The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days

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Mark Hyman, M.D., the medical expert whose groundbreaking UltraMetabolism was a smash New York Times bestseller, now reveals an accelerated plan for quick, safe, and healthy weight loss--as much as 10 pounds in one week. Inside you'll find:

• a simple 7-day weight loss plan to revitalize your health,boost energy, and lose weight

• detailed instructions for exactly what to do each day--no thinking,guessing, testing, or wondering--all straight forward and something anyone can do

• precise instructions for what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, recipes, supplements, and stress reduction--exercise is optional!

• The solution to the #1 problem most dieters have: how to keep the weight off for good.

• exercise routines to suit even the busiest schedule

• pages for journal entries and checklists

The UltraSimple Diet is grounded in 21st century science and medicallyproven through years of testing on thousands of Dr. Hyman's days from now, you could weigh up to ten pounds less, have revitalizedenergy and health, and both feel and look fantastic, all by simply trying


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Customer Reviews:

  • Another round of detox/deallergenize/deinflame eating

    This is the latest in a very long and slickly-packaged realm of books about how to lose weight quickly, using inflammation, food allergies, fiber, and toxins as the selling points. Yes, it will help you shed pounds quickly and easily AT FIRST, then it's plateau time for one and all.

    As one who's been there, still doing that, let me make one thing perfectly clear: you didn't put ALL your excess weight on overnight, so don't expect to lose it all overnight.

    After you do the anti-allergen/anti-inflammatory/detox/more fiber parts, you will need to do some more, namely hone your regimen down to the truly nutritious foods, helpful fats, and correct amount of calories for your energy output. This is where most people go wrong, and this is where I am right now.

    I eat lean meats and raw veggies because of my major food allergies. I avoid nuts, dried fruits, and fruit juices because of the sugar and incorrect fat contents, and am down to losing about 1 pound every 1 1/2 weeks. I'd lose more if I weren't so sedentary, but rheumatoid arthritis has a funny way of curtailing activity. Adding fiber by using coconut flour and flaxseed meal (I'm allergic to wheat and gluten) is helping to speed up my metabolism.

    My point: this book info has been out in the market in different forms for quite some time--this stuff is nothing new. Dr. Mark is NOT some miracle worker, but only the latest in a series of people cashing in on a certain demographic with offerings of hope.

    We simply need to eat and move according to our energy levels, and then move some more. We also need to learn how to correctly read and comprehend nutrition labels--grab anything with a label on it, turn it over, and count the number of zeros in the DV% column--this is all the nutrients that food item DOESN'T have. Most of what people eat is nothing more than carbs--carbs that produce energy that we don't use--so it gets stored as fat.

    Foods with no label at all are the most nutritious--fresh produce, lean fresh meats, etc., but not fish. I wouldn't trust fresh fish at all these days. These same foods are all pretty much anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, loaded with fiber, and all detox each time you eat them. Now THAT'S an ultra-simple diet if I ever heard one!...more info
  • Ultra Simple Diet
    A great guide to getting healthy and losing the weight your body has put on to protect itself from all of the toxic junk it's been subjected to.

    Simple meals, similar to the Macrobiotic Diet, but easier for Westerners.

    Recommended: learn about how food really affects your health....more info
  • Fraudulent name, brazen advertisements.
    The good doctor fills half his pages with "case studies" (sorry, these are only "anecdotes")- He starts every unit with half of the story, then he repeats the WHOLE story with a half page chart detailing the person's measurements. Then he spends several MORE pages whining about how he just didn't have room to include what you need to know to use the diet, so you have to go to his website to download it. Then while you're there trying to get the information to download (and it's more of the same cluttered nonsense) he comes on a movie to explain that he didn't really want to sell anything but so many of us begged so hard that for $[...] a week we can just buy the diet and the supplements. If we want to buy just the supplements, we have to call (yes, by phone, however there is a toll-free number.)
    And as far as I can tell which could be wrong though I've read the book twice, it never gives clear instructions about what supplements to use. ("Liver support supplements," "probiotics" At least the book purchase comes with free snake oil.)
    Each day on the diet takes about 7 pages of instructions, and they are EXACTLY THE SAME!
    I'd bet good money I could get all the information needed for this diet on 5, 3x5 index cards. One for the schedule, one for shopping list, 2 for recipes, and the fifth one will have Our Father on one side and the Kaddish other.

    ...more info
  • If you really follow instructions, it's highly effective!
    Dear John: Letters From a Fan in New York City: An Interactive Book Because I spend endless hours in front of my computer researching and writing, (I wrote the above work), I get highly stressed. If I didn't relax, eat right, move and take time out to contemplate each day as I make progress, I could not stay in shape. This is why simplicity, moderation and relaxation is key in my diet. I found all these ingredients in this diet and all of the Doctor's advice applicable to my own life. Of course, I also have other diet books and use common sense, but this is a good place to begin again, if you have lost your way for a while. ...more info
  • Ultra Simple
    I found that reading this book was not only extremely easy to comprehend but it touched on many areas of healing ones body, that this was not onlt a quick and simple way to lose weight, but a truly wonderful appraoch to detoxifying the body and mind!! ...more info
  • UltraMetabolism and the UltraSimple Diet
    An excellent book on metabolism and weight loss, or lack thereof. It explains simply and in detail why it is so hard to lose weight and the relationship between what we eat and how it affects our bodies. The programme is a step by step one, designed for busy people. And above all, it works. Not always easy, as old habits are harder to break than one thinks.

    I would recommend this to anyone wanting to understanding their metabolism and digestive system....more info
  • Helped with allergies and blood pressure
    I am starting week 3 of the Ultrasimple diet - with some walnuts and seeds added for variety. I've only lost a couple of pounds (thanks to those walnuts and seeds) but after the first 3 days, I did not have my usual allergies, headaches and stuffy nose symptoms I've been living with for a number of years. It was great to know that my allergies weren't just related to cedar and mold. I did find I had more energy by the end of the first week. Like another reviewer I chose to buy my vegetable broth and tried a few different brands. With a little added hot sauce they were all very good.
    The smoothies are easy to make and change up with tofu and soy milk or rice protein as the base. I always add the almond butter and 1/2 banana to the shakes for extra flavor. I stuck with salmon from Costco's and chicken mostly throughout the diet which was easy to make - add some steamed veggies, a sweet potato or brown rice and it's a quick meal.
    It is hard to remember which supplements to take when and I finally typed out the basic program and leave it in my kitchen to refer to each day. My only problem is that I bought the book for my Kindle so it makes it more difficult to read and skip around in the book. I also am a little put out by all of the emails to get me to purchase the food - quite expensive. I think it cheapens the message.
    Lastly, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and have always had pretty high blood pressure. I am now in the normal range.
    Bottom line, it is worth trying - ...more info
  • This Really Works!
    Dr. Hyman makes a good case for eating whole real food. He explains just how to rid your body of toxins and get your metabolism working properly.
    It's not hype - you can lose 10 pounds in 1 week, I did....more info
  • ok
    the diet seems fairly simple and easy to follow.It didn't need lots of expensive foods or supplements.It is worth a try....more info
  • Ultrasimple --> No, Excellent --> Yes!
    Great "program" not diet. This is not a simple plan. It takes lots of time, planning, and dedication. But the results are outstanding and well worth it, if you can "stay with it". Great philosophy to live life by -- free of all things that make you toxic: not just food, but behaviors, people, jobs, etc. The guidance provided is simple and it is easy to read....more info
  • The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days
    Great book. I am still slightly overweight, but that's because I like beer so much....more info
  • Not Simple
    If you are looking for a simple, quick, and easy recipe,,,do not purchase this book. I am certain that the formula designed by Dr.Hyman is a bonafide solution; however' the title is misleading and should to be changed as I found this to be a very hard to achieve and complicated process. An easier simpler read is the Ultimate Cleanse diet...that is if one is looking for simple....more info
  • Dieters beware
    I bought the book, read some of it (it's so padded with success stories and other non-essentials that the book would likely be the length of a pamphlet if all the extraneous stuff was removed), and my spouse and I decided to give it a try. While the cover mentions a "...simple 7-day weight loss plan..." there is a 7-day preparation period, so it actually takes 2 weeks (which is misleading at best). The diet itself requires some fairly specialized (and expensive) stuff found only in high-end nutrition shops (or on the web) along with lots of veggies and canned beans.
    I made a big batch of the Ultrabroth (smelling up the kitchen at the same time) and we were ready.
    One of the first problems we found is that the book has no index, so trying to find specific information is almost impossible. The next problem I had was that the diet made me actively nauseous. I tried for three days to stick with it, using different recipes, but nothing worked: I spent the entire three days within running distance of my bathroom.
    My spouse has not had that problem, but the diet claims to help one lose several pounds during the diet week, and after four days, he still hasn't found much difference from when he started (and he's one of those maddening types that can go on a diet and lose 10 pounds in the first week!).
    Finally, a minor quibble: after one logs into the site to download the diet guide (the source of the other recipes/menus and a lot more useful than the book), one gets rather useless emails from the site every couple of days. Just what everyone needs: another source of junk mail.
    In summary, the book is poorly written, repetitive, and frustrating; as for the diet, I highly recommend that the it be undertaken only after speaking with one's personal physician.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I just recently finished the official detox week of The Ultrasimple Diet, and have seen marked improvements in my mood, sleep, digestion, energy, and skin...not to mention the 15 lbs I lost during the pre-week and the detox week!

    I found the plan easy to follow, tasty, and I was never hungry! I had no cravings (except when I saw particular foods), and I am finally free of my caffeine addiction. I would recommend this diet to anyone who wants to eat, feel and look better....more info
  • It works!
    I went on this diet because for most of the year I've suffered bouts of bronchitis and sinus infections. Medication for allergies wasn't helping. I read in a magazine where readers who had tried the diet eliminated quite a few of their allergy symptoms so I tried it!

    It worked. My worst diet days were the first and second days, giving up caffeine was hard!! On the third day I woke up with more energy and a clear head-no stuffiness, no itchy eyes or throat. It was bliss! I also lost almost ten pounds the first week which was a surprising bonus. I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and have had nearly 75% of my thyroid removed, I expected to lose -at most- three or four pounds. Losing weight is no longer a goal of mine, I suspect I will never reach the weight I was when I first became sick, my metabolism just doesn't work the same anymore. The first ten pounds has given me hope that I might come close. My current goal is to be healthy--and I have never felt better then I do at this time.

    I've remained on this diet, bringing back into it my favorite veggies while continuing to avoid the common allergen foods as much as possible. I do have the occasional slip, and the scale has slowed its downward trend (but its still moving down). The benefits I've received are phenomenal-I no longer suffer from sinus infections, I have energy and most important to me, I am off the medication I took daily for allergy symptoms.

    I highly recommend this book for anyone who is questioning if they have an undiagnosed food allergy or who just wants to feel healthy again.
    ...more info
  • Blah, Blah!
    Total waste of money. No real person is going to go out and do this stuff. Half of the book is imformation I didn't need, I just wanted to know what I had to do, and what I had to do was not realistic. Organic foods and some I've never heard of, where would I find this stuff and then I can do something totally different for my family, I don't think so. Also because of medications I'm taking, it made it near, if not, impossible to do. I wish I had known this, I would have never bought this book....more info
  • It works for some and is helpful for others

    My brother and his wife have been on this diet plan for over six months and have done well on it. My wife and I considered it, but decided that we didn't want to make the shakes ... we like the mouth feel of solid foods.

    Nonetheless, the book makes very interesting reading, and it is well worth spending time considering and understanding the author's points. It helped both of us understand how important it is for both of us to stick to a well balanced, low calorie diet with lots of exercise.

    You really can't go wrong spending some time with the author and thinking about what he can teach you.

    Robert C. Ross 2008...more info
  • Thyroid patients: Alert!
    Thyroid patients should not consume tofu or any other soy products so either skip this diet or make necessary substitutions....more info
  • Anyone can do this for 1 week...
    once you have completed one week and see the results you will definitely want to continue. My Daddy, who has heart disease (2 heart attacks, one bypass, and stints!) has started this with great results. He has lost over 20 lbs, reduced his blood pressure medicine and eliminated his cholesterol medicine. This is a completely new way of eating for him. Because it is SO SIMPLE he has been able to stick to it. I highly recommend anyone wanting to feel better to try this!...more info
  • Great Information
    I was so ready to try this ultra simple diet until I realized how much money I'd have to spend. Everything made sense and the testimonies sounded encouraging. So, if you can afford it, I think it will be great. But for a family of 5, with a regular income, I don't see it happening. Maybe I can do 1 or 2 small changes and get a 2nd job. :-)
    ...more info
  • Buy This Book!
    I lost a pound-a-day my first week and I'm now starting my (optional) second week.

    Catchy title, but no hype. Written by an M.D. who has worked with hundreds of obese individuals. Straight-to-the point book. No hunger. No enemas required. Nothing complicated to buy. Sure, some stuff he recommends I never heard of, but I didn't let my lack of knowledge stop me (after all it was my ignorance or know-it-all attitude that got me fat in the first place).

    Yes, its inconvenient living in a small town to find the health products--but it's a lot more inconvenient walking around each day with this weight on my body. I simply bought a couple of things I needed online, that's it. Some products appear to be expensive, but the contents will last a long time, and it sure beats the price of medication my doctor wants me on if I don't do something about my weight. And it's cheaper than the groceries I buy for the week anyway, with a lot better nutrition. (So I did not listen to my negative voice that wants me to stay fat and depressed.)

    Be sure to read some sections of the book over a second time, so that you understand exactly what the minimum it is he wants you to do and to understand your options. Don't throw up your hands and say this is impossible. Personalize it. Change this plan in places he describes so that you cannot fail and so that you enjoy yourself and so that you can stay on the plan as long as you desire.

    For example, there's an "UltraShake" he recommends for breakfast that tasted better and better the more I played around with the additional ingredients he suggests. (So if you blow-it the first time, don't give up, just alternate the ingredients a bit here and there and it will taste delicious.) The good news here is that this breakfast shake can be one you have the rest of your life. It's that good.

    Another example is his "UltraBroth". He offers a couple of ready-made products as an easy substitute over making your own. So that's what I did.

    Also, there is an "enhanced plan" included in this book, but I just did the basic method - it's plenty fast for me. I tried only the basic method because I did not want to be too overwhelmed. I might do parts of the "enhanced" method another time.

    Some of his information I have heard before, in other books, but this is by far the easiest way I have found to simplify the science so that I can reach my goal weight (I need to drop a total of 30 lbs. I am 1/3 of the way there.)

    I'd gladly give up 3 weeks so that I can drop this weight and transform my body for life.
    ...more info
  • The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days
    I couldn't try the diet because many of the ingredients are not available in small town America, but I enjoyed the book....more info
  • WOW!!
    If you can't lose weight using this system ,then I'm afraid you never will, simplicity itself!!...more info
  • The only plan that worked - simply because its lifestyle
    I read the first few pages of the book and realized that this Dr, stated everything I truly sensed and believed on different levels about health, vitality and wellness in the body, and that all weightgain is due to 2 things, Toxicity and Inflammation.
    I admit I spent 2 weeks researching and getting ready for the 1 week program, call the UltraSimple Diet. I realized that in order to succeed, I needed to look at this as investing in creating and entirely new lifestyle for myself, new habits, new rituals, and fully imersed myself into the details.
    I wasn't totally fanatical, but I did make the broth with organic and non-organic, frozen and fresh vegetables.
    I didn't do all the baths, or exercise.
    I did however make 2 smoothies a day in the morning and took them with me in mason jars to work. At first I used up protein powders and products that did similar things in my house, and gradually I've introduced more higher prices (and quality) supplements and protein powders.
    I also noticed, with all the recommended nutritional supplements, that I am less hungry, and have more stabilized blood sugar.
    Things seem to be becoming more normal and less unstable.
    I am eating popcorn, which is my one cheating food, as I don't have too much difficulty with grits or popcorn.
    I also got from the library the UltraWellness CDs and UltrMetabolism book. Both are excellent supports for the program.

    I have been very happy with this.
    I never was so successful with weightwatchers, but it is more similar to zone. One of the main differences why this is working for me is that he explains WHY you need rice protein powder, EFAs, Flax Seeds, and the various supplements he recommends. The beauty in this program is in its simplicity. However the pdf supplement to the book is definately poorly organized and not as well edited as the paperback. Very difficult to follow the recipes and supplement sections; however they are critical. It took me a week to figure everything out. So I can understand some frustration.
    However, the program is well worth it.
    I have lost 12 lbs, and kept it off for 5 weeks. I am going to start working towards losing another 12 shortly.
    This can work fine on a busy schedule, and with a little organization and patience, you will realize that this will create rewards you have never imagined. ...more info
  • Well Worth It
    My husband and I did the first week strictly as described in the book. He lost 8 lbs. and I lost 3 lbs. (I'm not overweight). We've been following the guidance in the book for about a month now (gradually adding back in different foods) and he's lost 17 lbs. and I'm still maintaining. We feel really good.

    Benefits for him:
    Within a few days his snoring was nearly gone. I really don't understand why, but it was clearly noticeable. He also was able to stop taking his Prilosec for heartburn.

    Benefits for me:
    After a few days, I had much more energy than usual. The sugar cravings go away after a couple of days as well.

    What's hard about it:
    The first week might be hard if you're a big coffee drinker or someone with a sweet tooth (like me!) It'll be worth it if you stick with it though.

    What we did to make it easier:
    We bought Trader Joe's organic vegetable broth instead of making our own. Most grocery stores stock Pacific or Imagine brands vegetable broth in the health food section too. Way easier. We also used Uncle Ben's Instant Whole Grain Brown rice - you can microwave it and it's done in 10 minutes instead of 40. We bought frozen berries from Costco for the shakes - Costco also had bulk containers of rice protein and flax along with many other foods we needed for the program. Between Costco and Trader Joe's it was easy to find what we needed.

    Experiment with the shakes. Adding a little bit of almond butter and half a banana makes them taste really great.

    It's going to take a little effort to get into the routine, but once you do, it's easy and you'll feel wonderful....more info
  • The UltraSimple Diet: Kick Start Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days
    I bought this book not only for the idea that it would boost my metabolism but also as a diet that would de-toxify my system. I had an allergic reaction to a medication I had taken and thought this program would give me a fresh start. I found that both things happened...I did lose 5 pounds in a week but, more importantly, felt better. The recipe for the breakfast smoothie is delicious! ...more info
  • The UltraSimple Diet
    I was very excited to receive the book, purchased all of the supplements and food to start. I got sick after the first morning once I drank the olive oil/lemon mixture. I was very disappointed!...more info
  • The Ultra Simple Diet
    This is a great tool to help individuals organize their own elimination diet to improve health & discover hidden allergies. I've been on 3 such discovery routines before and this is the best I've seen....more info
  • Beware of this diet
    I tried this diet and today ended up in a walk-in clinic with a severe gallbladder attack I think caused by taking the olive oil and lemon juice which supposedly helps to "flush" the toxins from your bile and liver into your gut to be excreted. I have problems with constipation and this did relieve that but at the same time later in the day I developed severe sharp pains and was told it was a gallbladder attack. So I caution anyone who starts this diet to be sure that you are not at an age where this can happen. (I turned 61 yesterday) And that you do not have problems with your gall bladder. Tomorrow I need to call my primary care doctor and look into have an ultrasound done.

    I think it is a good idea to detoxify as long as you don't have any medical problems, otherwise always consult a physician before starting. I thought I would not have trouble with this, but it seems I need to be careful of the amount of fat I now consume.

    ...more info
  • Comprehensive plan but missing online content
    My husband and I just finished reading the book and are preparing to try the diet. The program is well laid out and should be easy to follow. (It is actually a 14 day program--a week of sugar and white flour abstinence and then the actual diet for 7 days). At the end of the diet you have the option to continue the diet for a few weeks, gradually return to a "normal" eating routine, or try out the next book--Ultrametabolism.

    The only disappointment--as of July 14, 2007--the free online guide the author suggests downloading prior to starting the diet is not functional. When you try to pull up the site, it states that, due to an earlier than anticipated book release, the site would not be functional until May 2, 2007. Well, we are two months past that date and still no online guide. This is disappointing because it was definitely a factor that persuaded me to purchase the book. The publishers and author of the book need to fulfill their promises to their readers....more info
  • Waste of money
    This is the biggest waste of money..... After the first few days of looking it over, saw no need in keeping it. I have other books that are simpler and easier to use (with better results)....more info
  • Ultra Ssimple Diet
    UltraSimple Diet--- This is a super book I would recommend to everyone. It really works! It is a healthy diet. Usually I get sick on them and this on I feel fabulous Only problem I have- no index. I like to refer back to the good parts. Wanda...more info
  • Knowledge every one should have!
    I thought this book was great in that it gave you an overall understanding of how your body works and how to keep it fit for life while jumpstarting weight loss. ...more info
  • Very Inspiring
    After reading the UltraSimple Diet I was inspired to clean out my pantry and throw out everything that unknown to me, was making me gain weight.
    Wonderful & sensible approach to weight loss and many other illnesses....more info
  • Anything But Simple
    Sorry, but this one looks like a Madison Ave. public relations firm conned the good doctor into producing a carrot for all those tabloid-reading folks who are looking for a quick and easy fix. His earlier works were MUCH better.
    This diet--even if it has the capacity for profound change-- is difficult to follow and requires a lot of work and planning. The title is extremely misleading....more info
  • It's by Dr Mark - how can you go wrong
    If you are willing to make the investment in yourself, this is the way to start....more info
  • Not for people that don't need to detox to lose weight
    Well I bought this book because it was recommended to me, but what I found out is that I did not need to detox. I don't have allergies so I really didn't have anything blocking my weight loss.

    I used this diet for 3 months and only lost 6 pounds. Then after getting off of it, because I couldn't seem to drop anymore weight I felt so deprived that I ate anything sweet I could get my hands on for the next 3 months and gained the original 6 pounds back plus 5. Talk about a let down. This type of yo-yo diet has never affected me before, so now I know how frustrated people can get.

    I really just have one thing to say....try nutrisystem. I've already lost 8 of those pounds in one month and am not done yet. You really do get what you pay for. This book assumes most people can't lose weight because of toxins or allergies. I have neither. This diet didn't work for me....more info
    The author explains that the key to losing weight is getting healthy, and that what makes people sick also makes them fat. He also explains that being fat creates sickness and disease, which is so true. These diseases include heart disease, cancer, arthritis, dementia, and diabetes. He further explains that toxicity and inflammation are key issues for weight control, and that they cause a state of fluid retention. This is all so true! The Ultrasimple Diet is presented as a fast, simple way to drop 10 pounds. It includes a 7-day weight loss "quick-start" plan specifying what to eat, including supplements, recipes, and stress reduction tips.

    Before beginning the 7-day plan there is a pre-detox week that eliminates many of the offending foods and ingredients. The plan is designed to eliminate sources of toxins and inflammation by avoiding allergens, flour products, coffee, sugar, alcohol, processed food, fast food, junk food, trans fats, unhealthy fats, and high-fructose corn syrup. After the initial detox week you go on the detailed and regimented 7-day program and eat whole, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory foods, including vegetables, fruits, healthy dishes, "UltraShakes", and a special "UltraBroth". The recipes require special ingredients and a time commitment. The author hopes that by following the plan for a week you will see the power of making positive changes in your life and want to continue. Exercise is added later.

    This highly qualified author presents a healthy eating plan which would be very helpful for those who do best while following a controlled, structured plan that tells them exactly what to do. If you follow this program, you will be motivated to continue a more healthy and toxic-free lifestyle. I also recommend THE 3:00 PM SECRET: Live Slim and Strong Live Your Dreams as well as The 2007 Second Expert Report, Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity, and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective. and Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You--And Your Waistline--And Drop the Weight for Good ...more info
  • Just got it and not sure...
    I just received the book and was excited about getting rid of some aches and pains as well as losing weight. I went to the website, as directed in the book, to get some more recipes and information, but the[...]site isn't there anymore. I went to the [...] site, but that's only to promote the book. Already, I'm kind of feeling taken. He supposedly didn't have room for recipes and another guide so the website is a supplement to the book. But he didn't bother to keep it active. And as pointed out by other reviewers, an index would have save a lot of time. I'm still looking for what an herbal laxative is. I know I saw it somewhere, but I can't find it. Maybe I can find it on his website--oh, maybe not. Pretty disappointed. I'll update the review to tell about the diet in 2 weeks....more info
  • The Ultra-Simple Diet
    This book seems to have a lot of reviews by other people but I didn't find a lot of substance and that is what I was looking for - was not impressed but I guess it made him a lot of money and I guess that is what he was looking for....more info
  • Great Plan!
    Dr. Hyman knows what he is talking about. It is amazing that not more Doctors are using these principles to heal their patients. This is worth every penny and if you follow the plan, you will notice a difference....more info
  • The Ulrasimple Diet
    What a crock. Seriously misrepresented and misnamed. I paid for overnight shipping I was so excited and after getting, I look at it for 5 minutes and threw it in the trash. Huge waste of money and very disappointing, unless you are into flax seed and tofu smoothies! Yummie!...more info
  • The UltraSimple Diet
    The program was NOT simple, let alone "UltraSimple". Every thing about it was complicated. You even had to prepare for a week before starting. I just quit reading it. It just isn't something I would do. I had to give the book one star in order to do a review, but I would rate it zero stars. ...more info
  • The Best Detox
    I highly recommend this book on detoxing, you can eat food and clean your body out at the same time....more info
  • one more book about detxifying
    If you believe in detoxifying as the answer to all your health problems, especially weight, why not buy this book, but not the bigger more expensive "Ultrametabolism" by the same author. This one contains the essence of the principles, without all the conspiracy theory about the food industry trying its best to poison us (one disclaimer: I work for the food industry, and if there was such conspiracy, we'd be making a lot more money, hopefully as much as the health industry).
    Overall, it's worth a try and it won't hurt you: eating unprocessed wholesome food makes a lot of sense and is cheaper to boot. But the diet is quite stringent and difficult, so most people won't stick to it even in the short term. It is recommended to eliminate dairy and gluten contaning grains from the diet, which might be harsh. As to lose the 10 pounds in 7 days, well, keep dreaming......more info


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