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Ruth Yaron cares deeply about what your baby is eating--so much so that her bestselling Super Baby Food is encyclopedic in both scope and size. Ounce for hefty ounce, this manual/cookbook/reference guide is worth its weight in formula, packed as it is with detailed information on homemade baby food, nutritional data, feeding schedules, cooking techniques, recipes, and other invaluable feeding tips. Yaron builds her compelling argument for making baby food at home on the simple premise that food profoundly impacts health, especially when an infant's developing digestive tract is involved. Parents will learn why babies should start out on rice porridge, bananas, avocados, and sweet potatoes before advancing to more difficult-to-digest foods such as wheat cereals and milk products. While Yaron's passionate stance and vegetarian bias may turn off some parents, others will be grateful for her strict attention to potentially harmful additives and chemicals. No matter what their eating philosophy, most parents will appreciate the economy and surprising ease of making baby food at home. This is not gourmet cooking; all you have to do is learn how to boil water and operate a blender. For veggies, simply steam some vegetable chunks and blend. For baby porridge, just grind some whole grains in a blender and boil. It's that simple. And when you're feeding your baby, simple is best. --Sumi Hahn

ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you should know about feeding your baby and toddler from beginning solid foods through age three years. How and when to start your baby on solid foods, with detailed information on the best and safest high chair, spoons, bibs, and other feeding equipment.

Which foods to introduce to your baby during each month of his first year, with details on proper food consistency, amount, and temperature. How much you can expect your baby to eat and drink during the months of her first year with information on her digestive system at each age. Interesting details on your baby's physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological development as it applies to self-feeding and mealtimes; how you can increase your baby's or toddler's self-esteem and self-confidence during mealtimes.

The age you can expect your baby to start finger feeding, drinking from a cup, eating table foods, and self-feeding with a spoon and fork. If you choose to make homemade baby food, this book will give you the knowledge and confidence to make your own healthy and safe homemade baby vegetables, fruits, cereals, meats, and other Super Baby Foods. Extensive information on food allergies; foods considered choking hazards; foods likely to cause digestive problems in young babies; and safety precautions to prevent burns and poisoning.

Thousands of money-saving and time-saving child care and kitchen tips. How to make meals fun! Food decorating! Cute cake patterns! Toddler party snacks and favors! Many other entertaining ideas! More than 350 quick, easy, delicious, nutritious, and sometimes entertaining recipes for babies and toddlers, including imitation homemade recipes for: Pop Tarts, Grape Nuts and other breakfast cereals, instant breakfast drinks, hot chocolate mix, Shake-N-Bake, Pam, Fruit Roll-Ups, Stove-top Stuffing Mix, homemade vanilla extract, Hamburger Helper, and more. So much cheaper and healthier (no preservatives needed!) to make for your toddler and family! Recipes for homemade play dough, finger paints and brush paints, bubbles for blowing, and dozens more children's arts and crafts recipes and ideas. Ideas for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, birthday parties, and homemade toddler toys and gifts.

All about nutrition and your baby, including nutrient tables of all major vitamins and minerals with convenient baby-sized portions to help you be sure that your baby is getting proper nourishment. How to save money by making homemade yogurt, fruit leather, and how to grow sprouts, fruit plants, and herbs in your kitchen for fun and food. Easy, economical recipes for homemade baby accessories, such as baby wipes, diaper cream, and many more.

Baby-safe and environmentally-friendly recipes for household cleaning products, such as baby-safe drain cleaners, furniture polish, window cleaners, and more. These recipes cost only pennies to make and are so safe that most are actually edible!! Tips for removing crayon, spit-up, and urine stains from baby clothes, carpets, and furniture. This book is the most complete and well-researched baby food book on the market today. Even though it is 600 pages, it is cleverly designed for the busy parent to read only a small part each month as baby grows.

Customer Reviews:

  • Arrgghh this was a painful read.
    I was given this book as a gift and have attempted to read and use it so many times over the course of two years but just can't even finish one full chapter without getting completely p/o'd. At first I thought it was my baby brain that could wrap itself around some basic information, but now that my guy is 18 months old I'm 100% certain it's not me (thank God...)

    It is written so poorly and jumps around. It constantly refers to other chapters and areas of the book. You are spending so much extra time flipping pages back and forth you actually forget the original purpose.
    For example to simply determine the amount of food for a baby 10 months old it states " You have probably noticed a big increase in your baby's appetitie and in the quantity of food she eats. Serviings now consist of 2 or 3 food cubes. See Summary table for daily servings and portions sizes on page 58. In the next two months, your baby should gradually build up to amount of food in the Super Baby Food Diet summarized in the table on page 120" So, in one paragraph she's referred you to two separate locations yet still not answered the question "How much should my 10 month old be eating?" arrrghh it's painful to try to read this book so don't bother. It really should be two separate books. One for tips and one for food - which is the main reason we are interested in this book in the first place isn't it - Super Baby Food" hhmm?...more info
  • Super Baby Super Food
    Not a bad book for getting your head around food for your baby. This is a good book to start reading as soon as you can rather than waiting for your baby to be started on solid food. Very educational....more info
  • Meat is not all that bad
    As many reviewers, I agree that this book should have Vegetarian somewhere in the title. The chapter about meat should better be left out. Essentially it consists of intimidatory warnings about the risks of handling meat. But, guess what, humans have prepared and consumed meat for quite some time, and we have developed safe methods for handling it (like cooking and washing).
    The thousands of cases of food illness from meat should be compared to the billions of cases (daily) where meat consumption results in a satiated stomach. Meat consumption is clearly a choice, and it is clear that we need to be careful with our resources, but it is resoundingly safe.
    ...more info
  • Good, But Just Too Much

    This is a great book to find advice about serving size and eating schedules and what foods to feed at what age. This can be an overwhelming book, but if you just take the parts of the book that you need when you need them, it's very helpful and helps to save ALOT of money.

    I do not follow everything, but I do what I feel is best for my baby with this and other books as a reference. As a reference, it is wonderful....more info
  • overall good
    great information, excellent to use in combination with other books as schedule of feeding certain foods maybe a little early in my mind, eg. nuts...more info
  • Eh... not for beginners
    I really like this book. Once you learn how to read it, it's very useful.

    That's right. You have to learn to read it.

    One big problem is that the layout is terrible! You will constantly find yourself jumping from page to page, chapter to chapter.

    Ruth also doesn't make much mention of nut allergies when she recommends nut butters and the such before the American Academy of Pediatrics does. She mentions it at the very (wordy) beginning and then rarely after that.

    The book offers up a healthy menu option for each month of your child's life. For those of us who are pretty confused as to what to feed our kids when, this is especially useful.

    She also shows you how to cook foods that commercially fed babies usually don't get the chance to try: like brown rice, barley, avocado, ect.

    In all, this book would be better if the unnecessary wording was edited out and the layout made more appealing. ...more info
  • I wish I had it much earlier. It is truly a must have!
    Even if I saw this book recommended in Baby Bargains, I didn't buy it after reading 4 star reviews in Amazon. Also, I had access to local library with Annabel Karmel's books. I thought that'd suffice my needs for baby food recipes.

    Now my baby's 1 year old, I wanted to look for more venues for my toddler's recipes. I got this book today and skimmed through it and it has so much information more than just preparing baby food, I was astonished. I wish I had this book earlier! It says lead is contained in the ink that's used in printed material like newspaper inserts and magazines. Whether that's true or not, if I had known that, I wouldn't have let my baby eat some of the papers while she was playing with it. And I also didn't know there was lead in the paint that's used on plastic bags, either! How shocking!

    Besides, the information on baby's nutritions by ingredients is very helpful by giving quick insights what kind of food is good and what not. I sorely regret I didn't get this book earlier. Hopefully, I'll do better for my second born....more info
  • very in depth about making your own food
    Very thorough book about making your own baby food. Gives basic information such as how to hard boil an egg. Tells how to make your own cereals, etc. Tells also about storing foods, (how long to freeze, etc).Also gives suggestions about what ages to introduce multiple types of foods. ...more info
  • Love this book
    I borrowed this book from a friend (who uses this book like the bible) and I was sure I needed to order my own copy with in 10 minutes of flipping thru the pages... great book with great advice.. I will use this book daily I'm sure, and my baby isn't even old enough for the foods yet!...more info
  • Super Baby Food - A Must Have for new Mom's
    This was the most useful book I received after I had my little girl. There is so much useful information that a new mom just doesn't know. I enjoyed making the food and finding creative ways to make it even more healthy. I utilized this book long after the baby food diet stopped. I have bought several copies for pregnant friends and always tell them this is the only book you will need......ever....more info
  • Good Not Great
    This book is filled with information but not well organized and too many cross-references/redundancies make it thicker than it needs to be. Some information just raised more questions and didn't offer specifics... I was left feeling frustrated and as if I needed to do further research via other sources before being confident enough to have a 'game plan' on implementing solids for my baby. Best for recipes if you are set on making your own food....more info
  • A little bit paranoid...
    It's an OK book...but the steps described when making baby food are very tedious. Moreover, there is some paranoia going on...I am not going to use a straw to suck the last little bit of air out of a freezer bag before sticking it in the freezer. Just press and zip. I think this book is making baby food at home much more complicated than it needs to be. However, there was some good advice as to when to introduce which food and what to look out for when shopping for produce. Not my favorite, but it's OK....more info
  • Very informative...great recipes
    I ordered this book after reading the reviews about it. The book is even better than expected and is really an easy read. It really gives useful information on how to make your own baby food and there are many "tips" on how to make baby life easier. The book is organized very well and the recipes are realistic for a Mom to be able to cook. The Author explains why certain things should and should not be done when making baby food or just feeding a baby/toddler.

    I am now making my own yogurt after reading Super Baby Food, making baby food and freezing it in portion sizes so that is it available quickly. This is a book I would highly recommend to anyone interested in feeding their baby Real and Fresh food instead of jar or uggh PLASTIC container baby food. I find it amusing that the stores sell organic baby food packaged in plastic! Don't get me wrong I am not a fanatic...I use jar food if I need to, but when I can I try to use my homemade baby food. It really is not hard and much cheaper than buying premade food. It really isn't a mystery, jar food does not have any magic potion in can do it if you can boil water!
    ...more info
  • Best gift for new parents!!!
    A must for new parents, this book will improve the way the entire family looks at nutrition. Many questions answered for first time mothers and fathers, on when to introduce new foods, what foods are the most nutritious, and how to prepare them....more info
  • Great Book
    My sister used this book for her baby - all the way through his first year of life - I sometimes helped her to make the food (it's surprisingly easy), and more often to feed the food to the baby. She loved the book and believed it saved her a lot of money while allowing her to give her son natural wholesome homemade foods. I now give this book as a baby shower gift, regularly....more info
  • informative guide to make natural baby food
    I liked the section of what ages the baby can start eating foods and it gives you ideas and recipes to use home grown products. ...more info
  • Borrow it from the library so you can return it
    Wow, I just totally dislike the attitude of this book, and I veer toward the crunchy side -- I like tofu and cook mostly vegetarian.

    While skimming through it tonight, I kept going, "Is she cooking for babies and toddlers? Or DOGS?" I mean....she basically wants you to feed your baby the same "super porridge" day in and day out, even though she can't stand the taste of it herself. Why do you not just feed yourself mush with vitamin supplements stirred in? What about the importance of different textures and flavors, and the FUN in eating?? This book's going back tomorrow.

    My favorite chapters (arts & crafts, and homemade cleaning products) had nothing at all to do with "baby food", and I'm fairly confused about why they're in there to begin with....more info
  • lots of food
    this book is great for recipes and to have a general guideline as what you can introduce each month. the author tells you to feed your 9 month old baby 3 meals a day plus snacks, which i have to disagree with. i breastfeed and that much food would interfere with the amount of breastmilk the baby would normally consume. ...more info
  • Just say No
    I bought this book on the advice of a couple of mom's before I researched other books. I found it to be overwhelming to read because the author is all over the place. It is 560 pages before the bibliography and appendix without any color coding and no color pictures. It covers a lot, almost too much, and is not organized in a user friendly manner. I can't imagine any working mom of an infant with enough time to make good use of this book. THE BIGGEST DOWNSIDE: last copyrighted in 1998! For updates and corrections to the book, you are directed to the website [...] which I have not yet bothered to visit, but if you are thinking about buying this book, you may as well just go to the website. I also did not notice any endorsements from pediatricians or nutritionists. I believe there are many other books out there that are just as informative (actually more informative with more up to date information), easier, and more enjoyable to read. I recently got Naturally Delicous Meals for Baby which I like and wish I would have had when my baby was about 5 months old. From reading reviews, it looks like there are many other good ones out there too....more info
  • Some good tips
    I use this book as a quick reference. She has some quick and easy recipes and some good guidelines for food introduction and preparation. ...more info
  • Great book with lots of info not only about food
    Recipes for homemade cleaners, ect very helpful for eliminating those harmful chemicals from your house... lots of tips for things beside food!...more info
  • WOW
    If you are curious about proper nutrition for you child, here you go. Great book. Did not find out about it until my child was 12 months and wish I had found it sooner. Teaches you so much about proper nutrition and about how to make a lot of food, freeze it and then not having to worry about it. More time for you and baby....more info
  • Excellent guide for what to give your child to eat and when.
    Not sure when you should give your child solid food and when? This book provides a really good timeline and explanation for what to feed your child. Also, good recipes. I referenced it almost every day around 5-7 mos. and beyond....more info
  • Good reference book
    My favorite part of this book is the list of fruits and veggies -- how to select, freeze, puree, etc. I referenced that many times daily with my first child. It also helped me learned to cook my own baby food, which turned out not to be that difficult, really quite fun, and made me feel good that I was serving my baby healthy food. Also, more cost-effective than buying jars. After awhile, I noticed the tips on activities as well. BUT, I wouldn't use it as a bible -- she suggests some things that go against current thinking, like serving nuts earlier than a pediatrician would recommend. And, she is a bit long-winded in alot of the book -- she could get her point across more succinctly. Of course, looking at the length of my review, I probably could take my own advice! Anyway, good book if you are interested in making your own baby food, but keep learning outside this book as well....more info
  • Convoluted!
    I got this book hoping for some easy to follow advice and tips on making baby food. The title cover is not joking when it says "Absolutely everything you should know". I don't think this is actually helpful though, it makes the book very convoluted and hard to sort through. The author cross-refereces the book like crazy and it seemed like I was skipping around the book and not really getting a clear idea or plan. I have been told that making your own baby food is really easy, if it is so easy why do I need a 500+ page book to help me do it?!I know it contains info for older babies and toddlers too, but still... I should have just looked on the internet instead. After trying for a few weeks to read through this book I am ready to just buy commercial baby food instead, sure its $.10 an ounce more, but sooooooo much easier! Trying to sort all the info (most of it totally unnecessary) gave me a headache.....more info
  • Great information
    This is a great book if you want to make your own baby food, and you don't have much time to read. The book is set up in a way where you can read only what pretains to your baby at your babies age, and what food you would be introducing. I have already learned a lot and have only read 1 chapter so far. ...more info
  • It's Ok - a bit preachy
    While many of the recipes here are great, I wonder about the ages for introducing certain foods. Also, it's a bit preachy and anti-meat and a bit unfriendly to nursing moms. I think there are better books out there though! I really have enjoyed for all my homemade baby food needs even though I do like to have a "real" book handy....more info
  • jumps around...
    Ruth jumps around alot at the beginning, which makes it hard to get a clear picture of what to feed and how. Lots of recipies and ideas in the back of the book though. Also has a nice table/worksheet that summarizes how many servings of each type of food/nutrient a baby needs per day (reminds me of Richard Simmons' Deal a Meal). Makes it easy to see when you've given all the baby needs for the day. Overall, good resource, but don't expect it to be a one-stop clear explanation of everything you need to know about feeding your baby....more info
  • Review for Super Baby Food
    This book was very helpful for preparing food for my daughter. I didn't get it until she was 10 months and I wish I would've had it when she first started solids at 6 months. I would definitly recommend it for any new mother or mother to be!...more info
    I love this book, it answers all my questions. All I do is ask my pediatrition and she ALWAYS gives me the Okay. Not to mention that I feel so good giving my children the best of the best. I have even started growing my own ORGANIC VEGETABLE garden with the help of my entire family. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Ruth, your advice and guidance is unparalleled....more info
  • Good reference; Covers both too much and too little
    My baby is not a good eater. He is growing, but not at what my ped believes is a healthy curve. I'm therefore on the lookout for a good guide on how to feed my little boy. This book is generally very good. Great advice on starter foods, keeping food hygenic and what you can expect a baby to eat at different stages. However, my baby eats FAR LESS than the recommended amounts, particularly formula (the book says he should have a minimum of a certain # of ounces; my baby eats half that amount). There are not set amounts per my ped, so this can be a bit misleading. Another "beef" I have about this book (pun intended!) is that the author is very opinionated on eating a vegetarian diet. While I respect her views, I need a more comprehensive book that is not so opinionated since I would like to feed my little boy meat (especially given his weight issues; I can't afford to carve out an entire food group!).

    In addition, the book on the one hand covers too much: it goes beyond food and discusses making home-made cleaning products for example. At the same time, it did not adequately cover some feeding issues, such as how to schedule or space feedings for babies who are underweight. I am constantly struggling how I can fit all of my baby's feedings in a 24 hour period, and I would have loved some good suggestions. ...more info
  • Borrow it from the library so you can return it
    Wow, I just totally dislike the attitude of this book, and I veer toward the crunchy side -- I like tofu and cook mostly vegetarian.

    While skimming through it tonight, I kept going, "Is she cooking for babies and toddlers? Or DOGS?" I mean....she basically wants you to feed your baby the same "super porridge" day in and day out, even though she can't stand the taste of it herself. Why do you not just feed yourself mush with vitamin supplements stirred in? What about the importance of different textures and flavors, and the FUN in eating?? This book's going back tomorrow.

    My favorite chapters (arts & crafts, and homemade cleaning products) had nothing at all to do with "baby food", and I'm fairly confused about why they're in there to begin with....more info
  • Great natural baby food
    My wife loves this book! She consults it for every meal. She uses a lot of organic fruits and vegetables which makes the meals even healthier. You definitely have to get this book if you have a little one!...more info
  • A little daunting...
    As a first time mother I like this book as a reference. However, the author's approach to preparing food and caring for children in general is quite daunting! As my friend phrased it, "You may feel the need to climb inside your sterilized refrigerator to make your baby's food!" I was recommended this book and would say that it is a good overview, especially the itemized section describing methods for dealing with many fruits and vegetables. You just may want to supplement it with another, less paranoid resource....more info
  • A must have for a first time parent
    Awesome book! As a first time parent myself and my mom living far away from me, I love having this book because it provides me with all knowledge I need about introducing solids foods to my baby and beyond. It also has a lot of extras - recipes, so many usefu tips not just on feeding but on baby caring, money saving. Just buy this book!...more info
  • Helpful resource
    Good resource for general information on food prep for baby...a little over the top as far as making own food, but have used it as reference fairly often....more info
  • Very useful
    I love this book. As a first time Mom I had no clue what I should be feeding my baby, but I did know I was not going to feed her processed food. This book is very informative and helpful. The author has some very useful tips and advice. I would definitely recommend this book for first time moms or anyone wanting to prepare healthy food for their baby. ...more info
  • Everything you need to know about feeding your baby!!!
    I'm a health conscious mom and "save money" mom and this book does both!! I have personally compared to buying jars and making their food (which is from the produce) and it is definitely cheaper to make. For one jar of baby food, I can make 5-6 amounts of the same from the produce at the grocery store.
    I buy this book for all my relatives and friends that have newborns and even toddlers. This book goes from feeding at 6 months (introducing solids) through snacks and meals for toddlers that they'll eat!! It gives you month to month of what to introduce to your baby in order to avoid allergies to foods. I've had 2 kids and my sister has had 4. We've used this book for all of them. The kids have never been on antibiotics or been to the doctor sick for treatment. The book is everything you need to know to have your baby/child nutritional fed and kept well. In the world we live in today, it is unusual for kids 5 years old and younger to never have had an antibiotic in their lifetime and counting....more info
  • Can't live without this book
    I looooooooove this book and couldn't live without it. I had NO idea what/how to feed my baby and this book answered all my questions and more. My baby is eating the healthiest food ever and that makes me happy! He is now almost 3 years old and I still refer to this book often for ideas. I thank God for this book and give it to all the new moms I know!...more info
  • Mostly good, but educate yourself r.e. food FIRST
    I found this book mostly good, but its written in a very scatterbrained way. It constantly makes reference to other pages and chapters, lacking basic cohesion. Because of this it was difficult for me to read, and I had to read the book in its entirity before using its information. It also had some ideas different from mine, such as introducing nuts so early. On the other hand, it was indeed chock full of useful information, for instance, the author would gush about the endless uses of plastic bags (!). The best thing about the book was her Super Porridge recipe and we use it all the time, so that alone was worth the cost of the book to me. Overall, I agree with other reviewers that a slightly less superior attitude, more organization, a discussion r.e. obviously controversial food intruductions in the appropriate areas, and less overall wordiness would make this book more of a stand out....more info
  • Super Baby Food - great guide for making your own food
    This is a great book for Type A mom's ready to introduce organic solids to their baby. It's a fantastic guide for making your own bulk baby food. There is an extensive glossary in the back for details on how to pick, cook, and store specific fruits and veggies. On the other hand, I do agree with past reviewers in that the some high allergenic foods are introduced too early. You need to double check her list. [...]...more info
  • Everything you need to know about feeding your child! and more!
    I received "Super Baby Food" book from my sister-in-law, and let me tell you, it was so helpful! Great tips on how to make natural baby food that is healthy, nutritious and delicious for your baby, non-toxic and safe ways to clean your house, keep nasty insects away, projects you and your child can do together, and more! My daugther is four years old now and I still consult the Super Baby Food book! A keeper!...more info


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