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In search of the perfect human diet, Victoria Boutenko compares the standard American diet with the diet of wild chimpanzees. Chimpanzees share an estimated 99.4% of genes with humans, but their diet is dramatically different from ours. The most glaring difference is that chimpanzees consume significantly more green leaves than humans. Victoria developed a series of greens smoothies that enable anyone to consume the necessary amount of greens in a very palatable way.

Customer Reviews:

  • I LOVE IT!
    I LOVE "Green for Life". I drink green smoothies everyday, and I buy this book for all my friends. I own many books on healthy eating, but this is my all-time favorite. I would say it is life-changing....more info
  • Disappointed
    I admit to being a little disappointed in the book. It is more the story of a family discovery of the importance of greens than anything deep.The book includes a lot of good recipes, in its defense, but I still considered it a little shallow....more info
  • Green for Life
    Excellent book, great life story as well as her research about the benefits of raw greens. Recipes are included for drinking greens in various smoothies. Recipes tried on her children and husband, all are engaged in this project....more info
  • This book may give you back your good health and your life
    This is one of the most important books I've ever read and has helped me to realize how important raw foods, especially greens, are to our health and well being. It made me re-think what I thought I knew about "nutrition".

    In my opinion, based on my own relatively minor health issues, eating a raw diet (with greens) could clear up much of the illnesses we see today in hospitals and the dr's office. I am now motivated to eat RAW - and not just "just smoothies" - and to have both my medical and non-medical healthcare providers develop a food plan for me that I can stick to without having to worry about getting enough nutrients. Since I have many food sensitivities, I do need a food plan written out for me so that I'm less likely to stray.

    If more of us ate a well-balanced raw diet, with plenty of raw fat like whole food avocado and nuts, I think eczema - or even colitis - could become "extinct"...unless your eczema is of the contact variety, caused by coming in contact with chemicals, etc. But who knows, perhaps we wouldn't react to chemicals at all if we were eating this highly nutritious way. Books like this are a wake-up call to our McDonald's - and pasteurized milk/pasteurized juice way of life. Yes, did you know that ALL juice in those grocery cases are treated with heat that destroy the enzymes!? Be sure to read the part where she explains how greens have as much protein ounce for ounce as steak, etc. This is what clinched it for me!

    Although I wish that Vicktoria had included more recipes in this book, her newest book will have 150 recipes. After experimenting, what I found is that there is an art to mixing greens, fruit, and fresh herbs in order to make a tasty smoothie drink. The recipes in this book are delicious and tasty for that reason. I haven't gotten very good at making my own recipes yet. Never did I think I would find myself loving a smoothie with kale in it. It may take some of you a little while to cleanse your palette of processed sweets, and cooked/fried foods. Before long you'll find that Smoothies Rock!
    ...more info
  • Life changing
    I know this sounds quite dramatic, however this book did change life. I lost my cravings for sweets and I gained energy. My digestion and egestion had improved dramately. I have even lost a few pounds (5 lbs).The book was recommended by my brother and now I recommended it to so many people. Drinking puree Kale sounded really gross, however it is quite pleasant. Please give it try, your body will thank you...more info
  • A true pearl in the Raw Movement
    I have to say that the reviewers comments below is not one that is Accurate or Fair. This book is in no way selling or recommending any product(s)!

    I've read this book and given copies to friends and family. The book is filled with facts about green smoothies that is absolutely incredible.
    Victoria has poured lots of research into presenting a great testament to the benefits of green smoothies.

    While most of these smoothies are made from kale, spinach, dandelion, or chard, they are incredibly delicious. The results of drinking these smoothies, can be seen and felt. Victoria clearly does not claim to be anything other than a researcher. But to her credit she has taken her family to new health heights and offers readers the same opportunity.

    Having just attended a presentation by Victoria where covers much of the material in this book, I can say that she is living proof of being Green for Life!

    This book will be (and is already) a classic!
    ...more info
  • Very good book, could have been great.
    I thought the message here is certainly good information, and I've started following it. What I didn't care to see was the filler material like the responses to the study she conducted. I just skimmed over it, most everyone had more or less the same response, so she could have saved a tree or two omiting it.

    Further, the book had a bit of a late night infomercial feel to it. The author suggested the green smoothie would cure everything from moles to depression, and even suggested it might cure cancer. The moles and warts falling off her body is one thing. I don't know if I necessarily believe that. I'll write again to inform you if my mole falls off.

    But, suggesting to go down a path of nutrition for curing cancer? Now you're playing with lives here. Get some oncologists to back this theory and maybe I'll take it a little more serious.

    That said, however, the information is very good once you get past these points I've mentioned. I truly beleive the idea of adding greens by means of blending is a great idea. I tried some of the recipes, and they're OK. My first attempt was like drinking minced rope. And this is coming from someone who actually *likes* drinking psyllium husk (powder form, not capsules).

    It did not take me long to improve upon some of the recipes. They definitely provide a good flavor base. None of these smoothies taste green or "icky" at all. It was the fiber content that nearly choked me.

    With lettuce greens and such, they can go right into the blender. The harder stuff like Kale or chard I run through the wheat grass juicer and add the green juice to the whole fruit base. I get plenty of fiber anyway.

    Over all, I think this is a very good book. I just question some of the "miracle cure" claims. I may be wrong about it, and I apologize to the author if I am. But, some of those claims were just a little too much to swallow.

    Don't not buy it because of what I say here. Do buy it, and follow the advice of the author. But, just weed through the hype. No pun intended....more info
  • Green for Life
    Really informative. Great research for raw foodists or not. Well written and easy to read. You will know why and how to eat more greens forever....more info
  • This will have you hooked on green smoothies...
    The principles Victoria discussed in her book were interesting, but I was disappointed to see that she rarely included any references to back up the claims. That's why I didn't rate this book with more stars. will have you hooked on green smoothies! There's no denying that leafy green vegetables are good for you, and this is an unbelievably easy and painless way to eat them. My husband and I bought a VitaMix (also highly recommended) eight months ago and I'm still drinking green smoothies on a regular basis. I also haven't been sick since, and I swear my skin is clearer because of the smoothies. I would wholeheartedly recommend trying a green smoothie for yourself--and this book is a nice introduction....more info
  • Green for Life
    I loved this book. It was easy to read and love the reciepes in the back. I feel so great since I started eating my greens. Great purchase!!!...more info
  • Changed my Life - Healthier - Look Better - Feel Better *****
    After reading this book, which was referred to me by three different people within 2 weeks, my husband and I started drinking green smoothies every morning. Within about 2 weeks coworkers and friends were telling us both that we looked great. I feel better, my digestion is way better and I enjoy waking up to a great smoothie every morning.
    Try it - you'll love it! Plus, they taste great....more info
  • Good Start
    I wasn't sure about the book before I bought it. I did not want a raw book that was transitional and nut based. I was not disappointed. I do green smoothies every morning and this book confirmed the positive health attributes of doing so. There is a lot of easy to understand basic nutritional info. This is a good basic book that should be read by everyone who wants to transition to the 'correct foods' and move away from processed foods. ...more info
  • 3 Year Old Eats Kale, Spinach and Parsley!
    This book has truly changed my life and I purchase it for all of my pregnant friends and friends with small children. I was having a lot of difficulty getting my three year old daughter to eat green leafy vegetables. I followed some of the recipes in "Green for Life" and my daughter loved them, me too! I've even gotten her playgroup friends drinking them. Their moms are so grateful! I make these green smoothies every day and you only need the produce you find at the grocery store, how easy is that? I am forever appreciative of this book. It's a quick read with big, easy, life changing ideas.
    ...more info
  • Powerful
    This is a wonderful book. Intelligent, informative, its a fast & easy read...but you'll want to take in all the knowledge she has to share. One of the most important books i've ever read. Enlightening. I am a 60% raw foodest, and enjoy & value the green smoothies that have become a big part of my diet. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Eye opener!!
    I appreciate that someone took the time to research the importance of green smoothies. Thank you Mrs. Boutenko! Everyone should read this book. . .EVERYONE!!...more info
  • Excellent book for healthy living
    Required reading for those who want to obtain the maximum amount of nutrients from foods, needed for physical well-being....more info
  • Great book, love the green smoothies :)
    That's a great book. Even though I am on a raw diet for more than a year and have read lots of stuff, I found new things from this book.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Great book!
    This is a great book and one of a kind! The recipes are very good, although I was disappointed that there were relatively few of them (a few pages). I was able to notice an immediate different in my energy levels upon drinking only 1/2 of the daily quart of green drinks recommended. If you need a lot of energy for staying up late or getting up earlier in the morning, using these drinks is a great strategy. I did notice some indigestion and have read in Mary Enig's 2005 or so book about a coconut oil diet she invented that indigestion is often a consequence of drinking green drinks. She recommends cooking leafy greens for sound scientific reasons and using only 4 oz juice a day from fruit juices once in awhile if one desires, also for sound scientific reasons. She largely refutes the idea that drinking lots of juices is the best way to cleanse the body or get enzymes. Drinking bone broths helps the body cleanse itself as amino acids in these are used by the liver to cleanse. Juices, she says, don't have as many enzymes as people think. Andrew Weil and other doctors recommend sparing use of juices, and mostly or only fruit, these days. However, I think this book is very useful for persons wanting to resist coffee and snacks for awhile, start a diet, build energy levels, slim down; and I think the author is probably right when she writes that modern jaws/teeth don't masticate greens as well as they once did and this is why we don't get as much energy from chewing salad greens as we once did. So possilby the truth about what is best for us is somewhere between Enig's perspective and the perspective in this book, weighted more towards Enig. I'd drink less than a quart of green drink and chew it well before swallowing and stick to largely fruitier drinks most of the time....more info
  • Lifechanging story in a well-written book
    Green for Life
    Not feeling well? REALLY not feeling well, but can't quite put your finger on what's bothering you? Victoria Boutenko, a Russian immigrant, has written about her family of five, everyone of whom had some nagging health issue, each one different from the other. She made drastic changes in the family's diet and their health improved, to a person, dramatically.
    Still, she sensed something was missing and set out to discover what it was. Her solution - drinking a green smoothie every day - is radical. But a solution like this is what many of us need to discover for ourselves and we can with the recipes found in this book. Our family of two now feel deprived, and yes, sad, if we don't drink our daily smoothie. Boutenko talks about the effects this diet change has on not only her family but many others and this makes for interesting reading.
    I recommend this book and say to you that if you try the green smoothie recipes found in this book for a week you will feel healthier, happier and just plain GOOD....more info
  • This book should be a 10 Star book
    I read this entire book in one setting. I have applied the recipes and principles. My health is now wonderful and quickly so....more info
  • Green for Life
    The book makes good sense. My friend and I are trying the recipes. She has lost weight in just three days. We feel satisfied after using the drinks. It has been fun and we know we are doing something healthy for ourselves....more info
  • Life Changing
    This is a life changing book. It's written from the perspective of an average person's attempt to find ways to improve her and her families health problems. Victoria discovered a simple way to increase the amount of healthy greens in your diet. Great testimonials included in the book about how successful this approach is and how easy it is to change your life for the better. Every household, school and business should have this book and follow it's advice....more info
  • This is extraordinary work
    I've been studying nutrition with an almost overly-zealous passion since I was about 18 years old and I've run through so many paradigms and points of view they run the gamut from athletic old-school nutritional ideas (like loading up on big juicy steaks before athletic events) to "the Zone", food combining (of which I am a practitioner and believer), anti wheat/gluten/dairy/meat lifestyles, high protein fads (never even tried this because it made NO sense on any level to me) to the strictest Candida cleanses out there (lived on the Body Ecology Diet for years, and it did change my life at the time) and then finally found my way to the whole raw foods movement.

    Eating raw foods for the enzymes, pure nutrition and life force just felt right to me, but when I'd pick up raw meals or look at recipes I saw the need for expensive kitchen equipment I neither wanted nor could afford, and overly complex recipes I didn't even want to think about attempting. In what might be an intuitive aspect, I hate cooking! I used to joke that if there was some kind of drink or mush we could live on in perfect health, like Robocop, and it tasted good I'd be all over it!

    Well, I got closer when I found Dr. Doug Graham's book "The 80/10/10 Diet", which has some fabulous concepts and ideas, but when I applied them it wasn't quite the perefct fit. Close, but no banana, so to speak. This whole green smoothie concept came to me through Facebook of all things, and while I've only been adding these to my life for about a week, I am already a firm believer that THIS is the missing piece to the nutritional puzzle for me.

    I began reading this book last night to augment the knowledge and recipes I'd already found in doing online research and I absolutely love this. Victoria speaks from the heart but also obviously put so much time and focus into looking into this from a scientific standpoint, the research is admirable. Personally, I don't really need science to tell me what works, I try things out (other than Atkins) and see how I feel. But the science is certainly interesting and validating. Some people might scoff at using champanzees as nutritional models for us to follow or look to for advice but if you leave aside human ego for a moment and open your mind the tiniest bit there is SO much to be gleaned from this point of view.

    I've had the oddest and most overwhelming cravings for fast food and junk food my whole life, especially lately and I'd find I could eat incredibly healthy and hydrate myself so well for a while, then I'd swing into ridiculous binges. When I read another review on here raving about these smoothies stopping those cravings I literally went to the store that night, loaded up on gorgeous greens and fruit and tried it. And they were right. The cravings were gone before I was halfway through my evening dinner smoothie. I wasn't hungry or thirsty and even my emotional comfort food trigger was silenced. That seemed impossible but it happened. So I kept at it all weekend, making sure I always had at least one good pint per day, preferably two. Here's what I've noticed in just this first week:

    - better memory
    - increased clarity and ability to focus at work
    - while everyone here, even the healthy folks, are dropping like flies with some virus floating around, I have no symptoms whatsoever
    - physical pms symptoms that were present recently are gone
    - chronic asthma is lessening day by day
    - better sleep
    - several really great bowel movements per day
    - waking up easily and before my alarm even! (haven't done that in ages)
    - decreased appetite and cravings for sugar, etc

    And this is just from having about one per day for 6 days. Seriously. This book answers many questions for me and gives me yet another fabulous tool in my quest for total well being. I've always wondered why I found greens in quantity so hard to digest, even when taking enzymes with them, and she explains that very clearly and logically here. Now I know that by blending these greens, we are essentially "pre-chewing" them for our bodies until they relearn how to digest what we are meant to rely on for most of our nutritional needs; greens. And since these include ample amounts of fruit these smoothies taste great.

    I'm so grateful to Victoria for her tireless work and for sharing this with everyone ready for really stellar health. If I feel this wonderful just adding them into my usual daily routine, I can only imagine what awaits.

    I used her husband's smoothie recipe this morning (spinach, lime, banana, apple and water) and it's fantastic. Replaces my long-time cravings for some kind of sweet breakfast (which used to be a blended or iced coffee drink with a scone).

    And personally, I love that she shares the experiences of herself and her family along the way as anecdotal support for her journey into this way of living. It takes interesting concepts and makes them more relevant and real for me. But nothing replaces my own experience, as she wonderfully points out in the beginning of the book, and for me this has been life changing already....more info
  • A ground-breaking book
    Victoria Boutenko has helped us all to understand the philosophy of the living foods diet; and she has shown us how to make the transition to it: green smoothies. My doctor has been converting his patients to the living foods diet using these green smoothies; so we all bless Victoria for showing us how to make them. She also explains why we should be eating only living foods, and why we feel so much better when we do. She has lots of testimonials from people who have recovered from excruciating illnesses -- even terminal illnesses -- by switching to a living foods diet, with the help of green smoothies. I highly recommend this book first to anyone who is considering "going raw." After you have finished "Green for Life," I recommend reading Dr. Douglas Graham's wonderful book, "The 80/10/10 Diet," to obtain even more appreciation of living foods....more info
  • Warning! This book will change your life!
    This book changed my life after reading it. I knew what I had to do. The answer was eat more greens. But I hated eating greens and so did my family. However, drinking your greens was not a bad idea! The recipes in the back of the book are very yummy! Now we are getting our greens and feeling great! I even got my dad to start drinking them and now he is feeling wonderful! This is a man that has many ailments and much pain. He woke up one day after about a week of greens and said "I am feeling great! If this is what I feel like after greens then, GO GREENS! ".

    Enough said.......more info
  • Easy to read, clear logic
    This book is easy to read and provides clear logic as to why all of us would want to be consuming green smoothies. Victoria Boutenko has done the scientific research, and shares the personal experiences which back up her claims....more info
  • Good explanation and inspiring, not so many recipes...
    I bought this book based on everyone's raves about it. I also bought it for some new recipes.

    The book is a typical health food propaganda type BUT the great thing about it is Victoria (author) backs everything up with research...and being a green smoothie junkie myself, I do believe that adding them to your diet is a great, great thing to do. I appreciate the hard core research info, about chimp diets, and what greens actually do for the body but the testimonials were sorta annoying only because yeah, we get it, green smoothies are great for you. I get that the testimonials have to be there because this book is centered around a research study so it would make sense to include them.

    I've been a raw food/vegan eater for years so I was just bummed that this book wasn't more recipe based. BUT then again, I should have figured after making green smoothies for many years, it isn't rocket science. Add some fruit, add some greens. done. Pretty easy to make your own recipes up so to rely on a book for them, was kinda silly.

    Overall, it is a great fast read (1-2 hours) and is a great book to pass on to someone who hasn't really considered adding green smoothies to their diet. It would be inspiring for them and get them started.

    Victoria is passionate about great health for the masses and I think in making this book, she is able to convey and pass that on....more info
  • A Great Way to Transition
    For years, I have had the "knowledge" in regards to eating more raw healthy foods, but cravings have gotten in the way of the type of success I've dreamed of. Victoria changed my perspective by showing we can focus our concentration on good health by drinking delicious green smoothies. The cravings are fading faster than I could have imagined. IN addition, I turned my neighbor on to this book. She came for a visit after two weeks of green smoothies, and said she was eternally grateful, let me know that out of all the things I've done for her, turning her on to this book was the greatest. Drinking the smoothies have already changed her life on every level. Get this book to see how easy improving you health can be....more info
  • Informative book with plenty of interesting information about healthy living.
    This book was not entirely what I expected to read when I ordered it from Amazon; however, I still feel it was worth the time to read it! I was expecting more raw recipes, only to find that the focus is on incorporating more greens into one's diet. Knowing that, I wouldn't have purchased it... I eat a salad a day, that's plenty, right? Wrong!- according to Viktoria. I am happy to have stumbled across this book, as it provided me with a lot of useful information specifically on this much neglected 'food group' that I had not come across before. I've had other women in my office read it as well, all with good reviews. It is a super-fast read, accessible without being dumbed-down, and one I will pass around plenty I'm sure....more info
  • green for life
    This book has changed my life. It turned on the light bulb to being
    a smarter eater and consumer of greens. Every morning my wife and I have a green smoothie and our health has only changed for the better. This book was not only an easy read but a great eye opener. I would definitely suggest the purchase of this book....more info
  • Not too many good recipes
    I'm a huge fan of Victoria but I was a bit let down with this book. I haven't really found a book with a lot of good smoothie recipes and this is not it. It explains the philosophy behind them and you quickly learn as long as you have a green lettuce, any type of fruit(s) and a sweetener if need be plus any optional items such as protein or psyllium powder, its really all about experimenting. If you want the philosophy, buy the book. If not; spend you cash on ingredients and look up recipes online. ...more info
  • Excellent way to get healthy!
    If you want to eat more fruits and vegetables...especially vegetables/leafy greens then this is the book for you. Easy to read, straight forward and loving. You must want to change and once you begin you will be amazed at how much energy you get. Also there may be some detoxing Read and find least be informed..I admit this is cutting edge material not everyone will be willing but that is all it takes is to be willing. The author is so loving and she did her homework so the data and research is there. Take a look....more info
  • Greens can change your life!
    Victoria gives great information on why we need dark leafy greens in our diet, and a very palatable way to "drink" them. I've been drinking green smoothies for over a year, and they make me feel so great! I also went on a 1 week retreat where all we had to eat/drink was green smoothies and fresh fruit, and wow! what a transformation. I also recommend all of the Boutenko books, 12 steps, cook books, etc.

    I am now in the process of transitioning to an all raw vegan diet. There are many health benefits, and this book is the best introduction. Victoria really does her research! Enjoy.......more info
  • simple yet revolutionary
    I have tried raw food diets but found it time consuming and difficult. This book has provided me with the solutions I have been looking for: healthy diet that tastes great, requies little prep time and leaves you feeling quite satisfied. I recommend giving it a try....more info
  • A Way to Get Lots of Greens
    The bottom line is that you will learn how to get lots of greens in a way that tastes and feels good. I thought my weight had leveled and reached its ideal. I was slim. Then I started drinking green smoothies and dropped another couple pounds and lost another half inch off my waist.

    I recommend this book.

    Jerry Katz...more info
  • Great book!
    I read the book and applied it. Plain and simple truth followed by plain and simple preparing of green smoothies.
    Three weeks now and the children (13 and 11) ask for it everyday. They can appreciate the changes that their bodies and minds are experiencing.
    They also are changing their diets on their own. Small changes but good ones.
    I am in awe of the power of green. I though it wouldn't hurt anything just to try it and the benefits have been so worth the small effort.
    This book is simple to understand and apply.
    I highly recommend it....more info
  • Green For Life
    I found this book an answer to having better health habits and a good way to include my family. I especially like that the author did all the research and came up with this book. It was wonderful! I have already advised all my friends to buy,read and use the materials. My goal this year is to be more healthy than every before! ...more info
  • Thank you
    This book has created such a critical change in my life. It has influenced me to change my eating habits in such a major way. I love knowing that I am getting the nutrients that I need everyday. I wake up earlier, I feel healthier. I am so thankful that I ran across this book, I am telling everyone about it :-)...more info
  • Go raw and green!!
    This is a great book to get you started on the way to better health. It tells you how to get more greens in your diet in a delicious way. I have given this book away and recommended it to many others. Everyone loves it. It is a good way to get more raw food into your diet, a good beginning to going raw. If you are trying to go raw, this book will help tremendously. ...more info
  • Educated Layperson's Rationale for Green Smoothies + Tasty Recipes
    Although not a nutrition professional, Victoria Boutenko makes an excellent case for adding green smoothies into one's daily diet. Her strongest arguments include comparing the standard American diet and typical raw foodist diet with the natural chimpanzee diet, as well as dozens of testimonials.

    There is at least one place, however where she got the facts wrong: On page 95 she says "chlorophyll provides iron to organs." In reality, the cholorophyll molecule contains no iron. While similar to the hemogloban molecule, the chlorophyll molecule has a magnesium atom in place of the iron atom.

    That one error in no way negates the entire book. Most people definitely need more greens and fruit in their diet, and green smoothies are an excellent and tasty way to sneak in these good foods and nutrients. I've tried some of Victoria's smoothies in person when I've heard her speak, and they're always delicious. I always feel better when I drink green smoothies. Her book is quite motivating, and I plan to incorporate them into my diet every day.

    I encourage people to read the book, get all fired up about green smoothies, make them and drink them every day. :-)

    Advice for using the recipes: Making a green smoothie is more of an art than a science. Use them as rough guidelines. I noticed the Boutenko recipes often call for about 3 servings of fruit and 2 of vegetables + 1 cup water, so that's what I put in my green smoothie today: 2 small peaches and a large banana + about 5 leaves of dino kale. I added a few mint leaves for flavor. Be sure to taste your smoothie before serving to make sure it's sweet enough to be palatable. (Especially if you taste bitters easily like I do.) Mine needed a bit more sweetening, so I added a couple dates, being sure to take the pit out first. Dates can be very helpful for sweetening, as can extra ripe fruit....more info
  • Simple and cheap way to make a BIG change in your health
    Even wild edible plants (weeds) can be used for greens, so it's not just for yuppies. What a great way to get more greens into your diet! I can understand wanting to see more scientific research like another reviewer, but I think the author's theory is strong - based on diet of chimpanzees. Just a few leaves of kale, dandelion, purslane, or spinach for example, some water, and a few fruits like pears and bananas to make it sweet and thick; then blend. Even clean up is easy - just rinse. Then you're on your way to better health. Easy, cheap, and very filling. Hey, I'd rather just live on frappuccinos and subway sandwiches, but I also want to lower my odds of ending up at the hospital. I've been drinking green smoothies for two months now and I am seeing some good changes - better skin, better moods & energy, weight loss, regular BMs, and I didn't catch my husband's severe cold, for a few.

    I am convinced Boutenko is on to something big with the idea of green smoothies as a way to sustain some level of raw food intake. Yes, I'm becoming a bit of a groupie. Eating more greens is a diet change anyone can make and it might just give us (speaking as an American) freedom from the debilitating health cycle we seem to be in now: processed food -> degenerative disease -> hospital -> chronic medicine -> worsening health. This book may not have as much scientific data as possible (check out The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck), and may be heavy on the anecdotes, but it is a very important work.

    I did not find it to be an ad for the Vitamix blender. She mentions it on 2 pages near the beginning because this blender lasts much longer and blends more smoothly. I used a regular inexpensive blender for several weeks and it worked just fine. (I ended up getting a Vitamix because I can make more things with it). ...more info
  • Smoothies taste surprising good
    The recipes for smoothies in this book taste surprisingly good. I say surprisingly good because they don't look like they would taste good. Some of the smoothies I made were bright green in color and others were a dark brown -- not very appetizing to look at, but once I tasted them, they tasted great! That's because the ratio of fruit is higher than the ratio of greens. So although you'd think a smoothie using kale might taste bitter, it actually tastes sweet. The funniest part about this experiment is the looks on my co-worker's faces when they see me drinking this stuff. They look at me like I'm an alien and I have to keep telling them that despite appearances, they actually taste great. They don't believe me, but hopefully you will. Try them, you'll like them!...more info
  • Why green smoothies? They'll make you healthy
    I've tried every type of diet known to man, and I have finally found the answer with green smoothies. I've had all kinds of health problems, but now I see that what my body really needs is more greens. Victoria Boutenko is so thorough in her research and her approach. Her advise about dealing with the other people in your life and outside temptation is also so helpful. Also be sure to read "Twelve Steps to Raw Foods". Whether you can make a drastic change in your diet or just add smoothies to your usual eating, you're going to see a difference in your health and well-being. I am able to add even more greens than she suggests in her recipes. I pack my VitaMix full of kale, collards and spinach and zip them with two cups of water. Then I add two apples and two pears. It's so delicious, I drink it all day long, and I'm never hungry for "bad stuff". If I miss a day of smoothies I really feel it. Now I'm trying to find a blender I can use on my trips to Europe. Any suggestions?...more info
  • greatly disappointing
    I am very happy for the Boutenko family's new found health and hope that their story is true. This book felt like a lengthy high-pressure sale and was not enlightening or even that interesting. I expected to read about the health benefits of the raw or live food lifestyle, but instead found page upon page of advertisement for the VitaMix Blender. The last quarter of the book is filled with "testimonials" from folks happily using the VitaMix Blender. If you are looking for nutrition information or live food recipes, you will not find them here....more info
  • Green Smoothies: An Epiphany for the Raw Food World
    This book reminds all of us that the foods we eat are for our health and vitality, and to meet our most fundamental nutritional needs. Victoria's detailed research on human nutrition is both informative and inspiring. Her version of the green soup advocated by Ann Wigmore is both palatable and energizing. I drink them almost every day now!...more info