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“My hat’s off to this author. What an informative, thorough, accurate life-saving read. It's all there - just bring your highlighter and prepare to be enlightened” says Pam Hoeppner, breast cancer survivor who cured her cancer using Protocel, a treatment outlined in this book. With satisfied readers in over 50 countries world wide, Ty Bollinger’s “Cancer: Step Outside the Box” is a roadmap to successfully treating cancer and regaining your health! The fourth edition, published in May of 2009, is chock full of the most effective, non-toxic cancer treatments in the world. Truth be told, there are many potent and well-proven alternative strategies for preventing and treating cancer... without surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation (the “Big 3”). Inside this book, you will find a wealth of information that your doctor probably doesn't know. Here's why: while at medical school, doctors learn a very drug-intensive style of medicine, because multinational pharmaceutical companies (“Big Pharma”) funds the medical schools. As a result, most doctors are still thinking “inside the box” when it comes to cancer treatments. The “cancer box” is largely the creation of Big Pharma attempting to peddle their poisons (such as chemotherapy) in an effort to increase shareholder profits. Sadly, these profits are generated at the expense of cancer patients. This book succinctly explains the facts and deceptions about cancer and cancer treatments, it documents multiple cases of persecution and suppression of effective natural cancer treatments, it details the most potent advanced cancer treatment protocols, and it clearly explains the relationship between nutrition and cancer. The author is not a medical doctor. He is a “researcher” who has compiled the most concise, easily readable, comprehensive book on alternative cancer treatments and health. This book is a “gold mine” of information, helpful to cancer patients, those attempting to prevent cancer, and health care practitioners alike. According to Dr. Pavel Yakovlev, MD (Oncosurgeon in the Ukraine), “the material in your book is enriching and hope-giving for clinical practice … I made many notes while reading it to be applied to my work.” In the words of Elaine Hulliberger, breast cancer survivor, “I had terminal cancer and used Ty Bollinger's information on non-toxic supplements and the nutritional information along with traditional medicine. Anyone who has cancer, or knows someone with cancer should get this book and read it from cover to cover. I'm alive today because I did.”

Customer Reviews:

  • A serious MUST HAVE!!!!!!!
    People, don't wait to you or a loved one has cancer, get this book NOW! It's a must have!!! This book should get 1 million stars. It is filled with the truth and it will help open your eyes to reality. I feel that God himself helped the author write this book. When you get this book you are going to want at least ten for all your friends! I have hundreds of books on health and healing and this is one of my favorites!!...more info
  • Arm yourself with knowledge
    This book is great. I don't know if there's anything else that I can add that hasn't been said already in the other 5 star reviews. I'll give it a shot anyway. :)

    Reading the first few chapters angered me more than anything. To think that parents with minor children can be forced by the courts to poison their children with chemo enrages me. There are plenty of other instances of injustice toward those who practice alternative medicine in the book.

    Overall, I get the feeling that Ty Bollinger is genuinely trying to help save the lives of your loved ones rather than trying to make a buck. It's refreshing to have men of his character in this world that is so consumed with greed and corruption...a world where "Big Pharma" is ready, able, and more than willing to suppress any methods of cancer treatment that don't include surgery, chemo, or radiation in order to maximize their investment dollars.

    Beware of reading this book because it could possibly inspire you enough to begin practicing alternative medicine to help your fellow man and truly give back to society.

    ...more info
  • Phenomenal Life Saving Book
    Do you have cancer? Buy this book and have it shipped next day air - start with chapter 7 where individual cures for stage IV cancer are listed and the recommended health care practitioners who can help you implement the cure are listed. Call them and start to get cured!

    I have bought several copies of this book and sent it to people I know have cancer and it has been gratefully received. The book also covers all the health issues that lead to cancer in the long term. I have bought a number of health supplements from the people referenced in this book and seen a dramatic improvement in my health and energy levels in just 4 weeks.

    This book is very easy to read and extremely well organized. This book truly is a reference manual to better health and a cancer free life. Cancer is curable and reversible and this book shows you how. The author has done a great job of filtering out all the junk on the internet leaving you with the very best health care providers to choose from.
    ...more info
  • This Book Provided Clarity and Comfort in a Storm of Confusion
    Cancer Step Outside the Box provided "comfort from the storm" for myself and family.

    My doctor thought I had cancer, and predictably, I was referred to an Oncologist, told to "hurry up" make an appointment and that chemotherapy was the only solution to consider.

    My sister ordered a hard copy of the book, but we couldn't wait for it to arrive and downloaded the e-book instead. We spent the entire weekend learning about Big Pharma and the Big 3. We literally couldn't stop reading or pause to sleep because the information was too important. We were on a mission to become informed, confident and secure with the life changing decision we were about to make.

    By Monday, we knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that an alternative treatment would be best. Meanwhile, I sought a second opinion about my diagnosis and learned that my condition was in fact, "pre-cancerous" and treatable with a homeopathic approach.

    Had we not read the book, I would have continued down the path of chemo, received a treatment that was reported to be 90-95% successful and I didn't even have cancer. It sickens me to think I could have destroyed my healthy immune system and been exposed to toxic carcinogens. Instead, my sister and I are committed to apply what we learned about cancer prevention and to share Ty's life saving message with our family and friends. Please buy this book even if you don't have cancer. ...more info
  • A jTrue Eye-Opener!!!
    Cancer Step Outside the Box, by Ty Bollinger is a true eye-opener for me. I have trusted the conventional medical ways to the hilt, but I could not figure out WHY my friends and family were dying from cancer, even when they received the "very best care". Now I know and I also know how and where to find the care I or close ones to me can go WITHOUT having to worry about the insurance agencies validating my worth before they agree to allow me to have certain types of treatment or not.

    Mr. Bollinger explained things so clearly. I would say that the area of nutrition(where I am especially weak)his admonitions have helped me really desire to get the sugar out of my life. This is something I have known for a long time, but his details helped me actually understand what an enemy sugar is to a healthy body. This understanding has helped me say "no" to sugar much easier.

    As regards to the cancer. His book assures me that there IS hope and success for cancer patients. Even the ones who have written off as dead by conventional medicine. Cancer is not nearly as hopeless as I have been led to believe. If I do the things recommended in his book, there is a good chance I will not have to battle that disease in the first place.

    It is a very well-written book. My husband who usually leaves the reading to me, picked up the book and could not put it down until 3 in the morning!!! His reading it has helped him to go along with my choosing healthier foods for our family with no complaints. He often says, "Thank you for feeding us such good, delicious food. I feel so much better." We all feel better and stronger.

    I am so very grateful for the study and the time Mr. Bollinger has put into writing this book for someone like me. Cancer does not scare me anymore!!!

    D. Ehlinger

    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    This book is one of the best books I have read on cancer. The contents were so intriguing that I read the whole thing in one day. It generally covers three topics: the corruption of Big Pharma, Cures for Cancer, and Cancer prevention based on diet and nutrition

    The Corruption of Big Pharma - I knew that the medical field had its problems, but I didn't realize how money-hungry it really was. I must warn you that you might want to keep a pillow nearby. You may need to scream in it once you read the appalling stories of conventional medicine behind-the-scenes.

    Cures for Cancer - To be honest, I thought this book was going to tell the cancer patient to go get some fresh air and eat healthy (although those things are important). But I was definitely proved wrong. The cures he spoke about in the book are real cures that work better than chemotherapy (by the way, chemo is not a cure. It only brings the patient closer to their deathbed, as Mr. Bollinger so thoroughly explains). He even gives instructions on how to perform the cures at home. He also recommends doctors, institutions, and websites that can offer you support and advice during the process.

    Diet and Nutrition - One of the most enjoyable parts of this book was the part about nutrition. Diet has much to do with preventing cancer. His review of how to eat healthy is very thorough. He covers topics like raw milk, organic foods, probiotics and much, much more.

    I highly recommend this book. Its content can save lives and change your entire perpective on health....more info
  • extremely helpful
    I recently completed reading Step Outside of the Box. I have read about 10 books about alternative cures for cancer. This book is superior in several ways. The book provides the latest information about how cancer cells behave, thoroughly describes how the cancer industry and our government have suppressed alternative cancer cures, and provides an abundance of information about finding safe and reliable alternative cancer cures. This book is more then only about cancer this book will also tell you about healthy living(big phama's biggest enemy). Personally an alternative cancer treatment has worked for me. This is an unusual book, this is a book everyone should read. ...more info
  • This book is giving hope and changing lives.
    I first came across this book about a year ago. I thought this was an excellent book on many levels. This could have easily been 3 or 4 separate books due to the diversity of content.

    It opens by putting a human face on a dreaded condition that will most likely have an impact on us all either directly or indirectly.

    It then presents eye-opening evidence of how in a profit driven society, capitalism which is generally thought to spur innovation can actually suppress it. In light of the fact that the multi billion healthcare industry is made up of companies striving for ever increased revenue, is it really in that industries best interest to embrace alternative therapies and watch their revenues dry up.

    The next area the book goes into is science. Both the science of conventional treatment as well as the science of cancer. I found these areas and the robust research fascinating and I learned a great deal of interesting facts surrounding the subject. This section leads into an owner's manual for a healthier life with sound advice on diet, supplements and exercise. The book draws to a conclusion providing a rich education on alternative therapies, common areas to be wary of and an overview of different cancer treatment centers.

    Although I have had family members that are cancer survivors I have never been personally diagnosed with any form of cancer. I have, however, had a couple of friends who have. I am saddened to say one with stage 4 who has already survived twice as long as the doctors originally predicted. The only thing of value I could offer other than my support was a copy of this book, which gave him the most important thing that anyone facing such a challenge could have. Hope. Hope that there are other things that can be done. Hope that people are striving to find better ways to address this tragedy if not for themselves for future generations. Hope that people are searching for better approaches beyond the standard menu of treatments deemed qualified expenses by some publicly traded insurance company. Beyond hope it gave him a course of action that he could embark upon in conjunction with his conventional treatment.

    In 1962 John F. Kennedy stated that we would put a man on the moon. Just 7 years later in 1969 Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon. Scientist drove innovation to make this happen by stepping outside the box.

    In 1971 President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer. It has been 36 years. We have got to step outside the box.

    This book is having a positive impact on cancer survivors and suffers as well others who seek to learn more about this subject. I have recommended it to many who have in turn recommended it to others in need.
    ...more info
  • A Must Read Cancer or Not
    This is a fantastic book. I have a wellness center in Michigan. I have this book in my hands all day long. I am going to school for Natural Medicine and I do have quite a few cancer patients coming in looking for help. I have seen people benefit a great deal from these natural treatments, hats off to Ty Bollinger. I think everyone should have a copie of this book. Thank you Ty. Dawn Davarn, C.H. Head To Toe Wellness...more info
  • Wonderful Book
    This book was just amazing. I loved the way Ty actually tells you the different approaches to treatments. His book is just straight on, no hidden agendas. A desperate person spending many years of his life trying to see through all the lies about why so many people he loved died from this terrible disease. Thankfully to him willing to share all of his valuable knowledge with us. This book has so much information he names many doctors, clinics & web links where all the different treatments can be sought. He speaks on diet, the BAD foods that cause disease also how to prevent disease with different vitamins, minerals supplements. He describes different treatments for various stages of cancer and how to prevent 2 very common types. It is by far the best book in my library. THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK!
    ...more info
  • Doesn't live up to the hype

    So I bought this book, Cancer - Step Outside the Box, 2nd Edition, and couldn't wait to read it. I plunged right into it as soon as it arrived, ready to savor every bit of wisdom distilled in this "ultimate" resource. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in this book and am compelled to write what will hopefully serve at least as a partial counterweight to the numerous glowing reviews here in order that others may be somewhat less likely to be misled by them.

    First of all, the book does have some merit. It's a fairly wide-ranging treatment of the subject and includes a somewhat unique combination of topics that one doesn't usually find in a book that is primarily about cancer and cancer treatments. The scope includes a fairly moving account of the author's personal link to the tragedy of cancer, numerous of his family members having been stricken; something of an expos®¶ of the cancer industry; a very basic primer on cancer; a listing of some non-conventional treatments; a discussion of nutrition, diet, and exercise; and finally, some coverage of other related (tangentially in some instances) controversies such as fluoride, aspartame, mercury, vaccinations, root canals and soy foods. Oh yes, there are also a few clinics he recommends for which he provides contact information.

    I did find myself in agreement with many of his opinions. The cancer industry is, to say the least, very vulnerable to criticism and it's hard to imagine how anyone can say with a straight face that the "War on Cancer" is being won. Moreover, there have been many useful, albeit non-conventional, therapies that have either been overlooked, or worse, suppressed. Some brave and creative souls who have pioneered innovative, promising approaches to cancer treatment have been persecuted and driven to ruin. I could go on, but the point is that for the most part I'm on the same side as the author on many of the issues considered in this book.

    So in light of the foregoing, then why was I disappointed in this book? I was disappointed because it's poorly and sloppily written and because of that, the careful reader will find it to be an unreliable resource. Of course it's always the case that a person should consult more than one source, but if a book is as unreliable as this one, it's hard to have confidence in anything it recommends without consulting a more reliable source, so it would be sensible to find a better source to start with. I should also add that the $[...] price tag is also a little bit of a sting. There are plenty of other books about cancer that represent a much better value than this one--better written, better information, better price. There is the potential for a really good book here, but it will take a bit of work to get it to that point.

    Rather than try to detail every error I observed in this book (that would require more pages of writing than I'm willing to produce), I'll just give you some examples, not necessarily the most egregious ones, but ones that I was able to easily locate flipping through the book right now and that will hopefully be enough to buttress my contention that this is by no means a 5-star book.

    As I get started, I must say that before another edition is brought forth that the author should hire a competent editor. Although I've recently read several books that were deficient in the realm of spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style, none of them have been as bad as this one on that score. I'm usually not a stickler about such things and have no problem overlooking an occasional error of that nature, but those types of errors were so numerous in this book that they greatly detracted and in fact made reading difficult. This is ironic in light of many reviewers' claims that the book is easy to read. Well, yes I suppose it is easy to read if by that it's meant that a great deal of education is not required to read it--it's written in a very accessible, conversational style. But it's also a very "difficult" (painful, even) read if you care about spelling, punctuation, grammar and style in the least. I won't say that there were errors on every page, but I will tell you that there were many instances of multiple errors on a page and many instances of many pages in a row with at least one fairly obvious error on each page. Is it expecting too much for an author to exercise at least a little bit of professionalism and clean that stuff up before he goes to press? And especially considering this was the 2nd edition, one would think pride alone would have impelled him to clean it up.

    I didn't have to read very far to encounter the first error. On page xxvii, the very first page of the introduction, he states, "Today, approximately 1 in 3 Americans has cancer. It is estimated that by the year 2020, 1 in 2 Americans will have cancer!" Now we probably all recognize that what he meant to say was that 1 in 3 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during his/her lifetime etc., but that isn't what he said, he said 1 in 3 Americans HAS cancer, which is clearly inaccurate. Honestly, I didn't think too much of it at the time, I knew what he meant (we've all heard statistics pretty close to this one many times, so it was easy to know what he meant to say), and I figured just about every book has a few such errors that somehow are overlooked in the editing process, I figured it just slipped by. Unfortunately, it set the stage. There are many similar errors in the book where I knew what he meant even though that wasn't what he'd stated. Well, what if I hadn't already done a bit of reading on this subject before I read his book? How many times would I have had an inaccurate idea because he didn't take the time to write with care and precision? Quite often, unfortunately.

    Now on to other issues...

    I was as moved as anyone when I read of the degree to which cancer has decimated his family. When he wrote about his dad getting cancer, I was struck by the following: "Physically, dad was a picture of health, so we thought. He didn't drink alcohol, didn't smoke, and exercised regularly. Spiritually, he was a giant." He goes on to say, "Since dad never engaged in behavior which would typically cause any serious medical conditions, we were sure it must be a minor thing. Off to the hospital we went." Of course his father was diagnosed with advanced stage cancer and, tragically, died shortly thereafter. I kept expecting that at some point in the book he would revisit the deaths of those in his family and note some things that in retrospect they could have done to forestall the dreaded cancer. But no, none of that. It isn't that he doesn't talk about his family, we're treated to photos of his lovely wife and beautiful children as well as his extended family (all those who died from cancer) and he doesn't seem hesitant in the least to write about them, either. But yet after 10 years of research and after writing a book that expends a lot of ink talking about how we can prevent and treat cancer, he doesn't offer any thoughts about why lightning has struck his family so many times or how in retrospect the knowledge he's imparting in his book could have lessened the toll. Weren't there any dietary habits that should/could have been modified? Nutrients that may have been lacking? Exposure to carcinogens that could have been avoided? Or was it all just that ol' lightning striking close to the same place over and over? If nothing he's learned in 10 years of research could have averted or at least lessened the multiple cancer tragedies in his own family, where does that leave the rest of us who haven't researched this for 10 years? (To be complete, he does mention that his grandmother was an aficionado of Essiac Tea up until a couple years before she succumbed, but that hardly addresses this point.)

    Sometimes I think the author is genuinely confused. Although there are many examples, most of them admittedly minor, they're still annoying. For example, in his discussion of the Budwig diet, he says that Johanna Budwig discovered that certain blood abnormalities of cancer patients "...were linked to a deficiency in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential to our health." He goes on to say, "Ocean fish (such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel) are the highest in omega-3 fats, while seeds and nuts (such as flax, linseed, and walnuts) are the highest in omega-6 fats." Although I don't make any claim to being a lipids expert, I do know that he is correct in saying that both omega-3 and omega-6 fats are essential. However, the problem in the American diet is that there is an EXCESS of omega-6 fats so that they're completely out of balance with the omega-3's. (I realize there are a few specific sources of omega-6's that have usefulness for cancer patients, by the way, but they aren't addressed in his book and are beyond the scope of this review.) So the key is, in general, to increase consumption of omega-3's and REDUCE consumption of most sources of omega-6's. He should know that. Moreover, what he lists as sources for omega-6's are in error. Flax, linseed (by the way, last time I checked flax and linseed are different names for the same thing), and walnuts are better known as good plant-based sources of ALA (alpha linolenic acid)--omega-3's, not omega-6's. (Vegetable oils are a more common source of omega-6 fatty acids, by the way.)

    When he talks about IVC, he briefly describes a protocol at the Manner Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, the so-called "Manner Cocktail," in which vitamin C (presumably sodium ascorbate since it's administered intravenously although he doesn't specify this), along with DMSO and laetrile are dissolved in a dextrose solution and used to treat cancer patients. Well, vitamin C has a chemical structure similar to glucose, which is one reason why cancer cells "suck it up" so readily. Wouldn't the dextrose (a sugar) interfere with the absorption of the vitamin C by the cancer cells? It is known that most sugars interfere with ascorbate absorption by cancer cells--the sugar and ascorbate compete, so why wouldn't that be the case with the Manner Cocktail? In other words, why is there a need for dextrose at all? Mr. Bollinger never even mentions the idea that sugar interferes with the absorption (and hence, anti-cancer effects) of vitamin C, much less addresses why the inclusion of dextrose is necessary or even advisable in this cocktail. But that shouldn't be surprising. Most of the treatments he describes are explained very superficially, and his description of IVC is no exception, unfortunately.

    Here's one that's somewhat amusing but also a little unnerving. In his discussion of Kelley's metabolic therapy, he states, "Dr. Kelley had a cure rate of 93% in patients that lived at least 1 ? years after starting his treatment." What kind of statistic is that?!? Why not just say that all the patients lived who didn't die? That would be just about as meaningful. Do you think for one second he would let a medical oncologist get away with a statistic like that? I don't. He would rightly ask him what was the cure rate--ideally with the cure rate for each type of cancer being segmented by age and stage, and by the way, let's get a solid definition of what is meant by "cure" here--including those that died within the first 1 ? years for goodness sake. Come on! (This is not to disparage metabolic therapies, only to note that Mr. Bollinger's presentation is lacking.)

    Sometimes I wasn't sure whether I was reading a treatise about cancer and cancer treatments or some company's marketing literature. Check out this example, under the heading of Administering Theta Super Silver, on page 207: "Silver has been used for thousands of years as a systemic disinfectant that functions like a secondary immune system. Our Theta Super Silver is made up of nano sized vegetable silver minerals..." Does that sound like a cut and paste from some marketing literature? It does to me. There are other similar instances, all fairly obvious. I expect a little more detachment on the part of an author.

    Ok, this review is becoming lengthier than I would like, so I'll just mention one more "nit." It got to be a little tiresome to read constantly of the "most" this or the "worst" that--he really has a tendency to write in superlatives to the point of reducing the effectiveness of the message. Although this is unfortunately practically a hallmark of his writing style, and numerous examples could no doubt be found, one example should suffice. On page 328 we learn that dioxin is "the most carcinogenic chemical known to man!" On page 325 we learn that aflatoxin is the "most carcinogenic substance known to man." I don't know, maybe he makes some fine distinction between "substance" and "chemical." (Actually, that isn't likely the case. If we consult the glossary, which, by the way has two separate entries for acrylamide--why does this not surprise me?--he seems to use "chemical" and "substance" interchangeably--one of the glossary entries refers to acrylamide as a "substance" and the other one refers to it as a "chemical." So there you have it.) But still, both dioxin and aflatoxin would have to compete with several other substances or chemicals or whatever that are the most carcinogenic or most toxic or worst this or most toxic that. Sometimes he does this not through his own writing but through quotations of others. It makes little difference to me. Since Mr. Bollinger is the one who chooses the quotations, he may as well be saying it himself. Does a chemical really have to be the most toxic to be worthy of avoidance? I don't think so. Really, there can only be one "worst" of something, but there may still be plenty of other "somethings" that should be avoided--they don't have to be the worst in order for a case to be made.

    I've been careful to cite a few examples to illustrate my points, but believe me there are plenty more that I could have cited. Each individual instance, in isolation, may seem minor. But the accumulation of one sloppy mistake after another becomes significant after a few hundred pages.

    I started reading this book with every expectation of its being a 5-star read with insights that I would be able to share with my brethren who are skeptical of unorthodox approaches to treating cancer. But in the end, I can't imagine that this book will help in converting anyone to the "natural" side who is the least bit analytical. So I'm quite disappointed that it didn't live up to the hype. It would be a lot more fun to be able to honestly post an enthusiastic review.

    It's not an enjoyable exercise to write a review like this, especially considering the apparent cult-like worship of this book (if the glowing reviews are to be believed). And if the reviews more closely matched the reality, I probably wouldn't even have bothered to write one myself. But it's because there seems (in my opinion, obviously) to be such a mismatch between the reviews and the reality of what the book delivers that I felt a duty to offer a different perspective. Maybe it will save somebody else from being as disappointed as I was.

    Even with its shortcomings, it probably does have some value for the cancer patient who's struggling to find a more gentle treatment or for a person who is completely unaware of the skullduggery of the cancer industry. But there are better books out there for that and there are better books for the money. In the end, I believe 3 stars is a fair yet generous assessment.
    ...more info
  • Not received yet
    How do I review the item when i have not received yet. My item was purchased on March 3rd and today is April 3rd so what kind of delivery system you have it is beyond justification.

    Very unsatisfied customer...more info
  • An illuminating reading with veracity
    "How does one express realities and truth any better than what Ty Bollinger has accomplish in this exhaustive study and exposure "Cancer - Step outside the Box". Our family has been encouraged significantly by the simple but yet abrupt findings Ty reveals in this book. It is a serious wake up call to our society that we must test what is being taught to us about the PRACTICE of modern medicines and treatments being use today as the norm for cancer. Ty does not hold back with his findings out of just love for his parents but for his love for Christ our creator. Ty is teaching truth with the simple and natural methods God has provided for attacking the various cancers of today rather than toxic expensive methods to feed the disillusioned practices of modern day medicines."...more info
  • The truth about cancer cures.
    This book is the ultimate in how to address the - probability - of the worst, certainly the most painful scourge of all, cancer. Very complete in its documentation. The best resource for anyone needing info on alternative cancer cures I ever had the privilege to read. I only wish I had become aware of this much sooner as I have lost 3 close family and friends to cancer who, had only the useless orthodox treatments available, and unfortunately used...Brian, NZ....more info
  • Be Prepared to have your Life Changed!
    I have read many books on various illnesses and their causes, but this one beats them all by far. You will find the reasons behind the scenes that make it almost impossible to win the cancer battle. You will learn why the "Big 3" don't work. Most of all though, you will learn what you need to do to regain your health. This book is jam packed full of information that you can use. If you are facing any kind of health crisis this will be the most important book in your library....more info
    I was looking for a book for my brother battling cancer for 3 years. I read the reviews for this book and couldn't wait to read it. It is so easy to follow and understand. There is so much great information and I would recommend it to anyone that is battling cancer or knows someone who is....more info
  • Excellent Book
    This book is so beneficial and of much help, it's a great compilation of remedies that makes it easy for readers to access all that valuable information in little time, putting more time and power in the readers hand to act and start one of the many treatments discussed. This is of great help, definetly a life changing book for those who are still in the box!...more info
  • Worth the read
    For those looking for an alternative cancer treatment, this book is worth reading. There are so many alternatives to cancer treatment that the doctors will never tell you about because of their lack of time, interest, or training. This book covers the alternatives -- especially interesting is the short section on protocel, the alternative I have chosen....more info
  • A comprehensive guide to alternative cancer treatments
    A great book. I have learned so much about cancer and ways to prevent and treat it outside conventional medicine. ...more info
  • Excellent overview, interesting read
    I must say, as a former RN on an Oncology Unit.......this is a great find. Stepping outside the box regarding cancer is your only hope. READ THIS BOOK, whether you or a loved one have cancer or not (yet). You will find ways to avoid cancer!! You will find the answers that you will never find elsewhere, without years and years of research. I am thankful for this book and recommend it to everyone. GET THIS BOOK! Wish I had it earlier......more info
  • Cancer:Step Outside the Box
    I had terminal cancer and used Ty Bollinger's information on non-toxic supplements and the nutritional information along with triditional medicine. The triditional medicine went only so far. With lots of cancer left I used the information in Ty's book to get rid of the rest of it. If I can do can you.
    Anyone who has cancer, or knows someone with cancer should get this book and read it from cover to cover. I'm alive today because I did.
    ...more info
  • Cancer - Step out of the box
    This book confirms all my misgivings about the way cancer is treated today and what utter sheep we are with the present medical system(s). Thanks for writing it. At this point I am only 1/3 way through. ...more info
  • Cancer Step Outside The Box
    This is a most amazing book, the most truthful and eye opening book I have ever read. This book is very well written,researched, astounding, honest and very informative. For Ty to write a book like this and give the formulas, telephone numbers and e-mails for more info or to confirm all that is written proves Ty has a great heart and is totally honest. This book will help many, many people and give them hope. He should be on the many talk shows or even 60 minuets. I don't think they would have the guts to put Ty on prime time, it would be great....more info
  • Step outside the Box
    I healed my cancer after a poor diagnosis a year and half ago by alternative methods only without chemo or radiation or surgery, and did a lot of research. Recently I stumbled across Ty's book and wish I had done so a year earlier! I can't remember the amount of books I've read now on the subject or the countless studies I've poured over but I have yet to read such an informative, well written and incredibly researched piece of literature on the subject as Step Outside the Box. I cannot recommend it highly enough - well done to Ty and the endless work he must have put into the book. Dayna Bell....more info
  • Practical Application
    The recommendations in this book have helped my brother-in-law thus far in his fight with colon cancer. He was diagnosed at Stage 4 in August of this year and given 3-6 months. The colon cancer protocol included in this book recommended the use of Protocel, which helped reduce his tumor size 50% in the first 3 weeks he used it. In all fairness he is taking chemo along with Protocel (along with zeolites, a de-toxifier), but in their opinion the chemo could not have worked this quickly or to this degree. The allopathic doctors were amazed at his progress, and now are asking him to continue his use of the Protocel. There are a number of useful helps and links in this book as well. Very thorough and well- researched. ...more info
  • Graetest medical and political book I've seen in last 20 years
    I noticed that there is one negative review on this book. I'm almost sure that this person belongs to one of the medical or pharmaceutical "professionals" that are killing people with chemicals instead of helping them (and that applies on many other diseases not just cancer). Anyway, this is a great book. When I have read this book I have already had a good idea how things in pharmaceutical industry work and how little their 'treatments' work by my own research when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. But I was surprised how much more there was still to find out!I wish that EVERYBODY would read it. These few dollars for it just may save your life and bring you out of the dark! I would give it 100 stars not just 5!...more info
  • Too far out of the box.
    This book was not helpful at all. Some of the tips were too rediculous to take serious. I did enjoy the stories of his family but that is not the kind of book I thought I was buying. This book does have good diet advice....more info
  • Cancer-Step Outside the Box
    Anyone diagnosed with cancer needs to read this book about options one can
    take in healing this sickness besides the standard approach of chemo.,
    surgery, or radiation.
    It is well written in easy to understand language without getting to technical....more info
  • Brave and Bold
    Ty Bollinger's book is one of the bravest critiques and commentaries I have read on the discouraging state of affairs for cancer treatment. His is a voice of hope. We need to add our voices to his to make some serious changes in the current collusion of medical and business interests that depends upon a constant supply of patients to support their existence rather than conquering cancer and saving lives....more info
  • Very helpfull!!!
    Ty Bollinger's book was extremely helpful in reading his own personal research on Cancer. I have read many books about alternative cancer treatments and I would personally recommend this book to anyone!! He throughly describes how the cancer industry and the government has suppressed alternative cancer cure. I believe this because doctors are making so much money on chemotherapy rather than curing the patient. He offers information on safe treatments and how to live a more healthy life. This book is superior,step outside the box and read this book, you may learn something!!...more info
  • Simply Enlightening & Life-saving !
    "Cancer: Step Outside the Box" places lots of important information on alternative cancer treatment, nutrition and contemporary lifestyle hazards together and provides a balanced, dependable perspective on each.

    I especially enjoyed and appreciated the read on cancer causes, cancer treatment and nutrition. The voluminous facts and research were well-presented in an amazingly easy-to-read manner. This was of utmost importance to me because my mum, a three-time cancer survivor, was diagnosed with advanced stage three breast cancer and I need quick and accurate information to decide how to fight her cancer this time. In Singapore where surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are always recommended but not forced upon, "Cancer: Step Outside the Box" offered invaluable insightful comprehensive information for our family to decide against chemotherapy and radiotherapy after my mum's surgery. Without this wealth of research and information made available to us, we would not have the courage to go against conventional treatment! We have not regretted our decision since, and my mum is still leading an active and contributive life; healthier too as compared to before her breast cancer prognosis, thanks to the book!

    The wide-ranging topics covered on nutrition and contemporary hazards are not only enlightening, but also offers a what-to-do after disclosing the shocking facts. I especially appreciate the what-to-do as I felt empowered to turn my own and my family's lifestyle around, now knowing what is better or best for us.

    Ty, thank you so much for this wonderful book!...more info
  • Just what I ordered
    I was very pleased with the speed of my shipment and the book was perfect. Thank you....more info
  • Cancer Outside the Box
    This is a very informational book. If you are looking for "non-financial gain driven" information about Cancer, this is a really good book to read. You will most likely be shocked and in disgust with the FDA and the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries by the time you are 20 pages into the book. If you want real answers not based on science and biology, read this book!! ...more info
  • Buy this book before you get cancer
    Although I have been outside the box regarding mainstream medical care all my life (I don't ever recall being given an antibiotic as a child, and I only ever gave one of my children an antibiotic except for the dentist, who did give them a couple of times), and although I have successfully helped myself and my family through small health problems with great success by each time finding natural remedies, the nature of a cancer diagnosis is to throw a person into a state of panic. And at that moment, who will be standing by with great skill and experience to guide you right into their traps but your mainstream medical practitioner? To be sure, I have been vaguely aware of alternative cancer cures and clinics, but I just didn't know much about it. Panic and ignorance would not be a good combination when important decisions need to be made!

    I don't have cancer, nor anyone I know right now, but I am a nurse and I have recently begun to work around a lot of cancer patients. I can certainly attest to the way that cancer patients keep coming back, the remissions don't seem to last, and there are hideous complications from chemo and radiation. Some of the surgeries are pretty ghastly, too. Both chemo and radiation frequently cause new cancers to arise, often years later. How can we be so foolish as to call something a treatment that causes the exact disease it is supposed to cure? I don't think many people know about this, but again, as a nurse I have seen it. Radiation and chemo are highly toxic, and are carcinogenic! Ty Bollinger and the cancertutor guy are not making this up.

    The sad truth is that our entire system, the medical-industrial complex, is not geared to help people live healthy lives, and those who are not willing to do some self learning are just at a great disadvantage. I wish it weren't so, but it is. Because of my job I realized I needed to know more about how to really deal with cancer, and I began searching the net and found some great websites, especially Basically, I think this book and cancertutor are equal, although cancertutor actually is much bigger and has even more info. But there's nothing like a book.
    My fear of cancer has decreased because of the information in this book. I feel ready to deal with it, or able to encourage someone else and point them in the right direction - and not only that but many of the cancer cures are also preventives so you can begin implementing them now and make them part of your life. Also, many good tips for removing causes from your lifestyle.

    The book is quite thorough, including many different possible causes and etiologies of cancer, and has everything you need to get started with alternative treatments, as well as how to do better while receiving regular treatments if you so desire. Just having a vague notion of using natural methods will not be enough if you actually get cancer - you'll need an action plan and part of that plan is knowing why one treatment is better than another for your particular case. It is so easy to get discouraged if you hear of someone who tried natural treatments and didn't make it. This book (and cancertutor) goes into great detail about how and why to choose different treatments based on the severity of your disease, and gives instructions, links, phone numbers. It is a very easy read while containing a huge wealth of new information.

    The only area that is a bit weak is the role that hormones play in women's cancers, and the role of artificial hormones. For that, you can't do better than Dr. John Lee's books, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer/Menopause. Every woman should read these books.

    I hope books like this and the internet will finally cause a medical revolution in this country....more info
  • Great book, a must read for everyone!!!
    I just finished reading Ty's book, Step Outside of the Box, and I must say that it is a GREAT book! This book should be required reading for everyone. If you even think that cancer is somewhere in your future, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to read this book!!

    I especially liked the fact that it was easy to read and I didn't need a professor or a scientist to translate it for me. I think Ty is right on target with his description of the current state of affairs with the Medical establishment and Big Pharma, and their desire to keep patients as customers rather than cure them.

    Tys' coverage of the science behind both the conventional treatments and the alternative treatments is great! There are a lot of books on this topic, but this one does the best job of cataloging the various options and places and people you need for resources.

    I too have had several family members die from cancer, despite (or because of) the best efforts of the medical establishment. These loved ones suffered terribly, died just as terribly, and at great cost. A very poor assessment of the medical establishments "best." I just wish this book had been around several years ago, perhaps some of them would still be here today. And that's the great thing about Ty's book; it provides HOPE with the knowledge that there are other ways to combat cancer and WIN. And in the face of such a terrible disease, everyone needs HOPE!

    A well written book, you should definitely read it!
    ...more info
  • Help for Cancer
    This book has it all! Great reading-I learned so much about preventive and very inexpensive ways to treat cancer....more info
  • Everyone should HAVE to read to book!
    Amazing eye opener! will make you hate the health and food industry and shed a whole new light on cancer treatment!...everyone should read, and own, this book!...more info
  • Excellent Book
    The book is in better condition than described. The content is excellent. Very well researched and documented. Very good resource for anyone needing info on alternative cancer cures....more info
  • The Best Researched Content on Cancer Available
    This book is a must for anyone facing any kind of potential cancer treatment! Thanks Ty...more info
  • Cancer. Step outside the box
    Very informative. Writen from the heart.
    The information is true, more people in this world should read it....more info
  • Easy to Read and Understand. May God Bless this Man!
    Absolutely wonderful. I found this book to be very easy to read and understand.
    Most preventative books have too many large words or programs that are too complicated to understand.
    Ty has brought his life, feelings and research right into the palm of your hands. Well done Ty

    Dan Stanard...more info
  • Riveting
    This is an unbelievable book - which opens your eyes to the brainwashing we have all been subject to. My partner was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 lung cancer March 06 & he's still here. I urge you to look at the alternatives that are out there as convential treatment is not the be all & end all & should be looked at as the last resort. I thoroughlly recommend Chinese medicine & Reiki - & Yes it does work though the authorities will try to convince you it doesn't. Choose the alternative & CHOOSE LIFE - Read the book it could be a life saver....more info
  • A great BOOK
    "Step outside the box" is a great foundation for anyone who is attempting to educate themselves on CANCER.

    There are many books out there, and everyone has a view point. But our family found this to be a great book to start with.

    For anyone sick, read with an open heart, and be thankful there is information out there and the truth is available to find. Bitterness will only work with your sickness.

    ...more info
  • Life-Changing!!!
    I am usually very hesitant when purchasing books that haven't been personally recommended by close friends, family, professors, pastors, and the like. Being that I am a single mother finishing up my degree, I don't have the time, money or space to buy every book that may capture my attention. So, having to go online to start the search in finding a book about alternative cancer treatments (for my mother), was very overwhelming because I wanted the best, but didn't know where to start. I think God was on my side at that moment because the first website I came to was about this book, Cancer:Step Outside The Box. I read all of the reviews, they seemed genuine and so I took the leap, and bought the book. I read it within a week, staying up late into the night, because I just couldn't put it down. It is easy to read, and has so much interesting, beneficial, enlightening, and surprising information that has ignighted a fire and passion within me to tell others of this extremely beneficial knowledge. This knowledge is so powerful, it can and should, change your life for the better. Ty Bollinger has compiled so much information throughout the book, and I love that he gives credit to the sources of the information, right in the chapters with names, website addresses, book titles, and so forth, to make it more convienant. I also like that he puts personal family stories, and gives the credit to God for his inspiration and his life. I just can't say enough about what this book has done for me. I go back to the book alot for references to other books and sites that have just continued to lead me in finding more and more amazing information. I tell everyone I know, actually I think I'm a bit obsessed. That is only because once you read the words, you can just feel that its truth. It will inspire you to change some life habits that can eventually save your life. Knowledge is Power, especially in this case. And to realize the deception in front of our eyes is just heartbreaking, but maybe if enough people become aware then together we can start to change our lives and others'. Thanks Ty!...more info
    WOW!!!! I've seen this book first hand and it is very helpful. After reading it, you'll soon see why drug companies HOPE you never get your hands on it. Ty believes that anyone can be cured from cancer given the appropriate blueprint to follow, and that's exactly what he gives you. It's also very easy for anyone to understand as he puts it in layman's terms. With over 10 years of medical research under his belt, he'll show you how to make the necessary changes to naturally fight cancer using non-toxic methods, unlike radiation & chemotherapy. If you or a loved one are looking for answers, I strongly urge you to check out Cancer - Step Outside The Box immediately. It's already proven to work for countless other people and will continue to do so....more info
  • One of the best books yet on alternative cancer treatments
    I've bought about 10 or more alternative treatment books on cancer and this is one of the best ever. Very complete and a very good resource book.
    Saves you alot of time researching on the internet....more info
  • Absolutely Awesome!!
    A "must" have purchase! Very informative and very helpful with my diagnosis! I can definitely "take charge" of my own health thanks to the information provided. "Outsmart Your Cancer" and "The Breast Stays Put" were also unbelievably helpful!...more info
  • Sorry, no
    I'm mystified by the 5-star reviews. Despite the author's obvious interest in the subject and good intentions, this is really a dreadful book.

    It's verbose and full of italics, bold italics, and exclamation points--the way an amateur writes--and is exhausting to read. Nor has the author ever had or treated cancer himself--it's all based on research. Also, the book is written from a Christian fundamentalist viewpoint that many will not find relevant to a discussion of illness.

    The first few chapters discuss the author's family members who died from cancer. While their deaths are regrettable, the discussion is of limited interest to most readers. The remainder of the first half of the book recounts the (by now, I hope) well-known medical conspiracy regarding cancer treatment. This is okay as far as it goes, but there are better books (e.g., by Ralph Moss and others--a new one comes out every couple of years).

    The last half discusses seven of the supposedly best alternative treatments for cancer--but they're not really "natural" and don't address the symptoms rather than the cause--they just substitute something less toxic than chemo or radiation, typically involving chemicals.

    The author also expresses the belief that some kind of germ causes cancer. If you move up a level of sophistication in your alternative-cancer reading, you may find the toxicity theory more persuasive, as I have in dealing with my own cancer (see Michio Kushi's "Cancer Prevention Diet" and "Macrobiotic Path to Total Health" (and my review of the latter) and Richard Schulze's books--e.g., "There Are No Incurable Diseases").

    The book has an 80-page section on diet and supplements--mostly on supplements, and what it says about diet is superficial and in some cases incorrect.

    For example, it says certain foods fight cancer. This whole approach, favored by the medical establishment, oversimplifies the problem--because cancer is not a disease, it's a sign that the body is out of balance and has been for a long time. What you need to help right the balance depends on which way you're out--too contracted (yin) or too expanded (yang). Just saying "tomatoes fight cancer" or "blueberries fight cancer" is extremely simpleminded (and you should see the full list).

    I suspect people are attracted by the idea of the "seven best cures," but others have their own lists of "best" cures--look on the internet. These are purely arbitrary--and even if you were going to use them, what's "best" for one person may not be for another (even if they have the same kind of cancer), for the reason mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    Looking over the list of seven, I find I've tried a couple in the past: Protocel, which I didn't find helpful (though expensive, and it tastes like rubber tires), and grapes, which made my cancer worse--because they're high in sugar, which feeds the cancer. However, looking at it from the point of view of Chinese medicine, we can understand why: I have skin cancer, which in Chinese terms is yin. Grapes (or any sweets) are also yin, so they aggravate the problem. If your condition is overly cool or expanded, you don't aggravate it by having cooling foods, and conversely for those who are overly hot or contracted.

    I don't spend a lot of time reading cancer books, but I haven't found a one-volume work that adequately covers the issues. Those by Michio Kushi I refer to above are quite good, but they cover only diet. Most people will need herbs too, at least initially. Michael Tierra's "Treating Cancer with Herbs" is good but a little complex for most people to put into action. The best thing would probably be to find a competent herbalist for a consultation (and Tierra also does phone consultations). But diet will take you 80% (or more) of the way. You can (and people do) cure cancer just with diet.

    Finally, the author attempts to debunk several myths about health, which is fine until he gets to the alleged harmfulness of soybeans, as expressed by the adherents of Weston Price. For the counterarguments, see Syd Baumel's review of The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food, among others.

    Save your money and look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Buy This Book!
    On the subject of cancer, "Cancer: Step Outside the Box" offers answers and it offers hope! If your goal is to prevent a diagnosis of cancer from ever coming into your life - you need this book! And if you are someone who is now facing a diagnosis of cancer, regardless of the stage - you need this book! What an all-encompassing overview packed with life-saving information that takes the fear out of a very scary subject.

    I speak from experience, because in 2004, after being diagnosed with a invasive ductile positive estrogen driven breast cancer, I refused all conventional treatment, FIRED my oncologist and experienced a stunning recovery with Protocel, a highly effective alternative treatment that Ty Bolinger covers in the "Top 7 Cancer Treatments for Stage IV Cancer" chapter of "Cancer: Step Outside the Box." My choice to recover with this economical, non-toxic treatment in the comforts of my home, without cutting, burning and/or mutilation, came from years of arming myself with fact-based research that told me in no uncertain terms if I were ever to face a diagnosis of cancer I wanted no part of what conventional medicine had to offer. And from what I know, and because of what I experienced personally in my recovery in dealing with the medical world, I call tell you first hand that "Cancer: Step Outside the Box" is an accurate, honest, well-written assessment of the dark side of the industry that's been built around cancer. A factual word-picture describing what, I'm sure, the AMA, FDA, Big Pharma and the NCI would rather no one ever tell you about.

    Cancer industry profits are second only to the petrochemical industry in this country and Bolinger's assessment of the conditioning and propaganda we are bombarded with daily is not only spot-on, but refreshingly eye-opening in a world where for so long we have been conditioned to believe, "If it wasn't true they couldn't say it." There was a time when it was illegal to advertise pharmaceuticals over the airwaves, now Big Pharma owns the networks and the AMA, FDA, and NCI are loving it - because they are all in bed together. Their sole objective is to get you and I to believe there is only one way to approach health issues and disease in this country. THEIR way. They want us to believe that everyone involved in so-called "modern medicine" has only our best interest in mind, but as Bolinger peels back the layers of the conventional world of medicine, and their barbaric procedures when it comes to cancer treatment, the disturbing truth emerges - and it's not a pretty picture! I especially love how Bolinger is not afraid to tell it like it is, dropping one factual "bombshell" after another throughout the pages of "Cancer: Step Outside the Box." You will find yourself experiencing one "A-Ha!" moment after another, which has to be part of the reason that out of the 85 reviews "Cancer: Step Outside the Box" has received on Amazon to date - 79 of them are 4 and 5 star!

    The easy to read and comprehend "Cancer: Step Outside the Box" doesn't just stop there. Bolinger manages to cover it all, from treatments for the various stages of cancer to how to avoid ever getting it to begin with; what to eat, what to avoid; what to bring into your home and what to get out of it. You'll discover answers to questions you may have never thought to ask about cancer, such as, "What are some of the top cancer fighting supplements I can take to arm myself with prevention? Want is Cachexia? What's wrong with fluoride or high fructose corn syrup? What's a phthalate, and why are our cosmetics full of them?"
    My hats off to this author. What an informative, thorough, accurate life-saving read. It's all there - just bring your highlighter and prepare to be enlightened!

    Pamela D. Hoeppner[...]
    ...more info
  • a must read for everyone
    This is a facinating and eye opening book. Its a must read for
    anyone who is concerned about their or their loved ones health.
    I would tell anyone who was dealing with cancer, to read this book
    asap. My only wish was that the information in the dsmo/cesium chloride protocal was organized and edited a little better. I purchased the book
    to save my dog who has lymphoma....more info
  • The best book on cancer ever!
    I have numerous books dealing with cancer. "Cancer:Step Outside the Box" is by far the best book written on the subject. It is all the good information combined into one book and then some. I have bought numerous copies for friends and familly. As far as I'm concerned, anybody who criticizes this book is mental.

    ...more info
  • cancer, step outside the box
    This book is amazing, really easy to read, and makes you step up to the mark and take notice of what you want to do with your choices regarding the outcome of your cancer. All very straight forward without medical terms and i feel as though i have made an informed choice because of this book. ...more info
  • Great to get you started, but too undifferentiated at times.
    Since my mother got diagnosed with a stage III melanoma in april this year that has turned into stage IV after she underwent surgery and was treated with interferon, i got very interested in alternative oncology.

    the pro's
    If the subject of cancer is new to you, and it probably is if you've never had someone close to you diagnosed with it, then this is a great book to start with. It takes you behind the scenes of pharmaindustry and its huge influence on the FDA and other organizations. Unfortunately the world we live in really seems to be governed by money itself.
    It's only logical that the treatments for patients are selected for economical reasons in the first place - which often are not the best choice for the patient. Bollinger cites many examples of corruption behind the scenes which i think are very likely to be true.
    If only 10% of what he cites is true, then you'll still ask yourself if you're _really_ getting the best possible treatment, or not.
    The second part of the book is about 7 highly effective treatments for stage IV cancer. these are well explained and except for two all have been new to me. The other parts of the book are about stage III treatments, nutrition and what to avoid.

    Since two months my mother is treated by an alternative oncologist here in austria. This doctor is treating my mother with many of the concepts and remedies that are presented in this book - and so far it has proven effective: the spreading of the cancer stopped since a few weeks, which is a supreme success considering the seriousness of my mother's disease (stage IV melanoma that has spread to the lungs.)
    So again if you're new to the "global cancer scene" then this is a good starting point, clearly laid out, easy to read with most of the important info included:
    - why the big 3's (operation, chemo, radiation) of conventional medicine
    won't work. I've seen myself that they won't work.
    - the reasons why they're still used (which are purely economical)
    - what other options you have - some of them highly effective.
    - what else to do and where to go to get treated well.

    So why only three stars? (I'd give it 3.5, which would be 7 of 10)

    - it's too undifferentiated.

    while i think it's true that the methods presented can be effective
    for some types of cancer they will not be for others. bollinger fails to differentiate. while i would treat testicular cancer with insulin potentiation, it will certainly not heal a stage IV melanoma, simply because there's no chemotherapy that is effective with melanoma (Insulin potentiation involves small amounts of chemo that are potentiated. if the chemo isn't effective, the potentiaton can't be either)
    In my eyes, that's his main flaw: he fails to point out what kind of therapy is effective fot which kind of cancer and what isn't. this information would be _very_ important to include, in my opinion.
    He writes about Stage IV cancer as if there were no differences to be made.

    - poor writing style.
    although easy to read there are many mistakes that could have been avoided simply by having an editor read the book. i thought it was extremly sloppy at times and i am no native speaker myself.
    Also unfortunately his quoting and sources are often terrible. Too often he will cite his close fried webster kehr, adding a link to his website.
    websites in general are no good sources. and webster himself doesn't quote sources that are to be trusted either... by the way his friend webster kehr claims to have proven that einstein's theory of relativity is wrong.... you decide what to think.
    i think its ridiculous.
    too often he quotes journalists and includes links to websites and too rarely he tells you about alternative oncologists that are authorities and have written scientific articles themselves.

    After all i still think it's great he wrote the book, it gave me some insights. i share his opinion: if you have cancer yourself, go behind the scenes and become an expert on the subject, do not trust conventional medicine, that system is too heavily controlled by pharma and go find a good alternative onlogist, if possible the best in your area.

    so to everyone who has cancer, or know someone who has that they care about: there is hope, if you go do the right thing. and this hope _is_ justified. ...more info
  • This book is amazing, a great gift from God.
    We purchased this book about 1 and half months ago. Our daughter was diagnosised with liver cancer. As a cancer survivor my self, we knew we did not want her to go through traditional treatments. We looked long and hard for the right alternative treatment to use and found this amazing book with all the information compiled into one volume with all the web sites that we needed to get more information from, in the book.
    We choose to use apricot seeds and the results have been wonderful. For 11 months our daughter was not able to care for her 2 beautiful boys or even clean her house. After we started treatment, which was very hard on her physically and mentally, she was able to clean her house 2 weeks later. She called and said that she was afraid to get her hopes up, because every time she had a good day before, she would be sick again the next day. It did not happen this time and has regained her energy slowly. She has been helping put up sheds for the horses and fencing property and she is able to care for her children and play with them. She is gaining a small amount of wieght and the dark circles under her eyes are gone.
    She recieved her first set of lab work back and the numbers have improved and she will recieve the next set next week. We will keep you posted on her progress. We are so blessed to have been able to help our daughter using alternative medicine and she has not had to suffer the side effects of traditional medicine. We know with the proper diet, she will be able to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
    Ann and Brian ...more info
  • Cancer Survivor
    I give Ty's book a 5 star rating because "Cancer Step Outside The Box" saves lives,it saved my life and the lives of two of my email friends.Had
    I known about the book earlier there is a likely chance some of my close mates could still be alive today and the reason I say this is simply that
    if the protocols in Tys book worked for me it can work for all,everyone!!
    To me Ty is a lighthouse battling away to help us cancer sufferers beat cancer and he is doing a wonderful job despite being attacked by the low life critics,the skeptics and the maggots who live off the demise of cancer patients.Ty's book the 3rd edition is great he deserves a medal because not only is the information priceless but the book can be bought at a low price and Ty is always available by email I mean just how many authors can you contact anytime by email. I think we all are blessed to have someone like Ty Bollinger he is like a beacon in a storm for us cancer patients.GO and purchase his book its full of much priceless information,it has the proven potential to save lives its a great book...more info


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