The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First

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A hidden epidemic races around the globe -- we can't see it or touch it, which makes it so dangerous.

The invisible epidemic has led to the suffering of millions who spend billions on drugs, only to find they don't work.

This is an epidemic of broken brains.

"Broken brains" go by many names -- depression, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, attention deficit disorder, autism, and dementia, to name a few -- and show up in radically different ways from person to person, making each seem like a separate problem.

But the truth is that these "diagnoses" are all the result of a few basic problems with our biology. Pinpoint these biological problems, fix them, and let your body's natural healing intelligence take over to repair your brain. Now you can experience an UltraMind -- one that is highly focused and able to pay attention at will, with a strong, reliable memory and a mood that is calm, confident, in control, and in good spirits.

We have all heard of the mind-body connection or how our thoughts affect the health of our body. But the reverse is far more powerful: what you do to your body, your basic biology, has a profound effect on your brain.

Have you ever experienced instant clarity after exercise? Alertness after drinking coffee? A mental crash after popping candy? Does your brain inexplicably slow down during stress, while multitasking, or when meeting a deadline? Each is an example of how what we do to our bodies -- whether through nutrition, sleep, exercise, or stress -- has a dramatic effect on our brains.

Conventional treatments don't help, or provide only slight benefit, because they just manage symptoms rather than deal with -- and heal -- the underlying problem. And just as brain problems all stem from the same root causes, they all have the same solution -- The UltraMind Solution.

Our ancient genes interact with our environment to create systemic imbalances that affect our brains. Correct those imbalances -- most caused by nutritional deficiencies, allergens, infections, toxins, and stress -- and you can achieve optimum mental health without drugs or psychotherapy.

The UltraMind Solution is the future of medicine, the culmination of the last twenty years of research on what makes the brain happy, focused, and calm; research that has uncovered a few simple factors that explain why things go wrong and how to fix them.

Don't wait for this revolution in medicine to trickle into your doctor's office: it usually takes research twenty years to move from the lab to the patient. The answers are here, right now, in The UltraMind Solution.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very helpful and enlightening - I'm excited!
    This book is very enlightening and helpful. So many simple solutions for many different problems. I cannot believe most doctors know very little about the true benefits of vitamins and minerals and checking for toxins etc in the body. I agree there are way too many mind altering/enhancing drugs being prescribed w/o searching for the root of the problem, or even questioning it. Simple things like walking for 30 minutes a day can cure depression! Boosting your vitamins, including D at 5000-1000 IU's; taking omega-3 and reducing intake of over the counter meds such as Tylenol and acid reducers. I don't have near as many health issues as a lot of folks but I'm feeling better already just with the omega-s and D, and not just mentally. There are a number of self-tests in the book to help find what you might be lacking and at the end (which I'm not to yet) a six week program. I can't wait to finish the book so I can get started. I also have several friends and family members that I think can benefit from these suggestions. Dr. Hyman has (apparently) successfully treated numerous patients that were in horrible shape. Everything from depression, ADD, ADHD, the different dementia diseases and AUTISIM! (mentioned over and over). Most of these ailments are due to problems in the gut. Why don't more physicians know this stuff? I'm buying a copy of the book for my doc's office! I highly recommend this book. Dr. Hyman speaks from first hand knowledge and I'm hoping this information gets out to medical communities. I'm using this information in conjunction with other data/books about reducing sugar, eating healthy, exercising and growing spiritually (living in the present moment and looking forward to the shift this world is starting to go through). Good luck in your journey and peace and good health be with you.
    ...more info
  • Good information overall
    The UltraMind Solution is filled with strategies on healing our minds and ultimately our bodies, however much of the advice is not new. Focusing on healthy eating habits and reducing stress is much of the core concepts. The information is well presented and practical. I highly recommend Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life by Judith Orloff. Orloff's book is more than a is an essential life tool that I will have at my fingertips for years to come. She provides real strategies that help us to understand and to overcome negative emotions and truly be in control of our own happiness and joy.
    ...more info
  • The ultra mind solution by Mark Hyman MD.
    I read about this book and then listened to Mark Hyman via the web. I immediately forwarded the web page to my son who suffered from Chronic fatigue.He emailed my to say "thanks for fixing my broken brain,I have found the answers to all my symptons in this book, it's as if the Doctor is writing about me. I have ordered the book plus the cookbook" I had also ordered the book and then ordered the cookbook.I advise all of you searching for good health to read this book.If I had my way I would wish "the World " to read The UltraMind Solution:Fix you Broken Brain by Healing your Body....more info
    If you are experiencing any type of mental issues, RUN, don't walk, to get Dr. Hyman's book THE ULTRAMIND SOLUTION. How I wish I had had it in my twenties. Another life would have been possible for me, other than the nervous breakdown, the endless depression, OCD, shlepping from doctor to doctor, and spending thousands on supplements which has been my life. Avoiding dairy and gluten, as Dr. Hyman recommends, has opened up a new life for me. (Gluten is in barley, rye, oats, wheat, kamut, spelt and triticale.) I've also added Dr. Hyman's methylation supplements with good results. (Note: shop around and get the BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE forms of B12, B6 and Folic Acid--see below for their names.) Now I'm buying copies of this book for my friends and family. There is so much unneeded suffering that can be alleviated, and the doctors don't seem to know the information in this book. I should know, as I have been to many, mostly of the alternative type, too.

    Ladies: follow Dr. Hyman's diet recommendations and get your hormonal issues under control with the BIO-IDENTICAL hormones he recommends, and you're in business. (See "Napro" protocol, the best; or see Dr. Andrew Jones' website and his PMS book for non-prescription sources.)

    The biologically active forms of the methylation vitamins Dr. Hyman recommends are as follows: B12: "methylcobalamin;" B6: "P-5-P" ((Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate); Folic Acid: 5-L Methyltetrahydrofolate or Folinic Acid, derived from Calcium Folinate (Source Naturals makes it under name "Megafolinic;" Thorne makes it under name "Folacal;" Solgar makes it under name "Metafolin" [check me on the Solgar], and it's available by prescription under name "Leucovorin" in the U.S.A.) It's important to get these because you may be a person whose body can't convert the typical forms of these vitamins into what it needs. Dr. Hyman also recommends taking daily zinc and vitamin D.

    A word of caution: giving up gluten-containing grains, it is easy to begin eating more animal protein. I fell into this during my early phase of following Dr. Hyman, and I felt ill from it. Because ours is such a wheat-based culture, giving up wheat can create a vacuum in one's diet, leading to consuming more animal products. Please be aware that Dr. Hyman does recommend a predominantly PLANT-BASED DIET. (For more info on benefits of plant-based diets, see The China Study, Dr. McDougall's diet, etc.) ...more info
  • the ultra mind solution
    I am continuing to follow the instructions and feel gradually more confident as a result.
    It is well written and practical to follow....more info
  • a new paradigm
    I purchased this book a few weeks ago and I have not finished reading it yet. I read just enough to convince me to give it a try and then I purchased the ultrasimple diet. I am on day 4 and I already feel a difference. Several pains are gone. I have more energy and I have lost 4 pounds. I believe this man knows what he is talking about. ...more info
  • nothing much new here
    this book is ok. but if you are a healthy, environmentally-aware, water-drinking, active, non-mcdonalds eating person like me you won't find much new here. there is much discussion of biology and body chemistry which doesn't interest me all that much. Also, the author refers to his online "book companion" over and over so you could pretty much just read that and save yourself money on the book. also, beware. He recommends eating nuts as a major part of your diet. this did not work for me, too much fat. this led me to investigate IBS which demands a low fat diet. now that i am on that plan my digestion issues have turned around unlike on the ultramind solution plan. check the book out at a local bookstore before you buy it....more info
  • Please read this and pass it along to your doctor!!!
    Dr. Hyman presents a clear, helpful, and prescient guide to the medicine of the future (which is actually available today), especially as it applies to "brain disorders" such as autism, ADHD, depression and other mood disorders, or even simply "brain fog", mild memory problems, and headaches. He explains how our bodies, beautifully designed for life 50,000 years ago must now cope with stressors of many types--inappropriate food, toxins of many sorts, ubiquitous chemicals, and just the trials and tribulations of daily life in the 21st century. He goes on to explore the biochemical processes that our body performs, usually without our awareness, to keep us functioning well, including neurologically. He makes the connection between the difficulty we have in our biochemistry because of stressors, and the dysfunction in our brains and therefore in our lives. It is a sobering, yet hopeful look at the reality of health and health care in our world. Read this book even if you don't think it applies to you--there are many "take home" messages that can be applied to prevention. For those who are experiencing problems, he provides self-tests to identify possible explanations, and concrete advice for self-care. He is careful to advise readers to work in conjunction with a physician....more info
  • The Ultramind Solution- Fix Your Broken Brain
    This book is great. I am learning a lot of information about health. I have ordered another book for my sister.I would recommend this book....more info
  • We are Doomed
    We are doomed by our diets and overwhelmed by processed foods high in sugar and low in nutrients.
    The corn and soy producers have a stranglehold on our gullets and are killing us slowly and methodically along with mercury and lead poisoning prevalent on our planet. And the pill-pushers with their MD degrees are making fortunes off our maladies.
    Thank you, Dr. Hyman, M.D. for telling the truth. You are a single reed shaking in the wind....more info
  • Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream
    Author & Book Views On A Healthy Life!

    Book Review: The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First (Scribner, Dec 2008) by Mark Hyman, M.D.

    Mark Hyman, the author of the bestselling The UltraMind Solution has hit home with readers by explaining to them the correlation between the brain and the body. Bringing the whole body concept (functional medicine) to the forefront of the doctor-patient relationship, Dr. Hyman writes, "I was trained according to the dogma of separate medical specialties--for heart problems you see the cardiologist, . . .The road map I was given in medical school to navigate through the territory of illness was the wrong map. It taught us to diagnose disease and then assign standardized treatments no matter who was suffering. This is the wrong approach." Instead, he asks that functional medicine be used in the diagnosis of a disease.

    Dr. Hyman states that there are Myths of Psychiatry and Neurology:

    * You know the name of your disease, you know what's wrong with you
    * Your brain is protected from your body
    * Drugs are the answer to mental illness
    * You can talk or meditate away your mood and brain problems
    * Once you lose brain cells, they are gone forever.

    These myths are examples of common thinking which he seeks to expunge from our culture. Hyman advocates a return to healthier living by:

    1. Optimizing nutrition--we are all of us, nutritionally imbalanced
    2. Balancing our hormones--they must work in sync with each other
    3. Cool off any inflammation--"Inflammation of the brain is a central theme for almost all psychiatric and neurologic conditions, as well as most chronic disease."
    4. Fix the digestive system--problems here inevitably lead to sickness
    5. Enhance detoxification--the toxic burden during our lifetime is excessive and can lead to disease
    6. Boost energy metabolism--"Loss of energy is found is most brain disorders." We use food and oxygen to fuel our cells
    7. Calm our minds--we all need meaning, purpose, love, and nourishing relationships

    Dr. Hyman believes that our greatest tool in the human arsenal for disease prevention and reversal is the mighty fork. Food itself (buzzword--nutrigenomics) allows for personalization of any "prescription."

    Hyman recommends Omega-3 fatty acids which build cell membranes, reduce inflammation, balance sugar, and increase new cell growth in the brain. He also writes that the human diet needs lean protein (eggs, nuts, seeds, chicken, soy); carbs--important for long-term health and brain function (eat plants); and vitamins and minerals--we need supplementation.

    "Depression is not a psychiatric illness, but a system disease." Dr. Hyman sees the individuality of each patient, addressing illness differently. In The UltraMind Solution, he addresses Alzheimer's, ADHD, and Autism--problems seen to be of the brain, but which also present physical signs in the body.

    Hyman warns against "The four top things purchased in American supermarkets" which are "mood-altering drugs."

    * Sugar
    * Caffeine--causes anxiety and depression
    * Alcohol--more than four glasses a day doubles the risk of dementia, whereas a few glasses a week/not daily could reduce the risk of dementia by 35%
    * Nicotine--constricts blood flow to the brain; cigarette smoke contains 4,000 toxins and leads to depression

    I must say that some of the ideas encompassed in The UltraMind Solution have been present in the alternative medicine world for a time, but here they are put into perspective with a whole body approach, focusing on the brain, by a doctor who has openly shunned an element of his medical training. It is an excellent book, and no doubt should be read by many, but is a must read for parents.

    The cover of The UltraMind Solution is a stalk of broccoli in a prescription bottle, set against a bright fire engine red background. Simple, but effective. Let food be your medicine.

    5 Stars...more info
  • Ultramind solution - a must read
    The Ultramind solution by Dr. Hyman is a really really great book, it is a book everyone needs to read and re-read (yep it is that good). I am about 3/4 through reading the book and I have to say I am happily pleased by all that I have read. It opens up your eyes to so much.
    Together with my previous knowledge on health - mental, physical and spiritual, I feel that I now have an added advantage at improving my overall health and well being. Thank you Dr. Hyman!...more info
  • Interesting But The Presentation Got Weary
    I found the book very interesting but the author does get bogged down in to much technical jargon. A shorter more layman type book would of suited most people. In other words, what's the bottom line. The general idea is we have strayed so far from living and eating in a pristine environment. We are constantly exposed to toxins, we eat dead food, we have to much stress, not enough sleep. So how do we remedy this? we can't go back in time to 1776. I am always looking for ways to improve my health and this is what I took away from this book. Anything we can do to reduce toxins in our lives is a good thing. Eat more wholesome pure foods. That's tough in today's world. Supplement with a good multivitamin, and a few others based on your individual needs. Reduce stress. As with any program I always wonder will I really do this for life? I am going to try and stick with most of his suggestions but their are a few I can't. He suggests completely eliminating caffeine and alcohol. Well I enjoy my cup of coffee in the morning and I like to have wine with my dinner. Also once in a while I want to eat the pizza and some junk food. So I need some balance. Overall some great ideas, just not sure if I could comply 100%...more info
  • The Ultramind Solution
    Excellent!!! We all have problems with our brains from time to time and Dr. Hyman gives us some very good answers why that is. He also explains the difference between symptomatic medicine and functional medicine. A world of difference. He also give you a very good plan how to correct the problems we have with our brains....more info
  • Empowering information!
    I'm still reading and re-reading. There is so much information in this book that allows the individual to have a big part in their own health and health care. This is a "life" manual. If you are pro-active about your health, this book is a must-read....more info
  • Outstanding!!!
    This is undoubtedly the most thorough, most comprehensive, and most enjoyable book on the subject of food and it's relationship to wellness that I've come across - and I've read a lot!!! It takes all the currently accessible information on nutrition, insulin resistance, toxins, essential vitamins, relaxation, and our belief structure to a whole new level of understanding.
    The web based companion guide that you can access after purchase is brilliant - and the recipe suggestions superb!
    After years of encouraging my partner to address his health - I've found a way to communicate with him that has seen us all become happier, more alive, and more active in just the first week. My partner has lost kilos as a byproduct (without even trying!) and my young daughter has so much more energy - we all have!
    The book isn't released in Australia yet - but it was well worth ordering on line through Amazon!
    ...more info
  • The UltraMind Solution
    I couldn't hardly put the book down. It is full of helpfull information that goes beyond anything in the medical field has even looked at. All doctors I have seen have asked the symptom and handed me pills. It was so refreshing to find a more natural approach to healing the WHOLE body and not just individual parts. It does at times get repetitave, however it is still totally worth the read. I will be using it as a personal referance book for a long time and I am even taking it to my doctors so that maybe I can get them to take another look at some different options they are ignoring....more info
  • A Road Map For Healthy Living
    This book was easy to read and just packed with information. Once you read this book you will never feel the same way again about what you eat and how you feel. I sincerely wish that this book could be taught in every high school in the country. If this book was a mandatory course in school, our national health costs would drop significantly.

    This book not only describes the nutritional requirements of our bodies, but it explains: How our bodies work, What our bodies need, What we should eat, How it works to make us healthy, What supplements are available, and what the resulting nutritional benefits are (health, happiness, energy, concentration, improved brain function, and natural nutritional ways to mitigate against autism, Alzheimer's, ADHD, and Parkinson's Disease.

    We've heard for years that good nutrition will make us healthy, but this book explains precisely not only what good nutrition is (and it names names), but how and why it affects the body (for example, regarding energy, we all want more of it but this book tells us what energy is, where it is located in our bodies (a great surprise to me), and how it works. The information in this book represents a fundamental requirement for how to be happy & healthy as we go through life - Literally a road map for healthy living....more info
  • Ultimate truths
    This is a book that you will want to keep in your personal library and refere back to over and over. It is a slow read because these truths need to be pondered and meditated on. ...more info
  • Ho hum
    This book has little to add to the message in Dr. Hyman's previous books: eat better and unstress....more info
  • An excellent resource
    How to change brain chemistry without pharmaceuticals? I needed to answer this question for myself and my child, because we are too sensitive to take drugs. The solution that my health provider supplied was a subset of the UltraMind Solution. This book has the elements that worked for us, and much more.

    I've been working with kids who struggle in school for years, and have found that, for some kids, the therapies and trainings I do will not work until the nutritional needs are taken care of. I have been recommending this book to many people since I got it.

    Kathy Johnson, MS Ed ...more info
    I have a great deal of interest in health issues, and have read many books about health. This is the best book regarding overall health. I'm thankful to Author MARK HYMAN, M.D. for writing this so that I can have information which is important to me and and which I would be unable to get any other way. My opinion is that everyone over age eighteen should read this book.The UltraMind Solution: Fix Your Broken Brain by Healing Your Body First...more info
  • Feeling Healthy
    I've also read several other books by Dr. Hyman, but I found this to be unique. He explains how the many problems related to brain function have sources in other part of the body that are out of balance. I've purchased several copies of the book for friends and used it with my family with much success. Everyone should know this information - especially your doctor!...more info
  • Sue's review
    I want to thank Dr. Hyman for writing my book. It was a great releif to have someone the people would find credible to do this. I have studied 4 of the 5 topics covered in his book over the past 7 years trying to help with the health issues in my own family. My father worked as a CB in the Navy and I can't tell you how much lead gas was around as well as the lead abatement done on the houses we lived in. It was my job to sweep the lead paint chips away from the house into the dirt we played marlbles in!! I am currently dealing with the affects of all that in menopause and had to go to New Jersey to find a natural hormone replacement therapy that worked for me (been around since 1938. I'm from New England where there is currently no treatment for Menopause except Prempro. I'd need to take 4 pills a day to get what I need plus more. That's called cancer!!) I have just straightened out the incredible body aches, fuzzy head and cronic acid reflux (of which the purple pill did nothing for me) by modifying my diet so that I am alkaline balanced. What a relief!!! It only took 2 weeks to get great results though I used Christopher Vasey ND's "Adid/Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health" diet suggestions. Dr. Hyman's approach was too radical for me to succeed with. The only thing I haven't explored is the food alergies but I do understand how they work and have given his books to people I know who have children diagnosed with Aspergers. If you value your life and your childrens' lives, this information is invaluable. Eating habits and heavy metals are the biggest issue we face as a people today. I wish his book had come out a few years ago. The understanding may have helped us to save one of our sons who died last March of brain cancer. It is a must read for survival in today's world. ...more info
  • Great book!
    I have learned so much and I've only started reading this book. I talks about a deficiency that we all have because we no longer eat fish as we did centuries ago. Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 oil) is what we are all deficient in and it makes a world of difference in how you feel when you supplement with it. The book shows illustrations of what happens in your brain when you don't get enough Omega 3 oils in your body. I was depressed so I started taking EFA supplements twice a day. I feel great now. I am so glad I ordered this book....more info
  • Worth the read
    Very detailed and informative on the significance of how the mind/body work together and affect each other. Dr. Hyman builds on his previous book entitled UltraMetabolism. It is obvious that as a medical doctor, he strongly believes in the information he presents in the book. He gives case histories of the beneficial results he has seen in his patients....more info
  • You'll Feel Better
    Hyman hit a home run with this one! If you are looking for a recipe for more energy, focus and "pep" don't wait another minute. I read this book on an airplane coming home from a speaking engagement. When we touched down, I realized I hadn't even noticed the flight attendants during the flight...I was immersed so deeply in Mark's book. Way to go....more info
  • I like "SPENT" better
    While the author has merit, I don't like the term "Broken brain" and in one of the chapters he refers to the gut as "dirty and disgusting", which, of course it is not, which he would know if he ever watched a film of the inside of a colon. So with all his professional talk, which by the way is a barrage of information that can leave you feeling swamped, these non-technical references are too casual and negative which makes one wonder what other mis-information is in the book.
    I prefer the book "Spent" which covers the same ground but in a more palatable form....more info
  • What Most Doctors (including ME) Were Never Taught
    One of my guiding principles has always been: Never read a book that has the word "ultra" in the title.

    However, interesting perspectives on diet & health intrigue me, & when I saw endorsements from such respected doctors as Dean Ornish, Christiane Northrup & Mehmet Oz, I decided to break my rule and plunge into The UltraMind Solution.

    I'm glad I did, for this book is an engaging read that's full of cutting edge science & practical advice. Dr. Mark Hyman has been on a mission to do medicine & health differently since conventional medical thinking failed him in his own debilitating illness twelve years ago. He convincingly argues that maintaining the body's health is essential for the brain's well-being, and that many mental & psychological disorders can be rooted in physical, biochemical derangements in the body's health & metabolism.

    In part one of the book he details the background: his personal story which led to his changed philosophy & practice of medicine. He is an advocate of what is termed functional medicine, a relatively new discipline which focuses on not the established "label the disease, give it a drug" approach but "find what's functionally wrong behind the patient's symptoms, then correct the body's metabolism back to optimum function."

    The second part of the book contain the outline of his "Seven Keys to UltraWellness" (argh! there's that word again!). He covers optimizing nutrition, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation throughout the body, fixing digestive tract problems, enhancing the body's detoxification, boosting energy metabolism, & calming the mind itself. The third part of the book covers a six week plan to initiate many of these changes, while the fourth part goes into specifics for each of his seven key areas.

    Ok, so what's the bottom line? There's a lot of intriguing information and sound advice in the 400+ pages, & I saw nothing that I absolutely disagreed with. Like any diet or health book, he has his own viewpoint & focus, & some of his strategies & recommendations will work better for some than others. This book was a major swing factor in my own decision to try a vegan gluten free caffeine free water only lifestyle, which was difficult but very beneficial for me in multiple areas. I can see this book being useful for two groups of people: First, people who are suffering from problems such as anxiety, depression, "brain fog", adhd, migraines or other brain related problems might find something helpful or even life-changing in his plan. Other people, like myself, who are interested in new approaches & optimum health will certainly find new concepts & tools that they can implement in their own healthy lifestyle. Either way, an excellent book to read.
    ...more info
  • Great Way of Thinking!
    I have followed Dr. Hyman's UltraSimple Diet and found it to be very effective. So, purchasing this book was a no-brainer. I really like the way he thinks about the body and that we can make drastic changes by getting back to basics and giving our body what it needs or getting rid of what it doesn't. I am a great fan of his....more info
  • Essential reading for everyone concerned about mental health
    UltraMind Solution has been needed for at least the last 100 years by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social workers, Police, Families with individuals going through mental health challenges, and literally everyone else. Thank GOD, it was finally written and written SO WELL by someone who put so many pieces of a puzzle together in a well organized, easy to understand way. I'm recommending this book to everyone because everyone knows someone who is challenged with mental and physical health issues. Thank you Mark Hyman, MD for your HUGE contribution to mankind!...more info
  • Love this book...
    I am a Registered Dietitian in an adult day care center. I learn a lot medical aspects from this book. The knowledge helps me when I do nutrition counseling in my patients. ...more info
  • likes to hear himself talk
    The author must have been paid by the word. Repeats over and over. Finally comes to point and suggests diet strategies. should have been a pamphlet....more info
  • Health from the Basics of Nutrition
    Dr Hyman is truly on tract with the basics of our health. He explains it in detail in this book. As an older person, it critical for me as my memory, physical and emotional life are fading. It is also very important for my children and grandchildren to be on the right tract and stay protected from ADHD and Autism. So much of our food is overprocessed and does not have the basic nutrients. He details all this and makes excellent recommendations for the right food and needed supplements with questionaires to focus the strategy....more info
  • The ultra Mind Solution
    I really liked the way the author gives details on the mechanics of how the body works. It's written in a way that is easily understood. My only negative comment would be that he repeats his ideas (especially the name Ultra Mind Solution) too often.
    I would love to go to his retreat, Canyon Ranch, except I don't have an extra 10K. Read the book and do the 6 weeks it really will make a difference in your overall health....more info
  • insightful
    Being an fitness instructor in Phoenix, we get asked all the time about nutrition. I feel that this book is straight talk . Our society needs straight forward answers to make true life long changes. Thank you and I will continue to recommend Dr. Hyman's book.
    Tammy Kaatz
    Phoenix Adventure Boot Camp...more info
  • Health, Wellness, and Success
    Similar to another excellent Amazon book that I recently reviewed ("The Audacity of Simplicity" by Dr. Timothy Boston), this book focuses attention on the intrinsic and instrumental values of health in an age when too many people have been given false assumptions about the nature of success. An emphasis on material gain has come at the cost of our physical and emotional well-being, and Dr. Hyman does a wonderful job of bringing us back to the very cornerstone of what truly keeps us happy and successful during an age of shifting economic values. This book couldn't be anymore timely with a renewed emphasis on health, education, and environmental responsibility emerging rapidly in the world. ...more info
  • Ultra Mind Solution
    Excellent-- provides many solutions to several problems; especially for children with Attention Deficit problems. This book does have good answers....more info
  • Good transformative book
    This is a good book & it worked for me really well within 2 weeks of applying the recommendations. Although couldn't comply to his recipes , but to focus on what to avoid rather than what to eat. For me the mission was clear : avoid Gluten , Dairy ,sugar , trans-fats , high fructose & Caffien , eat whatever else with a balance !! mainly focus on more fruites, veggies & nuts. I also got into the habit adding alot of flex seeds to almost all my meals. & the program worked for me very well.
    I also lost considerable weight in one month.
    ...more info
  • Very Educational on your body needs
    I've found out things from this book that I would not have found out otherwise. The way we feed our body, truely effects our brain and well being. I will continue to study this book for programing myself....more info
  • Excellent Book
    I recently purchased this book and have been preparing to start the program which I will do on Monday Feb 9. I've been going to Naturopath Doctors for several years for migraine headaches and have had much relief but I never understood the "whole picture" of healing, and WHY I was taking certain supplements. This book gives you the tools to heal yourself and, if the plan works as the Doctor says it will....I am optimistic that I will have a maximum health plan for life. My goal is to add life to my years. What I'm most impressed with is that this "western medicine trained Doctor " actually realizes that you are what you digest...I believe we'd be a much healthier population if more Doctors would lean this way rather than push drugs to mask the symptoms of disease. ...more info
  • Well worth it
    I have been following Dr. Hyman's Ultramind solution for about three weeks. It was hard not having coffee, gluten, sugar and dairy. But I can feel a real difference. I do not have headaches, my nose is clear (it used to be perpetually stuffy) and I am much less forgetful and not so depressed. I would recommend it for anyone!...more info
  • Book is hype for supplements and "bonus" guides, etc.
    The Ultramind solution

    The book says you can get a guide to make the program easier by downloading it from
    [...] The catch is you have to buy the $20 book from Barnes and Noble, then go back to the site with a receipt number from Barnes and Noble to get the guide that is referenced in the book - which you already have. No fair! I bought mine thru Amazon on Kindle. This book misrepresents it's "guide". The book itself is a big long sales pitch for the good doctor. It may be a good program, but I am turned off by the heavy marketing aspect. It is a business, not a book. ...more info
  • What a transformation!
    By following Mark's advice, I have seen the fog lifted (dramatically and quickly) from my brain. This is great stuff and I will start using it in my practice, as I have in my life....more info
  • The UltraMind Solution
    This book really arouses my brain, literally. If we apply all what is in this book, it would not be good for doctors or pharmacists. Hope alot of people read this book and try to apply these findings for themselves....more info
  • Cured Me
    I was suffering a brain disorder that is very common, but extremely difficult to diagnose. After reading this book, I eliminated the common pollutant, dihydroxy monoxide, from my diet. Within days my brain disorder began to improve and after four weeks I was completely cured. It is a scandal that the government allows the proliferation of dihydroxy monoxide to go unchecked. It is now in our reservoirs, commonly used in agriculture, and even found as an ingredient in food items sold in organic health food stores. As usual, education is the key....more info
  • Get Healthy for life
    This book by Dr hyman shows you how to treat the cause of your problem instead of hiding it with drugs. He suggests ways to find out what is causing your issues and then how to deal with it ------ a must read...more info
  • Ultra amazing
    This book is sobering, eye-opening and inspiring. It offers answers to questions I've had for a very long time about health. Most importantly, it clearly lays out solutions to overcome the daunting challenges we ALL face in regaining and maintaining vital health. VITAL reading for all of us....more info
    I initially read a review of Dr. Hyman's book and diet recommendations by a source I wasn't quite sure of. In any case, I decided to go to his website and was totally engaged by the science, common sense and treatment results he had on display. I decided to order a copy through Amazon and immediately I also received his 6 week program by email and began reading and studying it. To make a long story short, I have been on the Ultra Mind program for 3 weeks, feel better than I have felt since I trained to hike the West Coast TrailThe West Coast Trail: One Step at a Timehave lost 20 lbs. to date, have much more energy and focus. Thanks Dr. Hyman - I am truly grateful for having a part of my life back that I had forgotten....more info
  • Makes sense
    This book makes so much sense...and is easy for a lay person to understand. I think everyone could benefit from this info....more info
  • Figure Out What's Wrong and Fix It
    Magnificent Mind at Any Age: Natural Ways to Unleash Your Brain's Maximum Potential

    I really appreciate the detailed checklists available in Hyman's book and the careful explanations of the latest research on brains. Sometimes that gets in the way of your reading, because it's repetitive. But he probably wrote it for the person who takes the quiz, sees he has a problem, and then dives into that chapter, whereas I am the plodder who reads everything. I came to the book through a recommendation from Daniel Amen, whose book I link above. The two overlap somewhat, but also complement each other. I have not yet begun the 6-week program outlined in Ultramind Solution, but I have already benefited from its ideas by knowing where my problems are (brain fog, stress), instead of just guessing and worrying about getting old (age 65). I am also more aware of environmental pollution, esp mercury. I frequently substitute teach in middle schools, and I am appalled at the number of kids who's brains are broken. I really think this book should be required reading for all teachers and administrators in K-12. A school might even benefit by making it a staff-wide discussion text. There are also significant online resources to back it up. I have always valued the clarity of my mind, and this is one resource I can carry with me into my advanced years. ...more info
  • Interesting ideas, not so easy to implement
    I enjoyed this book. I thought the ideas seemed sound and well grounded in science and logic. I look forward to implementing the ideas....more info


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