The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy
The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy

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Beginning with the "10 Greatest Lies About Pregnancy" (number 10: Lamaze works), and ending with postpartum dementia, Vicki Iovine's Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy has fast become the laywoman's mouthpiece for the American pregnancy experience. Iovine is irreverent, sassy, and incredibly reassuring as she exposes the "truths" of pregnancy and childbirth, from sex to cellulite to cesareans. Iovine birthed four kids in six years, none of them twins, which certainly qualifies her as an expert. The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy does reveal Iovine's particular cultural biases (pregnant or not, most of us don't have record-producer husbands, hang out with supermodels, or wear size-four pants) and philosophical beliefs (she's not a particularly strong proponent of natural childbirth or nursing), but, taken with a grain or two of salt, she provides many hilarious moments, acres of advice, and honest reassurance readers will find nowhere else. --Ericka Lutz

Your Girlfriends, of course -- at least, the ones who've been through the exhilaration and exhaustion, the agony and ecstasy of pregnancy. Four-time delivery room veteran Vicki Iovine, "the Carrie Bradshaw of pregnancy" (Wall Street Journal), talks to you the way only a best friend can -- in the book that will go the whole nine months for every mother-to-be. Now, in this newly revised and updated edition, get the lowdown on all those little things that are too strange or embarrassing to ask, practical tips, and hilarious takes on everything pregnant.

What Really Happens to Your Body -- from morning sickness and gas to eating everything in sight -- and what it's like to go from being a babe to having one.

The Many Moods of Pregnancy -- why you're so irritable/distracted/ tired/light-headed (or at least more than usual).

Plus, the latest scoop on . . .

Staying Stylish -- You may be pregnant, but you can still be the fashionista you've always been (or at least you don't have to look like a walking beach ball) -- wearing the hippest designers and proudly showing off your bump.

Pregnancy Is Down to a Science -- from in vitro fertilization to scheduled C-section, the latest technology provides so many options, alternatives, and tests, it can all be downright confusing.

. . . and much more! For a reassuring voice or just a few good belly laughs, turn to this straight-talking guide on what to really expect when you're expecting.

Customer Reviews:

  • Out of date and not applicable
    I got this book reluctantly on advice from my doctor and couldn't stand it. I'm surprised that I'm in the minority here. I thought the idea behind the book was good, but by being from a "girlfriend" perspective, it assumes that have the same lifestyle as the author, which I obviously don't. If you live in Malibu, are friends of actresses, and care about things like bikini waxes and pedicures, then this book is for you. If not, skip it. It's also out of date, with a whole chapter devoted to pregnancy fashion a'la stirrup pants and leggings with big sweaters. I also found myself feeling sorry for Vicki, who has such a deadbeat husband when it comes to pregnancy. After a while the sexist assumptions and "girlfriend" attitude really got to me....more info
  • A Humorous Companion Guide to other Pregnancy Books
    This is a perfect book to go along with all those serious what to expect books. It provides a humorous look into one woman's experiences with pregnancy.

    Like other reviewers have said, I didn't necessarily agree with all of her advice (though I did take her up on the water aerobics idea, it was wonderful), she never preaches or attempts to pursuade the reader that this is the end-all be-all of pregnancy books.

    Remember, no two women have the exact same pregnancy. Everyone's is different. If you still love your body and don't mind feeling like a beached whale, ignore her discussions of body image. But if you were like me and just was looking for something that said "it's okay to feel fat right now" this is a great read.

    I also recommend "Pregnancy for Dummies"....more info
  • Great!
    I really enjoyed this book. It was funny and lighthearted but also very informative. I am a bookaholic and when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to get my hands on as many books as I could. I bought this book first and found that I really don't need anything else. It wasn't scary and it didn't freak me out with all the things that could go wrong with your pregnancy. It just explained what was happening via a few anecdotes from women who have been through it. It was hilarious and entertaining; I learned a lot and would recommend it to any "girlfriend" as she begins her pregnancy journey!...more info
  • Loved it!!!
    You laugh, you cry, you go yuck and then it happens to you and you think oh she told me that might happen... The girlfriend's guide to pregnancy is a hoot! It made my first pregnancy less scary and made me realize that strange stuff happens when you body has been invaded by an alien. I loved it and I recommend this book to anyone who is pregnat for the first time....more info
  • Filled with False Info & Negativity
    First, Iovine dedicates an entire chapter to why you should not exercise during your pregnancy. She is WRONG!! Please, read the book, "Exercising Through your Pregnancy." A myriad of well-designed scientific studies have proven that exercise is not only NOT HARMFUL, but BENEFICIAL for both Mom & baby. (Not that Iovine cares about science...)

    Second, she jokes about it not bringing a couple closer together. That was not my experience.
    Lastly, she discusses an OB manually extracting the placenta. YOUR OB SHOULD NOT DO THIS! It is DANGEROUS! Educate yourself & don't waste time with this book. (See "The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth" for all the real facts on stupid OB procedures.)...more info
    This book is a must for all first time pregnant girlfriends! It is hilarious and a great opportunity for the Mom and Dad to read and learn together. It was a really fun way to share with my husband about the whole body and mind experiences that went along with being pregnant. For example when she explained bodily function happenings, my hubby could then understand that all pregnant women went through these things and I wasn't just his crazy pregnant wife!

    Anyway, if you've read the book, my kids are pre-teens but I still use a "Phil"!!!!...more info
  • great book
    This is a great book to read when you are pregnant. Funny, yet informative, it tells you information you need and want to know in a girlfriend-type manner. I read it through a few times during my first pregnancy, and again during my second!...more info
  • Great Book Great Service!
    Reccommended by many. I bought it for my daughter as soon as she found out she was preggy. She loved it and the seller shipped it promptly. ...more info
  • Perfect to compliment Drs Books
    Funny stuff! A good book to read when you need a break from all the serious and sometimes scary medical type pregnancy books - a healthy dose of laughter and a sense that you are not going through this alone - that others just like you have gone before and had the same fears that needed soothing....Vicky tells it like it is, with a hilarious twist that reminds you to relax, this will all be over soon and just enjoy the ride....more info
  • Funny and oh-so-true!
    This is a great book and a must-buy for any first pregnancy (or if you haven't read it before). A great "congratulations" gift for your pregnant friend. Pair it with "My Boys Can Swim!" for the babydaddy and make sure they both read both books! Don't read it in the last month of the pregnancy -- you might go into labor from laughing too hard!...more info
  • Probably a good read AFTER you've had your baby
    A friend gave me this book as a fun and light-hearted alternative during my second trimester. While I did find myself laughing out loud on occasion I found the overall tone to be cynical, shallow and generally negative. Sure, aspects of pregnancy, labor and birth are messy and difficult, but I don't think a woman looking for material which touts itself as 'practical and comforting' appreciates advice on scheduling labor to ensure the doctor is fed, her hair is clean and her legs shaved. Nor do I think husbands are idiots, as Ms. Iovine perpetually insinuates as she belittles her spouse on everything from his ability to give a massage to pack a bag for the hospital.

    This book is probably best for women having their second or third baby, or women who have given birth. It must be funnier for those who have 'been there, done that'... but for us first timers the book certainly doesn't paint a picture free of sarcasm or obsession with changing bodies and the ability to keep one's toenails nice....more info
  • less scary than most pregnancy books
    I read this book on a recommendation from a friend when I was preganant with my first child in 2005. Other pregnancy books had a diet for me to follow and lists of do's and don'ts that made me feel I was already doing everything wrong. This book was more straightforward, told you only the serious do's and don'ts and also told some funny instances that provided some comic relief. I felt less judged when I read this book so when my best friend got pregnant, I immediately ordered her this revised edition. I highly recommend. ...more info
  • wish I could give it 0 stars
    This book had such potential to be really really great and fun to read. That is until the writer started adding all of her thoughtless, judgemental opinions. I didn't buy this book to feel judged and sneered at. I couldnt believe how judgemental she was on nursing, natural childbirth, unmarried mothers, etc. Maybe someone should tell this ex playboy bunny that her breasts are actually for nursing and not to be used to exploit herself only to write a mindless book once the flash bulbs are burnt out. I also felt like this book should have been published in 1950 based on all the time spent on making excuses for husbands who arent interested in you because of how "huge" you get. I dont have any girlfriends who are this unaware, so there for this is not my guide to pregnancy....more info
  • If you are thinking of getting pregnant - don't read this book!
    My husband and I are excitedly looking at the possibility of starting a family. Unfortunately, this is the first book I read in preparation. It started out pretty funny, amusing even. The author is witty and refreshing initially, but after a while, her advice seems jaded, almost bitter. I felt like she was trying too hard to be funny and in doing so, concentrated on the negative aspects of pregnancy. Having not been pregnant before, I was seriously distressed to read that, according to her, you would get fat, have terrible gas, and basically be miserable for 10 months.

    The more I read, the more depressed I became. I finally had to put the book down and seek a reliable source - my mother (who ordered me to stop reading it at once!) If you are thinking of having a baby, I recommend you do the same....more info
  • fantastic book!
    I love every word of this book, every piece of inaccurate advice, every personal opinion stated as absolute fact, I love it all. This book, as Vicki clearly states, is not written by a doctor and if you want a book which objectively gives you lots of solid information then buy a different book! She's not telling you what to do, she's telling you what she and her friends did and experienced. No one is going to gestate, give birth and parent just like you. And until you've actually done those things you have no idea how you're going to do it either. Pregnancy and childbirth are wild and crazy and messy and amazing. Get this book and have a blast! Who knows, maybe if you read it 40 weeks along you'll laugh so hard you'll (finally!) go into labor! ;)...more info
  • Refreshing and entertaining take on the experience of being pregnant!
    I originally read this book ten years ago when I was pregnant. Being an avid reader, I read EVERY "guide" to pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing. Some of these books were so serious and intimidating at times. But, THE GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO PREGNANCY was a lighter and more enjoyable read for me. It was no doubt very informative, but the author put such humor and reality into it, making it my favorite book at the time. Now, one of my girlfriends is pregnant, I bought it for her along with THE GIRLFRIENDS' GUIDE TO THE FIRST YEAR. Ten years later, this book still holds its weight....more info
  • great gift idea
    Good Book for a newly pregnant mom to be, but took way to long to recieve this item, didn'tget the book til weeks after ordering, but was billed immediately...more info
  • Fun, refreshing book.
    I bought this book based on a reccomendation by a friend. I love it! It is so funny and well written. All the serious pregnancy books were scaring me and making me nervous...was I eating enough of this, that or the other, and don't do this and that. But this was light hearted yet insightful and truly the kind of things a girlfriend would tell you. I reccomend this book to all expectant mothers....more info
  • surprisingly scary!
    Given the title, I was very surprised to find that this book made me more depressed about my pregnancy than any other book I have read so far! I understand the concept of snarky humor and appreciate her honesty, but feel that the book is "telling it like it is" from only one perspective. This is not necessarily helpful. A great example, which I'm sure other reviews have covered, is her attitude towards exercise. It assumes that the only reason you would exercise is to frantically try to hold on to some semblance of control over your body, or guarantee yourself a great delivery. I'm not religious about exercise, but I love it for the endorphin boost, back health (particularly important during pregnancy) and it just plain makes your body function better, pregnant or not. So found myself a little perturbed by her view that pregnancy is a time to let go completely. Her basic message is "your arms will look fat anyway." WHAT?? I don't care if my arms look fat, they can still have muscles underneath. Other messages include hints that if you don't pig out while pregnant, you're a control freak. Not a bad book, just proceed with caution- in an effort to be "real" it has a little too much "reverse snobbery" for my taste. Too one dimensional and personal, and could make you lose sleep at night....more info
  • Great, informative, mostly light-hearted look at pregnancy
    I loved this book! Vicki Iovine's writing style makes this book a great, fast read. I found it very hard to put down. Basically, she wants to give you information that, for the most part, isn't going to come from your know, the stuff your friends ("Girlfriends") and family tell you to expect. And, let me tell you, so much of what she says is either something you've experienced, something you've thought about during pregnancy, or something you've worried about, even if it hasn't happened to you.

    I know many reviewers have commented on her advice in this book to "not exercise." I, too, was initially confused and a little concerned about that section of the book. Although I do think this is the one section that could be re-written a bit, because it does initially have that "tone" to it, what Vicki Iovine does end up saying is don't over-excerise, e.g., this isn't the time to train for a triathalon. She mentions that she ended up having some very potential serious problems with one or two of her pregnancies due to the fact that she was doing hardcore weight training during her pregnancy. She does say that walking, jogging (I think), swimming, and yoga are all good, but don't push yourself, and don't overdue it.

    I would definitely recommend this book to other expectant mothers. It's a great read!...more info
  • Need humor?
    If you need a little humor with this pregnancy...then buy this book. It talks about all the things that no body else talks about. At least not in public. I loved it so much I have passed it on to another first time expecting mother....more info
  • Worse than useless...
    Ugh! Where do I even begin with this masterpiece of misinformation and bad advice?! Her misguided intentions leave new impressionable moms with such a bleak outlook on pregnancy and child rearing in general, I'm shocked that Iovine managed to birth and raise 4 children and lived to tell about it.

    She makes countless disclaimers and warnings throughout the book regarding her advice as "what your doctor won't tell you" and that "she's no medical expert", however this does not prevent Iovine speaking with gross authority on subjects such as exercise, diet, and labor, none of which it sounds like she knows ANYTHING about, 4 kids or not.

    However, when you take into consideration her opinion and views of labor and birth: "The epidural can't come fast enough" and her ringing endorsements for scheduled c-sections, it's no wonder she doesn't encourage mothers to exercise and eat properly. A healthy and balanced diet (little to no refined sugars and carbs, plenty of veggies, fiber, protein, etc.) and light to moderate exercise (long walks, swimming, pre-natal yoga) are key to having a successful and positive birthing experience, not to mention help eradicating all the symptoms that Iovine pegs as inevitable, such as, constipation, hemorrhoids, excessive weight gain, swelling and fatigue.

    I also found her attitude to be just as harmful as her advice. She doesn't teach newly pregnant women to embrace this time in their life. I will be the FIRST to admit that it's pretty impossible to embrace things like morning sickness and heartburn, but "The Girlfriend's Guide..." reads like a grocery list of things to be unthankful for and how inevitably miserable your life is about to become. Not to mention her reasoning for not having natural childbirth is that you don't get special recognition for doing it with drugs or naturally, so why bother. Motherhood is not about receiving any sort of "special recognition", in fact the essence of motherhood is accepting that life isn't about YOU anymore; it's about this wonderful and amazing little creature growing inside of you.

    Bottom Line: The author is being paid to give pregnant women bad advice and I find that unconscionable....more info
  • stay away from this one if you're looking for the facts of pregnancy
    This book was condescending in it's tone - "Don't worry your pretty little head about it! Get a c-section, it's easier to schedule your birth!"

    A c-section is MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY, and should never be discussed as an option for anyone unless there is a medical indication.

    It also included such gems as "dressing up for your Obstetrician, even when you don't care what your husband thinks of you anymore", and the "watermelon diet".

    Stay away from this one if you're looking for factual information on pregnancy and childbirth.
    ...more info
  • Loved this book!!!
    This is a great book, and a I disagree with the reviews that claim you have to live in Malibu and have actress friends to like this book. I live in a small town, and everyone I know loved this book. I read this book during my first pregnancy 11 years ago and it made me laugh and feel better, I read it during my second pregnancy 3 years ago, and I am now on my third pregnancy and I am reading it again. This is a great book for anyone who is down to earth and not afraid to laugh at yourself. Yes the fashion tips our a little outdate, but you should be able to get some humor out of what the fashion was 15 years ago. If you are looking for fashion advice I suggest picking up a current Pregnancy Magazine....more info
  • Do not buy this book
    This book made me feel depressed and scared about pregnancy and birth - exactly the opposite of what I was looking for. Everything is written in a sarcastic way, which I think was meant to be humor. I found it insulting and factually very inaccurate. In fact, some of her statements are irresponsibly incorrect. I would not want her girlfriends as my own. If you want some facts about childbirth without the fear mongering read The Thinking Women's Guide to Birth by Henci Goer. It's old but the facts remain true today and are based on solid research. As for a guide to pregnancy? I'm not going to waste my money on any other books and will just enjoy the next 7 months - whatever it throws at me....more info
  • Not a serious book for those who are pregnant
    This book is horrific and really not helpful to any woman is a serious thinker. Read anything by Ina Mae Gaskin or Dr. Marsden Wagner. This woman's whole philosophy is "Be a good pregnant woman and do what your doctor tells you." She also encourages C-Sections!!! Smart women deserve better and smart women will do the research and know that epidurals, though relatively safe in and of themselves, are part of the cascade of events that lead to unnecessary surgery. Women deserve better. Don't read it....more info
  • Great!
    I really enjoyed this book. It was funny and lighthearted but also very informative. I am a bookaholic and when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to get my hands on as many books as I could. I bought this book first and found that I really don't need anything else. It wasn't scary and it didn't freak me out with all the things that could go wrong with your pregnancy. It just explained what was happening via a few anecdotes from women who have been through it. It was hilarious and entertaining; I learned a lot and would recommend it to any "girlfriend" as she begins her pregnancy journey!...more info
  • Grain of salt
    I'm trying to take this book with a grain of salt. It's not that well written, and I've noticed typos. (It actually said BRIAN instead of BRAIN once. I almost closed the book then and there) In some ways it's been funny, but in other ways I find the author very annoying. She's trying so hard to be clever, and I think some of her advice should not be taken seriously. I don't like her anti-natural birth and anti-midwife stance. Pregnancy books should encourage women to make their own decision.

    I'll probably keep reading it, but it's hard to for me to take the book too seriously. ...more info
  • Offensive Book
    Because pregnancy is so different for every woman, it is difficult for a one-author book to address the wide spectrum of variation in pregnancy experience. Therefore, the author's perspective is very important in determining whether or not a book will satisfy you. Vicki Iovine is a former Playmate and comes across as very narcissistic and self-loathing--qualities that served her well, I am sure, in the pornography field but are not very helpful during pregnancy. She is focused to the point of obsession in this book on body image and sexual performance during pregnancy. For me, that was not helpful, as I found pregnancy to be a time of letting go of old conceptions about pretty much everything, including my own body image and sexuality. A pregnant woman, first timer or not, is about to have her whole life changed, priorities uprooted, etc. Pregnancy is the perfect time to STOP obsessing about what MTV and Hugh Hefner find most important and start thinking about more substantial issues in life. Iovine seems to not to understand that concept, and that is very sad for her and other women like her.

    Also, Iovine worships the mainstream birth methods. If you are interested in more dignified birth, such as at home or with a midwife, you will not find information on that in this book. Iovine actually insults women who do not want to opt for a scheduled c-section.

    Also...if your partner or husband treats you well, you will not find this book helpful. The imagined "husbands" in this book are unsupportive and deceitful--again, a reason to pity rather than scorn the author.

    With all that said, if you are unable or unwilling to let go of your old ideals, or you actually prefer to think of yourself as a sex object first and foremost, this book will really resonate with you. If your husband treats you badly or you want a planned c-section for non-medical reasons, get this book. If, however, you have even half a brain and are interested in more substance and less sexual fluff regarding pregnancy, you will find this book unpleasant to read and at times very, very offensive. There are many "real-life" books out there on pregnancy that are written by self-respecting women--I suggest reading those, as other reviewers have mentioned.

    Notwithstanding the above, however...there were two bits of advice Iovine gave that I found reassuring: 1) Especially during the first trimester, but really anytime, it may feel like your period is going to start. This is normal. I felt like this all the time and thought I was miscarrying all the time, and I had a healthy pregnancy and baby; 2) Bleeding is also normal. Iovine states that she had red blood with all four of her pregnancies and they all turned out fine. I also bled somewhat at different times. It may merit a call to the midwife but it happens a LOT during pregnancy, so be reassured.

    Now that I have pointed out the only helpful points in the book, it is no longer necessary to buy it ;-)...more info
  • fantastic book!
    I love every word of this book, every piece of inaccurate advice, every personal opinion stated as absolute fact, I love it all. This book, as Vicki clearly states, is not written by a doctor and if you want a book which objectively gives you lots of solid information then buy a different book! She's not telling you what to do, she's telling you what she and her friends did and experienced. No one is going to gestate, give birth and parent just like you. And until you've actually done those things you have no idea how you're going to do it either. Pregnancy and childbirth are wild and crazy and messy and amazing. Get this book and have a blast! Who knows, maybe if you read it 40 weeks along you'll laugh so hard you'll (finally!) go into labor! ;)...more info
  • Hilarious!
    You have to buy this (and the baby bargains book!) for your girlfriend who's just told you she's expecting her first baby (don't bother if she's already had kids). It's hilarious, entertaining and informative. Definitely something to read while your pregnant, you won't have the time to read much once the baby is there (or you focus on the more advice heavy books). ...more info
  • A must read for preggies
    This book is hysterical and informative. A fantastic commentary on the more social aspects of being pregnant. I must have read it four times during my pregnancy!...more info
  • meh
    i read this while i was pregnant and i found it to be outdated and annoying. put it this way, i LOVE to read, and very rarely dislike a book. i threw this one in the recycling bin!...more info
  • The book is horrible... honestly!
    Ladies (and gentlemen),
    I don't even know where to start - this is how frustrated I am.
    Ok, I'll start with this one -
    I am 32 weeks pregnant and I've already read all possible pregnancy books multiple times. This book was recommended to me by a pregnant girl I met at a party - she said it was fun and humorous. All right, we'll give Vicki Iovine that - it is funny and humorous. But... makes no sense whatsoever.
    For instance, the author actually RECOMMENDS not exercising during pregnancy based on the fact that she had some sort of bleeding episode when she "tried to maintain her traditional exercise program of running and weight lifting". Duh!!!!! You don't have to be a rocket scientist to guess that you have to modify the exercise routine when pregnant - constantly modify as the pregnancy progresses.
    On top of that throughout the whole book the author leaves the remarks about not ever looking like you did before you got pregnant, about destroyed sex life with your husband (partner), about scheduled C-sections not being that bad after all, blah blah blah..
    Anyways, it got me interested enough to google Vicki Iovine's images. [...]. Well imagine the level of my surprise when I found out that Vicki Iovine is a very pretty woman that looks fab AND was a Playboy centerfold playmate in the issue of 1979!!! Huh - speaking of making money on the rest of the population that has already decided to spend 9 months on the couch followed by a scheduled C-section and just needed a little push, some encouragement coming from such a reliable source as pregnancy book!
    Last thing I have to say - thank goodness I picked this book up in my third trimester when it's already obvious that half of the info presented in this masterpiece is outright BS!...more info
  • A little too much. . .
    I received this book as a gift. I was nervous about pregnancy and after reading just a few chapters was even more nervous. The what to expect books are so much more positive and easier to navigate through, answering questions on just what you want to know, and not what you don't. Everyone's pregnancy is different. I think her pregnancies were not the greatest experiences for her. For a first-time mom, sometimes it's nice to know just what is relevant to your own pregnancy. "Girlfriend's Guide" is not my taste, not my humor. ...more info
  • Disappointing...
    This was really just 18 chapters worth of the author whining about how uncomfortable her four (!) pregnancies were, and giving all other pregnant women permission to whine and moan our way through our respective pregnancies, too. I was especially bothered by how the author goes on and on discouraging exercise and portion control, justifying this by saying that she gained "a lot" of weight and then lost it, blah, blah, blah. Later in the book, she reveals that she gained about 35 lbs with each pregnancy. The recommended weight gain for an average size (more on that later) woman is 25-35 lbs, last I checked. So this was within normal limits. So why is the author acting as though she packed on 70 lbs? Further, I think the author needs just ONE MORE reference to her dismay at not fitting into her size 4 clothes during pregnancy. Size 4? Seriously? Let's rub that into the faces of all of the average-sized women out there reading your book. I was very disappointed in this book and saw it as a combination of the granting of permission to whine, as well as making women feel even worse about themselves in a backhanded way, through the authors multiple references to her size-4 self. ...more info
  • Helpful and fun
    I really enjoyed reading this book and could not put it down. It's very matter of fact, really reflected what I was going through, and the writing is engaging and funny. The one reservation I have is about relying on it for medical advice. For example, Iovine recommends not exercising - I sure haven't heard that from any doctor! All the medical advice says otherwise. So, buy this book, but buy another one for medical advice....more info
  • fun fun fun
    I purchased this book for my stepdaughter who is pregnant with her first child. She informs me she has read it twice and still giggles at every page. ...more info
  • No "secret" information
    This book claims to have information your doctor won't tell you. The only new information I heard was inaccurate (i.e. there is no benefit to exercising while pregnant and that you will actually hurt your baby if you exercise). I know she says these things are only the opinion of her and her Girlfriends but unless you want the opinion of shallow, below-average intelligence people, don't bother with this book. All the "secrets" were covered with actual medical backing in "What to Expect..." and "Mayo's Guide...". ...more info
  • Must have for anyone expecting!!
    I received this book as a gift when I was pregnant. I read it constantly until I had read the whole thing. It is a great book for anyone expecting. Very truthful with a lot of laughs. Anytime someone I know gets pregnant I buy this book for them to read. They have all loved it also!...more info


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