Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, Second Edition

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This is the first book devoted exclusively to the Master Cleanse since Stanley Burroughs wrote the original book in 1976. Written in a clear, simple style, it is based on the author's coaching hundreds of people, both live and on one of the largest Internet bulletin boards. It covers the widespread nature of obesity, the body's method of handling toxins by storing them in fat cells, how to do the cleanse, what detox symptoms are, what to do about them and what pitfalls to avoid. This book also contains personal experiences from scores of people as they did the cleanse day by, what to expect, which days are the worst, how the cleanse affects women, what ingredients to buy and answers the 70 most frequently asked questions. The author, Peter Glickman, has been a chiropractic clinic director, chelation clinic director (alternative medical procedure for plugged arteries), contributing editor to an online alternative health newsletter and president of two computer software companies.

Publisher of best selling diet books prefers Glickman's LOSE WEIGHT...to Craig Claiborne's

By Thomas Lipscomb

March 23, 2008

As the publisher of the number one bestselling CRAIG CLAIBORNE GOURMET DIET, I have tried both Glickman's and Claiborne's regimes, and Glickman's works far better.

I lost 20 lbs in 10 days, and made a major alteration to my permanent diet that keeps the weight off. The diet is simple, sound, easy to master and execute and it works.

Most diets are about as complicated as IRS instructions for your tax return and one can quickly find an excuse for giving up.

Following up the diet with a sigmoidoscopy to take advantage of the newly cleared intestinal tract should be the ultimate way to detect and prevent colon and intestinal cancers.

Any book this short that is this clear and this good should be in everyone's library.

Customer Reviews:

  • Essential tool for the Master Cleanse/Lemonade Cleanse
    The Master Cleanse is a really powerful tool for gaining more energy and vitality. The 'Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier' book was a critical tool to my success on my first cleanse (40 days). It explained all of the required steps and helped me avoid the common mistakes people make when trying to follow (inaccurate) directions posted on-line. This is an ESSENTIAL tool for anyone who wants to conduct this cleanse....more info
  • I did it!!!
    Losing weight and having energy is the main reason I tried this cleanse but wow, all the benefits I received on top of that was amazing and just the reason why I do this cleanse every three months. The first time I did the cleanse it was hard; I only had the book "The Master Cleanse" but, the second time I did the MC, it was much easier because I purchased this book "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days." This book helps explain the process a little better and is very encouraging. In my opinion, you must have both books to be successful in the cleanse. Thank you Peter!...more info
  • 2 cleanses so far!
    I have completed 2 cleanses and I can't say enough about how good they made me feel. I plan on doing a third one, but will wait a while longer before I begin it. I have lost between 25 and 30 pounds and have kept it off. I have also gotten off meat and poultry, and almost all dairy and eggs. I found Peter's book extremely helpful since it distills all the "need to know" down into a very easy to comprehend book. My Cholesterol has dropped remarkably since one year ago. I have more energy and I don't miss eating the meat and dairy. Thank you Peter!...more info
  • How Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days helped me
    Hi, I have been on the 10 day cleanse now twice, this book, has made so much sense and given me the courage and the knowledge to be able to do the cleanse, I lost 17 1/2lbs, on the first one and 11 1/2lbs the second time around, I just lost my Father to cancer and I am determined that I am going to be healthier and feel better, I still have a long way to go on the loosing weight (over 150lbs.) but now that I have this book and the cleanse I know that I will be able to do it, even if it takes a while, I want to be a good example to my family and my friends, I have talked to everyone who will listen and told them about the positive changes this book has helped me to make, I tell everyone, go to Amazon and get a copy. It just makes sense. Thank you Peter for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel. Beth...more info
  • Um, DUH!
    You're seriously wondering why you lose weight when you're drinking TONS of water with only two tablespoons of lemon juice in it? Yeah, yeah, the maple syrup has all kinds of minerals and calories, blah blah. You can't live on maple syrup. I liked the salt water flush, but I realized how completely unhealthy it was. This "cleanse" was the stupidest thing ever.

    Do you want to cleanse yourself? Lose weight? Lose wrinkles? Look years younger? Cure/prevent illness and disease? Become a raw vegan. You can eat as much as you want and STILL lose massive amounts of weight! And you're actually getting all the vital nutrients you need. You WILL get rid of all the toxins in your body and repair all your organs and cells by going raw. You don't need this....more info
  • Feel Better Faster
    I have done the MC several times and feel it is the only way I will ever get all my weight off.
    I am taking it a little at a time losing some weight and them unlike other ways I have tried I keep it off.

    It is fast and easy and I feel so much better after the program.
    The book is an easy read and I highly recommend it. Kathleen...more info
  • Very Interesting
    I have received and read this book. Very Interesting. I went on the cleanse for 17 days and did lose weight. However, I am not sure that I feel more energized. I would have liked to continue the cleanse for 20 days or 30 days but could not at this time. I found the cleanse pretty easy to follow without getting too exceptionally hungry. I did feel pretty cleaned out...YAY. I give it a 5 star rating b/c I believe that the book makes a lot of good sense and I strongly urge others to give this a try to better their own health....more info
  • Excited!
    I just bought this book a few days ago because I have been interested in the MC for a few years now, and finally am going to do it. The book is VERY informative and has made me much more comfortable to start my cleanse as soon as the citrus juicer I ordered comes in the mail! I have been especially unhealthy in my eating habits lately, and generally feeling sluggish, I want to detoxify and use the cleanse to help ease myself off of the horrible foods I have been eating lately. The comments and questions from people who actually did it were able to answer just about all of my questions and concerns, and have really motivated me to start and stick to it for at least 10 days. I'm really looking forward to starting the cleanse, and the practical information in the book has definitely played into that!...more info
  • Very Informative, Highly recommended
    I have Stanley Burroughs' The Master Cleanser, however, this is book has been so helpful throughout the cleansing. Thank you Peter. This is my first cleansing and this book has been instrumental on what to expect through out the cleansing, especially the detox symptoms that I'm experiencing. Also, Peter's recommendation to use the Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt has made the salt water flush easier to do. I'm currently on Day 19, going for 20 days. I have much more energy, calmness and clarity while on the cleansing. Not to mention, that I have lost 15lbs and 4 inches. I'm doing the cleanisng to detox, the weight loss has been an added bonus. I agree with other reviewers, please read Stanley & Peter's book before beginning the master cleanse. You have to be mentally prepared to do the cleansing and this book definitely helps.
    ...more info
  • My awesome results so far
    Hi, I purchased this book last month. I was hoping I could at least make the minimum 10 days the book says. I am currently on day 22. I have lost 27lbs. I was in size 16 (womens) and I wore a large size 10 pants last night to a fire work funtion. My friends were suprised. I still need to loose 20 more lbs or so, So I am staying on it at least a total of 30 days. The first week is hard and a lot of people give up but if you are determined to get the weight off this totally works, and it is not just water weight!!! I am so happy. Also I have five kids at home and I still have the energy to care for them and chase them around too!...more info
  • Helps with the Master Cleanse
    If you are doing the Master Cleanse, I highly recommend you read this book. You will find the answers to many of your questions, and it will help you get through the cleanse. It's a very easy read, although redundant in places....more info
  • Finally, a diet that works!
    I have struggled with my weight all my life. The past 10 years I have been a dues paying member of a popular weight watching group but could never hit my goal weight. Now, on the lemonade diet I have surpassed my goal weight! I'm happy because I have a way of controlling my weight now! I will go on the lemonade diet for a week every couple of months. My husband is amazed because I don't complain while I'm on it, I have plenty of energy, I'm healthy, and I lose the weight! Thank you! AW...more info
  • Lemonade fast
    I wasnt sure what to expect on the fast I didn't expect to still be able to work out, clean my house, go to work while fasting but I did! The book was so helpful the question answer in the back of the book gave me hope before I started that it may not be as bad as I thought it would be. I have been on a 10 day fast and a 15 day fast it was easy and beneficial and I will do it again. Thanks again for a great book! Shelley ...more info
  • a bunch of your potential questions in 1 easy to read format
    i have done the Master Cleanse two times now with fantastic results both times...this book contained many of the Q&As that i would have been searching on the internet for...more info
  • Fundamental Resource
    I have done the Master Cleanse several times. I used the orginal "The Master Cleanse" before and the last 2 times I used Peter's book "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days". I feel Peter's book is an essential resource to have and read while doing the cleanse. It has the basic information on how to do the cleanse, plus it describes detox signs to be aware of while on the cleanse. It is a daily guide through the cleanse. The book is easy to read, informative, encouraging and essential to all who want to do the cleanse or are on the cleanse. Don't hesitate to buy this book! You will be glad to have it to keep you on track!...more info
  • It Works!!!
    My wife and I had both done the Master Cleanse before reading this book. However, Glickman's book gives practical and personal insights into how to succeed on the MC. It answered a lot of my questions and gave me great encouragement to keep pressing on through the entire 10 days.

    Reading the section where people describe their poop was quite entertaining. I think some of those who posted on the bulletin board seem obsessed with their daily eliminations. Both my wife and I laughed at the varied descriptions.

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wanted to start the Master Cleanse!...more info
  • I'm closer to "me" than I have been in years!

    Due to my inactivity and excessive calorie consumption (accidents which prevented me from exercising played a part), I became extremely sedentary. My once active metabolism had slowed to a snails pace. I was tired all the time and, unfortunately, this led to more overeating. Taking in way more calories than I was expending, my body became accustomed to the "feedings" and I thought I was hungry even though I was way over my daily caloric intake. Also, when you over eat on a regular basis your stomach becomes stretches out and you cannot tell when you've had enough calories to sustain life... you're eating just to "eat", which isn't the purpose of eating at all.

    People who cannot break the pattern above can lead extremely toxic, sad and lonely lives, with barely any sympathy from others. Some become shut-ins, unable to get out of bed or do anything for themselves. Along with the physical limitations and disturbing visual appearance, people who are obese are at risk of developing a plethora of medical issues. Just do a Google search on "obesity and health". Scary.

    FF to a few months ago. After doing five master cleanses (20 days, 10 days, 14 days, 32 days) I feel better and look better than i have in over 10 years. In addition to cleansing my body of all of the toxins built up in part from an extremely poor diet, the Master cleanse enabled me to press "reboot" on my taste buds which set the stage for a clean and healthy food/mouth union. That was key to my success. I lost weight, which led to increased mobility, which led to being active again! Thanks to the Master cleanse I have shed all but 20 of the 80 pounds and kept them off. No more desire for pizza, cake, candy, etc. I CRAVE fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy foods. It's crazy but it's true! What we stuff our face with is approximately 80-95% responsible for our weight issues or lack thereof. Being active/fit assists in weight loss and health overall. It's really FOOD choices and the QUANTITY you eat, as well as "when" you consume the calories that is KEY KEY KEY KEY. I was surprised to find this out but SO glad I did before I was 100, 150, or 200 lbs overweight. The sooner you start, the better off you are.

    I recommend the Master Cleanse to everyone that can safely fast (consult your doctor). I wholeheartedly recommend this book. Actually, you might consider purchasing a few. It's affordable and you won't have to worry about not having your copy. I loaned mine to a couple of friends and have lost track of it. Every time ago on the cleanse I enjoy reading the book again, as some passages really hit home when you're in the process of fasting. Once you do the cleanse and feel the difference, you'll no doubt do what I am doing (and thousands of others) and share your success with friends, family and anyone who will listen.

    I will forever be grateful to my friend Boobie who suggested I purchased this book and try the Master cleanser the first time. The Master Cleanse has done for me what anesthetics has done for surgery. It's nothing short of a miracle.

    You can't imaging how much easier it is to life live when you rid yourself of toxins which, if you're overweight, will help reset your eating habits. This combination will bring you to another level of health. As far as I'm concerned the benefits of the Master Cleanse far outweighs any sacrifice involved with fasting. Feeling better day in and day out is better than any food you could possibly put in your mouth. On that note, I'm off to the gym.

    ...more info
  • I found the testimonials very helpful.
    I bought this book last summer when my boyfriend and I were considering our first Master Cleanse (I wanted to do it right).

    First, I would like to say that I enjoyed the testimonials. Some complain there are too many of them. However, I find that reading about other people's varied experiences helped me get through the various stages of my first cleanse. I felt like I wasn't the only one experiencing 'odd' things or getting a little frustrated at the beginning, middle or end!

    I'm on Day 8 of my second Master Cleanse and have used "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days" even more than the first time around. It serves as encouragment to me while reminding my exactly why I'm doing the cleanse. And make no mistake- this is a 'cleanse.' If you are merely looking for a quick way to drop some weight but don't want to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle then this is not for you. You aren't ready and you are most definitely doing it for the wrong reasons.

    Overall, this book is very easy to understand, informative and allows me me to follow the journey of my peers all while reminding me of the benefits from the Master Cleanse to my mind, body and soul. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to embark on a very special journey and those determined to treat their bodies better.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Results
    The Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 days is an excellent way to get your self in a better mindset to eat healthier. I did it for 18 days, I was shooting for 21, but family members started freaking out on me, so I quit at 18. I felt better than I had in years, I have suffered from migranes for years and since I followed the book, I haven't had one migrane. I also decided to eat mostly raw and no meat. I haven't had the cravings for cookies, pies, etc... I highly recommend this book if you are looking to lose some weight, start yourself on a healthier eating plan, or just want to clear out the cobwebs in your brain....more info
  • The most AMAZING results!!!!!!!!!!
    You will not believe how good you will feel in just 10 days. An awesome bonus will be weight loss but you must follow the directions to the letter. Thank you Peter for putting together this book will such useful information. I also love that you added testimonials from people who actually had the same questions that I had. This is a must read and you would be surprised how 10 days can totally change your life!!!...more info
  • Fabulous cleanse, but a somewhat decent Book
    The cleanse itself is a really good cleanse, that can be found in the original Master Cleanser Book by STanley Buroughs. But The Peter Glickman book doesnt really give you to much more different imformation. The book, if anything, is mainly just testimonials from people who have already tired it. I was expecting the book to have a little bit more information about the cleanse itself....more info
  • Information and Encouragement
    I had heard about the Master Cleanse from a my sister and a friend who had done it, but wanted more information about it before trying it myself. I read Stanley Burroughs' book, but still had questions and concerns. I found all the information I needed, and more in this book by Peter Glickman, and started the Cleanse myself. As I did it I returned again and again to this book and found both the information and encouragement I needed to stay with it. I'm now doing the Cleanse for a second time, and still find helpful information and encouragement in the book. I recommend it to anyone interested in understanding and following the Master Cleanse. It's a good complement to Burroughs' book, or as the only book needed to understand and do the Cleanse....more info
  • Essential!!
    If you are going to attempt the Master Cleanse, you do not really NEED to buy this book. If, however, you are going to COMPLETE the Master Cleanse, this is an absolute essential ingredient to your success. I know. I bought it and completed the Cleanse with more energy and happier and heathier than I have ever been. Just get it!...more info
  • Looking forward to Cleanse #2
    About a month ago I finished my first Master Cleanse. I was shooting for 20 days, but on the morning of the 15th day my body (or mind) said enough. The temptation of all the fresh spring greens, veggies and fruit got to me. The cleanse was easier than I thought it would be. I'm sure that is because of Peters very helpful book. I had most of the book read before I started and I think that is the reason it went so well. There were some detox days, but knowing what to expect(and when)really makes a difference. I can tell now that I'm off the cleanse how much better I felt while I was on it, so much more energy, especially in the morning. So....I'm really looking forward to my next cleanse, this time in the late fall or early spring before the temptation of garden goodies! Madalyn...more info
  • Informative...
    The book is informative and it gives you information on what'll happen to your body doing the cleanse--which is very important so one doesn't become scared and abandon the wonderful work his/her body is doing to cleanse itself of impurities. ...more info
  • Fantastic Resource!
    This book is fantastic. I bought it in 2006 as a supplement to Stanley Burrough's original Master Cleanser book. This book by Peter Glickman answered all of my additional questions and then some. It helped me in more successfully completing a second cleanse (for three weeks) after reading it. It is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to do the Master Cleanse but has additional, everyday kinds of questions in how to make it work for them. I especially like how Peter took real questions from real people and answered them. I am so glad I bought it, and I share it with those who I am "convincing" to do the cleanse. Thank you, Peter, for this wonderful book. ...more info
  • Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 days
    My husband and I both started the master cleanse 6 days ago. I finally decided to do something about how poorly I was feeling and making some changes in my life and he joined me because he wanted to lose some extra lbs.
    So far it has been going really well for both of us. I have so much energy and only a few detox symptoms on a couple of days & we both feel great and have lost weight! I highly recommend this program to anyone that is tired of feeling sick and tired.
    The book is so helpful if you are going to do The Master Cleanse. It's an easy read & great for giving lots of advise on questions or concerns that may come up....more info
  • Life Changing!
    I should begin by saying the title of my review means it was "life Changing" for me. I started this with a lot of skepticism. I'm a firm believer that diets don't work unless you can continue your progress after the diet. I'll cut to the chase. The program takes dicipline. Especially the first time. The salt water flush was the hardest for me to take. But, once I got through the ten days, I (literally) was a new person. I dropped 40lbs. I felt better mentally and physically than I'd felt in 8 years. I routinely do the cleanse twice a year (spring and fall). It keeps me lively and sharp mentally. I highly recommend it.

    The author recommends going to a vegetarian diet after the cleanse. While I could never be a vegetarian, I did notice my craving for meat drastically decreased, and I've since gone to much more of a vegetarian dominant diet.

    Lastly, I didn't have a problem with hunger after the third day. It sounds weird, but my only craving was the physical act of placing a fork in my mouth. Hope this review helps.

    Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days, Second Edition...more info
  • Great details in this Book!
    This is a great book to read for anyone comtemplating doing the master cleanse. It has great details of Peter's experiences and also of other people he has led through the cleanse. It also contains typical day to day details and which days are typically the worst to get through! Recomended reading!...more info
  • soul searched
    I have to say this was the gnarliest experience ever! The best thing I've ever done for my body. It reaps amazing benefits. The book is so informative, and gave me all the necessary tools and information needed to complete this successfully. It breaks it down so nicely so you know exactly whats going on and why. Thank you Thank you!!! ...more info
  • Very good Support
    Mr Glickman's book proved to be a vital support during a extremely vulnerable time. The Master Cleanser has proven itself to work miracles
    as a fast and cleanser. However, the process can be difficult for those of us living around people who are not convinced of the cleansing properties. Not having an internet connection at home I found Mr. Glickman's format of personnal stories a major factor in the success of my cleanse. I would recommend the book for those who might need encouragement when there is no other positive connection>...more info
  • Blog
    This is more of a blog that the author published. I was hoping for more detailed instructions. Secondly, half of the book is personal testmonies for the selected people that have tried this progam. Over all I would say this book adds little value and you should probably buy the origional book....more info
  • Useful in a way, but mostly redundant
    As others have mentioned, this book serves more as an adjunct to the Burroughs book than a stand alone resource. It is like the earlier book--but just piled higher and deeper. It is more udseful as an inspirational tool, as it helps to read all those first person accounts of the Cleanse. Gives you something to do while you are not eating. ...more info
  • they aren't kidding....it's a waste of money
    I read the reviews and even though there were many complaints regarding how most of the book is just 'chat room' stuff and how it can all be obtained free off the internet, I still wanted the book. I like to have a book in my hand sometimes, so I was fine with those facts. But...it's worse than it may seem. there's 20 pages of actual info, and then 117 pages of 'discussion'. I thought that the discussion would be interesting, informative and well organized, but it wasn't. There was interspersed tidbits of information, but mostly it was just talking, repeating stuff already explained in the beginning, and often times questions being asked that are then NOT answered!!! sometimes the author even asked the questions and either there is no answer or a regular person puts in his two cents. Not only do I not really care what other regular people without known experience or any title to make their answer worthy have to say, but even the author is not that experienced or knowledgable. he bases his answers on only a informal survey of 141 people, his limited experienced, and one month of discussion board on his site with 110 people's questions/comments. I'm confused by how limited his experience is because he contridicts himself. the discussion board occurred in the month of Jan2004, his first cleanse was jan2003, so all of the discussion board is based on 1 year of his experience. the book is copywrite 2004/2005. he mentions differing numbers regarding how many cleanses he has done in his jan2004 discussion. one place says he's on his 3rd full cleanse in less than two years. another place says his done four in the last year. ok. which is the lie. regardless, neither is enough experience to waste $17 on his itty bitty book. Also, even though it's organized into nice chapters, they often go off into tangents or don't even answer the topics questions. to give an example, at one point someone asks a question and peter says, "hmmm, first answer these questions" and lists a half page of questions. end of chapter. the person never answered his questions so he couldn't help....So WHY waste a page on that???? I had thought that I'd enjoy having the book regardless of the poor reviews and I guess I was wrong....more info
    Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days is based on Stanley Burroughs' Master Cleanse. The book discusses how toxins are stored in our fat cells, how to cleanse and detox our bodies, and what to expect during the cleanse. The author also explains his view of obesity and its prevalence. The book provides testimonials of people who have gone through the cleanse and a play-by-play of what to expect. Also included is a list of the ingredients you need for the cleanse and 70 frequently asked questions to comb through before you begin.

    The cleanse is a 10 day fast that involves a flushing phase after coming off of solid foods and the remaining days of drinking pure water with salt, lemon, maple syrup, herbal laxative tea, herbal mint tea, and cayenne pepper. The book covers what to expect while on the cleanse, the purpose of the salt water flush, which days are toughest, what are the detox symptoms, what causes the headaches, why you need cayenne pepper and maple syrup, what should you buy, and when the cleanse is complete. It also discusses exercise.

    The contents:
    Huge Debt
    Part I - Introduction
    Part II - How to Do the Master Cleanse
    Part III - Your Master Cleanse Journal
    Part IV - The Master Cleanse Discussion Bulletin Board
    For More Information

    The author, Peter Glickman, has learned lessons from healers of the past, and believes that we have the power to avoid illness and extend our lives. When not on the cleanse he prescribes: eating "real, live food" including raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts; drinking unpolluted and unfluoridated water; and cleaning the colon frequently. He emphasizes that we can affect our health, energy, and lifespan by controlling what we eat and drink, the quality of air that we breathe, whether we exercise, and our thought life.

    If you're ready for something radical, this is a tried and true method. I also suggest Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective....more info
  • Could not ask for more - instructions, user questions AND answers!
    Thank you Peter for putting all the necessary information in one easy-to-read format! This book is great. The cleanse is incredible!! I have done juice cleanses before and always dreaded the next glass of liquid. Not so with the Master Cleanse! Your instructions and tips made this the easiest yet. Once I understood the value of the salt water and the science you explain behind using the salt to change the properties of the water so it acts as a perfect flush while not being absorbed by the blood stream, my mind was set at ease about the salt!! The idea of removing the toxins AND the corresponding cravings layer by layer make this the only LOGICAL way (to me) to begin the journey to health and well being!

    I am a Master Herbalist and know the value of cleansing and Cayenne pepper! This is perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Joan Schrader, MH
    www.health-and-wisdom.com...more info
  • A great complement to The Master Cleanser book
    This book is a great complement to the Master Cleanser book by Stanley Burroughs. I would strongly suggest buying the books together if you intend to do the Master Cleanse.

    This book is an easy read and is a good reference while you are doing the Master Cleanse. It will answer several questions you may have, but were always afraid to ask.

    The Master Cleanser works! My liver counts were elevated 7-8 times the norm and my doctors felt I was at risk of liver failure. I was also a candidate for ER gallbladder surgery.

    The Master Cleanser not only improved my overall health, it prevented me from having (unnecessssary) surgeries.

    My liver counts are now normal and have been for over a year. I am happy that I stumbled upon the Master Cleanser and the Peter Glickman book, "Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days" (Second Edition).

    While doing the Master Cleanse, you will feel better, sleep better, have more energy, think clearer, notice improvements in eyesight, eliminate aches and pains...

    One of the first things I noticed while on the MC was how much more free time I had daily. I never realized how time consuming meal preparation, consumption, cleanup, etc. was.

    Read the book(s) and follow the plan. You WILL feel better in 10 days, or less....more info
  • Terrific Book and Lifestyle Change
    I got interested in the Master Cleanse after doing other sorts of internal cleansing and juice feasting (as opposed to fasting). The master cleanse program inside of this book flushes out toxins at such a fast rate, and increases your energy level with every drink. One key point, you are NOT hungry!!! I will continue to incorporate the MC in my dietary program throughout my life for continued good health and longevity. ...more info
  • A Must Have for anyone who is considering a cleanse
    Fabulous! Easy to understand, thorough, lots of anecdotal information which provides a lot of support if you're thinking of undertaking this cleanse. Will make you understand why you have to use fresh instead of the pre-fab MC formulas. Glickman holds your hand while you go through the process. The forum is great, but you have to have the book to reference through....more info
  • great book!!!!
    Before I started my first Master Cleanse, I wanted to read all that I could get my hands on. I did read Stanley Burroughs book which is what inspired me to cleanse. But reading about it and thinking about doing it is a lot different than actually doing it!!! As my start date was fast approaching, I was getting nervous and felt like I needed all the support I could get. I heard about Peter Glickman's book and I got it. Boy, am I ever glad I did. Not only was it full of the information I needed to start the cleanse, I mostly valued all the support by way of input of many people who have done the cleanse themselves. It's not just about Peter Glickman's experience, but the experience of many, many people. I kept it by my bedside every night while doing the cleanse and it continuously kept me inspired and motivated. I will be beginning my second cleanse in a couple of weeks and I will pull that book off the shelf and keep my nose in it for the duration of the cleanse. Thank you Peter Glickman for helping so many of us by providing us this user's manual!!!...more info
  • A Game Plan For Sucess!
    I purchased this book hoping that I wasn't just wasting money trying something that may not work for me. I also thought that maybe I could just look for info on the internet to do the cleanse and not buy the book and that I'd be OK just with that.

    I was wrong.

    This book is a MUST if you want to revitalize your life and prove to your friends and family that you can stick to a program, get all the correct info you need to be successful, and of course, get RESULTS.

    I have done the cleanse once already and am starting again in a few days. I attribute my success on the cleanse to Peter Glickman and the game plan drawn out for me within his book.

    Whenever I was in doubt, whenever I wanted to give up, whenever I was just confused, this book provided me with the answers and the motivation I needed to stay the course.

    If you are serious about detox and seeing real results, Glickman can show you the way. Don't try the cleanse not being prepared for what's to come. Buy the book and let it guide you. It's not easy at all, but it's worth it!...more info
  • Great book!
    I bought the book to know about possible side effects about the cleanse. It was wonderful! I did the cleanse for twenty days, and felt twenty years younger. As a sixty year old, I can overwhelmingly recommend this book and cleanse.

    Try it! What do you have to lose?...more info
  • Consolidated Book from the website
    I was excited about doing this fast/cleanse. I read the book in one nite and it helped to make sure I had all the right ingredients and was clear about being strict about following the ingredients to a tee. Most of the book were testimonials that you can find on his website.

    While I made it through 5.5 days of the cleanse, I realized that the program was not for me and that there were other ways to cleanse. I did feel better, but didn't enjoy the experience....more info
  • What an amazing experience!!!
    This book is truly remarkable! I did the 10-day Master Cleanse in May with only the information I got online from Stanley Burrough's book. I had so many questions and nowhere to get the answers until I heard about Peter Glickman's book, "Lose Weight, Have More Energy, and Be Happier in 10 Days". I am now on day 9 of my second cleanse and am so much more confident of what I am doing and am constantly referring to this book to read what others have experienced. This cleanse is so "do-able" because Peter coaches all along the way. The results are amazing! I've lost 6 lbs. and haven't experienced a bit of hunger. I am energized and have decided to make this a 20 day fast. The exhilarating feeling of cleansing your colon of a lifetime of crud is empowering and freeing. Thank you, Peter, for devoting your life to helping we health-minded people with this easy-to-read gem of a book. I appreciate the reasonable cost, too!...more info
  • Lose Weight, Have More Energy and be Happier in 10 Days.
    This book is a good support to the Master Cleanser handbook.
    It backs up the booklet with some helpful guidance. It helps you to feel confident that you are following Stanley Burroughs correctly. Some of it is repetitive but overall I found it helpful and supportive....more info
  • Changed my life!
    I found this book while desperately trying to find a "quick fix" weight loss program, and ended up with a book that has enabled me to entirely change my lifestyle! This book inspired me to analyze how I live my life with food, and motivated me to find ways to improve. In my opinion, this book is the first step to a new you. I have lost weight, have loads more energy, and am practically giddy most days because of my new-found freedom from bad food! If you have tried every weight loss trick in the book (and failed miserably as I did), buy this book! I get compliments everyday about how much healthier I look....and I feel even better! My family cannot believe the difference! The title of the book could not speak more truth........more info
  • Useful source of information
    I read a numerous amount of the reviews and some were displeased that so many other people were giving advice or sharing there experience so much throughout the book. I guess they felt the entire book should have been based soley on the author and his words of wisdom, direction and guidelines. However, I found reading others that may or may not have experienced what I had was so helpful. It was like I wasn't the only one who thought or felt a certain way. Their experience and actions helped me like I was not alone and actually had a partner walking with me through this unfamiliar new way of life for the next 10 days. The author pretty much lets others share what they have encountered and then he comes in with his suggestions and direction. The book to me is like a forum where everyone meets to share and help pull the next across the finish line. I carried this book with me in my purse like it was a piece of valid identification or something. I found it very useful and being a "first timer" I dare not leave it anywhere i wasn't....more info
    This book is excellent if you are wanting to do a cleanse that is good for you and uses minimal ingredients. Peter Glickman explains the cleanse originated by Stanley Burroghs. The book by Glickman is much more user friendly and answers any questions you might have about the cleanse. I decided to cleanse on February 8, 2009. I do not feel well and my digestion is impaired. I know the cleanse will cure me from all those toxins. I want to lose weight, and have more energy and live a happier life, just like the title states. I want to thank Peter Glickman for all the great information on his web site ([...]). Also, I will be purchasing (12 Steps To Raw), (The China Study), (Green For Life) and (Eat To Live). I highly recommend Lose Weight, Have More Energy Be Happier In 10 Days it a great book! Thank You Mr. Glickman for putting me on the right track.. DYV...more info
  • Totally Recommended
    I can totally recommend Peter's book. I have been doing the 'Master Cleanse' for probably almost 15 years. Several of my friends do it also, many do it to help with seasonal allergies. I didn't learn too much new when reading the book; however, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I did appreciate the straw tip for the salt water flush; it helps some. It reaffirmed why I love to do the cleanse, the benefits of it and the importance of trying to stick to Stanley Burroughs instructions as closely as possible. It was fun to read peoples reactions, symptoms and benefits. Two years ago I did my longest cleanse for 28 days. I am on one now, day 20 and would like to beat my own record. I have loaned my book out several times along with the Boroughs booklet. Thank you Peter for writing the book. I am sure it will help many to try it. Debbie G....more info
  • Important Reference for Master Cleansers
    Having done the Master Cleanse four times now, once with only Stanley Burroughs's book (25 days), and three times after reading Peter Glickman's expansion of Burroughs's work (10 days each), I have to say that it's much easier to do the Master Cleanse (MC) when you have both.

    While Burroughs's book contains everything needed to successfully follow and complete the MC, it's a little erudite and pedantic for most readers. Glickman takes Burroughs's principles and puts them in a much more reader-friendly form, making the information a little more accessible to 21st century readers.

    Having read other critiques, I want to say that yes, this is a book created from a blog, and yes, it could probably have used more extensive editing. However, I don't think that those considerations necessarily damage the book's message overall. For one thing, not everyone has access to the internet, and not everyone can access the internet whenever they want to, so creating a book from information available online is not necessarily an exercise in futility. The publication of the message board topics makes the information available to everyone, at any time. And the minimalist editing allows the varying answers from the message boards to retain their authenticity. Had Glickman edited more stringently, the book would be too sanitized; it would lose the touch of the hundreds of people who participated.

    My recommendation? Get both Burroughs's book and Glickman's, and keep them handy. The MC is a great way to get your health on track. The weight-loss is a side-benefit. Burroughs will give you the basic science behind the MC, and Glickman will give you the personalized tools to successfully complete a 10-, 20- or 40-day overhaul of your eating habits....more info
  • E*N*E*R*G*Y!

    The concept in this book was not new to me.... having been familiar with The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs. An updated- yet true to the original - version of the classic lemonade diet, Peter Glickman's book is a simple to read/simple to follow guide.

    The second time I decided to do the cleanse, I followed Glickman's advice and had great results. The diet is basic - what the book and Glickman's website/emails provide is inspiration and encouragement as well as some tips for making the process understandable and much more physically comfortable.

    Great results - I have never been hungry, have amazing energy and am inspired by Glickman to follow through and maintain healthful eating habits. ...more info
  • I think everyone should try the master cleanse
    I've done the cleanse twice now, and am about to do a third. The first time I didn't have this book, the second time I did and it made it much easier to follow properly. Good luck!...more info


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