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Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training is the new expanded version of the book that has been called "the best and most useful of fitness books." It picks up where Starting Strength: A Simple and Practical Guide for Coaching Beginners leaves off. With all new graphics and more than 750 illustrations, a more detailed analysis of the five most important exercises in the weight room, and a new chapter dealing with the most important assistance exercises, Basic Barbell Training offers the most complete examination in print of the most effective way to exercise.

Customer Reviews:

  • Starting Strength - 2nd Edition
    Highly recommend for beginners, intermediates, coaches... pretty much anyone interested in strength training. And if you're not - you will be after reading this book.

    Specifically recommend for ALL health professionals that have any scope of practice involving exercise prescription!...more info
  • The definitive weight book.
    This is a must buy for the beginner.

    Amazon is full of books filled with before and after pictures of little weeds who gained 200lbs of pure muscle in 7 days of training. They are all fads.

    This book is about lifting free weights until you get good at it. I've been doing nothing but what this book says for months and I've had nothing but gains both in terms of weight lifted and physical appearance.

    Utter quality. If you'd sooner buy the fad books go for it. This is a true weight lifting bible....more info
  • Should be MANDATORY for all lifters.
    I've been lifting for many years. I had to take some "humble pills" after I read the book. Just when I thought I knew what I was doing, I realized I was a big dweeb.

    This is by far the best book on how to safely and correctly lift weights. You can follow the best bodybuilding or powerlifting program, but the best regimen is not going to do you any good if you injure yourself because of improper lifting.

    I wish I had access to this book when I first started bodybuilding years ago.

    New guys, please do yourselves a favor and put this book in your library. If you want to progress you would want to do so by optimizing your body's neuro-muscular activation while preventing injuries.

    Experienced guys, please do yourselves a favor as well and keep an open mind and realize that there is a possiblity that how your lift weights may actually injure you down the road.

    ...more info
  • Simply Brilliant

    I teach Crossfit [...] and this book is quite simply Brilliant. It is also a great companion for crossfitters to help with technique. If you want to really learn the lifts, if you want to get stronger this is the place to go. Be warned this is not a hone and tone body building book but a great work dedicated to compound lifts and the development of strength.

    Just buy it !...more info
  • Get this book. It will change how you train.
    Get this book. It is that simple. This book includes all of the information you need to know about CORRECT, SAFE form on the squat, deadlift, power clean, overhead press and bench press. It also delves into nutrition, assistance exercises, and Rippetoe's 3x5 novice program. Don't want to hear about technique on theses "hard" lifts? This book is not for you. These are the lifts that Rippetoe says should be the central focus of any training program, and failing to perform them is hurting potential progress. If you are looking for technique on exercises like shoulder raises, or tricep extensions you are not going to like this book. Isolation exercises are very highly discoruaged by Rippetoe, and for good reason. If you follow his advice and begin the novice program, you will see that he is right.

    This book will change your outlook on training....more info
  • perfect introduction to the weight-room for a beginner
    Prior to owning this book, all I would use in the gym were machines. Starting Strength has equipped me with the necessary information to start doing real weight-lifting correctly and safely. The book is an excellent introduction for anyone that wants to start weight-lifting but has no experience. Covering the core lifts: squat, deadlift, bench press, (overhead) press and the power clean, the discussion explains the lifts, the correct biomechanics and common faults. Also includes a section on programming (i.e. creating a program suitable for a beginner lifter). This book is an extensive completely self-contained introduction to the weightroom.

    After reading the book, and starting my own strength-training, I can't help but feel that weightlifting (as prescribed in this book) belongs in everyones fitness regime....more info
  • Starting
    this is an excellent product and every one will learn something from this book, it is a must read for someone about to start on his/her lifting career. Buy it now. No I have not been paid to say this either. Cheers Spud Murphy...more info
  • Excellent
    I am planning to become a fitness professional. As both someone who trains and will help others train, I have gotten incredible insight. The chapters will tell you some of the history and/or benefits of the movements, how to perform them, and how to correct bad form. All details are attended to....more info
  • Forgo your tin of protein powder this month and buy this book, right now.
    After years of hit and miss weight training where I never really broke through my plateaus and was constantly frustrated, I found out about Rippetoe's starting strength. In one year I increased all my lifts beyond my wildest dreams and am now training for powerlifting competitions.

    The book is funny and well written, and unmatched for the depth and clarity given to each lift and each topic. But it with Practical Programming and you will never need another book on strength training.

    Buy it! Buy it NOW!...more info
  • All I can say is "Wow!"
    Let me first state that I've been lifting weights for almost 30 years now and competed in several powerlifting meets back in the 80's. Although I have always felt strong, as I've aged, I began to feel pain in my joints when I was lifting, particularly my knees, back, and shoulders. I chalked this up to age and figured I guess I needed to just slow down and accept getting older.
    This book has been recommended to me by Amazon quite a bit, but it just looked to simplistic to me and I figured I already knew how to lift properly. I guess I was wrong.
    I finally decided to pick this book up after seeing some of its material crossed over on the crossfit website. After reading it I immediately started implementing some of the changes the book recommended into my routine. For the first time in years, I'm squatting pain free, without knee braces. My bench press has risen 30 pounds in just 1 month after implementing standing presses to my routine instead of doing them seated. I feel like an entirely new lifter, one who can continue to improve through his entire life, not just his youth. Thank you Mark Rippetoe and Lon Kilgore for writing such a great book. It belongs in everyone's weightlifting library, and I can easily give it the highest possible recommendation....more info
  • The book everyone must read
    I'm not an expert on training, but from the reviews I've read and all the info Ive come across on Rippetoe, this a must read. If all the principles on this book are true, which they sure seem from the detailed explanations and the depth of the physiological discussion, this book explains all you need to know to become strong and healthy. My results so far are awesome, not only because I feel much healthier and stronger, and I look better, but most of all, because I like the workout so much I just can think about anything else than going back to the gym. And I'm a guy who never enjoyed exercise much at all. ...more info
  • Essential
    Think you're squatting, deadlifting, benching, and overhead pressing in good form and the most efficient way? I did. But this book has taught me so much more than I thought I knew. Granted, the bulk of it covers just 5 exercises, but it is easily the best investment I've ever made in a weight training book. In fact, you'll be tempted to skim the lengthly chapters on each of the exercises, but don't: you will undoubtedtly learn something important from each one, whether you're a novice, intermediate, or advanced lifter.
    Yes, the book is geared toward novice trainees and their coaches, but the whole thing comes across as such an eye-opener for all levels of trainees. The pages are large, the pictures and diagrams plentiful, and the writing is easy to follow, backed by sound, thoughtful reasoning for the methods advocated.
    It's just an amazing book. Can't believe I waited so long to get it....more info
  • Starting Strength
    This is a very good book for beginning and experienced lifters. The message is simplicity. Follow a basic program and just get strong. The detail on how to perform the lifts is very good. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Best instructional book I've read
    I've read quite a few books on strength training/exercise programs along with the articles in health magazines but this is by far THE most thorough INSTRUCTIONAL text I've seen. This is not the book for someone looking for an exercise routine, but if you are looking to do the main strength training exercises--squat, deadlift, bench-press and overhead press then this is the best book there is....more info
  • This is what a book should be!
    As I'm looking now, I see that this book has 5 star reviews from 141 people, and only 7 four star reviews. That's incredible! I'm not sure I've ever seen another book like that on Amazon.

    And, you know what? It's totally true! This book is phenomenal! Revolutionary!

    I think it's all been said by other readers, but I'll just back them up... Yes! Get this book!...more info
  • should be required reading for every irritating 18 year old at my gym
    i just wanted to add my 5 stars and 2 cents. this is the book i wish i'd read 10 years ago when i first started lifting. whether you are interested in bodybuilding, powerlifting, or sports performance, or if you're like me and don't compete in ANYTHING but just want to be strong, big, and enjoy working toward goals in the gym, this is the best book to start with. i recommend it to everyone who asks me for advice on starting weightlifting. if you are one of those guys who equates abs with health or strength, this book will rock your little world. the bulk of the book explains how to properly perform core barbell lifts. once you progress beyond the beginner level described in the book, you might head off in some other training direction, but the fundamentals here will be valuable throughout your training life. oh, and mark runs a forum where he answers questions for people who have read the book....more info
  • SS Review
    Excellent resource for beginners. Light on programming details past the novice phase, but that is what Practical Programming is for....more info
  • Clear, succinct, and VERY effective!
    Increased strength on all of my lifts and was able to do so without injury. Mr. Rippetoe and Dr. Kilgore lay out an effective progressive weight training regimen that is easy to follow. As a bonus, book is fun and interesting to read....more info
  • Starting Strength
    Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength" is, without question, one of the finest books of its kind. I have been going to gyms all my life, listening to people and reading many books on all aspects of weight training. Mr. Rippetoe, via his book, is the best teacher I have encountered. Whether you're a novice or an experienced lifter, "Starting Strength" will improve your performance and your outlook in the gym. It is a complete reference for the technique, and the purpose, of all the important barbell movements. It is well written, clear, and thorough. Highly recommended....more info
  • Best Book on Strength Training Using Barbells
    Just a short opinion about the book: the fact that I almost always only read/listen/study the sections/topics that I like, and always skip sections on the bench press (whether on books, DVDs, etc.); but that I read this book from cover to cover (including the bench press section and the sections on assistant lifts), says volumes about the quality of this book and the knowledge of the author.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • "Starting Strength" for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced Lifters
    I have read a lot of sources on the subject of strength training and weightlifting and this book is the clearest, most comprehensive book written for the layperson I have come across.
    Coach Rip explains the fundemental reasoning behind the form that he teaches for each excercise and keeps the focus on safe and effective strength training.
    Whether you are a beginner to the world of barbell exercises, or an experienced veteran, this book will give you the tools to be a safer and more efficient lifter or give you some important coaching points that will make you a better trainer.
    I highly recommend this book to the anyone with an interest in strength training....more info
  • Best fitness book I've read so far!
    This is the most no BS books I have ever read! The authors really put things into perspective and don't just try to sell their views. Great starter for the self-educated and young coaches like myself! Great job....more info
  • Amazingly effective training.
    This book is gold. Everyone, regardless of their level of physical activity, should read this book. If I had read this in High School, versus now at 46 years old, I would have saved a lot of wasted training. I have supplemented Rippetoe's program with Crossfit, and the results are amazing....more info
  • Superb!
    Covers the basics of barbell lifting with depth and clarity. I've not read a more complete reference to these exercises....more info
  • The best book on weight training I've read.
    This is the best book on weight training I've read, and I've read a lot of them.

    I wish I had had it 15 years ago. If you know a young person getting into strength training, buy them this book.

    Also get Practical Programming for Strength Training, by the same authors. Consider getting Science and Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorsky and Kraemer if you want the footnotes. Though frankly, all these books could use better footnotes.

    One tiny quibble is that the book is strongly focused on strength training, as it says in the title. This isn't the same thing as fitness or aesthetics, which are probably more common motivators for weight training. As far as I know there are no really good books on weight training for non-strength goals. Yes, I've read Stuart McRobert.
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    If you listen to Coach Rippetoe and do what he tells you to do, you will get stronger than you ever have before. I have lifted weights off and on for years, never progressing in such a common-sense and linear way as I have since I started the Starting Strength program. If you read this book and do what it tells you to do, you will absolutely be stronger than you were before you knew the stuff in the book. I used to think I knew how to lift weights, I knew NOTHING until I read this book....more info
  • Startin Strength
    A must for anyone serious about getting the basics of barbell training right. A direct no nonsense approach to technique that will have a novice starting well and the experienced lifter adjusting their form to increase their lifting ability....more info
  • Not for the Skimming Type
    Let me start by saying that this book is one of the best how-to books that I have ever read. It had me at hello. The introduction's reasoning behind strength training is very convincing. A wonderful mix of research, experience and wit. I am recommending this book to all of my friends, most of whom are military and are constantly focused on their physical abilities.

    The only draw back is, if you are the type that skims a book and gleans information from pics, you may teach yourself the wrong thing. A good bit of the pics are examples of the wrong way to do something. Simple strength training is...well, simple. The author does a great job of giving you a precise method for each lift, then the remainder of the chapter is what to watch out for. The author borders on giving too much info on how NOT to do an exercise that, again, if you are a lazy reader, will confuse you. I want to get my hands on a first edition to see what the cut-n-dry version was like.

    I read the book three times (in a week and a half) to make sure that I got it all right. It's so well written that it wasn't a burden. Like I said, I've been telling all my friends about it....more info
  • Essential Read for Athletes, Bodybuilders, and General Gym Attendees
    I've been lifting weights and going to the gym off and on since I was 14 (I'm 24 now), starting from basic machine work and cardio to more advanced dumbbell exercises and free weights to finally barbell exercises a few years ago. I was amazed with the difference of going from machines to dumbbells and finally from dumbbells to complex muscle exercises like the deadlift and the squat.

    After going through 2-3 years of deadlifts and squats, without injury, I'm shocked to note that I was doing them wrong. Not wrong by a huge degree, but I was not using all the muscles I could and was not making my body hit all the right positions. I read many resources online, and asked for advice from experienced bodybuilders, but no one could have pointed out all the different things I needed learned about a squat. Mark Rippetoe's book taught me more about a squat in 15 minutes than I've tried hours to learn by watching videos and reading websites online.

    Starting Strength only goes over 5 basic exercises -- Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Press, and Power Clean. I was a bit disappointed to not read more on other dumbbell exercises I still do (bicep curls, tricep extensions, lateral raises) but the degree he breaks each individual motion down is impressive, and would no way lower my rating from 5 stars to 4. He writes for two people -- the trainee and the trainer, but giving both perspectives allow the reader to fully understand the mechanisms behind each movement.

    As far as my squat, Starting Strength broke down why I needed to make sure my hips went below my knees, explained why my heels (and not toes) should be shoulder width and 30 degrees off axis, and explained proper hand positioning (on top of the bar, not gripping the bar). He goes over similar pointers in each of the 5 exercises, and I'm already incorporating them into my routine, finally understanding WHY each movement needs to be done (not just how).

    As an intermediate gym monkey, I haven't actually done any Power Cleans, but Rippetoe's book and pointers serve as a great starting point for this hard exercise I thought I'd never learn. Rippetoe also explains training programs (warmups, lifting for strength vs. endurance, reptitions per week) very well, and that's also guided my workout.

    I wish I could end by saying I've gained a huge amount of muscle since picking up Rippetoe's book, but I only started reading it 3 days ago so I've only been through 2 workouts since. The 2 workouts I did do, though, were refreshingly solid and the exercises felt like I was doing 20-30 pounds less than I actually was, because of my improved form.

    Overall, a great read for the advanced and intermediate bodybuilder and athlete, and good advice for those looking to give barbells a try. This isn't really a book written for people with no knowledge at all of lifting weights, or people looking to lose 100 pounds, but it would be a good read nonetheless. There aren't any better beginning exercises out there than the exercises detailed in this book, and if you follow a strict lifting routine, a good diet, and cardio, you'll be well on your way to a sculpted body....more info
  • Great Information
    Reading Starting Strength taught me more about strength training than the 20+ years I have been working out. I wish I had read it in High School....more info
  • freaking awesome!
    If you want to get strong like a bull, period, buy this book, and do this program. I have been doing this program for only one month, and am seeing steady progress in my strength. I do plan to switch to a hypertrophy program after I reach my strength goals (I want to bench press my own weight, squat 1.5 times my own weight and deadlift twice my own weight). So, for me, Rippetoe's program is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

    But, I am confident that I am training The Right Way (tm), because once I have strength, I can then lift heavy weights for hypertrophy, to get the "beach muscles".

    In short, this is the real deal for novices like me, I'm convinced. This book can change your life.


    Robert...more info
  • Must have for anyone who wants to learn how to squat (and some that think they already know...)
    If the supposed fitness experts in your average commercial gym had 5% of Mark's knowledge when it comes to building strength in an efficient and safe manner, the world would be a better place....more info
  • Excellent
    Coach Rip applies a perfect amount of dry whit to his rock solid understanding of weight training and delivers a tutorial that is as readable as it is helpful. Starting Strength gives an insight to both form and function of barbell training that your everyday coach/trainer does not have and cannot provide.

    Highly recommended for anyone that wants to improve their strength, and especially recommended for anyone that is in the position to be instructing others in weight training....more info
  • Outstanding Book on the Fundamentals
    As good for an established lifter wanting to review the fundamentals as it is for a beginner. The author has a refreshingly simple, direct style, which when combined with his encyclopedic knowledge of the body and his vast experience in the weight room, makes for an indispensable book. There are also hundreds of pictures illustrating nearly every point the author makes. An awesome work. And it's even an enjoyable read!...more info
  • Book about form
    A fantastic book about form in three basic lifting movements and some other helpful practices like pull/chin ups,dips etc. Mark writes this with passion and insists on details.I am very satisfied with this book and the price is great !...more info
  • Good stuff!
    If you're interested in coaching or performing the main strength/power lifts (squat,bench,deadlift,overhead press,power clean), gaining weight or getting stronger, get this book....more info
  • Great strength training method
    Starting Strength has been a real help in my effort to get stronger. It is NOT just for young athletes but us older ones too....I'm 50!...more info
    After nearly 15 years of going in and out of the gym, I wished someone would have pointed me towards the light that is this book.

    In reality, all you really NEED is the main exercises, the compound ones, like squat, deadlift, press, bench press, clean, and anything else that assist those exercises like rows, pull-ups, dips, etc.

    And I have NOT found a book to teach you this fundamental exercises and to guide you towards doing some real work, better than this masterpiece; wish it was available in hardcover.

    Get it and learn the fundamentals, after that you can do whatever you want, but at least get your foundation in order....more info
  • Great first book on weight training
    I had been performing the big lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, rows) and supporting lifts (curls, shrugs, calf raises, etc) based upon the simple descriptions found in most books and online for the last few years. After the first year of decent gains, I started looking around for a reference which would spell out some of the finer points of technique to reduce the my chances of injury and to continue growth. I am now very happy to have found in "Starting Strength" a very detail oriented book on weight training which gives personal trainer levels of technique and program advice for all of the standard lifts.

    When I got the book, I read-skimmed it quickly cover to cover, then I slowly read each chapter on a particular lift for about a week while trying to adapt my technique and take the suggestions the book had to offer. It did take me quite a long while to make it through all of the material and I still refer to the book and find something I had not noticed before. I am now lifting more weight with proper form across all of my lifts and I don't seem to get the same minor tweaks(lower back or knee soreness on squats, etc) I used to get without realizing why.

    I recommend this book as the single best beginners book for any detail oriented person looking get into weight training.
    ...more info
  • Get this book
    This is one book that every lifter should own. Very detailed on every aspect of the lifts, but fairly easy to understand. I debated for over a year about getting this and I'm upset I waited so long....more info
  • Must read
    This is the book I wish someone gave me my first time in the gym. If you want to get into barbell training, this book is for you! Also, if you are a strength coach or trainer - you need to read this book! It will help take you from familiarization with basic exercises to mastery of them....more info
  • Best in class
    This book is the best in its class. It is not even close. From its well written opening preface to the detailed and professional description of exercises to the excellent trailing section on training principals, I don't know of another book in any field that serves its purpose as well as this one does....more info


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