Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats

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A full-spectrum nutritional cookbook with a startling message--animal fats and cholesterol are vital factors in the human diet, necessary for reproduction and normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels. Includes information on how to prepare grains, health benefits of bone broths and enzyme-rich lacto-fermented foods.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good nutrition information, good recipes
    At first, when I got this book, I was intimidated by the fact that many of the recipes use whey, which you probably need to produce yourself. The first recipe that looked doable was the sourdough bread. I liked the fact that there's only flour, salt and water in it, and that it has one long rising time, and keeping a running pot of sourdough starter for the next batch. Recently though, I produced some whey, and we used it for millet, beet kvass and porridge. I feel good about the way we're eating because of this book.
    ...more info
  • A Mandatory Kitchen Tool
    From ketchup to baby formula to kombucha, this cookbook has it all!
    I try to avoid as much packaging as I can, but now, making homemade condiments and other delectables (much healthier versions too) I will be able to avoid countless plastic bottles!
    I love this cookbook!!!...more info
  • Full of information
    I use this book almost daily. I refer to it both for recipes and also for the amazing amount of information it has in it. Love it! An absolute must for anyone interested in the traditional foods way of eating and living. ...more info
  • Useful information buried in outdated science
    I was doing research on oils for cooking and a few twists and turns brought me to this book. While I appreciate that the author believes (rightly) that overly processed and heated oils are nothing but poison to the human body, a large portion of this compelling book is drowned out by some very outdated science. Two specific instances stand out in my mind: the author claims that "mad cow" and scrapie do not spread from feeding animal parts to, well, animals but from the use of toxic pesticides. This couldn't be further from the truth. The proteins that cause mad cow and scrapie are passed from feeding infected animal parts (particularly brain and spinal matter) to other animals. Mad cow, scrapie, and related afflictions have existed in the world since LONG before modern agricultural practices. There are plenty of good studies out there that support this. While feeding soy protein to food animals isn't necessarily good either, I would rather eat a soy fed cow or sheep than one that has been munching on animal parts. Mad cow disease is a frightening illness that can pass to humans and the U.S. does not do nearly enough to test for this disease and to keep sick animals from being slaughtered for food. Only recently has President Obama banned the use of "downer" cause for human consumption. The second idea that the author mentions is that Vitamin D (D3 specifically) has been linked to heart disease. Now, this book was written before a ton of research came out about Vitamin D defiency, but we now know that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to MANY ills including heart disease and Vitamin D3 is the preferred form because that is what our body actually utilizes. So, the book is woefully out of date on that score and some of the author's other beliefs border on fanatacism.

    That being said, I think that the world does need to be warned about the dangers of manufactured vegetable oils and what high heat processing (and cooking) does to the make up of these oils. Animal fats were demonized long ago for causing heart disease when, in fact, our consumption of trans fats and refined sugar & flour are to blame for the havoc we are wreaking on our bodies. To this end, this book is a wealth of information. Unfortunately, it is in desperate need of an update to include new information and also, perhaps, to clear up some of the author's rather blithe statements about things like mad cow.

    While there is wonderful and very important information in this book, do keep in mind that it is an older book and do some additional research to supplement this book. I still give it three stars because our understanding of the use of fats and oils in our diet is terribly poor and misguided and you could do a lot for your health following even just a minimum of the advice given in this book. I also applaud the author for being a staunch advocate of organic and sustainable agricultural practices... important for the nutrient values in our foods and for the health of our planet itself....more info
  • The one cookbook I use over and over again
    If I were to keep one of my cookbooks, THIS would be it. The recipes are wonderful and delicious, not to mention healthy and traditional. My kids are thriving following Ms. Fallon's recommendations on dairy, fermentation and grains.

    For the recipes alone, this book is essential. Equally compelling, though, are the explanations on traditional diets and healthful eating, I would recommend this book to ANYONE....more info
  • Love this book!
    I love the principles in this book. Great recipes too. There are especially good recipes on ethnic foods like curry and peanut sauces and sauces with coconut milk!
    So many little fact tidbits written to the side of each page so it's a wealth of info.
    If you value your health and love learning new nutrition ideas, then you'll love this book....more info
  • You should own this book
    If you want to live healthy, be healthy, have lots of fun-- read and practice the ideas. I have gone from waist size 44 to 38 and expect to get to size 30 in a year. (Exercise helps.)...more info
  • Awesome book
    Even if you never make a single recipe from this book, reading the first seventy two pages of nutritional background will change the way you eat. The author has taken the time to include references and cite research that support some amazing dietary choices. Good reading!...more info
  • Nourishing Traditions
    This is so much more than a cook book! It gives the reasons behind food preparation, and the scientific information to refute popular missconceptions about what foods are "good" for you and what is "bad". The recipies are well written and easy to understand, and the results are wonderful. The companion book "The Fourfold Path to Healing", will help reinforce your understanding of the principles behind proper food preparation, and give you the scientific proof for why cooking this way will lead to health. You will understand the "French paradox", and enjoy real food again! This book has literally changed my life!...more info
  • A must read!
    "At last, a successful challenge to Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats!" This is an eye opener about nutrition and breaks all the rules of what we have been brain washed to believe about cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, etc. Exposes the truth about soy which has become a cheap way for businesses to add a filler to food that is a potentially dangerous ingredient. Goes back to the roots of our "ancesters culinary customs" Plus over 700 recipes. A must read!...more info
  • a MUST have for all personal libraries
    if you want to live/eat healthy this book is TOTALLY for you, foods the way they have been traditionally eaten FULL of enzymes and beneficial nutrients, a MUST HAVE for those that want to eat healthy and get off the processed food nutritional nitemare. and it doesnt take as long as you think, just plan things out a little bit more ahead of time....more info
  • Can't be trusted
    I cannot believe or trust an author beginning with the premise that one's body requires animal fats (an absolute falsehood). Given that major error, everything that follows in this book is suspect....more info
  • I haven't had this much energy since I was a kid because of the food in this cookbook!
    I know many who've given this book a negative review have a difficult time with the research.
    One only needs to taste this food and experience how it makes you feel to know that
    this is incredibly nutritious food.
    The way the food is prepared and cooked helps the body assimilate and digest the nutrients.
    My body sings afterwards, as does the bodies of my friends and family.
    This book has set the bar for how food should be.
    My family and friends and I have a difficult time now eating at restaurants because
    the difference in the feeling experience is so vast.

    This food doesn't just make you feel good though - it also tastes amazing!
    It has inspired me to cook a lot - before this I was one of those pick up prepared
    foods at the health food store kind of gals.

    Now all I want to do is cook food from this book.

    The oatmeal and pancakes are worth it alone.
    Normally after I eat either one of these they just sit in my stomach for hours and I feel lethargic.
    After their oatmeal and pancakes though, I cleaned the house from top to bottom.
    I haven't had this much energy since I was a kid!

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • This book will forever change the way you think about food.
    I feel so much more aware of the terrible things that are put in processed foods. It's crazy that some ingredients, or chemicals are legal in the U.S. My husband and I have been trying to eat more whole foods, pasture-fed beef and raw milk, etc. It is more expensive and more difficult to find these things, but so well worth it. We've tried some of the recipes in the book and they are great....more info
  • Totally blows everything you thought you knew about food out your butt!
    I bought this book along with eat fat lose fat after and exhaustive examination of the weston price website. It has totally blown my mind and opened my eyes to what real nutritious foof looks and tastes like. My family is usually hesitant when i tell that we're gonna start eating healthier, but with these yummy recipes and fresh idea's, my family craves it! An absolute must have for all families!...more info
  • nourishing for the mind
    This is an incredible book for anyone that wants to get back to the basics. A real eye opener of how things used to be. great information great recipies....more info
  • More Than A Recipe Book!
    This wonderful book debunks many of the latest notions on what is healthy to eat and the best ways to prepare food. If you truly care about your health (and who doesn't?) you owe it to yourself to get this book. The truth will set you free....more info
  • So much information!
    Nouringhing Traditions is much more than just a "cook book", it is a resource book of practical information on how to achieve maximum nutrition. Study report findings, research of ancient cultures' food habits, and good common sense all rolled into one facinating, easy to read guide to food. If you've ever heard about or bought kefir, kombucha, or fermented vegetables, but just didn't know how to make your own, this is your book. Step by step instructions will have you mastering them all quickly. This book is by far one of my favorites! ...more info
    The author does a good job of documenting what is wrong with our diets and why. However, the recipes are extremely vague. For example, the crepe recipe on page 481 says to "heat a heavy skillet" but does not specify what temperature or setting. She also says "beat several minutes" which is open to interpretation. On the organ meats recipes, this may be a first for many people and getting these organs can be an ordeal, even for a farmer who raises meat like myself. As the butchers have to be specifically asked for these parts. In addition, those not living near the ocean or fresh, safe seafood like those in the Bible belt cannot partake in these recipes like Roe. And how many people out there have access to Venison, and beef heart, veal or lamb kidneys, sweetbreads and brains all at the same time? One of her recipes calls for 2 quarts of chicken stock that you are supposed to make yourself. It calls for a whole chicken or the parts and about $10 of other ingredients. Unless you are a Wall Street tycoon or have infinite amounts of money, many recipes in this book seems geared toward chefs, not average people. ...more info
  • Feeding my Family!
    This book has changed my life. I was just 2 months pregnant with my fifth child and feeling like my body was being subtracted, for lack of a better term, to build the child. I had always had feelings like this while pregnant, but this time it was unbearable. I knew I needed some powerful nutrition! At the same time, my 7-year-old son was told by the dentist to get multiple fillings for multiple minor cavities, and to increase his fluoride exposure. (We had already been using fluoride-free toothpaste). I told the dentist that I saw fluorosis on his teeth and that since he was symptomatic of fluoride overdose (as the fluorosis showed), I could not give him yet more fluoride! She did not argue with me. I won't be going back there. So I did some research and found that this book purported to have the dietary answer to tooth decay, being based on the work of Weston A. Price. I was delighted to discover a wealth of wisdom and information; I switched us to the NT diet. We'll never be the same! Within one week I felt so much better and have only continued to improve. My children now *refuse* to eat sugar (YES, IT'S TRUE!), and damaged places on my teeth are growing back. My sons faces have begun to widen, and best of all, my baby was born with a beautifully spacious set of dental arches! Oh, and my formerly chronically ill husband is no longer sick and has put on much-needed weight, along with energy, mental clarity, and a cheerful disposition!

    Full disclosure: I worked hard to get us here. There are a lot of "hard parts" to implementing this diet fully, but it is entirely worth the effort!...more info
  • More Than A Recipe Book!
    This wonderful book debunks many of the latest notions on what is healthy to eat and the best ways to prepare food. If you truly care about your health (and who doesn't?) you owe it to yourself to get this book. The truth will set you free....more info
  • Tremendous!!
    The most informative, helpful and knowageable book on food and nutrition we've seen. It has become a permanent addition to our kitchen table. The pages will soon be worn from use and they are already splattered with food particles from the receipes. WONDERFUL. If you want to improve your health buy this book. Thank you Sally. ...more info
  • great resource
    I am really enjoying this book, both for the recipes and the extensive information in it. Most of the recipes are really good, I give it 4 stars because sometimes the instructions are not very clear and there are a few recipes that are not very good as written. But a great starting off point for changing my diet and I rely heavily on this as a base for all my cooking. ...more info
  • Back to basics and common sense
    LOVED, loved, loved this book. Great Anatomy and Physiology review of how the body works and why to eat natural foods. Loads of common sense and the recipies are easy and yummy! ...more info
  • More than just a cook book...
    More than just a cook book but a way of life and so much more!...more info
  • Have I had an AH-HA moment with this book....
    This book goes to great detail about what foods we should be eating and which ones should be avoided at all costs....can you say "trans fats"? Very indepth and educational. I've worked in the weight loss industry for almost 15 years. Today, much of us dieters are cutting back or eliminating fat (especially the animal fat) and going with canola or spreadable diet butters. Let me tell you...reading this book has opened my eyes. I had a few great ah-ha moments and have changed the way I look at meat and dairy. She gives the background and the data of what she's talking about.
    Previously, I'd read the book called IN DEFENSE OF FOOD...that lead me to this book. How the food industry has most of us wrapped around their little fingers...adding sugar to almost anything they over process...that book is also a good read.
    About the recipes in this huge book:
    I've tried a few of the recipes and like everything that I've tried. This is a fantastic book that I will not lend out to anyone! Get your own....more info
  • a dietary religion
    I won't repeat the points of reviewers who showed how skimpy this book is on real science, not just footnotes, to back up its contentions. I give it three stars because there are a lot of recipes and SOME good nutritional information. But Fallon's emphasis on a meat- and fat-centered diet is dangerous. I attended a presentation by her last year, at which she made the statement that "vegetables are basically just vehicles for healthy fats." With all the scientific information we now know about the importance of phytonutrients in a healthy diet and the dangers of excess animal fats, that was a reckless and ridiculous statement. And --sorry folks there's no nice way to say this-- Sally Fallon is FAT. She excused her own unhealthy appearance at this event by saying that it's natural and appropriate to put on weight as you age. Maybe five pounds, but forthy or fifty? Plus I looked around the room at her "true believers". A lot of them were fat, too. I'm sorry to get personal, but when you stake your credibility on owning the perfect diet solution, you're going to be viewed as an example of how it works in practice. Compare Fallon to John Robbins, Joel Fuhrman, John McDougall, or other well-known vegans. They look healthy and fit. And, by the way, they are mostly M.D.'s. What are Fallon's credentials? She's self-taught and doesn't even have a degree in a relevant area.

    I'm not a hard-core vegan, but a vegan diet saved my life when I developed Stage II breast cancer years ago. My cancer was found while I was on the Atkins Diet -- also a meat and fat-centered diet. I changed my eating habits dramatically for two years, and I survived without chemo or radiation. Plus eating a mostly plant-based diet has helped me keep my weight at an appropriate level ever since. Fallon's diet won't do that for most people.

    Fallon is right to sound the alarm about processed food, homogenization, unsprouted grains, vegetable oils, and other components of the SAD (Standard American Diet). But by giving people permission to eat lots of animal products, she's encouraging obesity and heart disease.

    ...more info
  • This cookbook Improved my life
    This cookbook has faults, some of which have been accurately described by reviewers here, and certainly a busy single person like me cannot spend the hours in the kitchen which it would take to derive all his nutrition from these recipes. However simply by using this book once in a while I have improved not only my enjoyment of cooking and eating but also my health. After pancakes and muffins that are made by soaking the flour in yogurt first, after soups made from these broths, after make real fermented foods a part of one's diet, one will find it very hard to go back to eating any other way. Not only this, but for me this book was the beginning of serious thinking about how we live and how nature and culture can work together--with food only the starting point.

    The biggest problem for me was the amount of advanced planning this book requires. It is not fun to start a dish and then realise that something needs to be soaked twnty-four hours before being used. But once one gets accustomed to advanced planning--simply deciding the night before what one wants the next day and taking the requisite steps--it becomes easy and natural and in the end saves energy as, when one begins to cook, much of the work has already been done.

    As an education, as a way of having fun (really!), as a new and better way of understanding life, as a key to health and as a source of delicious recipes, I cannot recommend this book highly enough....more info
  • Best raw food and macrobiotic book overall that I've read
    This book met all my expectations and more. Out of the numerous books on nutrition and a raw food lifestyle, I recommend it as the best first book to read....more info
  • REAL nutrition advice
    Buy this book!! It has REAL advice and common sense about nutrition. Our ancestors weren't stupid, not everything should be relegated to an "Old wives tale" This is REAL food; not processed, fake "stuff" passed off as food. This book could help you regain your health and protect you from disease down the road....more info
  • More than a cookbook
    More than a cookbook--more like an encyclopedia. Provides great recipes, plus additional information, such as sources of products. Detailed explanation of nutritional aspects makes the book educational. Comprehensive indices make finding things easy. ...more info
  • Best book ever written
    This book is so informative I have bought it for my son and his wife, everyone needs to know the value of food. Sally and Mary have put in so much detail about the benefits of good wholesome foods. I now make my own Kefir, lacto fermented veges, broths and much more. My book is marked with a high light pen as well as flags, as there is so much to look back on and re read or find a page quickly to tell someone else the good news....more info
  • One of my favorite books of all time!!!!!!
    If you care about your own health, GET THIS BOOK! It is a valuable resource of info on not just recipes, but also there are so many exerpts from other books and journals on the subject of food and its link to health.

    I started eliminating sugar from my diet, and my health has improved a lot. I had been getting symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, but after eliminating refined sugar and flour from my diet and drinking raw milk, the symptoms have gone! My wrist joint had been swollen and very painful, I couldn't even lift my son because it hurt so much. After kicking the sugar habit (you have to read labels, that junk is in almost every processed food), I started feeling so much better, and after a few months my joint is back to normal, the swelling went down and it has not come back, even if the weather gets cold!

    This is one book I recommend to all my family and friends.

    The only thing I had to modify were some recipes. Like with the pancake recipe, when I followed it exactly my pancakes were too runny, more like crepes. I just added a bit more flour and that solved the problem. I made the breakfast pastries, but they didn't rise and they turned into flat crumbly cookies. Other than that, the other recipes I tried were great!

    I also have stronger teeth, I had gotten a tooth abscess and it was infected (it was throbbing and there was a swelling under my gum). I was scared to go to the dentist, so I took 3 cloves of garlic, minced them, put them in broth and simmered them for only a minute, then ate it all. I did this for about 3 days and it stopped the infection. To get rid of the abscess you have to get a cotton ball, wet it and dip it in baking soda/salt, then put it against the abscess under your gum. That will eventually pop the abscess. I then started drinking raw milk and stopped eating sugar and my tooth is getting a lot better! It used to feel 'loose' in my mouth and I couldn't bite down on that side for the longest time. Now I am using that side of my mouth to chew and it feels stronger already.

    I made the raw salmon salad (using lemon and lime juice to 'cook' it) and it was excellent! It tasted like it was cooked, but it retained the vitamin B6 by not heat treating it. Once I can get some organic beef, I'm going to try kibbeh or steak tartare. Awesome book!! I can't recommend it enough. ...more info
  • Finally, real information!
    Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions is fantastic. Finally a book that explains fats, proteins, sugars, the lot and in language I can understand without needing a diploma in chemistry! I haven't tried many of the recipes yet but have changed our families eating habits and we are all enjoying flavoursome food again, just like when we were small! How quickly we get sucked into the supermarket ready to eat mentality. Thank you!...more info
  • more than satisfied
    Thank you for the super service. The book came timely and in good shape. ...more info
  • Second most life-changing book ever
    Okay, this is not the *most* life-changing book I've ever read. That honor has to go to Gary Taubes's "Good Calories, Bad Calories". Other reviewers have given wonderful reviews of the actual facts presented by Taubes and I certainly won't repeat them all here. The basic premise, as mentioned many times, is that the "low fat" dogma proposed as the healthiest way of eating for many years now, is predicated on totally flawed and biased data pushed hard by a strong-willed personality, and that it is sugars and refined carbs that are the more likely villains in the onward march of the "diseases of civilization".

    But the Taubes book does not tell you *what* to eat, or how to prepare it. It's not a diet. But after reading it I have read many other amazon reviews and recommendations for books that could help support me in my quest to healthier eating, which eventually led me to "Nourishing Traditions" - the best cookbook ever written, and the second most life-changing book I have ever read.

    I don't agree with Fallon on many points - far too much sugar (in various disguises) and white flour allowed in various recipes, and I don't feel that chocolate (dark bittersweet or unsweetened), caffeine or wine are inherently evil. But she made me look at *all* food with a new eye. These days I'm preparing everything from scratch. I can't even buy bottled salad dressing and condiments anymore after reading the labels. I'm buying organic and antibiotic and hormone free foods whenever I can manage to do so. I just made my own first batch of whey this past weekend. :-)

    So bless Gary Taubes for the wonderful research on the WHY of why I should eat the way I do, and bless Sally Fallon for the HOW. This may not be the only cookbook I'll ever need again, but I bet you anything it will be the most consulted one ever. I've even been bringing back and forth on my daily commute, to read as my "bus" book, just as I would normally read a novel. The wonderful sidebar quotes are just as good as the recipes, and totally make the book.

    And the little "Know your Ingredients" quizzes with their long lists of mystery ingredients? Wow, have they had an impact on me too. I've always said I had no time to cook, but I'm sure making the time now after reading this book. ...more info
  • must have!!
    This cookbook is a must have. I learned so much about how foods are supposed to be prepared, that I had never even heard of before. This is phenomenal resource for learning about the body and how it actually uses natural fats and how they are good for you. This is a must read. I take it with me everywhere and read a little at a time. It seems there is more to learn on every page....more info
  • Calling all non European food writers
    The pot roast recipe is excellent. I have made it twice and I've never made pot roast before. It is brined overnight in buttermilk - I marinated it for three nights- and it was fall-apart tender. My boss and my roommate who were both raised on pot roast loved it, but didnt know about the buttermilk method.

    Also great suggestions for how to use up raw cream. The whey recipes are great- esp for anyone looking for how to use raw milk up. I think this is her strength.

    However I am not a big fan of her nontraditional methods, which she applies to all non-European recipes. If you can't be be bothered in presenting authentic recipes representing ancient traditions easily found in immigrant homes across America, then don't attempt it or it damages credibility of the traditional food cause.

    What I'd like to see more of from Sally Fallon is what she does well--locate traditional European recipes. How about a French recipe for cooking potatoes in duck fat, rendering fat from beef bones and storing it, a good Polish cabbage roll, and a Norweigan recipe for how to use smoked kippers, and Southern recipe for tinned salmon croquettes.

    The cause needs an author who has the connections to find those recipes from immigrant chefs who remember these traditions firsthand. They are all over the US.

    So dont forget to include the authentic Indian coconut chutney, actual Chinese beef tendon soup or chicken bone broth soups, honest to goodness Jewish chicken foot soup, real Japanese tallow fried Okinawan entrees, Filipino chicken adobo, authentic Korean short ribs and sol lung tang marrow soup, and the genuine Mexican beef shank soup like caldo de res, menudo and other fine recipes before presenting them.

    Any West Price fans out there in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco or Portland who want to write the missing volume? Come on!

    ...more info
  • Amazing book
    In my opinion, this is not a nutrition book, it is "The Nutrition Book" every body interesting in having good and healthy nutrition habits must read without a doubt....more info
  • Not my style
    Ive heard so much talk and read a lot of print that elevates the book. I was really dissapointed when I got it and started looking through it. I just thought.." I spent my money on this?" If I would have had the book to browse through, it would have stayed on the shelf. The information she gives is good, but the recipes are over the top wierd. I mean I can see some odd or novel things but really, Fermented Shrimp Paste? I would much more like to see more recipes for the sprouted flours and information pertaining to that, but Im not into all the lacto fermented scene nor the organ meats. Dairy is a bad deal too, and best stayed away from. I have an issue with a lot of the Weston Price info on milk and organ meats and I find it hard to swallow, litterally and figuratively. Coming from an herbalist background, It doesnt sit well with me. Wouldnt have bought this recipe book, but maybe a reference book on the types of food prep alternatives IF I was interested in them. Not worth my money....more info
  • A Little Quirky
    I thought I knew a lot about nutrition until I read this book. While some of the recipes seem very strange, "Make Your own Whey!" and some ingredients I have never been able to find, the book has been very helpful, especially the section on feeding babies, and the tidbits of information in the sidebars is great....more info
  • My favorite book
    This book is an excellent source for everyone! Sally Fallon gives facts and how to's so you can prepare your foods easily in your own home. Helps you to understand what foods we should be eating and why. Historical information about food preparation is given as well. I love this book and recommend most definately!...more info
  • Very informative with great recipes
    I am continuing to work my way through this book. I skip around based on my interests. As a friend commented, I don't want it to make me a "food Nazi," but I do think we need to return to more basic, nutritious real food and this book helps us get there....more info
  • An Oldie But Goodie That Should Be In Every Low-Carb Library!
    You can tell whether a book is good or not by how many people are still buying it ten years after it was first published and this classic book from Sally Fallon is one such example. This 600+ page magnum opus is one of the most definitive books on healthy eating you'll ever read in your entire life.

    Even the late great low-carb diet guru himself Dr. Robert C. Atkins said Fallon was "so right on target" with what she wrote about such timely nutritional subjects as fats, protein, carbohydrates, milk, vitamins, and more that he felt "a little guilty for taking her ideas." But she was on to something big back in 1999 when Nourishing Traditions first published and not much has changed about that message in the years since.

    Primarily a healthy cookbook chock full of some truly amazing recipes, it's so much more than that. It is an indictment on the mistaken notion that you need to cut out saturated fats from your diet, replace them with polyunsaturated vegetable oils, consume large amounts of "healthy" whole grains, and buy into the scam that modern food production is not harming your health.

    Fallon brilliantly shoots all of these myths about healthy eating down rather easily with margin notes beside each of the recipes to reassure you that there is a better way. And it ain't low-fat! Don't allow this oldie but goodie to be excluded from your health book library!...more info
  • Connecting with our roots!
    Although Nourishing Traditions features more than 700 recipes, the book is much more than a cook book - more of a nutrition book that as the title says: challenges what most people today consider politically correct nutrition. Fallon and Enig argue that despite the enormous amounts of money spent on healthcare and research chronic diseases and illnesses such as heart disease, allergies, cancer, immune disorders and diabetes are occurring in record numbers as a result of our modern diet and that the secret to enjoy a long and healthy life is to use the nourishing traditions of our ancestors. This includes:

    * Eating whole foods including dairy. Animal foods should come from pasture-raised animals and fish from deep-sea waters and dairy should be raw.

    * Use of preparation methods of our ancestors for optimal nutrient absorption, for optimal digestion and to make foods delicious. This includes soaking of beans, nuts and grains in acidic water (homemade whey water, water with added balsamic vinegar or umebushi vinegar), sprouting of grains, making use of chicken, beef and fish stocks and broths.

    * All parts of the animal consumed should ideally be eaten - (skinless, boneless chicken breast are out of the question!)

    * Natural fermentation; a) of vegetables such as relishes, pickles and sauerkraut for better digestion of grains, beans and protein b) lacto fermentation - to promote helpful enzymes and antibiotic substances of dairy and to extract whey used in the pickling process mentioned above. Fallon and Enig raise the question of whether many modern viruses are the result of the fact that our intestinal flora is out of balance. Something that they claim could be prevented through intake of friendly bacteria.

    * Avoidance of all processed and refined foods, animal protein with additives and preservatives, any foods with artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

    The book challenges politically correct nutrition primarily because it encourages the intake of rather large amounts of saturated fats (up to 50% of fat content should be saturated). It declares animal fats and cholesterol friends that are necessary in everybody's diet for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels. Furthermore Fallon and Enig discourage intake of polyunsaturated fats as `excess consumption has been shown to contribute to a large number of disease conditions including increased cancer and heart disease, immune system dysfunction, damage to the liver, reproductive organs and longs, digestive disorders, depressed learning ability, impaired growth, and weight gain.' (p.10)

    Nourishing Traditions serves as a valid reference full of advice and ideas especially on `how to' prepare and preserve our foods the traditional way, which is an art that many of us have lost. The book also has a thorough introduction to macro-nutrients (part about fats is especially informative), vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

    The emphasis on such high intake of animal protein and fats will likely make the reading of this book quite challenging and thought provoking for many. However, even people who eat very little or even no animal food (like myself), will find useful information on how to cook and prepare grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables for better digestibility and nutrient absorption.

    I have owned the book for a few years now and use it on a regular basis, mostly as a reference book. To me it has proved interesting and useful. I like the idea of using the knowledge and traditions of our ancestors. At times, however, the research used to back up some of the statements appear a little dated and quite one-sided....more info
  • life changing
    The information in this book nearly brought me to tears. It gave me hope that my food allergic son might be able to eat milk and bread again!
    It is well organized, and full of information from many sources....more info
  • Mindboggling
    Do read this - it will turn your preconceived ideas of nourishment on its head. Many interesting recipes follow descriptions of what our bodies need, how various food types are misunderstood and are being promoted for the wrong reasons. ...more info


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