The Spirit of Qi Gong- Chinese Exercises for Longevity

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The Spirit of Qi Gong video is an inspiring instructional journey into the Chinese art of self healing. These simple yet powerful exercises combine breath, gentle movements and visualization to increase health, reduce stress and slow aging. Unlike yoga or Tai Chi, the benefits of a regular qi gong practice are experienced immediately and are easy to learn for beginners of all fitness levels. Viewers report better sleep, less stress, more energy, greater stamina and mental clarity, enhanced memory and a revitalized sex life. Women find the practice helpful in dealing with a variety of common conditions, like headaches, fatigue, PMS and menopause.

The video is filmed in beautiful natural settings, reflecting the essence of the 5 Elements in Chinese medicine. Since understanding ones' connection with nature is an integral part of qi gong, this is not intended to be a linear presentation of the exercises as seen in studio videos. "The Spirit of Qi Gong" captures the Qi (healing energy) of each element and explores the emotions, health imbalances and the healing sounds associated with the organs/energy systems of the body. A booklet is included which helps the viewer design their own practice according to their health needs and challenges. With only a 15 minute daily practice, viewers experience increased energy and vitality, enhanced performance and inner peace.

Director/Producer Deborah Davis is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and medical intuitive. She teaches qi gong nationally and specializes in women's qi gong.

Customer Reviews:

  • What is Qi?
    I am very pleased with Deborah Davis's Qi Gong- Chinese Exercises for Longevity.

    Initially, I did not know what to buy, so I purchased 5 Qi Gong videos from different authors. After trying each style of Qi Gong, from each of the tapes, I found Deborah's style was the only one that gave me that pleasant tingling sensation - all over my upper body and head. I was told this is the `Qi' moving through the body, but I must admit I have never experienced such a strange and pleasant electric feeling. Whatever this sensation is, Deborah's videotape is the only one that brought these instant results. Thanks for a great tape Deborah - I now feel I am on the right path for longevity and good health....more info

  • Qi Gong with a soft touch
    I discovered qi gong when two family members were stricken with cancer in the same few months. I learned from the net that qi gong has been used to support healing for this illness. This is the second qi gong video I had looked at and I found this one superior because it combines the powerful breathing and balance part of the routine with directions to breathe in power, courage, strength, joy, etc. and breathe out stress, fear, anger, etc. It is also aesthetically beautiful with nature symbols and has easy to follow directions. Wonderful for anyone - ill or not. I've taken it up myself with gusto....more info
  • The Spirit of Qi Gong
    I found this video so helpful. I started with very little knowledge. Deborah Davis, takes you gently and easily through each motion and movement and though it requires constant practice I felt empowered with the information and direction she gave...more info
  • Better Organization
    There is valuable instruction in this video; HOWEVER, there needs to be more time on the movements and less time on footage of tinkling streams, mountain vistas, forests, etc. The camera work is bad in one respect: I will be following Ms. Davis's movements and instructions; then the camera pans to one of the other participants in the video who are at a different point in the sequence of the movement... Confusing! All instructions should come "before" the movements begin, not an additional tag-on when the movements are finished. It is impossible to do an entire series of a movement without stopping the vcr because in some movements she will do six repetitions and in others, only one and then move on. With better organization of the movement sequences this could be a really great video. Just give me something that I can follow along with, completely, start to finish....more info
  • Stressed or Depressed? Check this out...
    In my opinion "The Spirit of Qi Gong" by Deborah Davis - a health educator and Doctor or Oriental Medicine in Santa Fe, NM - is one of the most useful and important new self-care video releases today.

    Filmed in stunning natural settings and enhanced by incredibly relaxing original music, it is also one of the most beautiful videos around.If you liked Ali MacGraw's yoga video, you'll love Deborah's "The Spirit of Qi Gong."

    This 60 minute home video is ideal for busy people like me, who don't have the time to attend classes, yet want to do something good for themselves.

    Deborah is a born teacher. She makes Qi Gong easy, quick and fun. Inexpensive too.(No need for special equipment!)

    After doing only a few minutes daily, I sleep better, am more relaxed during my work, feel more energy when getting up in the morning - and my head cold is gone, too. Great!

    Just bought another copy for a friend's birthday. She loves it too.

    Get a copy and check it out!...more info

  • Fun, Easy and Effective
    The video is simply beautiful to watch. The exercises are easy to follow and you're bound to feel better and better each time you practice the exercises....more info
  • ...Art Film
    ...The outdoor scenery is pleasant to look at, as opposed to, say, a sterile studio, but after watching the video I would actually prefer that it _had_ been done in the studio. There is a lot of chit-chat, and it has far too much 'scenery' going on for one to get a sense of having a flowing workout (there are a few minutes of music and pictures of waterfalls, for instance, between each 'element' of the workout, so that instead of continuing your movements, you have to stop and wait for human beings to appear again). As well, I found the whole format to be very 'California' and very, very [artsy]; people exercising around a bonfire or in the middle of a stream. Some of the movements are demonstrated as a part of this [artsy] bit but are never explained to the viewer. Puhleese! I waited two weeks to get this video, and after receiving it, did it only once, I was so disappointed! I only gave it three stars because the cinematography was so nice......more info
  • Absolutely beautiful
    The best money I've spent in a long time. This video is awesome. First of all, it's beautiful. The outdoor setting is wonderful to look at and the shots and camera angles do a good job of letting you see what to do without being jerky or intrusive. The natural setting really lends a peaceful feeling to the whole video. Definitely better than another video I had once, which was shot in a studio.

    The woman in the video does a fantastic job of explaining how to do it, and her voice is very soothing to listen to. I was able to do every move she showed. Maybe not as gracefully as she did them, but I only got the video last week and I'm not exactly Miss Coordination :-)

    Also, this may not matter to everyone, but I liked that not only is the instructor female, but so are most of the other people in this video.

    All in all, I'm very happy with this video and am already recommending it to friends....more info

  • Spectacular Video
    I felt this video was fantastic and helped me change my life! I enjoy the video because the instruction is clear, to the point, and easy to follow. I have had little background in this area, and need all the help I can get. This video provides wonderful basic instruction, but would also be useful, I think, for someone with more experience than I have. In addition, the scenery and the setting are beautiful, making the video a pleasure to watch as well as to learn from. The setting is especially helpful because it graphically displays the five elements for healing that she teaches in the video. The exercises taught in the video have helped me to control my allergies and they give me more energy and a feeling of peace and relaxation. I have recommended it to many of my friends....more info


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