On Becoming Baby Wise: Book II (Parenting Your Pretoddler Five to Fifteen Months)

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It's reality-check time! You are at least five months into your tour of parenting duty by now. The complexity of child-training has begun to come into focus. You have learned that as your baby matures both constant and variable factors continually influence his or her development. What behaviors can and should you expect from your pretoddler? Feeding time for your pretoddler, for example, is now more than a response controlled by a sucking reflex. For the pretoddler, mealtime is part of a very complex, conscious interaction between what the child does and what his parents expect him to do. Right and wrong conduct will be encouraged, discouraged, and guided when necessary. In fact, right and wrong patterns of behavior will now be part of your baby's entire day. That's why feeding time, waketime and sleeptime provide wonderful opportunities for training and Babywise Book II will guide you all the way, from the high chair to playpen, from the living room to the back yard. This series teaches the practical side of introducing solids food, managing mealtimes, nap transitions, traveling with your infant, setting reasonable limits while encourage healthy exploration and much more. You will learn how to teach your child to use sign language for basic needs, a tool proven to help stimulate cognitive growth and advance communication. Apply the principles and your friends and relatives will be amazed at the alertness, contentedness and happy disposition of your baby

Customer Reviews:

  • Why are the children happy and well adjusted?
    A lot of my friends read babywise and told me what i should do based on their good experiences with it. I had a fundamental philosophical difference with them, as a Christian, about what my goal for child development is. Is my goal "well behaved" or is it wholly good. That is why I chose not to implement it. What is funny is-- not implementing it, I have a happy, healthy, well-behaved, creative, advanced and actually stunningly gifted 2 and 1/2 year old, that sleeps through the night. I breast-fed on demand, and weaned my child at two. My child is free-spirited and daring. Did baby wise make all those "well-behaved " baby-wiser's children happy? Did my parenting philosophy (much more attachment oriented) Make mine happy, a good sleeper, and well adjusted? Maybe the common ground between these happy good sleepers who grow well is something other than the parenting book. . . But what is most interesting about my son, is that I very rarely have to discipline him (and none of my discipline involved physical aggression) at all because he TRUSTS me to be looking out for him and not just controlling him for my convenience (so that my life will be that much easier), whereas my friends on babywise keep having to come up with strategies for how to control behavior and have to keep buying the next book....more info
  • Wonderful series
    i looked this series of books. It helped me get my baby to sleep through the night by 6 weeks. I LOVED IT, and still use the theories today having a toddler...more info
  • Great book, good service
    This item came in the condition as advertised. Shipping was prompt. But notification of delivery was not recieved....more info
  • Be a Wise Parent and DON'T get Babywise
    Scheduling sleep in a baby over 4 months is a good idea. However, scheduling breastfeedings and "playpen" time is not. Also giving your 6 month old a finger squeeze because he/she decides to grab the bowl during feeding time or touch at things is also not very wise. Ezzo punishes babies for doing things that are essential for their development, like grabbing things in site and exploring the world around them. Furthermore, he thinks that young babies actually understand punishment. A 6 month old is not being defiant when he/she is trying to grab at things and play around. Where does Ezzo get these strange ideas?

    The sad thing is that Ezzo claims to be a Christian. When Christ commanded us to not hurt any of these little ones and Ezzo is doing just that. There is a difference between a two year old looking at you straight in the eye and doing something he knows is wrong after you told him no and a baby playfully grabbing at their feeding bowl. Somehow, though, Gary Ezzo sees no difference and sees punishment as fitting for both. Somehow he thinks babies are manipulative little beings that want to slowly take over and ruin our lives. No, children are a blessing from God above and we should cherish their curiousity and indulge them in learning. Not neglect them in a playpen for 45 minutes after they are obviously not happy.

    It's no wonder Dr. Dobson, Tedd Tripp, and Dr. Cloud, three Christian parenting writers, along with many others, have discredited the advice of Ezzo.

    Sleep scheduling is about the good only thing in this book, but his method on this is still unwise. I reccommend "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth, MD. Or even Dr. Ferber over this kook anyday.

    There is so much in here that SHOULD NOT be applied to Babies.

    ...more info
  • Worst Book Ever.
    Do NOT bother with this book. The advice it gives is SO bad. No mother who loves her child will do the things that this book suggests....more info
  • Helpful tool
    While my review for the first book in this series was excellent, I did not find this book quite as informative (you must remember that parenting is the beginning can be intimidating, so perhaps that's why the first book was more helpful). I would still recommend reading it, as there are certainly a few items that were useful....more info
  • Good book, good series
    This is a good follow-up to the first book. It's important that you have the first book, as this one references it rather than repeating the information. Everyone comments on how great my child behaves and that she's happy all the time. I attribute that to the techniques I learned in these books. I didn't follow them to the letter, but I did follow the main principles and adjusted to the individual needs of my child. I highly recommend this book (and the first one)....more info
  • Works Great
    Our baby is 9 weeks old and this week he started to sleep through the night. He was born at the 50th percentile for height and weight and is now in the 95th. The system outlined in the book works great, as far as we can tell. Our baby doesn't fuss when it is time to sleep at night and he sleeps well.

    I'm not sure if our baby is sleeping so well because of the system, or because he would normally sleep through the night at 9 weeks in any case. Many other baby books say that between the 2nd and 3rd month the majority of babies start to sleep through the night. If nothing else, the book helped us get some predictability into our own days.

    I see that some other reviewers seem to think that the author stresses sticking to a strict schedule and the expense of the baby's comfort. In fact, he points out that if a baby is hungry and it isn't the normal feeding time, the baby should be fed (this happens during a growth spurt).

    The book is a quick read, but the information is sometimes hard to extract from the repetitive text. The useful information contained in the book could fit into a concise essay instead....more info
  • Happy, contented, well adjusted child
    This is the first review I have written - But I use them a lot. Sorry it's soo long but I feel that I have to contribute to this. I have not read the second book and came here to purchase it.

    I am very disappointed in some of the responses from other reviewers. The first book states that if your baby is hungry between the scheduled feedings, then go ahead and feed them, and just readjust the schedule for the rest of the day. It also states that if you are doing something that day or leaving your child with a caregiver do not worry about them not feeding to the schedule, just rearrange later. Also it states that if your child is crying in the night, to go and comfort them, pick them up and cuddle them, but then put them back to bed and just don't go at every whimper, they learn fast they that they will get their way (this I can attest to!).

    The reviewer who states a doctor would tell you; never wake a sleeping baby, is not correct. When my son came home from the hospital he did not do well on the demand feeding - by the time he showed signs of being hungry; he was over hungry, very cranky and too miserable to eat. Luckily, we had a very understand doctor (we ended up calling him 11:00pm on a Friday night), and were told by him, (who has over 25 years experience) that we must wake him up if he goes longer than 3 hours from the beginning of his last feeding (does this sound familiar!). If he falls asleep when eating to wake him, he must feed for a minimum of 30 mins, and try to not to let him eat for more than 45 mins, as he will not be hungry and it will be too long before he feeds again. Due to medical problems my son had to go on formula for a week, and afterwards our doctor recommended that if we were worried about his feeding, to have one formula feeding a day to make sure his intake is on schedule, and also to weigh him every week. The weight guidelines in the book were inline with what my doctor recommended.

    But this book is not just about feeding - It provides good information on raising a happy, well-rounded child. The importance of using interactive and alone time play and naptimes. My son is 3 months old and very happy and laughs all the time, whether he is playing by himself or with someone. He does not demand interaction, but knows that someone is only a call away. After reading this book, from 4 weeks old he was happy to spend time in his bouncer while I made lunch, took a shower etc., (we could always see each other from where he was). I also liked the idea of putting him straight to bed after the 2nd from last feeding of the day (about 8:00pm for us), as it gave me time to straighten up the house, clean some bottles and spend time with my husband, before feeding him his last feeding and going to bed, and my son was happy to do this. He fussed for about 10 mins to start with, but we just took turns in going in to see him, talk with and cuddle him, and now he is happy and laughs when he goes to bed.

    I am not saying that I agree with 100% of the book (but I don't think I have agreed 100% with any of the baby books I have read), but I definitely agree with the principles, and my pediatrician seems to be on the same line - He gives you a sheet of pointers at each visit, which included putting your baby to bed at one month old, when they are awake, so they learn to put themselves to sleep and not rely on you rocking them etc. I know that every child is different, and this style will not work with everyone, but read the whole book, and if you have questions, check with your pediatrician. My son is a very happy 3 month old. He sleeps 7-8 hours through the night, and when I go to get him in the mornings, someimtes he is happily laying awake laughing to himself (or Pooh!), because he knows that someone is coming. People offer all the time to look after him for us as he is a delight to be around.
    ...more info
  • Just Okay
    I would recommend the first and original Babywise book to anyone and everyone expecting a baby. This book doesn't even compare to the first. It has a few good pointers, but nothing earth-shatteringly helpful like the first book. I should also add that the editing is awful. This is a very quick read, but in my opinion probably not worth the money. Try to find it at the library....more info
  • Not like the first book
    If I'd seen this in the store I would not have bought it. The first book is so helpful, but this one lacks on substance, and detail. I'd go for the first book and skip this one....more info
  • Be wise with Babywise and it WILL work for you!!
    I read this book with my first son, and being a new mom it was hard for me to follow this structure to the T. I kept re-reading the book to find all the answers for my son's specific situations, and was getting frustrated when he wasn't sleeping through the night at 8 weeks. However, I had to learn that the guidelines are GREAT, but are meant to be flexible for your child's needs, and parental assessment is key. My son had colic, and I was nervous to let him cry all the time, but learned that no matter what I did he was going to cry, so I let him. Soon I realized he needed to sleep A LOT more than I thought, and by 4 months he slept through the night 12 hours solid! Without Babywise I would not have had a guideline of how often to nurse, how long to nurse, and how many naps my son needed. The PDF method was my saving grace!!!

    NOW I have my second son, and I was able to follow the Babywise method a lot more closely right away (still using parental assessment for my child's needs). Having more experience, not being a nervous new mom, and having an 18 month old to watch after as well, I can follow the Babywise methods with confidence. In doing so he has successfully been sleeping through the night (8-10 hours) since 9 weeks old. He is happy when he's awake and our household is very peaceful considering there is a newborn and a 20 month old residing here!! Especially if you plan on having more than one child this book is a must! 3 CHEERS FOR BABYWISE!!!Thank you!! ...more info
  • A good follow up to Becoming Babywise.
    We have followed the babywise way since our twins were born. I bought this book in hopes that it would help me figure out how to introduce solids into their schedule. It answered that question and many more. It is also a good reference on disciplining pretoddlers. The motto "Train and not retrain" is a good one....more info
  • Baby Wise - Book I was great! Got this one too!
    First book was great! Got 2 copies of this one! Can't wait to see the results in my grandsons!

    ...more info
  • Everything in Moderation
    This is an excellent book if you remember not take it verbatim in every situation. All children are different and have different needs. The Ezzo's mean well but tend to get legalistic. This book is a good starting point for creating how your family chooses to raise a child.
    ...more info
  • dangerous, irresponsible and denounced by the AAP
    gee, when the american assoc of pediatricians claims that this method can cause "failure to thrive" AND it goes against every maternal instinct ever created, AND the author basis his "findings" not from medical knowledge (he has no training) but HIS reading of the bible...

    All i say is READ ANYTHING ELSE!!...more info
  • Good Book
    As with any parenting books. Most of it is common sense, and the rest are simply tips/hints for improvement. Take what you want to use from this book, and incorporate it into your life. I think this was a VERY well written book and hit on all the points tht I was hoping. Good addendum to the first BabyWise. I would recommend this book - quick read and good pointers....more info
  • not as useful as 1st, but some good points
    i really like the philosophy of these books and all of them have useful elements.

    I loved the high chair manners and other sections. The rest was really a repeat of the previous book.

    I feel that the assumption that 'mom' is primary caregiver and that we all stay at home is a bit dated. Much of this text is written with this assumption and that annoys me as a working mom.

    Most of the things can be adapted for working moms, and much of it was very useful. I do not know what book the critics of these suggestions are reading, but they are certainly vocal about it. This book argues for a calm discussion of how to discipline before something comes up and then for you and spouse to agree and be consistent. It says some people hit, some don't, either way can be abusive and leaves it to parents to decide. I don't see child abuse anywhere here.

    Our kids were both raised on this plan and are 99th percentile in height and weight. They eat their veggis, can wait their turn, listen to others and say please and thank you. People always tell us how sweet and well behaved our kids are and for a 3 year old to be well behaved says a lot.

    We read the book, talk about the recommendations and adopt the ones that are useful and ignore the rest (or better yet come up with something we feel will work better). Even then, the book makes us think through future scenarios....more info
  • Great Book
    This book is definitely worth buying and reading. It gave me much more detailed instructions on how to introduce solid foods, how to begin discipline, when to change nap schedules, etc. than I could get at a regular doctor's appointment. I had no idea how to do these things until I read this book; it was a lifesaver. We have begun implementing the book's ideas already, and so far, everything has worked like a dream....more info
  • Baby Wise is TRULY Wise
    I have read and implemented all of the Baby Wise, Toddler Wise, and Child Wise books and my daughter is more advanced, independant than any child I know her age. And I was happy and not sleep deprived or a slave to my child throughout those developmental years. Children are being brought up with a sick coddling mentality that does not bring limits, boundaries and order to their lives. Do you understand that those things give your child security??? For all the tired moms that are terrified to say no to their child and try to reason them into obedience, please show me where the bible says reason with your child because they can make good choices at a year to 18 months old. We are supposed to train our children. Training involves discipline and boundaries, motivated by love. And these books offer great insight and suggestions on how to apply these principles. ...more info
  • Great addition to the series!
    After following Baby Wise book one, my daughter was successful at sleeping through the night by 7 weeks! She followed the first book almost to a T! So I ordered this second book, and I really like the ideas especially when it comes to High Chair manners and feeding solids. I also, like how they deal with the heart of the child and not just behaviors! Great book for any parent, whether you've done the first book or not!...more info
  • Unsound, Unbiblical, Emotionally damaging
    I have seen these principles in action and they are emotionally damaging to children. Buyer Beware: Unsound Biblical basis for these books. This is the secular version. Based on unsound methods that go against well known developmental truths. Choose Biblically sound, emotionally healthy Christian parenting such as that recommended by the Sears....more info
  • Buy something else
    Give this one a miss, especially if you are breastfeeding. Lots of misinformation that can be a problem for lactating mothers. Plus, disturbing ideas about "disciplining" babies for perfectly normal behavior, like using their hands at mealtimes. I think these methods would be quite damaging. Look for something recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, or try something by Dr. Sears or Penelope Leach instead. ...more info
  • Big fans of Babywise
    Babywise has worked great for our son and we highly recommend the whole series of books. ...more info
  • Read Other Books First
    I have recently completed reading BabyWise II. I consider myself a Christian and this book is extremely popular in my church. Throughout the entire book, I had moments of complete confusion and disagreement accompanied by moments of complete agreement and lucidity regarding how to implement these methods. However, by the end, I realized that I should not be confused by or passionately against any section of a book that would truly benefit my child.

    While I believe there are some helpful and necessary methods in the book, I had already found much of that advice in other sources. For example, feeding schedules are advocated by many resources, but those other sources are very clear when it comes to making sure babies' basic needs are met before implementing such routines. With my knowledge from other resources, I attempted to read BabyWise with a bit of grace, but at the same time I felt guilt and coercement at many points; for instance, when I realized that my child was having one more meal a day than what is 'recommended' by Mr. Ezzo for a child her age. For the record, my pediatrician generally recommends one more meal than she is receiving for a child her age.

    This concern and my confusion on other subjects in the book prompted me to speak to my husband about the book and I asked him to read it. He read only the forward and immediately became suspicious. He asked me if there were any references and I instantly realized there were none. It then became clear that the pediatrician listed as an author indeed had no authorship save the foreword, and that Mr. Ezzo has had no formal education regarding child development. A very quick search on the internet confirmed our deductions, and we found many articles against Mr. Ezzo's methods, including a well documented student's masters thesis. Out of curiosity and still trying to find a way to defend this popular book, I performed internet searches on all of the other resources on child development we own (four books; all of which document research for their claims and advice) and found absolutely no negative press for any.

    Based on how unclear I found the teachings in the book and how much bad advice I had to sort out, I strongly urge anybody who reads this book to read other books first. As I said, I don't disagree with all of the methods and advice, but it should be seen as advice from a person who has raised obedient (not a bad thing) children and has no other qualifications beyond that. You could do just as well asking advice from a friend or acquaintence with children who possess qualities you admire. As we all know every child is different and reacts to different discipline methods differently. Please make sure you go to many resources to find the option best suited to your child.

    Just an end note: As popular as this book is among my friends, I have not known anybody to follow the BabyWise book beyond feeding schedules and sleeping issues, and there is a good reason for that: Not all of it is good advice....more info
  • Awesome book!!!
    I loved this book. I used it on my son. He is a good kid because of it. I did babywise w/ him from day one. So this book helped with issues as he got older but all in all. Good info and I am proud to have a scheduled kid and a well mannered one, too. ...more info
  • Don't listen to negative feedback...IT WORKS!!!
    I have to agree that most of the opposition of this book along with Ezzo is from people who have not read or understand the book. I started when my daughter was 6 months old and in three nights she was sleeping 9 to 10 hours, amd taking two 1 1/2 to 2 hour naps. There is nothing wrong with a routinue. Your child will not starve, nor be neglected in any way. In fact your child will benefit from the predicatbilty and will be happeir. At least that is what has happened in my case. Dr. Ezzo SEVERAL times states that if your child is on a 4 hour schedule but is hungry after only 2 hours, FEED him, but find out why. Check your milk supply ect. The first book even has several growth charts for you to monitor your child's growth and adequate nutrition. He even warns SEVERAL times against rigid, extreem parenting. He is giving suggestions and tell you to trust your instinct and common sense. He is conserned with the well being of your child as a whole -- emotional, mental as well as physical. I recomend this book along with the first for any parent who wants peace in their homes and the very best for their child. In fact, I plan on purchasing Dr. Ezzo's other books : Childwise, Preteenwise, and Teenwise....more info
  • OKay, but not what I expected...
    I swore to all my new Mommy friends that this was THE sleep book for them. When my son hit 5 months, I thought it would be only natural to following along the Babywise method for continuing his excellent sleep habits. While the book does address sleep patterns in older babies, it was focused more on eating, discipline, play, and other topics. I was hoping for more of the continuum described. Oh well, it was only a few $$ so worth those....more info
  • Dangerous and terrible!!!!!
    The advice offered in this book is not only unfounded, but also dangerous--particullary the suggested feeding schedule for breast-fed infants. The author of this book is not a pediatrician; he is a minister with no apparent knowledge beyond personal experience. While the author had consulted one pediatrician, many other pediatricians--indeed the majority asked--express serious concerns regarding the possible risks of malnurition and risks of developmental delays when following the book's guidelines. While the techniques suggested may be effective in training babies to sleep through the night, this is at the expense of your baby feeling secure in your ability to meet his or her needs. Makes for insecure and despondent children. If you truly wish to become baby-wise, check out: any of Dr. Sears' books, the Continuum Concept, or the Happiest Baby on the Block. Most importantly, listen to your baby and trust your own instincts. AVOID THIS BOOK!...more info
  • Baby Wise II
    On Becoming Baby Wise: Book II (Parenting Your Pretoddler Five to Fifteen Months)

    I didn't find this as helpful as Baby Wise, however there was some good information about highchair manners and sign language which we've found helpful. I can't wait to read Toddler Wise!!!! ...more info
  • I can't follow any unwise advise
    I have purchased this book together with Babywise sleep book from couple of my friends' recommendation and have to say I am very much disappointed with books. Both books are focused on training a baby based on idea that Baby can act and think like adult and near adult phisican & mental capability.
    I am not condemming this book to be worst book ever as some people do.. but would like to caution parents and let them know it is only one person's opinion and suggesion.
    ...more info
  • Healthy sleep patterns are essential
    Babywise has been a great asset in raising my daughter. It is a wonderful guide and I encourage anyone with kids to use it. It mentions in the book that every baby is different and to always use your parental judgement. I don't follow it exactly, I've adapted the basic principle to fit my daughters needs. She has slept through the night(defined as 7 or more hours a night) since she was 7 wks. old. It was tough in the beginning to keep her on the feed, wake, sleep schedule, but now my hard work is paying off. If she wakes up, she is able to put herself back to sleep without my help. She just wimpers for a minute when I put her in the crib and then she is fast asleep. I don't nurse her to sleep or use any other forms of sleep props. She is able to sleep in the car, in her crib, or in a pack and play (when traveling). She has lots of cuddle time and rocking, it's just not a necessity for her to fall asleep.

    It's amazing with this information available, that I still know lots of people with older kids that have to have the parents with them to fall asleep. And they wake up during the night and aren't able to fall back asleep on their own. Everyone I know that has used this book swears by it.
    The negative comments you read about it are obviously from people who have not read this from cover to cover(because it always mentions your baby may be different, use your own common sense to adapt it to your child) or they have not actually used it....because it works!! I'd like to reply to one review I read.....A lady mentioned that she could not believe that new parents were expecting to be able to sleep through the night with a newborn. No, that is not recommened until they are about 2 months old. Doctors know that a newborn needs to eat more frequently and should not sleep through the night in the beginning. However, the child has the ability to as it gets a little older. The parents just have to know how to teach the child healthy sleep habits.

    That is what we are supposed to do as parents, teach are children to be independent so one day they can be on their own, and it starts in the beginning! Parents around the world, you are doing your child a disservice by not helping them develop healty sleep patterns. Childern need sleep, and lots of it! One more thought.....Anyone who tells you that this book encourages malnutrion can't read. It suggests certain intervals for eating, but also says that you are the parent, you can learn the signs of when your child is hungry and be the judge..just use the clock as a guide. My daughther is 5 months old, she sleeps 10-12 hours a night and eats about every 4 hours during the day. She is in the 50th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height. No malnutrition here!...more info
  • Babies and Toddlers Well Mannered Great Book!
    Hi I am the mother of twin baby boys and I have shared my review in all the books that these authors have written.

    This book has taught my babies to be so WELL mannered and even in their highchairs.

    Typically, when you feed any young baby solids you get food thrown at you, on the floor, spitting up food hands in their hair and mostly all the jar food has gone to waste. My baby boys do none of the above!!! When we go out and I feed them, people are just amazed that they keep their hands to their side. I can place a plate on their tray and they don't even touch it. My boys were doing this starting at 4 months old. Yes, that young. This book teaches you highchair ediquette. How to get your baby to eat anything you give them etc. My babies don't have tantrums and they are so happy this book is another winner. Consistency is the key and you will be so impressed!

    ...more info
  • A disturbing underlying message...
    I received the Babywise series after the birth of my son. In addition to what others have written about the dangers of following the advice in this book, I found them to have a disturbing underlying message- that children are something to be tolerated and trained rather than loved and enjoyed. My conclusion is that Ezzo doesn't like children much. He doesn't respect their basic needs (like hunger) and labels what is considered by most to be developmentally appropriate behavior "misbehavior" that requires "correction". I just went away feeling like the book was written for people who want convenient babies, ones that don't interfere with their lives. Babies are hard work. There are no easy, definitive answers about how to raise them and Babywise is disingenuous to suggest otherwise. ...more info
  • Happy Mother . Happy Father and Happy Baby
    I agree with Meggan. I've been using baby wise with my 4 mth old since he was born. It's been a life saver! My child was sleeping through the night by 7 wks. old. He never fusses and he does not cry himself to sleep. I lay him down when it is time for bed and he falls to sleep w/ in 2 minutes without crying. He wakes up smiling and happy! Everyone who has had children are amazed at what a wonderful disposition he has and how much energy as a new mom i have! Like Meggan said, this book is a guideline. When my son isn't feeling well i know it b/c he does not act like himself. Therefore, i throw the rule book out the window and i take care of my baby. You must have common sense to raise a child and therefore, common sense must also be used when reading this or any other child parenting book. I myself will use this child raising method or all of my other children. Also, friends who i've reccommended this book to, call me weeks later thinking me for saving them. Parenting is not about right or wrong. I do not judge people for how they choose to raise their child. However, this certainly makes raising a baby lots of fun. And, best of all! My husband and i don't feel as though we're missing out on time with eachother! We sleep in the same bed and we have lots of quality time with eachother that most new parents don't have....more info
  • Child Training Is Ok Folks
    It may not be your choice for how to raise your child, it may not be how your child responds... But folks, we are all different and one thing for certain, Christ taught us not to judge, lest we be judged... All families are different and there is NO NO NO ABUSE advocated in this book!

    From a devout Dr. Sears, LLL, attachment parenting Mom--Reb Bradley and Rick Fugate are OK too. This is a method for a more structured family. It isn't for me, but as I say, I do advocate the Child Training Tips in Bradley's and Fugate's books, even for a far less structured mom.

    Every family has a system... this may or may not be yours. It is an interesting and insightful read....more info
  • Thanks, Ezzos!
    I enjoyed the Babywise stuff emmensely. As a thinking, intelligent parent, I have realized no school of thought on parenting is the end-all be-all.

    My kids did great on a schedule as babies, and they are happy and healthy grade schoolers now who are well adjusted, get great grades, have wonderful social lives, and go to bed at 8PM with no fuss-they just conk out! NOT that bedtime has been my ultimate goal as a parent-but it is symptomatic of the big picture.

    My kids feel very secure, every need is met, and they are happy. Did Gary Ezzo do that? No, but his books helped in the beginning. Ultimately, it was a partnership between me, my husband and God that brought us through the early years. We took each day one at a time, made good decisions, cared for our children and yes, kept them on a schedule that fit our family.

    People are relly freaking out for no good reason. Moderation is key in everything--even Ezzo parenting. I find the whole debate old and tired. Parents, do your best. Read all you can. Find what works best for you family. Pray a lot! And don't listen to the hype!...more info
  • Good Read!
    I loved the suggestions and tips given in this book. It has really helped me nail down a routine for my growing and less sleepy baby!! Suggestions given on what to begin feeding baby is also very helpful and thus far, we've been very successful! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Horrible Author
    The author has no credentials to write a book like this - no true college education in any capacity let alone medicine and child development! Don't believe everything you read! Do your own research! ezzo.info...more info
    After having great success with the first Baby Wise book, I was anxious to get this second one for 5-15 months. It has not disappointed. When I implement the guides the Ezzo's recommend, my baby is not only happier and more content, but my entire household runs more smoothly and peacefully....more info
  • Book Review
    This book was delivered quickly to me and was in good condition. Since I loved the first edition of Babywise, I had to get the 2nd edition. This one offers great tips for travel with a baby and how to prep them to how to get babies started on solid foods, to disciplining your baby and what is appropriate for the age they are at. ...more info
  • This book works - for those that have common sense!!!
    Attachment parenting is for the PARENTS plain and simple. I have followed Babywise from day one of my baby's life and I have NEVER neglected, starved or abused her in any way. She is healthy, happy and very very loved! I shower her with more attention than a lot of parents do and she is growing and thriving just as she should. She is happy all day (and night!) and never cries when going to bed for a nap or for the night (she's 5 months old). I feed her when she is hungry and I give her love and attention all day. Sure, we follow a schedule but what happens if my daughter is hungry and it's not her usual scheduled time to eat?? I feed her! Of course!

    Children ARE capable of sleeping in their own beds! Parents SHOULD be in control of their children! They do NOT need to be breastfeeding 24 hours a day! Do you need to eat all day? I agree that you should nurse newborns whenever they need it...and that is what Gary Ezzo says as well! Look for reasons other than hunger if your baby cries, but ALWAYS feed a hungry baby. Common sense people! I find that (usually) the biggest Ezzo critics are the people who have never read the book and are only going off of sensationalized websites or others' opinions.

    However, if you believe that your children should control every aspect of their own lives than you will never agree with this book. Children have parents for many reasons; love, nurturing and GUIDANCE being a few.

    I recommend this book to all parents who want the best for their chilren's LONG TERM development, health, and happiness. How happy is your 5 year old when you boot them out of the family bed or explain that they are no longer allowed to breastfeed all day? Think about it! Attachment parenting makes NO sense for parents who want thriving INDEPENDENT (able to survive without mom 24/7) children!

    ...more info
  • Great toy for the price
    This is a great toy for the price. My son is five months old and loves looking in the mirror and trying to grab at it. I think he will get even more use out of it when he gets a little older....more info
  • Invaluable resource for our daughter!
    A friend recommended the babywise book after having used it with her son. Our daughter was up every 30-45 minutes all night which as new parents we thought that was normal. Within two weeks of purchasing this book our dayghter was sleeping 10-12 hours without waking at all. I highly recommend this series!...more info
  • Very annoying
    I liked the concepts in the first Babywise book and recommend it to others (my baby has been sleeping through the night since she was 11 weeks old). On the other hand, THIS book has a few useful ideas, but I was bothered by the many grammatical/typographical errors in the edition I received (the one I bought is for "your pretoddler five to twelve months"). These errors made this book lose a lot of its credibility for me. I don't know where the authors got their information about feeding solids; they recommend starting with yellow veggies and serving fruits as "treats". The medical community doesn't say this and it doesn't make sense to me. (I fed my baby fruits first and she still loves her green veggies!) There are other ideas that are introduced but not well described. This book is poorly written; it's as if the authors rushed through it just to get another book published....more info
  • Great buy
    Book came in excellent condition! We had baby wise, book 1 and time to learn how to be parents for 'pre-toddler'! ...more info
  • Horrible, aweful book
    All the books in this series are horrible. The worst parenting advice ever. Babies need to be loved & responded to, not put on some arbitrary schedule & ignored when their needs don't meet that schedule. Total insanity!!! For a real, down to earth, positive parenting book try The Baby Book by Dr Sears. Not everything in any book is going to make sense to you & jive with your parenting style, but the most important thing is to listen to your heart & not what society or anyone eles tell you you need to do. Do what works best for you & your family!...more info
  • Loved the First Baby Wise, HATED This One
    I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Babywise method (from the ORIGINAL book) of helping infants learn to organize their sleeping and eating schedules so they sleep through the night, so they feel nurtured and loved, and so they have some expectation of a regular routine rather than just having their parents trying to guess what they need at any given time. If you read the first book carefully, you will know that the author does not advocate letting kids cry, nor does he advocate withholding food if they're hungry. Just the opposite. He gave me the tools to be a well-rested, happy mommy (with a well-rested, happy daddy) to two wonderful kids who slept through the night at 4-5 weeks with NO ill effects - no crying, no loneliness, no empty tummies, no confusion, but with lots and lots of love. I have bought this book for many people. So I thought that now that my babies are older, I would buy Baby Wise II for a continuation of more good advice. WRONG. I would NEVER, EVER use physical correction for my kids. I think spanking is wrong for any kids, not just older ones, and I am HORRIFIED that this author recommends physical correction for little babies! Even the "hand squeeze" that he recommends is an awful idea. Little kids should learn that their hands are for exploring and learning, and no adults should ever cause discomfort to those little hands. Squeeze the baby's hand when you're feeding them and they try to grab the spoon? TERRIBLE idea! That little baby is trying to learn about the world, and they do it with their hands! Even if the baby is reaching for something dangerous, the parent should gently re-guide the hand - not hurt it! I am returning this book and reluctantly will stop recommending BabyWise at all. I'm disappointed in this guy....more info
  • Better off talking with other parents
    I bought Book I and reviewed that as ok. I reviewed that it seemed like it made you feel as a failure if you followed their methods and it didn't work. But, I did also think that there was enough valuable information in it to buy this second book.

    I read it and have determined that I got better advice from talking to real people. These books just don't support you as a parent if things don't turn out to their mold of what the child should be doing.

    They introduce sign language signs at the end of the book, but don't suggest how to introduce those signs. There needs to be more on that than just the signs....more info
  • Exactly what I needed!
    This book has been invaluable to me as my son has started eating solids and becoming more active. I am a first-time parent, and while I do not hold to a strict daily schedule or the sleeping methods that Baby-Wise suggests, I find their wisdom and suggestions regarding introducing solids and varying the "wake time" activities extremely helpful. I had few ideas as to what to do with my baby on a practical level and this book answered my questions! I refer to it often and highly recommend it to all parents....more info
  • Wish I could give it 0 stars!
    This book is terrible.
    Any parent who thinks it is ok to hold their child's hands down so they won't try to "help" when being fed is setting themselves up for trouble!
    Babies are curious and need to be able to explore. They are not meant to be smacked around because they want to feed themselves!!! :(
    Hitting a child is child abuse and this book RECOMMENDS a smack on a BABIES hand! Outrageous!
    Check out www.ezzo.info/ for information on this idiotic man and his terrible books (which have been discredited by the American Academy of Pediatrics and many other doctors. )
    ...more info
  • I love this BOOK!!!!
    I used this book with both my children 11 years ago. I was so excited to blow the dust off of it and use it again with my new baby! It's be a while and I'm a litle rusty so I wonderd if it would work again. It did!! This book and Baby Wise have made my home so enjoyable. I needed it being a Mom again at 40. ...more info


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