Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook: The 6-week Plan to Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person

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How many times does a dieter enthusiastically and faithfully start a weight-loss regimen only to end up a week, a month, a year later giving in to hunger and cravings again and again--and before he or she knows it, the pounds have packed back on?

This time, it's going to be different. This time, there's The Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook--a straightforward, effective plan for dieting successfully, losing weight with confidence, and, most importantly, keeping those excess pounds off forever.

Dr. Judith Beck, director of the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy and Research, is a world-recognized authority in the field of Cognitive Therapy. In her first weight-loss book, The Beck Diet Solution, she created a unique program that revolutionized people's approach to shedding pounds by changing both behavior and thinking. Rather than tell what to eat, Dr. Beck's step-by-step, six-week plan--which works with any nutritious diet--teaches the skills needed to stay continuously motivated to stick to a diet and to achieve lasting weight loss.


  • Works for dieters who are familiar with the original The Beck Diet Solution book AND for those coming to the program for the first time through this workbook

  • It is a stand-alone workbook that will incorporate the philosophy of Cognitive Therapy for weight loss and give the reader a map to plan and chart their own weight-loss program

  • Highly user-friendly, with plentiful opportunities to connect with other real-life dieters through their stories and sessions with Dr. Beck

  • There is a place for the reader to fill out lists of favorite foods, trigger foods, and alternatives based on a healthy eating plan

    Customer Reviews:

    • The Right Focus
      Forget the latest, greatest diet craze. Dr. Beck has nailed it in this book:you have to change the way you think about food and eating if you really want to be succesful at losing weight.

      This book helps you gain the skills to focus on what's important and the tools to successfully address dieting challenges. Best of all, she provides a framework to keep the focus positive so dieting becomes something you do for yourself, not to yourself.

      If you've been frustrated with dieting before -- or are trying to lose weight for the first time, I highly recommend this book. ...more info
    • Beck's is the Best!!
      A fantastic complete support workbook for addressing the psychological changes that must happen to lose weight and keep it off. Beck deals with the positive thinking processes needed to adapt to handling stress and better choices in behavior about food. The techniques work if you will follow the exercises and make an effort to stick with the program....more info
    • Great Weight Loss Tool
      I have the original book and this workbook is a great supplement to it. This weight loss plan based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the first plan that's ever worked for me. If you have a food addiction, this plan retrains your brain and I'm amazed at the results so far. Definately recommend it to everyone....more info
    • No Gimmicks, Real Results
      After having my fourth child (and having lost all the weight between each baby), I just couldn't get motivated to lose the weight again. I am not a "diet" person, and I refuse to do anything I don't feel I can maintain over the long haul. This book looked promising to me, and worth a try. Good decision. I lost 20 pounds over a period of about 6 months. I then stalled, still 10 pounds short of my pre-pregnancy weight. I knew I wasn't quite doing everything this program recommends, because cutting corners had been working ok for me (didn't do the food plan after the first 4 weeks or so... ate standing up a lot...). I bought the companion workbook for a quick re-read about 6 weeks ago. No more cutting corners. I have lost 6 more pounds... 4 to go. Everytime I don't follow my food plan, I stop losing.

      No magic here. Useful methods that you can use forever. It's not easy to do it, but all you have to do to ensure results is DO it. If you do what she says to do, you will lose weight....more info
    • My psychologist recommened this book
      My psychologist and therapist recommned this book and we have been working through each step.

      Some of the recommendations are great: sitting down for each meal (no eating while standing or in a car), eating slowly and mindfully, dealing with hunger, etc....more info
    • Change you thinking, Cognitive Therapy
      As a therapist I know this changing your thinking type book/CD can help me as well as others. Attended a workshop that Dr. Beck present. Excellent!...more info
    • Cognitive Therapy at Work!
      This workbook is setup differently. She goes into food plan, exercise, and diet coaches in the 1st couple of chapters and then later repeats it on the day that matches the book. I love the additional charts that she gives you and the additional steps. Makes a great workbook for her book.

      I highly recommend the purchase of both of them....more info
    • Great - but needs the book to be really effective
      Full disclosure - I have not actually done the entire workbook. That said, I've read the book and think that the workbook does not stand up well enough on its own. For example, the first step- day 1 - is to write down all the reasons you want to lose weight and to read that list at least twice a day. In the book she explains that you not only have to read the list, but you also have to ask yourself if that particular reason is important to you. She says this will stop you from just unconsciously reading the list and make you really incorporate it into your thought process. In the workbook, she doesn't get that detailed, and skips the whole thing about asking yourself if it is important. I like the convenience of having the workbook, but get the book as well. I do however think that if you actually do follow the program and incorporate all the steps you will definitely lose weight....more info
    • This is a good diet book
      I found this book to be very helpful, easy to read and easy to use. The active style the author takes to get you focused on life changes is the boost I needed to begin a weight loss program. This book gives you things to think about, ways to change what you think and feel about eating and many activities to help you along the way. It is not a DIET. It is a workbook to keep you on track while you change your eating habits. My only criticism is that it was not set up to use more than once....more info
    • Highly Recommended!
      Despite my extensive collection of diet books, there are really only two that have helped me: Dr. Phil's "The Ultimate Weight Solution", and now, this book. I just finished the 6 weeks, faithfully following the program each day, and I must say that I do notice a big change in my attitude toward food and exercise. I plan to take a week "off", then start reviewing it for another 6 weeks. There are lots of great strategies here, and the daily reinforcement keeps me focused. I highly recommend this book for its down-to-earth, no nonsense approach. (If you like to check off lists and write things down, I would recommend the Workbook over the book)....more info
    • Change your thinking and be thin!
      It is a lot of work - but well worth it. She really nails the distortion in my thinking and it is working!! This will make any (sane) diet work!!!...more info
    • The most helpful diet book I've ever read or owned.
      For everybody serious about losing weight and keeping it off. This book makes so much sense but it must be used correctly. All steps have to be followed and, truthfully, it's much better if it's done with somebody else. I'm doing it as part of a class and it does help to have a leader who can answer questions and keep people on track.

      Good luck to all who are going to use the book....more info
    • It really works!
      My doctor suggested that I buy either the book or this workbook. Since I like to make lists and check boxes, I chose the workbook. In eight weeks of dieting (10 weeks of following Beck's program), I've lost 16 pounds, and my eating habits have changed forever. The beauty of her plan is that it forces you to reorient your relationship with food. The most effective concepts for me have been: the rule that you must eat everything sitting down; eating slowly and mindfully; and the revolutionary (to me) concept that hunger is not an emergency, but a mild discomfort that will eventually be alleviated when it's time to eat again. When I finished with the workbook after six weeks I made my own. I highly recommend this workbook....more info
    • Good tips
      Helpful to keep you on track. If you don't like making lists then this book is not for you....more info
    • Workbook Inspires to Lose Weight
      Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook is the perfect next step following the Beck Diet Solution (book). Everything I need to continue being motivated to lose weight is in your Workbook. Thank you Judith Beck. Having lost 17 lbs and continuing to lose 5 pounds at a time, I am elated! ...more info
    • yadda yadda yadda
      Same song, second verse. Tells the very people who cannot eat right
      that the solution to their problem is to eat the 'right' food and
      of course exercise religiously. Might work for those who have no
      gluttonous tendencies to begin with but useless for changing the heart.
      Doesn't hold a candlestick to Gwen Shamblin's Weigh Down Workshop.
      I accidentally hit the wrong button on the star ratings. I think it should
      only have a 1 star rating. Sorry. ...more info
    • Review: The Beck DIET Solution Weight Loss Workbook
      Author & Books Views On A Healthy Life!

      Don't Just Think Like a Thin Person--Be the Thin Person!(Oxmoor House, 2007) by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

      Out the beginning of October, 2007 is the companion to New York Times Best-Seller The Beck DIET Solution: The Beck DIET Solution Weight Loss Workbook. Written by Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., it is The 6-Week Plan to Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person. Through reading, writing, and implementing The Workbook's contents, the reader will be able to counteract sabotaging thoughts, overcome weight loss obstacles, and succeed on any nutritious diet. It includes support and encouragement to the dieter through usable charts, graphs, inspirational to-do lists, journaling, and response cards.

      Learning to think like a thin person involves a retraining of the brain known as Cognitive Therapy. It is the only psychological method known to help dieters keep off excess weight once lost. Cognitive Therapy is defined as a time-limited, very practical, problem-solving oriented psychotherapy that has been demonstrated in over 400 research trials all over the world to be effective for a wide range of psychological problems, from depression and anxiety to substance abuse, eating disorders, and even chronic pain.

      The Beck DIET Solution is a six week program, using Cognitive Therapy, in which dieters learn new thinking or a behavioral skill every day. From that, one learns to superimpose old habits with new and better habits. These skills are used often or occasionally and relate to common sense ideas, like not overeating at dinner. Once a dieter's thinking is changed, these adopted good habits stay with him or her for a lifetime.

      I asked Dr. Beck about the thinking of thin people, "Do thin people really think differently than heavier individuals?"

      Dr. Beck: Not necessarily, but people who are chronic dieters definitely think differently. For example, they fear being hungry, they think it's unfair that they have to restrict their food, they fool themselves about how much they're eating, they think it's a catastrophe if the scale goes up. Naturally thin people or people who have dieted and have successfully maintained a lower weight may not like being hungry, but they just don't pay much attention to these sensations. Many of them restrict their eating to avoid gaining weight or just to be healthier. They don't see it as unfairness but rather as a normal consequence of achieving their goal. They don't deceive themselves about what and how much they're eating; they don't make excuses. If the scale goes up, they don't get worried. They just eat a little more carefully for a few days.

      How do people have to change their thinking about these habits?

      Dr. Beck: Dieters have all kinds of sabotaging thoughts that get in the way. "I really like to eat standing up. What's the harm? I'm just a fast eater--it would take too much effort to change. My life is too hectic. I don't have time to sit down for every meal and snack." These kinds of thoughts are exactly the ones that get in the way, that lead people to stray from their diet. They have to adopt a new mindset: "If I want to lose weight and be able to keep it off permanently, I have to change my eating habits permanently. I can't have it both ways. I can't eat the way I want to and be thinner."

      After a refresher course of The Beck DIET Solution, chapters 1-4, the dieter will come clean with a Daily Food Plan Chart, read Response Cards, and review her List of Reasons to Lose Weight. Each morning the dieter will be asked to chart My Daily Schedule, fill out My Daily Food Plan Chart, and each evening review the Today's To-Do List, circling anything incomplete. Finally, a short journaling page is included for answering questions and reflection.

      I have reviewed both The Beck DIET Solution and The Beck DIET Solution Weight Loss Workbook. These tools are ideal for any dieter, because they work with any nutritious diet and offer a realistic, new, scientifically-proven approach to dieting. Also, The Workbook is available in a very affordable pink paperback. Although readers of the first book will benefit as well from this new publication, Dr. Beck states that it is not essential have read the original Beck DIET Solution to use The Workbook.

      Dr. Beck says, "The goal of Cognitive Therapy is to teach you to become your own therapist. We not only help you with problems; we teach you all the skills you need to solve your own problems in the future." The Beck DIET Solution Weight Loss Workbook is not just a book about how to look great in a swimsuit; it is a roadmap to a healthy life.

      Dr. Beck: No other book teaches people the thinking and behavioral skills they need to succeed, one day and one skill at a time.

      Dr. Judith S. Beck the Director of the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy. She is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. Previously, she has published four professional books and over 100 articles. Cognitive Therapy has been used and studied in over 400 clinical trials. Dr. Beck, one of the world's foremost authorities of Cognitive Therapy, travels the world teaching and continually researching its benefits and uses.

      5 Stars...more info


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