Physical Examination & Health Assessment (Jarvis, Physical Examination & Health Assessment)
Physical Examination & Health Assessment (Jarvis, Physical Examination & Health Assessment)

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With a clear, student-friendly approach, this text provides a solid understanding of how to perform a health assessment. Head-to-toe presentations show the steps of a physical examination in a logical sequence. Detailed illustrations, summary checklists, and new learning resources ensure that you learn all the skills you need to know. It's easy to see why this text is, far and away, #1 in this market!

    Clear, approachable style of writing.Over 1,000 full-color illustrations present anatomy and physiology plus examination techniques.A two-column format distinguishes normal findings from abnormal findings, using color, step-by-step photos.Summary checklists in each body system chapter provide a quick review of exam steps.Documentation examples show the charting of normal findings.Extensive coverage of culture reflects the importance of diversity and cultural awareness.Nursing Diagnoses reflecting the most recent NANDA Taxonomy II terminology.Lifespan content is integrated throughout the text to show common variations for all age groups.Developmental Care sections cover age-specific content for pediatric, pregnant, and older adult patients.Clinical case studies cover focused assessment techniques for patients of different ages in different clinical situations.Spanish language translation chart includes key phrases for better communication during a physical examination.

    More than 100 color photographs and drawings are added.Abnormal Findings section, in full-color, large-photo atlas format, now differentiates abnormal findings for the student from those for advanced practice.Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle boxes highlight essential health promotion material, based on Healthy People 2010 guidelines.Unique Reassessment of the Hospitalized Patient chapter provides a focus for hospital-based assessments.Functional Assessment of the Older Adult chapter covers the special assessment techniques and findings for geriatric clients.A companion CD-ROM helps you apply your skills to realistic patient scenarios, with additional in-depth case studies, a complete head-to-toe examination video, printable health promotion handouts, heart and lung sounds, new bedside reassessment, and the 20 Most Common Conditions.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great deal!
    I purchase this book for an online class and the price I got was $12 better than at the university bookstore!...more info
  • An excellent nursing text that will enhance my career needs!
    I am a registered nurse with an Associates Degree in Nursing. I am currently enrolled at Governors State University with the goal of obtaining a Bachelors of Science in Nursing. I am presently taking a course in Health Assessment and the required textbook is Mosby's 2nd edition of Health and Physical Assessment. Within two weeks of the beginning of the course; a classmate and I decided the text was not thorough enough for our present level as nursing students with several years of nursing experience. We felt we needed a textbook which would enable us to enhance the skills we already possess and delve into the rationale for the procedures we have never had the opportunity to perform; but expect to in our future careers as Nurse Practicioners. Therefore we went to Rush University Bookstore today and were amazed at the variety of texts on this subject. We chose Physical Examination and Health Assessment by Carolyn Jarvis because of the marvelous text layout which seemed to have been prepared especially for nurses in our situation. Each chapter not only discusses the topic, but it explains the rationales of each assessment and expounds upon each subject and fully explains how to assess each system in depth. As an African American woman I can truly appreciate the time and effort that was taken to provide accurate, extensive information on the assessment of hair, skin, and nails of non-white patients. The transcultural highlights are excellent. The information reguarding the assessment of tatoos is also an excellent addition to current nursing textbooks because of its prevalence in our society. The section in each chapter on abnormal findings provides nursing students with a wonderful outlet to improve critical thinking skills. The need for the normal finding explanations cannot be overstated due to the focus of preventive nursing in this age. The illustrations in the text leave no doubt as to the appearance of certain primary lesions that have not been visualized in the clinical setting. The extent of information on labs performed in the nutritional assessment leave no stone unturned in evaluation of this critical area. The area on assessment of the head and neck provides a wealth of information on the complete assessment of the underlying structures through palpation of the overlying skin surfaces. I also admire the explanations included on the proper usage of the otoscope, opthalmoscope and tuning fork. The added Laboratory Manual and Pocket Companion are invaluable resources. I truly enjoyed learning about the author in the synopsis in the Pocket Companion. Her experience in a variety of areas were an added incentive for my purchase. Every area of the textbook was thoroughly used for providing invaluable information. Even the front inside cover gives commonly used translations from English to Spanish for patients nurses can no longer afford to ignore in any setting. The back inside cover acknowledges the importance of universal precautions in our current society. My classmate and I were very impressed also with the area on vital signs which expounded on the multiple reasons for inaccurate and erroneous blood pressure readings. How often have these problems affected the recorded vital signs? I could continue, but suffice it to say that this textbook will have a special place in my heart as well as on my desk for the remainder of my career. I sincerely thank the author, her contributors, and the publisher for such an innovative and pertinent text that will survive into the next millenium. BRAVO!...more info
  • College student
    This book does have good layout by using seperate chapters for the different systems and has abnormal findings with pictures in every chapter. But It is not detailed enough. I would sometimes find myself looking for more information because it doesn't go too much farther then describing something briefly. I would like to find a more detailed book but this is the one my nursing class required. And it has no glossary for definition of terms....more info
  • Simple down to earth
    Compared to Bates' book I find this one more easier to read and understand. Has more pictures and more guidance what to look for at half price. Bates' may have similar information but this book better itemize it. book has more pages but pages are less dense.every chapter starts with short anatomy and than examination, what to ask and why and what to examine, Normal range of findings and abnormal findings. Bates' has also abnormal findings slightly less examples but for normal findings it does not say what is normal or what should be normal. anyway I liked both of them but I would get this book first....more info
  • review
    I gave it a 2 star just because the lab book was less then I thought it should have been for the price. The book was in great shape, just had few pages with writting on them, but the lab book had several pages filled out in it, I wish the person would have stated that on the page I would not have purchased it for that amount. The price for the lab book too high since information was already written in. ...more info
  • Great Textbook for Resource
    This is a great textbook for any health assessment nursing course or for anyone who just wants to know more about the human body and its functions. I like the way each chapter is broken up into subjective and objective data as well as providing age appropriate information for each topic. There are great pictures and a CD that help to better understand the subject matter. ...more info
  • easy-to-read nursing textbook!!
    I absolutely love this book. It is so much easier to read than any of the other 50 or so textbooks I have weighing down my bookshelves.

    I don't know if it's the un-fussy writing style, or the abundance of pictures that make it more interesting than others like it, but I will say that for once, I do not dread my reading assignments.

    Thanks for such an interesting book!
    (When I start my career, I will upgrade to the next edition for sure)

    ...more info
  • Great Simplicity
    Having just graduated from nursing school in May 2007, I can now look back on all the books I used and see which were the most helpful. This one rates in the top tier - the chapters are laid out by systems, and broken down to very simple pieces of information. Sometimes the info is a bit too summarized, but for a review or a first glance at new material in the beginning of a health career or major, this book is a great help. ...more info
  • Physical Examination and Health Assessment
    For anyone who needs to understand how to perform a physical examination and a health assessment on a client this is the book for you!!!! The text is well written, easy to understand and helpful in allowing you, the student to become efficient in P.E. ... chech this text out!!!!! MB...more info
  • Paying more for shipping does not provide better service.
    After reading another review, I discovered a CD may not be part of the book I purchased. This is not good. The CD is part of the learning process and allows the student to assimilate the learnings from the book with the CD information. Also, I paid for 1 day fed. express shipping and the book did not arrive on the date expected....more info
  • Horrible
    I ordered this book at the same time as all the other books and have yet to receive it and it has been over a week past due. The sender does not take responsibility and I would warn from ordering from this person. I have never received the book and sender says it isn't her responsibility....more info
  • Physical Examination & Health Assessment
    When I recieved the book it was still in its original wrapping, brand new. I recieved it in timely manner. No problems....more info
  • Great seller/extremely fast shipping
    I ordered physical and health assesment textbook on monday and recieved it on TUES!!! Great seller...will buy from them again!...more info
  • Outstanding resource for Advance Practice Nurses
    This is the best Physical Assessment book since Bates. I would recommend this book to all Nurse Practitioners. It is definitely an asset, and a wonderful source of current information. It also suggests implications for the culturally diversed patient....more info


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