The Sexy Years: Discover the Hormone Connection: The Secret to Fabulous Sex, Great Health, and Vitality, for Women and Men

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Getting older can be brutal¡ªwomen gain weight, lose their sex drive, experience hot flashes, suffer memory loss, become short-tempered, find it difficult to sleep, and on and on. It¡¯s not so easy for men, either¡ªthey start to lose energy and stamina as they age, too (and they have to live with women going through menopause). After years of being thin and fit and full of energy, Suzanne herself encountered the ¡°Seven Dwarfs of Menopause¡±¡ªItchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful, and All-Dried-Up. Instead of living out the rest of her life cranky, sleep-deprived, and libido-less, Suzanne set out to discover how she could get her mind, body, and life back and banish those pesky dwarfs for good.

The result is The Sexy Years: Discover the Hormone Connection¡ªThe Secret to Fabulous Sex, Great Health, and Vitality, for Women and Men. In this passionately argued and enormously practical book, Suzanne supports her own research and experiences with the expertise of leading doctors in the field of women¡¯s and men¡¯s health and sexuality to create an inspiring, accessible call-to-arms to women to radically rethink how they approach life after fifty, and give them the tools to turn their lives around.

Suzanne has discovered that the second half of life has been more rewarding, fun, and purposeful than her younger years. The key to her happiness? Taking natural bioidentical hormones. Natural hormones, which mimic the hormones produced in our own bodies that are almost completely lost with aging, are the answer to the symptoms of menopause that plague women. Recent findings from the medical community show that synthetic hormone replacement therapy
(HRT) may be harmful to women¡ªthus, thousands of women are looking for what else they can do to alleviate their symptoms. In The Sexy Years, Suzanne comes to the rescue with a step-by-step plan and detailed information about how women can take control of their health, for themselves and for their men, including:

? What the differences are between synthetic and bioidentical hormones, and why bioidentical hormones help women lose weight, reinvigorate their sex lives, and fight the symptoms of aging
? How doctors do not receive adequate training about hormones and are slaves to the pharmaceutical industry, and what questions every woman must ask her physician about hormone replacement therapy and her health
? How Suzanne turned her life around, with information about how often she visits her doctor, blood work, what hormones she takes, how to get these hormones, and more
? What male menopause, or andropause, is and how men can also take bioidentical hormones and regain the energy they had in their youth
? What a variety of specialists think about natural hormones, health, and sexuality¡ªSuzanne shares the best advice from these doctors and provides a resource list of physicians and pharmacies

With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Suzanne has found the fountain of youth, the elixir that has made her feel thirty years old again. In combination with her Somersize diet and fitness plan, which she also writes about here, Suzanne has never felt better. The beauty of growing older, she maintains, is that you can combine the wisdom of age with the vitality of youth. Suzanne makes it perfectly clear how women and men can regain their zest for life at any age. These really are the sexy years!

From the Hardcover edition.

Menopause is a complicated business. Medical issues vary widely and treatment options seem endless--especially in the wake of bad news about hormone replacement. While The Sexy Years isn't meant to supply you with a specific program of daily supplements, Suzanne Somers does offer an excellent inspiration to march forth and take control of this stage of health. Much of the book covers her own experience of menopause, including some detail on her breast cancer ordeal. She advocates the use of natural, bioidentical hormonal replacement, available through a variety of creams and supplements--it's a rare page that doesn't gush about the power of these substances or raise negative issues about the use of synthetic hormones. Introductory medical information is included on how estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone work together to keep people healthy and active; the vocabulary is understandable and generally entertaining rather than overwhelming. She provides interviews with a variety of doctors and women in various stages of menopause. These will give women a good place to start with topics to address with their own medical providers. While a short index of doctors and compounding pharmacies is provided, most women will have to do their own research to find local natural hormone specialists. But if you're looking for a boost of courage to bring up these treatments with your doctor--or simply want to investigate more natural alternatives to the standard synthetics--this is a fine place to get started. --Jill Lightner

Customer Reviews:

  • Suzanne Somers has made a good life for herself
    No matter what you think of Suzanne Somers, her book presents a refreshingly different view of menopause. Mainstream medicine has done little to provide relief for women dealing with the annoying and difficult change of life symptoms which are so accurately described in her book. She had the wherewithal to search out some different options for herself and I think she should be applauded for that. Menopause is an easy time for some women and an excruciating time for others. Some women have hot flashes, some women have forgetfulness. Therefore it would make sense that treatments would vary depending on the needs of each individual woman. I like Suzanne's upbeat, energetic attitude....more info
  • Agree with Suzanne, bot only on some things......
    I believe Suzanne made a great point about about bioidentical hormones for symptom relief. Premarin may work for them, but by its very nature it just "sounds" like a bad idea....Now as for using bioidentical HRT for disease prevention, I think it is not a good idea to jump on that bandwagon until conclusive research says that it fulfills what synthetic HRT (Premarin) failed to do....

    One point Suzanne makes in this book that I find a little worrisome is manipulating the hormone formulation to make sure that you're having periods, or rather periodic monthly bleeding in order to mimic the natural hormonal cycle of your premenopausal years. I guess that's accurate to want to do that rather than taking continuous HRT but I find it a little disturbing the thought of having a period into my 70s or 80s.

    I'm also concerned about the recent research that has cast a dark shadow over HRT. Prempro carried risks of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, breast cancer, and dementia. Premarin carried the same risks for stroke and dementia. Putting these facts aside, I believe it is not the best idea to be touting yet another type of hormone therapy for prevention when the research to support its safety and efficacy is not comparable whatsoever. Bioidentical seems better, but there have been no randomzied controlled trials to prove it works for all of these diseases...

    Also I think it's not good for women to believe that having premenopausal levels of hormones our entire lives will insure our longevity. I think the evidence is actually to the contrary: high estrogen levels seem good only as far as keeping our bones strong. Lifetime estrogen levels (ie age of menopause) seem unrelated to one's risk of heart disease. But women with naturally high levels of estrogen, even after menopause (yes the ovaries don't completely "quit" - they continue to produce small amounts of hormones), run higher lifetime risks of breast and uterine cancer. Also (and I read this is the Journals of Neurology and Neuroscience), some research is actually indicating that high levels of estrogen throughout life are associated with more cognitive deficits and Alzheimer's. One study showed that women with the highest natural levels of estrogen, whether postmenopausally or those who had the most menstruating years, had higher risks of dementia. Even more disturbing, hysterectomized rats given estradiol lost their abilities completely to learn new tasks. This information is line with the recent evidence showing that estrogen or estrogen/progestin ups the risk for dementia. So to say it's good for the brain is probably wrong. I realize Suzanne touts testosterone for healthy brain function, but it's far from proven; the same goes for estrogen. Again, I think we need to wait for the proof.....

    I also am not buying into the idea that menopause takes away our beauty, vitality, and sexuality. I personally found sex better after the change - my kids were grown, I didn't have to worry about unplanned pregnancy. Also, and I think this is important - there IS good reason to believe that menopause is necessary for the survival of the species. If you think about it, there's good reason why 70-something-year-old women can't reporduce any longer. At that age, your health is more likly to be compromised due to aging(though not necessarily!) so the thought of having another baby would be bad for the baby, especially if the mother isn't well enough to care for it!! And since our children naturally spend the first 20+ years of life in or around the nest, it makes sense to me that menstruation ceases at an early enough age so that the mother would have enough healthy years remaining to raise the very last child she was capable of having (although most of us don't want any new babies at 50!! :)). But all in all, this seems the most plausible explanation as far as the life cycle goes and the posibble benefit of having menopause prgrammed in.

    But back to the book, bioidentical HRT is a viable option for combating the symptoms of menopause and is more likely to agree with a woman's system as compared to the synthetics. But I don't believe there is any conclusive evidence whatsoever to show that they're better for us over the long haul. They might be, but it's imperative we wait for the proof, lest we repeat the mistakes of the last 30 years by giving women hormones preventively for life only to learn that they're dangerous....more info

  • wonderful book; very informative and educational
    I would say it was a 9 on a scale of 10 being the best...more info
  • wonderful book; very informative and educational
    I would say it was a 9 on a scale of 10 being the best...more info
  • One of the 3 books I recommend to women...
    When I'm trying to explain to a woman patient the potential benefits of hormone replacement done in an exact "tailor-made" way that adjusts levels within the normal range to optimize function and health, this book is one of the three books that top the list.

    I frequently still see women who suffer through a hysterectomy without even the benefit of testosterone (shown in OB/GYN to shorten the recovery time).

    I still see women drag through a day after being declared by their physician to have "normal" thyroid function (even though the journal of Neurology showed that women in the lower 20th percentile of the "normal" range have twice the risk of dementia as women in the upper 20th percentile of "normal").

    The potential for improving health, immunity, longevity, and mental funtioning by fine-tuning the hormonal system is only now beginning to be realized. Only two systems control the entire body...the nervous system and the endocrine system. To consider two individuals "normal" who happen to fall within a "normal" range where there's a 600% difference between low normal and high normal (as is the case with some of the major hormones) seems a little intellectually lazy or proud or both.

    Ms. Somers felt hormal manipulation improve her life. Consequently, she's done much with this book to give women the courage to ask their physicians to take another look at the published literature.

    Many of my patients will break down and cry when I show them an abnormal test after they've been told for years they just need to push back from the table or take more of their anti-depressant--not cry with sadness but cry with joy that someone actually found a cause for their suffering.

    This book will be a classic in it's sister-to-sister description of menapause and for it's influence on women to help them speed along the usual progression in medicine...10 years to prove a new therapy and another 10 years for a new therapy to become common practice.

    See my book reviews and web site for more recommended reading and for scientific articles relating to this topic.

    Peace & Health

    Charles Runels, MD...more info
  • Physicians Should Prepare Themselves For This!!!
    As a Physician who specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine and Preventive Medicine for people over 40, I was very pleased to see Suzanne Somers book, and enjoyed reading it very much. She is right on the mark with this timely exploratory book on taking charge of one's own health care. Most of my patients come in confused and angry, wanting to be listened to about their symptoms and refusing to believe that they have to "settle" for failing health and well being because they have read the research themselves and know that there is another choice. Suzanne presents an excellent summary that most people will understand about why most doctors don't offer alternatives to traditional hormone replacement and in fact are confused themselves. She has done her homework, and will help you to present a solid arguement for natural hormone replacement and to find the sort of doctor you need to get your health care needs met. I think that a more thorough work up than just a few blood tests are necessary to evaluate cancer risk as well as hormone levels, but I do a multi level work up that involves cardiac, immune system, hormonal and dementia prevention as well as sexual function assessment. Recommend this book to friends and to your doctor. Dr Tedde Rinker, Stress Medicine Consulting, Burlingame California....more info
  • Dated Material
    God bless Suzanne Somers for this research as it has put the discussion on the big table for the past several years. This book will teach you the basics in hormones. However, the discussion (and research) has moved forward since it was published. Perhaps the information is updated in her latest books. I, personally, hope so, for this is one dynamic, loving, living gal who has really 'put it out there' for the benefit of us all. She's a terrific spokesperson and, apparently, a terrific human being.
    It has been stated the adrenals (hormones being relative to the endocrin system) need to be checked for overstress and brought back into balance if necessary before assessing the need for natural hormones. Also, successive saliva tests taken throughout a woman's cycle have been shown to be far more accurate than blood tests in accessing the individual system. Additionally, it is currently suspect that bioidentical creams can build up in the system and overdose. Bioidenticals administered under the tongue are apparently more accurate dosages. This information comes via workshops by Dr. Janet Lang. Google her up. She backs up her statements with the research.
    If anyone out there has even more updated info, do speak up. This is a 'biggy', basic to the quality of life not only for women, but for society. And we are still baby stepping our way through this one....more info
    All you baby boomers need to get smart on natural hormones. The drug companies do not make money on natural hormones.After being on synthetic hormones for years and starting to feel sick I knew I had to stop . After reading this book I felt that my life was not going to be down hill. Since then I have started on natural hormones and I can already see an improvement after a few weeks. It only makes sense. I have never read any of her books until this one caught my eye and it has changed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you....more info
  • Amen...
    to those here who at least read the book before spouting off. And reviews written by MEN about a subject that affects only WOMEN in this way? Give me a break.

    Maybe if the medical community, which seems largely made up of men more interested in how their [reprodcutive organ] works than how to help women going thru this life altering change, could concentrate a little more on helping us, this wouldn't be such an often debilitating condition.

    The biggest benefit to reading this book is that it at least offers alternative choices to women searching for one. No one should blindly accept what anyone tells them about their own bodies - do the research, ask the questions and then determine the best choice for YOU. I don't need men telling me how to deal with or arm myself with knowledge about something they will never experience....more info

  • Life Changing!
    This book is absolutely essential reading for women of all ages. It simplifies the extremely complex topic of hormonal imbalance. Women are literally perishing due to lack of this knowledge. Buy it and read it now!...more info
  • Not just for women!
    Suzanne Somers explains that males go through their own version of menopause, called "andropause" - so this book is for men, too - and also for men who want to better understand what women go through during this time.

    What I like about this book the most is its straight-forward, no-nonsense approach. We do have options - and isn't it good to know what those options are? By putting it all out on the table this author is empowering us to make better choices. I like that she is living life by example. You go, girl! :-)

    -Lisa Marie Coffey, author of "What's Your Dosha, Baby? Discover the Vedic Way for Compatibility in Life and Love."...more info

  • The Sexy Years
    This amazing book introduced me to possibilities . . . never mentioned by any physician. I researched the information, talked with my physician, GYN & pharmacists before starting the BHRT, with extremely rewarding results. Three years later I buy this book as a gift for women and they are amazed . . . at 68 years I introduce a positive new way of living. Go for it!...more info
  • review by Johnathan
    I have read this review along with others and I could have told you it was a review by a man even if I had not read his name. His review helped me by validating that men do not know a thing about menapause and really do not care to help a woman get through it. I feel very angry about his stupid deas on this subject. By the way, I do not think getting through it is an answer because just like any other problem --it should be treated as a life long issue--because it is!!! I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 24 --I am now 76 and have had estrogen replacement since the hysterectomy. I know how it is to be without this vital substance and am in total disagreement with anyone who says women do not need it. They--obviously have not spent time in the shoes of a woman who is experiencing it. New ideas are born every day and should not be put off as foolish. I want to get this bioidentical therapy asap. I now take an estrogen shot every month as that is what has been the best for me but i would like something that is ongoing and keeps me even all the time. I have had a difficult time getting the estrogen because Dr's have been brainwashed into thinking it causes problems and does not work. I am living proof that it not only works but is vitally necessary to a womans good health and well being. When I get low on estrogen I have all the symtoms connected with minapause--flashes--nightmeres--irritability--etc. Every time I have to change Dr's I have to fight to receive estrogen even though they are astonished at my good health and my great fitness---I am so cute and so interesting and so funny and a sixteen year old would die for my cute shape. I play tennis, walk, keep my own house etc. and everything else life demands of me. I recently finished writing "The Widow" a novel about a woman s transition through the sudden death of her husband of 23 years. NO--it is not sad but a very revealing and lighthearted set of events and a beautiful woman seeing ';herself through' Yeah for her. No, I did not experience this myself but what a great movie it would make and what a help to anyone no matter their own experience. Suzanne--I cannot wait to read The sexy years--I have never lost my sex drive or my enthusiasm for life but know that bioidentical estrogen is the answer I have been looking for forever!! Thank you and a GREAT BIG BOO! to Johnathan....more info
    I had alot to say about this book and Suzanne Sommers's belief system about menopause but Jonathan Raymond, Washington D.C. March 16, 2004 beat me to the punch. He said it all most beautifully and accurately. All I will add is that I and the women in my family have opted for natural alternatives such as diet, exercise, vitamins, herbs, good skin care and a very positive attitude. We are all healthier and happier than before the change and are not falling apart or shriveling up. Please do not buy into the belief that menopause must be treated as if it were a disease - it is not. It is just another life phase. HRT is not safe whether it be synthetic or natural.

    I recommend that you instead read "No Hormones No Fear" by Trisha Posner....more info

  • Very easy to read and very well researched
    Being 45 and in perimenopause, I started to become depressed and found I cried very easily which is the opposite of what I'm normally like. This book was recommended by a friend and has truly changed my life. Hormones play a big part in mood, weight, fat distribution and many other things. I learned enough in this book to ask my gynecologist for a prescription to give my pharmacist, who does compounding, for hormone replacement in a cream form. I use Progesterone and Testosterone and feel much better. I was the first person my gynecologist prescribed hormonal cream for that had not gone thru menopause. This is truly a subject that you need to learn and personalize for yourself....more info
  • Some value, but don't blindly follow it's recommendations
    An interesting insight into the mind of a menopausal woman, but Sommers's "one size fits all" approach to hormone therapy can be dangerous. Estrogen is estrogen, whether from a wild yam or a chemical. One is natural, but it still can cause blood clots and other dangerous side effects. Find an understanding and progressive endocrinologist and work out your therapy together. Does Prozac work for every person who feels a bit sad? Well, same with these "miracle" hormones....more info
  • The big pharmaceutical industry coverup
    Here's what every person, man or woman, needs to know: That the pharmaceutical industry does not want people to have treatments and cures that they cannot patent and make a profit from. There are incredible treatments available that are not dangerous and do not have horrific side effects (and don't have to be pulled off the market suddenly). Natural hormones being one. Prolotherapy for sports injuries and arthritis being another. MSM for painful joints. Chelation therapy to clear clogged arteries and prevent major open-heart surgery is yet another. Apitherapy (bee-sting thereapy) for MS and arthritis. The list goes on, and all these therapies cannot be patentented so they are not sold or promoted by doctors or hospitals. Thank you Suzanne for bringing one type of treatment to the attention of everyone. ...more info
  • The Hormone Connection
    This is the 'bible' for relief at my current Physician's Office.

    It is the beginning of the cure after years of frustration !...more info
  • Menopause and HRT
    An informative book explaining the menopause, hormone treatments and bioidentical hormones to help you find the perfect plan for you....more info
  • Thanks Suzanne for sharing your experience!
    Suzanne has once again made her life an open book, and what a beautiful book it is! Yes, she's gorgeous and her family is great, but it's also how she looks at things -- many celebs with easier lives than hers have held lifelong pity parties. I told a skeptical young woman at a party the other night that Suzanne's book will make life easier for her someday -- just wait and see! People just don't seem to get the difference between bioidentical hormones and synthetic ones like Premarin and Prempro. (...). Saying bioidentical estradiol is like Premarin is like saying all cars are like Fiat's -- it's just not true! My only reservation about The Sexy Years is that the book makes it seem as if the only way to go bioidentical is through compounding pharmacists -- a great way to go, for sure, but a little far out for those of us who pick up our prescriptions at Walmart. (...). If you "don't feel like yourself," there is a way to experience The Sexy Years!...more info
  • Disagree with Jonathan Raymond's review
    Mr. Raymond, I highly disagree with your summation of menopause as being a temporary discomfort that we should bear with grace. Before hitting menopause, I too was under the mistaken idea that it would be a one year event of a few hot flashes and that life would go on. However, I am fighting effects of menopause of a sevear nature lasting TEN YEARS NOW. At times I have been bedridden, hospitalized and become a burden to my family. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a result of "hormonal imbalance" that kept me in constant pain. Due to not being able to take synthetic hormones and not even knowing of bioidentical, I know the result on my health after a 10 year hormonal drought. I was highly offended that you marginalized what menopause can do to a woman's health. I would like to suggest that you take women at their word at how miserble they can feel and sympathize rather than critisize when they desperately seek help. I am currently beginning bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Because of my family history and other factors it will take a while to tweek my perscription but I have had improvements in this first month to the degree that I am thinking I might actually have a life again! This is particually important as I am the single mother of a handicapped child and need to be able to function and have full longevity. For that I say THANK YOU SUZANNE SOMERS! ...more info
  • Interesting
    Suzanne Somers offers an interesting solution to something that effects all women eventually. But, as with all medical advice, effectiveness depends on the individual. I suggest buying it and evaluating it for yourself. Debbie Farmer, parenting columnist and author of 'Don't Put Lipstick on the Cat'...more info
  • Way too pat for comfort.
    Either Ms. Somers was brain washed or is getting some baksheesh from the doctors she is pimping in this book. There is more to the management of menopause and aging than a few little bioidentical hormones that will get you back in balance. It seemed that she was repeating a mantra that was not very compelling-to me and possibly not to herself. It's obvious that the writer has had plastic surgery, and while I don't begrudge her that (as her looks are her meal ticket), it's naive of her to have us believe her apparent eternal youth is all due to natural estrogen and progesterone. And while the (hand picked) interviewees in the book give lip service to having menstrual periods at 60 and 70, no one discusses this in any detail. Do they get PMS? Is the flow heavy? Are these like the periods we experienced in our 20's and 30s? Does ANY woman of 70 or more STILL want to be bleeding every month?!
    I have not read any of Ms. Somer's other books, and after reading this one, believe I will not seek them out. I am glad she has been able to make her dysfunctional childhood lucrative, but my belief is that far too much is glibly glossed over in this book....more info
  • A book worth reading and sharing!
    Suzanne Somers has written a fantastic book, filled with humorous, enlightening moments of personal revelation that made this a very appealing read. I felt the author's fears as she went from doctor to doctor, searching for a treatment plan that she felt comfortable with and that would help her. Breast cancer is not a cold or a flu, it is much more serious than that, and each individual breast cancer patient would be wise in reading this book. There was information about the sex hormones, how they work, how they affect the body, and what we can do about their regulation - particularly for those in menopause. This all made sense to me.

    By reading this book, we can gain information about other treatments out there besides the inevitable toxicity from chemotherapy. Having experienced the devastating impact of breast cancer through a family member (who died of it - while being treated with chemotherapy), I wish this book had been written ten years earlier. Who knows, my family member might still have been alive. ...more info
  • Buy this Book!!!! Changed my Life!!
    This is the book to read if you are 35 or older! It is the best book ever and makes so much sense. It changed my life! All Suzanne's books are great! I bought this for four of my best friends and they all loved it! Thank you Suzanne for opening our eyes!!!!...more info
  • Risk of taking hormones as a breast cancer survivor
    Although I love the concept of taking bioidentical hormones for the promise of postmenopausal health and vitality, I am very concerned about the signal Suzanne sends to breast cancer survivors and those at high risk for the disease. I think Suzanne may be sending a dangerous signal by leading people to believe that hormones are safe as long as they are natural. I don't think there is any confirmation of that for those at high risk or for those who have had breast or ovarian cancer. As for myself, I have the BRCA gene and am at very high risk. (...) IT IS VERY SEDUCTIVE TO THINK BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES ARE SAFE ELIXERS. I STILL FEAR THERE IS RISK. AND WHERE ARE THE STUDIES THAT COMPARE CONVENTIONAL HRT WITH BIOIDENTICAL HRT?...more info
    WOW! This book was a total waste of my money. I can't say one good think about it. Don't waste your money like I wasted mine....more info
  • What every woman should know
    Every woman over 40 should read this book. Then past to their daughters or a friend....more info
  • Take a pill...
    What are doctors so afraid of? Why do doctors--especially male doctors--have such trouble opening their minds to alternative therapies? Remember when doctors refused to believe that ulcers were cause by anything but stress? Yeah, right. Knowledge is power. If you don't like what SS says in her book, don't adopt her suggestions....more info
  • Don't dismiss this book because a Hollywood celebrity wrote it.
    As it says in the forward, yes, the medical community should catch up with Suzanne Somers. Hormones are a complex subject, and the author Suzanne is wise in the way this book is written and how the content is presented. She asks the questions (what we all want to know but were afraid to ask), and gives you her opinion. But the book is in a question and answer format where the professionals are giving their answers. You may not want to do it Suzanne's way, but she's asked the right questions, and used her celebrity to bring attention to a very important topic - one that professionals and patients should be more aware of, and that major pharmaceutical companies wish you weren't....more info
  • book
    It's all about bio identical hormones and if you have enough money you can look perfect at any age. How many books can she put out that say the exact same thing! Guess she needs to keep publishing something to generate enough money to maintain her "youth"....more info
  • IMPORTANT Reading For Adults- Women & Men
    AWESOME! The amount of time and research dedicated to hormones and the aging process. Thank you for sharing with us, Suzanne! I am only 31, but found this so inspiring. Seeing so many struggling with menopause and little answers. This book shows many options available to you, and many contacts to get more information. This is your life and health. Why not be more informed?...more info
  • The Sexy Years
    This amazing book introduced me to possibilities . . . never mentioned by any physician. I researched the information, talked with my physician, GYN & pharmacists before starting the BHRT, with extremely rewarding results. Three years later I buy this book as a gift for women and they are amazed . . . at 68 years I introduce a positive new way of living. Go for it!...more info
  • Saved and Reborn
    Ten years ago I had to give up my gym workouts because I was getting hot flashes, shaking and sweating. Exercise made it worse. Doctors diagnosed "estrogen withdrawel" and prescribed Premarin and Progesterone. These made me feel worse, gain 80 lbs., and I was vomiting daily from the Progesterone. I suffered ten years with an aching back, hair thinning and falling out, feeling like I would rather be dead. I felt like this while having to take care of elder relatives! Then after hearing Suzanne, I went to one of the doctors in the book and after three weeks I am back to my old self again, able to get out of bed and go out again. This was truly the most diabling condition of my life. I thought it was over and that I'd be better off dead than suffering. Thank God for Suzanne and the bioidental hormonres....more info
  • spokeswoman for the pharmaceutical companies
    It sounds like Suzanne has become a shill for the pharmaceutical companies. Many celebrities get paid to praise prescription drugs in their interviews or books, so she's not the only one doing it. Suzanne claims that without prescription hormone drugs, women CANNOT get through menopause. I've also seen her on TV spinning the same advertising pitch. I'm very suspicious about her "message" and wonder why journalists aren't taking her to task. Don't be fooled by her use of the word "natural." Most doctors will tell you--if they are honest--that prescription hormones are NOT "natural." And Suzanne is wrong when she says diet and exercise alone WON'T work. She says women MUST take hormones--or they are losers! There is something extremely fake about her "agenda." Wake up ladies and don't take Suzanne's word for it. She's obviously being paid big money to say this stuff and I don't mean just by her publishing company, either!...more info
    This book is more about her life than what I wanted to hear. Not enough information about the natural hormones she is raving about.

    I was disappointed....more info

  • Agless Wonder Looking To Stay That Way
    In the proess of exploring hormone replacement and this book was suggested reading by a medical professional and being impressed with Suzanne's accomplishments with overcoming her cancer I immediately looked to Amazon to find a bargin price and once again Amazon surpassed my expectations. The book arrived in excellent condition and I was surprised to receive a hardcover edition as I thought I was ordering a paperback. Have only skimmed the book but am impressed with what I seen in the table of contents - there is a lot of information in the book beyond what the title indicates....more info
  • A Different Approach
    I enjoyed listening to Suzanne Somers book on tape because it gave me a different approach to menopause. And thats what I was looking for. Everyone is different, and must do what is best for them and their health. But I liked hearing some different ideas on how to go through menopause. Some of them I am interested in trying out, some I felt were impractical.
    All in all, I thought the book gaves some interesting options. ...more info
  • stimulating books
    To have such stimulating books like this one to read and enjoy, alone and with my friends. I really appreciate books like this one that tries to expand the potentials of human pleasure.

    ...more info
  • The Sexy Years:Discover the Hormone Connection
    This is a great first book to read before entering in to perimenopause is possible. Easy to understand and helps soften the blow many women feel when told those dredded words "Your going into menopause" I tried other things on the market prempro made me swell up 60 lbs in two month. I was told I no longer needed a period..(don't let a doctor tell you that)it just speeds up the ride to menopause. I am becomming very knowledgeable about bioidentical hormones and shame on Ob/Gyn who don't know about them.after all they have been around the medical world since the 40s!! Drug companiest hate them becasue you can't patent them and they must be mixed in a special pharmacy called a compounding pharmacy I find myself educating Dr.s who don't seem very interested.. It is not easy to find the right combonation of homrones but when you do it's jackpot! You will feel great. If only we could educate Dr.s especially female Dr.s (they are going to be here too one day).everywomen should read...more info
  • Don't Listen to Mr. Jonathan Raymond!
    This is mainly in response to another opinion on this site about this book. It's an awesome book! Suzanne Somers is not trying to make all women go through natural HRT. She's sharing her experience and how it has changed her life. It's an option that frankly I knew nothing about! It's awesome to know that there are people out there, like Suzanne, who will do research on something to better themselves as well as others. Suzanne is an educated woman with a PhD. And now because of this book, women can speak to their doctors about the alternatives and discuss what is best for them. The Sexy Years is a great book for all women. If Jonathan Raymond knows so much maybe he should do his own research studies to contradict what medical professionals are saying about natural HRT. Buy the book, you'll be greatful you did....more info
  • It's about time!
    I have been on bioidentical hormones (estriol, progesterone and testosterone) for nearly four years, after a complete hysterectomy due to early stage encapsulated ovarian cancer in 2001. I feel great, have lots of energy, great skin, no mood swings, no cancer recurrence, etc. I work for a compounding pharmacy and we were delighted to see Suzanne's book. We give monthly seminars to women re BHRT, and our class size jumped from about five to ten per month to 35! It's about time that the general public was given the opportunity to learn about the availability and safety of bioidenticals. We disagree with Suzanne about the estrogen she takes (we would recommend estriol instead of estradiol for her, since she has had cancer) and we do not bring menstrual periods back for our patients unless they request it (we believe menopause is natural). We also insist on saliva tests to determine hormone levels, not blood tests, but we are grateful to her for opening the door and letting women know about this important subject. These women will do more reading on the subject and eventually approach their doctors. Eventually the doctors will have to do their own reading just to keep up with their patients. Suzanne will save many lives with this information, and just for that she is one of my heroes. Thank you, thank you, Suzanne Somers! When my daughter reaches 35, she will have much better choices and Suzanne will be one of the reasons she does. ...more info
  • Women Need to Read This Book!!
    Suzanne Somers does a wonderful job informing women (and men, too) about bioidentical hormones and how natural bioidentical hormones keep us young, active, and looking great. This book is written in a manner that is easy to read yet incredibly informative, and it made me want to find out more about bioidentical hormones. So, I have since read 3 more books on the topic all because of the interest Suzanne Somer's book brought out in me. Suzanne has used her celebrity status to let all of us know that we can, indeed, age gracefully.
    Women, I have learned that we do not need to suffer from PMS. Doctors give us Prozac for that, but all we need is natural bioidentical prescription progesterone. Also, women are needlessly dying from heart attacks because they are taking synthetic hormones. What a crime. Somers informs us on these topics as well as many, many more.
    This book is a fascinating, eye opening read and I whole heartily recommend it. And, when you finish reading this one, read Dr. Reiss's book called "Natural Hormone Balance," another important resource and fascinating read....more info
  • A Great Book for Men Too!
    Most people only know of Suzanne Somers as an extremely funny performer who starred in a sitcom with the late John Ritter. Now she has written an intelligent book that explains hormone imbalance symtoms that most woman have to endure. Not only has she bravely battled and survived breast cancer, but she has remained beautiful....more info
  • It changed my life
    I tried to follow the advice of this book and ended up in the hospital for a week with near fatal blood clots. The blood clots were not hereditary; they were due to an increase in Estrogen according to my blood tests. While I believe that for a number of woman this book is right on track, it does not do nearly a good enough job of warning women about potentially life ending or life threatening side effects. If you follow the advice of this book, you should research the downside and monitor your health constantly. In my case, my calves hurt (and not much); fortunately, my traditional doctor caught that this was a sign of blood clots whereas my new doctor didn't....more info
  • Wow - You go Suzanne
    I think this book is one of Suzanne's most helpful, recent contributions to society. My husband has been using thor-plex for a year or so now, and it has helped him tremendous with male issues. Boy did it help! Now, Suzanne has offered us ladies some help... I was given this book as a gift from one of my girlfriends who is an avid Amazon shopper. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. You'll learn all about the hormones that control every activity in your body. Though I've started thor-plex along with my hubby, I plan to start on some of the ideas expressed in this wonderful work that Suzanne has given us. Thanks Suzanne and thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Gynecologist Agrees with use of bioidentical HRT
    Suzanne Somers is a great spokesperson for the treatment of menopausal symptoms with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). At our menopause institute my Physicians Assistant and I have prescibed this method of treatment hundreds of times for patients in the last five years. Suzanne's openess in discussing how she coped with menopausal symptoms is so important for other women to read about and will definitely help them in making decisions about their treatment.
    Jerrold H. Weinberg, MD-Michigan www. info
  • If you'd trust Dr. Ruth to give you acting lessons....
    then you should read and trust this book....more info
  • The Sexy Years: Discover the Hormone Connection
    The information in Suzanne's book has opened the "windows" to my world and has led me to the appropriate sources to implement hormone therapy on a level I can understand. I highly recommend this book not to be taken as the gospel truth but as a source of information so that each of you can decide for yourself if this makes sense. I am 56 years of age and for the first time in my life, I am thrilled at the results I am getting as a result of this book. It has given me hope that I can truly enjoy my "golden years" which I was really doubting not too long ago. The best part of the whole experience is that it is exciting to find out that you are really not going crazy!!!...more info
  • An easy introduction to Bioidentical Hormones
    I have been treating patients with bioidentical hormones for many years without having many books I could recommend to my patients. I was glad when this book came out, because it has a pretty good overview ot this therapy in easily understood terms. There are two things I particularly like. One is that she interviews a few different experts on the subject, demonstrating the "art of medicine" that is needed in this type of treatment. The other aspect I particularly liked is where she reasons with her doctor to put her back on hormones after she was treated for Breast Cancer. Her argument was well thought out, and is a good example of a patient/doctor collaboration in healthcare. Some of the style of the book is a bit cutesy, but overall I believe it does a good service for the women who read it. ...more info
  • suzanne does it again
    this book repeated some of what she has already written . However ,I find it a fascinating subject as I have been going thru similar problems. Suzanne has guided me thru some of this journey and has helped me explain myself and what I need to my Nurse Practioner. I will share with my menopausal friends !...more info
  • Sexy Years for Who?
    Some of this book is good and normally I love Suzanne Summers but.... A few comments like " no wonder men leave us for younger woman". Like what is that about? Woman need to feel better for themselves not some guy. Does she not know men also have hormonal problems and aging? When I ran into a few comments like that in the book it turned me off. Woman need to feel good about themselves and look good for themselves first. I just felt the book was a push for the S Principle Book and to be hot for your guy. Usually her stuff is good but I wasn't crazy about this one. Sorry nothing new in this book. Maybe helpful to someone else. Judy...more info
  • We just want to feel human!
    Suzanne is my HERO! Someone finally put what I was feeling into words. I had a hysterectomy when I was 24 and started experiencing changes around 35 but didn't know or understand what was happening to my body. I searched high and low for answers, went to many doctors, none of which could address my issues just prescribed a bunch of synthetic drugs including anti-depressants. I refused thank god, feeling like there had to be a better way to handle than walking around like a zombie for the rest of my life. In the last 5 years I've experienced severe anxiety attacks, weight increase, headaches, night sweats, incomplete sleep, foggyness and overall I thought I was just loosing my mind. Then one day a friend gave me Suzanne's book "The Sexy Years" and I read through it in 4 days, often in tears because finally someone GOT IT! I'm not going crazy and there is a solution that doesn't involve being drugged for the rest of my life! Thank you Suzanne, I feel like you gave me a new lease on life. P.S. I'm reading Ageless and the education goes on!...more info
  • No Horses, No Beans
    Fido's review below is right on! We don't want horse derived hormones and we don't want those from the soybean either. I think Suzanne's solution is a good one, that she's taken the time to get her advice from some top doctors and, she is one sexy mature woman. What's she's got, I want. ...more info
  • A Great Book for Women!
    Suzanne Somers does a great service to women and men alike who are seeking to understand the symptoms of hormone imbalance. I was determined to "tough it out" with menopause, and the severe hot flashes, low libido, crankiness, weight gain, etc, but after three yrs of suffering decided that I needed relief. My own ob-gyn was not willing to really consider natural bio-identical hormones, and I was about to cave in in desperation, when three family members recommended this book (yes, they have suffered along with me). I read it straight through, cover to cover, and it gave me the courage to fire my doctor and find a doctor who would discuss ALL the alternatives with me, and be my partner in deciding what is best for me. Thank you, Suzanne Somers, for doing so much of the research for me, and for giving me that last nudge that I needed to take a stand. You are a powerful advocate for all of us, and your encouragement to become an advocate for ourselves is a timely and cutting edge message, particularly when it comes to HRT. I have not read her other books, but this one was life changing for me....more info
  • Must read book
    I only hope that with the right doctor's help I can live a life with great health, vitality and fabulous sex!...more info
  • THE SEXY YEARS - Great price, clean, fast shipment.
    Great shape - the price was so cheap I expected it to be a paper back, but it wasn't. Clean. Fast shipment. Will do business with these folks again....more info


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