8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back: Natural Posture Solutions for Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Knee, and Foot (Remember When It Didn't Hurt)

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  • Transformational Work!
    Ether's method has transformed my approach to my own long-term back pain therapy. I have herniated lumbar disks, in addition to tight gluteus medius and piriformis that have contributed to chronic sciattica over the past 5 years. I have employed many forms of therapy, including PT, massage, Yoga, inversion, Feldenkrais and others. All have helped, but when a friend told me about Esther's book, I was intrigued to try a new approach. Within 3 hours of integrating Esther's method of stretchsitting (did this while reading the book), I felt a tremendous improvement in my pain level. This was especially significant to me, since at the time, I was 2 weeks away from an epidural cortisone injection - my overall pain level had become unbearable. I worked on the other 8 steps over that time period and was able to cancel the procedure because after 2 weeks I was 95% pain-free. This work has been the single most transformational therapy for my back pain. It has given me an entirely new way of looking at my posture in every-day activities, as well as all of the athletics I participate in. I feel so strongly about Esther's method, as a massage therapist, I'm going to become certified to teach her method to help my own clients. Esther's research and structure of her book make it easy to understand and integrate. Thanks Esther for your insightful, common-sense approach to posture and body mechanics. ...more info
  • It works
    I love going to collegiate athletic events, but my back used to kill me after about half an hour on the bleachers. Using stack-sitting as described in the Gokhale method, I can now sit comfortably through the whole game, and even overtime!
    ...more info
  • Relief at Last
    Review of 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale
    By David Riggs

    8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back shows readers how to overcome back pain through better posture. Gokhale's revolutionary approach features a highly original blend of user-friendly exercises, physiological expertise, and in-depth historical analysis. Users will not only experience pain-relief; they will also understand why they feel so much better. The potential applications of this book are enormous. Because the Gokhale method is a holistic program for returning the body to its natural posture, her system reaches out beyond the epidemic of back pain to address dozens of other multoskeletal maladies including repetitive stress injuries and pain of the neck, foot, knee, shoulders, and hip.

    The book guides the reader through a series of disarmingly simple changes in posture that take up eight one-hour sessions. These movements involve an anteverted pelvis and use the muscles to decompress the spine, support motion, protect the joints and bones, reduce stress, and improve circulation. The relief comes right away. Unlike most back-pain books, this one does not require any special equipment, cumbersome physical exercises, expertise in Yoga or Pilates, or changes in diet or daily routine. Instead, the steps are designed to integrate easily into everyday life. One can perform them while sleeping, driving, walking, sitting in a meeting, standing in line, or bending over to pick up an object.

    Gokhale begins by asking why the epidemic of back pain has been largely confined to adults living in Europe and North America during the twentieth century. Using history and anthropology, she leads her readers through a series of key factors, culminating in the French fashion industry during the 1920's, that encouraged a tucked pelvis and habitual slouching. To counter this trend, she reproduces and analyzes over a thousand high-quality photographs and pictures of infants, and of men and women from Africa, Asia, South America, rural Europe, and from pre-industrial societies, together with many anatomical drawings. These images provide incontrovertible proof of the author's fundamental claim that the way out of back pain leads back to the body's natural posture.

    This wise and beautiful book reaches out to an enormous readership. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back will prove an invaluable asset to all of those who deal with back pain in their daily practices: neurologists, physical therapists, physiatrists, general practitioners, and of course the patients themselves. It appeals to a wider audience concerned with alternative medicine, anthropology, art, and fashion. It holds special interest for professional and weekend athletes, yoga and dance instructors, frequent flyers, manual laborers, gardeners, and other hobbyists at high risk for back pain. It should be required reading for anyone who has an aching back and wants to avoid needless and expensive medical procedures like surgery....more info
  • This Book Helps!
    Esther Gokhale's book is one self-help book that really helps. I got the book as soon as it first came out and immediately began using the sections on "Stretchsitting" and "Stretchlyhing." My back which has multiple problems began to feel better as soon as I began stretching it according to Gokhale's method. I had done several courses in physical therapy and, although it helped overall, I learned that some of the exercises they had me do were not helpful because they aggravated my problems. The book makes sense. My problems were caused by years of poor posture. I thought that at age 69 it was too late to do anything about it. Esther Gokhale tells me it's not too late and that I can get better by incorporating her method into my daily routines. My back is clearly feeling better!

    ...more info
  • Excellent Resource, Esther is a Master
    "8 Steps" is an amazing, beautiful resource. Ester offers classes on her technique in Palo Alto, CA, and I have been fortunate to attend in person. Esther's grace, knowledge, generosity and kindness are remarkable. This book's simple techniques are easy, do not take up any extra time in your day and bring rest to overworked and troubled areas. This book is NOT LIMITED to helping with just back pain, all parts of your body (including shoulders, knees and feet) will benefit. I have tried Yoga, Pilates, two M.D.'s, Rolfing, ice, other books, physical therapy, all consuming hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. For less than $20 I am finally seeing the results I have sought via other avenues. Well, well worth the money.
    Esther Gokhale's website:
    http://www.8stepstoapainfreeback.com/...more info
  • Excellent therapy!
    This author is truly a pioneer in back therapy. The book is jam-packed with interesting photos that illustrate how far the typical American has regressed from the healthy backs seen in more primitive cultures. Learning one new step each week has made a significant improvement in the level of discomfort I normally feel. I recommend this book to anyone who struggles with back issues or wishes to prevent them.

    Christine Danella, Author
    Tender Points: A Fibromyalgia Memoir ...more info
  • My sciatic pain is gone
    Amazing how a few corrections in posture can make such difference. The Gokhale Method has changed my life. My hips, back and sciatic are not hurting anymore. The method is fully detailed in the book, with images and explanations that when you see them, all you can say is "that makes a lot of sense". ...more info
  • Align Your Body, Not Only Your Wheels
    8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back is such an extraordinary, concise, clearly understandable "guide" book that anyone/everyone can achieve a strong, healthy frame to carry them from childhood to 90+years. Personal experience has clearly demonstrated to me the many diseases and procedures of our current culture herniated discs, sciatica, hip and knee replacements, and inflamed joints, to name several can be significantly reduced or eliminated by proper skeletal alignment. Moreover, the feelings of enhanced self-worth associated with an erect,relaxed, aligned posture are profound. A challenge for today's parents is their responsibility to assure that one's children can overcome the counterproductive cultural norms regarding furniture, clothing, trends.This book clearly will help parents address that challenge....more info
  • Great resource
    I have read the book and been coached by Esther in person. Her photographs of people from developing countries, 19th century Americans and babies are convincing that her recommended ways of sitting, walking, bending, standing and sleeping are the way to go. It is still too early to notice major improvements in my posture, but I feel more informed at the very least. ...more info
  • pain free back
    Excellent book--very helpful photos and demonstrations. Descriptions very also very helpful. Recommmend this to anyone with back pain....more info
  • The best (only?) method to improve your posture, that actually works!
    This book is a must read for anyone who currently has, or will have, back pain. I have heard from several sources that I needed to improve my posture, but nobody could tell me how to actually do it. This common sense approach can actually be implemented (with a bit of practice), without constantly tense muscles to hold your new position. This approach is safe, relatively easy, and a very low risk approach to reducing back pain. You aren't likely to hear about this method through conventional MDs, DCs, PTs, etc. Buy the book, it is a small investment in what could be a solution to you back pain problems. ...more info
  • Back pain be gone
    New reasoning on back pain and how to stop it. Lot's of pictures and exlanations with loads of examples of cultures with no back pain. A wonderful lecturer also, I've heard. Esther is changing our posture on back health. A must read. ...more info
  • Wow! Is right!
    Wow! Is right! After 42 years of slouching while sitting and standing I was pretty sure that my bad posture was genetic and that I'd never be able to change it. Since I was in grade school I have never been able to stand or sit comfortably and now I know why. I wasn't doing it correctly. My mechanics were bad. If you look around, many people in this society appear to have the same problem. Bad posture is everywhere.

    By looking at people and cultures with good posture, Esther has figured out what the basic steps are for most anyone to achieve better posture. Her simple and effective mechanics-driven posture techniques work great. Simply by repositioning my body to her specifications in chairs, in bed or while standing has radically changed my thinking on posture. I think she is right: you're not born to bad posture you learn it. What is really cool is how easy it is to fix bad posture and learn good posture. For me the lessons were somewhat counterintuitive, but once I tried a few of them I knew that Esther was on to something. The book provides wonderful real life images and examples of good and bad posture. There are also relevant figures depicting the spine, etc. to illustrate her points.

    I no longer wake up with a stiff low back that takes half an hour to unwind. I wake up limber and refreshed. I no longer slouch every time I sit and fight muscle strain by constant fidgeting and repositioning. I am now working the proper posture techniques into my daily life with great success. I also feel like I've found a sustainable way to use my for the next 40 years, where before I read the book I felt like I was wearing out my back way too soon. It feels right and looks great (no more hump when I bend over!). If you are considering surgery for pain relief or posture correction read this book first.
    ...more info
  • 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back
    I've had physical therapy, facet injections by a renown physiatrist and researcher in the lumbar spine, and chiropractic manipulation to help relieve the pain in my lower spine. But this book has given me the precise knowledge to properly sit, stand, walk, lie down, and bend at the hip. The book has given me the tools to begin the journey to wellness and to remain in a healthy relationship with my lower back. I am not only fortunate to have read her book but fortunate to have taken her 6-week class reinforcing the precepts of the book. I feel empowered that by learning her methodology I can heal myself....more info
  • 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back
    What a great book! "8 Steps to a Pain Free Back", is easy to read and very visual. The book has detailed instructions with good illustrations and beautiful photographs. My husband and I took the Gokhale Method course. We have both found it extremely beneficial and we now use the Method daily.
    Thank you Esther for writing this book as it will benefit many people, helping them to be pain free.

    ...more info
  • Not clear enough to be useful
    Esther Gokhale's program may well be effective when done properly, but I found it too difficult to understand from simply reading this book. The difference between a "right" and "wrong" way of sitting isn't always clear from the pictures, and even when it's possible to practice in front of a mirror I often can't tell if I'm following the instructions correctly. In a number of places, too, I think the verbal instructions leave a bit to be desired.

    The one thing I have learned from this book is the importance of good posture - even if I'm still not quite sure from it what constitutes good posture - and consequently I have made an effort to stop slumping, but unfortunately this hasn't done anything for my back pain....more info
  • Good book on posture
    Definitely a good book on posture and a more interesting approach to the subject. I was first intrigued by watching her Google book talk on youtube. All the postures felt pretty good, with the exception of the neck alignment. It's interesting how some of them went against what I was doing in my yoga practice. The diagrams and motions could be a bit more detailed and I wish there was a little more detail into the research she did and the biomechanics behind the postures. This is definitely true for the neck, which she doesn't cover very thoroughly.
    I'm a late twenties male with back, neck, and leg pain/numbness that has inexplicably gone on for the past 1.5 years (otherwise healthy and fit). I've tried several different things including buying a number of books. I'd rate this as moderately helpful. To those in my position, I'd recommend giving it a try. I'd also recommend picking up one of Dr. Sarno's books while you're at it....more info
  • Simple Method to Relieve Back Pain
    As someone who has suffered with unresolved back pain for the past decade, I found Esther Gokhale's book, 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, a welcome read.

    Gokhale's main thesis is that over time, American culture has not supported those methods of walking, sitting, standing and reclining, which sustain the skeletal structure and healthy back functioning. By studying various pain-free cultures throughout the world, Gokhale arrived at an eight point system that supports healthy back function.

    Gokhale believes one of the most important factors in alleviating back is through healthy posture and movement. Her method helps individuals relearn every day actions such as sitting, sleeping, walking and bending, so that the actions protect and support natural posture and patterns of movement.

    The book combines simple instructions with many color illustrations, which make learning the information easy and fun. If you or a loved one suffers from back pain, this book can provide the relief needed.
    ...more info
  • Be Gokhalesque!
    Esther Gokhale has done everyone a favor by making the Gokhale Method available in a book. The book is clear, well documented through beautiful photographs and illustrations, and is true to the information given in her classes.

    Does the Gokhale Method work? My 16 year old would offer an enthusiastic YES! Eight months of working with top notch doctors and physical therapists only exacerbated his injury. We were told to seek alternative approaches and fortunately found Esther. By learning to sit, stand and move in ways that took pressure off the disc, healing could finally begin. And it did! It is wonderful to see him competing in sports again.
    In our household, living without back pain has meant learning to be Gokhalesque.

    ...more info
  • Significant reduction in lower back pain
    I purchased the book and practiced (still do) the eight steps and find that I can walk, sit, and swim better as a result and have purchased and recommended the for a number of people.

    John Fishbein, Ph.D....more info
  • My back is feeling better already!
    My back is feeling better already & I have just started to practice some of the great tips in this remarkable book. One of the first things that struck me was that all those times my grandmother told me to "stand up straight" and "stop slumping" were really right on target.

    I love my chiropractor, but this book will help me to keep myself in better shape in-between visits as well as keeping me from having so many problems. I found I can open Esther Gokhale's book to any page and just start reading and doing what is suggested.

    An added bonus is also the many colorful pictures. Every technique is also illustrated fully and easily understood either through the wording or the pictures alone I showed this book to both my chiropractor and my acupuncturist and they both are now recommending it to some of their clients.

    Want to feel better? Then you need to have this book on your night stand to use every day!
    ...more info
  • Esther the Legend
    I read Esther's book in 2 days and promptly contacted her at her Palo Alto office. I signed up with my 17 year old son for her class. My high school son hurt his back by improperly lifting weights. He had missed the first 3 weeks of his beloved track season,and I was feeling his pain! I was amazed how simple the techniques gave immediate results! After 2 weeks of Esther's class, my son was back on the track running full speed.
    I especially enjoy practicing hip hinging as I garden without pain. I love to walk so I now glide walk every where I go. I can now spot bad posture immediately and realize that used to be me!
    Esther, thank you for what you have done for my family. You truly are a legend in our home!!
    ...more info
  • Everyone should have this book!
    I am fortunate to have taken the course that Esther teaches based on this book. But with just the book alone, I found techniques I could easily work into my daily life that relieved neck and shoulder pain and eliminated my tension headaches. Easy to follow, beautifully illustrated with photos and drawings - the book you'll go back to time and time again and share with friends and family for years to come....more info
  • Apparently you CAN reverse time
    I discovered Esther Gokhale in youtube and was completely amazed: By following her short simple instructions I suddenly found myself sitting not only painlessly for the first time in 14 years, but also so very COMFORTABLY.

    But after I got the book and followed the detailed instructions, I found out that I missed the most important thing about her "stretchsitting" technique: When done correctly, it's not just painless and comfortable; it's actually HEALING. In a few short days my pain was gone even when not stretchsitting, but doing other things. In just a few days I got rid of the pain I felt since my first childbirth, a pain that got worse through the years, and now was suddenly just GONE.

    As I continued working through the book, I learned to change poses and activities that used to strain and wear my back, to ones that no only don't damage it but actually heal and strengthen it. I felt like I was reversing the effects of gravity and time!

    The 8 steps start with how we spend most of our time: sitting (eg in front of a computer or driving) and lying (eg in sleep). It explains how to do these everyday things in way that heals the back, so it doesn't require any special time or exercises - just changing how we do what we do anyway.
    It continues by teaching how do protect the back in activities that strain strain it the most: physical activity or carrying loads (like little children), standing and bending. (It actually made bending feel pleasant!)
    The last lesson is walking, where the book shows how to replace a walk that damages the spine by making a small fall in every step, with "glidewalking" that doesn't include any falls, only a gentle healthy workout.

    The book wonderfully combines the theoretical with the practical: The theoretical explanations are both enlightening and beautiful (oh, the pictures!), and they tie right into the clear and detailed practical instructions.

    I do have one warning though:
    Yesterday I showed a friend how to stretchsit, and she exclaimed "Hey! My breasts are showing!"
    And that's just the first step, before learning to use your abs for straightening your back and you buttocks muscles for walking...
    So by going through the 8 steps, you might suddenly find yourself more sexy. Be warned!...more info
  • Book
    So far I haven't read the book, but have scanned through it and it looks very helpful with the pictures....more info
  • Esther CURED ME!!
    I hurt my low back in a lifting incident and spend weeks in and out of chiropractors. I was introduced to her book was imediately compelled to sign up for her class. She taught me a lot, and I basically relearned how to function on a daily basis. Her amount of knowledge and information is uncomparable. The book is easy to follow with many pictures(just the way i like books) and step-by-step instructions. Her class was easy to follow and it follows along exactly with the book. I would reccoment this book and esther's classes to anyone who is in pain, or even just wants to better their posture to avoid bad habits and injuries.
    -Laurence ...more info
  • a great book that is easy to use
    Esther's approach to moving our bodies is revolutionary and ancient. She has truly created a gift through her many years of researching and perfecting such a simple program to help eliminate back pain. In addition to her book, I attended her 6-week course, and the results are astounding! In 5 years of chronic back pain and countless different approaches to find relief, her method is the only one that has made a sustainable difference. Anyone with or without back pain can benefit from this book....more info
  • If you don't have back pain, you should still read this book
    Don't let the title mislead you. I don't have back pain (or neck, shoulder, hip, knee, foot pain), but this book was still very useful to me.

    This book helps me sit more comfortably at work for longer periods of time. My back feels great because my spine is getting a nice stretch out of sitting. Learning how to elongate my neck and release tension in my neck muscles makes it feel a lot better too, whereas before, I would feel tight and cramped in my neck after working on my computer for a while. Also, sitting on a stool, on the floor, or any place that doesn't have a backrest, is easy to do now. I no longer have to force my body to "sit up straight". I can sit tall with my muscles completely relaxed-- so much so that when I breathe, my back feels like it's getting a massage!

    After following the directions for Stretchlying in the book, I've found that I sleep more deeply, don't wake up in the middle of the night, wake up in the morning in the same position I went to sleep in, and feel so much more refreshed. I had no idea that my posture played such an important role in the quality of my sleep . . .

    I've been surprised at the ways the techniques in this book benefit my running. I'm able to run more comfortably, longer without getting as tired, and faster. Amazing.
    ...more info
  • Great spine/biomechanics book, not just for backs
    This book has been very helpful to me, not just for the back, but also for my hip, knee, and feet. This is a beautifully illustrated and designed book, with very clear directions and explanations, using many diagrams, photographs, and visualization techniques to move the body as a whole, integrated unit.Included are sections on sitting, standing, walking and sleeping. There are also sections on helpful exercises and stretches, and troubleshooting guides with each chapter.
    The sections on hinge-bending and the anteverted pelvis were especially helpful. You can watch a 53 min. talk by the author on youtube by looking up her name. Another good book on this subject is one by Stuart McGill, but it is much more scientific and doesn't address walking, sleeping, feet and knees. Esther's book is much more user-friendly with the same science and more anthropology to back up her method. ...more info
  • Not a Typical Self Help Book
    I have read numerous self-help books and few, if any, had a lasting impact on my life. I read the Introduction to "8 Steps..." in a coffee shop while waiting to be served and applied some of the simple principles on the drive home. I experienced back relief immediately. Next day I bought "8 Steps..." and have applied simple steps as I go through each day... driving, walking, sitting and sleeping. My back hasn't felt this comfortable since 1989.
    There is no secret... just compare Ms. Gokhale's picture of the average American spine published in a 1920 medical journal with the spine published in a recent medical journal. We've been taught incorrect posture. Ms. Gokhale has merely looked into history and observed cultural changes over the years to identify the cause for our back pain.
    Her solutions are simple to apply (and our own backs will remind us to apply the principles of "8 Steps...").
    This is not hype... it works. If you have any back pain, buy this book....more info
  • A better back for better riding
    After years of coping with a tender back following my almost daily horseback riding, Esther Gokhale's program has been a boon. I find my posture in the saddle has improved--no longer unintentionally leaning to one side or the other. My legs more easily wrap around my horse giving me more security when jumping fences.Engaging my "inner corset", as explained in the book in great detail, has helped prevent the jarring of the lower back when landing after a fence.
    Since I plan to continue to ride for many more years, protecting my back is of great importance. Esther's class and book give me the tools to do this comfortably.

    Nancy Hoffman
    Los Altos Hills, Ca ...more info
  • The Gokhale Method is the answer for stately posture and back comfort!
    Esther Gokhale has effectively and clearly transferred her method of posture and back improvement from her class content into a very readable book. I cannot recall ever having seen a book of exercises or techniques with such clear, thorough and well-illustrated content. A very effective teacher, she bases her techniques on years of study and research into the human body and how various peoples around the world effectively and gracefully hold and move their bodies while maintaining a stately posture. Persons of many cultures work and use their bodies well into old age while seldom experiencing back pain or injury. Esther clearly explains and beautifully illustrates the steps we can take, all day long, to retrain our bodies to move with similar grace and ease. I am privileged to attend a current session of The Gokhale Method classes, and I have been helped from day #1. Thank you Esther!...more info
  • Back to Basics
    I first encountered Esther Gokhale's method a few years ago and subsequently took her class myself. I am a physician in practice for almost 25 years and of course have taken care of many patients with back, neck and joint problems, not to mention the increasingly prevalent "over-use" injuries. I am convinced that our "modern" posture has played a big role in this. Esther's program is a return to our "traditional" way of sitting, standing, walking, carrying, bending etc. I have referred over 80 patients to her program, people ranging in age from teenagers to over 85 and they have all benefitted greatly. I am so delighted she has published her findings and method in this wonderful book which makes it possible to share this information world-wide. Once you become aware of what "good posture" looks like and how much it benefits our entire body you will be convinced too. And the best part, it is also very attractive, makes you taller, slimmer, improves your energy and self-esteem! It doesn't require any special equipment and is incorporated in all activities of daily living. It re-conncects you with your ancestors and a "natural" way of life. ...more info
  • Musicians should get this book
    This is a beautifully photographed, clearly written and the most useful self help book I have ever read. I found the exercises easy to understand and immediately useful and therapeutic.
    For musicians, this book could be a central tool in developing an efficient, ergonomic and pain free technique on their instruments.
    The best players are those who (among other things) use their physique efficiently, properly mapping their technique to the body's structure, absent of muscular strain and injury from muscle groups working at cross purposes.
    This book will help you.

    ...more info
  • Pain Free Indeed
    Pain in the morning getting out of bed.... Pain everytime standing up after sitting for more than 5 miniutes..... Pain is gone after practising Esther Gokhale, lessons!!!!! What more can I say? Buy the book/take the classes....more info
  • A Wonderful Help
    This book is dedicated "To the millions of people who suffer needlessly from back pain." Anybody in that category knows what they'd give to become--and stay--pain-free.

    To my mind, here's a great book to help. Esther Gokhale offers natural posture solutions for pain in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. The book consists of eight lessons, meticulously explained, with beautiful illustrative photographs. Half of this large book consists of photos--many of people in non-Western societies standing, walking and bending in natural and harm-free ways. Everything discussed is illustrated--so nothing is too hard to understand.

    How we sit, how we stand, bend, sleep--all are vital to our comfort and health. When we learn to maintain correct posture, we'll find we're moving out of the realms of misery, and into a situation of relief and health.

    I really liked this book. There is just enough science for me to understand what my posture is doing to my body, and just enough explanation for me to understand what I can do to make things better. Changing habits is not automatic, of course--I know it takes time before the new ways feel natural. But when there's a blueprint before me, if I have any motivation, I can practise and learn what's healthy.

    If you're looking for some relief, get this book. You will learn a lot--and you'll be so glad you did....more info
  • I Can Smile Again! Real and Lasting Relief!
    When I found Ester's book I had been in serious pain for three months. My doctors gave me Vicadin and then morphine to control the pain, but I still wasn't smiling. I tried exercise, no exercise, special exercise, a ton of money on chiropractors, massage and acupuncture and I still felt limited and unable to smile and enjoy life. I tried an epidural injection and felt somewhat better, but then I found this book. The logical and simple process has given me my life back. After just a couple a weeks I felt real relief and have canceled a second injection in my back that was scheduled. With Ester's book I hope to avoid future episodes and be able to move onto the "rest of my life". ...more info
  • The surprisingly simple help for my ever worsening hip pain
    I had always been healthy and active, riding my bicycle, hiking, gardening and was very flexible. To my dismay I began to have pains in my right hip after some fairly vigorous gardening. It got worse and worse as time passed and I tried everything. First a standard exercise class with stretching and some weight work. It helped a bit for a while but the annoying pain in my right hip came back repeatedly. Then I tried a massage therapist that worked on loosening my joints. I would feel better for a bit and then an exertion, like bicycling, made it worse again.
    Next I went to a chiropractor. She exuded confidence and assured me that aligning my body would work wonders. She also had me using cold packs and doing various exercises of the usual sort; stretching and bending. Some of them hurt too much to do and I quit. Then another friend suggested an excellent acupuncturist. He was a Chinese immigrant and was reputed to work wonders. He never explained what he was doing but it was relaxing and I would fall asleep with the needles in my body and wake up relaxed and feeing better. but in a day or two the pain came back and stayed.
    Now I tried supplements; pain gone in two days, feel like a new body, the end to your pain forever, cure your pain like magic, etc. None of these worked at all.
    Meanwhile I was limping so badly from the pain that even walking through the grocery store became difficult. People who had not seen me for a while looked shocked and asked what was wrong. Quite a few people told me I needed to get a hip replacement; that it worked wonders and the pain would be gone. I did not want to get cut up and have plastic and metal in my hips.
    Then I saw Esther's book in the local health food store. I did not even look at it the first few times as it was for back problems, not hips. Finally I picked it up and began to look at it. It was amazing; lots of pictures of primitive peoples with beautiful posture that looked a little strange to me. However they apparently did not suffer from back problems. There were explicit directions to put your body in a position for comfortable sleep or sitting. I realized that I needed to buy this book and study it.
    The very first night it was helpful. I tried the 'stretch sleep' pose on my back. To my amazement it felt very comfortable and I even fell asleep on my back which I never do. Eventually I woke and went back to my usual side position. To my amazement my hip did not hurt in the morning as it usually did. Reading the book some more I found the diagram I needed. It showed the bones of the hip socket and thigh bone in the correct and also in a misaligned position. With the proper posture it would be aligned and not hurt. After only two weeks I am beginning to feel much better and am convinced that this is the answer to my quest.
    I cannot recommend this book too highly. It is a magnificent book with clear illustrations, clearly written, with explicit and precise directions and it is changing my life in a way I had never dared to expect. I cannot thank her enough for all her work, effort, and care in writing this book and helping so many people become healthy, strong, relaxed, and pain free all their lives. ...more info
  • The book I've been waiting for my whole life
    I've had weak core muscles for years and mild scoliosis, and have tried various exercise videos and always suffered more and different pain from doing the exercises than I had before. (See which back pain books have five stars, and those are the ones I have read and tried. I won't detract them here.) By showing proper posture in people from many different cultures, Esther Gokhale undeniably convinces the reader that there are better ways to bend, sit, and stand. I've been using her ideas in her book for five weeks now in combination with exercises from my physical therapist. He glanced through the book and said, "Yeah, bracing [using the inner corset] is what we tell everyone to do all the time." I haven't felt this good in years. I think the combination of PT and this book is what helped me, and I am grateful to our Lord for bringing this book to my attention when He did.

    If you only get one back pain book or posture book, make it this one. (Anyone want to buy some slightly used copies of ......... [the many books I have bought that only helped some, or didn't help at all]?)...more info
  • What a Delight
    Aside from the value of the science and practice discussed in this great book, it is also a delight to look through. The photos of "native" peoples, who know how to stack their bones correctly, inspired me to learn how to stack my bones using the natural intelligence that is so easy to forget in our hard driving lives. The clear explanations combined with the beautiful photos make this a how to book that really provides useable tools for improving the way we live in our bodies....more info
  • 8 Steps to a Pain Free Back
    Well I have read two other books on this same subject but this seems to be the one that offers the most practical application of alignment principles. For example, I would be fine during the day but in the morning I would wake up stiff and sometimes in pain. Well this book has sections dedicated to sleeping positions (on back and on side). The first day that I tried these positions I woke up the next morning without any stiffness.

    There are also sections on sitting, standing and walking alignment....more info
  • Pain Free
    I'm so excited to have finally found a sensible way to sit and stand properly. It is amazing how most of our problems are caused by positions and postures we learn later in life, and how much better we can feel when we revert to the ways we stood, sat, and slept when we were toddlers. The positions taught in this book make a lot of sense and I am so glad to have found it. This book teaches good posture in a new way that seems so much more realistic, comfortable, and easy than any previous methods I have been taught. ...more info
  • prevention vs cure
    I am happy to see the Gokhale method available in print.
    I have been fortunate to have been taught by Esther Gokhale. The simple ways to correct posture, while walking, standing, sitting or sleeping, have helped me tremendously. I no longer sleep with a pillow tucked under my belly, and maintaning the right posture while sitting in my car or at my easle has enabled me to go for many hours without feeling the stress in my upper shoulders. Gokhle mehtod has been easy to incorporate into the daily routine, making tedious chores painless and giving my image an overall boost. I truly believe that this method should be encouraged in every family along side with "eat your veggies"!

    I highly recommend this book for mother's, teens and for anyone who would like to stand taller and gain an elegant posture.

    ...more info
  • Straighten Up!
    As a former model, I have practiced "good posture" but to my surprise, I would have back pain on occasion. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back is one of the most fascinating books I have ever read on the human anatomy. Esther Gokhale takes you on a highly visual journey around the world that shows people of other cultures doing hard labor. Unlike the west, these people are virtually pain-free with beautiful posture. Despite their status in the world, these people walk, stand and sit like royalty.
    Gokhale teaches us in 8 steps how to correct our body structure through specifically designed exercises. I suggest that you get this book before you experience back pain. And please give this book to anyone who is already suffering with back pain. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale should be in everyone's library next to the Family Medical Guide....more info
  • Insightful book
    This is a wonderful book for anyone with back/neck pain, or who wants to improve his/her posture. I'd also recommend it for health professionals who are not satisfied with the status quo explanations that people just must have structural pain.

    Gokhale's explanations just make *so* much sense. The set of evidence she puts together is overwhelming and a reasonable departure of the conventional wisdom (which says for you to tuck your back, for example).

    However, don't have the illusion that you are going to read the book and magically solve your problems. I mean, you are going to intellectually appreciate and agree with it. But it is going to take commitment and effort to reteach your body a better posture. I don't rate this as a book deficiency though. I guess it is pretty much unavoidable.
    ...more info
  • Great Book for Preventative Back Pain
    When I started working I began to have back pain. My body was not used to sitting down for long hours facing the computer. Although I have not needed to see a doctor for these pains... I worry about the long term damage. I hear about so many people needed back pain surgeries and long term chiropractor treatments and I end up worrying. My girlfriend was the one who suggested I prevent the problem at the root and recommended this book for preventative care. This book has clear pictures and has changed the way I sit, now I no longer feel sore after work. I feel more circulation in the arms and no longer have tense shoulder pains. The great thing about the exercises in the book is that they can be done anywhere and all the time. I have begun to integrate these exercises into my daily routine. I definitely recommend this book for people like me who worries about future pain. ...more info
  • The Gokhale Method helped me
    As someone who was lucky enough to be taught by Esther Gokhale in person, I am delighted to see that her method is now available in self-help form. My own sciatica started to fade away on my first lesson (stretchsitting) and as I went on to learn how to walk, stand, sleep and bend in the way nature intended, my pain went away completely, and never came back. With its detailed instructions and excellent illustrations, the book should help thousands to find relief from pain - or even better, to keep back pain from starting up in the first place....more info


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