Mortal Danger (Ann Rule's Crime Files)

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The author of The Stranger Beside Me brings her brilliantly informed understanding of the sociopath to this riveting truecrime collection. Only Ann Rule, who unknowingly worked alongside the smart and charming Ted Bundy -- America's most notorious serial killer -- could lend her razor-sharp insight into these cases of the spouse, lover, family member, or helpful stranger who is totally trusted but whose lethally violent nature, though masterfully disguised, can and will kill. Featured here is the case of a Southern California family man who appeared to be the picture of healthy living with his expertise in naturopathic healing. Luring a beautiful flight attendant into a passionate affair, he swept her away to a secluded home on the Oregon coast where his jealous rages escalated, ultimately leading to a brutal sex attack in which she believed she would die. How this brave victim survived, never knowing her tormentor's whereabouts, and how he resurfaced, forcing a tragic end for all involved, makes this one of Ann Rule's most compelling narratives. Other cases include that of the woman who masterminded her husband's murder to gain his inheritance...the monstrous sadist whose prison release damaged a presidential candidate's campaign and ended in a bitter double tragedy in a quiet neighborhood three thousand miles away...the shocking DNA link between a cold-blooded crime and a cold case...and inside the horrific case of the man who crossed an ocean and several countries to stalk the Eurasian beauty who had fled from him in desperation.

Customer Reviews:

  • Always worth reading
    I have always loved Ann Rule and read only her true crime stories. I am constantly waiting for her new book, and they never let me down....more info
  • Another WOW for Ann Rule!
    The newest great read from Ann Rule - there is nobody like her in the true crime genre. I recommend this new book, as well as any of her others....more info
  • Great as always
    I love Ann Rule! She knows how to write a story to keep your interest. This book was no different. I read it in 2 days and found myself wanting for more. ...more info
  • Mortal Danger (Anne Rule Novel)
    Mortal Danger (Ann Rule's Crime Files)Another good book from Anne Rule's Crime Files. The book arrived very promptly and was in excellent condition. I am impressed. Thanks for great service....more info
  • Feeding Your Ann Rule Addiction in Bite-size Morsels
    I went into this knowing that Ann Rule's Crime Files cover multiple cases in one book as opposed to just one. Even though I've been an Ann Rule fan for years this is the first Crime Files I've read the simple reason being that I prefer in depth analysis but I needed a fix from the master. Thus my expectations for this book were far from high.

    Mortal Danger actually go in depth on two cases and gives a once over lightly to three others. The first case tells yet another sad tale of a controlling man who goes off the deep end trying to keep a woman from leaving. Rule has covered this ground before but this time the man in question, "Dr" John Branden adds to the mix by being the disciple of a long-forgotten con-man. Stories like this always beg the unfair question of "why does she stay with him?" instead of the more obvious, "how does this whack job get away with this for so long?" It may take a village to raise a child but it takes a team of true-believers to help the likes of Branden avoid the law: old friends, daughters, ex-patients. These are the people I find baffling.

    The next case is more standard police-procedural and bully for Ann Rule for being the rare true crime writer who can handle more than one style. There's plenty of CSI-like action on display in the story of the mysteriously massacred newlyweds. There's also another sad display of both our justice system dropping the ball and the women who bypass in favor of I'm all for true-love, the power of forgiveness, belief in the essential goodness of humanity and the power of change but a man who's been incarcerated for a murder, especially the murder of his mother, is not penpal material let alone marriage material. This is a bit of logic deducible even by single-cell lifeforms and therefore also by women named Jennifer who live in bathroom-free trailers.

    The rest of the stories give further proof that good fences make good neighbors. Make that electrified fences. In lesser hands these would be worth a few paragraphs in a newspaper but Ann Rule has a knack for showing us the lives - not just the names - caught up in horrible crimes. Yes, she does sometimes over-praise the victims but so what? Ann Rule is about giving the victim equal time with the killer and that's one of the things that makes her books so addictive.

    There was one other difference I noticed in this Crime Files book versus her other books, the prose got a little purple now and then. Not a big deal, just noticeable. Even sub-par Ann Rule - and this is far from sub-par - is exponentially better than most true crime being published today.

    I love you, Ann Rule. Never change. But lay off the days that " dawn bright and clear, ok?...more info
  • Not my favorite Ann Rule novel
    I've read most of the Rule books and found most to be extremely exciting. Mortal Danger was a waste of money. I don't like the short stories included either. ...more info
  • Authentic and Chilling!
    "Mortal Danger" presents five medium-length murder cases with incredible realism. "Mortal Danger" not only tells the victims' stories, but also that of the detectives and prosecutors involved (how they solved the cases), and the killers' lives as well - going back to their early childhood where possible. The book also details the trials and benefits from visits to the crime scenes....more info
  • Stupendous as usual
    I may be biased because I think Ann Rule is the best, but this really was a great read. It moved along quickly, was not bogged down in legal details, and made me think about our world as we know it. Great job again!...more info
  • Another Winner!!!
    Another winner for Ann Rule!!! As usual, Ann's sensitive and knowledgeable approach to both old and new crime cases is entertaining and informative. It's a good, fast read, and you'll be craving another Ann Rule book when you finish.Excellent photos, too....more info
  • Another hit
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've become a little bit leary of the crime files books that the author puts out because they have tended to be old stuff previously written about. The last couple of crime files books have been so much better, however. In this one Rule truly wants the reader to walk away with a well-learned safety message. Each story is honed with the author's usual ability to bring the victims to life. I am pleased that in this book the reader gets to know the investigative characters in a basic way; in some of the previous books there was simply too much text devoted to these people. The book shares appropriate photos that are not gruesome.
    It is made very clear that the book is a collection of stories; if that is a turn-off for you, don't read it. Enough attention is given to each story to make it an interesting read. I did not feel that any of the stories included were not addressed completely. I don't believe that anything was sacrificed in order to present a story in the crime files manner. Well done. Definitely recommended! I will not feel so leary of the next crime files volume as things seems to be back firmly on the tried-and-true Ann Rule track...more info
  • Good Read. Missing a Story or Editing Error?
    This was a good read like all of Ann Rule's book but definitely not one I would recommend to anyone not a fan of True Crime. Did anyone else notice that the back jacket of the book states there is a story "about a woman plotting to kill her husband". The book I read had no such story. Is my book a misprint or is there a misprint on the back jacket of the book. ...more info
  • True Crimes
    I really like this book.I have other books in this series by Ann Rule.I highly recomend any one of her many books,especially this one....more info
  • Don't waste your money.
    I have always enjoyed Ann Rule's work, but Mortal Danger is terrible. The first story takes 200 pages to tell a story that could have been written well using about 10. The continual repitition of the facts of the crime make reading this mess so boring. If you have never read any of Ms. Rule's work, start with some of her earlier books. Skip this one....more info
    Again, Ann Rule delivers a riveting account of personal tribulation! How she can consistantly make each of the trials she tells us about come to life is amazing, yet she does! I always feel I'm there with the folks she is telling me about!! Thanks again, Ann!...more info
  • Too bad it is all true
    Ann tells the true story of Kate, and the horror of it all. Don't walk, run to order Mortal Danger. Kate will become your heroine too, as she has become mine. Only Ann could have told Kate's story. Once I picked this book up, I literally could not put it down until the final page had been read. An amazing book, from a very amazing Ann Rule. Gripping, shocking terror. A must read....more info
  • Couldn't put it down
    I purchased this book to read on the plane to Seattle. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest area for years, I found the book taking me to familiar places. I couldn't put it down and I could see myself in the areas where these crimes were committed. I have since ordered three more of Ann's books. I love the way she writes....more info
  • Horrifying Read
    Oh, this book was excellent but scared the heck out of me. I had never even heard of this author before Kate (the woman in the story) called my grandmother (they've been friends for years, kate's father lived with my gram until i was 7) and told her that she was featured in a new book. I had heard many of the horrifying things that had happened to Kate but after my gram lended me a copy of this book, I hadn't realized half the stuff that had happened to this poor woman, Kate I'm glad you got out of that relationship, it's just scary to think though that this crazy man she lived with actually spent many nights with my gram and kate's dad Hal in my Gram's house it gives me chills just thinking about it, but overall, this book was definitley very well written....more info
  • Another Glowing Review for Rule
    And here is another positive note on Mortal Danger. Rule fans will enjoy her short crime files as usual. One in particular, "Not Safe at Home", is being Xeroxed for a young female friend of mine who lives alone in a decent suburban neighborhood. This book reminds women of how vulnerable we can be when we are not being cognizant of our surroundings or the type of men we choose to associate with. No one wants to admit the man of their dreams is actually a dream killer, a spirit breaker, or a bitter twisted lech, boor, or wolf but sometimes we have admit our judgment was off and run away! Enjoyable read....more info
    I was thoroughly disappointed with this book. I still enjoy Ann Rule books, but I wish they wouldn't have 3-4 stories in one book, just one per book. This book definately had some good advice for women, but it seemed like she kept repeating herself off and on. It was annoying, plus I did not think it was a page-turner at all....more info
  • Another best seller by the Queen of Crime
    I read the latest by Ann Rule in two days. This book is indeed a wake-up call for any female involved with a man who is controlling or abusive. I recommend it highly. Ann consistently picks those crimes not over-written in the press; it is amazing that there are so many sociopathic men running around out there. Beware and be aware....more info
  • Ann Rule my favorite true crime author
    Ann Rule is at her finest when she tells her short stories. This is a great vacation read or one to keep in the car to read while you are waiting, problem is I couldn't put it down until it was finished!! I am looking forward to anything Ann Rule!...more info
  • Excellent writing but clearly aimed at female readers
    The author implies that anyone who owns guns has something wrong with him, and asks the question, "Why did he need to own so many?" Well, I've owned many guns in my lifetime and have never committed a crime. I can't even kill a fish -- it grieves me. A man could ask, "Why do women have to own so many shoes? So many clothes?" And there are just as many controlling women out there as controlling men. In fact, I dare say that there are more. A common thread in the lives of serial killers is a controlling, domineering mother. ...more info
  • Anne Rule Mortal Danger
    Anne Rule is a superb writer and her newest book is no exception to her written visualization and placing the reader in the middle of the story. Anne Rule is humane in her writing of the victim and she gently escorts you through the reality of the crime. This is a book I would recommend for Criminal Justice Majors for Criminology. Excellent....more info
  • Disappointing...
    I bought the Kindle edition of this book with great anticipation. I had read The Stranger Beside Me and another of Anne Rule's books years ago and enjoyed both of them. So, upon beginning this new Anne Rule book I had high hopes for another enjoyable read. It was clear, within the first couple of pages, that this book was not at all what I expected. Maybe I had forgotten, or was simply a younger and less experienced reader when I read those previous books, but Anne Rule simply isn't a good story teller. I felt the book was completely amateurish and boring. She has a habit of repeating herself throughout each story. The first story could have been half the length it was, if it had been written in a smooth, straight forward manner, instead of going on and on about things that were unimportant or completely irrelevant. What could have been a reasonably good book read more like a high school student's attempt at true crime writing...and doing a poor job of it.
    I would not recommend this book for anyone with any intelligence. It was slow, poorly written and simply boring....more info
  • Riveting True-Crime Collection
    I have read every true-crime Ann Rule book there is, in addition to her one fiction novel. Mortal Danger is a riveting read which is practically impossible to put down. In it, Ms. Rule has written about five true-crime cases, including one very recent double homicide involving a young couple in Pierce County, Washington. Their killer, and neighbor, was a convict who never should have been released from the prison system in Massachusetts. For those who may be familiar with the case, Ms. Rule plunges you deep within the case and explains things the newspapers never divulged. She succeeds in bringing to life all five stories included in Mortal Danger with equal aplomb. Reiterated throughout the book is Ms. Rule's warnings to us all that sometimes people make the mistake of trusting the untrustworthy, loving the "right guy" who ultimately is all wrong, and befriending someone who's unable to be a true friend. Her writing strikes fear because of its biting reality. Her victims are real, and, unfortunately, the sociopaths she writes about are very real, too. If you care about a young woman, buy her this book; it could save her life. Many women end up being targets of violent crime because of shear niceness and naivete. There are lessons to be learned here, and Ms. Rule does a brillant job of delivering harrowing true-crime stories as well as life lessons....more info
  • Ann Rule Is Well Qualified To Write This Book
    When I read the author's information section at the back of her books, I know I can count on what she says. Her credentials are impressive. Not only that, but she is an excellent writer. The only thing that disappoints me in her books, is that when I come to the end, I wish it wouldn't end!
    Then I wish I could obtain another book by her, only I've read them all!...more info
  • Possibly better than I thought
    I usually read Ann's books in one sitting but found this effort less-than absorbing. In fairness, I'm a bit over the true crime genre at the moment and I probably expect too much from Ann's books generally. Just adding that my mother has just read this and thinks that it's Ann's best ever and that the 'long' story in the collection is one of the best bits of crime writing she has seen in years. She's a real expert on true crime writing so I may re-read the book and change my initial review....more info
  • Mortal Danger
    I have been a devout reader of Ann Rule's books for years, and have read every one she has released. I think "Mortal Danger" is an excellent addition to the outstanding work she continually puts out there. With her past experience as a police officer, she adds not only the knowledge, but adds class to the cases she writes about, not starving the reader of detail. She has compassion and respect for the victim and their families, and is doing an amazing service for them by getting their stories out for all to read and hear about.
    Her latest endeavor is not an exception to the "rule." Keep up the great work, Ann!!! You are doing a fantastic job!!!...more info
  • Old crimes or new, Ann Rule never fails to hold your interest.
    Though she works night and day to provide us with two new books per year, we can not get enough of Ann Rule's books and most of us faithful readers devour the new books within a day or so, leaving us haunting her for the next one!!

    Mortal Danger was a book of older cases that is just as, if not more interesting, than the headlines today. I love reading about the older cases because many transpired in the days before the internet, which seems to be a huge part of crime today.

    The first story involves a person's need to control and own, as do the others though they took a little longer to solve. Two crimes that were seemingly unrelated were tied together at the end by modern technology. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the True Crime genre or likes Non Fiction and is looking for something different to read. As always, looking forward to the next book Ann!!...more info
  • A Must Read For All Women; Ann Rule's, Mortal Danger
    Ann Rule's new book, just out, Mortal Danger, is a must read for women of all ages. It's a wake-up call for those who might just be a little too trusting of even those men we think we know well. The message is, Err on the side of caution. This book was written in Ann's usual excellent prose. It is a book you cannot put down once you've started reading it, (at least I couldn't). I highly recommend, Ann Rule's Mortal Danger. It's definitely a five star book....more info


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