Essential Oils Desk Reference

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  • essential oils/young living
    Use only Young Living oils as you can ingest them, others say external use only. This book is invaluable to the "oiler"! A must have for every health conscience home. These are all Young Living users....more info
  • Essential Oils Desk Reference
    Love this Book. Much information on essential oils and healing.
    Everyone who enters my home is drawn to pick up this book and look something up. To share simple alternative applications
    to remedy health issues is a good thing. Thank You, info
  • Essential OIls Book
    Love this book. It has a lot of very good information about essential oils. I find it can help even the average person improve their health and life with this easy refernce guide....more info
  • Great resource
    I have been using Young Living Essential Oils and products for several years. This book is a must for anyone who uses Young Living products. It is well written, easy to understand and offers a wealth of information as to how to best use the oils/products for a variety of health issues. It is especially helpful for someone just starting with the YL oils and is unsure of how to use them. An invaluable resource!!!...more info
  • Awsome! All the info at my fingertips!
    This book really makes it simple to figure out which oils do what and how to use them the most efficient and effective manner. GREAT PRODUCT!...more info
  • You also need the 3rd edition for the cancer protocols
    This book is an essential Essential Oils reference.

    Beware, however, that the 4th edition has dropped the cancer protocols that were in the 3rd edition (possibly due to government pressure).

    The 4th edition does contain some updated information, especially in the areas of the newer blends of oils and newer products. It also has more illustrations in color.

    But you also need the 3rd edition in order to have a complete reference.
    ...more info
  • Best Essential Oil Book
    This is an updated version and it is great. Gary Young knows what he is talking about.

    Great reference book to have in emergencies too.!...more info
  • Super !!
    I love this book. It is my favorite reference book to refer to for all my health and wellness needs. I have referred many of my friends and clients to this desk reference. It is Super !! Diane...more info
  • excellent and full of knowledge about health
    This book is essential for anyone using Young living essential oils. There is a bounty of information about its use and just knowledge of health in general....more info
  • Great resource
    I find this book very useful when I am looking answers about using essential oils. There is everything in here for health and feelings of well being and also information concerning pets. I would recommend this book. ...more info
  • Must have oil reference book
    This is the #1 must have essential oil reference book. It is based on information and research done throughout the years and I wouldn't be without it....more info
  • The best essential oils reference book in the English language!
    For owners of previous editions of the Essential Oils Desk Reference, this new and expanded edition will be a treat. The black and white photos have been replaced by full-color photos and this edition includes new essential oils from Ecuador.

    For beginning oil users or for people who are ready to switch from recreational essential oils to therapeutic grade essential oils, the Essential Oils Desk Reference is the single best essential oils reference work in the English language, in my opinion. Medical doctors refer to the Physicians Desk Reference and serious essential oil users refer to the Essential Oils Desk Reference.

    For the beginner or for people who have been buying other essential oil books, the 588 pages of this book can seem overwhelming at first. When I'm teaching people how to use it, I divide it into five main sections.
    1. Introduction
    2. Essential Oils and Essential Oil Products
    3. Education
    4. Health Issues and Essential Oil Recommendations
    5. Appendices and Index
    Most people use parts 2 and 4 most.

    The quickest way to get started is to begin with the index and look for the essential oil or health issue that interests you. If multiple pages are given, look first for the page listed in bold.

    People of all ages are using this valuable book. I know teenagers, moms, and even people in their 80s who refer to the EDR on a regular basis.

    The EDR is based on the assumption that you are using therapeutic grade essential oils, so please do not try some of its recommendation unless the oils you are using are at least AFNOR or ISO certified. Therapeutic grade essential oils are ideal. If you are using essential oils that merely have "pure" on the label, you're doing so at your own risk.

    I keep my hardcover edition of the EDR within reach in my office and the smaller spiral-bound edition in my briefcase. At the time of this writing, Amazon does not yet carry the smaller version of the new 4th edition, but they probably will very soon.

    Here's the bottom line: In this single volume, you will find almost everything you want to know about safely using essential oils for yourself and those you care about most.
    ...more info
  • Treasure Resource
    Essential Oils Desk Reference is now my first source whenever I need any essential oil info. It really is a treasure of information all in one spot. In the past I spent a lot of time searching through several references for info I can find instantly here....more info


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