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  • Just the facts
    All you really need if you are going to do the Cleanse. Everything else is just fluff. ...more info
  • Why is it taboo to criticize this book?
    I've run into a number of people spurred by the promise of quick weight loss or the belief that they're infested with "toxins" to try this radical "diet." What's astonishing to me is how disinclined people have been so far to question how this motley array of kitchen detritus -- water, lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper -- came to assemble itself, or how this perplexing combination of ingredients is specifically supposed to flush out these supposed "toxins."

    Reading the book, my first reaction was to wonder how such a text has gotten as far as it has. It only makes sense when I consider my anecdotal experience that it's really the recipe that has travelled far and wide, while the rambling explanation behind it has, to its benefit, remained rather obscure. The author of this terse manifesto of folk medicine wastes no time in proclaiming that his peculiar lemonade (it may have more aptly been Kool-Aid) will cure any disease. He further proclaims, without evidence, that all germs are "our friends," that fungi help us rid our bodies of "toxins," and that asking for the blessing of a meal will raise its "vibrations." Other claims are very easily checked, and should smell fishy even to the casual observer: that lemons and maple syrup provide all the nutrition you need is but one example.

    Practitioners of this "diet" flutter with amazement at the results, vindicated that their weight loss that has confirmed the validity of the science behind it: as if there is somehow a correct way to starve yourself....more info
  • Best choice in my life
    Excelent information. Thought was going to be difficult to do it. Prepare my self in advance. During the process you could feel the difference in your body with the desintoxication. Planning to do another one by the summer. The information in the book in well presented and is an unvaluable resource for those people that want to start a new style of life. ...more info
  • Clean out your Act
    My friend Saralise told me to buy this book. Its the best purchase I ever made. Here is a summary of my experience so far...

    Go RAW...anything cooked over 102* or processed doesn't provide your body with nutrition.

    Rid your body of all toxins and disease. Eliminate all waste from your body
    by using the following recipe from 10 upto 40 days. Nothing else may be eaten. Mint tea may also be used. As well as water.

    Master Cleanser...

    6 juiced limes (or lemons)

    1tsp cayenne pepper

    ? cup maple syrup

    100 oz of water

    Makes a 2 day supply.

    Drink (smooth move liquorish or chocolate) laxative tea morning and night.

    [2 tspns sea salt mixed on stove with 4 cups water, drink hot like chicken soup one morning in beginning of cleanse. note, be prepared to be near a toilet all day.]

    Drink Master Cleanser exclusively until the white on your tongue returns to a natural pink color.

    Sea salt baths are an absolute delight, and an additional way to remove even more toxins...

    Than final 3 days orange juice and vegetable soup, to get you ready to resume solid foods...

    Some people do this cleanse a few times a year. It is considered a fast, as you will not eat any food. The nutrition in the recipe is enough to sustain you. Some people continue on with this drink for breakfast, as a way to maintain proper health balance.

    I'm officially on Day 12.
    Have seen major improvements in physical form and well being.
    Lost 9 pounds. My tongue is 50% free of toxins at this stage.
    Goal is to detoxify.
    Loving the process. I have tons of energy.
    Am not hungry. First 2 days when I got a little hungry,
    just had some more of the drink. There is typically no hunger after day 3, however, I would recommend to stay away from food establishments, or grocery stores if possible, because you will feel desire, and maybe a little stomach growling at you if you do =)

    xoxo Fran
    [...]...more info
  • I finally made it,,,,
    Everything in this book is true. If you follow it, you will see results. I lost inches first and then weight, inches are what made the difference. The first time I tried it made it to day 4. The second time made it to day 14 and lost 16lbs. The first few days were hard, but I made it. I wasn't hungry, it was the thought of wanting too chew, even made it to the point that I could cook or watch others eat and not have an emotional breakdown. I had more enery and felt better than ever. If I can do it anyone can. I've kept the weight off since the MC and have lost an additional 4lbs,since ending the cleanse January 22, just by making better choices, minimal sweets and chips, basically no junkfood or fastfood.I had a horrible sweet tooth, which is now gone! Starting my second cleanse today and I'm actually looking forward to it. My skin and hair looked fabulous while on the MC. If you don't do it for weight loss which I did at first it to feel better, like I am now....Goodluck, you won't regret it.........more info
  • Be Leary
    I jumped into this Master Cleanse diet without thinking of the harmful effects eating the same thing for 10 days straight can have on our bodies. I never experienced the increased energy, and I became very dizzy and weak for several days. I stopped it after 5 days. I don't recommend this book or the diet. A 7-day fruit cleanse is a much healthier way to cleanse your body. ...more info
    I have been using this book for 10 days now, and all I can say is WOW. My entire body, from my head to my toes, feels rejuvenated and energized - and it has only been ten days! Dr. Tombk has made a believer out of me - and that is the highest compliment I can give. At first, I was a little skeptical because of the bad reviews, but I decide to throw caution to the wind and go for it...and why not? All the other health guides proved to be nothing more than repeats of techniques that have been proven they don't work. This guide, however, utilizes alternative methods not common in the US and applies them in an easy-to-use formula, that... that just work. So if you're tired of the same ole advice found in all the different health guides (like I am) come on, they don't work. Try this guide. The ideas are easy to follow and presented in a fun and informed style that will have you saying WOW in less than 2 weeks....more info
  • Healthy solutions
    I love the master cleanser. I was in a 2 month weight loss contest. I waited to the last minute( two weeks) and started the master cleanser. I lost 18lbs and won the contest. I also managed to cheat alittle and still lost the weight. I had less allergy symptoms and my joint pain was relieved. You have to hang in there for the first 3 days, its really hard, just drink all the juice you can, the calories won't hamper your weight loss....more info
  • Mom of 4 kids under the age of 5 and I DID IT!!!
    I just finished 11 days on the Master Cleanse. It really works as long as you are determined to do it. It is not a walk in the park by any means but you can definitley accomplish this. I started at 140lbs and ended at 130lbs and I will probably lose some more weight coming off the fast. Not only did I lose 10lbs but I've learned how to have self control when it comes to food. I've realized I don't have to eat as much as I do. I have 4 children ages 5, 4, 20 months, and 8 months, and if I can do the MC with having to fix 3 meals a day for my kids and husband anyone can do this. I am going to do the MC at least twice a year from now on. Good Luck to anyone who trys it. Just dedicate 10 days of your life and you will feel empowered!...more info
  • Great Book, Challenging Diet
    I found this 50 page book very interesting. While i do not know if all the points in the book have medical validity i like the spin the author puts on things. He makes a few interesting points pretaining to the things we do in everyday life. He says that we should not just pray over our food, but pray for the ability to make good decisions at the grocery store. The book contains not just the lemonade diet (which is pretty difficult to follow) but also contains ideas for healthy living and natural remedies for after the diet. The diet is pretty straight forward and pretty brutal for the first couple of days till you get used to it. The cayenne pepper is miserable but very necessary to aid in the removal of mucus and toxins. After that it kind of changes how you look at bad foods and other things. I personally lost the majority of my cravings for unhealthy food, and also felt that i had alot more energy. I could breathe much better and also experienced a better sense of smell. As far as weight loss is concerned i lost 20 lbs and kept half of that off. Ill admit that the organic lifestyle is hard to follow, but i feel that if i was actually working out i would have kept more off and actually lost more. All in all i think this is a great overall cleanse to do every six months and the feeling of good health that you get from it is well worth the little bit of suffering you have to endure while youre doing it. ...more info
  • Did me alotta good
    This is a great way to clean out your bowels and reset your body's balance in your intestines. The master cleanser helped me overcome a severe candida infection. Not eating can be very hard for many people but hang in there and you'll feel much better when you're done. ...more info
  • Master Instuctor
    This small book is full of meaningful and easy reading. Dr. Burroughs lays out the fast and the rationale behind it. He also has a section for special conditions for those that have health conditions and concerns. This is the best book I have read detailing the components of the ingredients and why it works. I have used this Master Cleanse formula and it is all that he describes....more info
  • My 6th Favorite Health Book
    This is one of the essential health books that every person in every country should have on their shelf. It should be of note that none of my favorite health books can be found in hardly any book stores at all, yet in my experience they clearly prove superior results.It should be of note that none of my favorite health books can be found in hardly any book stores at all, yet in my experience they clearly prove superior results.

    This particular book stresses a homemade lemonade diet concoction made with fresh-squeezed lemons, organic grade B maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. Also included is a very effective saltwater laxative recipe....more info
  • Book: 4 stars; Cleanse: 5 stars
    I don't know about the updated book, but my version has some typos and incorrect page references. Some of the information (like honey is bad for you internally) is questionable, but the diet/cleanse is solid! I am currently on day 10. I have tried it a few times before and could never get past day three; this time, I had help with my "timing" and am now on day 10. I am going to continue on for another 10 days or so because I didn't do the salt water flush everyday (I only did it twice) and after reading at Glickman's message board, decided I will go on and continue the cleanse "to the letter." (Heck, I've come this far.)

    Results (so far): My energy level went from lethargic to energetic in 48 hours! I have lost 10-12 lbs (or so), but what is more amazing is my depression is gone (and I wasn't expecting that). In addition, I have had a lump the size of a small sausage in my abdomen (for years); I've had tests (drank horrible liquid and sent into a scan); the doctor said is was most likely irritible bowel syndrome... whatever it was, it is gone. After reading another poster who had chronic swollen lymph nodes (which I had as well, but only on one side); I checked my neck... gone! This lymph node has been permanently swollen for two decades or more.

    However, my tongue is not quite pink yet (indicating the toxins have not yet left my body completely... probably due to the lack of complete elimination fostered by the salt water flushes), so I will keep going until I feel completely cleansed.

    I will do this going forward at least once a year; probably twice (every six months).

    Best of luck!...more info
  • Can't lose diet.
    Water, not protein-fat-carbs, is the essence of life. Flavored with lemons or not, it can sustain life while trimming off pounds and, if you will, purifying the body. Moreover, by forcing you to stay away from dairy, wheat, excess sugar, etc., a diet/fast such as this could get you past the allergies that, unawares, you had been tolerating, perhaps barely, all these years.

    Although there are numerous spin-offs, this little booklet (and perhaps some additional website info available free of charge), is all you need. Here are the potential "negatives":

    1. The recommendation to chug down a quart of sea-salt water first thing every morning is not necessarily feasible for every constitution. After the first time or two, you may find yourself more averse than ever to getting out of bed.

    2. The assertion that upon drinking the salt water the imbiber will experience in short order elimination of internal toxins assumes that the human digestive tract works like a car radiator. Simply flush it out and get on with your day. But even if you follow a recommendation to drink laxative tea the night before, there's no guarantee that the process will complete itself nearly so expeditiously. In fact, if you plan to drive to your day job, best that you not be expected before afternoon.

    3. The "gotcha" qualifier. No one is going to be able to adhere to this diet/fast to the letter. If it doesn't work, it's because you used regular salt rather than sea salt, regular lemons rather than organic lemons (be prepared to shop every other day because of their limited-time freshness), tap rather than pure distilled water, or you cheated on the early morning cleanse, etc. Hence, regardless of your success or lack thereof, there's no way the diet or its promoters can lose....more info
  • It's not a book...but a phamphlet and a n sales tool for the Amazon seller
    I thought I was purchasing a book, but it was pamphlet .... 8.5x11 paper stapled to a heavier cover. I was offended at the cost of the shipping given the type of book and also that the Amazon seller is selling all the ingredients, which are not inexpensive. Basically the purchaser pays a substantial price for marketing materials of the company and then receives a discount on the first purchase. I felt scammed....more info
  • Life Altering
    I purchased this because a friend had told me of the great benefits of this cleanse. I read the book and found it interesting so I have tried it. I'm on day nine of the cleanse and I have lost over 25 pounds and I have more energy than I have had since I was a teenager!...more info
  • Timeless: Worth giving or sharing with every one you know.
    I don't know how many of these books I have given over the years and just order another one. I did first experienced this fast in 2002 and was the being of a transformation for me. It is hard to believe that it was inspired in the 1940's and is as helpful to healing and cleansing now as it was then. I have used it to cleanse and to lose weight. It is definitely worth the try....more info
  • cleanse works well, but the book contains much misinformation
    I read the book and did the cleanse, and the cleanse was great. The maple syrup really does seem to keep the appetite down although I was physically hungry a lot.

    The book is written in a very opiniated style, and unfortunately the author is off on several points. He says honey is a terrible substance, but if anyone would know it would be David Wolfe, the world's formost authority on raw and he thinks it's fine. Also S. Burroughs thinks enemas and colonics are bad, again totally wrong. The formost researcher on cleanses wrote "Cleanse and Purify Thyself", he gives a ton of valuable information on the subject, plus I highly reccomend that cleanse. Also S.B. says water fasts are dangerous ~ this is highly uninformed and comes from living in a Western culture where we are addicted to food consumption. A lot has happened since the '70's when this book was written, and it is very outdated.

    ...more info
  • Just the facts
    All you really need if you are going to do the Cleanse. Everything else is just fluff. ...more info
  • great cleanse
    Only do this if you really need to because it is somewhat harsh not to eat....more info
  • The Original Master Cleanse
    This book was very informative about the positive effects that doing the master cleanse has on your body... Great stuff. I was looking for, however, the book that gives you tips and helpful ideas that would help me to complete the "Master Cleanse"...more info
  • Could it be true?
    This book has information that I've been looking for for the past two years!!! But is it true??? I've yet to find out. I believe everything the book says but weather it cleanse you out as it claims it does is my question. I am going to try it and then give this book another review....more info
  • Simple and Effective
    I became interested in the Master Cleanse after a friend of mine started it a few weeks ago. I purchased this book and the enhanced book by Peter Glickman to read up on the process. I had great results and am writing this note on day 11 as I am breaking the fast. If you are interested in the cleanse, I highly recommend you get this book along with the book by Glickman (Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, Second Edition) and read it before you start to do anything. The cleanse is simple and effective if you do it correctly without changing anything. Spending some time on Glickman's website is a great idea too. Happy cleansing!
    ...more info
  • Handy guide to detoxing
    Master Cleanser is an easy-read resource that is a handy guide to detoxing and good eating habits...more info
  • 10 days of fasting - not a daily diet
    In my review, I also reference Peter Glickman's "Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, Second Edition" which is a definite aide in doing Mr. Stanley Burrough's "Master Cleanser" program. REMEMBER that this is not a DIET but a CLEANSE. This means you only do this periodically, like yearly, for 10 days or more in a single cleanse.


    - This is not a DIET that one can adopt. This is a TEMPORARY CLEANSE. Just as undergoing surgery is not a new way of life but a short-term treatment where you actually leave the operating table. Think of cleansing for a colonoscopy - you don't continually cleanse for the rest of your life - so don't use the excuse that this is a dangerous diet.
    - This is very DIFFICULT IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW the instructions to the letter.
    - The Salt Water Flush is horrible tasting but is ABSOLUTELY necessary in order to remove toxins quickly. Do it even if it is unpleasant for you.
    - Buy organic. Use the products as directed. Why would you cleanse to remove toxins and simultaneously add toxins during the cleansing program!

    I first tried the "Master Cleanser" diet in 2005 and then again in 2006. Both times, I only made it 3 days because I chose to do this diet on my vacation. That did not sit well with my family who wanted to go out and have nice dinners. So, I tried it this time while still working AND with the use of this book by Peter Glickman.

    I highly recommend starting this on the night before starting a 3-day weekend or 3 full days off of work. This is only due to the requirement to be near a bathroom during the flushing phase after coming off of solid foods. I truly mean it when I say that you MUST be near (like 2 feet away) a bathroom the first 3 days. I started it at work and had to leave to go home since I was 50 feet away from the bathroom.

    I am starting my fourth cleanse in August. During my cleanse in 2007, I made it the entire 10 days. I lost 16 pounds in these 10 days and could truly feel the detoxification. This book and Peter Glickman's book truly helped me with the symptoms that I would experience as the fast went on day to day. Peter includes a great section of questions and answers that address the majority of the issues that people have in conducting the Master Cleanser fast.

    The goal is to detoxify the body to the point that one's tongue returns to a natural bright pink color, as most of us have polluted our bodies to the point that we have a whitish coating on our tongues. I did not make it until my tongue was bright pink, but I did gain the benefit of the 10 day fast. My skin became smooth and soft. My energy felt higher. My concentration was clearer in the second half of the fast.

    By days 5, 6, 7, and 8, I must warn that you will definitely feel the effects of detoxification. I described it as having a "headache" over my entire body. As long as one has the Lemonade, one can satisfy any hunger. One will experience yearnings for food whenever one smells others eating.

    I loan my multiple copies of the two publications "The Master Cleanser" by Stanley Burroughs and "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, Second Edition" by Peter Glickman to everyone I care about. These two books combined are truly the greatest self-healing guide that I have ever used. I highly recommend this if you are experiencing the effects of poor nutrition, such as obesity, HBP, type II diabetes, gout, etc.
    ...more info
  • Simple good sense has stood the test of time
    This book has been around well over 30 years. The author is not out to sell over priced supplements, or gimmicky dietary plans. Master Cleanser is written with simple good sense and good intent. ...more info
  • Curiosity Could Kill the Cat
    Curiosity got the best of me after hearing how Beyonce and others lost weight after adhering to the premise of this book. Fortunately, the book was a few dollars as the material contained within was worthless if not dangerous. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in detoxification to do your research and find a holistic/alternative/ integrated health care practitioner for guidance and NOT this book. ...more info
  • Helpful
    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was very simple, straight to the point and answered all of my questions. After you read this book you understand how simple our bodies really are. I believe that this book helps you understand the whole process of cleansing and if you are going to be strong and commit all of yourself to this book then it will really work for you. In all this book is short and sweet and right to the point. I fasted for 15 days and I feel great and I am juicing now and I am sleeping and working on a regular basis and life is great. I have recommended this book to all of my friends and they love it....more info
  • The Master Cleanser
    The Master Cleanser Diet information is an excellent source for promotion of good health and feeling good. I highly recommend this boook to everyone.The diet is simple and easy to follow....more info
  • At $6.50, the only thing you can lose is your extra weight
    The Fast
    I have had overwhelmingly positive results with the Master Cleanser. I've done it three times and each time I lost between ten to fifteen pounds. While one never knows for certain, it seems to efficiently detox my body. While I always miss the ritual of eating, I have never been hungry on the diet. I feel great during most of the fasts. I do the salt cleanse portion on days when I know that a toilet will be nearby. I highly recommend the Lemonade Diet (as it is also known) to anybody looking to lose weight. Since the books are so inexpensive, I keep extra copies to hand out to anybody who expresses interest. Despite my experiences, I know just as many people who couldn't do the diet as those who swear by it. For some reason, the Master Cleanser just doesn't work with everybody. Given my involvement, I'm at a loss to explain why it doesn't work for some folks. The only way that you can know if it's right for you is by actually doing the fast.

    The Book
    Since the actual recipe can be found online, the potential faster has to wonder if it is worth purchasing the book. I highly recommend the book. The first time I did the fast, it was an unsettling experience into an internal frontier. Stanley Burroughs explained the diet in a way that ensured comfort and affirmation that I was doing the right thing and not going to harm myself. After all, the practice of drinking nothing but lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper fails the common sense test. The booklet is short and easy to read. It contains a good deal of background information and general data on nutrition. While most of this does not directly apply to the fast, it is interesting. Some of the content is clearly outdated, but don't let that scare you away, the Master Cleanser does work. The Amazon reviews were a significant inspiration for me to do the cleanse, so I'm happy to share my experience with other potential fasters. ...more info
  • Yuck
    This weight loss/cleanse procedure is disgusting. I couldn't take more than a day of it....more info
  • Give it a try!
    I was able to do the master cleanse for a 5 day period. By day 3, I didn't crave any food and probably could've stuck with the diet longer. However, getting to day 3 was a challenge.

    I tried this diet not to lose weight, but for cleansing purposes. I plan to do it again and see if I can get further along with the cleansing....more info
  • Best thing I've ever done
    This book really changed a lot in my life. My sister did it and suggested I get this book. I never in my life realized how much of an effect the things we eat have on so much of what ails us. Even the first day my roommate noticed a change in me, I didn't tell her I started. I had energy throughout the day, my sinuses were completely clear by the fourth day that even my roommates friend commented that I sounded different, she didn't know what I was doing. I felt light. My mind was clearer, I felt at ease and refreshed. I did the cleanse in early March, I am doing it again mid June. I intend to go 100% raw foods by the end of the year....more info
  • Cure for what ails you
    "The Master Cleanser" is the origin of the infamous lemonade diet. Stanley Burroughs says that if you mix together some lemonade, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup, you'll be healed from everything from bad digestion to dandruff! Since the point of this book is digestion, there are sections on enemas as well.

    "The Master Cleanser" blends health tips (like salt baths) to New Agey mumbo-jumbo about "vibrations." There are Biblical citations thrown in for good measure. "Master Cleanser" is an entertaining read, but take it with a grain of salt (or cayenne pepper) Read it if you want the laughter cure!...more info
  • Save you money and research detox first
    My husband decided to try this cleanse after a friend of his did it. I had been feeling rather unhealthy lately and the idea of cleansing my body sounded like a good one, so I decided to try it with him. Concerned that we got the diet correct, I decided to buy the book. It was a waste of money. All of the important information in the book is available on the web. Apart from the diet, everything that Burroughs writes is ridiculous. Other reviews have recapped it, so I won't. Burroughs has no credentials and nothing to back up anything that he says - including why the diet is healthy or works. But I'm pretty sure there's a better way to detoxify your body without starving yourself or taking a bunch of supplements as many "detox diets" want you to do.

    That said, my husband's buddy had done it and said it seemed to do what it claimed. From what I've gathered on the web, lots of other people have also done it and declare it's virtues, so we decided to go ahead with it. We did the minimum 10 days (I am on day 10 as I write this).

    I think there must be something to it because after 10 days on liquids, my body is still eliminating solids. And I have felt fine, if a bit hungry throughout the diet. My husband even kept up his daily swimming workouts, taking it a little easier than usual. But I am concerned that to do the Master Cleanser any longer than 10 days, or to do it repeatedly, might actually do my body more harm than good. I will research more about detoxification - hopefully finding some info that is actually backed by science and research - before I try any more detox diets. But I'm pretty sure that there is a better way of detoxifying without the extreme of a liquid diet or the plethora of supplements that other "detox diets" require....more info
  • It works
    I recently finished my 3rd Master Cleanse fast. You don't do this cleanse to lose weight, because you'll gain all or most of it back once you end the fast. This cleanse is to 1) remove mucous from the digestive track, 2) reduce blood pressure, 3) reduce triglycerides and cholesterol, and perhaps 4) remove other toxins from the body.

    I know because it had done all of these things for me. My triglyceride count went from 427 to 235 (still high, but much better). I had a cardiac episode where my blood pressure was (I'm not kidding) 253/122 in the emergency room (I'm a 46 year old female). They stabilized me at 193/98 and sent me home. But I declined medicine and immediately when on this 10 day fast. On day 10, my blood pressure had dropped from chronic stroke range to 115/70.

    It also functions like an elimination diet. Anyone who has food allergies will feel better on this fast. I have fibromyalgia and felt great - lots of energy and clear headed; I stopped getting migraine headaches for the 10 days I was on the fast. Now that I'm back to eating, I feel much worse!

    You have to re-enter the eating world slowly. A piece of toast with butter on it will make you sick after fasting for 10 days. Homemade vegetable soups, and nuts are a good way to re-enter on day 11 and 12.

    Something as severe as Leukemia can't be cured with a fast, but for the rest of us, it can be an amazing leg up on our poor eating habits and this toxic world....more info
  • Very purifying!
    This is by far the best cleanser I've seen for eliminating the toxins that are in our bodies. I would recommend following it verbatim in order to achieve the maximum benefit. It's easy to follow and offers good advice!...more info
  • Great short read
    This short and to the point guide is all I needed to sucessfully achieve the master cleanse for the second time in a year. I actually had to buy a few extra copies for friends because they kept asking to borrow my only copy. Great gift. The price is a good buy. ...more info
  • Not healthy in the long run.
    I first heard about this diet as a teenager back in the '80's. It is ok for very short term say like a week or less than 2 weeks. You will probably feel better not taking in food/meats for a few days anyway whether it's with the help of the MC or not because your digestion is getting a much needed "rest". It's not requiring too much energy to digest hard foods like meats and starches, so you will feel and sleep better. Yet, I think people get carried away with this diet and take it past 2 weeks. You will put your body in starvation mode, slow down your metabolism, auto-digest (spelling?) lean muscle, damage your teeth (lemon acids damage tooth enamel) and feel very weak and tired. There's no protein in this diet, hardly any iron and simply not enough to keep you going especially if you live a pretty busy and hectic life. Most of what you lose on this diet is water trapped in the tissues anyway and then your body as stated starts to consume it's own muscle tissue for protein. Once you return to normal eating habits you will gain all the water back. So if you want to do this diet, you are best to totally change your regular diet to something of a vegetarian type. Once you go back to eating hard foods like meat and sugars, forget about it. All the placebo benefits you thought you received from the MC will be nil and void once you go back to old eating habits. ...more info
  • Wow, this is something
    This is a very small but powerful book. I have been looking for something to cleanse y body that would not involve colonics, or any other uncomfortable stuff.

    this looks awesome, i'm starting it the day after x-mas and i can't wait.

    by the way, this really changed my mind about foods that we are eating and I think i'm becoming a vegetarian after this cleanse....more info
  • Excellent Item
    The book is unusal in the writing format, and you can definately tell it wasn't edited by a corporate publishing company, however the content of the text is much more important and clearly states the purpose of the book.
    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a natural way to detox your body and heal minor ailments you may be having. ...more info
  • Clear and easy to read
    Good book, easy to understand and read. I tried the cleanse and it was purifying. I felt good, no headaches, fatigue or dizziness; I just felt hungry. On the 6th day I was still hungry so I slowly went back to eating solids. Thereafter, I felt lighter and experienced more energy than before the fast....more info
  • Book is a great read, the Diet is impossible for working adults!
    I attempted a 10 day cleanse using this and found that I did not have the means(unable to carry around enough distilled water when on a 4-day trip), time (no time between flights to on most days to mix it up) nor opportunity to mix the ingredients together six times a day. I'm a flight attendant and this is not to be attempted if you're on the go. Attempt only if you are going to be home and near a refrigerator (keeps the fresh lemon juice from spoiling). I'll attempt again when I'm on vacation and staying at home....more info
  • The Master Cleanser
    This is a good resource for cleansing the body internally. I have shared it with others....more info
  • maltase
    I ordered this book after i already started the master cleanse, however it didn't make any difference b/c i finished the cleanse, and read the book after. i love this little informative book. Great item which explains everything you need to know about the cleanse and how it biologically effects the body. Once i finished reading it 4 of my girlfriends did the cleanse and read the book. we all lost about 10lbs, but that wasn't the issue. we felt amazing while we were on it, and will do it again soon. ...more info
  • Uninformative with respect to the internet
    This book has pretty much been duplicated on many websites on the internet. I found much of the information in the book, right online when I searched the "Master Cleanser Diet". I wouldn't waste my money purchasing this book when you can research on line. Many of the chapters in the book have been duplicated right there on the internet. Please do your research before ordering! Save yourself a few bucks, unless you just really want the book for future reference. I tried the cleanser and only lasted three days. I felt really good afterwards but during the three days I was dizzy from not eating and the toxins were being worked out of my body. Please be mentally prepared before attempting the cleanser. Your mind has to be right in order to fight the urge to eat, or you may fail.

    ...more info
  • Too short
    Not worth reading, too short, lacking in good information. Too much emphasis on faith....more info
  • You can find most of this info on the net
    I read this book and actually attempted to do the cleanse with one of my coworkers after a friend experienced happy results from it. I have to say that the information in the book was intriguing to say the least, but it's hard to discern fact from fiction. I originally borrowed this book from a coworker, but found the entire book reprinted elsehwere on the web. Save your money. You can get the basic info anywhere and would probably be better suited reading some of the message boards highlighting people's experiences. As for my "run" on the fast (big time emphasis on run), I lasted all of one day. After purging what appeared to be my actual stomach lining, I was eating chocolate covered pretzels and chicken quesadillas en masse by nightfall. Don't let this deter you though. My friends that finished it reported more energy and both lost a few pounds in the process....more info
  • Definitely not for me.
    I think this book has the capacity to work for some people, but it definitely didn't work for me. ...more info
  • Unsure
    I have heard this really works, but am not 100% positive. some of the material sounds a little quacky....more info
  • Body Cleansing
    The Master Cleanser is a quick read w/ a good recipe for body cleansing and it is advisable to shop in health food grocery stores to get what is needed for the best results....more info
    If you're looking for a guide that's going to show you the "perfect diet", you can contiue looking. Stanley Burroughs effectively instructs us on how to cleanse and purify our bodies without using harmful and otherwise toxic chemicals and supplements. For me the Master Cleanser worked exactly as he claims it will in the book. Not only did I cleanse my entire system, and start feeling more alive than I ever have, but my focus became more clear, my skin appeared healthier and as an added bonus I lost more weight in 35 days, than I have lost in a year. I'm one of the biggest skeptics around and everything is a scam to me, however The Master Cleanse is true to it's word. Such a small book packs a wallop with the life changing/saving information that it contains. At the very least, if you follow the plan you will detoxify your system and if you're lucky, like me, you'll shed some unwanted pounds from the fat being burned away by your newly super charged system! I highly recommend that everyone pick up this book. It will change how you think, eat and look at diet plans....more info
  • Definately Read this if going on the Master Cleanse
    If you are going to go on the Master Cleanse read this book along with another newer version. This book is the basis of the diet and explains why it is such an important thing to cleanse and detox your body. It was written in the 70s so its a bit outdated and formatted strangely, but the concepts are clear. I wouldn't use it soley as a resource if you want to do this diet, but its an important guide to go along with starting the Master Cleanse. The Master Cleanse does work and its amazing. I'd urge any one interested to read more and check it out for yourself....more info
  • Great health book
    I felt great putting this into practice but I was still hungry. However, I did notice I had a lot more energy. The lemonade tastes awesome.
    ...more info
  • 5 Stars
    I bought this book to get me up to speed with the Master Cleanse. It is an easy and quick read for anyone who wants to get a handle on the process in a short time. The principles are provided directly without circumlocution which I found in knock-offs of the book. I highly recommend the book to those interested in detoxifying their bodies....more info
  • Good Book
    This thoroughly helped me understand the diet, the do's and don'ts and how I can achieve long term good health. I highly recommend it to anyone trying to achieve a better lifestyle physically and mentally....more info


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