Ball Blue Book of Preserving

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The definitive gude to preserving, the Ball Blue Book was first published in 1909 and is now celebrating its 100th annivesary. Updated with the most current home canning information this book has recipes, tips and ideas for preserving fruits, vegetables, sauces, james, jellies, and much more. Be safe, follow the expert, tried and true recipes with the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving.

Customer Reviews:

  • four stars, beware....
    My mother and I have canned for years, she is from the depression era. This is a good basic book, but beware, cooking times for chutneys is about 4 hours short. the stuff willtaste like vinegar.
    The other ball book is much more complete. The sugar in these rescipes is very high!!! The other ball book has a better intro to explain when you can change sugar ratio. Sugar and vinegar ratios are not, NOT, random numbers. Nor is cooking time!!!! several kinds of food posioning occur when directions are not understood. Several results in death,,, check the pioneer journals. good luck, with caution....more info
  • THE bible for canning! Awesome book!
    Very helpful and the most informative I've found yet.
    Would definitely recommend to anyone that's thinking of canning, especially beginners.
    You won't go wrong with this one!...more info
  • THE bible of canning & freezing fruit, vegetables, jams, etc
    A must-have book if you want to can, freeze, make jam, applesauce, pickles, etc., whether you have an expensive pressure canner or a simple large pot. My grandmother had a copy of this book when I was a child. The recipes are simple and tested by generations. The instructions are clear and use standard kitchen supplies. There is also a nice section that explains how water bath canning works and how to do it right. With this book and a nearby pick-your-own farm (I find them at you can get the fruit inexpensively then make your own jam, preserves, applesauce, etc without chemicals or preservatives....more info
  • This is "THE" book
    I just started this wonderful world of canning and preserving and as I surfed the internet for information everyone kept saying that the Ball Blue Book was "THE" best source for canning info. I ordered it and I understand why it is such an important resource. It has excellent, up-to-date information about canning and includes explanations of why you have to follow the steps exactly. It has a trouble shooting section and has beautiful pictures and illustrations. It's not a very thick book but it's chock-full of recipes for everything from berries to fruits and vegetables. It includes jams, jellies, sauces, salsa and preserves. It has a section for people with special diets and my diabetic father-in-law really liked and appreciated the reduced-sugar recipe for strawberry jam. The only flop of a recipe I tried to make was a pineapple jam recipe that did not call for pectin - I was stirring for a very long time.... Just a quick note that I learned AFTER: pineapple contains a natural enzyme that prevents it from jelling... : ) Otherwise, I would highly recommend this book for both beginner and experienced canners....more info
  • The Definitive Guide for Canning
    If you are either interested in learning about canning, or you are already an expert, this book is the one you will want to own. If you are a returning "canner", you will want to upgrade your canning book to this one. We had a Blue Book from the 1980's. When I saw this book, I debated on whether I should buy this book or not. I am glad I did. The technology and information about canning has progressed a bit in the last almost 20 years. For example, the use of parafin wax for canning in the 1980's Blue Book was eliminated in the new one as I guess it was later discovered to be an unhealthy method of canning. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an older Blue Book....more info
  • Great and informative book!
    I am a first time canner this book really helped me become a great canner. The insturctions were easy. I am happy that I purchased this book....more info
  • Savvy Shopper
    An excellent primer for all the basics of canning and preserving, including some great recipes. (Most basic recipes are included.) Exotic ingredients and/or recipes which are not covered are readily available via the web.

    Thoroughly check out prices if being bought through Amazon. It is easy to make the mistake of believing that a purchase through another seller (at 3 times the price) is a different version. - Caveat Emptor!!!...more info
  • Great book, but shop around
    I was a little intimidated as a beginning canner, but this book broke everything down into very simple steps. I'm looking forward to trying everything. Amazon was really great on delivery too. But wouldn't you know, when I went to Wal-Mart to look for jars, there was the Ball Blue Book of Preserving next to the other supplies for the regular price of $5.72....more info
  • Information I needed.
    With my mother-in-law moving away, this year I had the job of putting up what I could out of my garden. I have known of this book for some time but never owned a copy. Trying to find a book to help me I came across the Ball Book. It ended up being one of the best books I have as far as gardening is concerned. It gave me the info I need to put up my items from the garden and explained the process to me in terms and words I could understand. You will not go wrong if you buy the book. michael beck- florence, alabama...more info
  • Hands down, the best canning book
    I have been canning for over 20 years, and without a doubt, this book provides the best instruction on how to can properly. This is important if you want to successfully can, and enjoy the food you can.

    First: you are provided with numerous methods on how to can, water bath and pressure cooker for instance.

    Second: you are provided with chart of what type of processing works best for which type of food (main ingredient in your canning).

    Third: you are provided with a chart on how long to process each type of food, and better still, they have not forgotten that people are not at the same elevation across the country. As someone who started canning in Iowa and then moved to Colorado, this book makes all the difference.

    Fourth: you are provided with clear, easy to follow recipes (many of these have been around for generations).

    Fifth: the final products taste good! I gladly share the canned products with friends and family. Many items end up as birthday or Christmas presents.

    Whether you are a novice, experienced, or somewhere in between to canning, this is a must have book....more info


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