Spent: End Exhaustion and Feel Great Again

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From the doctor whose "extraordinary practice is at the vanguard of a revolutionary way to deliver medical care" (O, The Oprah Magazine), an easy program to restore energy and health.







Fatigue, unexplained back and joint pain, distractibility, irritability, insomnia, and digestive problems leave many of us feeling spent -- and there is no pill that reverses the effects. Many Americans are plagued by this new epidemic, and doctors are unable to diagnose any single cause.

But Dr. Frank Lipman knows that this profound feeling of general unwellness is not part of the normal aging process. In this revolutionary book, Dr. Lipman is the first to connect the dots in a constellation of symptoms, offering a proven solution to combat the pervasive syndrome he calls Spent. When someone is Spent, the body is doing everything it can to indicate that it is time to slow down, rest, detoxify, repair, replenish, and restore. Dr. Lipman has helped thousands of patients who suffer from Spent to revive their bodies -- and, in most cases, feel more energized and healthier than they ever have before.

In Spent, Dr. Lipman first identifies the things in modern life that lead to energy depletion, such as stress, light deprivation, an erratic sleep schedule, and a diet high in sugar and processed foods. Next, he creates "Daily Beats," a series of simple actions -- such as sleep, diet, exercise, nutrition, meditation, and relaxation -- that readers can take to repair their stressed systems and nourish their bodies and minds.

As with Dr. Lipman's patients, anyone following his day-by-day program will feel energized, vibrant, and younger. With a nutrition plan of tasty recipes photographs of research-based exercises and stretches, and wisdom from Dr. Lipman's thirty years of medical practice, Spent puts readers back in touch with their bodies' natural rhythms and introduces them to a lifetime of good health.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not very feasible
    I'm sure some of the things listed in this book are helpful, like getting back into your circadian rhythms and doing the restorative yoga. The nutrition and eating sections of the book, not so much. Realistically, most people have limited funds and can't afford these organic and sometimes obscure ingredients. I think this is more for the upscale and wealthy, who have people to go buy and prepare the food for them. ...more info
  • More than Spent
    Spent was easy to read and gave me the step-by-step process to reclaim my own rhythm, balance and health...like many I was more than Spent, I was a shadow chasing myself. Dr. Lipman has provided mindful, helpful and healthful recipes for living your best life. The book is friendly and easy to follow. Thanks to Dr. Lipman and his highly informed understanding of the mind-body connection, I have started living my life in a rhythm that makes sense, rather than the overdrive I have been on for years where my heart, mind and body were never in sync. A sense of calm, peace and joy has replaced the train wreck that was sure to come if I stayed on the road I was traveling...I feel so much more alive, sleep better, my skin looks great and I have more energy that I have in years. Thank you for writing this incredible book that has helped restore my body and soul.
    Be well, be happy, share the love and buy this book for yourself and everyone you care about - you'll be Spent no more. ...more info
  • Seriously Spent
    This is an incredible book! Dr. Lipman lays it all in details behind the good and bad foods, and how they effect our bodies. A real eye-opener.

    If you're serious about changing your living habbits (eating, sleeping, exercising, etc...) this is THE book to own. However, it will require serious discipline, especially with the elimination of sugar and caffeine(slowly of course), and introducing new foods like Brown Rice Pasta.

    It's not an impossible plan to follow, and I'm glad I bought this book. ...more info
  • Excellent service
    I rate the ease of ordering and quick shipment as good to excellent. I haven't had time to read this book yet, so cannot comment on the book itself....more info
  • An en engaging and attainable way to wellness!
    I must admit i have been a patient of Dr. Lipman's for a few years, and he has been telling me about the breakfast smoothies, which I was dubious about until I read the book. They are amazing! delicious, packed with energy and simple to make. There is something very holistic and approachable about his writing. It's clever, terse, yet includes snippets of wisdom and sets realistic yet effective goals for living in a modern forward-pushing world. This book had an immediate effect on me, without being preachy, it created a space for me to step back and look at the way I was eating and living and restore my energy and clarity. We get so caught up in the habits of things without sometimes realizing, it's amazing to step aside and take a reprise that actually can be incorporated into one's day to day life. I have passed on the book to many friends and they too are reaping the effects. Dr. Lipman is amazing and inspiring and his books reflect his wisdom and tutelage to restore you back to wellness....more info
  • Read it and made a major change
    The book has already had a positive impact on me: I gave up Splenda and artificial sweeteners -- something I never, ever thought I would be able to do. I now use half Agave syrup (probably too much) and 1/2 Stevia liquid (stevia is bitter) in my coffee and teas. It works and I don't miss the Splenda! I registered at spentmd.com and signed up for the 1-week detox without the supplements. Good supplements are everywhere; no need to buy high-priced designer ones. One complaint is that you sign up for the detox and there are no details or follow-up information. WTF?? I have the book, but it would be nice to get a little summary of what I'll be doing for 7-days.

    Other than this, I found the book very approachable. Something about the pacing and presentation obviously had a good effect on me to the point where I could give up Splenda. I'm already off sugar for a year. Caffeine is next, and that 20-ounce half-decaf is going to be as tough as crack to put down....more info
  • SPENT - for incredibly youthful, healthy looking skin
    For anyone who is battling mature skin issues, acne or dull lack luster skin - BUY THE BOOK!!! I cannot praise this program enough for what it can do for not just the immune system, but also our skin. I have personally seen improvements with individuals who have suffered from acne for years, the transformation is truly remarkable. I have been so impressed that I have been recommending this book to Dermatologists who I work with - they too have been really impressed. ...more info


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