Healthy Cooking for Two (or Just You): Low-Fat Recipes with Half the Fuss and Double the Taste
Healthy Cooking for Two (or Just You): Low-Fat Recipes with Half the Fuss and Double the Taste

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* More than 200 creative, low-fat recipes for today's smaller households
* Unique two-column recipe format for hassle-free preparation
* Tips on shopping for one or two, and streamlining your kitchen
* Full nutrient analysis with every recipe
* Special chapter of delicious, no-fuss menus
* Plenty of 30-minute recipes-- plus meatless meals, divine desserts, tip-packed boxes and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Yummy!
    I have used this book on an average of one or two times a week for the past year!
    The recipes are simple and most of them are very good.
    I haven't been dissappointed yet!
    Perfect portion sizes for one or two healthy eaters.
    It kept me eating healthy when I was single and now I share these benefits for two of us!...more info
  • Exactly what it claims to be
    This is a wonderful guide to cooking, with beautiful illustrations, a great personality and helpful hints for the novice cook. I bought this book for my little sister who is on her own in college, and she absolutely loves it! Easy recipes + healthy food = excellent cook book....more info
  • Excellent,, easy to follow and quick to make!
    This book contains easy delicious recipes that are quick to make and to please. While the quantities required in each recipe are small if you look thru the book you'll find a use for the left-overs, this book wastes very little and offers optional and/or alternative ingredients; all of which are easily found at a local big-name supermarket.
    ...more info
  • My Go-To Cookbook!
    This is by far my favorite cookbook. The recipes are healthy and delicious, and so easy to make! I have found myself making things I never would have thought I could, like yummy dishes with scallops (I never liked them before, but when I cook them fresh, they're great!). Some of the dishes are so quick and easy, like the Bachelor's Chicken and Deviled Chicken, that I find myself returning to them frequently on nights when I don't have a lot of time or energy to cook. My fiance has been very happy with this book as well, as he is always raves about how tasty to food is. We love the salads just as much as the main dishes. And it's easy to increase the ingredient amounts if you're having friends over. I have doubled and tripled some recipes with great results. Overall, I would recommend this cookbook to anyone and am giving it as a gift this year!...more info
  • Awesome, healthy, but not for beginner cooks!
    I was browsing through the reviews and noticed a few bad ones. The points that stood out were that the recipes were not for beginner cooks, ingredients were difficult to find or "unheard of," and the recipes didn't taste good. While I see where those reviewers are coming from, please don't let the bad reviews deter you from checking out this book!

    I have been cooking for myself since I was a teen, so to me the recipes are pretty simple! I've also heard of and cooked with most of the ingredients. If some of the ingredients seem mysterious, consider that a reason to try them out. I do not eat red meat or pork, so I stick to the vegetable and seafood recipes. The "half the fuss" part of the title is true. The book really simplifies things *for me*. The "double the taste" part is a lot more subjective. This is touted as a healthy cookbook though, so you don't expect the world if you're used to junk. I find most of the recipes delicious, and I've been using this cookbook a lot.... and it's not even mine!

    Someone also mentioned that the ingredients were pricey. That can be the case with healthy food sometimes. Better quality can sometimes mean higher prices. It may help to check out sales and to buy things in bulk. Just a thought....more info
  • Well worth the read
    If you like cooking and love good food, then this book is a must have. ...more info
  • Best cookbook I own!
    I bought this cookbook several years ago based on someone's recommendation, and consider it one of my best purchases ever. The recipes are simple to prepare, delicious and healthy. I have not been disappointed in a single recipe. I was a little turned off at first because there were no photos of the prepared foods, but after months and months of use, I can honestly say that I use this cookbook much more than my glossy cookbooks with the color photos. I've since bought it as a gift for friends and relatives and everyone has loved it! My favorite recipe is the Couscous with Sweet Potatoes and Yellow Squash (the aroma of this dish alone is worth the price of the book!), but as I said, everything I've tried is absolutely wonderful!...more info
  • Healthy Cooking Great Book
    I have prepared approximately 11 recipes from this cook book in the last month. All recipes have been delicious. The homemade granola is a wonderful alternative to the fattening & expensive store bought products. The nutritional information is easy to read and understand. I have also found the shopping, storing, and dietary information worthwhile. Maybe not new information but certainly a good memory refresher. I've been inspired to make my own chicken stock & freeze it, etc. Money well spent for a small family of two....more info
    This is the first time I have ever gone to the trouble to review any product online. After purchasing this cookbook based on numerous positive reviews, I got it for me and my daughter. This is the "bland leading the bland." I made a half-dozen of the best-sounding dishes, and nothing had much flavor. Even after doubling the spices (or even raiding my cabinet to see what I could add before it hit the plate) nothing stands out as a recipe I enjoy enough to ever make again, let alone serve to friends. The best thing about this cookbook is that the small portions give you less to have to throw down the drain....more info
  • A good, practical book for a single cook!
    This is the most-used cookbook in my collection, and I collect cookbooks for single cooks. Unlike many healthy cookbooks, this includes recipes for a variety of main dishes (vegetarian, chicken drumsticks, veal, beef, pork and lamb) rather than an endless series of "boneless skinless chicken breasts." It offers sensible suggestions for managing fresh produce without spoilage (such as a stir fry made from the grocery store take-out salad bar vegetables, rather than using a few pieces from a dozen different whole vegetables, and wasting the rest) and it pays attention to details such as the sizes of cans available in stores. The instructions for each recipe are clear and complete. As a bonus, each recipe has two sets of quantities - for one or two servings if the recipe doesn't make good leftovers, or for two or four servings if the recipe is good the next day! Despite being "healthy" the servings are generous, even satisfying my twenty-something brother. This also includes a comprehensive (but not too long) list of kitchen equipment, and happily, the recipes specify what equipment is needed, and never call for anything not on the basic list. This is a must-have book for any single cook....more info
  • Simple books with GREAT recipes with simple ingredients
    I purchased this book a few years ago because of Amazon's review. I looked at the newpaper quality paperback and filed it away with the rest of my cookbooks as I prefer to gaze at the big beautiful glossy recipe books.

    Last night, 6yo DS insisted on having chowder for his lunch. Somehow this book had edged it's way out of the bookself and sarting on page 70, there were 3 different chowder recipes. I had all the ingredients for the 'Corn and Red Pepper Chowder.' DS is a very picky eater and I didn't expect him to like it, but I made it last night and he had it for breakfast and said it was 'tasty'. I packed it into his thermos and hand wrote it into my 'Favroite' recipes photo album for future use.

    Now, I finally review what is in this wonderful cookbook!! There were so many recipes I could try out because I had the ingredients in my pantry. The author had nice suggestions/comments before the recipes ingredients were listed. Having amounts in 1/2 servings or 2/4 servings was very helpful since I mostly cook for 3. ...more info
  • Wish I knew so many recipes called for a blender...
    I would say over 35 % of these recipes call for a blender. This cookbook is also very much geared to a vegetarian style of cooking, though it also has interesting recipes for beef, chicken and pork, but there are more soups, salads, vegetarian main dishes and vegetable sides. Then of course, plenty of desserts. Each recipe also has quite a few ingredients. However, the author is very health conscious and the recipes are easy to understand....more info
  • one of the best "cooking for 1" cook books out there
    as a single person who hates leftovers and freezer burn, I am always looking for recipes that will make just enough for dinner. I have bought 6 or 7 cookbooks that serve 1. this cookbook is one that I actually use. It has a variety of recipes and is easy to follow. These are recipes that you can make after a stressful day at work and know that you will have good food with a minimal about of fuss....more info
  • Just what I needed to start cooking for myself again!
    I found this book in a bookstore one evening, when I was feeling a need for inspiration on cooking for one, after months of grabbing stuff on the run. I found this, and I started reading.... and cooking. I love the ingredients lists for one person, or two. The best things about this book: 1. FAST easy recipes! 2. Quantities for one person, which eliminate waste 3. No leftovers! (or only 1 meal's worth of leftovers, instead of five or six days' worth) 4. The warm spinach salad Chinoise- thanks to prewashed veggies in a bag, literally, a 5 minute dinner! (I tripled this once for a dinner party, and it got rave reviews) 5. A good list of basic kitchen tools for a single or two person household 6. A list of things to have on hand

    Thank you, Ms. Price, for your straightforward, easy recipes for real food that tastes terrific. The nutritional analysis is great, too.

    When's the next one coming out?...more info

  • Excellent -- Really delivers on its title
    Packed with lots of information, pantry staples, low-fat snack choices and excellent recipes. Recipe ingredients are detailed in two portion sizes (1 and 2 or 2 and 4) and include nutritional info by portion(calorie, fat, sodium, etc.) I've cooked two of the recipes so far and was particularly pleased with the Bachelor's Chicken, am anxious to try the Mexican Lasagna. I highly recommend this book, the recipes are tasty, fast and easy to prepare. I will keep this cookbook close at hand!...more info
  • Just for you... not always two
    Be sure both of you agree that these recipes sound good before you buy. When we tried one of the recipes and were overwhelmed by the power of the wine. The "for two" portions need some side dishes in order to make a full meal.
    It is very well rounded in the types of recipes and new combinations that you'd never imagine. I recommend this to anyone with an open mind - not for picky eaters!...more info
  • Never knew healthy could be this tasty
    I'd like to stress that not only are the recipes in this book good for you, they are TASTY! I have multiplied recipes in this book for dinner parties, and they have been hits! This is cooking pared down to the essentials, but even though the recipes have been reduced in fat, incorporate nutritious ingredients, and have simplified ingredient lists, flavor is still obviously a priority. I cook from this book whenever I can....more info
  • Eat Well, Lose Weight!
    When will Ms. Price come out with her next book! This one is such a terrific first; its simple, inventive, and careful recipes are a delight, and the food is really delicious. The added benefit of low-fat recipes and heart-friendly cooking make it must for both the uninitiated and experienced cook. I recommend it especially to single men who have had no experience cooking real food for themselves. I usually burn food and produce an inedible mess; with this book I've started cooking great meals for myself (and a friend or two). If you use recipes in this book, you'll create great, healthful food that's unfussy, very filling, and easy to prepare. Hat's off to Frances Price for her classic cookbook for singles....more info
  • Quick, Great Taste, Fun
    This cook book has been the best investment that I have made in a long time. As the new year came around I wanted to start eating "Healthy". Which has been a whole new lifestyle really. This cook book has been my best friend while my husband and I change the way we eat. The recipes have been quick, easy and fun to try new things. All of the recipes have a great taste. Most of them you would never know they were low fat. I would recommend this cookbook to anyone who wants to change the way they eat and loss weight also....more info
  • Great Kitchen Tool!
    This book is an absolute must-have for anyone who is just starting to cook for themselves. A great gift for the new college student or a recently seperated person who is now off on their own. It not only has great, easy, healthy recipes using common (cheap) ingredients -- but the shopping tips are GREAT. It helps you figure out how to plan food in smaller portions, and gives important calorie, fat and carb counts under each recipe for those using 'points', the Zone or Atkins. I particularly love the pears poached in red wine, and the szechuan chicken in lettuce cups. Food that takes ten minutes to prepare ends up looking and tasting "impressive"....more info
  • Great tasty & basic healthy recipes
    I am a foodie, and I sympathize with the readers who thought this book was too basic. But it has been a great find, as I am a foodie married to a REALLY unadventurous eater. The recipes here are not fancy, but they are pretty consistently good comfort food. They're also healthy without relying on any bizarre diet-y substitutions. I have grown especially addicted to the Cincinnati Turkey Chili, which is now my go-to dish for casual pot-lucks. (It also freezes beautifully for brown-bag lunches.) The Deviled Chicken is easy and tasty. Best of all-- my husband will eat the recipes from this book....more info
  • BBB - Boring, Basic & for Beginners
    Considering that the title itself implies the simplicity of the recipes, I feel a little bad about complaining about the quality of this book, but hey, I will anyway.
    If you are a beginning cook and have never made tuna salad and/or have thought to add something other than mayonnaise to it, if you have never made a meatloaf (low fat?) or boiled a noodle, then this would be a good book for you, otherwise, the boringness of the majority of the recipes will make for a very dusty book on your shelf.

    The sample recipes featured on the Amazon "Look Inside" function seemed interesting but have turned out to be the rare exception that stand out from the dull, simplistic everyday recipes that any good cook could throw together without thinking.
    The crappiness and lack of inspiration in this book would make even Rachel Ray laugh out loud....more info
  • The book that got me to write a review!
    I've never reviewed anything before, but after finishing my delicious Orange-Glazed Pork Chops & Sweet Potatoes, I couldn't resist anymore. These recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to make. The small portions mean that I can try something, enjoy it, and not have leftovers going bad. I haven't run into a bad recipe yet. Check it out!...more info
  • Wonderful format more than makes up for a few bland recipes and dated nutritional advice
    I own several cookbooks intended for "solo" cooks, and this is my favorite of the bunch, no contest. The recipe formats are simple and easy to follow, and most of them can be carried out by an inexperienced cook with minimal difficulty and fair-to-excellent results. Furthermore, most of the ingredients called for here are easily found at any full service grocery store; the results are often quite economical. Anyone on a tight budget would do well using this book for a mainstay. The design is a bit soft and feminine for my taste, but I recognize the nurturing vibe being expressed here, and it doesn't cloy or irritate me the way serious self righteous Mennonite cookbooks or hippie tomes like "Diet For A Small Planet" do. This is a great cookbook.

    I only have a couple of quibbles with "Healthy Cooking For Two". First the book was written more than a decade ago (1995) and some of nutritional philosophy doesn't hold up all that well. The author is a Registered Dietician and her approach sticks to the "cut the fat and salt" mantra of the 90s. You know, the same approach that resulted in an unprecedented explosion of obesity and type II diabetes in the adult US population. (To be fair, a huge increase in processed and junk foods in general were also to blame). In the face of current advances of nutritional thinking embodied in more recent works such as Clowers' "The Fat Fallacy", Bently's "Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar and Survival" and Enig's "Eat Fat, Lose Fat", the writing here seems a bit quaint and fusty. There is a lot of vegan/vegetarian silliness here, such as idea of combining beans and rice to make a "complete protein", when in fact you'd have to consume huge amounts (and hundreds of grams of carbs) of such a mixture to get adequate protein intake. Veggies and grains are good for you and you need them, but I've never been convinced that vegetarians and vegans are any healthier than carnivores and omnivores.

    Second, in some cases the effort to simplify and streamline the recipes goes too far, producing a bland and unsatisfying result with a nasty glycemic spike. For instance, Price's version of Potato-Leek soup is quick and easy to make, but is also very bland. It could have been rescued by boiling the potatoes separately, ricing them and stirring them into the mixture and adding just a couple spoonfuls of coconut milk or sherry vinegar to the final product.

    In general, when you are exploring the vegetarian portions in the book, be aware that you may need to be a bit more liberal with the (good) oils, (kosher and sea) salt and hot and sharp spices than the "tame" amounts Price goes with here to get palate pleasing results and you may want to experiment with more modern braising, roasting/carmelization and fermentation methods to improve the results. As the cook grows in experience and sophistication, he or she will find these are good springboards to more flavorful and satiating dishes down the line.

    So the book is not perfect, and if Price were to revisit this book for an updated edition with more modern perspectives on cooking and nutrition, I'd be the first in line to buy it. But these shortcomings are not enough to keep me from unreservedly recommending this book to any inexperienced solo cook looking for dozens of useful recipes that will nurture the inner person without boring the palate or breaking the budget. It really is a wonderful book to have in your collection. ...more info
  • Well used gift
    This was a gift for my mom and she loves it. She has tried several recipes and has been pleased with them; both in taste and ease in making. ...more info
  • Very Handy
    The first thing I ever cooked was the Bachelor's Prize Chicken from this book. It has been a hit with everyone that I've cooked it for, including my VERY picky ex-roommate. There are some recipes, mainly seafood, that I find it hard to find the ingredients for due to where I live. Otherwise, the ingredients are easy to find and not fussy. I own some Gordon Ramsay cookbooks but there's no way I'll ever be able to cook something from them!

    I also like the simplicity of the cookbook itself. I don't feel bad when I spill stuff all over it because it wasn't a great work of art to begin with!...more info
  • Tasteless, boring recipes
    This cookbook has a good premise, but where it fails is delivering anything that tastes good. Other healthy cookbooks deliver much better recipes. For example, one spinach dish called for steamed spinach, throw on some sesame seeds, and drizzle with soy sauce. This is something anyone can do, but the results are not very good and you wouldn't want to make it again....more info
  • Great book for single people!
    I absolutely LOVE this book! The recipes are easy to make, tasty and, best of all, healthy. I've lived on my own for a couple of years now and always found myself making too much food, because I was used to the way my mom cooks- for my whole family. When I got this book for Christmas, I started cooking just enough for myself, and now I use this book at least twice a week! The format is convenient, because it shows you the ingredients needed for one or two servings. There are tips on how to eat healthy foods throught the book, and there is a great variety of recipes in the book, everything from chicken to salads to desserts! I highly recommend the book to any single cooks who are worried about healthy eating....more info
  • wonderful
    Great recipes. Every dish has the nutritional information. Plenty of fresh ingredients with imaginative combinations. I've made plenty of them and most of them are good. Truly a standout. Pictures of the entrees would be nice though....more info
  • Fantastic reasonable recipes for real people.
    I bought this cookbook when I was living with a friend during the summer after my sophmore year of college (back in 1997). We didn't really have many cookbooks, so we must have used it three or four times a week. Since then, I've gone on to buy other cookbooks, but this one has remained the favorite.

    The recipes have clear instructions and give complete information about simple substitutions and changes. I think that the book makes a great gift for new cooks because of this feature. The recipes also rely mostly on regular ingredients that you're likely to have on hand or willing to buy. She also understands that when you're cooking for two people, you may also be trying to save money and she points out recipes that work well with cheap ingredients.

    Some of my favorites include the vegetarian New Boston Baked Beans, the Curried Chicken Salad, and the downsized meatloaf.

    I strongly recommend this book!...more info

  • The cookbook most often open in my kitchen!
    Frances Price has achieved what many have attempted but few have managed - good, interesting food that is good for you. The recipes always come out as you expect and are often even better than planned. The ingredients are realistic and common, but combined in ways that might not have occurred to you. I have given this book as a gift to many of my friends with great success....more info
  • Bridging the Generation Gap
    My daughter is very health conscious, reading ingredient lists and nutritional information in order to make her choices about almost everything she eats. Me, well, I grew up in a meat and potatoe family with a Mother who felt "boiling bags" qualified as "gourmet" food. I eat by taste and take vitamins to balance the lack of good nutrition in my food choices. Needless to say, meals together can be quite.....interesting.

    "Healthy Cooking for 2 (Or Just You)" has bridged the gap between eating styles in my home. My daughter bought this book and asked if we could try the recipies. That was one month ago. We have used this book almost every night since then and have yet to find a recipe we didn't BOTH like. With "Healthy Cooking for 2", the meals are easy and quick to make, planning is minimal since it doesn't use "exotic" ingredients, both my daughter and I enjoy the food made, and the portions leave us comfortably full with minimal if any leftovers. (Since leftovers tend to be stored away until they can crawl out of the refrigerator on their own power, this is very important to me.) I have been so impressed with this book that I just ordered a second copy for when my daughter takes hers back to college with her...more info

  • Good cookbook
    I liked the break down into portions for 1, 2 & 4. Lots of interesting recipies....more info
  • Tasty, easy and healthy yet realistic...
    everything in this book is realistic regarding ingredients, taste and time to prepare - and DELICIOUS. it's the best cookbook around for food that is fast and tastes good and happens to be good for you!...more info
  • I use it all the time
    This is one of the best cookbooks I've ever used. It is great for couples (and singles). If you are health conscious, counting calories, etc. it's even better because it lists the nutritional information for each recipe. The recipes range from very easy and quick to more complex and time consuming, but they are all tasty.

    I think this cookbook is a must-have for couples and singles. I got tired of eating microwave meals every night. Now I can cook up the perfect-sized meal using fresh ingredients. My favorite is the Herbed Mushroom & Pasta....more info
  • No tasteless meals, no leftovers
    I LOVE this cookbook - the recipes are generally very simple (although there are some lists of ingredients that are just too long - but leaving one or two out doesn't seem to make much difference) and easy to prepare. Most of them keep quite well if you really are cooking for just one, and they're calorie, salt, and fat restricted, so they're great for my diet. So far, my favorites are the chicken and seafood recipes, they are varied and have added some color and spice (and less fat) to my old favorites....more info
  • Unrealistic
    I ordered this book because, having graduated college and tired of Ramen, I needed to know how to cut, mix and heat real food. The produce and ingredient recommendations are not for the novice cooker. It's easier to eat fat food than to eat healthy, so unless you're serious about making a change in the way you shop, frequency in shopping, and flavors you're accustomed to, get your recipes from your mom and the internet....more info
  • Worth the $
    This book is great for someone who is just learning how to cook. Most dishes seem easy to prepare and are just the right portion since most cookbooks usually list ingredients for 4 servings....more info
  • I Can't Believe I Actually Cooked That!
    Who would have thought that a boring old onion, some cheese, breadcumbs, apple juice and butter would turn out to be one of the best things I've eaten in a long time AND the cheapest! This little book purchase is some of the best money that I've ever spent. I'm on my fifth recipe and everything has been unbelievable. Plus, I'm not eating the same thing for five days in a row, nor eating five days' worth in one sitting. This book also has great little tips for shopping and storing for one (or two). This book is going to change my health and my wallet for the better. I can't wait for her next book! THANK YOU MS. PRICE!...more info
  • Some simple, some fancy
    Fabulous for couples and singles, this book is packed with healthy, tasty recipes (some simple and some fancy) and with plenty of vegetarian options....more info
  • An OK cookbook
    This was OK but not as good, in my opinion, as "Going Solo in the Kitchen". However, it does include recipes for two which is a really good idea.

    Sue from Ohio...more info
  • Great Starter Cook Book
    Seems to have some great recipes and I really like that the directions are in measurements for 1 or for 2. I also like the tid bits of history and information in each section. I purchased this book for a friend who wants to cook more, but needs some basic direction when I am not around, but not ready for huge complicated meals. This seems to be serving as a great beginner cook book for him. Very well done....more info
  • flavorful, simple recipes
    Looking at the ingredients for some of the recipes, one would think that the outcome would be bland. I haven't had a miss yet out of the half dozen recipes I've tried, which is unheard of for me and recipe books. The only thing that could make this one better is the addition of color photographs, but that doesn't take away much when you know that what you are making will be great- even without seeing a picture!...more info
  • The 400-600 calorie meals at the back are perfect.
    I'm so excited to have this book. It's everything from a cookbook I always wanted, small serving sizes, easy ingredient lists, healthy, yummy, and posted nutritional information. What more could I ask for...the menus...they're perfect when you don't feel like choosing a couple things and fighting over which recipes to choose. Once I try everything in here (except the shellfish, allergic) I'll update my review....more info
  • Contrary to the title, it's too much fuss
    I own several "quick and healthy" cookbooks and this is how I do my meal planning. I only cook for two, but I've found that this cookbook just doesn't do it for me. I think that most of the recipes are *too* healthy for the average person - they just don't sound good. Additionally, I find that the ingredients are often expensive and sometimes unknown to me. The "for two" option isn't helpful for me either, as it often calls for uncommon ingredient portions anyway, so I'd be just as well off converting an existing recipe to serve fewer people.

    The book offers a handful of pleasing recipes and some good healthy cooking tips, but I don't think it's worth the purchase....more info
  • Great for anyone!
    As a senior in college, I wanted to learn more about cooking but usually fell back on eating meals that were frozen or standard because any other cookbooks were geared towards 4+ diners, and I don't have the fridge space to save tons of leftovers. Additionally, my fiance and I have been interested in eating healthier for some time, but we were both novice cooks who felt uncomfortable in the kitchen. I received this cookbook for Christmas from my mother and have been continually grateful since!

    Though there are no pictures (I like visuals!), I can easily follow her recipes. There are some that look a little ambitious, and I plan to work up to that when I feel more comfortable with my kitchen; in the meantime, there are more than enough quick, easy meals that I can feel GOOD eating (hey, "healthy" is in the title!). For someone like me who loves to try new tastes, she includes a wonderful variety of dishes from good-old Southern home cooking to chic European eating.

    She also includes the nutritional values for every serving, which I think is an excellent feature. As many reviewers have mentioned, she divides the recipe into columns, so you can decide to cook for 1, 2, or 4. I thought, "This is cooking healthy, the portion sizes will probably be tiny." Quite the contrary! I like to eat (as does my guy), yet we ALWAYS have leftovers when we make a recipe for 2. This book will be the staple cookbook in my kitchen!...more info


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