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Did you truly enjoy the food you ate today? Do you really like the way you look and feel? Are you consistently enjoying great health and high energy? Bill Phillips author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Body-for-LIFE believes your answer to all of the above questions should be Yes! He feels that food should be a source of pure pleasure A source of positive abundant energy! A sure thing in a world of much uncertainty Phillips who's widely regarded as today's most successful fitness author has firm beliefs which go against the grain of today's popular weight-loss methods Diets all of them are potentially dangerous most always dumb and ultimately a dead-end street! he insists Eventually anyone and everyone who's at all concerned with their health must learn how to feed their body not how to starve it Instead Phillips encourages a safe and sound solution which includes eating balanced nutrient-rich meals frequently throughout the day This is what works in the long run he explains Rich with common sense and science Eating for Life has rhyme and reason It is specific There are very clear dos and don'ts which help people enjoy food and improve their overall fitness Bill's approach which he calls the Eating for Lifestyle has already helped thousands of people break free from the dieting dilemma and discover that contrary to pop-culture belief food is friend not foe Used intelligently it nourishes the body and mind satisfies the appetite calms cravings renews health and lifts energy Like Bill Phillips' Body-for-LIFE this is a tell-it-like-it-is book There's no promise of a quick fix No metabolic tricks or so-called miracles Just straightforward clear concise practical and appropriate principles for eating right for life

Customer Reviews:

  • Buy it! You won't be sorry!
    I purchased this book along with the Body for Life book 8 weeks ago. This book makes the transition to this new program so easy! The recipes are great and what I love is that each recipe is for the whole meal: not just an entree that you have to select side dishes to go along with. It completely removes all guess work! The only thing to realize is that women do need to adjust the amounts, as these recipes seem to be geared for men's portions.

    Buy the BFL book and this one. That's all you need to get started. I am a 51 year old grandmother who has never "pumped iron" in her life, but I am a convert now! I'm in my 8th week of my first 12 week challenge and have already lost 23 pounds. Normally (in the zillion other diets I've tried), I would have been bored out of my mind by now. But this is fun and exciting because the results are almost immediate. One thing that WAS immediate was my surge in energy. It was amazing how quickly that occurred.

    I highly recommend this book and the original Body for Life book. Do yourself a big favor and do this. I can't believe it took me so long to even learn about this, but I'm so glad I did. I will follow this plan from now on. I feel so great, I don't want to stop!...more info
  • Awesome if you follow this way of life
    This book is full of great recipes and in addition, it explains the food part of this way of eating/living, clear and specifically.. I found it very useful in addition to the book... Great food so far, all of the recipes... caution on the cheesecake recipe, don't use egg substitute, use egg whites... otherwise all food is awesome...more info
  • Very well done. Good advice, good cooking
    Part 1 of the book (74 pages) describes how modern society has trained us to eat incorrectly and how a few simple changes can turn weight gain into weight loss. There are chapters on Myth vs. Fact (that covers common misconceptions), and specifics on the four-part formula for eating right (the right foods, right amounts, the right combos, the right times). The chapter where the author describes his own experiences is the weakest (in spots it contradicts the earlier chapters and it has an overly-conversational style), but it does contain a few additional insights.

    I am finding the eating guidelines very effective because they are sustainable--I don't really feel like I am dieting and believe I am adopting new ways of eating that I can use indefinitely. It's much easier to follow than other diet plans that require counting or buying specific foods. I get the sense that as long as I follow the principles, rather than having to be exact, I'll end up with great results without all the stress. I've lost eleven pounds since reading book and following its guidance (3 weeks).

    Part 2 contains 248 pages of full color recipes that follow the guidelines of Part 1. It breaks down the recipes by meals with dinners followed by desserts, breakfasts, lunches, midmeals, and nutrition shakes. What really makes this stand out for me is that there are very few recipes I'm not interested in trying. These are practical, mostly easy to make (there are a few exceptions), and very tasty. It has plenty of creative ideas and successfully finds ways to make each dish interesting. The recipes have a few other unique features: each section has a variety of meals that serve differing numbers of people, so it's easy to find a ready-made idea for yourself for lunch or for a family of four for dinner (of course, they can all be adjusted to meet the necessary number of servings). In my experiences so far, the photos with each recipe are faithful to the actual result. Many of the recipes also include a photo of the actual ingredients required, which is an easy way to know at a glance whether everything needed is already on hand. Several of the desserts and most of the nutrition shakes call for Myoplex Lite, the nutrition powder sold by the author's company, but presumably any comparable supplement could be used.

    The end of Part 2 includes sample meal plan charts, blank plan charts, and grocery lists. These items can be downloaded from the web site and printed by owners of the book.

    The appendix contains stories and photos of people who have had amazing success with the Body for Life program (which this book could be considered an extension of). It's interesting to look over those case studies but some of them are actually a bit frightening. I think most of us are looking for more moderate success. There are also typical sections including a glossary, descriptions and photos of kitchen utensils, and conversion charts.

    I have been very pleased with the book and look forward to making many more of the included recipes....more info
  • Eating for Life
    This book is an awesome guide!! I found it extremely helpful and substituted foods I liked and the plan worked very well as I have lost 11lbs. already. I have been trying to loose for 3 yrs. Great Book!...more info
  • Very fast and brand new!
    I was very impressed by how fast it was sent and it was brand new! Would do buisness with this seller again!...more info
  • Very good and easy recipes
    I thought his book was very well written and love that the recipes aren't this exotic crazy ingredients. They are also not a million ingredients per recipe so I like that part also. I'm glad I bought this book....more info
  • Great Recipes.
    Really great recipes and full dinner ideas. Easy to follow, easy to do, taste great. All healthy. Great pictures even! Just enough varieties of recipes to find several that you love and go back and back to. ...more info
  • Great Recipes!
    I'm a fan of Bill Phillips and have had his "Body for Life" book for years. I still take it out when I need some inspiration. "Eating for Life" reiterates many of Bill's techniques for better living, and isn't really anything new or different than "Body for Life" (which is better). However, the recipes in this book are the real reason to buy it. This book has become a staple in my kitchen and I use it almost everyday. I haven't found a recipe that I haven't liked yet. It also has some great ideas on combining the right protein with the right carbohydrate, and how to get the most nutritional value out of every meal....more info
  • Oh.. yum!!!!
    The recipes in this book are wonderful! My personal favorites are the mile high potato, the meatloaf, the blueberry pancakes, the pumpkin pie... and you can't go wrong with the shakes recipes. Talk about shaking up your Myoplex!! The "Apple Pie" nutrition shake is WONDERFUL. I bought this book when it was first released in 2003 and I am still making things out of it.
    My brother and sister also do the BFL program and I bought each of them a book for Christmas 2003.. and they too are still cooking the wonderful recipes.
    Just follow the instructions carefully and you'll have some wonderful, satisfying meals you get hooked on. ...more info
  • healty lifestyles
    This book was recommended by my fitness trainer so I bought it. It is a supper easy read I read it in one sit down and it is full of a ton of heathy foods to make. It is a good book....more info
  • Good recipes for success
    The food in this book is easy to make and will only be of benefit to your health plan in Body for Life....more info
  • Great book!
    I have always been a person to eat healthy and work out. In fact, I was religous with my exercise routine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle until an unfortunate auto accident. After the accident I was unable to exercise for a few months and fell out of my routine. Which in turn led to some bad eating habits. I gained 20 lbs and after feeling sluggish and unhealthy I decided to do something about it. My sister told me about this book and I purchased it. So glad I did because it has given me the boost to start eating healthy again and making my husband and I healthy meals. Plus, we both love the fact that there is a free day to eat what we want if we so desire. The recipes are easy and tasty and we don't get bored with them. This is a great book to get you in the habit of eating healthy, cooking healthy and shopping healthy!...more info
  • Learn How To Eat For Life!!
    This is the most informative book I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time. I love the way it is written, I feel as if Bill is talking directly to me. The recipes are balanced, delicious and simple to create. From the first day I had this book, I was making these meals, fast and easy! I recommend this book for anyone who is tired of restrictive diets and wants to finally be at peace with food. If you want to have more energy and give your body what it truly craves, I recommend you read this book.

    I am at my lowest weight in 5 years thanks to learning how to eat the right way. If I can do this, anyone can.

    This book is definitely a rare find!...more info
  • yum!
    every recipe that I have made out of this book turns out fabulous!!!
    the whole family will enjoy the food!the recipes are easy and taste amazing, does not taste like diet food!I am not a great cook but you would think that I am!! super easy and taste great!I have had this book more than a year and keep going back to the yummy recipes!...more info
  • Awesome Book
    This book is awesome! Explains a lot and makes everything understandable. I love the recipes in the back. They are simple but tasty! I love that he shows pictures of the products so when you go to the grocery store you know what you are looking for....more info
  • delicious and easy
    I have absolutely zero imagination when it comes to food, I can't even decide which restaurant to go to when out with my wife. Can you imagine how difficult it was to start Body-for-Life where the types of food eaten first appear to be rather small?

    Enter "Eating for Life".

    I have made a number of the meals from this book and have been met with nothing but success. I had no idea how delicious and satisfying healthy cooking could be! My wife is not doing the Body-for-Life program, but is more than happy to eat anything prepared from the book's recipes. If you are looking for a way to make Body-for-Life easier on your palette, or simply want a cook book for light food ideas, this is more than worth it....more info
  • My Favorite Cookbook
    Even if you've never boiled an egg, you can make delicious, nutritious meals from Eating for Life. Dinners, desserts, breakfast, smoothies--they're all included. I've made many of the recipes and haven't found a bad one yet.

    I'd been a Body-for-Lifer for five years and although I liked the results, my diet lacked variety. Eating for Life changed that with meals that weren't obvious: pudding with protein powder (yes, it tastes great), burgers and fries that aren't loaded with fat, and chip and dip that's so healthy and tasty that I eat it almost every night.

    The recipes are realistic. Most of the them don't require a long list of ingredients or exotic foods; everything is available at a conventional grocery store. Every recipe also includes a color picture and the approximate time it takes to make it. For those who know absolutely nothing about cooking, there is a section on cooking utensils and basic procedures.

    Only a few things would improve the book. First, most recipe books are organized by main ingredient. Within the dinner section, for instance, chicken, beef, fish and other dinners are mixed together in no apparent order. Second, the index could stand improvement. There's no entry for "fish tacos" for example. It's under "seafood." These are minor points, though. I use this book every day and it has been well worth the price....more info
  • I loved this book!
    This book is full of amazing recipes that are healthy and actually taste really great! I found this book to be very encouraging and educational as well. I recommend this book to everyone!...more info
  • Easy way to lose weight, improve health
    Being quite frank here, I primarily bought the book for the recipe section. There are some good ones for free online at their website as well, but I wanted more. I have always agreed with the basic concept of eliminating most sugar and white carbs, and then spreading your meals out over three meals with three snacks to keep hunger pangs away. I simply confined all my meals and snacks to the recipes in the book. The hardest part is remembering to eat all the little meals. I used my Palm Pilot to remind me. It's not that hard and only takes a little discipline.

    I lost 4 lbs. in the first 8 days -- 206 down to 202, and am continuing downward, 2 more lbs. over the next 7 days. I also feel better due to a decreased sugar intake....more info
  • Awesome Food, Great Variety
    I am a 39 yr. old male. I started the BFL program only about ten pounds over my ideal weight range. I knew the hardest part of the program would be the limitations on food.

    This book is so wonderful. There is a large variety. I had no idea there were so many ways to make chicken, pasta, and seafood taste so wonderful. I have never spent much time in the kitchen, but with this book, cooking is my new hobby.

    There are quick and simple meals, like cottage cheese and an apple, and more complicated ones like the turkey meatloaf and pumpkin cheesecake. There are not too many chocolate recipes, but let's be honest, this is a healthy cookbook. There are some chocolate meals, like blender smoothies, and a healthy brownie.

    I have tried probably at least 20 of the 150 or so meals and each one has been very, very good. I have branched out with new spices in my kitchen and again, it now has become a hobby for me, as well as a good education.

    A few of my favorites are:
    - shrimp scampi
    - taco pasta salad
    - orange roughy
    - chicken enchiladas
    - turkey meatloaf
    - orange blender smoothie
    - pumpkin cheesecake
    - chicken quesadillas
    - sloppy joes

    and many more. I look forwar...more info
  • Eating for Life
    I how this book full of GREAT info and recipes. We have already used more than a dozen recipes and there were really good. We have also put some of the info in to practice, and we find we have it easy to do....more info
  • Eating for Life
    The book is awesome. It was shipped from Amazon, LLC and took 18 days. It did not ship until 7 days after I ordered it. Not impressed with Amazon, but the book is awesome. Great recipes, good sized servings, and lots of variety. I have already lost 10 lbs in 2.5 wks....more info
  • Boring Recipes Galore
    This book had very few recipes that I really want to try out. And the pictures leave little to be desired. When you see the finished product of a recipe in picture form, it should make you want to make it and eat it. Mostly, all I wanted to do was turn the page...quickly. I should have kept my money in my pocket or spent it on something else....more info
  • A good start for healthy cooking
    The recipes are convenient and basic, and you can substitute to personalize and make it your own. There are some good ideas I never thought of in here, such as using salsa to cook my chicken for fajitas instead of a seasoning packet. I'm not a huge fan of the desserts, but there is enough to keep me going in here that I keep a list of my favorite recipes from the book in my kitchen. I think you can increase the health standards of a few of the recipes by avoiding processed ingredients. Also, once you cook it, try to stick to your portion size!...more info
  • Not what it seems
    While the idea sounds great -- eat balanced meals and snacks 6 times a day, exercise and lose weight and keep it off for life, the book/plan are not what they are cracked up to be despite the great reviews here. No one mentions that he pretty much recommends that three of the six meals are some form of protein shake or another. And for someone like me who's into a more natural diet based on actual foods that you can chew, it doesn't quite fit the bill. Also many of the recipes for lunches and dinners call for protein powder. Who can eat that stuff three times a day FOR LIFE?
    Aside from that, the writing is pretty bad. It's written as if he's holding a direct conversation with the reader, which gets annoying. He also describes his day -- I presume in an effot demonstrate how the plan works on a day-to-day basis -- but it gets a little ridiculous when he starts describing which exercises he does each day of the week depending on which house he happens to be living in that particular week. For me, this fell into the more information than I needed to know category. In some areas of the book he cites scientific research to back his claims. In other areas he denounces scientific studies. In both cases, the citations are pretty boring. There is one rahter lengthy chapter that bashes fast food, as well. No one can dispute that, but does it really take seeing it in black and white to know that fast food burgers and fries are bad for you?
    Overall, I was very disappointed with this book. For someone looking to lose weight, I'd recommend saving the $23 and putting it toward registering at Weight Watchers. Or at least picking up one of the Weight Watchers cookbooks if you're just looking for heathy meals that actually contain good old fashioned chewable food....more info
  • tasty, easy, balanced!
    As a married woman in college, I have found this book to be very helpful in many respects. It helps me plan our dinners in advance, shopping on Sunday and having everything available for the week's dinners. Next, it has encouraged balanced, relatively healthy eating habits at home. Some criticize the brand images of food in the recipe section, but it is helpful in getting the correct product and making sure you have everything you need before you start cooking (BP also said in the book that he does not get money from the companies whose products show up in the book). My husband and I usually have some leftovers during the week that makes a great quick lunch with no effort. It has helped me stay on-budget during grocery purchases. Because I have such detailed lists, I don't buy food that looks tasty but I toss it because I don't getting around to using it. I also save money because I know a delicious meal is a few min. away, and we do eat out as a last resort. It is not an extreme diet by saying only raw or organic food is good for you. It is a great way to take control of your diet because it makes planning so easy. I just use the book consistently for dinners and I don't follow the entire plan, but all the recipes in lunch, breakfast, and snack are good so far. I have noticed my life has one less stress now that my husband and I know we don't need to worry about dinner. I don't have kids, but I think it would be a great way to teach kids about cooking and getting them to eat new foods, because they are easy to prepare and delicious. We have also become more adventurous in what we prepare at home, because we no longer stick to the "good old standbys". So, less stress, more money saved, and consistently tasty dinners - all good things I have taken away from the book....more info
  • Great food, Great Pictures, Makes you want to stay true to the plan
    My wife and I have been eating almost exclusively from this book since November and we STILL use it every day. Neither of us likes "Diet food". But the meals in this book are fantastic and they bring new levels of flavor to the mix. With 2 kids we got into such a hamburger meat mixed in something rut, boring, fatty and not good. With this we cook together, eat together and now we exercise regularly too (which we've never done regularly) because it just goes with the food. I can't recommed this enough....more info
  • It has pictures!
    I LOVE cook books with pictures. I don't have the vision to "see" what a recipe will look like by reading it, and really appreciate that EACH recipe has its own picture. I'm not doing the program either, but wanted some recipes that I knew would be healthy and not taste like cardboard. I use this book all the time and highly recommend it. Plus, the stories and photos in the back are really inspiring to make healthy lifestyle changes. ...more info
  • Review of Eating for Life
    Excellently written for the novice. Easy to prepare meals that are delicious and nutritious. Nothing hard about reading or preparing these meals nor purchasing the ingredients. ...more info
  • A bit of a con
    I howled with laughter as I read this "cookbook". One of Bill Phillips' first textual acts is to rant about the stupidity of diets: "Diets, all of them, are potentially dangerous, most always dumb and ultimately a dead-end street," (Page 14). And then what does he go on to do? He lays out a diet program!

    A diet is where one restricts what they eat, adds to what they eat, or adjusts portion size (usually down) -- Phillips endorses all three measures. One of his focal points includes the consumption of "nourishing shakes," many of which incorporate the use of a product called Myoplex. This product forms the basis for an expensive but healthy protein shake. Does Phillips own stock in Myoplex? I don't know but he should.

    Now, will Phillips' diet program do what he purports it will do? I'd say "probably" if you could stick with it, (which is pretty much the hazard with any diet). But be aware that half of the deal includes exercise. If you consume even just the shakes on this program and not exercise, you'd likely balloon out like Bluto.

    As far as the recipes go, they are very nice if you can live with a very limited portion size (which I cannot). Most entree dishes promote turkey, chicken, or fish and in the few instances where beef is included it's typically four ounces or less per serving. While these recipes look quite appetizing, they would clearly be more flavorful if one utilized regular ingredients as opposed to "lite" or "low-fat" ones. All beef is pre-trimmed of any visible fat in these recipes so be prepared for that caveat as well.

    And be on notice for just a tad more bending of the truth when you read the names of the recipes: The so-called "Turkey Reuben" is just that... sort of. I would not call any sandwich which does not contain either corned beef or pastrami a "Reuben," regardless of any other ingredients. And the "Shrimp Scampi" is quite skimpy, with no butter! You might call it "Mock Scampi" at best. There are many examples of such wordplay.

    Still, there were certain recipes which I would certainly try such as the "Ham and Cheese Egg Casserole," (Page 229, although I'd definitely eat more than the recommended portion size.) The "Seafood Pasta Salad" (Page 269) also sounded pretty tasty. The brownies look great but you only get to eat one! (To be fair, I think that the brownies are more of an afternoon snack between meals.)

    Most recipes are set up for quick preparation (probably not quite as fast as Phillips says, but close). The work is divided into three segments:

    -- Part I deals with various "eating problems" including text on obesity, fast food, dieting (not noting his own "diet"), and myths.

    -- Part II includes all of Phillips' recipes which is a good part of the book.

    -- Part III is a section of appendices relating to Phillips' cooking and to his wellness philosophies. Here you will also read testimonials which illustrate some of his "success stories," punctuated with "before-and-after" photographs.

    All of Phillips success stories look like Charles Atlas clones which is important in that this defines the overall work: this is a bodybuilding book as much or more than it is a cookbook. I would be remiss and perhaps unfair if I did not mention that many of these folks are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, so Phillips demonstrates that one can pretty much enter this program at any age as long as their health is okay. In my case, I have a bad heart and could not begin the exercise facet of the program but some of the dishes (not the nutritional protein shakes) would definitely benefit me.

    In summary, here's my final assessment:

    -- This is a bodybuilding book which offers many fairly appetizing recipes.

    -- This is a diet by anyone's definition (except for Phillips'!)

    -- If you could follow this exercise regimen and eat these foods, (remembering that you need to purchase Myoplex Lite at about $72 for 42 servings, not including the additional recipe ingredients such as fresh fruit), then you could likely develop a great body over a year or so.

    Still, I cannot recommend this book for folks who simply want to cut some fat out of their recipes. There are better cookbook choices in this realm of cookery....more info
  • Delicious and healthy!!
    This book is GREAT!! The meals are simple to cook, generally cheap, and above all healthy! There are plenty of breakfast meals, lunches, dinners, and even snacks to keep you eating a wide variety of meals for a long time. Additionally, in typical Bill Phillips fashion, the book starts off with educational text which is designed to teach you about food, nutrition, and diet. Through out the book you will also find inspirational words to keep you motivated and to support your positive lifestyle choices.

    Sometimes it's difficult to find a health food cookbook where the meals actually taste good, but that is certainly not the case with Eating for Life. I can't say enough about how delicious each meal is. BIll Phillips and his team out did themselves when they came up with these meals.

    The only problem I find with this book is that once the meal is cooked, I want to eat all of it. :) ...more info
  • Disappointing
    The recipes are only helpful if you are doing body for life. They list ingredients such as "1 serving chicken". Also, the smoothie recipes or pudding call for protien powder, or the MetRX type of powder. Not a book I would recommend. In fact, I will likely sell mine soon....more info
  • Best book of healthy recipes!
    We eat a recipe from this book probably 4-5 nights per week. This book is really amazing and we have been eating from these recipes for nearly a year. Here is why:

    (1) It is really unbelievable how good every one of the recipes is -- usually you like some, but we literally like everyone one that we have tried (and we have tried most of them)
    (2) The variety is huge
    (3) Everything is very healthy
    (4) Everything is very simple, and reasonably quick to make

    Don't hesitate buying this one!!...more info
  • Eating for Life. Great book!!!
    I would highly recommend this book for everyone. If you are looking into changing your diet so that you can eat the right types of food that is still very flavorful then this book is for you. ...more info
  • Eating For Life
    I am a personal trainer by profession and I recommend this book to all my clients. We have had several "in house" contests for body transformations and the last three members of the gym that have won these contests have done so by enlisting my services and using this book as their nutrition plan....more info
  • eating for life
    Great book,my daughter bought this book first. great cookbook. This book has it all. ...more info
  • Great addition to my Body for Life collection of Books
    I love the book, Lots of great new ideas for healthy balanced eating. Wished it would have had the calorie, carb, fat, Protein count for each serving....more info
  • Fantastic Meals
    This cookbook was highly recommended by a good friend. And it didn't disappoint. I've used quite a few of the recipes and they are delicious and easy to prepare. It's been the only cookbook that I use on a weekly basis.

    ...more info
  • Fabulous meals!
    I love the recipes in this book. They are easy to make and very flavorful. Thanks!!!...more info
  • So Loving this book
    I LOVE this book. It is a fast read and the recipes are Wonderful. So tasty....more info
  • Really awesome book with great recipes

    this is a really good book with some wonderful "weight/health conscious" recipes, all color photos, and ingredients for recipes - are listed.
    Great!!!...more info
  • Great book - must have!
    My boyfriend really wanted this book so I bought it for him and I ended up reading the whole thing first. I just couldn't put it down. I'm not much for cooking, but his recepies are pretty simple and easy to follow. I like the pictures so you know how it's suppose to look when it's cooked. At the bottom of most recepies, it also shows pictures of the ingredients. This really helps the non-cook like myself! ...more info
  • Very good
    I have already tried a few recipes from Eating-for-Life and they are so delicious! The portions are perfect and the meals come out absolutely delicious. If you haven't started Body-for-Life, I recommend you do so as soon as possible, and buy Eating-for-Life at the same time. It will only make it that much easier for you. You will never go back. ...more info
  • You can loose weight!!
    I have packed on 20 extra pounds in the last 10 years and have not been able to get it off no matter what I've done. My son said "mom try this, it's working for me" and I did and it did!! and I will eat this way for the rest of my life!! ...more info
  • eating for life
    This book has been a great buy, wasnt sure at first because I was unable to get it at any local book store in Melbourne. My husband started body for life 5 weeks ago, and i cant stand boring food. This recipe book has aloud me to make enjoyable meals for him and ones which i can enjoy while being pregnant. I am finding now that when i go to the supermarket I tend to automatically buy a healthier range of food. ...more info
  • Great stuff
    I've been a big fan of Bill Phillips for many years. His body for life program is an excelent and quick way to get back in shape in a healthy way.

    I'm very happy that Bill decided to publish this book where you can find many recipies to help you with a great nutrition plan in a delicious way.

    I already had some of the recipies from my Men's fitness magazine colection, but it's so convenient to have all this information together....more info
  • Great Book
    My wife loves it. In fact, I have not had a chance to look at it yet!
    ...more info
  • Wonderful recipes
    I am addicted to this book. I started reading the first few pages and said, "That is me". All of the horrible eating habits I had, I have changed because of this book. I have SOOO much more energy I am amazed. I didn't know that after having a child, I could have so much energy. I have dropped about 10 lbs. in 4 weeks through both the Eating for Life and Body for Life Women's. I feel great. If you are dragging every day, and can't find the energy to exercise, BUY THIS BOOK. It truly will change your life....more info
  • Better than Weight Watchers
    My whole family - picky husband included - has loved all the recipes I've made from this cookbook. And I am a notorious so-so cook....more info
  • Not worth it
    This book said the same thing about healthy eating that my mom and grandma have said for years. I am not saying that it is incorrect or there is actually any more to eating healthy, but I was looking for something a little more in depth. The book does not do a real good job teaching you how to choose what to eat by your self; the whole second half of the book is recipes. If you are looking for recipes to follow then this is fine but it really does not teach you how to choose for your self what is best to eat. A real dissappointment....more info
  • Great Resource
    It was a great resource to go along with this diet. The fatal flaw of any diet is not having enough variety. This book definately helps with that problem....more info
  • Easy and Tasty
    The meals in the book are very delicious. Some of the reviews I read stated that some of the meals aren't as healthy as they should be and that might be true but they're better then having a burger with fries. It's a low fat way to eat the meals we all love.

    While entertaining at my house I made one of the recipes from the book and it was a huge success. One of my friends actually went and bought the book the next week. All in All...Two thumbs up....more info


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