Alkalize or Die

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  • Cured my acid refulx
    I bought this book with the narrow goal of getting relief from persistent acid reflux. After going on a crash-course conversion to 80% alkaline-forming foods, it took only about a month or so before I saw 100% relief from the chest pains that accompanied my reflux condition. Less than two months later, I am seeing other benefits such as more restful sleep and less "panickiness" at certain times.

    I believe that there may well be other tangible benefits to this diet that I have simply not yet identified, but that over time I may realize. In any case the diet really resonates with my personality and belief system; but it may not feel "right" to everyone that reads it. I admit to feeling a little uncomfortable at his frequent mention of God, but I still accepted the body of work as-is considering the author's background and beliefs.

    The bottom line is that the diet worked for me and that I like the foods I am eating now more than the ones I was eating before. The book is not "fun" or entertaining to read, and I can attest to other viewers' complaints that there are no footnotes or bibliographies referring to other bodies of work.

    I get the impression that if you come to this book from a strictly scientific point of view, it may be disappointing because it does not cite other literature to support its suppositions. If you come to the book needing help with a particular problem that diet may be able to assist, than by all means try it. The diet is all about getting back to basics: more plant-based food and less processed food.

    I am thankful that I had the fortune to come across this book to help not only in curing myself of reflux, but also to completely change my perception of the role of diet in my overall health. I am giving it five stars not because it is the greatest book I have ever read, but because it helped to completely cure my condition. Please consider my rating of the book in that context....more info
  • Tells it like it is.
    Great book if you want to really understand the health benifits of alkalizing your body....more info
  • Dynamic Decision
    I wanted to try and find something to help my body repair itself and help improve my health. This is a product that will help me accomplish just that. To cleanse the body on the inside is as important as cleansing the body on the outside, maybe more so. I have lost 13 pounds in a month and I feel intensely better with more energy and attention span. I know this sounds too good to be true, but it works. Buy the book and get started today. You too will be amazed in my opinion....more info
  • The book is out of stock currently at
    Hello to those who have benefited from this book. After reading all your reviews, I can't wait to read this book and get healthy.

    I have placed an order with but, the book is currently out of stock. I can't even "look inside" the pages to have a feel of what is inside.

    Will someone be kind enough to send me some relevant pages on what must I eat to maintain an alkaline body? Please email me the pages to I have some health issues and from all the reading, I know that I have an acidic body.

    Thank you.
    AnneChiam...more info
  • Edgar Cayce reincarnated
    I am reviewing the ninth edition (2006) of Dr. Baroody's book, Alkalize or Die. Dr. Baroody's book has helped me understand the relationship between acid-forming foods and alkaline-forming foods, yet I must say it required some level of discernment to sift the wheat from the chaff.

    One of the positive features to Dr. Baroody's approach to healthful living is his recognition of each person's unique biochemistry. Throughout this book he continues to remind his readers that each person is an individual and therefore might experience variant results when compared to other people.

    It is important to understand that Dr. Baroody's theories and principals are based as largely on his personal alternative health experiences (trial and error) as they are on any demonstrable medical science. It is also important to know that Dr. Baroody gives much credence to the metaphysical teachings of eastern spiritualism, which may be a detractor to some readers. In the book's introduction, Dr. Baroody writes, "My viewpoint is founded on ancient Hindu, Chinese, Tibetan, and Greco-European healing philosophies and on several great modern men in the field of health." One of these "great modern men" is Edgar Cayce, who is referenced as an authority many times throughout the book.

    So long as the reader is a proponent of New Age and/or Eastern spiritualism, this book should be quite acceptable. For those of us who are more Western in their worldview, the book requires discernment to pick and choose what you care to take from it.

    An example of how Dr. Baroody's metaphysical beliefs influence his dietary advice can be seen in his counsel for reducing the consumption of red meat: "The destructive emotion of slaughter is assimilated by the person who eats flesh." (pg. 63). For many, this statement might resonate well with their worldview, but for others this statement will likely be challenged as to it's applicability to the subject of acidity/alkalinity.

    Dr. Baroody's experience in the alternative health field appears to be quite extensive. No doubt he has learned a lot from published medical research and other practitioners, yet much of what he proposes in this book is admittedly derived from his own experience; some of which he still doesn't fully understand himself (for example, read chapter 4 on the "Vagus Nerve"). Those readers who are looking for a book filled with footnotes and documented scientific research will be disappointed with this work.

    What I found most helpful in the book is Dr. Baroody's exhaustive list of foods with a corresponding rating as to their alkaline-forming or acid-forming properties. Dr. Baroody abandons the conventional 0-7-14 pH scale in favor of a scale he developed to measure alkaline-forming and acid-forming foods. Dr. Baroody's scale (pg. 38) ranges from 0.5 to 7.5. All foods below 4.0 are acid-forming and all foods above 4.0 are alkaline-forming.

    The chart I refer to above is alone worth the price of the book. Depending on the readers religious and scientific convictions, the rest of the book may or may not be appreciated.
    ...more info
  • Alkalize or Die
    I am still in full-time employment,and normally it takes me some time to read anything, and especially something as comprehensive as this book.

    I have read a lot of similar books and it is comforting to note that these books link in with their findings.

    I think the way forward is to use this book as a well-thumbed reference book, and slowly conform to its preachings....more info
  • Don't waste your time or money
    The title says it all. The food chart is worth a few bucks. The book is not well written. I may try to sell it on amazon marketplace. Too much fluff, religious points of view etc. When I buy a book on nutrition, I'm looking for good science, not someone's religious/philosophical points of view....more info
  • lew harrison
    has made a difference it the quality and lenght of life. My request to other READ.. Respectfully, Lew...more info
  • dumb, dumb dumb
    This is nonsensical foolishness. I am a chemistry professor- (Organic, Biochemisty, toxicology) The book is a load of cr*p. There is no scientific basis for much of anything in the book. Plain and simple it is a scam. ...more info
  • Great Service
    I am very pleased with the prompt shipment and condition of this order. I would definitely order with the company again through Amazon!...more info
  • it was like i died reading it.
    Not a fun read. It did not keep my interest at all. I wish I purchased another book with the same topic with more "UMPH!"...more info
  • Insightful!
    Lots of good information that I hadn't heard before about having the correct ph level in our stomachs for proper digestion....more info
  • Alkalizing Via Water
    My wife and I have tried to alkalize for many a year with no visible success. This book does an awesome job of outlining why we need to, and how we can accomplish this alkalizing. Most importantly the author describes how one might alkalize via water. I had never heard of this so I was intrigued. After researching the many Chinese and Korean knock offs we purchased the Japanese manufactured machine and within days noticed startling improvements. Thank you Dr. Baroody, if you had not included that chapter we would not be leading the healthier lives we do today!...more info
  • The Controversy Continues
    I've read four books on this subject, and EVERY ONE of them says different things about what is acid and what is alkaline. Even the people who are supposed to be researching and studying this thoroughly don't know what is going on, but they pass the information on anyway and expect us to follow and believe it? In addition, if what all these people are saying is true, then half the American population should be dead. Period. There is no way a human being should be able to live eating the typical American diet of junk food and very little fruits/veggies, smoking, drinking, etc.

    There is health-promoting info in here, however, but that is just basic common sense: Eat more fruits/veggies, drink more water, and cut down on meats and alcahol, etc. Because of that, I'll give it a decent rating, but don't expect to find any hard answers in this, or any other book of its kind....more info
  • Great Reference Book on Alkalinity

    This book is an easy, quick read with very short to-the-point chapters (some only a page long!). Dr. Baroody explains clearly what it means to be alkaline, the eating "rule of 80/20" and how eating acidic foods uses up your alkaline reserves.

    Dr. Baroody writes many tidbits that other authors of other books on alkalinity overlook, such as the role of HCL acid in the stomach in creating alkalinity, how the moonlight can be alkalizing, as well as certain colors. His book contains a list of foods with their Ph levels, as well as explanations of how altering the foods can change their Ph level. For example, cooking, smoking and even eating foods in bad combinations can increase their acidity.

    Dr. Baroody explains that all drugs are very acidic. (Is it any wonder that MDs don't learn the importance of this factor in health? Medical schools are funded by the drug companies.) But that applies to recreational drugs as well, and he claims that it takes years of abstinence to correct the degenerative cycle of marijuana.

    This book is a keeper, since it makes a great reference book with its food-Ph lists and also the appendices, which include symptoms of acidity and recipes. Note: newer research may show he is wrong about almonds being alkaline; like other nuts, they are a bit acidic.
    ...more info
  • a must book for any household
    This book is a must for any household! It is so easy to read and follow. I can not tell enough for this wonderful reading, everything in it makes so much sense. I want to THANK Theodore Baroody for his great book! God Bless You!
    ...more info
  • Not an informative book.
    I'm disappointed in the content. The subject is one I'd be very interested to get more information on. But, this book does not come through with any facts that I can take seriously. The author uses quite a few references to God to make his points - what I would find useful would be any kind of references to other material that would support the author's statements....more info
  • Try, try again.
    This is a great book that I read several years ago. I need to read it again. The only time that I get colds or flu is when I forget to follow its principles. I am now discovering that an alkaline diet helps with joint pain. I know it sounds strange, but this is the silver bullet alot of people have been looking for. Do not trust me, do your own reseaarch. Who needs a chemistry set when you have a human body? I got this book at the Edgar Cayce Center in Houston. I recommend that you research Cayce. A shortcut I have found is in using mouthwash as a supplement. For those times when I can't eat right. The mouthwash must contain thymol. That is what makes it alkaline. I have studied macrobiotics, the so called Sonoma diet, vegan and other diets. I think they are alkaline leaning diets. But again do your research and experiment cautiously. I wish you luck, no I wish you wisdom. Enoch....more info
  • The Best
    I love this book because it's universal. The science of pH can get complicated, but the rules for using the concepts are easy for anyone to use. Being in the natural health industry, I know there is only so much I can do for my clients. Now, instead of explaining for hours how to balance their pH, I tell them "Alkalize or Die" and offer the book. When they balance their pH, herbs, supplements, exercise all work better and health is the outcome.

    I have natural health practitioners all over the country and this book is the "Gold Standard" for pH balancing. You don't need any other book on pH once you have Alkalize or Die in your library.
    ...more info
  • Alkalize or Die
    Bood arrived quickly and in excellent shape. I have not had a chance to read the entire book, although what I have read, I am enjoying the newfound knowledge I have gained. I have several books on this subject by different authors, and each one has differences in their approach and diet. I am hoping to find the best alkalizing diet that will work for me and one that I will be able to live with for a long time. ...more info
  • Is it true?
    I wonder how true this...your stomach has a very acid environment to protect us and to help digest food. Then the food goes into the small intestine where the body makes an alkaline environment (using bile etc). All the digestion products then go to the liver for more processing. Also the human blood stream is kept at pH 7.35-7.45 via complex buffering (bicarbonate ion etc).
    Also, the kidneys remove excess acids of alklaline substances. So is it true
    that we must eat alkaline when the body is both acid and alkaline inside?
    ...more info
  • Great Book for Healthy Living
    This book will put you on the path for healthy living. It demonstrates the need for all of us to live a diet such as this one....more info
  • silicone induced disease...
    Having had silicone in my body, I was reaching a rapid death as aging at a rapid speed.. My friend introduced to Alkalize or Die, this book changed my entire being.. I am now reading the Ascension by Theo. Baroody, it too is an amazing revalation of the consious mind.. Having had a "Near Death Experience" this book has reconfermed my conformation..Baroody says it like it should be said, in simple terminology.. I hope to discuss my enlightenment with this most profound caring being.....Truly M. Forcht.....more info
  • Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody
    Very imformative and helpful. I am a psoriasis victim and I love the way this book is laid out and the 21 day meal plan for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner as well as Snacks. I have not completed reading the book as yet and even when I do I will be referring to it on an on going basis, probably daily. Excellent in my opinion. A must buy for anyone wanting to change their life style and become more balanced in diet and health as well as spiritually....more info
  • Book
    This book was easy to obtain on I had a hard time finding it in a regular book store. It was also cheaper. ...more info
  • Valuable book
    Good price - Fast service

    This booke has excellent information for everyone....more info
  • Alkalize opens eyes
    This book is an eye opener for those who tend to "go with the flow." Could be quite helpful in naturally (non- pharmaceutical) managing one's health....more info
  • Good read
    The book seems a bit disorganized but I enjoyed it none-the-less. Lots of good inspirational material about how to eat, think, and exercise. ...more info
    As someone who has suffered various health, and energy problems over the years, I feel well placed to offer my opinion on this particular book. With countless authors offering information on diet and nutrition, how do you know where to start? What is more, with so much contradictory information around, how do you know what is effective, and what is not worth bothering with?

    ALKALIZE OR DIE is the book that has helped change my Life. Not only does it give a complete overview of health, but it reveals the true secret of energised living: Alkaline Diet & Lifestyle. Read this book and discover the underlying causes of nearly all disease, both physical and mental. Discover how a change in diet, exercise, colour, and music(amongst other things), can bring your body back into perfect balance. You really can be alive again, and without the need for medical drugs and artificial stimulants.

    I believe this book to be a great work, and a must read for anyone interesting in living to their optimum health and energy levels.

    *If you like this book, be sure to read WORLDWIDE SECRETS FOR STAYING YOUNG, by Dr Paavo Airola. Together these two books tell you everything you need.*...more info


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