Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness

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This Leading Edge work by Esther and Jerry Hicks, who present the teachings of the Non-Physical consciousness Abraham, explains that the two subjects most chronically affected by the powerful Law of Attraction are financial and physical well-being. This book will shine a spotlight on each of the most significant aspects of your life experience and then guide you to the conscious creative control of every aspect of your life, and also goes right to the heart of what most of you are probably troubled by: money and physical health. Not having enough money or not having good health puts you in the perfect position for creating more of that which you do not have. This book has been written to deliberately align you with the most powerful law in the universea??the Law of Attractiona??so that you can make it work specifically for you.

Money, and the Law of Attraction is formatted in five, vibrant essays:

Part I – Processing of Pivoting and Positive Aspects

Part II – Attracting Money and Manifesting Abundance

Part III – Maintaining Your Physical Well-Being

Part IV – Perspectives of Health, Weight, and Mind

Part V – Careers, as Profitable Sources of Pleasure

Also included is a free CD (excerpted from a live Abraham-Hicks workshop) that features the Art of Allowing your physical and financial well-being to come through.

Customer Reviews:

  • A little disappointed...
    I was a little disappointed with this book because I expected so much more than what I got. Most of it was a repetition from previous books and the rest was just general information.
    I've applied Abraham's teachings for over a year, but I still haven't been able to attract more money into my experience. And after reading this book, my money situation still hasn't changed.

    In my opinion, the book lacked:
    -Career development
    -Examples of how to go downstream when you are stuck in a negative financial situation like paying bills you can't afford etc
    -More money games to shift your vibration around the subject money

    Don't get me wrong. It is still a good book. But it hasn't helped me with my money situation. Maybe it will help you (since we are all different) so I would recommend reading it though....more info
  • Great Book!
    If you loved "The Secret" you will love this book. The teachings of Abraham are life changing. ...more info
  • Worth It, Once Again
    I was reluctant to buy this book because I've already bought the Hickses' other books, `Ask And It Is Given,' `The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent' and `The Astonishing Power of Emotions'.

    I thought, "What more could they possibly say on this subject?" I thought I already knew all I needed to know, at least from the Hickses. But I was at a book store looking for another book, and it wasn't available, so, I went browsing and happened across this book. I thought I'd just flip through it, just to reassure myself that there wasn't anything new in it.

    Well, I'm VERY glad I did. This book was, for me, a very pleasant surprise.

    This book, for me, once again, adds to and enriches my understanding of this important principle, and how exactly to apply it, and how exactly it works, and how exactly I can know I'm working it in my life.

    Like me, you may think you've already grasped all there is to grasp about The Law of Attraction, and how to apply it. You may, like me (like I was before I perused and bought this book) have even felt a little jaded or complacent towards the idea that there is truly a principle (LofA) that one could understand and apply to create dramatic, meaningful improvements in one's life. (**And this is AFTER I've already gotten many good results with applying LofA.**) If so, I urge you to put your cynicism or complacency aside long enough to at least browse this book at your local bookstore.

    This book has done an amazing thing for me. It's got me - again -- really DOING what I need to do, in order to really create the lasting changes I really want in my life. It's got me IMPELLED to doing what I need to do.

    If you're aware of the basics of LofA then you know that you really MUST get yourself feeling more and more in tune with whatever you want, in order to have it, in the way you want to have it - without struggle, pain or hardship, with ease and grace, or in ways that are completely in tune with your sense of greater well being.

    Let me put it another way: Consider how you might otherwise spend the $20 or so that this book costs. Now ask yourself, "Is there any other way to spend this amount of money that will have as much positive impact on my life?" Would a dinner out, or a night out or at the movies, equal or even come close to the value of this book? Personally - maybe because I'm not struggling to make ends meet -- I can't think of a better way to spend this amount of money.
    ...more info
  • Most Amazing
    The Abraham Teachings are the most amazingly simple but profound information
    available today for improving your life. You name it, your health, your finances, your relationships. The difinitive owners manual for life. ...more info
  • Money and the Law of Attraction
    For many years now the teachings of Abraham, as delivered by Esther and Jerry Hicks, have moved, motivated, inspired and calmed me. This book is the culmination of the teachings thus far, giving practical advice and counsel for finding thoughts that align with our desires rather than with our fears. If, as Abraham says, the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe, we are well served by finding better feeling thoughts and emotions every day and in every way. The better we feel, the better we feel. The more positive our thoughts and feeling the more we are led to where we want to go. Our negative thinking and feeling keep us captive of undesired patterns of behavior and outcomes. The teachings of Abraham are a powerful ally in difficult times....more info
  • Quality Material
    I guess my heading says it. The material is not only uplifting and well-written, but filled with very intelligent insight that you don't have to just believe in order to recognize.

    That said, I would like to ask for a little help here from Abraham fans. This was my first Abraham book, and here and in a cd collection that I have, Abraham says that he recommends meditation, because stilling thought removes all resistance to your Source energy, and therefore, speeds the process of materialization.

    Do any of you guys know of an Abraham book or cd or dvd that actually gives instruction in meditation? Most of the techniques I'm familiar with from other teachers merely "freeze" thought through intentional focus on an object. But since intention IS thought itself, the state you create is still a separate, contracted state...even if it's enjoyable. I'm just wondering if Abraham is teaching this kind of a directed process for meditation and manifestation, or if he is recommending an actual release of thought and intention temporarily...which produces a great relief, as all efforts of separation and focusing cease.

    For example, in this book, he talks about focusing on positive thoughts before sleep, because at times during sleep, thought rests completely, ending the law of attraction process, but opening you beyond resistance. Then, when you awake and resume your positive focus, you are much less resistive and your drawing power is more effective.

    So, I'm wondering, therefore, if Abraham's type of meditation is more like this as well...really a dropping of thought and the attraction process in order to boost your power, which can then be added to your intention after the meditation. This is his advice regarding sleep at any rate, which is why he recommends focusing on the positive aspects of your life as soon as you wake up. It would also make sense to me, though, to have periods of intentional focus, like traditional meditation, since the law of attraction only operates when thought and intention is active.

    So, I'd like your help in locating some of Abraham's recommendations regarding meditation in this teaching. Thank you :)...more info
  • Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead?
    I didn't know that Esther is possessed by a slew of Spirits who call themselves "Abraham"? Reading the preface of this book, her husband Jerry talks about how Ester learned how to "channel" through, or into her body "Abraham." Esther mentions her husband was involved with the Ouija board game, and Esther didn't like being around him when he would talk to others about it. According to Jerry she was afraid of things like that including the movie "The Exorcist" and possessions, or any devil activity. But then one day, with the cajoling of Jerry, they wanted to learn more about the "Law Of Attraction" through a "channeled" person (possessed by) spirit(s). They went to this lady's house who "channels" spirit(s), and asked it a bunch of questions about the "Law Of Attraction," but always seemed to run out of time before getting all of their questions answered. Finally, the soothsayer told Esther that she could "channel" (become possessed) herself, and have her own "spiritual guide."

    Moving ahead she followed the steps of learning how to "channel" from the soothsayer and found her body was tingling, and what she calls something of a good experience, beautiful, fulfilling - I'm paraphrasing. Jerry then notices her head bobbing around, and figures out that she's beginning to "channel" (possessed), and somehow figures out the "spirits" are communicating to her through her nose. Her head was bobbing around because her nose was writing letters in the air as a way of communicating. Later her hands start flinching about, and Jerry sets her up to her computer keyboard to have then the "spirits" communicate through the "typed word."

    They finally ask who's (possessing Esther) doing this and they say "Abraham," and that they're not one, but many. Long story short they happily go into business together and start writing this book and subtitle it "The Teachings Of Abraham."

    If reading my review so far sounds disturbing to you then you're not alone. I've read other books on the Law of Attraction by Jack Canfield, John Assaraf and Napoleon Hill and all these books were at the very least positive, inspiring and uplifting. In contrast the "Hicks" books though factual, leave me with a different feeling that's, uninspiring, non positive, and lack of anything good. Why? Growing up I was lonely at times and would hang out with a group of friends who did things that had me feeling the same way as I did when reading this Law of Attraction book by the "Hicks" and "Abraham." After hanging out with my friends we'd watch weird movies, and listen to weird or unintelligible, not uplifting music. I'd go home and tell my mom about our hang outs and the bad feelings I'd feel afterwards, and that by the letter of the law we didn't do anything wrong. She'd tell me that I better listen the promptings of the spirit and do the right thing or I may never receive those "warnings" again. I even wrote and published my own book on these experiences (including codependency), and how my mentor Joe helped me understand and basically focus on the good. The book is called "My Sessions with Joe."

    Why seek ye the living among the dead? Read the Bible James 1 v5 "...if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God" (not the dead - unclean spirits). Where's the credibility with unclean spirits? There's none. Esther was initially right to have listened to her feelings, and avoid the unclean spirits. Don't dabble in it, later become desensitized and then embrace it. Interesting what Paul went through in the Bible, ACTS 16 16:19.

    I didn't finish reading the "Hicks" books and returned them to Amazon....more info
  • The Laws of Attraction
    I actually pre-ordered this book, because I can never seem to get enough of the various books and CDs written by Esther & Jerry Hicks and Abraham. The book is everything I expected - and the processes within are already working for me.
    Wow - great book - but what else would I expect...more info
  • outstanding !!
    this book ties everything that abraham teaches together into a wonderful, comprehensive, easy read. i am on my third pass through the book, and keep discovering new little gems of wisdom each time. this is a book you'll want to lend out, but dont !! keep it for yourself, and read, and re-read it. ...more info
  • Got in action at last
    I read the other books of Abraham. As it is, this book doesn't bring too much new things. However, by repeating the same message over and over, it finaly hitted me inside the hidden corner where there always has been a small resistance translated as a laziness and a scepticism. I mentally understood the message, I felt that it worked and still I wasn't able to get myself in the move for a better destiny. It could be done later, the member of this inner resistance told me.
    By showing countless practical exemples, I suddenly got the hint and saw the light. I really could feel how easily I could make a switch in my life. I saw my limiting behaviour and how firmly I was focused on wrong things and how simple the solution was: changing my focus. So I experienced the stuff works.
    Therefore, I do recommend this book; I'd say: 'don't wait, just go at last for the changes you can achieve with the help of this book'. ...more info
  • Astronomical wealth of information
    I have read other books by Hicks-Abraham and so was unclear how much new information would be covered, and if it would have the same profound impact on my life. I must say, that even though some of the information is similar to their previous works, the insight that has evolved in the way that the guidance is disseminated has had, yet again, an astronomical impact on the way I view life and view prosperity in my life. I am truly honored to be part of this day and age-to have these teachings come forward at such a pivotal time on this planet....more info
  • excellent inspiration
    Abraham really helps you get life in perspective. It's all about choices and accepting your role in your life as co-creator....more info
  • Money, and the Law of Attraction
    I bought this book in CD form and listen to it in my car on the way to work each day. It is a delight to start my day with positive "vibrations." If you are a person who desires to be happy and joyful in life, this is a must read. Changing your perspective will change your life and also change how others respond to you. It isn't easy to move response vibrations because your computer of a brain automatically goes to it's trained reaction. This information helps you mentally understand why that automatic response needs to be shifted to a better feeling understanding....more info
  • An Amazing book to transform your life!
    Another amazing book by Esther and Jerry Hicks! This is the book we all need to turn our lives around right now with the economy the way it is. It's truth, and it will transform how you think...and how you think it what attracts money to you...just get the book, and at the end you will say, is it really this simple...yes, and no, you have to work at changing your mind set, and then yes, it is that simple! It's really worth your investment.
    Whitney...more info
  • Read the book, skip the audio
    I'm giving this one star b/c of the grating voice on the audio. The content is amazing, but the reader reads so fast and with absolutely no emotion or pause that I found myself getting too aggravated to finish listening. She is speed reading! But the content is fantastic. Just sorry they picked the wrong person to read it. ...more info
  • 8-CD Audio Set
    I purchased the audio book of Money and the Law of Attraction. This 8-CD set is packed full supportive guidance. I loved the format and exchange between Esther (as Abraham) and Jerry Hicks. This format was much easier to listen to and much more of an "experience" than one person simply reading in a monotone sound. I was never quite sure when the end of the CD came around except to recognize material as the CD automatically began at the beginning again. The 8th and final CD was spectacular! I felt like I was in the seminar with Abraham (through Esther) as it was a live recording of Abraham in seminar. Would love to hear more of these live recordings. The "Experience" (Vibration) of the work is so helpful. Thank you for always adding, changing, upgrading and being dynamic! ...more info
  • Life Changing Book
    This book like all other Abraham materials is life changing. It tells you exactly how to create the life you want. I find it helpful to read a little bit of it every day as a reminder to actually live by its principles. The results are miraculous....more info
  • more money with the Law of Attraction - tips to help you
    I've loved Esther Hicks since seeing her in the Secret almost three years ago. She is definitely "tapped in" and will help you to understand the Law of Attraction with a clarity that goes way beyond other authors.

    This book is a perfect companion for successful dealing with the "recession" that most people feel we're dealing with right now. It will show you ways of looking at things, which will take care of any doubts and fears you have. If you've enjoyed her other books, you'll enjoy this one. It is very similar, with the same basic teachings, but the concentrates on the areas of money and financial abundance.

    You are the creator of your own experience and Esther/Abraham will help you to make it a positive one.

    Something I've found extremely helpful in activating the Law of Attraction is getting my entire body involved. I like to go for walks while visualizing. I find this makes me more present and keeps my mind from obsessing on the negative, as it sometimes does when I am sitting in one place.

    Something else you may find helpful if EFT, if you're not aware of it (I wasn't until recently), 10-Day Money Makeover - Simple Steps to Create More Money and Financial Prosperity Using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a book which explains it well and concentrates on the subject of this book, money and financial abundance.

    "Getting physical" has helped me tremendously and I feel it will help you. You don't have to get in the gym for hours on end, just an easy walk, or tapping points via EFT, or something other than sitting around, which will get your body into the process, will help you to manifest more easily....more info
  • Teachers of love
    Their best book yet, full of examples that inspire me to live a life that only gets better as I practice their teachings. Now I look forward to live every day in a happy state instead of "let's see what comes now"....more info
  • Uplifting
    I have been listening to Abraham tapes for years, and have liked the tapes better than the books. However, this book is excellent. I think Jerry and Esther have gotten so good at interpreting the message, and it is clear in this book. These teachings are helping me to understand more and more it is NOT about the manifestation of things or situations or lovers etc... the teachings are to help us to feel better and better in the now moments. The now is all we have. They teach all the tools and ways to help us let go of the old limiting beliefs that keep so many of us troubled and unhappy. Yes, if you manifest something wonderful, that is a bonus. But to me, it is really all about feeling better, feeling a notch better, raising the vibration up the scale as they say. The Secret was good but sort of annoying to me, because their focus was on stuff, material things, and from all my years of listening to the Abraham lectures, that is not the goal. Yes, play with the fantasy if it gives you joy but the having of the fantasy object is not the ultimate purpose. The fantasy is there to help you feel that tingle, that excitement, to raise the vibration. It can be so complex yet so simple. I think that is why I still listen to the tapes or read the books, to remind myself of the deeper feeling place that really gives me the lasting peace, the lasting joy. ...more info
  • essential read
    This is an essential read for someone who is looking to change their life in a positive way. This book is appropriate for someone who is new to the Law of Attraction or an old study. ...more info
  • Sweet & Simple
    'Money and the Law of Attraction' by Esther & Jerry Hicks is a sweet & simple approach to creating prosperity in your life.

    Throughout the book there are many insights provided that will help you with seeing real results in your life too!

    Some of my favorite insights are as follows:

    - 'The Universe responds to your vibration'
    - 'It is fun to know that things are always working out for me'
    - 'You cannot find a happy ending to an unhappy journey'
    - 'I seek abundance and I trust the Laws of the Universe. I have identified the things that I want and now I am going to Trust the Universe, relax and allow them into my experience'
    - 'Feel ease regarding your situation and then your are allowing abundance'
    - 'Desire and expect something magnificent'

    I highly recommend that you read this book!

    Even better read together with:

    'Nexus' by Morrison & Singh, a realistic portrayal of a variety of people in search of life transformation.

    Nexus: A Neo Novel

    ...more info
  • An absolute must for living life now
    I enjoyed this CD set and can't wait to listen again.
    There's a lot of important information that can be put
    to use in our current lives....more info
  • Money and the law of attraction
    The book is informative and very easy to read. I believe there's a prequel titled "The Laws of Attraction" which I plan to purchase. Both will make valuable additions to my collection of tools for spiritual growth....more info
  • Great book & C.D. Combo
    'Money and the Law of Attraction' by Esther and Jerry Hicks is a great book to read if you want to change your life for the better--and this book comes complete with a C.D. too.

    This book provides you with tools for manifesting better health, wealth, career etc. in your life.

    Some ideas presented are:

    1. 'The Universe responds to your vibration'
    2. 'You cannot find a happy ending to an unhappy journey'
    3. 'Stop facing reality & start creating reality'
    4. 'Feel ease about your situation

    Even better together with,

    'Nexus' a novel by Morrison & Singh a transformative, psychological & spiritual adventure.

    Nexus: A Neo Novel
    ...more info
  • Awesome
    I loved this CD set. I have several of their books and CD sets. i really like the cd sets and this one is a must. It really raises your energy. ...more info
  • Good advice
    The book is good but the tapes are so much more powerful. A group of us listen to them once a week and leave glowing with happiness and hope. It is a wonderful way to live by. This is more about life than just money. E. Johnson...more info
  • Abraham does it again
    I've been reading and listening to Abraham-Hicks for over a decade and they just keep getting better and better. As always, this book gives practical advice on how to attract what we want in life - the best advice I've found anywhere! It was a little bit misleading to call it "Money and the Law of Attraction," since most of the book was not focused on the subject of money. However, the same principles apply to attracting money as to everything else, so the entire book can be applied to money.

    For those who are new to Abraham and Law of Attraction, don't expect to "get it" on first reading. It took me years to really understand and learn how to use Law of Attraction in my own life, and the Abraham teachings have really helped to drum it into my consciousness. It runs counter to what most of us have been taught, so it takes repetition and personal experience to change our old habits of thinking.

    On the other hand, you could just as well keep reading any of the other Abraham-Hicks books over and over again, because they really just say the same thing in different ways. I happen to like the variety they offer in new ways of explaining it....more info
  • great book, no hype, great gift too
    This book has been given to 4 friends and each has changed their lives to the extent that they APPLIED the principles in it. If you actually CHANGE YOUR INNER DIALOGUE to promote yourself into wealth and health, it works in your life almost immediately. My life was in deep change when I bought it, and I KNEW these ways of living but just was not applying them. This book woke me up, and although my life is radically altered from how it was---it is getting better and moving toward new horizons now. There are chapters on how to pivot to meet the negative, down-trodding thoughts most of us have rambling in our brains daily. To redirect our attention, to START this change-then to manifest this change, and redirect our lives. It is filled with techniques and examples of the power of attraction--the old like attracts like--revisited in a new, fresh format. The audio DVD in the back of the book I listened to 3x in a row, (she is humerous)then sent to a struggling family member...then got him his own book. The 'Teachings of Abraham' is a misnomer--as they have been around for many years and this book applies to EVERYONE, can help everyone, and is not limited by belief in how they receive this information---it crosses belief barriers because it WORKS. Change your life, buy this book. Apply it to your life, career, health, wealth, and watch your life bloom. HIGHLY recommended....more info
  • More great wisdom from Abraham
    What can I say but that this book is another great release from the Abraham-Hicks family. It presents all the usual Abraham material in block idea form i.e. focusing on particular topics and the questions that arise about it from forum audiences as well as Jerry Hicks. Rest assured there's sure to be an answer to a question you have (that's why you bought the book right?) It's definitely a must have in your stable of Abraham material.

    Ken....more info
  • Life changing material
    Abraham-Hicks deliver a consistent, loving, empowering message throughout all of their material--books, CDs, DVDs, workshops and more. This particular book builds upon the extraordinary life keys given in the earlier book, 'Ask and it is Given.' It would be possible and beneficial to start with this book, also. Either way, it is life-enriching....more info
  • Rules of life
    I was looking for the rules of human beings life. In this book i found how I am creating my life by my own power of thought.
    Nowe every day I am reminding myself that nothing is more important than that I feel good.
    I'd like to recommend this book to everybody who are looking for real secret of life....more info
  • Wondrously Fabulous Book!
    We have bought 14 copies of this book from Amazon. The book is so wonderful that we enjoy sharing it with friends and family, and we host a book-study at our home in which we take turns reading it aloud and then discussing it.

    This book explains, in a clear, comprehensive way, why events occur as they do. Jerry and Esther Hicks have been traveling the country for twenty years, explaining the immutable Law of Attraction via their group of non-physical friends called Abraham. This is a compilation of the meat and potatoes of the Abraham philosophy.

    The book addresses countless relevant questions and issues from a Law of Attraction perspective: how to manifest abundance, health, desired body weight, meaningful relationships, and a fulfilling career. It explains how our emotions - positive and negative - serve as an impeccable guidance system to notify us of how we're thinking and thus whether we're going towards or away from our desires.

    This is the second of four scheduled Law of Attraction books by Jerry and Esther Hicks. It was preceded by THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: THE BASICS OF THE TEACHINGS OF ABRAHAM. Hay House will next publish RELATIONSHIPS AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and then SPIRITUALITY AND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

    This is a brilliant explanation of how things work. I devote my blog,, to exploring and pondering this book and other sources of the Abraham philosophy. I have also written a book, SOULSONGS, VOL. I, inspired by Abraham. Soulsongs Volume I Welcoming Your Deepest Desires...more info
  • Another enlightening book from Abraham-Hicks
    I always pick up new information or a different angle from the Abraham books. The words resonate true and are extremely helpful in my life. Most everyone can benefit from these insights. You can point your life in an entirely different direction and be who you want to be. And that goes for all of us. Thanks for this powerful work....more info
  • Best book yet
    I have all the Esther Hicks books and I always favored the first two; The Law of Attraction and Ask and It Is Given. However, I am so pleased with her new book, it has become my favorite. I already know when this book becomes available on CD, I will be purchasing it. This book not only covers wealth, it also covers health and happiness. It's fun, it's inspiring, and it shows one ways to open that doorway and allow your desires to come in. The book also has a free CD enclosed which is from a workshop. Well worth your investment. If you can only afford one Esther Hicks book, I think this would be it....more info
    I have been reading and listening to Ester and Jerry Hicks for years now and have been studying the Law of Attraction. Something about this caught my attention. My husband and I have both been using the Law of Attraction, studying and listening to tapes and both of us thought we were doing what we needed to . . . and were frustrated over what was not manifesting, until we listened to this. The last CD "turned the light on" for both of us. The last CD has Abraham discussing some of the things that we had been doing incorrectly. It's humorous. I've laughed after listening several times due to "hearing my own words." If you have been struggling, wondering why you weren't manifesting the money and/or health that you were trying to attract -- the answer to why that may be happening is here! This has really helped me understand how to change my story and start the flow downstream! After years of studying the Law of Attraction -- this was life changing.

    Highly recommended!!!!! ...more info
  • Creating a Magical Life!
    I love this book! Authors Esther and Jerry Hicks capture precious knowledge that flows from the non-physical consciousness "Abraham". The wisdom in the pages of this book has made a great difference in my life as I create a new beginning each day, with conscious thoughts that inspire me. Abraham mentions that 'everything is "vibration" and that the "Law of Attraction" responds to those vibrations, and in essence, organizes them, bringing things of like vibrations together while holding those of un-like vibrations apart.' After reading this book, I now understand the Law of Attraction, and I can participate fully in how my life shows up. It's great to see that I am responsible for my life circumstances.

    Books by authors Ariel & Shya Kane are a must read - to accompany the teachings found in "Money, and the Law of Attraction". While the Hicks teach about creating what you desire, the Kanes teach how to live in the moment in their books Working on Yourself Doesn't Work: The 3 Simple Ideas That Can Instantaneously Transform Your Life, and Being Here: Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment. They also have a internet radio show called "Being Here" via their website that is amazing! As I have thoughts about creating well-being in my life, it is important that I live in the moment, because living in the moment is truly where infinite possibilities and magic resides. Reading books by the Hicks and the Kanes is a great combination - I'm learning to create beauty in my life, and developing the skill set of being present so I can experience that beauty....more info
  • Laughter and change
    This is a fantastic book...but more than this, the CD radiates the zest, high energy and humor of the group known as Abraham. I have been a follower of the Hicks for a bit and have a couple of their works.

    The timing for being directed to this work makes me chuckle with the grand scheme of life. Abraham says that in coming to this connection with the work indicates a readiness of spirit. Funny how different styles resonate to our personal tastes and comprehensions. This one "gets" my attention in the most delightful way!! I like the idea that all is unfolding as it should and that there are and have been no "wrong" turns...This expression of life is but a tiny portion of who we each are. What a joyful book of love and possibility.

    The great aid is from knowing that our feelings are indicators of how close or far we are from our desired goals: just as the gas tank's indicator, resentment, anger, and upset lead us to recognize that we are swimming against the current of the inner source. When we start "feeling" that we are in abundance, so that feeling of joy attracts all aspects that will enhance the emotion.

    This work is such a marvelous and delightful expression of love at its finest core. Once again reminding us that love and being from that point is the experience we desire. Some of the obstacles come in the form of rigid agreements not only from ourselves, but from others which make change a touch of an effort. The benefits of choosing to feel enthusiastic can occur immediately with the lightness of heart and soul resounding in the moment. The note is given that physical manifestation may take a little time in this universe of reality, but the inner reality is already on the new path. How magnificent!

    ...more info
  • Wasn't Sure What To Think At First...
    I like Abe and I really thought this would be a PROFOUND book on abundance...AND IT WAS!!! The only book I think handles Money and wealth in a more practical way is Feel It Real!: A Guided Approach to Bringing the Law of Attraction into Your Life Grab them both!...more info
  • Fantastic
    A joy to read and understand. I recently had the pleasure to see them at a workshop in Toronto and the book was a confirmation of what they talk about! Really really good!...more info
  • Better than The Secret
    Abraham-Hicks are the people who gave Rhonda Byrne the idea for her book The Secret. This book takes the vaugness of the secret and provides a deeper and more personal view of how to think about life. Money is only one issue the book covers. There is also some great stuff about health and career well-being. The non-physical nature of Abraham is a tool used by the Hicks to add a spiritual facet to their work and bring it beyond just human opinion. Problem is some people actually believe Esther is channelling Abraham - a collective non-physical entity....more info
  • A tremendous book to bring about a change in consciousness
    This book can make a huge difference in anyones life, for the better.
    I highly recomend it....more info
  • Very Motivating Very Positive and Uplifting
    Love these cds; play them a lot in my car. They really jump start my day.
    These are actual laws in the universe; try it for yourself and see the results. I know it takes practice; I'm two steps forward one step back. I am gentle with myself. I see the results when I decide to see my goals actually become my reality - you have to see yourself with what you desire - create the story, tell the story as if it has already happened, then you are living it and attracting it daily. I know it works; I just want to keep on working it!! ...more info
  • Amazing book as usual
    Once again, Abraham-Hicks has brought us back to reality. They remind us of what we already knew but forgot. My life has changed from their teachings in such a positive way, and this new book has improved my life even more.
    Thank you Esther and Jerry for sharing!...more info
  • Fabulous read
    Really pleased with this purchase and great value.
    One downside... book took 4 weeks to arrive....more info


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