Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, and Priorities of a Winning Life

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2008 Retailer's Choice Award winner!
Tony Dungy's words and example have intrigued millions of people, particularly following his victory in Super Bowl XLI, the first for an African American coach. How is it possible for a coach--especially a football coach--to win the respect of his players and lead them to the Super Bowl without the screaming histrionics, the profanities, and the demand that the sport come before anything else? How is it possible for anyone to be successful without compromising faith and family? In this inspiring and reflective memoir, now updated with a new chapter, Coach Dungy tells the story of a life lived for God and family--and challenges us all to redefine our ideas of what it means to succeed.

The softcover edition of this #1 New York Times best-seller includes a new chapter! In it, Coach reflects on the 2007 football season and last year's successful hardcover release of Quiet Strength. Also features a foreword by Denzel Washington and a 16-page color-photo insert. Over 1 million in print!

Customer Reviews:

  • The Quiet Strength of a Principled Role Model
    This book is an inspiring personal account of a spiritual man of integrity and principles who also happens to be a very well-respected and successful (now retired) pro football head coach. I knew of Tony Dungy before I bought and read the book, and it is the strength of his character that compels me to strongly recommend it to parents, teachers, mentors, leaders, and role models.

    As a leadership book, I found this book to be a refreshing view of controlled, respectful, principled, and effective leadership that is a viable alternative to the stereotypical 'flashy, fiery, dynamic, domineering sideline dictator' leadership model that dominates the college and pro sports scenes. Whatever your leadership perspectives and preferences are, this book can expand or reinforce them.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dungy's greatest leadership lessons do not come from the gridiron. A recurring fundamental theme throughout the book was Dungy's personal faith and how he used that faith to help him, his teams, and his family keep setbacks, challenges, accomplishments, opportunities, and personal tragedies in their proper perspective. Another important life lesson embedded in the book was how influential Dungy's late parents have been in shaping the man and leader he has become. I have added many of the quotes and anecdotes of his parents that appear throughout the book to my list of lessons I will pass on to my young son.

    Dungy summed up the purpose of the book, and described the greatest and most rewarding leadership challenge in life with his closing sentence: "We are all role models to someone in this world, and we can all have an impact - for good." This book has helped me to be a better role model, and I believe it can do the same for anyone who reads it.
    ...more info
  • A Devout Man of God
    I was slow to get around to reading Coach Dungy's book - I just finished it!! I am a rabid football fan, so I was expecting a book about football. Imagine my PLEASANT SURPRISE when I found a book not so much about football but about LIFE!! I know we are supposed to aim to be like God - but Coach Dungy lives a God-like life every day. I came away from reading this book with boundless respect and admiration for the man. Yes, he knows football - but he knows football is really very minor in the grand scheme of life in general. The only change I would have made would have been to focus less on being "black" and focus more on being "human." May God continue to bless you, Coach Dungy. ...more info
    This book speaks to the everyday person in a very inspirational way. It was easy to read and the story of the life of a man who overcame many obstacles to become the man God wants him to be. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants something that is real and who longs for a good positive experience. BUY IT TODAY AND READ IT ASAP. ...more info
  • One Of The Greats
    I am not a Colts Fan, but I am a fan of some of the players and their now-ex-Coach, Tony Dungy. As a football fan I respect how he worked on the sidelines, his game calling and demeanor. And all you ever had to do is listen to him for a few moments to realize how special he is off the field and what strength he has as a human being.

    Always in control and with a grace that is too often lacking nowadays in too many sports figures. It is refreshing to know how some are still worth looking up to as people. Coach Dungy, thank you for what you accomplished in football and setting an example that all should follow....more info
  • Solid message from a committed leader
    This book struck me as having two messages. The first is that leadership is about the fundamentals, and doing them well. The second is that Dungy's Christian faith sustains him every day, not just through the good and bad times....more info
  • Quite Strength - Soaring Inspiration
    What an inspiration Coach Tony Dungy is and this book was one I could not put down. ...more info
  • Quiet Strength
    Quiet Strength was a very enlightening story of Tony Dungy's career. Even through very harsh times, he seemed to discover the positive aspects of the situation. He always believed that god always had a reason for everything, and that every downward slump always meant that certain things would get better in the future.
    Tony Dungy started his career as a Pittsburgh Steeler. He was originally drafted as a defensive back (he played quarterback in college). After realizing that the NFL did not give as much opportunities as he expected, the head coach of the Steelers (Coach Noll) gave him the opportunity to be the defensive backs coach. This was the turning point of his career.
    From this point on Tony Dungy went to coach for the multiple other teams, until landing his head-coaching job at Tampa. When he took this position, he took in all the information from all of his former colleagues and coaches to help mold his team into a winning organization. He also realized that god played a major role in his success. He also took his fathers knowledge into consideration when he was creating a game plan for his team.
    Tony Dungy believes that his second season with the Buccaneers was his most successful season as a head coach for the National Football League. He believes this because that season, he felt the greatest bond between everybody on the team. He thought that because they started the season with tremendous success. They were winning games as a "team", not just as players.
    Once Tony Dungy moved on from the Buccaneers he continued to have great success with the Indianapolis Colts. They were even able to win Tony Dungy his first Super Bowl. But throughout Tony Dungy's life he will continue to live life with god in consideration.
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  • simply the best
    I have literally read hundreds of books about sports or sports personalities and found this one to be the absolute best. The path that Tony Dungy has taken and the faith he has put into that path (with the adversities placed in front of him) is truly inspiring. If, you are looking to teach your children something about sports and humility, this is the book to place in front of them. Eony Dungy should be an inspiration to us all reagardless of what our occupation is. This book is as much about faith, love, conviction, and perserverance ans it is about sports. I believe this is a "must read" book....more info
  • Man and His Fath
    A pleasent book that I enjoyed. It's more than a book about sports. It's about a man who's strong faith in God who he can come too during hard times. His faith in Crist helps to lead him in making decision in life and the people he deals with on the gridiron. This book is also for those who don't like sports. It's refreshing to know there is man in sports who does't compromise his beliefs just to win games. Finally he is a man who believes in family's and for his players to do the right things away from football that will help them win in life and on the field. ...more info
  • Tony Dungy is an admirable man and role model.
    As a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan, there's a special place in my heart for Tony Dungy. I especially enjoyed the stories of his interactions with players and his account of what transpired when leaving the Bucs team. I do think that anyone would enjoy reading this book. Tony always puts God and family first and is a true inspiration. This book is a story of his life lessons and his career in sports from childhood basketball to winning the Super Bowl as the Colts head coach. His ethical, moral, and spiritual way of living makes him a role model for anyone wanting to better themselves. He shows that we can be of service to God on any path that we chose in our life....more info
  • Dungy's a winner
    As a Steeler fan who is old enough to remember Dungy as a part of the Steel Curtain defense (but not as large as I remembered!), as a Christian husband and father, and as a Patriots hater who cheers for any team against New England, I had three reasons to look forward to this book, and it was even better than I expected.

    Dungy's writing, with assistance by a co-author, reads as mild and humble as his (lets face it) nerdy appearance. Despite, or because of, this to-the-core character, Dungy has succeeded at the cutthroat business of professional football at the highest level. Remember, neither of the teams he has coached had any history of winning before his tenure, and he essentially won a Super Bowl with each team (Chucky Gruden won with Tony's players after Dungy was fired, and you can see what kind of success Chucky has had since!).

    One of the amazing aspects of Dungy's book is how wide spread his deep-rooted Christianity was amongst the "nasty" 70s Steelers--Dungy, Dirt Winston, Mel Blount, and Donnie Shell not alone made for one of the hardest-hitting defensive backfields in NFL history, but apparently one of its most mature and consistent Bible studies as well. It is encouraging to read about NFL players and coaches who focus on family and faith, not contracts and crime sprees.

    Dungy never sounds boastful or arrogant about his faith, usually demonstrating his life lessons from his own mistakes. My tears spotted the pages of the chapter when Dungy talked about his son's suicide and the rest of the way it was hard for me, and for Dungy as well, to focus on football. As he says in a later chapter, never confuse your goals (winning a Super Bowl) with your purpose (glorifying God).

    I needed reminding. Thanks, Tony!...more info
  • Provided a young coach with strength
    I am a young person trying to break into the field coaching. I currently work for a division one program and some times I get discouraged. Coaching is a difficult profession to break into and some times my life gets discouraging. My father got me this book and told me to read it. It was after a particularly bad week that I decided to read this book and it lifted my spirits. Coach Dungy has the right idea in a profession full of wrong ones. Knowing people like him have made it gives me strength to keep going. ...more info
  • Great Man Greater Faith
    Coach Dungy's book is effective in many aspects which separates his book from most. He is a man that is not afraid to admit that Christ is the reason for his success in the NFL and in life. His book is revolved around his trust in God and letting people know the circumstances anyone can get through with God's help. As a man who has lost his job and a child he knows the heartache that comes with life. Coach Dungy's real life applications make this book impossible to put down. An addicting book with a great theme and message for anyone of all ages. "OSU Comp Student 2009"...more info
  • A book that should be read by all coaches and parents
    Tony Dungy's autobiography, "Quiet Strength" is a terrific book that contains a message that should appeal to any reader (not just football fans). Dungy speaks of leadership without intimidation, confidence through religious conviction and success through perseverance. The book has a religious tone, but Dungy gets his point across without being preachy. He draws from a stable upbringing by his parents and shares his thoughts about life, football, parenting, dealing with adversity, and being a man.

    There's a lot of football references so football fans and those who have followed Dungy's playing and coaching career will certainly enjoy "Quiet Strength". The book should play well in Pittsburgh, Tampa, and Indy because so much of the book deals with Dungy's career as an NFL football coach.

    The book is a testament about doing things "right" and treating people with respect in order to gain the same in return. And...as evidenced by the 2007 Super Bowl, nice guys CAN finish first!...more info
  • Quiet Strength
    An excellent book, easy reading, good mix of survival based on faith and survival with family support, not a football story...more info
  • Awesome book
    I'm writing this on behalf of my husband. He LOVED this book. He is not a church-going man, but Tony's sentiments really moved my husband, and he found it a very interesting read. He couldn't put this book down (which is amazing since the remote control usually takes up that space, ha ha)...more info
  • Asks important questions
    My men's group found this study to be a good one for us. While the questions are important and make each individual think about how they themselves must answer, the book is written in a way that it doesn't intimidate anyone. We have everything from high school guys to guys in their early 50s and all found it applicable to their lives. It made for interesting discussions and caused each man to learn something new about himself. Highly recommend....more info
    This is truly an outstanding book about a great man. Even though I am a Redskins fan I REALLY enjoyed this book. A very inspiring book. The book covers the life of Coach Dungy from his childhood up through the Super Bowl victory by the Colts. In it are many stories of the challenges and joys he has faced during his life and how he has grown in Christ throughout. I recommend this book without reservation. A great read and a great message. ...more info
  • "Life is hard, but God is good"
    The autobiography, "Quiet Strength," of Tony Dungy is appropriately subtitled "The Principles, Practices, and Priorities of a Winning Life." Dungy recounts his life from its beginnings to the present as the Coach of the world champion Indianapolis Colts. A man of proactive faith, Dungy has been able to climb many mountains, from being one of the first black quarterbacks in NCAA college football to one of the first black head coaches in the National Football League.

    "Quiet Strength" details key formative relationships, those that helped him to become what he is today. They include his mother, The Most Athletic Dungy, who supported in him in a number of sports; his father who taught him what was most important - not the accolades and memories of success, but the way you respond when opportunities are denied; his high school assistant principal, Mr. Rockquemore, who took a great interest in him and Dungy claims things would have been different if he had not; and his first pro coach, Chuck Noll, who taught him how to win in the NFL and how to maintain family-career balance.

    Dungy always viewed his work in football as a means to do something more as a servant of God. When he was fired as the head coach of Tampa Bay, the firing itself was not the cause of shock, but rather, the thought that God was allowing this great experiment of using him as a head coach in the NFL to end. He wondered, what's next? How will God use him, whether in the NFL or not.

    I am grateful that Dungy went on from Tampa to win the Super Bowl as coach of Indianapolis. More than becoming the first African-American to win a Super Bowl, this extraordinary achievement provided an excellent platform from which to tell this great story.

    Dungy's story is inspirational, challenging, and encouraging - reminding us about what really is important in a world driven by the love of material success. He shows that one can live their Christian faith in the workplace and succeed - even in the demanding fish bowl atmosphere of the NFL. He is a living testimony of one man's faith in God.

    "Do you your best and let God do the rest."
    ...more info
  • Good book by a fine man
    For four years, I worked a security position at a major NFL stadium. One of my posts was at the elevators where the coaches entered and exited before and after halftime meetings. Most of the coaches in the NFL act as though people in these posts are subhuman, not worth even making eye contact, even though we do our best to protect their privacy and security. We are actually told NOT to speak to them at any time for ANY reason. And it wasn't always an easy job -- after all, how can we possibly know all the assistant's assistants by face recognition??? Great job for the self-esteem, eh?

    Coach Dungy and his coaching staff of the Indianapolis Colts are a supreme exception. One could always count on a smile or a nod of acknowledgement from them. It was nice on those days to feel appreciated for getting up at 6 AM and being the first at the field and the last one to leave at night, a very long day. And they are always sure to wear Colts gear that would identify them as coaches so we'd be able to distinguish the good guys from the bad!

    Coach Dungy is a true model of leadership and professionalism. After the death of his son, I was amazed that he returned to coaching so quickly and with such personal conviction. As I personally watched him stride into a coaches' meeting, I ached for this man and his son, neither of whom I personally knew, yet he exhibited a kindness and caring for others that I will never forget. He is a model human being for all of us, not that he returned to coaching, but that he taught us that it is necessary to do what one does and do it well, in spite of the circumstances. He did prioritize with family during the immediate time after Jamie's death, but he also prioritized with them as he made his decision to return to the Colts so quickly. As he said, we all heal differently. God had a reward for him for acceptance of His will.

    I no longer live in that specific NFL city but couldn't wait to read this book. The memoir is easy to read (heck, I hardly know anything about football strategy but was able to read and understand everything) and thus the message was readily digestable. This is a good read for ANYONE, with lessons in humility, gratitude, leadership, grief, and sharing.

    African-American? Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Good for him being the first AA coach at the Superbowl! And good for him for being such a fine man.

    ...more info
  • Super!
    A great book for young men who need a positive role model to look up to. Tony Dungy has life lessons that everyone should take to heart and learn from....more info
  • Great Book!!!
    Everyone Hates a Ball Hog but they All Love a Scorer: The Complete Guide to Scoring Points on and off the Basketball Court

    Prospective is everything. In this book you get the prospecitve of a strong Christian man who is winning the game of life God's way!...more info
  • Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, and Priorities of a Winning Life
    Great start to motivational books, I loved this book and read it 3 times, then gave it to a friend who actually doesn't ever read, and well lets just say he is on his second go with the book. I just finished Tony's new one "Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance" After reading this one dive right into the next one "Uncommon" you can't lose. Hope this helps you all in your decision to read these. I loved them and will pass them on to everyone I know.
    TRC...more info
  • Very Inspirational ... Blessed with every word!
    This book is very powerful for anyone striving to excel with God as your guide. Tony Dungy is a great example of a faithful man in the face of tremendous success and soul shattering pain. Thanks for writing the book, all of us that read it are indebted to you....more info
  • Tony Dungy's Book is Excellent!
    This book is everything that I had hoped it would be just from the impression I get about Tony Dungy. He is truly a Christian man doing God's work on and off the field! Wish every coach had his Faith, personality and moral conduct!...more info
  • great
    I thought this book was very helpful in how one obtains and uses our inner strength with God.
    ...more info
  • Great Study
    Tony Dungy's "Quiet Strength" men's bible study is a great way to begin getting men involved with God's word. It's only 6 weeks long and doesn't require alot of reading or studying during the week. The subject matter is something all men should go through to help them draw closer to God, their family and each other....more info
  • A Different Type Of NFL Head Coach
    Whether it be at the high school, college, or professional levels of football, the common image of a football head coach is a big, tough, ruffian of a man who lives and dies by his team each week and forsakes such things as God and family in order to focus all his energies on his team's performance. Tony Dungy, current Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts, is a living example to the contrary, proving that football coaches can be humble, sincere, and gracious and still put together a successful football team.

    While this book does give pretty much a season-by-season account of Dungy's career in college and the NFL (great for the history buffs), the content also focuses on how Dungy stayed true to his Godly principles in the rough-and-tumble environment of the NFL. In a culture that prides itself in violence and radical devotion to a single cause, Dungy preaches a different sort of NFL culture, one in which each player and coach can be a respectable individual (not a ruffian) and uphold the principles of the Lord. In essence, Dungy's message is that "even football players" can be witnesses to the Lord's almighty power.

    After reading this book, I have the utmost respect for Dungy and the way he runs his teams. He works himself and his players hard, but at the same time professes a family-first environment, where when the day's work is done the other aspects of family life can be enjoyed (unlike, say, John Gruden, who often sleeps in his office for prolonged periods in preparation for the next week's game). Dungy figures that if he treats his players like human beings and not immature children, they will return the favor and work hard for him.

    While reading this book, I was reminded of an example of Dungy's philosophy in my own hometown. Our high school football team used to have a coach who would eat, sleep, and breathe football. He was a former NFL castoff who, while respected for his toughness by his players, was not a pleasing man to be around, as his arrogance was stifling. His teams were always decent, but lacked that extra something that makes a team a champion. When he was replaced a few years ago, a new coach was brought in who (much like Tony Dungy, just at a high school level) preached accountability, respect, and good academics. Within a single season, this new coach turned the entire program around and is now playing for the Conference Championship with an undefeated record. More important than the wins, however, is the fact that this new team is one that the community can better rally around due to the integrity of its players and coaches.

    To conclude, I highly recommend this book to football fans of all ages and philosophies, as it gives a stirring example of how a football team can succeed using Godly principles....more info
  • Review of Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy
    Tony Dungy is a rather unique and inspiring person. Tony Dungy has been in the National Football League as a coach for many years. As a head coach he lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the brink of a championship before being let go. He finally got over the hump by winning Super Bowl XLI over the Chicago Bears behind Peyton Manning and the feisty play of strong safety Bob Sanders.

    This memoir is about how Coach Dungy applies his Christian faith to not only his coaching in professional football, but to his life off the field as well. His approach to coaching football is certainly unique. He is no Bill Parcel's who often demeans his players, sometimes in public, to motivate them. He is also not the stereotypical coach who screams, yells, and cusses at his players when they make mistakes or in an attempt to fire them up or get the best out them. His style, by all accounts, is a quiet, understated approach that has certainly worked well for him. He rebuilt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from a lousy team to a championship caliber team but could never quite get the wins in the playoffs to reach the Super Bowl. He was, most would say, unfairly fired by the Buccaneers as they seemed to feel he was not going to get them past the playoffs and to the Super Bowl. One year after he was let go buy the Bucs, the team won Super Bowl XXXVII over the Oakland Raiders with Jon Gruden as head coach.

    After being hired as head coach by the Indianapolis Colts, Dungy quietly built up the defensive side of the ball. The defensive unit had often let the team down and was clearly a weak link. While the Colts defense never became quite as good as his Buccaneers teams, it was just good enough to get a Super Bowl win.

    Beyond talking about applying his faith to his role as head coach, Dungy talks about the importance of his family and his community and how he has striven to give all he can to each. And through this memoir, the reader learns a lot about Dungy's career in the NFL and his teams, so there is plenty of football talk in the book to please fans of the game. He also talks about how his faith helped him cope with the inexplicable suicide of his teenage son.

    Overall, this is an excellent book if you are a fan of football or you just want to hear the story of a devoutly religious man and how he applies his faith to everyday life.
    ...more info
  • Good book, entertaining, recommended reading.
    It's a very good book, I've read better, but that doesn't take away from this book or its message. I won't go into detail, others already have. ...more info
  • Faith. Family. Football.
    QUIET STRENGTH is an inspirational autobiography of an inspirational coach, leader and Christian. Tony Dungy offers a glimpse into his mind, heart and spirit as he lives the life of the believer in the rough-and-tumble world of the NFL.

    Dungy traces his history from growing up with parents he adored and who set a loving example to his own manhood, athletic career and marriage to Lauren. He re-traces the steps God led him through, the victories and defeats, the joys and the sorrows.

    He writes simply and powerfully about his faith, football and family. His efforts to "walk the walk" of the modern Christian are uplifting. His up and down career in pro football is triumphant. His love for and focus on his family is a lesson for every husband and Dad. Dungy breaks our hearts retelling the story of his son Jaime's suicide.

    There are lessons here galore as Dungy writes honestly about his failures as well as his success, his defeats and his victories. We find examples of grace, love, forgiveness, faithfulness, and courage which fan our faith into an open flame.

    Tony Dungy is the real deal. He is living the victorious Christian life as loving husband and father off the field and servant leader on the field. God bless him and his family.
    ...more info
  • A wonderful testimony from a man of great character
    This book sends a wonderful message about the grace and provision of the Lord. Anyone seeking a solid inspirational story will not be disappointed. The audio CD version of this book was a bit slow at times when Mr. Dungy spent time recalling the various games in each season....more info
  • Quiet Strength audio CD
    I had already read the book, but being able to listen to Tony Dungy bring the book to life added so much to the words of this inspirational book....more info
  • Excellent
    Everything was provided in a timely manner. The product was perfect. We would certainly order from you again....more info
  • A Class Act
    This book is fantastic - I couldn't put it down! I have been a big fan of Tony since he was the coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, because of his presence on the football field. This book is an honest and inspiring account of Tony's life and the trials and successes he has encountered. Thank you Tony for a great read....more info
  • Quiet Strength
    Outstanding and inspirational book. An easy read that gives great insight about the person and life. A great book for all to understand life, relationships, family, and friends. Also provides some insight about the unpersonal side of professional sports. I read the book and gave it as a gift to five others men. I would have purchased more if I could have afforded to. The most inpsiartional book I've read in years....more info
  • great gift
    This was a gift for my dad, and I will probably read it sometime when he's done. He is thoroughly enjoying the book and getting a lot out of it....more info
  • Quiet Strength ~ The Book
    I found the book very inspiring ~ I will never watch a Dungy coached football game the same again. ...more info
  • Great!
    This is a reflective look at a great role model, in the christian faith. Good book!...more info
  • One of the greatest books, about one of the greatest men, I have ever read
    I picked up this book because I admire Tony Dungy and all that he has accomplished. I've finished it a better person, leader, husband, father, and grandfather. I had no idea of the depth of this man, the difficulty of his experiences, and the inner strength he has developed over the course of his life. Now that I know, I have a new standard to which I can aspire, both inwardly through my faith, and outwardly through what I do in the world and how I do it.

    Reading this book has changed me, and more importantly, it has made me want to keep changing, becoming more of the man I was born to be. I'm grateful to Tony for having the courage and the vulnerability to put so much of himself into this book and to talk about his life in such a personal way. Without question, Tony will pay a price for this openness as every amateur critic in the world takes a shot at some aspect of his book, either seeing only the surface of what Tony says, or being frightened by the example of this brave man's life as compared to their own.

    As you will see in this book, Tony has seen it all, survived it all, and he has done it with the faith, the courage, the compassion, the humility, and the fierce determination that exemplify his quiet strength. Surely, this is the formula for greatness.

    This is a remarkable book. Buy it today, let the lessons it teaches go deep in you, and then share it with someone else. You won't regret it.

    Jim Huling author of
    Choose Your Life!: A Powerful, Proven Method for Creating the Life You Want...more info
  • Not what I was expecting...
    The book was a little dispointing and not what I was expecting - religion, not football or leadership, was the central theme....more info
  • Loved it.
    A really well-written book which had a nice religious undertone but the religious element was not pushed hard, just added into Dungy's thoughts.

    Very insightful and will make me consider Dungy's responses to situations when I face the same moments.

    The book is a football book, it is a self-help book and it is a biography all in one, what more could you ask for?...more info
  • Good book, but still about football
    I know, I know, he opens the books by saying "This book is not about football". But that is all he talks about! Yes there are some points of good moral accomplishments and spirituality. But its still 80% football. I wouldn't make such a big deal about this except for that fact that Tony makes a big deal about it in the book.

    I still enjoyed the book, and would recommend it....more info
  • Refreshing, good & faithful men do finish first
    Truly great read...in this case I received the audio version and listened to it in a day and a half. Couldn't wait to hear more. A true testimony from Tony - watching him on the sidelines proves he lives his faith every day. Listening to his personal challenges were poignant. I passed this onto a friend going through some work challenges; I hope he found this to be as inspiring as I did....more info
  • Tony Dungy: Quiet Strength
    This is a very inspirational book. I bought this for my husband who is a big sports fan. He also likes to read. He read the book from cover to cover and enjoyed every minute of it. He agreed with many of the principles Mr. Dungy lives by. I would recommend this book to sports fans and non-sports fans alike. Great message....more info
  • wonderful testimony about trusting God
    This isn't a book about football - it is a book about faith. Certainly football provides the backdrop throughout, and there are enough sports anecdotes to keep the football fan happy, with nice glimpses into coachs' meetings and pre-game pep talks, but in the end it is a testimony to how trusting God is a commitment, about how your decisions shape who you are and the people around you.

    The book is well written, and also includes some nice photographs in the middle. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great gift!
    Tony has a great testimony! Makes a great gift or a great read, football fan or not!...more info
  • Great inspirational cd set
    Bought this cd set for my son so he could listen to it to/from work.
    He loved it! ( he's an athletic trainer for a high school )
    It is a great inspirational book! Enjoy....more info
  • Good Read
    This book was well written and a good read. I love reading good books on leadership and success. Sports and Life always a good parallel....more info
  • How it should be done
    Tony Dungy shows that the quiet man can accomplish great things. Coaching,and life do not require boisterous, bloviating and bullying to be sucessful. We need more coaches like Tony. In sports and in life itself....more info
  • Great Read
    Loved the book, many lessons to be learned, a little too much football at times but if you can look by that it is a quick and enjoyable read...more info
  • Making That Commitment....Every Day
    As a companion piece to his best-selling book by the same title, respected and influential NFL head coach Tony Dungy delves into the knowledge, inspiration and lessons contained in the Bible.

    The study sections are built upon six questions:

    * What is my game plan?
    * What is my strength?
    * What is success?
    * Where is my security?
    * What is my significance?
    * What is my legacy?

    An excellent guide to be used by an individual or in groups, coach Dungy styles this playbook for any male wishing to open his heart and make a strong commitment to live a better life. ...more info
  • Pretty Good book
    I bought the book thinking it was a straight motivational book. What I found is that the message was under the surface of Tony's football career highlights. The reader needs to think through the stories to get to the lesson that the book is trying to share.

    [...]...more info
  • An enlightening, inspiring and moving memoir
    This book is a tremendously inspiring and educational story of a remarkable man and a remarkable life. There is much to learn about football, coaching, leadership, principles, family, and, most of all, faith. As a father, a son, a football fan, and a hopeful leader, there was much for me to learn with how Dungy has lead his life thus far. Having endured professional disappointment and great family tragedy, all under the ever-watching eye of the media, he has showed incredible strength and character. He is a model for all men, athletes and leaders. A great book and an easy read. Highly recommended for all....more info
  • Great Book
    Very good book, a great man in the public view, not affraid to express his beliefs....more info
  • Leadership advice
    Even if you are not a football fan, there are "life" lessons and leadership qualities that can be very beneficial to anyone who has to deal with people. This book is inspirational, using Christian principals, useful in everyday life....more info
  • One of the best Coaching Biographies I've read
    Tony tells his story through out the book just like any other biography, but what stands out is what a great coach he is, great father and familyman and great person.
    This was a great book. Fast read....more info
  • Quiet Strength
    I bought this for my son who really does not read much. He completed the book and the study lessons. He really enjoyed it....more info
  • Excellent, life-changing book.
    I highly recommend this book to ANY reader--the football fan, the God fan, the prayer fan, or othewise. It is an excellent, life-changing read....more info
  • Great book, Classy guy!
    A very insightful biography of coach Dungy and what makes him tick. There are a number of life lessons in this inspirational look at the man and his faith. Nice guys don't always finish last, and the character of this man is evident, not only in the book, but also in his popularity in the Tampa area and among Bucs fans years after his leaving, our winning the Superbowl without him, and his winning with his new team....more info
  • Quiet Strength is a Winner!
    Whether you are a parent, a coach or both this book is absolutely captivating. I have been reading it with our 12 year old son and found myself reading ahead after he went to bed. Tony Dungy is an inspiring man of God and his wisdom and experience will certainly give adults and young readers a new perspective on life.

    I am in the process of purchasing other copies of the book to give to clients and friends. It is a great story and is the best book I have read in years!

    Brett Morey
    Brentwood, CA...more info
  • Great Book
    I read the entire book the day I started. I could not put it down....more info
  • Quiet Strength Tony Dungy
    Excellent book - very heart-warming and inspiring! It was even more meaningful because it was read by Tony Dungy....more info
  • Encouragement for Men
    Along with 13 other men, I meet each Friday morning at 6 a.m. for an hour of bible study. We are current using Tony Dungy's Quite Strenth. This is a tremendous book for men who need encouragement, as they deal with life's challenges. The study has made it easy for the men to open up and share with the group in a way that I never thought possible. I facilitate the discussion and have had several men tell me they look forward to the session each week. Tony has based the study on strong christian principles backed by scripture. Excellent study!...more info
  • A Quiet Strength
    Awesome story. A great read for everyone. A great gift to give friends and family. Audio book is a nice option....more info
  • more than football
    Living in Tampa we know Tony Dungy mostly for football matters and what he does for the community. This book lets you know much more about him and his beleifs. I better understand the respect he has everywhere he has been because of the way he practices his faith. I cant wait to read his new book. ...more info
  • Quiet Strength
    QUIET STRENGTH has been nominated for the 2009 Rodda Award sponsored by the Church and Synagogue Library Association (CSLA), an international organization serving congregational libraries of all faiths. CSLA's Rodda Award is named for Dorothy Rodda Sargent, a lifetime member and one of the founders of the organization. This award recognizes a book which exhibits excellence in writing and has contributed significantly to congregational libraries through promotion of spiritual growth. The award is given to books for adults, young adults, and children on a three-year-rotational basis. The 2009 Rodda Award focuses on books for adult readers and this year's winner will be announced at the CSLA annual conference to be held at the McKinley Grand Hotel in Canton, Ohio, July 26-28. To learn more about CSLA and the Rodda Award go to [..] ...more info


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