The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating

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George Mateljan's new book takes healthy eating to a whole new level. It presents a unique nutrient-rich approach to the "Healthiest Way of Eating" with 500 Mediterranean-style recipes, most of which take 7 minutes or less to prepare. This book answers the question about what to eat to keep healthy. It focuses on the World's Healthiest Foods, 100 delicious foods that are nutrient-rich, providing the maximum number of nutrients for the least amount of calories. The book is an inspiration not only for those who want to achieve vibrant health and energy but for those who also want a healthier way to lose weight by making the World's Healthiest Foods the foundation of their "Healthiest Way of Eating." The World's Healthiest Foods are among the most flavorful foods in the world - so you can now eat healthier without sacrificing taste! George also explains why it is not any more expensive to eat healthy. The book complements the material on the website with innovative new ways to maximize the nutritional value of the World's Healthiest Foods and minimize preparation time using quick and easy recipes that anyone can make.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Book!
    This book is a must have. Everything you need to know about foods and how to eat right is in this amazing book....more info
  • The best book on healthy living!!!
    Since having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1995, I have spent over $100,000 investigating the problem and eventually coming good in 2006 due to significant change in eating and lifestyle. In my case, the primary concern was supermarket foods and their processing. Since learning about and shifting to organic foods, CFS lessened and finally disappeared.
    The point is, all the good info I researched (and more) is virtually condensed in this book - especially the nutrition, preparation, storing and cooking aspects. The growing is covered in many popular books.
    It's what is so well researched and presented in this book that makes it truly priceless for anyone looking to be truly healthy....more info
  • A very good buy
    I bought this book as I became obese. I have lost weight now and am close to my ideal weight. Much from changing my habits. Eating healthy foods and exercise.
    I would not say this book helped me because I had lost most of my weight before I discovered it and read it.
    However there are many books which will guide you on healthy eating. Not many which will label what foods are best.
    I also like how it expanded my horizons. I don't normally eat nuts - but this books has let me know the benefits of them.

    I also bought another book and gave it to my Father who is a doctor. He is very interested in nutrition. This book I can confirm is scientifically sound and complements some of my Fathers more academic works.

    The only hesitation I have is he goes rather heavy with the olive oil. I would not add so much to my own cooking!! It may have health benefits but it is still fat!!
    Still I like that the book is well balanced not just low fat etc. Now I will pick what fat I eat like nuts and olive oil at least they have some redeeming features/

    Don't just limit yourself to these foods though there are many foods like peaches which are not mentioned.
    So I highly recommend it as good buy. It will expand your horizons and it is not driven by a fad.

    ...more info
  • Great Information on Healthy foods
    This is an excellent resource book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the nutritional value of foods. It is a must have for any health enthusiast. It's a shame more people (those fast food junkies) don't buy a book like this. It gives great information and fast and easy ways to prepare all types of food....more info
  • A Must Have!
    I can't believe I have lived without this book for 40 years. It is a real find and you shouldn't be without it in your library. Super easy read and understandable. Feel like George is a friend of mine. A very helpful tool....more info
  • Lots of tips on cooking
    this was the only book I ever had that teaches you on buying, storing and details on nutritional value of all the healthy foods. Great book to have in your kitchen. Transforms your life and teaches you how to become healthier....more info
  • A MUST have!!
    This is such a great book! Since having it I've eaten things I never thought I would enjoy but found out they taste so yummy! Everything is quick to make too!...more info
  • The Worlds Healthiest Foods
    A wonderful reference book for anyon who wants to improve their health through eating the right foods.Not only does this give the why's but is full of great receips and tons of useful information. I use this book everday and keep it on my kitchen table for handy reference. I'm learning new things and improving my health every day.I love this book....more info
  • The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest
    This is the best book I have ever read. I am learning new things each and every day. I thought I was a good cook and knew how to cook properly, but was I ever wrong. This book is so fasinating and so worth the money. Every day is a new adventure. I highly recommend this book to people who are diabetic or need to watch their intake of foods....more info
  • technical and cumbersome
    I have only had time to look through the book but it seems very technical and cumbersome, even for someone who had read and studied about the best way to eat for almost 30 years. It doesn't seem to be arranged very well and you have to know exactly what you are looking for to find anything....more info
  • Amazing book
    Absolutely wonderful source of information for anyone wanting to know ins and outs of foods we eat. This is the type of book I personally refer to every day. It's the ultimate dictionary on foods, which also provides basics of correctly cooking them, storing them etc.
    If you want to know what each food contains, how it affects health, and the most effective way to preserve the nutrients, this book is for you. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    Basic premise: focus on what you can eat, not what you can't. This alone may be a life altering concept for some; I know it was for me. But this hefty tome doesn't waste much time harping on dieting philosophy, moving straight on to the "how". If you don't eat healthy because you don't like how it tastes, this is the book for you. If you don't eat healthy because you can no longer keep track of what's healthy and what's not, this is the book for you. If you don't eat healthy because you don't have the time, this is the book for you. In short, if you want to eat healthy, this is the book for you. It may replace Joy of Cooking as my most essential cooking reference......more info
  • Unhealthy Book
    I love the book. Check the other reviews for details on that, but the book's paper and ink are making me sick! I almost returned it, but am going to put up with the horrid smell to be able to use the valuable info. ...more info
    What a fantastic book! This is by far the BEST, well articulated book on healthful foods I've ever seen. (Believe me, I have tried them all...)
    Extremely well written, informative, descriptive with beautiful pictures.
    Highly recommended!...more info
  • World's Healthiest Foods Cookbook and Encyclopedia
    I have been studying this book on-line, at the home-page of the World's Healthiest Foods, for most of a year. I wanted to be certain I would use this book. I wanted to be certain there was no bias toward or away from any particular life-style--just neutral information. It's a splendid book. I am using the suggested menu plans in the front of the book to help me create well-balanced meals. All the meals I've made are fast and good. I would give this book for a gift. This book is good for all cooks, novice, casual or experienced. It emphasizes the now popular Mediterranean style of cooking, and offers a competent guide to seasonal eating. It's brilliant. I have over 20 cookbooks in my collection. This is one of the four I actually use.The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating...more info
  • Excellent Resource
    The world's healthiest foods is the best book out there of this type.
    Easy to read and easy to understand.
    Takes minutes to find a food...know why it is considered healthy and then how to buy, store and use it!
    Most books either only tell you what's good and give a recipe if you are lucky or list the nutrient and health values of foods, this book covers it all, in a simple easy to read and understand way. Where was this book when I was raising my children, would of been an excellent book to use to teach about nutrition!
    The World's Healthiest foods holds a predominate place in my kitchen and is use daily for recipes,
    information and reference it often when I talk to others about nutrition.This book is of value to the novice just starting out on the road to healthy eating as well to the veteran.

    ...more info
  • Healthy Foods
    This is a wonderful reference guide on every kind of food and the healthful ways to cook to preserve nutrients. A big plus is the access to the website and all the wonderful pictures. An easy recipe is sent each day, along with a helpful tip. Well worth the price....more info
  • WOW! An Absolute MUST HAVE For Every Kitchen!

    I am so thrilled with my purchase of this book! This one is absolutely AMAZING, to say the least! I have never seen such a comprehensive book that was so complete with everything I needed. This book is very thorough, very well written and easy to find any information that you may be looking for. In fact, this would be a wonderful gift for most anyone! We use this book several times a week so it just stays out where I have easy access to it! This book covers vegetables fruits, fish and shellfish, nuts and seeds, poultry and lean meats, Beans and Legumes, Dairy and Eggs, and Grains. For instance, take asparagus, it gives a nutrient-richness chart for asparagus, then tells why asparagus should be a part of your healthiest way of eating. It will tell you the different varieties of asparagus, the peak season, biochemical considerations, the best way to select your asparagus, the best way to store it, the best way to prepare it, and how not to prepare it, the healthiest way of cooking it, step by step instructions with pictures, health benefits of eating asparagus, How to enjoy fresh asparagus without cooking it, Nutritional analysis of asparagus, recipes for each item listed also. It discusses why ORGANIC Foods are Nutritionally Superior to Conventionally Grown foods. This discusses soybeans, tofu, seaweed, herbs, you name it and it's in there. It helps you to know which are the best foods for you specifically to eat. It covers the Biochemical Individuality with food allergies, Gluten Intolerance, Goitrogens, Lactose Intolerance, Latex Food Allergies, Nightshades, Oxalates, Pesticide Residues, Phytic Acid, Purines, rBGH and Cow's Milk, Sulfites, Biochemical Considerations Chart, Wax Coatings on Produce. It discusses antioxidants and the specific vitamins, and minerals and the impact of cooking, storage and processing, why we need them, how it affects our health, what are causes and symptoms of deficiency of each one, and it even discusses healing with foods. Nutritionally Supporting our Genes, Why Healthy, Whole Foods are so good for Healthy Cells, and how Organically Grown and Additive Free Foods Supports our Cellular Health. Eating for Strong Cell Structures, Eating for Vibrant Energy, it even helps us to know what the best cookware for the healthiest way of cooking is, and it covers the subject of Cooked versus Raw, and the Nutritional Benefits of eating Raw. This book even offers an eating plan for those that may desire a little help to get going on a plan to eat healthy. I could never do without this book! It really is an Essential Guide for the healthiest way of eating! I guarantee that you will not be sorry with the purchase of this truly exceptional book! It is big and heavy and has 880 pages packed full of wonderful and very useful information and recipes. You Will LOVE This one!...more info
  • Stupendous collection of healthy foods
    This is your all-in-one source for foods necesary to a daily diet. Read this book to set up your menus and you will do all you can to live a healthier life....more info
  • A Food Encyclopedia that you can't live without
    This book is packed full of valuable information. No kitchen or healthy household should be without it. Lots of less popular vegetables were a mystery to my until George told me what to do with them, how to do it and why I need them in my diet. Kale for example, I had no idea how to prepare it. Now, I LOVE it and can't seem to get enough of it. I make Kale soup and Kale fritattas all the time. Thanks for this incredible addition to my kitchen, George....more info
  • Back to Basics: As if Mark Bittman Wrote a Food Encyclopedia
    Great resource for inspiring better eating choices. Page through and pick out some fruits, veggies, legumes, and even some animal protein (this isn't a vegetarian source, but rather omnivorous). Look at pretty pictures of them (admit it: pictures make thinking about food a whole lot more fun). Learn about the valuable nutrients in them and the best methods to cook them to maintain their nutrition and taste.

    Then there are VERY easy, very quick recipes included for each food.

    If you read it before shopping, you'll come home with better, fresher food and a plan for how to cook it!...more info
  • wow
    Wow, i don't know what took me so long to order this book, It's simple, yet elegant and uses minimal ingredients. Also very healthy ideas..
    this is a must....more info
  • Everyone should have this book!
    I love this book. It descibes in detail the "super foods" we all need to eat, and additionally provides recipes for each one. With pictures, recipes, charts, nutritional information, food history,etc - you are getting an all-in-one resource for the best foods on the planet. It makes you want to eat healthy all the time!...more info
  • The World's Healthiest Foods
    This book is almost like a dictionary .It gives information about what it believes to be the best foods, easy and quick recipes for each food, plus all about nutrients, and complete knowledge....more info
  • The best book on the market
    I have studied Healthy diets for about 10 years and this is the most comprehensive book. More than that it is easy as you dont have to read why those foods are healthy(unless you want to) but you can just go to the recipies which are pretty fast and simple. The biggest downside of the book is a certain lack of soups,stews and especially desserts ! There are some and a lot more on his webpage (which is free by the way) but to get more sweet recipies would have been great.

    I especially like the webpage where you can watch a new Video each week and cook one new dish each week to learn and change in a smooth way. If you get one book i would recommend this one...more info
  • the world's healthiest foods
    Sender corrected oversight of not shipping my book. It was rush shipped to me and my shipping charged were creditted make to me.

    I would like you to remove my last review.

    Thank you....more info
  • Awesome!
    This book is a consolidation of all the food evaluations I have read in the past. I had been looking for something like this for awhile. Needless to say, it opened my eyes as to what food I should be eating. Also, it helped me identify what foods I should eat if, say, I wanted to reduce my cholesterol. I'm very happy and would highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Very trustfully
    This book offers wide information about natural foods, it is important to know what are you eating and how it will affect your body....more info
  • Excellent Cookbook/ Nutrition Book
    This book is a great little package - it's certainly not something you can thumb through and look for recipes like an ordinary cookbook, instad the recipes are found every few pages by food type. My husband remarked that it was like a tomb when I took it out of the box. I think the greatest thing about this book though is that the recipes really do take just 10 to 15 minutes and they taste amazing! The author said he didn't put one food in that was healthy but unpleasant tasting and he was right! ...more info
  • A welcomed addition to my collection
    This is quite a book. There is a tremendous amount of information to take in. Very comprehensive. Well written. Great reference book ...more info
  • Love this book
    This is an excellent health and cook book. The recipes are easy and well written. I love being able to look up ingredients and see recipes and healthful tips....more info
  • A solid perspective and view on food
    George Mateljan's view on food is illuminating. He looks at food as a vehicle for maximizing health as the first priority through preparation that maximizes nutrition while achieving the best taste. He never budges from this mantra. His efforts fill your mind with the facts and history of each of his chosen foods. For me, his book helps me fortify my mind to be a little stronger against the daily temptations of America's food marketing machine....more info
  • A fantastic reference for healthful cooking and eating
    This is the best, most comphrehensive guide to selecting and preparing foods I've ever seen. Although I have taken a college-level nutrition course, I found the book very informative and a supplement to my existing knowledge. I have learned so many things about food preparation that are not common knowlwdge--even as someone who loves to cook and who reads much information related to cooking and nutrition. It also provides many recipe options, which allow one to innovate with whatever ingredients are available at the time. I enjoy consulting this book everyday....more info
  • A must have book
    This book is incredible,the best of all health information,it's so hard to explain,it's a must have if you are into healthy eating and cooking....more info
  • Uncomplicated
    I am very interested in learning more about nutrition and this book was extremely helpful and very easy to read and understand. I have already tried some of the recipes and they were delicious. A great reference tool....more info
  • Excellent Source of Information on Healthy Foods
    I purchased this book because I was making a lifestyle change - I quit smoking, joined a gym, and I wanted to start eating healthier. When it arrived in the mail I was surprised by its sheer size. As I leafed through it's pages, I was fascinated by all of the information.

    Sure, we all know that spinach is good for us, but do you know HOW it benefits your body? This book will tell you precisely how you can benefit from each food it covers.

    Each food that is highlighted also has several very easy recipes that taste wonderful. Very few ingredients are used and instructions are given so that you bring out the peek flavor in each food without sacrificing nutrients due to overcooking.

    I have owned this book for over a year and I go back to it over and over again for information and recipes.

    And my lifestyle changes have made me feel great!...more info
  • A Must Have!
    A must have book for your collection. I find myself referencing it ALL the time!...more info
  • Outstanding Resouce!
    This book can change how you look at food. Full of great advice on how to choose the freshest items, how to store them, and healthy recipes. ...more info
  • Essential book
    This book should be in every home where someone cooks or someone eats. In other words, this is an essential book! Certainly for anyone who is seeking guidelines for healthier eating, this is your best source. There are over 800 pages of information that is concise, neatly organized, and easily found. I have been cooking for over 40 years and am learning new things from this book all the time....more info
  • Fantastic, Must Have - A work of genius
    What an amazing book. I spend a lot of time researching the healing properties of food and how to incorporate them into my daily life. This book is up there with the classic "Pitchford - Healing with whole foods". Both these books have different focuses and both in my opinion are a must for anyone serious about the role food has in their healthy way of living. The big bonus with this book of course is the website that accompanies it. You don't need to buy the book to access the website, but it is worth having both. [...]
    Buy it, you won't be dissapointed....more info
  • Excellent resource for nutritional information
    This book provides a great resource on what nutritional components are in the foods we eat and the food's overall nutritional density. Although much of the information can also be found at it is valuable to have at your finger tips....more info
  • food bible
    This is the best book ever!The nutrional info is great,with recipes and tips on how to cook it to keep it highly nutritious.This book is an excellent source of good nutrional basics for all and it is without a doubt worth every penny!...more info
    omg, this book is GREAT, like the Bible for Food!
    Highly recommend, definitely a book to own and enjoy!
    You won't be disappointed!...more info
  • Good Idea
    Have looked thru the book. Fo anyone who cares about what they eat regardless of any special needs this book is a big help.

    It can stand on its own or is a great companion for their web site.

    The only problem in that they do not give the nutritional values of the recipies as they do in the web site's recipies. Other then that this is an exceptional book. It is a must for either singles or families....more info
  • So much info for such a small price!
    First: Excellent product, plus class 1 service from provider--will definately do business with them again!

    Last: This book provides more than just menu's, it provides nutrients from A-Z on all food items. Also, the book tells the best methods of cooking vegetables, poultry and meats, to ensure retention of healthful
    vitamins, etc.

    ...more info
  • bought the book to support the website
    whfoods is a great website with lots of good information and good recipes. I essentially bought this book to support that effort. The book itself could be 1/4 as large as it is, easily. Every single section of every single chapter includes the same information - very repetitive. That said, there is good information here, and the recipes are usually pretty tasty and are designed with health in mind ( thought I have to admit that I still saute in oil, and roast things until they are caramelized. I'm not a big fan of poaching or pan steaming). Be warned, though, that this is primarily a nutrition primer - the number of actual recipes in here is fairly slim when compared to the massive pagecount. Nutritional breakdown would have been nice, too - the actual food being discussed in each section has a breakdown, but the recipes do not. Most of us are not going to be eating plain steamed greenbeans, so that info is unhelpful by itself. Still, it's well priced for the level of information contained within....more info
  • A "Must Read" for Nutrition and Diet Freaks
    I read most of the great reviews on this book and I must say it lives up to every one of them. This is the most comprehensive nutrition book on the market, IMO. I have tried several recipes for cooking veggies like spinach, cauliflower, brussells sprouts, red potatos, butternut squash...etc, and they are delicious. I didn't know that microwaving cooks a lot of the nutrition out of these foods. 5 stars!! ...more info
    Anything you want to know about healthy food is in this book. I can't believe the amount of helpful information in one book. I was told by my doctor to lose weight and a short time later I had a heart stent put in so this book has helped my husband and me get into a healthy life style change....more info
  • The Cooking Bible
    This book is truly amazing! The book is easy to read and the recipes are simple, fast, and delicious. You don't need a long list of ingredients for any of the recipes, and the longest part of preparing any meal is cutting up the veggies. My family calls this book the cooking bible, because we refer to it every evening. I have come to love whole foods more than I thought possible and have tried foods that I never knew existed. Thank you George for all your wisdom! ...more info
  • lots of info. simple recipes
    Great up to date nutritional information. All presented in a simple, clear format. The included recipes are so easy, and don't contain a lot of weird 'health' ingredients. This book gives you a whole new way to see - and eat - foods that are good for you....more info
  • Great book
    Great book with very useful and interesting information. The recepies are easy to follow and practical. It truly makes you want to eat the world's healthiest foods....more info
  • The title tells it all.
    A great book and a must book if you enjoy being healthy. It tells how to cook your vegetables and still maintain the nutrition and they are very tasty....more info


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