The Merck Manual 18th Edition

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This is serious stuff. The most widely used medical text in the world and the hypochondriac's bible, the Merck has the lowdown on the vast expanse of human diseases, disorders and injuries, as well as their symptoms and recommended therapy. It's intended for physicians and medical students, but though the type is tiny and the language technical, the Merck's a valuable volume for anyone with more than a passing interest in bodily ills.

The world's most widely used medical reference now features expanded clinical focus on each category of disorder, as well as more specific guidance on patient examinations. The thoroughly revised and updated 18th Edition is packed with essential information on diagnosing and treating medical disorders to help medical professionals deliver the best care to their patients.

This handy, compact guide was written by a team of clinicians for everyday use. Designed for maximum clinical utility, the new Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy makes it easy to find the right information, right when it is needed. It is a must-have for medical students, residents, practicing physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.


  • All new "approach" chapters
  • All-new abstract summaries
  • 341 total chapters
  • 34 completely new chapters
  • 69 new illustrations
  • New cross-referencing
  • Two-color presentation
  • Brand new content on: critical care medicine, metabolic syndrome, acute lung injury, biological warfare and terrorism, SARS, smallpox, and more

Customer Reviews:

  • excellent reference
    The Merck Manual is an excellent medical reference. I've seen it referred to as "the hypochondriac's bible" before, I suppose because you can find so many symptoms and diseases inside. While it is true that you can search the manual online at no cost, reading from the screen gets pretty tiring and I believe it is well worthwhile to own a hardcopy. More comprehensive than the home edition, the crinkly ultra-thin pages of this book are packed with useful medical information (it really is a lot more than simply a catalog of symptoms and diseases). The Merck Manual has a longstanding tradition as a tremendously valuable resource, and it is an excellent bargain. I believe the 18th edition is due to come out in April 2006. ...more info
  • merck manual
    I am a nurse and depend on the merck manual for
    information and usualy get the new edition when
    it is printed.I would not be without the manual....more info
  • Excellent choice
    My father bought and read this book, here in Brazil.This book book is an excellent choice.About blood pressure, this book is excellent.
    Merck manual of Diagnosis and Therapy remains, the best choice, about this subject.Health is among the most important things in our lifes.
    My father is a doctor since 1950 decade.Even after so many edictions, this book remais excellent and usefull.Even if aren't a doctor, this book has many uses. ...more info
    I am a medical editor and I find the Merck Manual very, very helpful in my profession. The new one tht I just received has so much information that I use on a daily basis. It is one of the best medical information books that I have in my library....more info
  • A bit of humor restored
    Editions 14-16 of the Manual contained a hilarious brief essay on flatulence (which you should read immediately, if you have a copy!). This tragically was deleted from 17th. Dedicated readers will be very pleased to hear that the essay was restored in the new edition, in a highlighted box.

    I live with a specialist physician who hates talking about medicine with non-professionals, and who says that the Web has made general references like the Manual obsolete. But when she needs an overview of an ailment outside her field of expertise, she reaches for my copy....more info
    I ordered this book to be shipped to Puerto Rico. Was told that it would be there by 06/25. Still don't have it. According to Amazon's online tracking the book arrived in Puerto Rico yesterday but still has not been delivered. Customer service tells me that it was shipped via ParcelPool. I made an inquiry at ParcelPool and was told that they work "in partnership" with the US Postal Service. The representative told me that the EARLIEST that we will get delivery of this book will be on Thursday!! Explain to me how that is considered 06/25 delivery and how on earth anyone would consider that good customer service!!!!

    UPDATE 06/27/07: STILL NO BOOK!!

    ...more info
  • Best medical reference book in print
    From a medical standpoint, this is a good medical reference book. It summarizes the diagnosis and treatment of all major conditions. We are a medical family and cannot live without current edition of this book. I have called the book "my hypochondriac book" considering it lists all the symptoms in such vivid detail....more info
  • Merck Manual
    Very good reference book for an educated reader, but not good enough to serve as a physcian's reference book....more info
  • MTs get this book!
    A couple months ago I purchased the 18th edition of the Merck Manual. I absolutely love it. It's a great reference book for any MT. The book is well written, well organized, and full of information. It's a great book for signs and symptoms, etiologies, etc. As far as I have noticed it is very thorough. It was definitely money well spent. I love it!...more info
  • MErck Manual 18th ed. English ed.
    Seems uptodate. Using for reference only and can find items not in my previous edition. An expected improvement. Thank you....more info
  • Purchase of Merck Manual
    Ordered online with no problems. Confirmation received. Book arrived within 2 weeks. ...more info
  • Merck Manual
    good item....look like new though its handle it w/ care...its very useful on my studies....thanks a million......more info
  • Excellent Resource for the Medical Professional
    I have used various editions of the Merck Manual throughout my career. It is a great resource for information that is difficult to find in other general medical text. A word of warning, this edition is written for the medical professional. If you are a layperson, the text is written using medical terminology and you will need a few resources, including a great medical dictionary to understand many of the sections, especially etiology, pathophysiology, etc. There is a layperson's version of this manual called "The Merck Manual of Medical Information."

    Physicians, nurses and pharmacist will appreciate the thoroughness of the subjects addressed. It is not a huge manual but the paper-thin pages allow for a lot of information to be condensed into a more compact tome. The manual is easy to use and divided basically by body systems and includes sections on medications and poisons. ...more info
  • Why do so few people own and use this book?
    This book has been a classic and a mirror on medical knowledge
    since its first publication in 1899. By studying the various
    editions of the very many years it has been in existance, you obtain a look into the past and evolution of human knowledge.
    The publication is regularly issued and is now it its 17th edition.

    As the very many other reviews have stated it is an incomparable work for its small overall dimensions containing over 2832 pages in an easy to carry design and format. The paper is of high quality, very thin and long lasting capable of withstanding much abuse.

    The breadth of the subject matter contained therein is beyond the reach of most other medical books except perhaps the excellent medical text entitled "Wilderness Medicine" authored by Auerbach. However the extremely well done full size Auerbach publication is not something you would carry while the Merck Manual is just for that type of instant reference, easy carry availability.
    While the Merck Manual is not and does not pretend to discuss surgery in any depth nor teach any surgical procedures it certainly indicates when surgery is a treatment and does discuss various surgical therapy. An example is Hydrocephalus where within a short space accurate and useful discussion is imparted as to etiology and surgical remedies.
    This book also contains excellent chapters on Pharmacodynamics and Clinical Pharmacology. This is unusual in a general medical text. There are very few medical conditions not addressed in this publication.
    I do not understand why in the United States the Merck Manual is not found on the desk of most physicians. Perhaps its extraordinary overall scope is not as useful as more targeted texts to the specialty practiced. Certainly specialized publications, which Merck is not, are the method to conduct in depth research but to have in such a simple one volume format a fully comprehensive general medical text is a pleasure to possess and use.
    Every medical practitioner should own one. For those who love well done books, it makes wonderful recreational reading as does the Auerbach Wilderness Medicine. Another book to keep nearby is DeGowin and Degowin's "Bedside Diagnostic Examination" which easily fits in a coat pocket.
    Kenneth Ellman info
  • Essential reading for any medical / allied health student or professional.
    Not too much to say except that if you need to learn about medical conditions, pathophysiology, aetiologies, treatments and prognoses, then this is perhaps the best way to get started. Not recommended for the home user since it is aimed at those with some medical knowledge / training; the student nurse for example would find this book invaluable as an adjunct to papers on altered health states & pathophys. It also makes very interesting casual reading for those interested in health care, disease processes and treatment.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • A great resource book!
    This is a great resource book for all nurses whether you are still in school or working. very helpful in your nursing diagnosis...more info
  • Merck Manual 18th Edition
    The Merck Manual 18th Edition
    I have been in the medical field for 50 years, but this is my favorite textbook - I always get the new edition when it becomes available. This book has something about every possible diagnosis - I wouldn't be without it....more info
  • Comprehensive
    I love this book and wait for years for each new edition to come out. It's really comprehensive, compact yet concise and has up to date info on most diseases and disorders. It's right there on my nightstand, next to my Bible. ...more info
  • A Second Bible?!
    As a Pharmacy Student in a clinical setting, I thought my bible was the Physicians' Desk Reference... Until I found this! Now, I can't live without either book. Both contain much wonderful information but it is assumed that you have some collegiate knowledge of science when reading about the different topics.
    It is truly a wonderful wonderful book....more info
  • an old stanby textbook
    The Merck Manual has long been a favorite of mine for it's concise, brief, and pithy review of disease states and therapies. It's a great starting point when confronted with cases that you need that quick and eloquent review for. ...more info
  • The Merck Manual 18th Edition
    A well edited reference book that helps one understand nursing diagnostics. The writing is a bit small and the paper is very thin but other than that its a great little book....more info
  • Merck Manual review from a lay person
    I am not a doctor or in the medical field. I simply purchased this manual for my emergency preparedness box. The manual is written for doctors so some of the terminology obviously is above my knowledge. However the book recently came in handy when I and my pediatrician suspected my 16 month old daughter had Rotavirus. I looked up the symtoms and general treatment and I felt a little better after reading more about the virus....more info
  • Merck Manual
    I have used the Merk Manual for years.(I own about 4 editions) dating back to 1956. It is a good, fast referance of general medicine for both the GP and the specialist....more info
  • The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, 18th Edition
    It was a gift for my niece, who is a medical student, so she should be a better judge. She asked for the book, so it must be useful for her....more info
  • Best medical reference book
    My parents gave me a copy of the Merck Manual when I was in college. Since then I have used the manual as a practical reference for anything from the slightest rash to much for serious ailments. It makes it a lot easier to have a productive conversation with your doctor when you have a basic understanding of the medical condition and terms.

    I just upgraded to the 18th edition and the format is much improved. It's easier to find information and is well organized....more info
  • The best compact summary of internal medicine
    It's amazing to me that a book like this could still be current. In many ways the Merck Manual is a relic from another age, when doctors had to fit their entire medical libraries and equipment in a stagecoach and specialists were unheard of outside the largest cities.

    It remains a wonderful travel reference for the physician, great vacation reading for the medical student, and an affordable way for the educated layman to pursue a personal interest in medicine.

    A layman who wants to tackle the Merck Manual in its entirety will need a good college science background and a medical dictionary. While this book is very well written, it is quite dense and often assumes a basic knowledge of the medical sciences.

    The Merck manual is probably the only serious medical textbook that is affordable for the general reader. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in medicine--those considering medical school will probably find it especially valuable....more info

  • Thrid Generation User
    I got my first Merck Manual as a gift from my mother who had used it through out her career, I found it absolutely vital to getting through med school. But it became even more important during residency as a resource that never let me down when I needed information at 2 in the morning as to how to manage a patient, When I entered practice it continued to be on my desk and used almost daily. This one was bought for my niece who has started in Med school this year. I hope it is half as useful for her as it has been for me.

    It is a complete How To resource in up to date medical practice. It contains enough background information so that you know what is going on without flooding you with obscure data. It would be a bargin at several times the price. If one had to pick the one medical text to have on a desert island, this is the one....more info
  • great book
    is easy to understand all the condition very quick... you have also picture to help you... really it's a great medical reference to use....more info
  • The Merck Manual - Medical Accuracy at Last
    The Merck Manual has been in use in my psychology office for over 20 years. It is has been a wellspring of accurate albeit very technical information on every syndrome and disease that has been presented to me. It is an absolutely invaluable supplement to my psychological practice. is also a hypochondriac's nightmare, so those who obsess about their health should not buy it. For all others, it can make your visits to your doctor much more productive. And you can amaze and mystify your friends with incredible medical obscura!...more info
  • The bible of allopathic pathology
    Definitive and great. Cannot complain. Will say though that it would be more convenient if the print was larger for those who have vision problems....more info
  • There's nothing that compares
    This is the ultimate clinical reference manual. The medical information is surprisingly easy to understand. A must have around the house....more info
  • Merck Manual
    As health care professionals, my husband and I find the information in the Merck Manual to be very valuable....more info
    The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy, 18th Edition One needs to read this and Merk Physicians' Desk Reference with thoughtfulness, an open mind for learning, and a cautionary attitude knowing that not all information on any topic is entirely relavant to your concern. The PDR,to me,is least useful as other drug descriptions are avaiable if one is concerned with relative few medications. The MMD&T has been a reliable source in my family from before the 4th Edition in 1950. My father was a physician and more than likely started with the 1st Edition years earlier. You should also have access to a medical dictionary as many words/names are relatively unknown to the lay reader. Knowing one word sometimes is the key to understanding the whole presentation in it's proper light. Pray for leading and patience to understand and this technical reference will be of great beneifit. My dad lived to be over 99 and I'm on my way to 82....more info
  • Any topic available
    It is so amazing, that I did not even once got let down by "The Merck's Manual". Both as a graduating student and as a doctor, the Manual was always there for me. Easy to use, easy to carry around (2500 pages packed in such a small volume!!) and filled with necessary info and details. Certainly a must have!!...more info
  • Meerk Manual 18th Ed. - EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A COPY!!!
    This is an excellent resource for anyone. I highly recommend it for individuals who want to review major breakthroughs in the health care industry. It provides concise, yet detailed information on many important topics that interest almost anyone....more info
  • Handy Medical Guide
    If a doctor gives me or someone else I know a diagnosis, I can look it up in the Manual and get a straightforward, detailed writeup about it. I always use it in conjunction with a doctor. ...more info
  • Classic Medical Reference
    This latest edition of the Merck Manual has been signifigantly updated and refreshed. The breadth is exceptional, and the hundreds of contributors have produced a tight, concise overview of medical coditions. You won't get any hand-holding, so if you are unfamiliar with medical language get a good medical dictionary and before long you'll be off and running. An invaluable reference for medical professionals and patients who like to read it straight up. It's interesting to compare earlier editions and realize that medical knowledge is still incomplete, even with the authoritative tone. The human system is so intricate and amazing. I'm glad that there are people trying to figure it out. Carry on!...more info
  • Merck Manuel review
    This product came quick and well packaged. It was sealed well and then packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. It arrived in perfect condition....more info
  • A good medical reference book, not a great medical reference book
    The Merck Manual has long been THE name in medical reference books. With the release of the 18th edition, however, we see signs that tired old Merck's run as the leader of the pack is at an end. The book is packed with medical information, of course, but the sheer volume of information works against it. The writing is dense, jargon-riddled, and--aside from an uproariously funny segment on flatulence reprinted from an earlier edition--arid. No effort has been made to improve the accessibility of information that is likely to be needed by a clinician (ostensibly, the book's audience) Also, the book is printed on paper that is about as thick as half-ply toilet tissue, so navigating its 3,000 pages can be a difficult and frustrating undertaking. For customers who do not already own a previous version of the Merck Manual, who do not have ready access to the Internet (the Merck Manual is offered in its entirety at no cost online), or who have a dining room table with a leg that is too short by exactly the thickness of the new Merck Manual, by all means buy this book; otherwise, spare yourself a needless purchase....more info
  • Buy it While Available!!!
    This will be THE CLASSIC Merck Manual for many many years to come and for this reason alone any physician, allied medical rofessional, or hypchondriac should buy it. It is not only leather bound, but contains one hundred years of medical history that changed the face of Western Civilization. You may compare almonst one hundrend years and many generations of advances in medical knowledge and find no comparable period, from hand-washing and public health to AIDs to the discovery of penicillin and aspirin.

    This is a most notable period--the 20th century, when public health and general knowledge expanded the life span in this country from about 45 in 1900 to nearly 80 in the year 2000, which is probably one of the most spectacular feats of civilization in all time, excepting perhaps the Bronze Age--despite the advent of the Nuclear Age and the most horrific wars known to mankind. Although any edition of the Merck Manual is valuable, Edition ONE and Edition SEVENTEEN will stand for time immorial as literary and medical CLASSICS. Buy now, while still in print!!!

    ...more info
  • Great for RN's too!
    I got tired of wading through most of my nursing texts trying to find decent explanations of pathophysiology, clinical signs, and treatment. When I got this book I was in awe! Extremely well organized and easy to find the content you're looking for without having to jump to the index. This book has given me a much better understanding of the conditions I've encountered than I was ever able to find in my 50+ pounds of nursing text......more info


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