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Flood Your Body With Oxygen is "Mr. Oxygen" Ed McCabe's follow-up to his best-seller Oxygen Therapies, and is the seminal work on the subject and encompasses its' entirety. DISEASES CAN'T LIVE IN ACTIVE OXYGEN. Proven safe solutions for all the major problems facing our health, our animals, our food supply, and our environment are explained simply and backed up with testimonials and industry and medical cites. Complete explanations and usage of all known Oxygen Therapies. Referrals.

Customer Reviews:

  • Lots of information... but needs better organisation
    This book ends up with 4 stars simply because of the amount of information Ed has put into it... and that's reflected in his involvement with Ozone for so long.

    The lack of good organisation is surprising given that Ed says he was a journalist (journalists are usually excellent writers).

    While Ed supplies a lot of references he needs to do it consistently throughout the book... rather than a bit intermittently.

    A slightly better scientific explanation of Ozone would have been useful and given the book a bit more credibility.

    The value in the book is in the various resources Ed points you at.

    It's a shame it's a bit hard to get some of this stuff... and that people respond intermittently when e-mailing Ed's web site for information.

    If you open your biology and chemistry text books.. you soon realise that hydrogen peroxide is used extensively in the body by peroxisomes for waste disposal in cells and it's one of the methods our body destroys viruses, bacteria and other invaders.

    The body is quite at home dealing with oxygen... even though oxygen is the second most electronegative (reactive) element after Fluorine.

    I've heard about Ozone/hydrogen peroxide for ages... but finding any book that was written by a knowledgeable author is hard. Ed does better than most... but there's more to it... and I'm surprised he hasn't clarified certain things.

    Ed documents how some people have been persecuted over their involvement with ozone... which is a bit sad when they're well intentioned... although there are a few charlatans out there too and they're muddying the water... and that's not documented in this book.

    Neither does the book make it clear exactly how many countries around the world use ozone in their health care systems: Russia, Cuba, Germany, etc...

    Ed's book is a good place to start if you're interested in ozone... but for a book that's just been updated... it feels like it already needs an update.

    An interesting read.

    :-)...more info
  • Kevin Trudeau loves this book
    There are alternative healing books and good alternative healing books. This one is certainly one of the best around and it makes very good reading. I will explain why I said that?

    The book is jam-packed full of information to help a person get healthier. But, it actually goes into the reasons WHY people get sick in a way that has never been explained before.

    Ok, it's a huge book - about 640 pages - but there is so much stuff in there it's hard to put down. Mr. McCabe boils it down to one simple truth - "Bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogens cannot survive when you surround them with active oxygen". And he backs that statement up. It blew me away when I first read that. It was such a simple but profound statement and made me realize why I had been so sick.

    Could the reason why my cold went in record time be something to do with the fact that I followed the advice in the book? It has to be. I use to hang on to colds for weeks until I started to oxygenate my body.

    I have found other benefits from the book too.

    My energy is much better; the air in my home is much cleaner and less stuffy. My kids are less irritating - my plants look much healthier and are growing much faster and bigger and I just feel good since I followed the oxygen advice. I don't know how to explain it any other way. I hope you are as happy as I am with it.

    Incidentally, for those Kevin Trudeau fans - he spoke about this book in glowing terms as he interviewed Mr. McCabe and what was said made a lot of sense to me.

    All, I can say is I am really happy that I read Flood Your Body With Oxygen. I have seen big improvements every way.

    ...more info
  • Definitive Guide To Oxygen & Health
    Ed McCabe has done a wonderful job of researching oxygen therapies and their role in a holistic model of building and restoring health. This book has loads of information and contains the author's passion for finding the truth and offering available data to help anyone interested in health. I have seen the author speak in person and was impressed by his energy and awareness. I have also used a high-concentration ozone generator and found it to be safe and beneficial, as this book indicates, despite the misleading claims disseminated by the government and other ignorant or corrupt "authorities." Read this book and share it with others, especially those with health problems....more info
  • Great Bloke Also!
    Read the book like a genius novel that I just couldn't put down.
    Fantastic book. I'm a seasoned natural healer and this book is the 'daddy' in my book collection.

    Also got to chat with Ed - lovely man who was more than willing to give me his time. His wife was equally very helpful. Thankyou guys for being so inspirational....more info
  • Must read for natural health enthusiasts
    I have been a student of natural health for seven years. I am currently enrolled in a Master's course in Herbal Medicine. I have an MBA and I do a lot of reading. I have read a lot of books on natural health and I can honestly say that Flood Your Body With Oxygen by Ed McCabe stands head and shoulders above the pack. The timely information is truly ground breaking and important. Ed has literally traveled to globe interviewing thousands of people collecting the crucial information for this book. McCabe shatters many of the commonly held misconceptions about oxygen and Ozone. Such as, "Oxygen is a dangerous free radical that we need to protect ourselves from." or, that "Ozone is smog." Ed tells us that viruses, bacteria, fungus and almost all other microbes that take up residence in our bodies are anaerobic meaning they cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. By successfully flooding our bodies with active oxygen we create a hostile environment for these unwanted residents while supplying healthy cells with exactly what they need to thrive. It is written with an easy to follow, logical style. This book is appropriate for the layperson or the professional healthcare provider alike. Whether you have a serious disease like cancer or you just want to maintain good health, Flood Your Body with Oxygen is a must read!

    David Sandstrom
    ...more info
  • Very helpful
    After reading this book my wife has used ozone on a regular basis. She finds that it's very helpful, although it's not the complete answer to her condition. Still, this book was a very helpful introduction to oxygen therapies, and the use of a medical grade ozone machine has made a significant difference to her.

    It is important to use it carefully. She has learned the hard way that you can use too much of it. It would be helpful to see more about this in the next book. Regardless, I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more about the use of oxygen as a part of a wellness program. ...more info
  • HIV and ozone therapy
    I have just completed my second reading of Flood Your Body with Oxygen, by Ed McCabe, and I found the book to be enlightening in all respects.

    As an AIDs sufferer who is not on the protease cocktails, I have been searching for a means to end my HIV infection, and I believe ozone therapy is the answer. In a couple of weeks I will have completed 4 months on ozone therapy and, hopefully will be HIV free. For the past two months I've given myself daily IV injections of medical grade ozone.

    Since beginning the oxygen therapy my secondary AIDS related infections have all but disappeared, and I will get my quarterly blood test results in a couple of weeks. The proof will be in the pudding as they say.

    Mr. McCabe's book is written for the layman and is easily understandable by all. It is not a technical treatise, but a simple, instructive guide for anyone who wants better health without the use of prescription drugs.

    I highly recommend this book and its many oxygen therapies... DeCourcy Orrick...more info

  • Just took a bath
    Feel like a new born! Just took a detox bath with H202, sea salt and baking soda. WOW! Great book. End....more info
  • Very informative book
    Ed McCabe does a great job of describing all methods of using oxygen for better health. I found the book to be so interesting that I had difficulty putting the book down.

    With the information presented in the book, I would expect the reader to be much more informed about options in health care so that they may use their own judgement to pursue greater health....more info
  • Indispensible information for the health minded....
    This may very well be the most interesting book I've ever read with regards to learning some very important health information. It is loaded with just the most amazing information about oxygen therapies. You'll come away from it knowing certain things that you'd never have heard of otherwise. I just love all that I learned from Mr. Oxygen and I'm eager to investigate how I can get more oxygen into my life. ...more info
  • If you care about your health Buy this Book
    March 14, 2006. I just completed reading Flood your Body With Oxygen. It was thorough and filled with lots of valuable information. I will start implementing some of the recommendations in the book such as Oxymune drops, Homozon and peroxide baths. I want to see if these recommendations have a positive impact on me. The cost for testing these on myself is inexpensive. I will post again in a few months and give you some feedback.

    FIVE STARS. Dave...more info
  • Oxygen Heals.
    I have chewed through about 3/4 of this book so far. Ed McCabe shares a lot of his own life story around the use of oxygen as therapy. There is also a great deal of useful information but it is not very easy to sort out. All in all it was still worth the money and would be helpful in selecting a course of oxygen therapy....more info
  • Excellent Update to Oxygen Therapies
    Ed McCabe's provides with passion and honesty invaluable information for healing. He has expanded on the products and protocols in a refresing way. Thank you Mr. Oxygen....more info
  • bacteria, parasites, fungi all go down the drain................
    I liked this book because I am chronically under the weather, and since using stabilized oxygen I have been feeling much, much better. This book contains a wealth of knowledge on everything about oxygen, and it is very informative. I just don't know why I haven't heard about all these therapies before, being that I have been in and out of the health food store so much, Thanks Ed Mc Cabe for writing this book, and thank you to Kevin Trudeau for letting me know about Ed Mc Cabe and this book! ...more info
    The information in this book reminded me of all that I had learned in my organic chemistry and bio chemistry college days. Somehow, through media or what, I do not know, I had forgotten just how it is really only your own body that cures itself, not big pharma....more info
  • A Wealth of Information - You'll want to read this OVER & OVER
    Mr. McCabe has written a book that we all should be deeply involved with. Mr. McCabe has suffered through much hardship to get this information to the public and at his own peril. Yet he did it even with the government hot on his heels! Oxygen is where it's at and he's just ahead of us with this wave of thinking. But not only is it a way of thinking... It's a way to live from here on out! Mr. McCabe thoughtfully and knowledgably gives us the information we need to survive not only day to day but also to really look around at the pharmaceuticals and our government... That we pay dearly for!! Very well put together book... Extremely informative and marvelously thought provoking... Imagine one day being able to look back and say "remember when people used to get cancer?" Mr. McCabe knows this too. He wants you to know this as well. Your eyes will be opened. As were mine. Thank you Mr. McCabe for allowing me to see what was under my nose ALL the time. I have the knowledge to go forward and ask the right questions about my health and to put forth my efforts to join your battle and get the word out not only about your book but what you have taught me! You're the Best Mr. Oxygen ! I can never thank you enough! ...more info
  • This book can keep you alive
    Ed's new book is a fantastic collection of beneficial information on how to get healthy and stay that way. Beginning with a discussion of food and just why our diet serves not only to invite disease into our body but guarantee it a permanent home, Ed introduces us to a fascinating, simple to understand explanation of just why we need this oxygen stuff anyway.
    Like his previous books, there is so much good, practical information contained here that you will quite possibly be overwhelmed at first but KEEP reading ! I think every one needs to know why nearly every dis-ease condition you have or will get can be traced back to a depleted oxygen condition in YOUR body.
    Next, you learn about the numerous ways to increase your oxygen level as well as the advantages to each approach and how to go about getting as much oxygen as you need.
    To someone unfamiliar with this topic, I would like to provide an easy example: I was speaking with a nurse who had worked in a cancer center for over a decade. I asked her if she agreed that Hydrogen Peroxide was a good choice to dis-infect a cut and she replied "Of course." I then asked her what was the active ingredient in the Hydrogen Peroxide that disinfected the wound?
    She was stumped then shocked when I replied . . "An extra molecule of Oxygen bonded to water. . . H2O2."
    What else can you expect from this book? Aids, Cancer, and so many other diseases have been cured with correctly administered Oxygen Therapies. . . First class sections on airplanes get better air than economy class by a factor of about 8 to 1 ! Medical Ozone and air pollution are not the same thing.
    There is so much more to say but why hear it from me when you can get the information first hand from the guy who has literally been walking the walk and talking the talk for going on 20 years.
    This is one book you will never forget....more info
  • Why are more people not like Mr McCabe
    Mr Edward McCabe has addressed in his most recent book Flood Your Body With Oxygen, topics that seem to so conveniently escape
    the minds of various so called people of authority that have our best interest's at heart.

    The human populous is dependent on basic given right's of life that have been eroded by people that have there own personnel interest's to fullfill, with no consideration to their fellow man/women,being.

    Praise must be given to Mr McCabe for in the face of adversity and virtually single handedly standing up for what is each and every human being's right to a clean and healthy enviroment and body.

    The suffering Mr McCabe had to endure to bring healthy, natural solutions to mankind, whilst being innocent of any real accustions has to be admired and praised.

    Well done Mr McCabe.

    Thank's be to God for such people.

    Just something to think about, do we see such literature given from pharmaceutical industries who gain exorbitant finances for the same thing Mr McCabe is recommending virtually freely.

    It makes you wonder.

    Hundred's of millions of dollars(Pharmaceutical industry revenue) compared to virtual zero cost ozone therapy that does work.

    Let alone the heartache of losing a loved one that can never be replaced.

    May anyone reading this have speed in healing love and peace.


    William Moore...more info

  • Flood Your Body withOxygen
    This a very GOOD book, I have his other one and this is mire informative, haven't had time to read all of , so far really good....more info
  • Pulitzer, Nobel or at least national recognition
    No other person comes even close to gathering and clarifying oxygen's power as a healing force. I believe Ed deserves a Pulitzer, Nobel or at least national recognition for this work.
    Michael Grant White, Director, Breathing.com & The Optimal Breathing School ...more info
  • THE BEST! - Single Most Important Book on Health !!!
    Thanks Ed -- You ROCK! You are such a courageous and generous soul to spread this important message.

    I work in the health industry and I've been reading books on health for 30 years, and I swear yours is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK ON HEALTH I have ever read. This information is the MISSING LINK that gives us the information to take charge of our own health, rid ourselves of all the toxins that are killing us, and get off all those dangerous prescription medications that are putting the nail in the coffin. To me, the information you present is the BIGGEST KEPT HEALTH SECRET OF THE CENTURY - and I don't say that lightly. This information has been purposely kept from the public because the knowing of such could possibly mean the loss of billions of dollars to the AMA and the pharmaceutical companies. People - do yourselves a favor and buy and read this book! It's the best thing you could ever do for yourselves!

    Thanks again, Ed. You are a hero and a saint!...more info
  • Health - A new perception
    After ingesting first Hydrogen Peroxide then various stabilised Oxygen products over a period of 7 years and accumulating many health benefits along the way I find that Ed's book, "Flood your Body with Oxygen", so convincing that any further research into the subject of Oxygen Therapies should just be 'fine tuning' and
    extending principals already established. As a result I have now made it my mission to distribute this book as far and wide as possible in Australia. At long last we have information that views our health in a positive light by teaching that Disease is an unnecessary part of life and, more importantly, the means by how it can be eliminated....more info
  • Fun to read, but lack of sicentific evidnece.
    It is a good book to read. I took one star off for poor organization (as other reders mentioned). I took off another for not enough scientific, reasear-based data to support his claims. One example, the author mentioned many times that the singlet oxygen is the most beneficial , but if you do a search on Google you can find research data from different sources indicating singulet oxygen is very oxidative and very damaging to cells. AcCabe claims singulet oxgen is negatively charged, and therefore it is actually an antioxident because most free radicals in the body is positively charged. Then later McCabe would say singulet oxygen is an oxidant but it is an oxidant only to lowlife cancer cells and bacteria or virus since human healthy cells is naturally antioxidant and the singulet oxygen would just bounce off it and so on.... So which is true, is it an antioxident because of its negative charge or is it an oxidant but human cells is immune form it? Both can not be true at the same time can it? I wish McCabe could make the issue more coherent and consistant. If somebdy knows this issue better, please explain here and I would love to be educated. ...more info
  • A Definitive Work
    After reading this well researched book, I finally see the real answer to health! It sure isn't the pharmaceutical companies!! Well documented and interesting read in layman's terms....more info
  • Excellent research - upset that we can't get this type of health care in the USA
    The book was very informative. I was excited about the treatments but upset that you really can't get them in the US readily. He does have a website where you can purchase many of the things he talks about that I never knew about. I intend to buy many of them. I did start taking the liquid oxygen that he recommends - it's name has changed since he wrote the book but it is by Global Health track. I liked it so much that after the first month I added more of their products and I am now taking most of their products. Their research is very impressive also.

    I didn't really like the way the book was written - it just didn't flow for me and found myself with many questions - which the answers are in the book but you have to sort of put it all together. This could just be a matter of style - the way I write versus the way he writes.

    All in all I would highly recommend this book if you have serious health problems or even if you don't and just want to prevent them. It is extremely educational and we all need to take our health care into our own hands since doctors in
    America seem to be trained by the drug company's to be legal drug pushers that never heal anyone just prolong their life and it isn't a quality of life. GHT, which I joined to get the discount prices, after reading this book, is at www.ghtibo.com/denise56, highly recommend this book as well - in fact it's cheaper to buy through them then what I paid on this web site. ...more info
  • Flood Your Body with Oxygen
    A great sequel to his first book, giving updated information on research and oxygen products. Explains why reactive oxygen is the cornerstone of health. Oxygen, peroxide and ozone are not patentable, so you won't see any comercials on TV to ask your doctor. Perhaps most revealing is the fact that ozone insuffilations are as effective as intravenous ozone at prurifying the body. With all the craze over trans-dermal applications, I am surprised that he omitted Dr. Kahn's peroxide solution: 1 oz food-grade hydrogen peroxide, 7 oz organic, whole-leaf aloe vera gel, 1 oz DMSO mixed together in a spray bottle and applied topically after showering. ...more info
  • A Great Resource and Education
    I just bought this book primarily for a hoped for list of oxygen therapy doctors practicing in my area. My dad has cancer and has had radiation treatments, which helped for a while.
    I was not disappointed with Mr. McCabe, making an appointment with one of the doctors from his book's reference section today. I never would have found that doctor and the description of what he does without this book, as well as the book's explanations of different types of ozone treatments.

    I also find the discussion of ozone products in the book invaluable. The theoretical discussion of the value of ozone treatments in very usefull if this is all new to you, but you really need the resource links to get treatments for someone because I didn't buy this book for college book report. I bought it in a matter of life and death. That's sounds dramatic, but that is the situation in my family. I can't find the words to thank Mr. McCabe - and also Amazon.com because they suggested this book to me when I ordered another oxygen therapy book....more info

  • not quite there
    This is a wonderful idea, but the book is so complicated and chock full of information that it's hard to understand exactly what he's advocating. He needs to chop it down to an understandable concise packet so the information is actually useable. I know he wants to explain the "whats" and "whys" and that's good, but if you can't get any useable information out of it, why read it?...more info
  • very Iinteresting
    I'm only on page 38 but I can tell by skiming through it is probably the best book I have seen....more info
  • Recommended reading for medical students
    This book should be recommended reading for all medical students, and every American. This book simply disproves all of the propaganda of the AMA, and the big money drug corps who make windfall profits to keep you sick and drugged up. Just buy the book, it's well worth it, and worth more than any book in any public school system anywhere....more info
  • Reduced my MS symptoms drastically
    It's very important to start slowly with this product. Start with taking a third of the amount any other person would take.

    Then Magic happens. No more running to the bathroom all the time. Dealing better with the heat. Stronger in any way!...more info
  • The Best Book I Ever Read
    Flood Your Body With Oxygen, by Ed McCabe, is hands down the best book that I have ever read, and a MUST HAVE for everyone's library! I have read it cover to cover five times, and will many more times. Mr. McCabe has compiled such a wealth of amazing and life-saving information! Do not hesitate to purchase it, and while you do, purchase one for all those you know and love so that you don't have to be without your copy!
    ...more info
  • Great Book
    The information in this book is wonderful. Just following the information on buying the ozone generator has reduced my air allergies by over 50%. I'm saving the cost of the book in antihistamines during the first month. Not to mention feeling better. Our government officials should be fired for suppressing this information!!! I found out about this from Kevin Tredeau's web site along with many other good books. If you don't believe Tredeau (and I'm the max skeptic) trying the advice in this book will convince you that the food and drug companies are killing us daily. The main tool is suppressed information. I've been taking medicine by the handful for 30 years. Tesla made a device to solve my problem many years before that. Why the heck was I never told!!! Read the book. Allow yourself to be told....more info
  • extensive book on oxygen therapies
    This is the most extensive and detailed book I have read about oxygen therapies. All types of therapies, oxygen peroxide applications, the use of ozonation for air and water, some commercial available products with formulas that include oxygen, all are extensively explained in this book of around 600 pages, which I consider a reference on this subject.

    On the minus side, most of the commercial products analysed are sold by a web site somehow related to the author of this book. There are many other products on the market, and it would be good that some of them were also referred in this book.
    ...more info
  • The Best Oxygen Therapy Book on the Planet.
    This Book Rocks!

    His first book blew me away, this one had me up all night reading it. The information is just mind-boggling.

    Ed McCabe is The Oxygen Guru in the oxygen therapy world. There isn't another like him and he certainly derserves the title. His discoveries are amazing and so is his delivery.

    You will find answers to health problems that absolutely no other book can show you. I applied it and it got me well. I was so sick that I just didn't want to go on living. Flood Your Body with Oxygen showed me the most basic cause of disease. It works.

    I have never felt fitter or healthier or happier in my entire life and I wish I had taken notice of what to do sooner. It would haved saved years of misery and pain.

    Rock on McCabe. I take my hat off to you....more info

  • oxygen therapies
    Very interesting and informative.I am now using "Cxylift" and have experienced positive results; and have had my 1st hyperbaric chamber session, with no results as yet....more info
  • Ed McCabe is a National Treasure!
    Ed McCabe is a very thorough, fearless researcher and reporter dedicated to the truth above all else, regardless of the cost. When I first got his first book, Oxygen Therapies, I stayed up all night reading it. This new book, Flood Your Body With Oxygen, is so dense with information that I have to read awhile and then digest and think awhile. There is no way at all to breeze through this book! Every item is documented. Ed is very passionate about his topic and he is called Mr. Oxygen for a reason!!

    Both persons who are well and seeking to stay that way, and ill people searching for alternative methods of regaining health which are being concealed from them by a medical system based on greed, will find a true resource in this wonderful new book. Thank you, Ed! You are a National Treasure, and your love for the people of the world is very obvious in your books. This one was certainly worth the wait....more info

    This book is better than most on this subject matter. Most of these books tend to be exceedingly dry, droll listings of facts. This book is actually written in a fairly lively style. I enjoyed it.

    Is it the best book I've ever read? Far from it. Is it the best book I've read on this particular subject? ithout a doubt.

    Also recommended: Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle...more info
  • Cutting Edge
    Ed does an exceptional job at tackling the tough issues of oxygen therapies. His book demonstrates beyond any doubt the wide array of practical uses for oxygen therapy. Additionally, he provides real insight into why oxygen therapies are so good but are yet to be appearing on the front page of every newspaper nationwide. He explains the political implications without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. It is simply a matter of time before the word gets out to the general population about oxygen therapies. Ed and his book will be proven to be the pioneer and catalyst for awareness. Boy will the public be infuriated when they find out that they and their loved ones have been needlessly ill because of being duped by the politicians. My hats off to Ed!!!...more info
  • Flood Your Body With Oxygen
    I love this book. It is truly the bible of oxygen therapy and benefits. One thing I am grateful for is the reference to a product mentioned on page 168 of this book. It saved my life, and immediately helped a number of friends and family members as well. The book is impeccably researched and indexed. It is the best book of its type that I've seen. I would advise anyone who is interested in this subject to start with this book....more info
  • Helping you understand your health
    This is a very good book to share with everyone you love, the writer speaks of improving our health and our planet..awesome if we all did what he says.....more info
  • This is a Awesome Book!
    This is a Awesome Book and I was looking for something exactly like it to read. The book is in excellent condition, and it gave me many of the answers that I was looking for in aternative medicines....more info
  • Great Reading!!
    Having been saved from ill health by "Oxygen Therapies", I read Ed McCabes new book. Really good reading. Suggest it to all those seeking a healthy life and lifestyle. Keep up the good work Ed!...more info


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