The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-Smokers Using Allen Carr's Easyway Method

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A new edition of the revolutionary bestseller, with four million copies in print. Allen Carr’s innovative Easyway method—which he discovered after his own 100-cigarette-a-day habit nearly drove him to despair—has helped millions kick smoking without feeling anxious and deprived. That’s because he helps smokers discover the psychological reasons behind their dependency, explains in detail how to handle the withdrawal symptoms, shows them how to avoid situations when temptation might become too strong, and enables them to stay smoke-free. Carr discusses such issues as nicotine addiction; the social “brainwashing” that encourages smoking; the false belief that a cigarette relieves stress; the role boredom plays in sabotaging efforts to stop; and the main reasons for failure. With this proven program, smokers will be throwing away their packs for good.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, but let's not get carried away here.
    Let's be clear: This is no miracle book. If you aren't ready to quit, this book will not magically make the cravings go away. That said, if you are ready to quit and want to make the leap, this book will serve as your cheerleader. But here are some criticisms:

    1. "Distinction without a Difference". This sums up alot of this book. It makes constant reference to 'The Willpower Method' andn saying why it doesn't work. Basically, when it does this, the reason YOU don't have to worry about what those loosers are going through it because YOU ARE EXCITED TO QUIT! You know the joys of being a non-smoker and that you have freed yourself from slavery! As if anyone who has quit isn't using this as a motivation already...give me a break. Basically, this is the crux of the book. Don't be bummed about withdraw, GET EXCITED THAT YOU DONT HAVE TO SMOKE AND THAT ITS EASY!

    2. Talk about long-winded. This thing could have been condensed to 3 chapters. I mean, not only does Carr cover the same points, there are passages that are literally 'cut-and-paste' from an earlier chapter.

    3. There is no secret in here. In fact, there's hardly any method. It spends most of its time explaining why the other methods (which arent actually much different) do not work.

    That said, there are some very good points about this book, including it getting you in the right frame of mind, telling you what not to fall for...such as nicotine patches or the 'just-one' cigarette trap. But if you are not convinced that you need to smoke, don't even start this book.
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  • Aida Osmani
    I am not a smoker. Never was. However, I have a brother that I deeply care for who was a smoker until he read this book. I strongly recommend it for every smoker with an open mind. Even without an open mind, take it with you to read when you have nothing better to do. It may help you stop smoking forever, aid in living a much healthier life, save people's lives around you, and extend your own life....more info
  • Over three years later...
    This is one book that I can say honestly and literally changed my life. I had been a smoker for close to nine years before I decided that I absolutely had to make a change for myself. I was sick of the coughing, the smell, the cost, and the pull that cigarettes had on my life.

    Reading this book put all the fears I had about quitting smoking to rest. Thoughts about quitting smoking made me extremely anxious. I had so many questions about what my life was going to be like without cigarettes. Among some of those questions were: What am I going to do to pass time while driving? How is a meal ever going to be as enjoyable without that post-meal cigarette? What will going to the bar be like without cigarettes? Allen Carr did an absolutely excellent job of convincing me that life would be OK after smoking. Not only that, but life would be much better without cigarettes. He was right.

    Almost within a month of quitting smoking, I started running to try and reverse all the ill-effects of smoking. Since then, I continue to be an avid runner and have participated in many races, including a half-marathon in which I ran at a pace better than 7:30 a mile. Anything is possible after you quit smoking!

    One thing I will say is that this book does not work for everybody. I have lent the book to a few people, all of which have skimmed rather than read the book intently. Needless to say, doing this did not get them to quit smoking. If you expect to succeed, you must read this book word by word with your undivided attention. Every word that Carr writes holds a certain amount of weight and must be absorbed by the reader. If you know you have it in you to quit and you can't stand your addiction anymore, the likelihood that this book will help you will greatly increase. Good luck!...more info
  • Buy it now!
    I was introduced to this book at work. My supervisor has it and suggested that I give it a try after I told him I was going to quit smoking. (He has been nicotine free and loving it for 7 months now) After looking at the cover, I assumed it was a crock and this guy was making tons of money duping people into believing he truly had the "easy way" to quit. (Sounds more like the tobacco companies with the "easy way" to keep smoking). Anyways, I couldn't even make it over 24 hours cold turkey and willpower, so I decided to give it a try. I read through it with an open mind while smoking, and man... he understands every single thing that every smoker thinks and feels. Barely any of this book talks about the health scares or money, those tactics do not work and he knows it. He will not shove all that crap that smokers already know down their throat's.

    It has only been 3 days so far for me, but I LITERALLY have not had any of those HUGE withdrawal "pangs", as he describes them, that I have had in the past. I love being smoke and nicotine free. Look at all of those 5 star ratings... this method works. Just follow his instructions. Read through it a few times if necessary. Most importantly, you absolutely have to know that you do indeed want to quit....more info
  • A grateful thumbs-up from an ex-addict
    Are you a long time, heavy smoker? Do you not even KNOW adult life without cigarettes, having begun puffing away in your teens? Is your every plan dominated by the burning question of whether (or when) you'll be able to light up? (e.g. Is there a smoking section? Does the room have a balcony? Will the seminar have breaks? Do people I'm going to visit smoke? How long is the flight/train ride/movie?).

    Do you feel a mixture of envy and scorn for casual smokers; those who can go for days without a fag or only smoke when they drink, and who, when they quit entirely, brag about how easy it is and nag you to quit too? Do you feel that along with lifelong non-smokers, such 'pseudo-smokers' are a different breed and simply don't understand genuine nicotine addicts like you?

    Do you find it virtually impossible to imagine being happy without cigarettes? While warding off friends' and family's pleas for you to quit with a rebellious, devil-may-care, live-hard-die-young persona, does worry, self-loathing and despair over your smoking keep you awake at night?

    All of the above was me. From age 16 (aside from pregnancy with my daughter at 18) I'd worked up to a couple of packs or so a day and by 50 was convinced I was hopelessly addicted. The few times I had tried to stop (in 2001 while watching my father die from smoke-destroyed lungs and more recently in 2004 after I had a serious bout of pneumonia) had been agonizing failures and I no longer had any plans to try to quit.

    I can't quite recall how I came to possess a copy of the book a couple of years ago. I do recall starting to read it but then stopping for two contradictory reasons: 1) with a major in psychology and studies in hypnosis I expected I would see through any mind-bending persuasion tactics the book might employ and so, despite the glowing reviews I'd read, it probably wouldn't work for ME and 2)I had an uneasy intuition that if I finished reading the book I actually WOULD quit smoking whether I wanted to or not!

    To cut a long story short, I pulled the book from the shelf again in September '08; finished it and have not smoked since. It's still early days but what a revelation to discover my body's natural relaxation now that it is off the nicotine misery-go-round; the jumpy nervy feeling that I had mistakenly attributed to my own nervous system,(which made me feel I needed to smoke) has GONE. I'm actually almost glad to have been such a hopeless, heavy smoker because of the wonderful contrast I feel now that I've stopped.

    How delightful to feel comfortable wherever I am instead of always obsessing over how to escape for my next fix! Had I known how great I would feel once free and how easy it could be to get there, perhaps I'd have done it sooner. Carrots always motivated me better than sticks.

    My recommendation: Even if you're not sure you want to quit just yet (or ever) buy this book anyway and keep it in your bookshelf until you're ready. Don't even consider trying to quit before you read it.
    Even after finishing the book I found it tremendously valuable to always keep my copy nearby; in the beginning I took it with me everywhere like a security blanket. If an old habit of thought came up (not surprising perhaps after 34 years!) just opening up the book and reading a sentence or two would dispel it like magic and later just knowing the book was there was sufficient. I've started buying copies for friends and family, but I'm keeping my own copy right here just in case!

    I don't think I could have succeeded without the information in this book (they also have other books, seminars and an excellent webcast- check online, but this book was enough to get me smoke-free) and I feel immense gratitude at having had the good fortune to come across it. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Worked when all else failed
    I had been a smoker for over 20 years. I had even successfully quit before for up to 2.5 years using "willpower". But for some reason, as I got older, "willpower" no longer worked for me. I tried cold turkey, "weaning off", you name it.

    But this book worked. Mr. Carr explains why tapering off never works, why willpower definitely doesn't work and he really helped me to understand why I was smoking in the first place.

    It's been about 4 months now. And I don't smoke!!!! What freedom!

    I no longer look at friends who smoke longing for a cigarette, rather, I look at them with empathy. I know they are only smoking because they are addicted!

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  • One word: W-O-R-K-S
    I bought this book, and didn't feel too commited to quitting (after all, what smoker doesn't love smoking?) but read it anyway, just for the heck of it. It took me a weekend to get though; I chain smoked while I read it. Then I quit. Just. Like. That. Nothing else worked for me -- hypnosis, acupuncture, willpower, and nicotine replacement did not work for me -- but this book did work. It's unreal, and I couldn't be happier....more info
  • The Easy way to stop smoking works!
    I stopped smoking immediately upon reading the book and that was nearly two years ago. I had smoked for nearly 40 years and tried everything to quit - this book worked!
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  • Going on 3 years
    I smoke for 12 years and thought I could never quit. I read all the reviews on here and thought there had to be something. I figure what the heck I would give it a try for a $15 investment. I read the book and when I finished it I never picked up another cigarette. That was March 1st 2006. I am not even bothered by others smoking, my husband still smokes and have no cravings to have one. I tell everyohne I meet about this little miracule book. What can it hurt?? ...more info
  • Phenominal help for quitting smoking...
    Hands down, this is the absolute best help I've found to quit smoking. I struggled for years quitting and starting and quitting and starting. My friend who was a "die hard" smoker quit immediately after reading this book and I was so impressed I tried it myself. It changed my whole outlook on smoking and I am now a happy non-smoker. Thank you Allen Carr!!! You have helped make my world a better place to be! :)

    I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is trapped with nicotine addiction!!...more info
  • This is the best investment ($15) that any smoker can make!
    If you're trying to quit smoking this is the best investment you can make!!! And it will only cost you about the price of 3 packs of smokes! To keep a long story short...
    I have "stopped smoking" for periods of time in my life, but until I read this book I didn't understand why I could never completely stop and would end up lighting up again.
    A friend kept telling me to read this book and I kept putting it off out of skepticism. I'm telling you now that there's no need to be a skeptic; it's a $15 or so book that will only take a few hours of your life to read. No need to make excuses, it really is that easy!

    Have an awesome life!

    Jamin Szczesny
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  • Ex-smoker forever - This book put an end to it once and for all.
    I smoked for 15 years, when I decided to quit. Those first 3 months were horrible: grouchy, mean, moody, but I quit for 8 years. Then I started dating a smoker, and once again I got hooked. Well, 18 months of smoking and I was NOT looking forward to the 3 month phase. A family member recommended this book while we were vacationing together. So, I floated in the lake and read this book while I smoked. I repeated what I'd learned to family and boyfriend as the week went on. I saw myself in almost every word the Mr. Carr wrote and the experience of quitting cold turkey. I took my time reading, finished the book on the last day of vacation. My boyfriend was disappointed when after I proudly proclaimed "I'm finished", I promptly lit a cigarette. That was a saturday afternoon. I smoked as usual all week, then on Friday night before going out with friends I ran out of cigs. I didn't ask to stop for another pack, I just knew I was done. Everything I'd read in the book made perfect sense; it took away all my "excuses" for not quitting and made me feel liberated. That was July 11th, 08. I have no desire to start again. The best part is I've quit without the grumpies, the grouchies or the feeling I'm denying myself something. I have given myself my life back...not to mention all that money! Read the book...It will work if you are honest with yourself. There is NO good reason to smoke....more info
  • Worked for me
    Two weeks so far and not a single craving. I recommend this so much that I'll be buying copies of this for my friends. Try it with an open mind and enjoy the results....more info
  • I can't say enough good about this book!
    The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-Smokers Using Allen Carr's Easyway Method I first read this book in the summer of 2003 when I was desperate to find a way to finally "kick the habit".

    Miraculously, it worked! I have been smoke-free since August of 2003!

    I recently purchased a copy for a friend of mine who is hospitalized and in real need of getting off the cigarettes. Hopefully, it will work as well for her as it did for me!

    I know that you skeptics are thinking, how can just reading a book make you stop? I was skeptical at first too! Believe me, after dozens of attempts over the years, all kinds of drugs and patches, this is all it took! And no withdrawal pains!!...more info
  • What's so EASY about quitting coldturkey?
    Everybody who rated this book 5 stars must work for EASYWAY.

    It did not help me quit smoking in the least bit. Waste of money.

    If you're considering buying this book, I'll summarize the entire book and save you the $10.


    Easyway???? Allen Carr was a conartist, snake oil salesman who became rich by putting a brand name on quitting smoking cold turkey. ...more info
  • Surprising how well it worked
    I didn't think I was ready to quit smoking, either, that I enjoyed it. It's embarrassing to admit, given what we all know about the health consequences of smoking, but it was a combination of the high price of cigarettes and the fact that I was suddenly smoking almost a pack a day that finally motivated me to pick up the book. (I had bought it more than a year earlier, then put it away.)

    As I was reading the book, I kept thinking that quite a bit of the content was repetitive, and that eventually I would come to "The Plan." There really is no plan, at least as far as things you have to do, yet--and looking back on it now that I've been smoke-free for more than five months--it seems almost bizarre to me that it worked so effectively.

    Even though until right before I quit, when I was up to about a pack a day, I was actually a pretty light smoker--I had one in the morning, but never went outside during work in the daytime, so the next time I smoked was late evening--I can't believe how much better I feel physically. I didn't realized how much I had screwed up my breathing.

    The book realizes that a person has to be ready to quit; like I said, I owned the book for a long time before I picked it up and read it. But once that decision is made, I have to say, this book works. ...more info
  • This is the answer to setting yourself free from nicotine addiction forever!
    After 37 years of smoking, and countless attempts to quit, this book finally provided me with the knowledge, attitude and impetus to free myself from nicotine forever (15 months so far and counting).

    The key points are:
    1) Smoking is first and foremost an insidious addiction to nicotine.
    2) All the other reasons you think you need to smoke are bs or brainwashing.
    3) Don't think of it as quitting or giving something up, instead set yourself free from the addiction and find out how enjoyable life is again without smoking!

    Thanks Allen Carr you added many quality years back to my life!...more info
  • Amazing Book!
    I completed this book one week ago and have not had a cigarette since! To do this you MUST be committed to following the instructions EXACTLY. So, now every day I rejoice in "killing the monster"! This book made me understand that I don't ever HAVE to smoke again! This is a MUST READ! Thanks to Allen Carr! He probably saved my life! ...more info
  • I quit smoking!
    Well I first wanted to say that there were several techniques that were used to help me quit smoking. I dont give this book full credit, but I do believe it has helped alot. I had smoked for 10 years. My husband quit smoking Jan 29th, and has been doing great. He used lozenges (Commit) for 2 weeks, then stopped cold turkey. I stopped smoking March 17th, and have not smoked since then. I read this book carefully, a couple of times, listened to "Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped" by Erick Brown (which was hypnosis), and had the full support of my husband. I started the nicotine patch. (This book does not recommend nicotine supplements, but for me, changing habits was an important part of breaking the psychological addiction - aka Big Monster). Stayed on it for 2 weeks (Much shorter than recommended by the makers of the patch, however, I did not want to become addicted to using the patch either. The patch was only used to help fend off the physical addiction - aka The Little Monster while I got used to not smoking after I ate, not smoking on the phone, not smoking in the car, ect, ect, and once I believed I had accomplished that, I stopped using them, thus killing the physical addiction) like my husband did with the lozenges (Commit), and stopped cold turkey. Been cold turkey for almost 2 months now, and havent had any cravings that have been unbearable to get me to smoke again. It was more like an empty feeling, like something was missing. It was brief and not horrible like it was in the past when I attempted quitting. I do not have that feeling anymore. Every day that goes by reinforces the fact that I don't need them. I would recommend this to at least try. Its not that expensive, just keep an open mind. It will only help if you want it to. I feel optimistic about my success, and not dreading the idea of getting through day by day suffering and wanting cigarettes. I dont want them. I dont, and its amazing. I never thought I could quit. But I have. Good luck to you guys that are ready to quit. Believe me. The mind is everything. And with the mind, all things can be possible. Dont give up. ...more info
  • 5 weeks smoke-free today
    Buy this and try it, even if you are sceptical and have failed in the past. I tried nicotine replacement programs many times, with no success. After Allan Carr, I experienced only the mildest of cravings, for the first few days. More than a month later, I never think about cigarettes, even when socialising or being around smokers. Smoking is just no longer an option....more info
  • It really Works!
    I quit! Unbelievable! If I was able to quit, anyone can.
    I didn't even want to quit. Why would I try to quit? I knew I couldn't do it so why bother?
    I loved to smoke! I Smoked close to 2 packs a day for 20 years.
    My husband wanted to quit and kept using me as the reason that he couldn't. He kept saying I was going to kill him, so, I bought this book and decided to give it a try. I've been a happy non smoker for 7 months now. Yippeeee!
    Unfortunately for my husband, he's not much of a reader. He didn't read the book, he still smokes, but at least he can no longer blame me as the reason he's unable to quit! Yes, I even live with a smoker and I'm still not smoking. The day I quit, I got up, smoked as usual, finished the book and quit at 1:00pm on a Monday afternoon. I had a half pack left, I threw it away and never went back to dig it out of the garbage like I expected myself to do. I did sleep quite a bit the first two weeks, but other than that, I was still able to work, drink coffee, and have cocktails without smoking. I wish my husband would read the book!...more info
  • Saved My Life
    There is nothing else I can say that others have not already said. Allen Carr is an Angel that was sent to this earth. If you are still smoking, DON'T WORRY! Allen will show you how to easily quit! REJOICE!!!! RIP Allen Carr... you are my only true hero. ...more info
  • This book really seems to work for me.
    So far so good--I've not finished the book yet and already I've stopped smoking for over 3 weeks. What Mr. Carr says just makes good common sense. I recommend it to my friends....more info
  • Unbelievably effective! From 7 years of pack a day to none with a snap of the finger!
    The way Allen Carr systematically destroys your psychological addiction is brilliant. Mark my words: there is not miracle here, no magic, no trick. Carr will relieve you of that desire--what you think is an addiction--through the use of simple reason and logic. Halfway through the book, you'll be regretting the cigarettes you smoking while reading (as he advises). The first 90% of the book argues (successfully) why every possible method of quitting (cold-turkey, willpower, substitutes, once-a-day, only special occasions)is doomed to failure, because with those efforts you are not distinguishing your DESIRE to smoke--you are instead depriving yourself of a pleasuerful habit. The TRUTH is that it's not pleasureful, and you will not be deprived of anything once you quit!

    Once that has been made clear, he devotes the remainder of the book to helping you extinguish the final cigarette, and let me tell you it IS easy! I have smoked a pack a day since I was 16, and now, having graduated college and feeling for the first time that I am not invincible, felt the need to stop--and this book was the answer! DON'T ignore the many positive reviews; read this book, and if you truly want to quit I assur you it will be the easiest thing you have ever done!...more info
    I have been a non-smoker for 1.25 years now (had been a 25 year smoker). I had never tried quitting before. Also, I gave my copy of the book to a customer & she quit too! Mr. Carr's questions & examples help to destroy the illusions behind the reasons why we don't or won't try. For me, 3 major points struck home ....

    1) Next time you are smoking, give your full attention to your smoking experience & ask yourself ... where exactly is the joy for me in this? I couldn't find any joy when I actually looked for it!
    2) Can you admit that your are a slave to that cigarette? Ever honestly looked at the number of times in a day your decisions or choices are tempered with whether or not you can have a cigarette? I was horrified to discover how much weight smoking held in my decision making process
    3) Quitting does not equal suffering. Mr. Carr shatters completely the belief that you will "forever be deprived" of something.

    This book is worth every penny you might spend on it. Buy it, read it cover to cover even if it takes you 2 - 3 months. You will be blown away by the simplicity of letting cigarettes leave your life. Enjoy!...more info
  • Unkown
    Gave this as a gift,have yet to receive any feedback from participant...came in perfect shape,and on a timely basis......more info
  • 1 year and 6 months, still a non smoker!
    I smoked for 10 years and bought this book and I stopped smoking the first time. It has been one year and 6 months and I will never miss smoking. I gave the book to all of my smoker friends and almost all of them quit as well. This book does not brainwash you because when you are a smoker, you have already brainwashed yourself into thinking you need to smoke. I wish I could give this book to every smoker on the planet. Allen Carr knows what he is talking about....more info
  • Excellent Stop Smoking Approach
    I am a Psychologist buy John Carr does a great job of putting smoking in a perspective to aid those who wish to stop. He simply just does. I enjoy his writing style....more info
  • The book that changed my life!
    There isn't much to be said that hasn't already been said, in fact, all you need to hear are these two words: It works.

    "I used to smoke."


    "Yep. But I read the EasyWay to Stop Smoking and that was that."

    Every smoker wants to quit. No matter how we try to reason with ourselves that we enjoy smoking, we still want to quit. This book will unbrainwash you. It'll give you back the power, the sanity, the truth, and you.

    Just buy the book and start reading. You DO NOT have to stop smoking. You just have to read. Hell, you can read while you are smoking (the book says so). But if you have already stopped smoking, then this is the book for you too. I stopped smoking about halfway through the book. At some point you'll say to yourself, "I don't want this anymore." And that is that. You just need to read.
    ...more info
  • Free at last
    I am 3 weeks smoke free after reading Mr. Carr's book. His simple logic in demolishing the myths of why we smoke had the greatest impact on me, and enabled me to see the ways in which I was lying to myself about my need for cigarettes. The repetition is part of the method: Carr used the hypnosis tactics used during his own personal session and managed to weave them into narrative book form. That is the real genius and simplicity of it all.

    The only criticism I have is this: Carr deliberately plays down the physical effects of nicotine withdrawal with constant messages about how mild it is. This is meant to program your brain into believing it is so mild as to be almost non-existent, so when you begin experiencing withdrawal, you won't even notice. This worked for me for exactly one week. I awoke on Day 8 a sobbing, screaming, sleep deprived maniac and stayed that way for a week, until I found an online website called Why Quit that is a tremendous help in explaining the actual chemical properties of nicotine and how to handle withdrawal of it. I had no desire for a smoke anymore - Carr did cure me of that. But nicotine withdrawal is real, and for me, I needed more than a hypnotic mantra about how mild it is.

    I could not have done it - or even attempted it - without this book. I feel like I have been set free from a lifelong prison sentence. If the American Lung Association, Cancer Institute, et. Al., truly want Americans to stop smoking, they would do well to send a copy to every smoker.
    ...more info
  • It works!!!
    The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-Smokers Using Allen Carr's Easyway Method
    I was a smoker for 19 years. I tried to quit many times (hypnosis, will power, "Smoke Away", gum, est.), but it kept hunt me!
    But this time I know - it is the VERY LAST TIME! I will never start again! I am sure and confident! It is like I escaped from prison and there are no way back! Who wants to come back to prison?! I never felt like that before! Sometimes I even forget that I ever smoke, even though, my husband still smoking.
    ...more info
  • I read the book, went to the seminar today - still smoking, but wait, there's more....
    I first read the book because I got rave reviews from quite a few people I know. I read the book and for the first few days I was exactly how I wanted to be - I had stopped smoking but had no withdrawals. So then I gave the book to my Mum and she said the same so then my sister bought it and she loved it also.

    But that only lasted a few days - for the three of us. I now know 14 people who read this book - only 2 of them are still non-smokers - one of those is the guy who ran the seminar I went to today. In fact, 3 out of the 14 people I know who read it were at the seminar today (out of 7 participants) and one of those had ALREADY done the course once AND a back-up session - then he started again months later (and the money-back guarantee only lasts 3 months). (Oh, by the way, I went to the seminar because I still had faith that the method worked and just thought there was something wrong with me.)

    So I don't know where the 90% success rate comes from because of the people I know who've read the book there has only been a 14% success rate (and if you take out the guy who ran the seminar that rate drops to just under 8%). Now, considering the seminar was basically paying someone $550 to read me a book I've already read, I don't see how the seminar can have such a monumental difference in success rates. Maybe because they make you feel like such an idiot for continuing smoking that you're too embarrassed to ask for a refund?? Or could it be that you have to follow the instructions for the guarantee to be valid - and that the only instruction you have to follow is to never have another cigarette??...more info
  • makes you think indeed
    As an ex-smoker, I read the book with increasing enthusiasm and found myself (as I used to be ..) in almost every line of the book.

    The book really appeals to human intelligence, to all smokers that can quit this dependency without falling into that trap again.

    It doesnt'have to be a shock happening to make you quit ... IT CAN JUST BE THIS BOOK!...more info
  • It worked!
    I quitted right after reading this book. Before that, I had been smoking for 12 years. I tried using my own will power, my family's support and various other methods. None of them worked. They just made me constantly frustrated, dependent and impatient around my family members.

    This book helped me analyze why I smoke. I acquired internal strength from this book to deal with my addiction in a positive way. I could do it independently without relying on others' support. I even maintained a social life with my smoking friends while continuing quitting smoking successfully. It is easy and effective!
    ...more info
  • Yes, this book really does work!
    I have been a heavy smoker for 14 years, after reading this book I have become a non-smoker, just as he claims- without willpower, without cravings, and without nicotine replacement or medication. It is a miracle book that I am passing along to any smoker that requests to read it. Finish the book. It will change your life! ...more info
  • Don't think this is just another gimmick!
    This book really puts smoking in a new perspective, one that I believe to be the most reasonable one. I read this book with an open mind and it worked in a pinch. It has many revolutionary points, which are drilled into your head through repitition and real life examples. After the book, with no hesitaion, my Marlboro Lights pack went on a one-way trip to the trash can. I then just stopped, and for a long time reflected on the cigarette that started it all, how smoking has interfered with my life each day, and most of all, what a waste it was! Bought 3 more copies for co-workers and family....more info
  • It Worked: Plain and Simple
    I smoked cigarettes for 9 years. At the end I was choking down 20-25 cigarettes a day. Everybody who smokes wants to stop, and everybody knows that. So why do smokers continue smoking? Two words: Drug Addiction. Allen Carr lays this out as clear as day. The only thing you get from smoking a cigarette is relief from the drug withdrawal caused by the last cigarette.

    This book is not about scare tactics or cancer. It's about why you continue to smoke even though you want to stop.

    This book worked for me, and has worked for several people that I have recommended it to.

    If you're not serious about stopping, then wait... don't read this book until you are ready. You don't want to waste this on a failed attempt.

    It is recommended that you read the book *before* you smoke your last cigarette.

    Good luck! Life is infinitely better once you stop smoking! It only takes 10 days or so to be completely free!...more info
  • Worked for me
    Two weeks so far and not a single craving. I recommend this so much that I'll be buying copies of this for my friends. Try it with an open mind and enjoy the results....more info
    Allen Carr's book does not tell you anything you don't already know, yet somehow it deprograms your mind into that of a non-smoker. I easily quit smoking just like the title said and without withdrawls, excessive eating, or even a replacement. Allen smoked a hundred cigs a day for decades before discovering the secret to convincing smokers to quit. It really was easy and this book is the best investment anyone could make for themselves or for a loved one. Thanks Allen....more info
  • What's so EASY about quitting coldturkey?
    Everybody who rated this book 5 stars must work for EASYWAY.

    It did not help me quit smoking in the least bit. Waste of money.

    If you're considering buying this book, I'll summarize the entire book and save you the $10.


    Easyway???? Allen Carr was a conartist, snake oil salesman who became rich by putting a brand name on quitting smoking cold turkey. ...more info
  • Awesome
    Allen Carr's book reveals his real life relationship with cigarettes and his method for freeing himself from nicotine addiction. This is an amazing read - felt as though I finally found someone who understood. His approach is honest and straightforward ... and it all makes sense! Having tried everything under the sun (patches, gum, medication, etc.)and failed at least a dozen times, I'm finally on my way to becoming a non-smoker! ...more info
  • Husband and I Read Together
    My husband was a smoker for 10 years and I was a smoker for 8 years. We read the book simultaneously and finished the last chapter together. It was as if we were released from prison that day. It's been 2 years now and we are as happy as can be with a little one on the way! Thank you, Allen Carr!!...more info
  • Awesome
    The author is so right! I can't believe that this method is not being used by governments worldwide instead those stupid ads that are meant to scare you but just make you smoke more! I quit for a year and half and now bought this book for two friends. You will not regret buying this book, it will definitely make you wonder how come you have been smoking for so long......more info
  • 5 months past the 1 year mark!
    This book was given to me by my mother as a Christmas gift, every year I got a "quit smoking themed" present. This time it was this book, wich was recomended to my mother by a 3rd party who had success quiting. It sat around till January 01 2008. I felt guilty not reading it so i took it to work and took a crack at it. I still didn't begin reading it till the 5th or 6th, I finished it 9:30 am Jan 09 2008, I smoked my last cigarrete reading the last few pages. I havent picked them up since.

    I have always been skeptical of so called "schemes" like this. Mentally they were categorized into the same shelf as "get rich quick" and other outlandish snake-oil like claims. The only reason I believe this book worked for me is;
    1- I honestly wanted to quit
    2 - I erased my 'current' beliefs about nicotine addiction, and allow new ones(proven or not) to grow in their place.
    3 - I made a true effort to apply and review the concepts from the book.

    This book might not be for everyone, but in my view, thats because some people don't want to quit. This is more of a change of mental state, not some list of facts and techniques that you carry in your pocket and pull out when u feel the urge.

    In this case, a little blind belief can go a long way, and thats from an Atheist. ...more info
  • It worked. I quit.
    I'm not 100% sure it was all this book, but shortly after finishing this book I quit smoking cold turkey. I was a smoker for over 35 years and had tried the patch, accupunture and other methods. With this book, I was able to stop smoking without any aids and have been nicotine free for over 8 months now. Thank you Allen Carr. ...more info
  • This works!!
    I have been smoking for 28 years. To think a book could guide me to stop this nasty habit, I would never believed it. This book reverses all the brainwashing we have had about smoking, good or bad...
    I had my last cigarette 5 minutes before turning 44 years old..I wish I would have read this book 10 years ago!
    I will tell all of my friends that are still smoking to read it.
    Make sure you are ready to quit and go in with an open mind to change your way of will work!...more info
  • hard to reread, but worth it...
    this book is wonderful except for one, perhaps incorrectable, flaw: the instructions require that if you reach the end and are still anxious, still having any desire to smoke, you must read the book again. however, after reading the book once, it is hard to immediately reread the book because rereading something that you just read has a tendency to drop one's attention span very quickly... i found myself skipping sentences, paragraphs... then even whole chapters. and the other reviews of this book can be a little misleading. many many many people quit halfway through the book and never smoke again. but for many, it actually does require rereading the book. and i'm not talking about once. about six times for myself [or maybe five? you lose track, after a while...] but it does work... it's not difficult, it just takes a lot of attention. it took me a couple months to quit, because it is very difficult to read a book that you've already read, especially when you have extremely little spare time. also... it is better to read the book in one sitting. it works better. i don't know why. but something that works this well with only this one minor flaw... pay attention and be willing to spend time on this book and you won't regret it... it's wierd, but he's right about it not being about money,health,energy. there are hundreds of things that i've realized since i quit that are so much better... it really is nice to never need to smoke, to not need... yeah. so even if it takes a dozen times to get through it, do it. there's nothing to lose and so much to gain here. you know it's made my eyes brighter? they're not all yellowy and dry, they're white and wet now... strange......more info


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