Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: A Clinical Approach, Fifth Edition (Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing)

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The new edition of this popular text offers a clear, straightforward way to understand the often intimidating subject of psychiatric nursing. Its practical, clinical perspective and user-friendly writing style engage the reader in a learning process that both informs and enlightens. Clinical chapters progress consistently and logically from theory to application. Specific psychobiological disorders are organized from moderate to severe along the mental health continuum. The nursing process is the strong, visible framework throughout. * User-friendly writing style and a full-color design make psychiatric nursing content come alive! Case studies and personal stories show a compassion and understanding unique among psychiatric nursing texts. Special features are easily located and identified. * Nursing process framework provides a strong underpinning for all clinical chapters. A sixth step, Outcome Criteria, identifies specific patient outcomes, then justifies the subsequent nursing interventions based on results. * Assessment Guidelines boxes provide summary points for client assessment. * Spiritual assessment is found in Assessment Strategies and the Nursing Process and Care for the Dying and for Those Who Grieve. * Biologic Basis for Understanding Psychotropic Drugs lays the foundation for the study of psychotropic drug therapy to treat psychobiologic disorders.

Customer Reviews:

  • good book
    This book was required for my mental health class, and I thought it was very appropriate and informative....more info
  • Great book for introductory mental health nursing
    We used this in my psych/mental health theory class. I really liked this book. It's written on a level that was easy enough to follow but still gave me a strong base to draw from in clinical. Also, because it had little vignettes throughout each chapter, I found that it didn't bore me to death like nursing textbooks often do. I also like how It included great info on both older meds (i.e. the ones that they will still be testing on for NCLEX) as well as newer meds that I actually saw on the floor.

    The only thing that could have been better, was the index. When using this text as a reference I occasionally had a tough time locating information that I knew was in there, but couldn't seem to locate using the index....more info

  • Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing A Clinical Approach
    I purchased this book because of my psych clinical rotations in Nursing School. I have found the book to be very informative and fairly easy to understand. The chapters on specific disorders are really interesting. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understand psychiatric disorders; you need not be a nursing student but some knowledge in medical terminology is helpful....more info
  • Much Improved Fifth Edition.
    Any book of thys type that has gone through five editions has to have something going for it, and This book has many. Perhaps the most important is the writing style which is as light and casual as it can be considering the subject. The goal is, of course, to prepare the student for a career. The book combined instructional material with case histories that illustrate how a particular case, situation, or patient was successfully handled. Each chapter starts with a page entitles 'A Nurse Speaks.' Here practicing nurses relate some of their history

    In addition to the text, the book is supplied with a CD-ROM oriented to preparation for the NCLEX examination. A companion web site for the book provides yet more information to help the student.

    This is one of the standard books in the field, and it's easy to see why. This book convey's the information the student needs to know in a style that makes it as easy as possible....more info
  • great service
    Got the book within 4 days and in excellant condition. A pleasure to do business with....more info
  • Good and easy to understand.
    Other than the Chapter materials, there are many additional useful information including an online resource, tables, examples and images to facilitate learning....more info
  • Very useful
    This is one of the most useful reference books for those in nursing who are going to focus in psychiatric nursing. This is a great book but it can get wordy at times....more info
  • Great condition and quick shipping! Very reliable seller.
    Reliable seller because of great book condition and quick shipping. The price was reasonable as well. ...more info
  • Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing: A Clinical Approach, Fifth Edition (Foundations of Psychiatric Mental Health N
    This is a great book! It is well written, easy to read and very understandable....more info
  • Foundations of Psychiatric Mental health nursing
    The book was delivered while we were away for Christmas and a snow storm blew in and the book was covered in snow. I was afraid that it was ruined, but to my surprise and delight, the book was in perfect shape because of a plastic wrapping around the book. Thank you for the great care you took in packaging the book. ...more info


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