Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials (Book with Software)

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America's No. 1 selling estate planning software in book form, helps you create a will, living trust, living will -- and much more!

Help protect your family and your assets, and save on legal fees! Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials provides the legal forms you need. So comprehensive, the software assembles your forms from among 40,000 document possibilities -- but so easy to use, you'll have them finished in minutes.

PLUS! Package includes a free CD-Rom of Nolo's bestselling title THE EXECUTOR'S GUIDE with Quicken Willmaker 2009, a value of $39.99!


  • Living Trusts, including an AB Trust
  • Health Care Directive:
    Living Will
    Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Financial Powers of Attorney
  • Final arrangements document
  • Important documents for executors

    Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials also provides forms you can use every day, such as authorizations and agreements, promissory notes, and child and elder care forms.

    For each document, Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials takes you through a step-by-step interview. Your documents will automatically reflect the laws of your state. If you have any questions, simply check out the comprehensive onscreen legal manual.

    Need to know more? Here are in-depth details about what you can do with Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials:

    Your Will
    Provide for family, friends and charities. Name a personal guardian to care for young children. Specify the executor (or "personal representative") of your estate. Select a trusted person to manage property left to young people. Revise and update your will whenever you like.

    Your Living Trust
    Make a basic trust, whether you're married or single. If married, you can create a AB trust (or bypass trust) and spare your heirs from potentially heavy estate taxes. Create subtrusts for minor children and young adults. Name custodians for property left to children. Change or revoke your trust at any time.

    Your Health Care Directive
    Lets people who care for you make important decisions about your life and health when you can't. Create a:

    Health Care Power of Attorney
    Permit a loved one to make important medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so yourself.

    Living Will
    Specify whether you want your life prolonged through artificial means. Appoint someone to make sure your wishes are carried out.

    Your Financial Power of Attorney
    Name someone to make your financial decisions, in case you are medically incapacitated. Don't worry, you can grant as much authority as you wish.

    Your Final Arrangements
    Plan a funeral or other ceremony. Clarify whether you want a cremation or burial. Select someone to oversee your final arrangements -- and more!

    Documents for Your Executor
    Make sure your executor ("personal representative" in some states) has all the forms and instructions he or she needs to do the job: Checklists, letters, notices, claim forms -- and more.

    Personal Finance Documents
    Over a dozen forms that let you handle financial situations you might face on any given day, such as lending or borrowing money to friends or family, creating bills of sale, ending a credit card account -- and more!

    Home & Family Documents
    Whether you need to authorize someone to travel with your child to another country, want to lend your car to a friend, or create an agreement with a trusted person to take care of your elderly parent, Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials can handle all these family situations -- and many more!

    Estate planning documents not valid in Louisiana.

    List of Forms
    All forms are completed through a step-by-step interview, which customizes a document based on your answers. Completed documents can be printed directly, or exported to an RTF document, which can be opened in any word processor.

    Wills and Living Trusts
    Self-Proving Affidavit (for Will)
    Letter to Executor
    Individual Living Trust
    Shared Living Trust
    AB Trust (aka Bypass Trust)
    Certification of Trust
    Assignment of Property (to Trust)
    Reverse Assignment of Property (from Trust)
    Revocation of Living Trust
    Restatement and Amendment of Living Trust

    Leaving Others in Charge
    Health Care Directive (Living Will & Power of Attorney)
    Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
    Special (Limited) Power of Attorney for Finances
    Information for the Attorney-in-Fact
    Delegation Form for Attorney-in-Fact
    Resignation Form for Attorney-in-Fact
    Revocation Form for Recorded Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
    Revocation Form for Unrecorded Durable Power of Attorney for Finances
    Revocation of Health Care Directive
    Revocation of Power of Attorney
    Final Arrangements Letter

    Documents for Your Executor
    Affidavit of Domicile
    Employee Death Benefits Letter
    Executor's Checklist
    Executor's Letter to Financial Institution
    General Notice of Death
    Notice to Creditor of Death
    Notice to Homeowners Insurance Company of Death
    Notice to Vehicle Insurance Company of Death
    Request for Life Insurance Claim Form
    Request for Life Insurance Proceeds

    Personal Finance Documents
    General Bill of Sale
    Promissory Note (Amortized Monthly Payments)
    Promissory Note (Balloon Payment)
    Promissory Note (Payments of Interest Only)
    Promissory Note (One Lump Sum Payment)
    Security Agreement for Borrowing Money
    Notice to Terminate Joint Credit Card Account
    Notice to Put Name on Do Not Call List
    Cancel Membership or Subscription

    Documents for Home and Family
    Child Care Agreement
    Child Care Instructions
    Authorization for Minor's Medical Treatment
    Authorization for Foreign Travel With Minor
    Temporary Guardianship Authorization for Care of Minor
    Elder Care Agreement
    Pet Care Agreement
    Housekeeping Services Agreement
    Housesitting Instructions
    Authorization to Drive a Motor Vehicle
    Property Inventory Worksheet
  • Customer Reviews:

    • Awesome product to get your affairs in order.
      I really liked receiving the book along with the CD. It was a great bundle. It has helpful advice especially when helping someone else prepare a will, which is my intended purpose in getting this program. It was saying that you need a witness to verify that you only typed what the person wanted you to rather than typing your own thoughts. I had no idea I needed a witness to prepare my father's will. I learned something in the first 5 pages of the book.

      The program loaded without a problem on my windows xp system. I did not try to load it on my windows vista as I've had nothing but trouble with windows vista and didn't want one more headache.

      There were all the forms we needed and able to print out. This program was not good in Louisiana. It was convenient to be able to plan one's thoughts and getting it on paper without having the stress of finding an estate attorney much less paying for one. Overall a good investment.

      If you don't feel it's a good review then what would have made it better?

      ...more info
    • Great Guide
      This is a terrific guide for those of any age wanting to do their will. A will is something that I have talked about doing for over a year now. I have picked up several books, but ended up putting them down before getting to the checkout. Will maker Plus comes with a cd-rom and step by step instructions. I found it very easy to use and it did everything that I wanted. The only two forms that I was particularly interested in was the will and Living will, but I found other documents and the reasons for them and will probably do those at a later date too. I would absolutely recommend this to other people. Fast and Easy. ...more info
    • Easy to use
      The book includes the software for creating the wills and powers of attorney. The software is very easy to use, has excellent help documentation, but it's also somewhat rigid in what one can enter. I would have wanted to see a conditional option, but it is possible to work around it. It also creates printable instructions, letters to executor, and other printable materials, which are as valuable as the legal documents. Overall, a great product!...more info
    • Easy to use
      My WillMaker was very easy to install and use. I especially like the accompanying book that gave more details about the various documents. It's a good first step in organizing all of your information and deciding how to dispose of your worldly possessions. ...more info
    • Look no further...
      Ok, let me preface this by saying I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. Having said that, this program is terrific.

      My husband and I are in the process of redoing our wills, as he is getting ready to retire from the service. However, the idea of possibly saving a bit of money (particularly in this economy) was very appealing. Enter WillMaker Plus 2009.

      When the software arrived, I plugged it into my computer (a laptop running Vista). It loaded effortlessly. I went straight into the program and began creating a will. The image on the screen is very spare, but easy to read and understand. The input area takes up about 3/4 of the space, and the remaining 1/4 is explanation regarding the questions to be answered in that area.

      Each document that you work on will begin with a checklist of things that need to be covered and questions that need to be answered. As you complete each section, the program will take you back to that checklist so you can see where you've been and where you're headed. You can go back to that checklist at any point in time. The program is also state-specific...one of the first questions it will ask is what state you're living in, so that it can use the laws relevant to your particular area.

      The amount of documents this program has is staggering. I can honestly only see myself needing a few of them any time soon, but I still feel better knowing that the rest exist. The book that comes with this Plus version is quite large, but is written just as well as the program - everything is broken down into chapters and then into sections, making it easy to find just the part you need if you have a question. There are also several examples for each option, so that users have a "real-life" type situation to compare with to make the correct choices and decisions. Honestly, the book could be used as a textbook, it is so easy to read and understand.

      Going through and creating this will took me no more than half an hour, from start to finish. If someone is unsure of different aspects of creating a will, a trust, or any of the other documents available, then it will probably take longer. But all their questions will be answered, either right on the screen as the program works, or with the companion book. By the time any user is finished, they should feel very comfortable in the legality of the document that was created.

      I highly recommend this program. It is easy to use and is very comprehensive.

      *Caveat: You should always have your legal documents at least reviewed by a lawyer to ensure no difficulties. ...more info
    • Very easy!
      It was very easy to create the documents we needed with this book / program. It also tipped me off to a potential inheritance tax issue that I was unaware of. Well worth the money!...more info
    • Quicken Willmaker Plus 2008 Edition
      This step by step software program and book make writing a will a much easier task. The book is also a great resource for answering many of the questions you might have about wills and trusts. The program also provides great one stop shopping for other important documents such as a durable power of attorney and health care directive. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to write any of these important documents....more info
    • Easy Will - Peace of Mind!
      Quicken WillMaker Estate Planning Essentials Plus 2009 is a manual that provides a Windows version 8.0 2000/XP/Vista compatible CD as well as The Executor's Guide Settling a Loved One's Estate or Trust eBook by Mary Randolph, J.D. Normally, the later book alone sells for $39.99.

      This was a very easy program to install, open, and use. I created a 22 page Will in less than ? hour and did not even need to use the manual.

      The WillMaker CD even provides information on where to obtain a lawyer. I am comfortable with this program and manual and invite others to review and purchase it. My father recently died and my cousin and uncle were his Executors. I am sure they would have benefited by have such a simple program and I noticed that his copy of the will did not look much different than the one I just created.

      I recommend this manual and software to those who want to have the peace of mind that the division of assets will not be eaten up by legal expenses at their death and as a useful tool for those who may be chosen and accept responsiblity as Executors.
      ...more info
    • Easy to use, estate planning and more. Don't put it off any longer!

      I have had a will drawn up by an attorney in the past but needed to update. This book provided me with something just having an attorney draw up a will didn't, a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of estate planning and how your choices affect your beneficiaries. It guides you step by step through all the considerations and also tells you circumstances when you would want to seek advice from an attorney, for example providing for a disabled beneficiary.

      There is also information on wills for people in civil unions and registered domestic partnerships. These are important considerations in any sort of blended family situations as well.

      Chapters include planning for your estate, about your property, how to leave your property, providing management for minor's property, choosing and executor, debts expenses and taxes, living trusts and updating your will.

      Also included in this package is an eBook; The Executor's Guide.
      There are also many helpful non estate planning forms such as General Bill of Sale, Promissory notes; to spell out terms of a loan and Security Agreements when collateral is offered to secure a loan. A form for babysitters and childcare workers to list emergency contacts and instructions. A Medical Care Authorization to allow another adult to authorize medical treatment for your child if you are unavailable.

      In usual Nolo fashion, this product is useful and leaves nothing out. Keep in mind in states such as Louisiana where laws are based on non-uniform provincial standards this product may not work, but the Nolo Quicken website gives details on this as well.

      ...more info
    • Not for Macintosh
      This product won't work on a macintosh OS w/o an "emulator" program.

      The manufacturer says... "If you have a PC emulator (such as either Virtual PC or Guest PC) on your Mac, you can install and use this program. Be aware, though, that this configuration is not supported by Nolo Technical Support."...more info
    • Amazingly Easy
      I had put off completing a will for as long as possible due to my frustration in a past experience with the high cost. I have seen one other program but never really used it as it was someone else's but I wanted to do something that was flexible and complete. This product is very simple and easy to use and allows the end document to be viewed prior to printing for any changes that might be needed. These things can be terribly complex or very simple but the program allows for either. I have not even started on the aspects of the program such as trusts or the living wills but I am confident it will be both easy and satisfying. I think they did this one right and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in working at your own speed in the comfort of your own home....more info
    • An excellent purchase
      My husband and I purchased our first home a year ago. We knew that it was important to put together a will, and we also wanted to draw up health care power of attorney documents. I called a bunch of lawyers to get an idea of how much these simple legal documents would cost, and I was blown away that the quotes ranged from $750 - $1,000. That seemed pretty ridiculous, especially considering the fact that my husband and I have no children, and therefore our documents would be pretty straightforward. I did a lot of research and determined that do-it-yourself will programs are just as legal as documents drawn up by a money-sucking lawyer, as long as the documents are filled out correctly and properly witnessed. Quicken Willmaker Plus has received rave reviews from consumers, media critics, and even attorneys, so I decided to try it. I can't tell you how pleased I am with this purchase. The software is easy to install and understand, and we had all our important documents created in no time at all. The Willmaker software also comes with a companion book that delves more into the legal terminology and requirements in a way that's very interesting and also easy for people to understand. It's easy to store these documents, create identical wills for your spouse, and make any updates as needed. I highly recommend this product to everyone, especially those people with relatively simple estate planning needs. (If you have kids, you may need to go to one of those greedy lawyers after all just to make absolutely sure your children will be taken care of.) Not only is this a quality product, but it also saved me about $970! What more could you possibly ask for?...more info
    • Book offers helpful overview; CD is easy to use
      The book offers a great overview of various estate-planning issues and is organized to let you skip those sections that don't pertain to you. I was able to draft a simple will in about 30 minutes....more info
    • Top Estate Planning Software
      This Willmaker Product has been reviewed by many, many people and as you can tell if you have looked at the reviews there is not much more I can add. But again for the average person, this is a an easy and legal way to take care of something that has to be done to protect your loved ones. However if you own a big business or have a lot of properties, trust, etc. naturally you should see a attorney who specializes in this practice. That said and back to those of us with a bit less, this product gives step by step easy to understand instructions and definitions. I owned the 2007 software which I found satisfactory, But the 2009 editions seems better, quicker and easier. Plus the addition of more printable legal documents, not having to retype the same information for my wife's documents is great. Even though the software has so much info and ease of use, the addition of the manual is another reason to have this bundle. Sometimes reading a book gives one more ideas about your estate planning than answering question on a computer screen. It also informs you on what information you need. Having this knowledge helps you gather up this information, making it a lot easier having birth dates, full names, SS#, addresses, etc at your fingertips prior to starting up the software. Anyway I highly recommend this product for most of your estate planning needs....more info
    • Makes it Simple!!
      I bought the book and software together, which was actually cheaper than just the software-huh!? Go figure! The book is very easy to read and very thorough. After getting through a good portion of the book, I decided to load the software and get started. The question and answer format makes it so easy, that you really don't have to read the book first. You'll spend more time thinking about how you want to answer the questions regarding your final wishes than you will trying to figure out how to work the program. It is very complete, allowing you to create Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney documents, as well as a "Letter to the Executor" which will be very helpful to whoever handle your estate after you're gone. You can even do Trusts if your estate is large enough that you need to to avoid Inheritance Tax. Unless your will is very complex, this program will allow you to do what you need to do, simply and easily....more info
    • Excellent product!
      The software was very easy to use. It provided step-by-step instructions for creating your documents. I didn't think I would use the book that came with it, but the book was very informative.

      I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to make their will, living will, power of attorney or other final arrangements. It is comprehensive, tailored to the state you live in, and easy to use.
      ...more info
    • Easy To Use With Book And Cd Working Well Together.
      The great thing about WillMaker Plus 2009 is that the book and the accompanying cd work extremely well together. The authors know their stuff when it comes to estate planning and walk the reader through the steps necessary when doing estate planning.

      My bias is to seek legal advice when drafting a will because good estate attorneys have experience and training that is invaluable. Once a person dies changes can't be made to his or her will so it is critical to get things right the first time. On the other hand if someone does not have the money or inclination to hire a good estate attorney this book seems like an excellent alternative.

      Rather than intimidating the reader with a lot of legal jargon the authors make the process of drafting a will or creating a trust, health care directive, durable power of attorney as well as a number of legal documents simple and straight forward. The book and cd also walk the reader through the preparation necessary to draft these documents, which is critical. The authors also tell the reader when seeking an expert is necessary and include resources on getting legal help in the back of the book.

      The cd is easy to use. Documents included are broken down into Estate Planning, Executors, Home and Family and Personal Finances. Once a category is highlighted a good number of document choices appear. Rather than simply including documents to fill out, the user is asked questions that enable the document to be filled out correctly. To the right of the questions is a help section which explains why it is necessary to answer each question and addresses concerns that may occur when completing a question.

      The book then goes into further detail regarding the questions and the documents. Readers are told when it is necessary to ask an expert and given further resources to use as well. Ask the expert comes up when unique circumstances are present. For instance WillMaker asks for the names of grandchildren when a will is prepared. The person drafting the will is warned that if family estrangement is such that they may not know the names of all their grandchildren or even children then it is best to seek the advice of a good estate planning lawyer in order to be certain a will is not subject to unexpected claims.

      A section at the end of the book talks about finding a lawyer, the need to be clear as to whether you want the lawyer to review forms, answer a specific question or take over your estate planning and average fees charged by a lawyer.

      There is a good amount of information on creation of trusts, durable power of attorney and health care directives. A cd called the Executor's Guide is included for those who have been named executor of a will.

      This book simplifies the process of drafting a will. The cd and book work well together. The book is also a great way to educate yourself about the estate planning process. If you don't want to hire an attorney this book is an easy way to draft a will.

      ...more info
    • Highly recommended. Easy to use, estate planning and more. Don't put it off any longer!

      I have had a will drawn up by an attorney in the past but needed to update. This book provided me with something just having an attorney draw up a will didn't, a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of estate planning and how your choices affect your beneficiaries. It guides you step by step through all the considerations and also tells you circumstances when you would want to seek advice from an attorney, for example providing for a disabled beneficiary.
      There is also information on wills for people in civil unions and registered domestic partnerships.
      Chapters include planning for your estate, about your property, how to leave your property, providing management for minor's property, choosing and executor, debts expenses and taxes, living trusts and updating your will.
      Also included in this package is an eBook; The Executor's Guide.
      There are also many helpful non estate planning forms such as General Bill of Sale,
      Promissory notes; to spell out terms of a loan and Security Agreements when collateral is offered to secure a loan. A form for babysitters and childcare workers to list emergency contacts and instructions. A Medical Care Authorization to allow another adult to authorize medical treatment for your child if you are unavailable.
      ...more info
    • No need to put off making your will
      This easy-to-use software and book helped me make my will, something I've been meaning to do forever. You follow an "interview" to make your decisions, and there are handy hints along the way if you have questions. You can easily make a will for your spouse, too, without having to re-enter all the relevant information.

      Good product! I recommend it....more info
    • Exceptional
      I recently purchased this to upgrade my will and had all the usual worries about the makers screwing up a good product. I am happy to say that it's as easy to use as the one I am replacing. You never get swamped with legalese and if you have a question it is easily answered. A great buy for peace of mind....more info
    • Everything you need except a notary
      This package contains three different products - Quicken Willmaker 2009, and enorous user manual and The Executor's Guide eBook. The software is excellent, but I found the included book to be an even better resource.

      For creating a will, Quicken Willmaker is about as simple and straightforward a solution as you'll find. The program guides you through a series of questions in a interview-style of format, asking for all of the information it needs to create a will simply and easily. There is no guesswork. At then end you print your will on your printer and all that remains is getting it notarized.

      The included book is a gold mine of knowledge that will answer all of the questions about WHY you need different pieces of information. For example, it goes into detail about the role of your executor, it explains how power of attorney can be used, it has a lot of information about trusts and a lot more. In my opinion the book is every bit as useful as the software. Everything is easy to find and is put in layman's terms, making it highly accessible.

      If you need to put together a will, or if you need to change your will, this package is most excellent....more info
    • One of the best
      This is one of the most thorough consumer offerings for preparing your own will or basic trust. It includes the software to actually create a will or trust document that will serve the needs of most people. The book includes a discussion of what a will can and cannot do, how a trust helps and when it is not a good idea, how to get wills and trusts to work together for your best interest. But wills and trusts are just aspect of good estate planning and the book discusses the use of a Durable Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive as well as providing the forms to create either or both.

      Areas covered in detail include how to leave your property to whomever you wish, how to select an executor, and the difference between a living will and a living trust. Additional information not found in a lot of other books includes the problems and pitfalls of domestic partnerships, tenancy ownership, community property, common law marriages and other items that may apply to your situation. The software is very easy to use, installed without any problems and painlessly produced a quality document using a basic interview technique. You simply answer the questions and the program produces the document based on what you want to accomplish. With over five hundred pages it obviously goes over all the more common situations to customize your will or trust to your needs. Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 is highly recommended to anyone who wants to understand wills and basic trusts and perhaps create their own.
      ...more info
    • Excellent book!
      Wonderful product. I was putting off making my will because I thought it would be complicated. With this book and the included software it only took about 1/2 hour to actually do wills for my husband and myself. The book is very easy to understand and follow. This made what I thought would be a hard job into a piece of cake!...more info
    • Strongly recommend
      This product has everything I was looking for. I was able to install the software in about 2 minutes and completed my Living Will in about 5 minutes. If you know exactly what you want the application is very easy to use and has an extensive document library. If you need help figuring out the right solutions you have 2 options - it recommends documents based on your stage of life or you can read the excellent book that comes along with it. Either way - I strongly recommend this product. ...more info
    • Superb Value - Easy to Understand. Easy to Use. MANY Forms for Daily Living
      I'm a big fan of NOLO products but this is one of my top picks/favorites of all time. Not only is it easy to use and understand but it is packed FULL of many of the most useful tools you will use on a regular basis in addition to the willmaker and other planning tools. For example, authorization for medical treatment - an important document to have prepared prior to sending your child to visit family out of town. Others include health care directives, durable power of attorney etc..

      The book provides easy to understand step-by-step instructions that follow perfectly with the 2 cd's [one for the Willmaker and the other a pdf version of the Executors Guide]. TWhile this is unlikely to take the place of an attorney - especially for those with complex needs - the ancillary products alone are worth more than the price of the book plus it makes a superb general reference. For others with minimal estate planning needs or those without anything...this provides a great starting place that can walk you through the basics.

      What's included;
      Book - WillMaker 2009 Estate Planning Essentials by Quicken
      CD 1 - Forms and pdf to accompany Willmaker
      CD 2 - PDF version of the Executors Guide also by Nolo. An excellent companion to the Willmaker set that can assist in helping make decisions while going through the estate planning process.

      -Easy to use, easy to understand, easy to install.
      -Plain language with examples to help walk you through the entire process.
      -Ability to save, quickly modify and change without time and cost of attorney.
      -Excellent anxcillary items.

      Unlikely to be sufficient for those with complex estate planning needs.

      Bottom Line: Superb resource, excellent value!...more info
    • Impressive for the price
      Other reviewers have made comments and the list is extensive.

      I am impressed with the price, and the improvements. we have a book and cd included.

      I have found that the more complex a situation the more specific the person writting the will needs to be. And this software has continued to expand for a reasonable price!

      It will improve your knowledge, and give you a product. If your state or situation requires more, you can have an attorney review it.

      Otherwise many have no wills and this is a decent and evolving product.

      As I find out more about it I will share my experiences.

      Yet there are lots of reviews regarding this product.
      It appears that this company listens to the customers.

      ...more info
    • good
      This product has some major improvements from the previous program I used. Overall a good product. Some of the text was a little unclear but the CD is great....more info
    • Makes it easy to create legal documents
      Writing a will is one of those things that I know that I should do but never get around to doing. It's not that I don't understand the importance of it, but I could never just sit myself down and do it. Besides a will, there just seems to be too many documents that needed to be completed besides a will - Health Care Directives, Power of Attorney Documents - you name it. For my situation (single home owner) which documents do I need?

      At first glance, this book can seem daunting - at over 600 pages, there's a lot of information there to look over. And the title of this book ("WillMaker") is misleading - creating a will is covered by about a third of this book. The remaining chapters of this book deal with trusts and all those other legal documents that you hear about but aren't sure whether you need them or not.

      I started the entire process by skimming the book - let's face it - if I'm iffy about spending the time to write a will, do I really want to spend the time to read about 200 pages of text? I'm glad to say that the book is an easy read - it doesn't talk down to you, yet is easy to understand. There are clear examples of situations to help you to understand the concepts.

      After skimming the book, I decided to install the software. I have a Windows computer with XP and found that the software installed very easily. After installation, I was given the option to register (and received a $10 coupon for my next Nolo product - thank you). The software also checks for updates (if you ever used TurboTax - it works exactly like that - every time you open the program, it wants to check for updates), and if it finds any updates from its website, downloads and installs those updates.

      The software makes creating documents easy. A simple question at the start of the program helps the program determine which documents you need. You can then create these documents as you wish. What I liked is that it uses a split screen - on the left side of the screen it asks you a question (i.e. do you have pets?) and on the right side there is online help that provides guidance as to what the question entails and what you need to do. Just answer the question and click Next.

      Included with this book and software is a CD that contains an eBook for people who are Executors of other people's estate. It's a 500+ page book in PDF format that while I don't need, is a very nice-to-have.

      All in all, this product can help you to overcome your hesitations in creating those needed legal documents. Nicely done!
      ...more info
    • Comment, not a review
      This is not a review of the WillMaker software. It is my attempt at a guide to available packaging options from Amazon and others. Amazon requires a rating and I gave 4 stars, which is close to the current average rating.

      I just talked to a Customer Service agent at Nolo, who actually produces the software product. He stated that all of the various packagings include exactly the same software. The estate planning "book" that comes with this Amazon-exclusive package is essentially a hardcopy of all the Help topics that are imbedded in WillMaker Plus. The cost is slightly higher for this convenience.

      WillMaker Premium (available on Amazon & elsewhere) includes seven eBook and two audio CD resources that are exclusive to that packaging. Although Amazon charges significantly more for this version, it is competitiveluy priced elsewhere.

      Finally, Willmaker Plus is also available on the Nolo website at a price close to Amazon, and it includes a free copy of the real estate book "Neighbor Law".

      Once you decide that you want this software, I hope that my guide can help you decide which packaging is best for your circumstances. ...more info
    • Easy, feature-packed do-it-yourself estate planning kit, with poor attorney referral service.
      Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 Edition: Estate Planning Essentials (Book with Software) is probably the simplest to use and most comprehensive estate planning software out there. I had previously used Suze Orman Will & Trust Kit and found the software to be much 'less' on many levels. I actually gave up on personal estate planning until I spotted the Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 version.

      The 4-star review is due to TWO issues.

      First, the "Online" tab's "Find a Lawyer". Just by way of checking out the software after installation, I clicked on it and decided to check for divorce attorneys in my area. Knowing a few names, I thought I'd see them on the list, but was irked to find that only "1" attorney at the opposite end of the state (you put in your county to get 'attorneys in your area...') was listed as a "member" in the Nolo directory. Ten other 'non-member' attorney's names came up and only one was within 40 miles of me. At the top of the page there is something for attorneys to click on to 'sign -up'. To be a member I assume.

      Second, the Webupdate and online support for this software version is only good through JANUARY 1st, 2010. I realize that's over a year to get your stuff done, but it means that eventually, you'll be paying for an upgrade.

      The install:

      Using Windows Vista Premium 64-bit, this software installed in less than 1 minute. Adobe Reader was needed and it installed in under 2 minutes using a high speed cable connection.


      UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE: you'll find it under the "Online" tab. Click it and do a "Webupdate". This will take approximately 1 minute and then you're good to go!

      REGISTER FOR COUPON CODE: If you register this software they give you a coupon code for $10 off your next Nolo purchase. Mine was A424 if anyone wants to give it a try.

      TO START: For your own estate planning go to the "File" tab and click "New Portfolio". From there it's just a matter of reading and moving through the step-by-step guides to create multiple legal documents. The book is supplemental, and you could literally never look at it and come up with all the documents and information you need.

      Helps pop up from time to time to give you info to aid in ease of use of the software and there is a vertical tab bar on the right hand side of the software that offers a Guide, Contact List (people named in the documents), Glossary and Online Resources.

      I liked that this software allows you to lock your portfolio (password protect your documents), needs no keycode to install it, and allows for multiple users. The purchase of one of these packages could provide thousands of dollars in legal fee savings to your entire family and most of your friends!

      A solid, easy to use, complete estate planning kit that's good, but with the 'get 'cha to buy more updates...' built in....more info
    • Easy to use product
      So far I have used the medical POA and it works very well asking all the right questions and providing detailed question so you can complete it properly. Great product and much cheaper than a lawyer and works just as good. ...more info
    • So Easy to Use, You'll be Sure to Make Your Will!
      What a great product. WillMaker Plus is so very user-friendly you won't have any excuse not to make your will. The accompanying book explains the legal ramifications of each section of the will, and refers you to a lawyer when necessary. After reading the book, I loaded the software on my computer and started making my will. The program allows you to duplicate your will so your spouse can use it for him/herself. The book explains how community property works and which states are community property states. It also discusses trusts and living wills.

      Just about everything you need to know is contained in this one package. So don't procrastinate any longer. You know you need a will; get this program and write it up now. Your family will thank you for doing so....more info
    • EAsy to use and appears to be really complete
      I am at the age where a will and living will are more important and decided it was time to get working on them. I got Willmaker the other day and in just a few minutes had a draft of a living will and am well on my way to having a will in place. There is some confusion on how to set up my step-children in my will, but the descriptions and the included book assure me I'll get the help I need to accomplish it. Basically it goes step-by-step, asking questions as you go along until you are done - VERY simple to use. This software/book combination will allow you to file numerous legal documents including Bill of Sales, Power of Attorney and Medical care requests. Heck, it even allows you to leave your money to your cat if you wish. Since all of the people you put into the system are saved, when you need to fill out a new form, you don't have to repeat any of that information - Willmaker does it for you. While I intend to run anything this product produces through a real attorney for protection, it certainly will save me hundreds of dollars on drafts. Like any other Quicken product, this is first-class....more info
    • Quicken Willmaker Plus
      Works like a charm! So easy. Eliminates the need to decipher all that needless mumbo jumbo and allows you to you complete all the forms in a jiffy!

      Now my finances are very simple but I did my mothers, brothers and my will, medical and financial power of attorney in a couple hours. I think the printing took the most time!

      Wow, a product that really does what they claim it does! Bravo!...more info
    • Comprehensive do-it yourself guide
      Not a substitute for law school but clearly answers the call for a mainstream approach to standard legal needs for most common issues. It will also broaden the basic technical knowledge required to understand basic legal aspects. Without a doubt not only a good "reference" guide but also a useful tool. Highly recommend it....more info
    • Quick and Easy
      Quicken Willmaker Plus 2009 combines an intuitive interface with a great deal of flexibility in creating important documents to ensure the security of your family in the event of your passing. The software walks you through the process of producing a variety of documents including wills, trusts, living wills, power of attorney, etc. and comes with a book that easily explains options to customize the documents to your specific needs. The program also allows the documents to be updated in the future as your personal situation changes. Of course, as with any legal software, changes in the laws may necessitate updating the software in the future. Having tried similar products in the past, this software stands out both in the quality of the end product and the ease of use. ...more info
    • Great Software
      Willmaker loaded quickly and I was able to make a draft will in a very short time. The additional information forms were also great - and will be much more helpful to my heirs and executor than the will....more info
    • Makes creating legal documents very quick and easy
      Since I'm single and don't have a spouse or children to worry about, there's a fair amount of things that this software does that I probably won't ever need. But no matter...having a will is essential in my state and certainly things like power of attorney and living wills are important for everyone. I probably would have taken ages to get these done on my own, but WillMaker made the process fast and easy, just step through the questions, fill out the needed information and print the final document to get notorized and filed. Definitely recommended to anyone that wants to save some money by handling these types of documents themselves, but I would probably still recommend a good estate attorney for some of the more complex issues as they can help with which are the right ones for you to do and make sure you don't lock yourself into something financially that you did not intend. ...more info
    • Super easy to use -- WE feel better!
      We couldn't believe how easy it was to put together wills and medical directives with this book and software. I should note that our needs are very basic and we didn't explore many of the capabilities and options. It worked very well for us and we're very happy with the result!...more info
    • Willmaker
      Arrived quickly and in good condition. Still reading the book but it seems pretty straight forward and easy to use....more info
    • Not flashy, but gets the job done!
      Far too many people avoid, ignore or just don't have the funds to do a Will. With a young child in my house now, it's constantly in the back of my head - but so it the cost of a lawyer. Willmaker plus was very easy to use, much like an early version of TurboTax, and I was able to sit down and complete a will within a matter of moments. The software included also aids the owner with many, many other legal documents. The software loaded quickly and while there aren't a lot of bells & whistles - who needs them? I'm very glad I have this product and hope others protect themselves and the families they love using it as well....more info
    • Quicken Will 2009
      This has so much more in it than wills, loads of really useful information easy to follow, easy to set up the paperwork....more info
    • WillMaker Plus
      The WillMaker Plus was deffinately a good investment. It enabled me to make new wills for both my wife and myself with ease. It is very "user friendly". The WillMaker Plus saved me money from the very first time I used it....more info
    • So easy to use...
      I had the 2007 version that I finally cracked open about 3 weeks ago and felt like kicking myself for waiting so long because this is so easy to use.

      I upgraded to 2009 just to be safe.

      Now it is done. Don't put it off, it will only take you about 30 minutes....more info
    • Great Software- and the physical book and e-book are wonderful
      I have Will Making software that is several years old- and I use it fairly often for an elderly friend with 4 adult children that keeps changing his Will and Power of Attorney when he gets annoyed at some of the kids...so I decided to redo my Will, Power of Attorney, who raises the kids, etc. and found this software very impressive. I am sure I will get a few more chances a year to use it to help my friends out as well.

      First of all, it installed without a hitch and did an update very easily, even on my clunky dog of a computer. Next, you can opt to tell the software your approximate age and child rearing position, and it helps you by suggesting which forms you will probably need. Once you select the forms, it takes you through each one, in a painless manner, by asking simple questions (your name, your spouse, your kids, etc.). Along the way, it very clearly explains what is going on, and why. This is a huge help for people not experienced with legal documents of this nature. It also suggests what is normally done and why, which I found to be very helpful since I had not thought some of the questions through. At the end, your form can be reviewed and printed, and you can easily make changes. A handful of questions becomes many pages of leagal documents that read very professionally (I compared them with some I had that were drawn up by attorneys and preferred the ones this software makes).

      In under an hour, I had 4 documents to cover every possibility I could imagine (and some I had not thought of)- a new Will with provisions for the minor children, Power of Attorney, and Healthcare arrangements. You can also make a revocable Living Trust, a Back-Up Will, a form for Caregivers and Survivors, an AB Trust, and Final Arrangements. Questions are very detailed- like exactly what your Power of Attorney has the power to do and what you don't want him/her to do. Oh, and you can make bequests of certain items- so since my teenager was giving me a hard time about all my yarn yesterday I have left it to her (ok, so I may rethink that in a day or two, but I did have a lot of satisfaction filling that one in). You can also make provisions for the care of your pets- and I have not seen that in other software.

      One thing I really did appreciate was the really extensive, beautifully formatted book that came with the software. It has been a LONG time since I bought software of any kind that came with any sort of instructions or explainations- except some software that has really lame online help! There is also an e-book about how to settle a loved one's estate or trust.

      While none of us like to think about needing these documents, death is indeed something that will happen to all of us one of these days- so it truly does make things so much easier on your family and friends to be prepared. Oh, and did I mention there are questions about the likelyhood of your family members FIGHTING? Sad to say this also happens in a lot of families...

      In short, this can save you a lot of money in attorney fees by making up the very professionally done documents. Even if you take these documents to an attorney to have his nod of approval it will still save you money by having everything thought out and written down at the onset. ...more info
    • Quicken - Willmaker Plus 2008
      Excellent program for anyone writing a will, living will, living trust and powers of attorney. It's easy and can be updated anytime. Just do your work stop and think about things then come back and do some more until completed. You have a complete review at the end before you have it notarized at a bank instead of being ripped off by a lawyer. Everything is saved until you want to update for changes in your future. The program makes you aware of many additional things such as your property, estate and advice on beneficiaries. This Willmaker 2008 takes the guess work out of everything and it is not rocket science. I have compared my finished documents to other relatives who have paid $4,000 and more for the exact same thing. If you make $200k or less...forget the lawyers and save your money. It's so easy...I give it 5 stars. What a relief to have this done and at my fingertips for the future if needed....more info
    • Great Service!
      Great Service - received it quickly! Thanks so much!
      Would definitely do business again!...more info


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