Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About

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Are you getting deeper and deeper into debt while they make bigger and bigger profits? Not after you read...Debt Cure$ "They" Don't Want You To Know About!

In this new book, Kevin Trudeau blows the lid off the banking and credit card industries, exposing the greatest rip off of our citizens in this nation's history. The credit card industry is one of the most profitable industries in this country, but they don't want you to know it. You can fight back! You can apply Kevin's solutions to your debt problems, and keep more money in your pocket today. You can learn how to use credit to build wealth! Read Debt Cure$ and cure your debt forever.

You will learn:
- How the credit lending business is rigged against you!
- How the financial industry wants to keep you in debt!
- How the banks and credit card companies are making obscene profits off of you and how you can change that!
- How to reduce or possible totally eliminate your debt!
- How you could cut your payments in half!
- How to correct your credit with two magic words!
- How to improve your credit virtually overnight!
- How to get free money that you never have to pay back!
- Find out why the financial industry wants to keep you in debt.
- Turn bad debt into good credit.
- Create wealth through financial health.

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing! Funny, plus he's easy on the eyes
    Kevin takes a very boring subject matter and makes it interesting and humerous. Also, he got me fired up to get my credit report and start building my way towards wealth. God bless him for sharing all his knowledge with the rest of us. It is a very easy read and extremely enlightening to this common citizen....more info
  • Debt Cures - Worth Reading

    I purchased this book after seeing it on an infomercial late one night. I was skeptical, but felt I had nothing to lose. I was so excited when it arrived, I started reading it right away and was not disappointed. The book is written so that anyone can understand it. I have read financial books in the past, and wondered what I had just read after flipping the page. I found several useful, practical tips from Kevin Trudeau that really do work. Like I said, I was skeptical at first, but when I applied what I learned from him in my own life - I was really excited that it actually worked. What was I so excited about? Saving lots of money, easily. I had told a co-worker about one of the tips, he tried it and saved even more than I did. The amount of money that I saved, far exceeded what I paid for this book. It was definitely worth the purchase!...more info
  • Simplistic and poorly written
    Don't buy this book. I could clue you in on one page with all of the information---mostly common sense ideas you probably already know---contained within the covers of the book. While the author spends a lot of words and pages railing against the evil credit card companies, banks and the government, he ends up joining the crowd by marketing and selling this poorly written and weak book. The only thing this author provides is another meaningless outlet for your hard earned money. Kevin Trudeau seems proud of his anti-establishment, "I've received death threats" type of attitude but he thinks pretty highly of himself if he thinks the information in this book would result in a death threat. He's more likely to receive such a threat from a real author....more info
  • "A Must Read"
    This book is both informative and well-written. It has already helped me in learning ways to deal with creditors in the face of harship. Kudos to Kevin Trudeau and I look forward to his next book.
    Terrie Burckley/Cherry Hill, NJ...more info
  • Must Read for those who want to correct their Credit
    As I'm looking for books or ways to learn about credit. This is a book that you must have in your library. It's has helpful hints, great information and it's written in simple English. The tips are great and work well. But one thing tho, take your time and learn and read. Lot's of good information, you just don't want to lose that information. So read, read and re-read. Great Book. ...more info
  • Credit
    Overall, the book provides some useful information.
    For instance, paying back credit on time avoids high
    fees. In addition, there are programs to increase income.
    Food stamps are available to people above the poverty
    line. The book develops authoritative sources on how
    to seek and obtain government money for personal expenses;
    such as, enhanced medical care, Section 8 housing and a
    plethora of other applications. The government grant
    information alone may be worth the price of the book.

    Now, let me answer some things that the book doesn't do.
    For instance, "Rapid Re-scoring Services" will help you
    to correct erroneous information which can get into the
    file in a number of ways. i.e. identity theft, contested
    divorces etc. Lowering the credit card limit may help
    to increase your score. Generally, some borrowers misuse

    Equity lines of credit help with repairs on
    income-producing properties. A property should not be
    used as a cash machine; otherwise, the acquired equity
    will dissipate with no tangible benefit . The best advice
    with regard to credit card debt is to utilize the credit card
    wisely. Make purchases that are absolutely necessary and pay
    off the balance by the next statement. Do not let credit
    accumulate; otherwise, you will be turning over entire
    paychecks to reduce the credit card balance.

    Accumulate college-related debt judiciously. Remember that
    local community colleges ( 2 year colleges) are far cheaper.
    Investigate work/study grants, ROTC and a plethora of ways
    to acquire a college education cheaply. Maybe a 5 year
    program combined with work study would be easier to
    complete. Many people do not know that federal work study
    dollars are far more plentiful than student loan money.
    In addition, some states allow credit through examination.
    On-line colleges provide a cheaper option for many students.
    Make certain that the college is accredited by some authoritative
    national or international association. Coursework aimed at
    professional licensure should be obtained from a nationally
    accredited institution. Good luck. If you buy Kevin's book,
    know how to use it. In addition, be aware of the limits of
    his advice.

    Dr. Joseph S. Maresca

    ...more info
  • Book comes through
    A lot of sour grape people who apparently have an axe to grind with Kevin Trudeau; maybe some of you are the credit card creep companies he talks about in the book; I don't know. I initially checked this book out from the library due to so many negative reviews. Now that I've actually gone through the book, there is a lot of helpful information for people. By the way, this book isn't only for those that ARE in debt, in fact, it is CRITICAL for those want to keep out of debt and for those that have college-age kids or about to become college-age. The credit card companies and their games are exposed here. A lot of their garbage is exposed here. There are quite a few solutions for those in credit card debt (and otherwise). There are also several chapters on FREE money for just about every purpose. All in all, the book comes through for those that want to address this subject; I give it a thumbs up....more info
  • Total waste
    A friend lent this to me and I am so glad I didn't buy it. This is yet one more book that feeds off of peoples emotions for quick results. There are no grants to get you out of debt. There are no quick, easy ways to get or build wealth, unless you can publish a book on the subject and not really give specifics like done here or the Rich Dad poor Dad series and so on.

    Don't get this drivel....more info
  • what a crock
    I made a mistake on this one.All the other reviews here are right.This book is usefull if you need something to hold a door open,a paper weight or need something to put you to sleep. It goes on and on about what it is going to teach you and then..nothing. What information is here could fit on one piece of paper.Then, it does not deal with the legal ramafications of that information.Please,please,please do not give Kevin Trudeau any of your money with this book.If you do, you are only needlessly killing trees and buying something that is the equivalent of a brick....more info
  • OMG..WAS I STUPID!!!!!
    I bought this book at the store prior to reading the reviews here. ONE star is too much to give! There is no good information in this book. If you need help, check out Jerrold Mundis and Dave Ramsey. Both write sound advice. Forget this book. I wish I had! What a waste of money!!!!!!!!! DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!...more info
  • well done
    Debt Cures did help me. I got the credit card company to cut one of my rates in half. I called and got rid of annual fees. I now know the correct language to use when speaking to these people. This book is very helpful for those who know little about how credit card companies really work. It motivates you to pick up the phone and it makes you start to pay attention to all your credit card statements. It is worth the read!
    ...more info
  • Scammer, Scammer, SCAMMER!
    This guy is a scammer. Anyone who buys anything in the future from this scammer is an idiot! How shameful to skim off money from people who are hurting. I do not know how this guy lives with himself....more info
  • Good book
    I was atonished to discover that this is actually a good book about personal finances and uncovers many strategies that companies use to get us to give them money....more info
  • Broad topic, but some good information for most readers
    Kevin Trudeau's new book Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About first came to my attention when my Mom told me about an informercial that Trudeau was doing for the book. We're both always a bit wary of anything advertised via informercial, but Trudeau's book sounded like something different. In the advertisement (and the book's introduction), he says that he can lead readers to free money in the form of government grants. I'm a graduate student trying very hard to maintain my debt-free streak through graduation, so I was of course intrigued and procured a copy of the book from my library.

    Some books, when they make claims about free money and the like, are full of hot air with most of the author's promises falling very short of reality. I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case with Debt Cures.

    True to his word, Trudeau provides a variety of sites leading readers to government grants and loan options. Even if the free money available isn't always the best option for you, it will certainly provide some needed encouragement in the search for funding. I know it did for me. As the book says, half the battle is just finding grants, scholarships, or fellowships to apply for. Debt Cures does some of that work for you.

    The rest of the book provides guidance on how to lower debt and improve your credit score. Having trouble dealing with a high interest rate on your credit card? Call the company and ask them to lower it.Brilliant. This book is filled with advice, links and suggestions. Even if you don't use all of them (for instance a lot of the information is for business owners), some are bound to be helpful in some aspect of your life be it reducing debt, building credit, or finding some needed extra cash.
    ...more info
  • Debt Cures
    I found this book helpful in learning more facts and details and methods of dealing with the credit card debt. It will be helpful to me in counseling couples and individuals and I think this is a must read for teens getting ready for college or the real world. It would be nice for them to start off knowing the ropes instead of getting tangled in them. I have also helped others find funds to ease their financial burden. And I have benefited from reducing the interest rates on my cards and credit accounts. Thanks....more info
  • Only a moron would buy this book
    This guy is the ultimate piece of garbage. Buy his books and you are only fueling his corruption....more info
  • Settled a Debt for 40 Cents on the Dollar After Reading One Chapter
    Unlike other books on debt which focus on working like a slave and paying off your debt, Kevin Trudeau's book, "Debt Cures" focuses on "working smarter, not harder" by using strategies such as debt settlement to eliminate your debt for a fraction of what's owed. It's a great book and a great investment....more info
  • Please don't Buy
    I saw his book on the television today and was excited about purchasing because I was interested in the websites he quoted that would assist me in receiving all of the "billions of dollars out there in grants the government doesn't want me to know about that would get me out of debt". So glad that I borrowed the book because the sites given all said "We do not give money for personal debt use".

    Please do not buy this book unless you like to read and re-read the same information over and over again to still feel like you've missed something... oh yeah THE POINT...
    ...more info
  • go-000d to know book
    Even if I dont take everything in this to be gospel, some of is just common sense, it is still a good book reference good information...more info
  • This is good for the basic nuts and bolts info but...
    There is a lot of repetition of the same info throughout the book. Also, some of the links he provides are dead ones, so you can't get to some of the sites. However for the person who knows absolutely NOTHING about where to begin as far as a cleanup--it's not a bad book to start with.

    I'm not saying Trudeau is a bad person, I believe he wrote this with good intentions, but the book itself is what falls short. It is poorly written. He would have fared better by not using the "cures" here, because most of it is common sense information.

    If you already have a working knowledge of how credit cards work and where to start in fixing your problems, THEN by all means, get somethign else...Like I said, a lot of the information in this book is constantly repetitive......more info
  • DIsappointed
    I have been reading Dave Ramsey and have put into practice the things he teaches. They do work!!! I also joined Debtor's Anonymous and their principles do work. So, I thought I would give this book a shot to see what Mr. Trudeau has to say.
    Dave Ramsey and Debtor's Anonymous teach a person that they must take personal responsibility for their debts. In Trudeau's first chapter he tells how to get out of paying back credit card debt by talking about the statute of limitations for debts in each state. In other words, never mind personal responsibility, just dodge the collectors for 3 to 6 years, depending on where you live. This is sound advice?!?!?!
    Also, numerous times in the book I was told what a lucky person I am because I am reading Debt Cures and waht a wise investment this was. NOT!!!
    This is the last book I will by written by this guy. If you want to truly get out of debt, read and listen to Dave Ramsey and join Debtor's Anonymous.

    ...more info
  • Good basic information
    Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau has some good information in it, even if it is repetitive. Some of the reviews here focus on Trudeau railing against the credit card companies, but what these reviews haven't mentioned is that the credit card companies absolutely prey on people with the high interest rates and fees they charge. You don't see fees like that from a mortgage, line of credit, or other type of loan.

    Some reviewers are even claiming that Trudeau is encouraging you to commit fraud by not paying off old debts for which the statute of limitations have expired. That is absolutely not fraud. Statutes of limitations are established to prevent creditors or plaintiffs from endlessly pursuing a debtor for an old debt. That's not fraud, that's smart. There's no reason to pay off a debt which the creditor can't legally collect.

    Trudeau does carry on too much about how evil the credit card companies and banks are, but I think he's trying to drive home a point and prepare the reader for the negotiations to reduce their debt. If you're going to negotiate with the credit card companies, you need to be in the right frame of mind. You also won't get anything done by talking to the first customer service representative you reach. Trudeau is right - you have to be persistent and keep showing that you can't pay the debt.

    Another fact which Trudeau doesn't mention much is that the credit card companies have horrible record keeping. Don't assume that the credit card company is correct about the charges contained on your statement. They make errors too, sometimes significant, and many people don't catch the errors. Make the credit card company prove that you made the charges. Most likely, they can't.

    Larry J. Busch, Jr. info
  • save your money.
    Save your money. The only debt you will cure with this book is his! It was awful, as are his other books. I would rate them a negative star, however this is not an option....more info
  • There are lots of books out there on this topic.
    There are a lot of books out there about tackling debt. Find one not written by Trudeau. Many are cheaper and written better than this book. It's hard to read this book if you of average IQ because it's repetitive and dull. A fifth grader could read this book and learn something from it I'm sure. But, unless it's a gift for your child whose opening up their first checking account, I recommend something with a little more useful information and less finger pointing (great for scaring those young teens away from credit cards). I would recommend Suzie Orman. Though you will find everyday information in her books too, she helps you make sense of it all and create a plan for financial success. Oh, and it's written on an adult level so you may find it less annoying....more info
  • OK book
    I gave this book 3 stars because I did find a lot of info in it that I haven't seen in similar books. There are a couple of things that I disagree with though. One, there is NO such thing as good debt because all debt has interest. Save your money and purchase real estate and other ASSETS with cash. I also didn't agree with him in the first few chapters where he said to borrow money from family and friends to pay off debt. If something happens and you can't pay them back, there will be bad blood between you. The borrower is servant to the lender. If you want a book to really help you get out of debt the smart way I recommend "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. I followed his plan and I've never been so stress-free in my life. It's great to wake up knowing that if Murphy comes around I have the tools to send him on to somebody else....more info
  • Debt cures plus a lot of trashing
    Debt cures had a lot of good information intermingled with a lot of bank and lending industry trashing as I am sure most of it is true it wasn't especially helpfully to read about all of it......more info
  • Poorly written with very little real advice
    Don't waste your time or money on this book. There is very little useful advice in this book. He just repeats the same thing over and over. The book could have been one sentence long and said the same thing. "Wait till the statue of limitations has run out, then you don't have to pay your bills"...more info
  • There's a sucker born every minute
    Who does this man think is the "they" who don't want you to know anything? Is this the first book on personal finance or debt ever written? I believe Amazon offers over a thousand more (and just about all better) books on this and similar subjects.
    I have probably read more financial books than Mr. Trudeau, and I'm sure I could take enough info from those books and write my own book. Then, I hook you with the "I've got the secrets 'they' don't want you to know!" line he uses for everything he sells. That's basically what this book is, a compilation of much better personal finance books.
    [...]...more info
  • Wothless
    I found this book worthless. His claims to reduce your debt is completely false and will just lead you further into debt and hurt your credit in the long run. After t=reading this bookk I did some research on the author and found out that he is convicted felon for credit card fraud. He has been fined numerous times by the FTC for not having any truth to his claims. The last judgment was for over 5M on his book on the drug industry and his claims to cure cancer. The man has no medical training what so ever. All he is another snake oil salesman in a fancy suit. TRhe only way he can now sell his books is he is protected by his rights of ree speach. He banned for three years for doing any more infomercails. Keep the money in your pocket and then you will be a little more debt free. ...more info
  • Debt Cures
    This book was totally useless to me. As for finding additional funding, this concept did not apply to my situation and I was not eligible for the funding. Would definitely NOT recommend this book unless you are paying over 20% interest on a credit card and even then, it is pretty much useless....more info
  • Nothing new or helpful
    My local library had a copy of this book. I am glad I had a chance to read it before purchasing it. The title is misleading. It did not reveal any secrets. The information in this book has been published in hundreds of other books written on this subject. The book is 299 pages. In my opinion its 249 pages too long. The information could have written in 50 pages or less. The author spent a lot of time sharing stories about people who were in debt and how the debt affected them. These stories take up the bulk of the information in this book. Additionally, the solutions provided are the same solutions I have read from other books. Furthermore, anyone could get this information(solutions) for free by searching the internet. Do yourself a favor don't waste your time purchasing or reading this book....more info
  • Total Knowledge you need!
    Kevin Trudeau is at it again!! This book is Power!!!
    The best book I read when trying to clear your debt up in a quick way.
    Secrets of lenders that are damaging to your credit life.
    Plus where to get free money!!!...more info
  • Debt Cures What They Don't Want You to Know About
    Kevin Trudeau is nothing but a snake oil salesman. He makes a single statement like "they're taking advantage of you" then, he repeats that statement a zillion different ways throughout the chapter. He doesn't really have much to say about the debt cures that his title promoses....more info
  • Great book
    Very easy to read. A lot of basic ideas we often forget to do. I love the scripts that are provided on how to ask for lower interest rates from credit card companies. The book provided some very easy ideas regarding bank fees which I have earned back over $300 and I am only 1/2 way through reading the book. That easily covers the cost of this book. Follow the guidelines on reviewing your credit. Pull all the free reports that is suggested. They really are free! I have found some mistakes already. My husband and I are looking to buy a house in 6-12 months so we want to make sure all are ducks are in a row. Good luck to you all!...more info
  • Wothless
    I found this book worthless. His claims to reduce your debt is completely false and will just lead you further into debt and hurt your credit in the long run. After t=reading this bookk I did some research on the author and found out that he is convicted felon for credit card fraud. He has been fined numerous times by the FTC for not having any truth to his claims. The last judgment was for over 5M on his book on the drug industry and his claims to cure cancer. The man has no medical training what so ever. All he is another snake oil salesman in a fancy suit. TRhe only way he can now sell his books is he is protected by his rights of ree speach. He banned for three years for doing any more infomercails. Keep the money in your pocket and then you will be a little more debt free. ...more info
  • debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau
    I didn't find this book to fit my situation. It seems it is more for people who are needing a way to renig on their credit card debts. It seemed a bit harsh on the government and banks to me. It had a "them vs. us" theme. Come on folks...if we buy something we have to pay for it. This book is loaded with trying to place the blame on someone else for our own shopping habits....more info
  • I don't know why this book is so popular!!!!!!!
    [...] Contrary to the infamous infomercial, the cures aren't what they're cracked up to be. This is all pretty basic stuff- and the book isn't written particularly well either. A consumer is much better off with clever and actually novel approaches to personal finance like How To Take Advantage of the People Who Are Trying To Take Advantage of You: Credit Arbitrage or sound advice about hard work to become a millionaire as in The Millionaire Next Door.

    One thing that ticked me off right off the bat was Trudeau's conspiracy theory about the credit cards, the banks, and the government (the "they" in his title) in collusion to keep you in debt. People!- there is no creepy little man behind the screen pushing buttons and trying to control our lives. There are a lot of people trying to take our money- but we do have a say in that- we can spend our money or save/invest in any way we want. If you need help in that regard- feel free to write me :D

    ...more info
  • Debt Cures
    This book is fairly basic if you are familiar with how money is handled. I realize many, especially younger people, do not know the dirty tricks of the financial institutions. For you, this is a great source of surprising data.

    I was reminded of many things I already knew from the collage of hard knocks. I learned a few new things though. All to late for me, as I have been through my horrors and fixed them.

    Trudeau drags on a bit and there seems to be a lot of "filler" in the book, but that may be only because I am very familiar with the concepts....more info
  • Should be a pamphlet
    I've read this book and his book on "cures" and both read the same. They are infomercials to keep you reading, hoping that somewhere in the next paragraph or maybe next chapter, or perhaps before the end of the book that there will actually be some useful information there. This is nearly all common sense and could be reduced to a 10 to 20 page pamphlet. He doesn't answer his stated objectives of the book and should be banned from ever being published again. Don't waste your time with this....more info
  • Debt Cures
    Thank you Amazon for your Speedy delivery of this book. It was deliver at
    the start of this Holiday season without delay. Thanks you and your team.
    As far as Kevin's book goes this was the best investment I made during a Recessionary period in America. I'm glad to say I'll be Debt Free in 2009. Thanks you Kevin Trudeau. ...more info
  • satisfied on this book
    hi there,
    we understood some important ideas on credit cards and government grants. we just passed the book to our neighbor who lost his job 3 mos ago to see if he is entitled for the grant... hope this book could help them...
    we do advise you to buy this book... if not for you, your relatives or friends will need it soon..

    rgds,edwin...more info
  • Debt Relief
    The book was filled with a lot of information about how the banks and credit card companies rip you off. It does contain some good legal and financial information about getting out of debt and staying out of debt as well. Some of the information applied to my situation and probably some will apply to you. It also talks about free money grants as something that could help pay your debt. This book is a great resource book. Overall this is a pretty good book....more info
  • Just throwing your money away!
    First off, let me give a history of Mr. Trudeau. He is not a man you should be taking money advice from. Not only has he given terrible health advice through the "Natural Cures" books, but he's also swindled & committed credit card fraud with info from ex-fans of his other books. In fact, his "Natural Cures" books have caused several people to become ill, as has his diet book! There are several private, consumer, & FDA cases pending! To top it off, almost every single book of his tells you to visit his site & spend MORE money on products that are supposed to "help" you. So why on earth should people trust him when he tries to give them money advice?

    Now to the actual book content. There's nothing here that you can't learn from either common sense or from glancing at the financial columns in the news. Trudeau pretty much just copied down financial advice from his morning paper & slapped it into a book. To ensure that people wouldn't look elsewhere & realize that his advice isn't that overly helpful, he tries to brainwash his readers into thinking that he's the only person who is really trying to help them... when it's painfully obvious that he's only trying to take advantage of them. In fact, he asks people to go to his website to purchase tools & such. Hmm... that sounds like a step in the wrong direction there!

    If you are in need of financial advice, PLEASE don't go to this man! There are much better people out there, people who have gone to school & earned degrees in the financial field! If you need advice, please look into Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, & Dave Ramsey- they're people with proven track records when it comes to helping people. I work in a bookstore & I have to say that Trudeau's books are some of the most returned ones out there & each customer has the same reason: "I read it & it didn't help me. The book is complete nonsense"....more info
  • mrs.joe jonas
    my aunt likes this book and she thinks it is really good she recomends it to everyone!...more info
  • The only thing Kev misses is the Fed Reserve conspiracy, but that book has already been done!
    Kevin Trudeau claims that the insiders 'will be mad as hell' when he exposes them in here, and guess what? They REALLY are; he's getting death threats every day! Another real good book, despite the 'miss' on the 'Fed'...more info
  • Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About
    it is a good book every one should read. no matter your age but perfer as young as they can....more info
  • Debt Cures by Kevin Trudeau
    This book really opened my eyes. I think every one should have a chance to read this book.
    This is information that will teach you to take control of your finances. Thanks Kevin for
    this information....more info
  • Worthless waste of money
    Very little "cures" in this book, mostly way too many pages on how the credit lending industry is out to rob you. Only decent advice is calling to and asking for reduction in your interest rate. The one bright spot for me was the "Free Money!" chapter, and most of those tips were blind leads. ...more info