Epidemiology: with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access (Gordis, Epidemiology)

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This popular book is written by the award-winning teacher, Dr. Leon Gordis of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. He introduces the basic principles and concepts of epidemiology in clear, concise writing and his inimitable style. This book provides an understanding of the key concepts in the following 3 fully updated sections: Section I: The Epidemiologic Approach to Disease and Intervention; Section II: Using Epidemiology to Identify the Causes of Disease; Section III: Applying Epidemiology to Evaluation and Policy. Clear, practical graphs and charts, cartoons, and review questions with answers reinforce the text and aid in comprehension.

    Utilizes new full-color format to enhance readability and clarity.
    Provides new and updated figures, references and concept examples to keep you absolutely current - new information has been added on Registration of Clinical Trials, Case-Cohort Design, Case-Crossover Design, and Sources and Impact of Uncertainty ( disease topics include: Obesity, Asthma, Thyroid Cancer, Helicobacter Pylori and gastric/duodenal ulcer and gastric cancer, Mammography for women in their forties) - expanded topics include Person-time.
  • Includes STUDENT CONSULT access, allowing you to:
    o Access the complete contents of the book online, anywhere you go.perform quick searches.and add your own notes and bookmarks.
    o Test yourself with the additional TEST BANK including 200 MCQs, plus complete rationales for all self-assessment Q&A in the print book. .
    o Reference all other STUDENT CONSULT titles you own online, too-all in one place!

  • Introduces both the underlying concepts as well as the practical uses of epidemiology in public health and in clinical practice.
  • Systemizes learning and review with study questions in each section and an answer key and index.
  • Illustrates textual information with clear and informative full-color illustrations, many created by the author and tested in the classroom.

Customer Reviews:

  • excellent text!
    Book arrived perfectly on time!
    Gordis explains Epidemiology so well, you just want to read more!
    Excellent illustrations!
    A "MUST READ" for all those interested in Epidemiology!...more info
  • Comprehensive and Thorough
    Within a short time of receiving this book, I found a number of very helpful references that contributed useful information to a doctoral research paper. The book is written well and offers easy access to specific epidemiological issues via the detailed index at the back....more info
    This textbook is an outstanding textbook for either the graduate student in public health or a medical student.

    Dr. Leon Gordis brings clarity to a subject which challenges many students. Particularly, his use of terminology unique to the field of epidemiology is well done. He does not assume the student is born understanding terminology that has varied meanings in different specialties by using the terms with their definition in full sentences. He appears to anticipate the typical student's questions and answers them without appearing to talk down to the reader. Well done!

    I would recommend this textbook without any reservations.
    ...more info
  • Epidemiology can be this fun!
    I have never thought that epidemiology could be this interesting to learn. Many other books are dull to read comparatively, even though these other books may have more material to sell. This book by Dr Gordis stands out to be a great starter book for all....more info
  • Excellent Author, Excellent Book
    I enjoy knowing Dr. Gordis as a professor here at Johns Hopkins. His excellent book well reflects his bright mind and engaging personality....more info
  • Save your money - buy the third edition
    I agree with most of the other reviews here and also think this is a good introductory text. If you can get past the bad jokes and frequent references to Christianity, its clearly written and has good examples. However, this 4th edition is a classic example of an author repackaging an old textbook as a new edition and trying to make money off of it. Gordis claims that the 4th edition has many changes, but in reality the chapters are the same and only a few less significant references have been updated. My advice is to save your money and buy the third edition - just as good and much cheaper....more info
  • Great introductory textbook!
    As a new MPH student, I found this book very easy to read and understand. The topics were presented clearly, and the graphs and charts were helpful. This book was incredibly useful when studying for exams as well. I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • Dr. Aisha Andrewin
    This is an excellent, succinct, well organized, extremely well-written and very user friendly book. I would say it would be a useful resource text for Epidemiology and Public Health students (particularly Bachelors & Masters level)as well as practicing professionals....more info
  • Great Introductory Text
    This was a required text for my introductory epidemiology course. I have had an interest in epi for a number of years and approached the book with a fair amount of skepticism, especially given its relatively small size. After reading the first few chapters I found Gordis's writing style to be dry and too convoluted for otherwise simple topics. Saying this, halfway through the semester I really warmed up to the book and the author's subtle humor. The sections on odds ratios and matched/unmatched case-control studies were explained so well that I had a eureka moment that I had hoped for prior to taking my first USMLE step. For an introductory book, it covers with perfect detail the basic methods and principles of epidemiology and provides elegant descriptions of the applications to both clinical medicine and public health. The illustrations offer great clarity to the theory and I have already referenced them on many occasions during other courses and while reading journal articles. It will remain on my shelf until the next edition is released....more info
  • Great Book
    Easy to read for the beginning epidemiology student...Author provides insightful examples and gives good explanations. ...more info
  • A wonderful Epidemiology text book
    This book is a wonderful concise reference in Epidemiology in relation also to health administration . It is extremely basic , straight forward from a leader in the field .
    I enjoyed the simplicity of examples.
    Asaad A. Abduljawad...more info
  • Excellent
    Excellent book on Epidemiology, very easy to read. I strongly recommend it for those seeking a strong foundation in the subject....more info
  • An unbelievably great textbook!
    This was a required textbook for a class on epidemiology that I wasn't required to take. I am getting my Ph.D. in Science Education, but because I am Deaf and work with the deaf community on HIV/AIDS awareness...I made myself take this class. Very rarely do I not return books for cash if it isn't in my direct field or interests, but this was one textbook I plan on keeping. Dr. Gordis made a unknown subject for a deaf student not only fascinating but understandable...especially with all the statistics involved! I luckily had great teachers too, but part of their greatness had to do with finding the best textbook to require in their classroom. I refer back to this text constantly when writing about epidemics in the Deaf community. I hope that Dr. Gordis realizes the impact he will have on not just one person, but on a whole community because of his work and his excellent writing. (He also has a sense of humor, which I love...) Karen Sadler, Science Education, University of Pittsburgh...more info
  • Good, but not a best book to read
    Compare the costs paid and benefits gained from reading, I am sure that there are other books better than this. Most contents in this book were described in very long sentences, although they actually need only 30% of all words. Some good points are to the pictures illustrated in some chapters. My recommendation to those with limited paying capacity, you should buy Heineken's book instead. Trust me....more info
  • Book Review
    Very satisfied with the purchase. The delivery was timely and the condition of the product was excellent. Thank you....more info
  • Excellent Epidemiology Text
    This book is easy to read and understand. The book gives examples that are interesting as well and make learning epidemiology enjoyable. I would highly recommend this text to anyone studying epidemiology....more info
  • Pitiful.... Simply Pitiful
    This book is terrible. The writing in it is aweful. It is vague and ambiguous. It assumes knowledge and understanding of the subject prior reading. NOT a good choice for a class text or for a beginner in epidemiology....more info
  • The best beginning epidemiology text
    This is the best beginning text on epidemiology available-- no other text comes close. The writing is clear and concise, a rare event in science texts. The style, content and layout are extraordinary. Dr. Gordis creates friendly understandable explanations from potentially confusing topics....more info
  • Clear, concise explanations of important concepts
    This is a great introductory book. Unlike previous editions, the diagrams and tables are in color which makes them easier to read. Gordis offers easy-to-understand explanations of concepts and provides interesting real-world examples to illustrate key points....more info
  • Excellent and clear text
    This book explains epidemiologic concepts clearly, giving good examples and having helpful illustrations. I recommend it highly for beginners as well as for persons familiar with epidemiology who want to review previously learned methods. I have used it to successfully explain concepts to non-epidemiologists....more info
  • 5 stars!
    Excellent book. It contains enough information to give someone like me, a novice, an overview of what epidemiology is and its important concepts. However, it's not overwhelming. The pictures go well with the text, and the occasional cartoon -and other funny bits- make the book even better! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Good for Intro to Epidemiology
    This book explains everything very clearly. It has good concrete real examples of diff studies and the things that are wrong with them. There are very few review questions, however, and sometimes the book rambles on and gets repetitive....more info
  • Best Epi book
    The most complete introductory book on market. For a more detailed textbook I would suggest looking at The Trichopoulos, Mac Mahon textbook....more info
  • Easy Read
    This book was an easy read. I recommend it to anyone who has to take Epidemiology....more info
  • Not that good, find another book to use.
    We are using this a text for graduate class. The text is confusing and not well written. Rather than actually describe whatever the subject being studied, it goes immediately into round-about examples without ever saying what you need to know. For a first text in epidemiology, I would absolutely NOT recommend it.

    As someone in an earlier review said, the authors presumes knowledge in reading the text. For an example, the text does not describe how to "unmatch" a matched study, but expects you to know how to do this as it goes on....more info

  • Excellent Introductory Text
    When it comes to textbooks, the section I usually use most often is the index so I don't have to plod through pages of material to find the information I need. This is one of the few textbooks I've ever read cover to cover and actually enjoyed. The text is very readable with many examples to demonstrate the concepts discussed. There are also plenty of illustrations and charts to reinforce the information. Also, this isn't just one more book taking up space on my bookshelf -- I still use it as a reference to clarify questions that come up. Epidemiology is a clearly written, methodologically presented introduction to the most important concepts in the field....more info
  • best epi text for beginners
    This is the best epi book for beginners that I have come across. It is written by one of the greatest epi-teachers. Leon Gordis has a great teaching style. The book essentially covers the topics we covered in class. I enjoyed reading this book when I was a student and now that I have students myself I recommend this text to them...they all love it. Worth the money....more info
  • EPI
    Its an excellent book that throws light not only on fundamentals but also on the intricacies of epidemiology.It describes various aspects in a comprehensive yet simple way.The Book is definitely a Visual treat.Buy it as its Worth it!
    ...more info
  • It's a good book for beginner
    It's really a excellent book for beginner, easy to read and lots of basic knowledge are well described. But if you're planning to design a study, you may need some other advanced books....more info
  • Excellent resource
    Books by Gordis have been used for Epidemiology courses everywhere,and the course I am taking is from a federal educational institution. The book is excellent, resourceful, packaged with an online supplement which is very helpful. The book talks mostly about chronic epidemiology, which of course is the trend due to an overbearing presence of chronic diseases in the society. The cover is colorful, content is appropriate, but the book is light and easy to handle, unlike the big, fat books associated with epidemiology. A good book for someone who is doing the basics of epidemiology, good one for someone proficient in epidemiology as well....more info
  • Useful, easy-to-read, colorful, concise
    A good book for an introductory epidemiology course. It has short, easy-to-read chapters with lots of diagrams, tables, and graphs to clearly and concisely present information in the text....more info
  • epi 101
    Excellent textbook. It reads like a novel, and Dr. Gordis presents the material in a way that is easy to follow. I got the previous version of the book at our bookstore discounted because it was used, only to find that several pages were missing, and the previous owner's highlights were terrible.

    The visual material of this book (graphs and charts) are much better in this version, and they're in COLOR!

    ...more info
  • Excellent Introductory Book
    This book was required reading for an introductory course on epidemiology in a Masters of Public Health (MPH) program. It is clearly written, with a minimum of jargon. It includes numerous examples that really help illustrate the material. This is a book that I find myself pulling out again and again, even after the course has ended. Highly recommended....more info
  • Easy to comprehend, fun to read and definetely a recommendat
    Epidemiology by Leon Gordis is a great textbook. Having read one or two other books on this topic, I thought I got a great deal of what Epidemiology means and how it's done. Things I thought I fully understood I now do understand. The book has got many illustrations that make the text very easy to comprehend. The text itself is built up in a stepwise manner and the important issues are repeated several times. The examples given are enlightening and, sometimes, funny, too. The book isn't that much concerned with analysis methods in detail (e.g., How do regression methods work?), but it rather deals with the principles, designs and methods of epidemiology. This book definetely earns 5 stars and will remain an epedemiologic classic. Read it!...more info
  • A good source for medical students and epidemiologists.
    This is a well written book that touches upon all basic areas of Epidemiology. A strong point of the book is its use of illustrations, they help keep the material somewhat interesting rather than bland full of text.

    It goes through plenty of examples to help you memorize concepts as well as give you practice of each chapter's readings by having review questions for that chapter.

    It is a good aid for medical students, epidemiologists as well as anyone involved in the related health services....more info

  • Great for the basics - but know what you need before buying.
    The Gordis text is excellent if you are a newcomer to clinical research and want to get your feet on the ground in a hurry. Explanations of basic epidemilogic concepts (prevalence, indcidence, odds and hazard ratios, sensitivities and specificities, basic study designs and limitations) are written in an easy-to-grasp manner, and the exercises at the end of each chapter ensure you are really able to put these concepts into practice. It is a quick and easy read, and will really give you a leg-up when you begin formal coursework.

    HOWEVER, if you are looking to learn about hypothesis testing, statistical tests, and how data are typically analyzed and presented at the end of clinical trials, this book will not help you. You will need a dedicated statistics book - for beginners like myself, the Douglas Altman text is a wonderful (albeit rigorous) supplement to this one....more info
  • Premier introductory textbook in the field
    An excellent broad coverage of epidemiology, by far the best introduction to the field. Very complete and explains concepts with excellent examples....more info
  • easy read
    this book is required for our class. However, it is such a well-written book, that anyone interested in the basics of epidemiology would be able to understand the concepts and gain a deeper understanding of public health. ...more info