Cooking with All Things Trader Joe's

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Love Trader Joe's? This new independent cookbook features recipes that use ingredients all from Trader Joe's. By combining Trader Joe's unique products with fresh ingredients, Deana and Wona create clever shortcuts to quick and easy gourmet meals that are delicious and exciting. The recipes in this book treat Trader Joe's like a "prep kitchen"--using the great selection of unique sauces, mixtures, and prepped items to make flavorful, natural, homemade food in a snap.

Many of the recipes are vegetarian or can easily be made vegetarian. Ethnic dishes like Saag Paneer Lasagna are scattered throughout, as well as classic comfort foods like Comfy Chicken Pot Pie. Crowd-pleasing recipes include Peanutty Sesame Noodles, Black Bean Soup, Macho Nacho, Seafood Paella, Curried Chicken Pitas, Wilted Spinach with Attitude, Honey I Ate the Chocolate Bread Pudding, and All Mixed Up Margaritas.

People who don't know how to cook or don't want to cook will appreciate the Bachelor Quickies section, featuring frozen and ready-to-heat selections that are matched to create complete and impressive menus.

With full-color photographs for every recipe, wine suggestions, humorous personal stories, and cooking tips sprinkled throughout, this collection is a must for any Trader Joe's fan.

Customer Reviews:

  • A great cookbook if you live near Trader Joe's
    I haven't had the cookbook long enough to evaluate many of the recipes myself--you can look to other reviews for that. (I'll echo, though, that many of the recipes are extremely simple. For me, that's a good thing.) The only other thing that I would like to add is that this cookbook is definitely limited by the fact that Trader Joe's will inevitably discontinue items that are important for certain recipes. The authors have a list of recommended substitutions on their website, though. You can find the website by Googling the name of the book. Once you find it, just click on the tab labeled "substitutions." The website also has a blog that the authors update regularly. They appear to read all of the comments and respond to many of them. They seem very friendly and quite helpful. One gets the impression that they recognize that this book is potentially a gold mine for them, and they want to support it as well as they possibly can. For example, they do TV appearances, etc. to promote the book.

    All in all,I'm certainly glad that I bought the book....more info
  • Terrific idea, great recipes!
    I love Trader Joe's and I love this cookbook. Like the groceries sold at TJ's, these recipes are healthy and interesting. My husband and I are empty nesters who enjoy unusual cuisine, but don't always have time to prepare labor-intensive recipes. This cookbook is fun and convenient. I look forward to more editions, and have told the staff at our local TJ's that they should carry this book. ...more info
  • If you love Trader Joes, you'll love this cookbook
    Love using this cookbook to try out new Trader Joe's products. Especially loved the easy soup and pasta recipes. Try Tortellini and chicken sausage soup, Gnocchi with Pancetta, and Chicken with Eggplant, all good.

    Susan...more info
  • Saved my life
    Well, I was one of those people that would go to the supermarket and have no idea what to buy, but this book changed all that. TJ is small, and user friendly. Any dummy (like me! :)) could crack open this book, pick a few recipes they want to try, go get the ingredients from TJ, and make the food. So far, I've been making the fish tacos, curry chicken, peanut pasta, and a few other things regularly and really enjoying how yummy and flavorful they are. I would die w out this book. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Long time, first time
    As a long time Trader Joe's shopper, and an enthusiastic cook, I was really gratified to see this book on the market. The directions are concise, the ingredients are few, and everything looks delish. No more prep time, each dish can be thrown into a pot ready to go. Especially like that most TJ's products are organic, healthy, and really taste great. Enjoy this book, and bon appetit! ...more info
  • Great Cookbook!
    Loved the healthy, easy recipes. The pictures are awesome, I use this all the time....more info
  • Trader Joe's turns over too many items for this book to be useful
    I'm just home from my first shopping trip with the book. It took as long to shop as it would have to cut up veggies and make sauces myself. The problem is that my TJs didn't have essential ingredients (e.g frozen green garbanzos for the green garbanzo salad; refrigerated Balsamic Vinaigrette for the Balsamic Green Bean dish.) So I would be all over the store gathering the other ingredients, then look for the missing ingredient only to find they didn't have it, so then I was all over the store replacing the ingredients I couldn't use after all. I had read that the authors would update the book online, but I've googled and can't find any update that would have warned me of missing ingredients or suggested alternatives....more info
  • This book is not endorsed by Trader Joe's
    So I reviewed the book, and thought all the recipes were delish sounding and decided to buy. I shop at trader joes and I like upscale foods. The real problem I had was when I went shopping for the recipes. Most of the items were not stocked at trader joes, it was not fun, scratching off recipes since items in the recipe were no longer available. I even asked a store clerk for help, and I was informed that this book was not endorsed or approved by Trader Joe's and he also was aware of the problem with the book, in that ingredients were no longer available to complete the recipes. That was a bummer. I did come out with a few recipes, and managed to do some substitutions, but we will see if they turn out as well....more info
  • Get This Cookbook!!!!!!!!!
    I just love this cookbook and have been waiting for it for some time. If you are a Trader Joe's fan, this is the book for you. Quick, simple and delicious meals that are healthy as well. Even though I'm neither a bachelor or bachelorette, the section on easy "old school" meals is my favorite. Looking forward to their next book!!! You Go Girls!!!
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Book
    I just love this book. I gave this to at least 10 people as Christmas Gifts in a basket with the ingredients for the recipe listed in the book. Everyone Loved it!

    ...more info
  • What a Great Cookbook!
    This is a wonderful cookbook. Each recipe includes a picture that shows the completed dish. Preparation instructions are clearly written and easy to follow. I purchased a copy in November and have tried several of the recipes. As promised by the authors, each takes only minutes to prepare, and the results are delicious. I have gotten rave reviews on the Mediterranean Lentil Salad and Turkey Artichoke Wraps. The Balsamic Green Beans are good with or without the dutch potatoes (in case you are watching carbs). I gave copies to several family members for Christmas, and it was a huge hit. There are no TJ's in Maine yet, but my sister-in-law still wanted a copy when she saw how good (and easy to make) all the recipes are. Long story short, this is one cookbook you will use over and over again....more info
  • Cooking with Trader Joe's
    I really love this cookbook, all the recipes I have tried so far have been easy and delicious. ...more info
  • Big Disappointment
    I was looking forward to this book. I had prepared a vegetarian casserole that was featured as an Amazon excerpt and it was great. I had expected more recipes that involved interesting combinations to produce a unique item. They are few and far between. Instead I get things like "Greek Party Spread" which involves dumping containers of hummus,tzatziki, etc in separate bowls and serving with veggies. Not my idea of a recipe. Better choices are the books by Andrew Schloss (Homemade in a Hurry and Almost From Scratch)...more info
  • Great Book!
    Fantastic! The recipes are clear, easy to follow, and most importantly... delicious. I highly recommend it....more info
  • A few things you should know
    Don't expect to get this book at your local Trader Joe's, for good reason. To start, it doesn't follow the rules for the Demo sample station, so these meals cannot be demonstrated in-store. I'm sure there are great recipes in this book, but there are a few things you should know before buying it.

    1. This book is not endorsed by, approved by, or in any way affiliated with Trader Joe's. Just saying.

    2. Trader Joe's product availibility changes frequently. As many regular customers know, something that TJ's carried last week might not be available this week, or ever again, for that matter. It's quite possible that this book will become inaccurate and obsolete within a few months.

    3. Trader Joe's products vary by region. Products found in a California TJ's might not be found in the Midwest (or even the Northwest), and vice versa. Depending on the home state of the authors, you may or may not be able to get all the listed ingredients.

    4. Many Trader Joe's products have a recipe right on the box. They aren't the same recipes in the book (I hope), but they are a great starting point for cooking meals. Also, the staff often have great ideas for cooking, and usually make helpful suggestions.

    I'm not trying to discourage anyone from buying the book, but I think that you...more info
  • AWESOME!!!!
    This cookbook is so versatile and handy. I love how any recipe can be vegetarian and quick to prepare. My husband and I really enjoy the Chicken Tortilla and Le French Lentil Soups. I also made the Stuffed Red Peppers and Peanutty Sesame Noodles for several friends. The friends thought I had ordered out! I recommend this book to any young cook who only has little time to prepare dinner. Bravo to the authors!...more info
  • Should have known...
    The cookbook is vacuum sealed in the book stores and the 'Search Inside' option on Amazon doesn't actually show any recipes. That alone should have told me not to purchase the book but I am a HUGE fan of Trader Joe's. I should have trusted my insticts. The cookbook isn't creative nor would I consider most recipes as actual recipes. For example, there is a recipe called Deep Sea Adventure. Basically, it tells you to purchase the frozen/cooked shrimp and five premade sauces. It goes on to tell you to fill five dipping bowls with each of the sauces and then arrange the shrimp on a platter. Did I really need to spend money to get this recipe?

    No wonder Trader Joe's isn't endorsing this cookbook. In fact, I'm a little surprised they aren't asking that their name be removed from the title....more info
  • excellent
    What have I been doing all this time?!?! I have always been a Trader Joe's shopper, but this cook book has made my whole shopping experience more efficeint and productive. It is brilliant.
    Melody, Encinitas, CA ...more info
  • Outstanding!
    I've been a Trader Joe's fan for nearly 30 years and a vegetarian for the same amount of time. I love everything about their store - their prices, their unique selections and health-oriented products.

    As a home chef, I pride myself on creating new and delicious meals and making it an event. I received my hard cover book from [...] a few days ago and put Post-It notes throughout the book.

    I've made four recipes in two days. There is nothing worse than spending the time to purchase the ingredients, following the recipe exactly as instructed only to have it turn out to be tasteless. In case that happened, I made two meals on the same day, as a back up.

    The Caper-lovers Chicken and Eggplant (I omitted the chicken) was just excellent. I made a sausage for my husband and a meatless sausage for me. Not knowing if we would like this, I prepared the Creamy Lemony Linguine - I wrote, "wow" on page 59 of the book. My husband and I aren't big eaters but we both went back for seconds on both of these entrees.

    Equally delicious are the Black Bean and Ricotta-Stuffed Portabellas. It says serves two but we could have easily shared one. I served this with asparagus and Hollandaise sauce and this tasty dish could be served as the entree rather than a side dish. Again, just in case we didn't like this recipe, I made the Tortellini and Chicken Sausage Soup, again, keeping my vegi sausage and the the other sausage separate while cooking. I used TJ's Greens with Envy and TJ's dry Tortellini with Mixed Cheese Filling - and I made a note on page 64, "just delicious"! I did a taste test before serving and added just a touch of salt.

    We couldn't get enough of this wonderful soup, either! I have so many TJ items in our pantry, not knowing exactly what to do with them. This wonderful book, Cooking with all things Trader Joe's, has answered all my questions and I can't wait until I get to the other 30+ Post It notes I have flagged for the next recipes I want to make.

    Thanks to the authors, Deana and Wona, for writing this book - it's a 10.
    ...more info
  • Cooking with all things Trader Joe's cook book
    The two Trader Joe's cook books arrived promptly and in great condition and I'm totally satisfied....more info
  • Great, quick dishes!!
    I love shopping at Trader Joe's, but don't like how it always seemed like I had to ALSO go to another grocery store in order to make gourmet-tasting dishes. This cookbook does it all! The dishes are amazing - I've already made at least 2 or 3 of each course and they're all delicious. The pictures are great, the instructions are very easy to follow, and for the most part, the dishes take less than 30 minutes from start to finish. A must-have for anyone who likes to entertain...and impress!! ...more info
  • Fabulous cookbook, a winner!
    My local Trader Joe's demo chef told me about this book and I'm so grateful she did. I LOVE it! Let me say that I have over 40 cookbooks on my shelf, and this is the cookbook I have been reaching for over and over these past few months. The recipes have been easy and quick as promised, but they are also wonderfully delicious and impressive. Most of the recipes seem to take around 10-20 minutes to make. A few here and there take minutes to throw together but then require a longer baking time (like the lasagna or casserole dishes). I love those, because it doesn't take much time to throw together and then I can do something else while it bakes.
    Despite my small obsession with cookbooks, it wasn't until this cookbook that I felt inspired to cook more. My husband keeps asking me to make the Notcho Ordinary Gazpacho soup and the Chicken Tortilla soup. I've tried at least 10 or 12 recipes and they've all been excellent and have become part of my regular cooking repertoire. I haven't run into any problems with discontinued items but I saw that another reviewer found a list of substitution suggestions on the author website.
    Take my word for it. If you shop at Trader Joe's or if you're looking for a way to cook better at home, get this cookbook....more info
  • For everyone who lives near a Trader Joe's
    I gave this to my friends and relatives who lead busy lives but love to cook interesting dishes. They all enjoyed the convenience of saving time and yet creating a great meal. It is good for entertaining and for everyday. I am about to bring it as a hostess gift to a dinnerparty at which the hostess loves to cook but finds it hard to do the prep for interesting dishes that she used to cook but can't now because of illness. It is wonderful for people who are trying to prepare more healthy dishes....more info
  • Great Cookbook
    My wife loves this and actually takes it to Trader Joes to shop with. The recipes are realistic and taste great. ...more info
    We love Trader Joe's and this book helps us use all of the products they sell, to incorporate into some quick easy week night meals...more info
  • Fabulous book!
    This is a GREAT cookbook - full of fantastic ideas and recipes. I shop at Trader Joe's for almost all of my groceries, and I've often thought I'm not using all of their ingredients as well as I could - this book not only gave me great recipes, it gave me great ideas on how to create my own.

    I brought this book to work and most of my co-workers are going to pick up their own copy.

    Thanks for all of the vegetarian recipes! Fantastic job!

    Sabella - Irvine, CA...more info
  • It's about time!
    I love this cookbook - it is the perfect companion for a Trader Joe's junkie like me. I've tried many of the recipes
    and had nothing but success. ...more info


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