them and they work better when you can see what area is out of snyc and not just guessing. Just like you use an ultrasound to "see" a cyst, you can "see" where the problem (activity level) is. I recommend this book for all. A true treasure chest of knowledge. ...more info
  • not finished but fine book thus far
    i would prefer to review it after I have finished but like it as far as I have read. Am on vacation now thanks for your quick service...more info
  • Very Enlightening
    Change Your Brain is an extrmely thourough analaysis of the functioning of the brain and the various problems associated any area(s) that are out of sync. Author uses scans to view actual brain functioning and has correlated psychological problems with physical brain disorders/malfunctions.

    And, in the "self help" category, he, being a psychiatrist, offers voluminous advice on how to deal with each disorder from the sufferer's perspective and from those close to them. Includes diet, approaches to life, approaches to conflict and possible drug and vitamin solutions.

    Would rate it at 5 stars, but it IS a bit detailed and not simply a quick easy read. But if you hang in there, you will get a very good exposure to the mind's workigs and how it relates to behavoir. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Excellent book
    I purchased this book after seeing Dr. Amen on PBS. I read it straight through and found it extremely insightful and informative. Both of my kids have ADD and I am encouraging them to read it....more info
  • Freedom from Negativity
    This fascinating book is filled with scientific proof that our thoughts directly affect our physical, mental and
    spiritual lives. Thoughts release a chemical reaction that is directly linked to our deep limbic system, the part of our brain that allows us to experience and express emotion. Through the use of imaging technology Dr. Amen shows us what a healthy brain looks like, and compares it to pictures of a myriad of disorders such as ADD, Alzheimer's, and depression. These brain pictures show the results our thoughts have upon our bodies when we experience depression and anxiety. Dr. Amen has named our "Automatic Negative Thoughts" ANTs. These ANTS don't always tell the truth and, just like at a picnic, they multiply quickly and can take over. Our brains don't know we are being lied to. We believe these ANTs are telling us the truth.

    This book is a perfect companion to the work of Ariel and Shya Kane. They are masters at teaching the skill set of how to live in the moment without guilt, fear or worry. Their books: Working on Yourself Doesn't Work: The 3 Simple Ideas That Can Instantaneously Transform Your Life,Being Here: Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment,and How to Create a Magical Relationship, offer an effortless path to freedom from those nagging ANTs....more info
  • Get Help With Insight From This Book
    This is a good overview of how certain parts of the brain can affect your actions and moods. Each chapter about a part of the brain is followed by recommendations to improve the brain's function and in turn your life.

    Yes, one recommendation is usually medication, but the other 10 or so can easily be incorporated into your life. If you could use a little help, this book and recommendations are certainly worth the low selling price.

    Enjoy and good luck....more info
  • One of the best mental health books I've read.
    I've read many mental health books. This one has been my favorite and most helpful, along with Dr. David Burns "Feeling Good" in a close second.
    Dr. Amen's work is a fresh change from the standard, "take a pill and you'll feel better" approach taken by so many healthcare professionals. I've always been torn on the medication debate, but this book very much opened my mind to all therapy approaches. It is written in way anyone can understand and retain the information, while still being fairly scientific.
    I highly recommend this book. It will help you understand yourself and the people around you so much better. ...more info
  • Exceeded my expectations!
    A magnificent piece of work! Full of valuable information and exercises you can do to help yourself. I am a retired Clinical Psychologist and if I were still in practice I would give a copy of this book to all my patients!
    Thank you Dr. Amen for a wonderful contribution to the mental health and
    happiness of millions of people that will benefit from reading your book!
    Whoever reads this, do yourself a favor and get a copy! You won't regret it!!!! Dr. Boris V. Camacho-Vega Ps.D....more info
  • Don't make it Personal
    Actually, this is a review of the reviewers. But a little about myself. For 9 years I performed failure analysis for safety related systems in nuclear reactors. Safety related systems are those used to safely shut down a reactor when it needs to be. When a part doesn't work as expected, you have to know why. Why? Because you can't fix it unless you know what it is you need to fix. I'll end it here, but I'm sure the reader can now appreciate all the arguments, pointing fingers, investigations, test, communications, travels, lies, stories and pressure (you have to have a reason and solution in 72 hours or the NRC will force you to shut down the reactor) you get hit with. It has taught me to look at things differently.

    I see two groups of people here: those that are for and those who are against. I see the writing style. Before you even hit the keys, you have decided what you want to say. Bias.

    For those of us that think Dr. Amen's approach is the best thing since sliced bread.....beware. This is new. It has some valid points. I myself relied on a vast army of tools, including the electron microscope. Yes, EM. I was able to do in two days what General Electric took to do in one month. Once you have all the data you can possibly secure and boiled it down into information (very important concept here) only then can you sit back and form a conclusion. At no time can you be bias before the conclusion phase. And you are asking for trouble in your conclusions if you base everything on one experience.

    For those of us that think Dr. Amen's approach is akin to snake oil.... beware. The world does revolve around the sun. In nuclear, you can have the best program running in a computer and it won't work if the computer hardware is at fault. You can have the best computer in the world but it won't work if the program is faulty. You can imagine the complexity if both are at fault. And both won't work properly if the operator doesn't understand what the results mean (Three Mile Island). Having said that, I get a little edgy when a person says it has nothing to do with the hardware or the hardware couldn't possibly contribute to the faulting net system results. Then resort to personal attacks to ensure the validity of his conclusions. As soon as I see personal attacks to boost a conclusion, all bets are off. There are emotions here and emotions have a way of tainting data. Many of you have done this in your reviews of Dr. Amen's book. You proved you were bias and as a result your data, information and conclusions are corrupt.

    Now for something we all wanted to know. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one was there, did it make a noise? Most of you will remember this in high school or college and no one had a solution but boy did it entertain!!

    First, what is noise. You need an energy source and a transducer. Energy is fed to a transducer and the transducer vibrates. A transmitter. Second, we need a receiver, which is our second transducer. It receives the vibrations and converts it to.... on the part of a human, sound. A tape recorder can also produce the same results. The third part, and this is the part that everyone forgets, the transmitting media. You have to transmit those vibrations from the source transducer to the receiving transducer. In air, it's air. In water, it's water. Or wood, teeth and bone in the case of Beethoven.

    Lets test. I talk to you, you hear. I stop talking to you, you do not hear. You leave the room, you do not hear. We take the air out of the room, you do not hear.

    Second test. You and I outside of the space shuttle way up above earth. No radio. I talk, you do not hear. I press my helmet to yours. I talk, you hear. You leave, you do not hear. I stop talking, you do not hear.

    Third test. You are in a city. You have a radio. The talk host is talking. You hear the talk host. You walk away from the radio. You do not hear the talk host. The talk host stops talking, you do not hear him. The battery dies on the radio, you do not hear the talk host. Air, in this instance, is irrelevant. The mic can be attached to the person's throat expelling air as he talks in into a vacuum and the headphone is attached to the receiver's cochlear implant (just in case there are those who wish to argue).

    What we have: We have identified three elements essential to sound. You must have a transmitter, the transmitting medium, the receiver. Sound relies on these three elements. If we take any one of them away, you do not have sound.

    In the woods, you have the transmitter, the falling tree. You have the transmitting medium, air. You do not have a receiver.

    What is your conclusion?

    The tree did not make a sound in the forest when it fell because no one was around.

    ...more info
  • most helpful book
    I ordered this book after seeing Dr. Amen on PBS. I was surprised to learn so much from this book. ...more info
  • In the process...
    This book was recommended by a friend who had brain surgery. I am trying to recover from a traumatic brain injury. This book, though very technical, has given me practical ways to help change areas of my thinking and move forward with my healing.
    I highly recommend this book for recovering brain injured patients, drug addicts, thinking disorders, or if you just need to adjust your thinking.
    It also explains the importance of the bonding processes in children. Great book for teachers and/or parents. ...more info
  • Fabulous book
    This is a most helpful book. It is the only real help I have found on a most complex and difficult subject. What a revelation to find useful information for a lay person to use to help themselves and loved ones. His ideas are simply explained and extremely useful and, best of all, they work. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • change your brain change your life
    This is a must read book, it gives a good understanding on how our brain work and how it affects our behavior. It'll help us understand people around us and their behavior, at some point may need to seek treatment....more info
  • "Know Thyself"
    With his book, "Change your Brain, Change your Life," Dr. Amen has given us a superb modern tool to make use of the ancient Greek aphorism, "Know Yourself."
    Written with eloquent passion and in an easy-to-follow style, he touches on every kind of human reaction to life situations and illustrates them with vivid examples. "That's me," is bound to flash through one's mind from time to time, even the best adjusted and most normal person. We gain a wonderful understanding of how a human brain seems to work, and why. It cannot fail to make a person more tolerant and understanding of others, and perhaps also kinder to oneself.
    An important part of the book is its self-help orientation. For every type of brain function or malfunction Dr. Amen prescribes remedies, exercises, and various foods that may help. For those who want to better their brain and their life, the book is a God-sent. Even though there are bound to be distractors in the medical profession--there always are--I find the book a most enlightening read and a step in the right direction. Thank you, Dr. Amen.
    Roswitha McIntosh
    (author of "Live, Laugh & Learn" and "The Madman & his Mistress")...more info


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