DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal (A Food and Exercise Diary)
DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal (A Food and Exercise Diary)

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The DietMinder is a deluxe food diary with plenty of room to record quantities and food counts (calories, fat, carbs, protein, etc.) of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. A special area for daily totals makes it easy to see at a glance how you are doing. Each "day" consists of two pages with space for exercise details, too. There are other helpful sections in the book such as the Favorite Foods listing which provides food counts on over 100 common foods and has space to add your own favorite food information. The Goals section of the DietMinder is also important. Here you can list your starting statistics, state your goals, and even paste a "before" picture. This is a great way to stay motivated! The DietMinder can be used with virtually any food or fitness program. It has been proven that keeping a food journal helps people focus and stay more committed to improving their eating habits. It really works!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great tool for keeping track of your diet
    This is a super tool to keep track of your daily food intake. It has a small section for recording work-out information, weight, and if you made your daily goals....more info
  • Great for recording food
    I have been buying this since starting on a new lifestyle to get fit and healthy. It is perfect for recording everything I eat and drink. I can also record my daily exercise and make notes about the day. ...more info
  • Love this journal
    I really needed to get back on track after gaining my usual winter weight
    so writing things down was really important. This journal has a lot of great
    points to it, from a spot for a before and after to very exact notations for
    everything from the protein and carbs you use to your daily exercise. It's
    very easy to use and the plastic cover makes it more durable. So far so good
    with my diet and I feel I'm back on the "diet path" partially due to having a really
    great place to write things down. ...more info
  • A Dieters Best Friend!
    The Diet Minder Personal Food and Fitness Journal is THE best journal out there for tracking calories! This attractive, spiral-bound journal has been an invaluable asset to me. I consistently write down EVERYTHING I eat in this journal everyday. It is so easy to see your progress! There is ample room to write down everything you eat. You can also track down water intake, activity/exercise, vitamin/supplements, and take notes on your day. There is also a place to tally up all your daily toals, a place to do the math, a place for your weight daily, and a place to mark down if you met your daily goal. The rest of the journal has all kinds of other tools such as charts, a place for before and after pictures, a calorie counter, etc. This is THE diet journal to purchase. Once I fill up this one, I plan on buying another!!...more info
  • Diet Minder
    I use these books as in the past to track my daily food intake for a diabetic. It is convenient to track food intake, exercise, meds taken, weight, etc. for each day and makes for an easy quick review. It's a great product for everyone, especially diabetics....more info
  • Great Daily Personal Journal
    I couldn't wait to get the book and wasn't the least bit disappointed when it arrived....more info
  • Nifty little diet tool
    If you don't think writing down what you eat when you're trying to reach fitness goals is important, you'll change your mind after getting this neat little journal. I was searching for a different type of journal, one that was easy to use, had nearly every category already available to me and that would fit in my purse (okay, well ... it won't fit in a small purse). This one fits the bill. It even has a list of common foods in the back so that you don't have to look them up. It's an eye opener, especially if you're the type who is doing all of the right things (i.e. otherwise working out and not totally eating junk food, etc.). Using this, I love four pounds the first week!...more info
  • Should have read closer
    I should have read the product description better - or asked questions. I "assumed" this would provide room for a year - not so. Although the format is good. It could offer more caloric information for a few more basic foods....more info
  • Diet Minder Personal Food and Fitness Journal
    An unassuming little book, it is perfect for someone who wants to track what they are eating and how much exercise they are getting, as obscessively or casually as they want. I am loosely following calories and number of steps walked, but there is room for carbohydrates, proteins, fats, different types of exercise, fruit and vegetable portions, regular meals, snacks. There is a place to add up totals so scratch paper isn't needed, and a place at the bottom for notes, if you have something important to log in for the day. My only objection is having to write the date and day at the top of the page but that is pure laziness on my part. It is soft covered, just the right size, with a larger spiral binding that makes opening and closing it really easy. I like it....more info
  • Easy to use
    I was very pleased with this journal. It was very easy to use and helped me stay on track. I have recommended it to quite a few people who find it tiresome to keep a journal. I love it and will be ordering more. ...more info
  • Essential for any dieter.
    The most important part of any diet plan is awareness. You must know where you are at and where you are going and you must know what you are doing. The most essential facts of your intake and output can be tracked in this well organized planner. All you have to do is be faithful in making daily entries. It will work for you....more info
  • Diet Minder Food Journal
    I love this journal. It accomodates any diet plan and has room enough to really include everything you eat for 3 meals and 3 snacks per day. It has a place for the vitamins you take and for the exercise you do, and boxes to count off 8 8-oz. glasses of water. I don't use the columns for calories, fat grams, etc. but just write across the page. My food plan is from "YOU on a Diet" so I don't need to count those things. I use the untitled boxes on the side to count "dairy" and "nuts". I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to keep a food journal for whatever reason....more info
  • Invaluable Asset for Your Healthy Eating Plan
    I have used the DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal (A Food and Exercise Diary) religiously as part of a new healthy eating plan that I started in August 2006. I lost 100 pounds in a year, and have maintained that loss for a more than a year and a half. I really like the format of this journal, which allows you to track not only portion size and calories, but also carbs,fats, proteins and fiber counts. It also helps you track exercise and vitamins. Although I don't track everything to a fine level of detail -- I watch mostly portion size, calories, fats and timing of meals, along with exercise -- I like having the options, and the format gives me a big-picture view of my eating and activity that is very helpful. This journal helps me be aware of my eating and activity patterns, which is half the battle in staying healthy. This journal is also well-priced -- a lot of value for not a lot of money. I buy them in bulk! ...more info
  • Everything you need to watch
    The book provides tracking ability for portion, calories, fat, carbs, protein and fiber and has space for you to include other things. It has check off for water, vitamins and a space for exercise. My only complaint is that it doesn't have anywhere to journal feelings and mindsets - you need a separate book for that....more info
  • Amazing!!
    I am completely satisfied with this book and I am so glad that I purchased it. I was just keeping track of my calories etc. in a compostion book, this is so much better. I just love it!!!...more info
  • Perfect for any Diet Plan
    This was a perfect food journal for me. I had used (or tried to make do with) other food journals in the past, but the formatting didn't make sense, and I wanted to be able to keep track of something more than just calories. I love the ability to graph things in the back, and a place to keep track of weight. I also liked that there was a section to enter workouts, because I like to keep track of workouts, but didn't need all the specifics that come from a workout journal. I also liked that there was space to make notes at the end of the day and the "Did you meet your goals?" question. It's forced me to be honest when the numbers are in front of you in black and white. The only thing I wish this had was some kind of bookmark so that you could instantly turn to whatever day it was. I used the Look Inside feature here on Amazon to see exactly what the pages look like....more info
  • I'm happy with it
    I've been using the DietMinder for a few weeks now. I like it very much. The are spaces for calories, fat, carbs, protein, and fiber, plus two additional spaces that you can customize (I use them for sodium and saturated fat). There is plenty of space to log everything you eat. There is also a plastic pocket in the back that I put nutrition labels in for things I eat more frequently.

    The only thing I don't like is that, imo, it has too much filler. The nutrition information in the back isn't complete enough to be useful, so realy it just wastes space. Also, once you have gone through one book, you probably don't need most of the stuff in the front, either. It would be nice is that offer a "light" edition that only had the log pages and was either smaller, or lasted longer.

    Other than those two things, I have no complaints about it. It is exactly what I was looking for and I have found it very useful....more info
  • This journal is my best friend!!!
    DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal (A Food and Exercise Diary)
    I bought this after having gastric bypass surgery (a year and a half ago) and have been using it ever since. I can keep track of everything I eat, my medication and supplements, and even my glucose readings throughout the day. It's set up to encompass all your needs in one handy location. Plenty of room to write any additional information. I recommended it to other gastric bypass group members and they loved it as well. Very helpful tool for diabetics or anyone trying to track their eating and nutritional intake as well. Great product, I could not be without it!!!!...more info
  • Journaling My Way to Skinny
    I LOVE this journal!

    When I started my weight loss journey I was journaling my food online. After a while I found that I was great at writing down everything I put in my mouth during the week while I was in front of my computer all day at work, but on days off and weekends I never wrote anything down because I didn't go near the computer. At the time I was also working out with a personal trainer and he wanted to see everything I ate so I found myself printing out page after page of my online journal.

    I wanted something that I could keep with me at all times and that would cut down on the amount of pages I was wasting by printing my journal several times a week.

    I found the DietMinder journal online and then went to a book store to check out it and other options that were out there. I found that DietMinder made the best use of its space by providing more than enough lines at each meal time, and by having the catergories for calories, fat, fiber, etc. I'm also a Weight Watchers member so having the extra spaces to add in my points values is wonderful.

    I don't really use the food info in the back of the journal because for me the variety of food in there isn't really what I eat, but I do use the measurement tables and graphs.

    I also want to add that when I brought this journal to my trainer he went out and bought one for himself because he liked it so much, and my Weight Watchers leader has me show it off to new members almost every week. ...more info
  • Very effective.
    I just received this journal, and I think the style of this book is great. It gives you the space and sections that you need to keep track of what is going into your mouth. I just started to use this today, and I know I will be able to keep track of my daily nutrition goals much better. I have been laxed in getting my protein and water goals recently, and I believe that may be a reason for my slow weight loss.

    This journal will help me turn around that slow rate and keep me more nourished and hydrated....more info
  • This book is a must have!
    I think this book is excellent and a must have for individuals that are looking to track what they eat. It's about the size of a Steno notebook and can easily fit in a medium purse or carried. Oh and it doesn't scream that I am dieting either, it looks like a normal book/notebook....more info
  • Perfect for me!
    This is a fantastic journal for recording food intake as well as general daily exercises, such as walking, jogging, or cycling (not a full-blown fitness program). I have found that by writing down what I am eating, I eat smaller portions with higher nutritional value. I guess it is comparable to Reconciliation but with food. If I have to admit to it, I may not eat it.

    The two blank columns on the far right of the Daily Diet & Fitness Record are a welcome addition. If your diet plan has a points system, you can use these blank columns for them. You can also track sodium, sugars, or other nutrition information because of heath reasons. I can see that this journal would be good for someone on a diabetic food plan or special cardiovascular diet. It is a handy tool to use when discussing dietary needs and goals with a Nutritionist.

    I saw a low review that complains of not enough room to log an exercise/fitness program. The title of this book alone should clue anyone in to the fact that this is a food journal. DIET implies food. If you want a journal that focuses mainly on fitness, but also tracks food (in a summarized manner) try BodyMinder (MemoryMinder also makes this journal). The title of this book describes its purpose, too. BODY implies fitness. In addition, if you read the product descriptions and use the SEARCH INSIDE feature, you will not be confused as to the purpose of this journal.

    I do, however, have one suggestion for the makers of this journal. I would like it even more if it were slightly smaller in width. Because of its size, it is not very portable. It won't fit in a small/medium purse. If it was 3 ? inches wide instead of 5 ? inches, I would have no complaint. Of course, that might result in the loss of the two blank columns that I like so much. :o)...more info
  • Happy with DietMinder
    I was looking for an inexpensive, thorough journal to keep me honest with food and exercise. It took me a few days to get the food amounts worked out: calories, carbs, fat, etc. After the initial, the same foods and beverages are used often, so it has gotten easier and more effective. It is a great tool to use for personal training and for dietician/nutrition evaluations as well. ...more info
  • DietMinder Personal Food and Fitness Journal
    I love it . It has everything you need to record your diet process.
    It is a great book to own .
    ...more info
  • Easier Than I Thought !
    Being a diabetic, my doctor wanted me to start recording what I ate each day. My first thought was " God, this is going to be a PAIN." I was wrong. The journal is very easy to use. It has a couple of empty columns on every page so you can add a catagory if you need too.I use them to keep track of my blood sugar and the time I take it. It has a list of generalized food catagories with their nutritional values plus extra room for you to add your own things. I write everything down that I eat, even the bad stuff. It really makes a difference when you see what you've eaten in black and white in front of you....more info
  • Diet Minder Personal Food Journal
    I really like this item. It helps a lot to write down what you eat. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to lose weight. ...more info
  • Best Food Diary EVER
    As a personal trainer, I recommend this diary to all of my clients. It is the best food diary ever put together, and includes areas for exercise notations, also. Get it today!...more info
  • This has made all of the difference!
    I used this in conjunction with the book If I'm so Smart, Why Can't I Lose Weight. I started 20 days ago and have already lost 8-9 pounds! I never realized how much I was eating before. I would blindly snack, thinking that it wouldn't add up, but obviously it was! Once I started measuring my food and writing down everything I ate, it really opened my eyes. I'm more in-tune with my body and it's caloric needs now. The best part about this journal is that there are columns for everything, so it could work for everyone; whether you're trying to lose weight or lower cholesterol, you can track any aspect of the food you eat. Only use the columns you need! I will definitely be ordering another copy when this one fills up. This is a fool-proof way to lose weight! ...more info
  • DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal
    This book breaks down calories, fat, carbs, protein, fiber and two blank columns for three main meals and three snacks. It provides room to record vitamins and physical activity, a place to do the math and a place for notes. It includes useful websites, tips and several pages of typical foods, allowing space to add your own food counts. Really helps to see what you need to change....more info
  • Weight Watchers without monthly cost
    Easy and effective way for me to lose 15-20 lbs. I follow the diet plan in the book Strong Women Stay Slim by Miriam E. Nelson PH.D and record my portions in The Dietminder. The portion plan in Strong Women is easier for me to follow instead of counting calories. I have it taped onto the Dietminder's back pages as my guide and for easy access. The columns are D as in Dairy instead of Calories, X for Extras instead of Fat grams, Grains are my Carbs, Protein is Protein and V for Vegtables instead of Fiber and F for Fruits in the last blank space. I list the allowed Daily amount under each column, subtract throughout the day. Bless them both for creating the program and the tool....more info
  • helps me be aware !!!
    very concise --it covers everything.....I even have room to log in my skin care regimen ( using the spot for math)....I love this little book. thanks so much for a great product !!!!...more info
  • great tool to have
    Love this book. I would recommend it to anyone who is into daily calorie counting. The way that the book is broken down for you makes it easy to keep up with the journal daily. I tend to start out with good intentions of keeping a daily journal of my calories, but usually slack off. This is so easy to use. You can also plot your progress. ...more info
  • Great Way to track your food eaten
    This journal is a great way to track what you are eating by way of calories. It also helps record how many servings of particular food groups so you can track to see if you are eating healthy foods. The key to cutting back is first being aware of what you are eating. Then you know where to work on to ensure a balanced diet. I love that it is spiral bound as well. This means I can leave it open on the specific day and easily enter foods as I eat them. The calorie count of foods at the back of the book are also very useful....more info
  • Has Been Great for Me
    DietMinder has been very useful for me. Well worth the money. Coupled with a pocket calorie & nutrition guide, I usually have all the information I need to watch my eating habits and improve them....more info
  • Loves it!
    My life has changed, and all for the better, thanks to my beloved DietMinder. I have used it daily since receiving it about one month ago. My only minor complaints are that the food list in the back isn't very extensive so a supplemental calorie index is probably required. The second and last disappointment is that the exercise recording area is teeny tiny, and I ended up getting a separate journal for my fitness progress.

    Overall, I love it. I recommend it. I use it. I love it. Did I say I loved it? ...more info
  • A Wonderful Find!
    I have now ordered a total of six of these Diet Minders Personal Food & Fitness Journals. I am actually on my third, but wanted to be sure I had a good supply on hand...because I never want to be without one!! This has been the perfect tool for my weight-loss journey! You can log your food, your activity, your medicines, your weight, and even extra notes. I can easily say that this is one of my smartest purchases ever!!...more info
  • User friendly designed diet record book
    I have bought about 50 of these for my weight loss group. It has about 90 pages to record individual days of eating. It has sections for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and snacks as well as a section to record exercise. It has a section to "do the math" which is a place to add up all the calories for the day. It has 3 pages for planning and setting goals. It is very well organized and easy to use. I highly recommend it for recording your eating and exercise daily....more info
  • Fantastic!
    I hesitated before purchasing this food/exercise diary because it seems like I've tried them all. When I was shopping this time, I wanted one that has a spiral binder because it's easier to use. Well, this one has it! This journal is large and you get two solid pages per day for writing down all your meals, exercise, vitamin and supplement intake, etc. It's great. I believe anyone trying to achieve results will get them by journaling and this journal allows for recording everything you need to record. I do Weight Watchers and this is even better than their weekly tracker, I think. I'm very happy with it. If you like the space to write down everything and want to keep it together in a neat and easy, spiral-bound diary, then purchase this. You'll be happy!...more info
  • Great book, use it every day
    I go to weight watchers and I love this book. I also track other things on a daily basis. There are features that can be used for ANY type of diet, and exercise program. Also reminds you of pills you take, ugh. And can be used for a variety of things....more info
  • My Journal to Better Health
    My recent purchase of this food/exercise journal has been a great addition to my journey to better health and fitness. It allows plenty of room for recording what I eat in a given day and the amount of exercise that I complete. I do wish that there was extra room for one's emotional experiences since this too can help identify one's eating habits. If you really interested in keeping track of what you are eating, this journal definitely motivates you. I highly recommend it......more info
  • Great Journal....would like to see it just a little smaller.
    I really like this journal. I especially like the fact that it holds 3 months worth of entries. The pocket in the back is also a great addition. I just wish it were a few inches smaller. It almost makes me feel like I'm carrying a few novels around in my bag everyday. Other than the size I am very pleased with the layout and all the other little extras inside....more info
  • Great weight loss tool
    Sometimes when set a goal you fall off the horse and have to start over. Or you may have reached your goal and want to create a new one. This journal gives you 3 goals for you to create. There's a lot of tips and websites it recommends to help you stay on track. There's plenty of lines to record your info on a daily basis the only problem is you have to write small. I highly recommend this book for all people no matter where you are on the fitness/health scale. ...more info
  • Best, Easiest Journal Ever
    A woman in my diet support group had this journal and I immediately knew that it was the one for me, and it was. I can carry this with me wherever I go and record every bite I eat, how much water I drink, my weight, amount of activity and even notes on mood . I've always had problems keeping a food diary but this one makes it much, much, easier....more info
  • FINALLY! Everything in one easy to use book.
    Whoever designed this book should get a medal, because it is incredible! I don't know how they managed to pack everything in, but they did it, while still leaving plenty of room to actually write! The format is easy to follow. The pages are nice, heavy paper. Spiral binding is heavy-duty plastic that makes for smooth page turning (not flimsy, bendable wire like most notebooks!) The print is crisp and in an easy to read font with shaded areas that really make the layout pop, so there is no squinting or searching to find something on the page. FANTASTIC! LOVE IT! Thank you!...more info
  • Best Food Journal that I have used
    I have been keeping a food journal since last February after I had gastric bypass surgery. It helps me to stay on task. I really like the fact that it has a place to list medications/vitamins. It has plenty of room to write in and a plastic pocket in the back for any papers or recipes that you want to save. I have recommended this to several friends. I will probably be buying more when this runs out....more info
    I really like this book. It has room to write your food intake, a column for any kind of count you want to track, (calorie, fat, fiber, etc.) and it includes a blank column that I use to track Weight Watchers points. There is a space to add your daily counts and charts in the back and front to track weight and measurements. As well as a place for before and after pictures. And, in what I view as a plus, there is more than one before and after page. Some people are looking to lose more than their holiday pounds. One of my coworkers joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of January and when I showed her this book, she asked me to order one for her too....more info
  • DiatMinder
    Too time consuming and doesn't have sub totals on page one. For a fast paced life, it just doesn't work....more info
  • Handy dandy diet notebook!
    I keep reading that keeping a journal of everything you eat is the BEST way to lose weight. Having tried and failed at many diets, I was looking for a food journal to track a variety of info such as calories, fat and sodium intake,as well as water consumption, exercise and vitamins. This handy dandy little notebook has it all - perfectly organized, not too big and spiral bound for ease of use. After 21 days, I have lost 13.6 pounds. Would most happily recommend this to anyone looking to take control of their weight and eating habits. Seeing is believing!...more info
  • Great diet journal
    This journal allows one to record everything pertinent to a healthy diet and fitness routine. There's room for food, vitamins, exercise, and water intake. I tend to resist journals, but this one is so easy that I use it. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I love this book. The graphs are a great tool to visualize your progress. I also like the section to track measurements, I am doing mine every three weeks. It's great because just when you start to get discouraged on the scale it's time for measurements and it gets you right back to motivated....more info


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