Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out

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What would it take to make you happy? A fulfilling career, a big bank account, or the perfect mate? What if it didn't take anything to make you happy? What if you could experience happiness from the inside out -- no matter what's going on in your life?

In Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out, transformational expert Marci Shimoff offers a breakthrough approach to being happy, one that doesn't depend on achievements, goals, money, relationships, or anything else "out there." Most books on happiness tell you to find the things that make you happy and do more of them. Although there's nothing wrong with that, it won't bring you the kind of deep and lasting happiness most people long for -- the kind you'll never lose, no matter what happens in your life. Based on cutting-edge research and knowledge from the world's leading experts in the fields of positive psychology and neurophysiology, plus interviews with 100 truly happy people, this life-changing book provides a powerful, proven 7-step program that will enable you to be happier right now -- no matter where you start.

Studies show that each of us has a "happiness setpoint" -- a fixed range of happiness we tend to return to throughout our life -- that's approximately 50 percent genetic and 50 percent learned. In the same way you'd crank up the thermostat to get comfortable on a chilly day, you can actually raise your happiness set-point! The holistic 7-step program at the heart of Happy for No Reason encompasses Happiness Habits for all areas of life: personal power, mind, heart, body, soul, purpose, and relationships.

In these pages you'll discover moving and remarkable first-person stories of people who have applied these steps to their own lives and have become Happy for No Reason. You'll read phenomenal tales from a former drug dealer turned minister, a hit filmmaker, and a famous actress who escaped a "family curse," as well as stories from doctors, mothers, teachers, and business executives. You'll learn practical strategies that will help you experience happiness from the inside out.

You don't have to have happy genes, win the lottery, or lose twenty pounds. By the time you finish this book, you will know how to experience sustained happiness for the rest of your life.

Customer Reviews:

  • who'd a thunk?
    I thought it might be good light reading for my reception room but found it to be a good read with strong tools for anyone....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I would recommend this book to everyone! I believe it is an extremely important message that absolutely the entire planet should hear and would advise anyone to purchase this book immediately. Well written, interesting, and very informative. I felt better just after reading it the first time, and much better the second time when I actually internalized the message....more info
  • Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out
    Marci Shimoff, with Carol Kline, has written a dazzling book that is so practical and helpful. The 'Happiness Habits' that are set out under each chapter are wonderfully and sincerely explained and the use of personal stories to do with the focus of the chapter adds stunning perspective to show the reader how the concepts presented are accessible and truly do work. It's seems unworthy to highlight one chapter, as the entire book is full of practical advice for building the foundation to being deeply happy, but the chapter entitled 'The Pillar of the Heart - Let Love Lead" spoke so loudly to me. I realised, reading this book, that I am essentially a happy person, while also revealing to me such logical,straightforward and holistic techniques to jumpstart the expansion of my true and sustainable happiness. Thank you so much for the research and knowledge shared in this book, Marci.

    Aina ...more info
  • Happy for no reason
    This book is so on the mark, full of great advice, stories and doable suggestions to apply to your life to become, Happy for no reason. An easy read as it explains the processes of the brain and its effects on your personality, behavior and actions in a manner that can be understood. I liked the personal stories and the quotes throughout. I would recommend it to anyone who wants some good common sense advice and explanations that can be applied to anyones life. Be prepared for some aha moments. ...more info
  • Some Practical Advice Immersed in New Age Mysticism
    Everyone wants to be happy, right? I know I sure do. So, why not a book that tells you how to be happy? That's the idea behind this new book by Marci Shimoff.

    For a book written by someone who does not follow Jesus, she admirably gets some things right. She rightly understands that trying to be happy just by doing or having things that make you happy is a dead end street. Instead, she realizes that true lasting happiness is an internal state of the soul not connected to any external circumstance. That's a Biblical truth that even many Christians have yet to live day by day.

    She also gives out some very practical & valuable wisdom in the book. Some that I particularly agreed with included looking for the lesson and the gift in any trial you are experiencing, realizing that you must question your thoughts and reject the ones that aren't true, focusing on gratitude & forgiveness, & understanding that a properly nourished body helps our brain to function properly.

    However, this good advice is immersed in a heavily new age philosophy & practice, from "going beyond your mind and letting go" to "listening to your inner voice" & "tuning in to your body's wisdom."

    In her world there is no need for the death of Christ to establish a connection with God, no need to realize that I'm born spiritually dead until Jesus gives me life, & no need to take up a cross & die to my desires as I follow Him. I'm quite sure she wouldn't realize that much of what she practices and advocates as a path of happiness is actually a path away from the one true God, & not toward Him.

    Her "breakthrough approach to happiness" is indeed a much better path than what most people take in this life, but ultimately still falls short of the simple path of following Christ above all. Not recommended reading.

    ...more info
  • All you need to discover the cause of happiness
    As a professional coach, helping people address issues that affect their health, being happy is an essential ingredient to their success. Thanks Marci for saving all that hard work in researching how i could help them (and myself) achieve and remain happy foro no reason. Great book!!...more info
  • Happy for no Reason
    At first I thought this would be a book of Syrup. What a wonderful surprise when I discovered wit, humor, good writing and fundamentally sound advice. Not only is the advice good, much to my surprise, it works when I do my part. This is worth the read. ...more info
  • Great tips in Happy for No Reason
    As a teacher of Laughing For No Reason I loved the practical tips and strategies in the C D set of Happy For No Reason. The information was well researched and the personal stories were relevant and inspiring and illustrated the points raised in the CD set.There were practicla exercises for each of the steps to being Happy For No Reason.The CD set mentioned PDF files which I was not able to locate or access which was disappointing as they were the worksheets for the very valuable exercises....more info
  • Highly Recommended Read!
    Happy for No Reason is the first self-help book of its kind that I've read. While I am not going to claim that I instantly began to love life while reading this book, I must say that the author has a way of speaking to the reader in a captivating and "aha!" manner. She uses examples that are easily relatable, and the random tidbits she mentions are extremely interesting. I do feel that this book has given me a very strong base on which to build a happier life for and with myself.

    I certainly look forward to reading it again! Be sure to check out the website and sign up for your free accompanying workbook (basically a pdf version of all Happier exercises). If you are looking for assistance in obtaining a general sense of peace, happiness and tranquility, this book is definitely for you!...more info
  • We're not happy yet...
    My hubby and I have been really unhappy 4 several years now. I ordered this book on CD 4 him 2 listen 2 it. I ordered the book 4 myself 2 read. We've been trying 2 follow the steps; but, it just doesn't seem 2 B working 4 us. I guess it's a nice theory that U attract good stuff 2 yourself with a positive attitude; but, reality seems 2 disprove that. The theory that God wants what's best 4 U was one I used 2 believe when I was young; however, now, because of all of the disappointments and unhappiness--no matter what we pray--we just don't believe that. We believe that God has his own plan 4 his revenge on Satan and the other fallen angels who mutinied in Heaven and it really doesn't matter much 2 Him what happens 2 us while we R here on Earth. Some people R just lucky in love and finances. Others just aren't and have 2 struggle their entire lives. We're still trying 2 get some happiness; but, I don't C how it can be attained while both of us R so miserable. Anyway--it's an upbeat book and has some interesting steps; so, go ahead and try it--it might work 4 U. What do U have 2 lose? ...more info
  • Very uplifting!
    I was given this as a gift, and was really surprised! What a great read, and applicable for any industry or occupation.

    Loved how the author related happiness to everyday real-world examples, and how you can take control of your own happiness. Enjoed it!...more info
  • Happiness Detailed
    It makes me unhappy to read a book this lengthy about how to be happy:-)...but the exhaustive detail of the book's contents is impressive...WOW! Was anything left out? I think not! Perhaps the book's message can be summed up in the words of a colleague, who reminded me again just yesterday..."Let's remember the good news: Anything that ever bothers you is in your mind; and anything that is good for you is in your mind. Being happy is all about reframing...CONTINUALLY." For those who want/need/like more, Shimoff's book gives the reader a truckload of excellent tools to get the reframing job done over and over and over...and over. She has generously included something here for all shapes and sizes of minds. ...more info
  • More recycled garbage
    People who were suffering and don't suffer as much any more tend to fall into the same type of messianic state of mind, where they know all the answers and have to share it with the world. This is just another case of that. I know this because it has happened to me several times, and falling back down enough times has taught me that it is very typical for people after they reach a better state of mind to naturally start doing things which are in line with a healthy state of mind, and preach to those who need help to force themselves to practice habits natural to a healthy state of mind.

    Unfortunately, this book and most self help books simply tell you what to do. They don't motivate or diagnose why motivation is lacking. For example, someone who is overweight does not need to be told what to do in most cases (eat less and exercise), they need the motivation to do what they already know they should be doing. This book gives you many techniques from other books which can be effective if you use them regularily, but in all likelihood by now you've read enough and learned enough techniques and should be more concerned with why you don't use the arsenal of techniques you have already.

    Even in cases when you are really at a loss of what to do, the problem is still motivation in figuring out what to do. That's why Shimoff and Robbins are called motivational speakers--they're trying to get you motivated. But most of the time they have little effect because the problem of motivation is extremely complicated. So they offer many techniques which you will use for a little while and throw away (even though they might have worked for you) because your motivation will dry up again.

    I read the Motely Crue book "the Dirt" a while back. In it, there is a story about how Vince Neil goes to prison for one month for manslaughter and while in prison a woman comes for a surprise visit to have sex with him. I doubt Cince Neil was praying constantly for sex. It just came to him, and he could offer up an explanation of why it happened, but the reality is it is just karma. And all these buffoons who write books like this should just wake up to the simple fact that your karma needs to dry up. That's it. There's no way to avoid your karma, and there's no way to ever stop trying to move forward, and it is rare to completely give up hope (which is why people kill themselves).

    I pray that someday there might be a teacher who can really help us with our deep emotional afflictions and untie us from the knots we're in. Until then, we have to settle for garbage like this from Shimoff. Garbage we have all heard before. Recycled garbage just like Tolle recycles Buddhism. Divine grace is what it is. Most of us are deeply deluded thinking we have a great amount of control. Very few people walking the planet today have control, or have even realized how little control they actually have. Until consciousness rises, we will get silly books like this with teachers who think they are in control, who just happen to be riding a nice wave of karma. ...more info
  • Achieve a Lasting Happiness with Happiness Habits
    Becoming happy doesn't happen overnight so reading a book about happiness isn't a guarantee that you will instantly be happier. The principles in this book will help you discover a happier outlook. By thinking more positively, being more grateful and developing stronger relationships you can increase your joy and decrease depression.

    This book is however not a substitute for prescription medication due to a chemical imbalance. If you are seriously depressed this book has some good ideas but might not give you immediate results.

    If you are however tired of fear, anxiety and stress then this book has some tips you can put into practice. I've read quite a few books on happiness and this one is one of the best. I guess I didn't feel compelled to read all the stories so this book was actually a very quick read.

    To write this book, Marcia Shimoff interviewed 100 "deeply happy" people. I found that her descriptions of these happy people were very accurate and they resonated with me.

    While Marcia Shimoff talks briefly about spirituality I think some of the happiest people have a deep belief in the after life and believe they are going to heaven. This has been proven by the changed life of people who have had positive near-death experiences. Personally I believe you will have a happier life if you also follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. There is something to the whole idea of submitting your life to God. It is difficult to explain why this works but knowing you are going to live forever puts this humble existence on planet earth in perspective.

    If you enjoy books about happiness, I can also recommend:

    You Are Your Choices: 50 Ways to Live the Good Life

    All You Need Is Hart!: Create Love, Joy And Abundance - Now!

    The Secret to True Happiness: Enjoy Today, Embrace Tomorrow

    Smilosophy: Getting More Smileage Out of Life

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • An Inspired Work
    Marci Schimoff's "Happiness for No Reason" is a totally inspired presentation of the 'secret' of succesful living. Her logic and clarity in showing how to become totally fulfilled and bursting with happiness is exemplary and gives great joy in the reading.
    I recommend this book to anyone who has not yet explored the wonderful power of the Universe....more info
  • Great tool for enhancing inner peace
    Marci's book contains interesting research on happiness and practical (and simple) behavioral change exercises that can be very helpful, especially to those of us who are genetically and/or environmentally predisposed to sadness and/or anxiety. After reading the book last summer, I chose to practice just a couple of new behaviors. Doing these consistently each day (still do!) made an immediate and sustained positive difference in my daily happiness level and inner peacefulness. I can rarely say, "This book changed my life." But Happy For No Reason DID! I've also given the book as a gift to some of my friends in need, and those who practice even one or two of the suggested exercises have reported some wonderful enduring results. I recommend this book to everyone who feels less peaceful and happy than they would like to feel. Pick a couple of the behavioral change exercises that appeal to you and are the easiest to practice consistently, and then - WATCH! You may begin to notice within less anxiety and sadness, and more inner peace and happiness. BTW, a great companion tool to Marci's work is Compassionate Communication, also known as NonViolent Communication (NVC). Amazon sells Marshall Rosenberg's books and tapes about NVC, which is a wonderful tool for all kinds of personal and interpersonal conflict resolution. ...more info
  • Almost Perfect
    If you're looking for a way to actually learn how to raise your happiness set-point, this book will tell you how to do it. It's full of eye-opening research and may help you pull the plug on an endless quest for happiness in this life via the wrong means. It offers an easy reading style of uplifting information, a few stories ala the "Chicken Book" series, and just plain interesting research which we can all benefit from. To retain what you learn, there are exercises and action steps included--lots of different methods and suggestions, however, but it helps that Marci included a section at the end detailing them. It's a handy reference tool so you'll know where to start.

    I really enjoyed this book. What prevents me from awarding it five stars is simply that, to be concerned with true happiness, I think you need to consider what happens after this life. No amount of mere satisfaction, or what we perceive as happiness, can ensure a happy afterlife. (If this doesn't concern you, skip the rest!) It needs a final chapter called, "What's Next?" (or some such thing) to address the facts of death and eternity--and how to prepare for them. This life is just a blink--eternity is forever! Maybe I'm just a stickler for little things like vast eons of time that will never end--and of course not all will agree on how to prepare for that eternity. I suspect Marci adheres to the
    Christian approach, but she sticks safely to middle ground. I can honestly say that this was my only disappointment with the book. There is a great deal of interesting data, and it is presented smoothly and with humor and insight. As others here have noted, you won't regret reading it.
    ...more info
  • Happiness Habits
    I had heard about the Happiness Questionnaire in the first part of Happy for No Reason and I ended up with results that indicated I was for the most part Happy (for No Reason.) I was compelled to read on and realized a deeper awareness of the feelings that reveal happiness and the habits that sustain happiness. This book also provides heart warming affirmation as you feel happiness emanating from the author and the stories she shares from among people from her Happy 100 research.

    The Practice of Happiness begins when we realize that happiness is not a product of a relationship, a shiny or the next thing but rather founded on the principles of expansion and openness, the concept of a friendly universe and the Law of Attraction that draws near to us that which we appreciate. The author empowers us to take control of our responses expanding our ability to be happy for example by looking for solutions and lessons, as gifts that arise in times of trial and stopping the blame game the latter being a contracting response; forgiving oneself and others is key to expansive responses.

    The author then helps us to see how our thoughts, about 60,000 of them a day, are habitual in that the majority of them you had the day before, and I was amazed to learn that 80% of these thoughts or 45,000 per day are habitually negative! These she tells us are called ANTS, Automatic Negative Thoughts which of course are contracting. The author provides exercises in this and each chapter to reinforce our `learning to be happy' in this chapter helping us to assess the truth amidst the tricks our mind plays.

    We move then from the mind to the heart to improve our emotional intelligence by focusing on positive emotions such as gratitude, forgiveness and loving kindness, what I personally affirm as the purpose and fruit of all sincere spiritual practice.

    Marci advises that we must nourish our bodies with rest, water and healthy food to further our sense of well being and seek spiritual wisdom through practices that connect us with grace such as journaling, meditation, prayer and surrender; when we send out an intention for higher good, we can let go. She speaks also to purpose; we each must discover and realize why we are here and let that sense of service permeate every facet of our lives.

    Then we grow our gardens through relationships, learning to expand energy by guarding from toxic behaviors from self and others, and acknowledging the connective force that permeates all life and therefore provides a sense of real strength in unity. I am not separate from all that is, as a Zen peacemaker would say; we are all one in the mind of mankind as Jung contended.

    I would have liked some mention for those who still long for food or shelter that have not been fairly offered a chance to consider such expansion that this book offers but Marci, also a Secret teacher, offers no excuses- she wants you to be happy and shows you how.

    Marci summarizes Happiness Habits on pages 278-279, bolsters these with nicely organized chapters and participative learning opportunities, Happy for No Reason is gratefully brought to us with the intent to give joy; enjoy!
    ...more info
  • A book for change
    I found this book while on a 'low for no reason'. So I had to buy it! It has given me so many thought provoking and questions about my life I also purchased one for my daughter. We are now talking daily about the book chapter by chapter. This only happened in the last two weeks and honestly we both feel 'different'. I go back to it again and again and will continue to do so, it is a fixture on my bedside locker. To anyone reading this my advice is go get the book!! I feel anyone will get something positive from this book....more info
  • Not just for women - this is for EVERYONE!
    The title is terrific and underscores the theme of the book - you don't need to find a reason to be happy. This is contrary to the culture we are immersed in. One of my students - an MBA from a top school and an executive at a technology firm - wondered aloud why co-workers would frequently ask her, "You seem so happy today - what happened?" Why, she wondered, did something have to happen for one to be happy.

    That is precisely the point Marci makes in her book - deep, lasting happiness, the joy that pervades and uplifts you DOES not require you to be, do or get anything. You can experience it right now and every day if you will let go of certain conditioning that you have been subjected to all your life. The two most powerful myths you probably believe in are 1) The myth of more which leads you to believe that the more you have the better you will feel, and 2) The myth of I'll-be-happy-when which assumes that happiness will magically appear when some external event transpires.

    While the erroneous conditionings that keep you trapped are deep, you can shed them, The way you do this is by cultivating new habits that enable you to experience the world differently. As you do this, happiness reaches out and engulfs you. This does NOT mean that life is evermore a bed of roses. The thorns will be there in terms of sickness, financial reverses, relationship problems and adversity of various kinds. But even as you do what you must, you are keenly aware that you are fine and will always be so. There is a sense of well being that never leaves you.

    These new habits - like gratitude, ignoring the negative thoughts that spring up, prayer, caring for your body, etc. - are described well and there are many practical exercises to help you make it a part of your life.

    What makes this book outstanding is the clarity and simplicity of the language and the sincerity of the author. Marci's autobiographical anecdotes place her advice in context and make it so much more powerful.

    The book is light-hearted even though the teachings are profound. The many cartoons are downright hilarious. I am still chuckling at the one where a fresh graduate proclaims that he is simply looking for proof that money does not bring happiness.

    And there are snippets of information that are illuminating. Did you know, for instance, that in Thomas Jefferson's time "pursue" meant to practice something? Thus when he spoke about the "pursuit of happiness" he was not advocating chasing after it but simply experiencing it.

    If you do even a fraction of the exercises in this book, your life will be immeasurably improved.Are You Ready to Succeed? Unconventional Strategies to Achieving Personal Mastery in Business and LifeThe Personal Mastery Program: Discovering Passion and Purpose in Your Life and Work (Sounds True Audio Learning Course)
    ...more info
  • Great book
    This is a great book. It's one of those you may want to go back and read more than once. I bought a copy for a co-worker who wants his whole family to read it. I didn't want to let my own copy out of my possession. :)...more info
  • Great Practical Steps to Happiness
    PRACTICAL steps for becoming the creator of your life so that you can choose happiness as a way of being in any moment. Laid out in a easy to read, easy to understand metaphor of your house... the foundation (principles), 4 pillars of a happy home (mind, heart, body, soul), roof (inspired by purpose), and your garden (nuturing relationships).

    A definite MUST read for anyone READY to stop waiting for their life to change, and to take responsibility for creating their happiness!

    To listen to an interview with Marci about her book go to: [...]
    and register to receive the recording link!...more info
  • Happy for no reason
    HELP: The PDF's were not on the last CD. I want these PDF files. HELP
    Wayne Champa 949-581-3459...more info
  • Uplifting and Fun
    This book was a good reminder that we are all in control of our own happiness, no matter what our circumstances. The stories about people who had faced adversity and chosen happiness were very inspiring and the facts Marci collected about happiness were fascinating. A pessimist might find this book annoying, because it doesn't leave any excuses for being miserable, but I found it uplifting and fun to read. I even bought a copy for a friend....more info
  • Happy I Read It!
    Read almost any book on how to live a fulfilling life--including my own book--and you will be told that happiness is something that comes from within. It is basically a choice, and that choice is not dependent upon outside circumstances. Making that choice can be a challenge, however. There are many things that can inhibit your ability to choose happiness. And that's where HAPPY FOR NO REASON can help. In this remarkable book, Marci Shimoff not only spells out all the traits that happy people have in common, but she also provides some very specific techniques and exercises to help you get over anything that may standing in the way of your happiness. I highly recommend this wonderful and helpful book.

    Steven Lane Taylor, author of Row, Row, Row Your Boat: A Guide For Living Life In The Divine Flow...more info
  • Not what I expected!
    I didn't find this book to be much helpful! There are much better books written on the same topic out there!...more info
  • boring
    i thought this book could bring me happy, but I stopt read it not long. the penciple is good that we shall happy first then get what we want next. but the content is tooo long and bring

    sorry to say that ...more info
  • Don't worry, be happy!
    Now more than ever there are more and more unhappy people around us, many have lost their jobs, their homes and most of their money, people are struggling, this all contributes to unhappiness. Marci Shimoff gives us 7 specific steps we can take starting today to be happier all of the time, no matter what negative things might be happening around us. Happiness starts inside of us, we make ourselves happy by seeing the positive and then creating that happiness to spread around to our friends and families. Marci explains how to do this without relying on material things to create happiness for us. Some of the poorest people are the most happy, why aren't you happy and shouldn't you do something to become happy? This book will help you do that. ...more info
  • Lots to Think About!
    Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out, Marci Shimoff is an audio book that arrive recently from Paperback Swap.

    "According to the World Health Organization, the year 2020 will see depression become second only to heart disease in terms of the global burden of illness". I was shocked by this statistic, and was anxious to learn more. The book combines research studies with the case histories and practices of many individuals and cultures

    Studies show that each of us has a "happiness set point" (a fixed range of happiness we tend to return to throughout our life; approximately 50 percent genetic and 50 percent learned). Surprisingly you can actually raise your happiness set-point.

    The 7 - Step Plan to boost one's happiness level and provide more satisfaction and control in every part of life:

    1. Take ownership of your happiness--accept that being happy is up to you; take responsibility for the way in which you respond to events.
    2. Don't believe everything you think--"Your thoughts aren't always true." Scientific research shows that the brain can be changed with new thoughts.
    3. Let love lead--negative emotions cause heart rhythm incoherence; positive emotions (love) make for smooth heart rhythms (the mind affects the body).
    4. Make your cells happy (how what we eat, how we move, breathe, and rest affects the brain's chemical production, thus affecting happiness. Stress and toxins are negatives).
    5. Plug yourself in to spirit
    6. Live a life inspired by purpose
    7. Cultivate nourishing relationships

    A holistic 7-step program at the heart of Happy for No Reason encompasses happiness habits for all areas of life: personal power, mind, heart, body, soul, purpose, and relationships. The author provides some very specific techniques and exercises to help you get over anything that may be standing in the way of your happiness.

    I really thought this book was interesting and informative. The author seemed to make a lot of sense. Although genetics does plan a part in happiness, behaviors and responses to situations can be changed by the individual.

    I do wish that I had had the print version instead or the audio book, as there are some exercises throughout the book that would have been easier to think about and respond at ones leisure. ...more info
  • THe PDFs Were on CD #5
    Some people have had problems locating the files mentioned in the CD. The PDFs for the action steps, resources and reason exercises are located on Disc 5. To access them on a PC, insert Disc 5 into your computer, go to My Computer and right click on the DVD or CD drive, then click Open. This will open the files. If you are using a Mac, the PDF files pop up on your computer screen shortly after you insert the CD in the drive. Double click to open....more info
  • Can I Still Be Happy?
    From: www.BasilAndSpice.com
    Author & Book Views On A Healthy Life!

    Book Review: Happy For No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy From the Inside Out (Free Press, 2008) by Marci Shimoff with Carol Kline

    It's not easy to be happy. In fact, it requires work, as does most good things--careers, relationships, an education. Two years ago I quit being happy. My father was diagnosed with cancer and has since passed on. Though I tried to overcome my depressed feelings, forcing myself to smile, and choosing to be happy, I just couldn't do it. Instead, I'd retreat to my home and cry.

    Today, I've learned that I can be happy. By applying habits of happiness in my own life, I've forged on. Sure, I have my moments, we all do--but overall, I'm no longer dependent on external circumstances to validate my happiness.

    Marci Shimoff, the author of Happy For No Reason, writes that true happiness comes from within. It is an underlying state of well being and peace, rather than an emotion. A happy person brings happiness to his outer experiences, has a passion for life, feelings of gratitude, forgiveness, love, and compassion. The happy person does not allow himself to live in fear, but permits love to run his life.

    Showing the most recent neurological research in her writing, Shimoff uses a whole body approach of seven points to help people move past their set points of happiness.

    1. Take ownership of your happiness--accept that being happy is up to you; take responsibility for the way in which you respond to events.
    2. Don't believe everything you think--"Your thoughts aren't always true." Scientific research shows that the brain can be changed with new thoughts.
    3. Let love lead--negative emotions cause heart rhythm incoherence; positive emotions (love) make for smooth heart rhythms (the mind affects the body).
    4. Make your cells happy--here Shimoff explains how what we eat, how we move, breathe, and rest affects the brain's chemical production, thus affecting happiness. Stress and toxins are negatives.
    5. Plug yourself in to spirit
    6. Live a life inspired by purpose
    7. Cultivate nourishing relationships

    Each section includes inspirational personal stories, and happiness habits with corresponding exercises or solutions which focus on techniques reinforcing the raising of the happiness set point.

    Most interesting, Shimoff includes several myths which cultures buy into:

    * Having more stuff will make you happier.
    * Pursuing happiness means to chase it.
    * Simply make up your mind to be happy, and you will be.
    * Having the perfect mate, the best job, or a new baby will make you happy.
    * I'll be happy when I retire.
    * When I lose this weight, I'll be happy.

    The facts:

    * Less than 30% of people report being happy.
    * 25% of Americans and 27% of Europeans claim they are depressed.
    * The W.H.O. predicts that by 2020, globally, depression will be second only heart disease.
    * Researchers have found that no matter what happens to you in life, you tend to return to a fixed range of happiness.

    Marci Shimoff wrote Happiness For No Reason because of a "deep longing" to be happy. Even as a teen, she had been unhappy. Was it just genetics, or is a set point of happiness a learned tendency? Could it be changed? Shimoff developed three guiding principles, broke through her barriers, and found the top 21 habits from over 100 happy people interviewed. A point Shimoff makes in her dedication of the book, "And to Dad, my first Happy For No Reason role model."

    I too have found that Shimoff's principles ring true. During this time in our shifting world, we each wonder, "Can I still be happy?" The answer is a resounding yes.

    5 Stars...more info
  • Great reminder!
    An enjoyable read! Full of reminders of why we are here; To be happy. Tips on how to get back on track...more info
  • Happiness Commonalities
    Write down everything about yourself that could potentially be helping you to feel happier, then have your friends do the same, and then have thousands of other people do it too. Compile these thousands of lists and cross-reference them to see how often the most common answers overlap and what are you left with?

    That particular aspect was the magic of this book for me. All of us can make a guess as to our commonalities, but this book does the work to provide those answers in a more scientifically accurate and compelling fashion.

    Looking at it in this way allows you to see the mathematical, or statistical value of her offering. I've never been one to steer my ship too far from the numbers. I'm not a fan of the mystical or the unpredictable. Practicality, like nature, will show you what is already known to work. Leaving that box is certainly honorable and often very advisable, but having a firm grasp of what we already know can only add to the value of any new perspectives.

    This book accomplishes that task stupendously, offering the reader a baseline for further reaching. I am very delighted to have had the opportunity to read this wonderfully informative and valuable book and do, highly recommend it. I can't imagine a single person that couldn't benefit from anything that might offer them further opportunity for more happiness in their lives.

    -Sarah Shikitao-Brown,
    Author of, Tao Cycle Therapy: Natural Happiness via Self Directed Cure for Chronic Anxiety & Depression...more info
  • Good, Yes...But Not the Best in Getting and Staying Happier
    I have read more of the happiness literature than most people because of a work assignment. Granted, by the time I got to this one, much of the information was not new anymore. But when evaluating a book or manuscript, it's helpful to look at it as if it were the first of its type you have picked up.
    Happy for No Reason is good, but there are better "happy" books out there. Good promotion is taking this one far. Better by a long shot are STUMBLING ON HAPPINESS (Daniel Gilbert), HAPPY AT LAST: THE THINKING PERSON'S GUIDE TO FINDING JOY (Richard O'Connor), and AUTHENTIC HAPPINESS (Martin Seligman)....more info
  • Good.
    I am very pleased with my order. The book was in excellent condition and was swiftly delivered.

    Thanks!...more info
  • Loved it so much - I ordered the CD's
    I loved this book so much I kept reading parts to my husband (he is a bus driver with 16 months until he retires and he has become so negative and lets people and little stuff bug him way too easily) so I finally just ordered the CD set. I play the CD's in the car and it's helping! I think he gets it now, plus it's gotten him to open up and talk and think about being happier and how much nicer it feels!

    I was worried the voice might be monotone and boring but it's the author Marci and she has a great upbeat voice and the stories and nuggets of info are so good I ordered a 2nd CD set for a friend. It's 5 CD's. I think this would be a fabulous class for school kids. I've been hooked on self help books for years and I know I'm happier, more loving and successful for it. I would rank this book (and I also LOVE the CD set) in my top 10 favs!...more info
  • This Book Will Make You Happy from the Inside Out.
    I am sufferring from 22 documented medical disorders. Everyday I consume 38 tablets. I am in dire pain 24 hours per day and my sleep is highly disturbed. Because of all these, I am extremely depressed most of the time. Sometime I am having suicidal-ideation. Marci Shimoff's book helps me to be happy from the inside out. With her book, Marci has hit a home run. This book presents a definitive, broad-based approach to becoming truly happy that combines great spiritual depth, top-notch research, and psychological practicality. This book offers 7 clear, powerful, and effective steps you can practice to be happier right now, including interviews with 100 truly happy people (Marci discovered 21 happiness habits). It will teach you how to increase your happiness set-point. Buy this book and you will change the quality of your life for the better. It will open your heart and affects it deeply. Dr Jusuf Hariman...more info
  • Happy for no reason
    This is a very informative and helpful book I love it! It's worth every penny. Good for those who suffer depression! ...more info
  • Great synopsis!
    This book is a great synopsis of many of the people interviewed in The Secret (Extended Edition). It presents many traits of perpetually happy people in a logical, easy to follow format. The chapters themselves can be taken independently if desired, which makes the book easy to read in small chunks. It's a very main stream book on happiness - which gives it mass appeal.

    Maria Meiners
    LOA Coach & Muse
    http://www.radiantlifedesign.com...more info
  • I am so happy I read this book!
    "Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out" by Marci Shimoff was full of gems and eye opening moments. The book is both enlightening and fun. I found myself smiling a lot while I was reading this book. One of the many things I loved about this book is that Shimoff says "You can't depend on external circumstances for lasting happiness. It has to come from inside you". This book put into perspective how it can be that two people with the same set of circumstances can have different outlooks, one can be miserable while the other can be happy.

    This is a book of short stories about Shimoff's "Happy 100". The stories were touching and I found it hard to put the book down. Another book of short stories I really enjoyed was "Being Here Modern Day Tales of Enlightenment" by Ariel & Shya Kane.
    ...more info
  • Some interesting ideas
    This book had a few interesting ideas. But I just couldn't get into it enough to be of any use. I am still trying some of the techniques, but don't see much improvement....more info
  • Packed with added value
    This book is well written and interesting, with lots of stories and examples. More importantly, it is packed with relevant content about how to become "happy for no reason." The author includes one method after another for achieving this result. Many kudos!...more info
  • Becoming Happier - A Good Starting Point
    Happiness is a core state we all seek to achieve. Thanks, in part, to the Positive Psychology movement, happiness has taken center stage and is now the focus of a significant amount of attention. On a recent visit to a large, chain bookstore, I noticed one whole table devoted to books related to happiness. It appears that a happiness movement is underway.

    If you are just starting out on your happiness journey, or you would like additional guidance in this area, this book would be a good book for you to read. This book is both engaging and easy to read. The authors combine research findings, tools and techniques and stories to introduce the reader to the concept of happiness and more importantly, the steps you can undertake to achieve greater internally driven happiness and therefore, unconditional happiness in your life.

    The seven steps to being happy and the happiness habits laid out in this book are certainly a good place to start. Read this book and get started towards developing a happier you. You will be happier and so will those around you.

    ...more info
  • Mix of Solid Material and New Age/New Thought Garbage
    This book is a mix of good happiness advice with some off-the-wall material. When Shimoff is on target, she is basically borrowing and repackaging material that is already out there. For example, the section on not believing your thought is a reiteration of Richard Carlson's work (see You Can Be Happy No Matter What: Five Principles for Keeping Life in Perspective). A lot of the advice also comes from Shimoff's circle of friends, whose teachings and websites are marketed when each friend's "happiness habit" is featured. There is nothing particularly wrong with that; however, the practice gives the book the flavor of a mini-infomercial for other people's products. The off-the-wall material comes when Shimoff includes ideas like Dr. Emoto's photos that purport to prove that emotions affect the way water molecules express themselves; Martha Beck's claims that she meets new people whom she somehow already knew; and, the source who teaches the "M-Power March", an exercise that among other things "resets the central nervous system". There are a number of other teachings and techniques which I consider at best borderline and should have been supported by references to studies or scientific evidence. Underlying all these lessons is Shimoff's foundational belief in the Law of Attraction, a tenet that is firmly debunked by Robert M. Price in Top Secret: The Truth Behind Today's Pop Mysticisms.

    The most powerful sections of the book are stories told by Shimoff's Happy 100 people, from whom she culled her "happiness habits". This a group which she selected based on her prior relationships with them or knowledge from other sources. Other than Beck's nonsense about meeting souls she already knew before, for the most part the stories are interesting, moving and sometimes heart wrenching.

    In sum, there is enough good information here to warrant a careful read; however, beware of the New Age/New Thought sewage. For better and stronger sources on happiness, I would read the original works by Carlson, Seligman, Ben Shahar and others.
    ...more info
  • worth the time and money
    This book is just simply worth the time and money. It was helpful and encouraging....more info
  • This is a WONDERFUL book!!
    I was in the midst of reading this book when the stock market crashed in October of 2008. The insights of this book helped me to keep my hopes up and a smile on my face in spite of dire financial worries in my family. This is not a phony feel good book, but rather, a resource to help you help yourself to see what's good and to make your world the best it can be, no matter what the circumstances. I feel blessed that I had this book to help me and to help me help others. I plan to give it to many of my friends....more info
  • One of the best books I've ever read!
    Quite simply--this book is AMAZING. From the opening page to the last word...I was completely enthralled. I have dog-eared, highlighted my favorite points and pages and now that I'm finished, I go back and realized that I've highlighted nearly every page!

    Seriously, this isn't a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, or the "think positive thoughts" type of book. This is pure, proven ways to improve your outlook...even if you're starting from the point of misery...

    I loved this book and I can guarantee you will too....more info


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