Build Your Own Air Conditioner or Dehumidifier: Increase the Cooling Effect of Your Fan.

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This publication gives details on properly preparing chilled or frozen containers and arranging them to cool a fan's airflow. The arrangements described are meant to give the reader ideas for inexpensive ways to cool and lower the humidity of interior spaces. Examples given can be used to supplement or replace an air conditioner and are ideal for use in an apartment. Several designs with various types of fans are discussed.

Customer Reviews:
  • Does help, lot of information.
    I got this when I was having trouble with my Air Conditioner and I wanted to cool my den a little to make it more comfortable in the late afternoon. I have a fairly large freezer and so freezing the aluminum cans and plastic bottles as described was no problem and using them with my small turbo fan did work a lot better than just using the fan alone. I usually get about a cup full of water in the tray. This is a short book but does have a lot of information and pictures....more info